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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 26, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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you never know if it goes with something unconventional. some kickers will try to do a misdirection, fake to one side, kick to the other. sometimes they will try to dribble it up the middle and recover it themselves. but either way, he is going to be looking for that one big hop that allows whatever designated player it is on either side of the field to go up and recover the football. >> collective breath. andy phillips. not a very good one. recovered by ento at the 41. but here's the thing, colorado has not been able to move the ball in the second half, and utah has three timeouts left. >> brady: is still plenty of
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that thing never really got more than a foot off the ground. made it easy on ento to track that thing down. but you are right, three timeouts left. although utah needs a touchdown, and based on where the ball is at now, if they were to get a stop, they would have to work down the field fast because they won't have any left and there is going to be a lot of space to move. >> joe: here is phillip lindsay with a big hole and a nice first down run for six first timeout, taking by kyle whittingham, 1:29. >> joe: mike macintyre holding his team can get one more first down, and then a chance to run this clock out. fourth season here at colorado.
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more than 30 years as a coach, passed away this january after a 20 year battle with multiple sclerosis. mike macintyre learned so much from his dad. he played for his dad for a short period of time at vanderbilt, one of the programs that his father turned around, like he has turned around san jose state, and now the colorado program. still carries a coin with him that commemorates his dad's coach of the year honor. it is in his pocket right on second and fourth, it is lindsay again. plowing forward! and spotted right at the marker. >> brady: credit jeromy irwin. the left tackle was the player to come in and get phillip lindsay the extra burst. that's not a very favorable spo
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the utah defense, and irwin gave him another little child. that is 100% legal. you can push, you just can't pull, a ballcarrier. >> joe: will it to move the chains, or will it be third down and third and a couple of inches. >> brady: the last couple snaps we have seen colorado play from under center. typically in the scenario you see sefo liufau become part of the run game. of the guy who really wants the ball in his hands at the end of the game. but we showed it earlier in the
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carries come when they are tied or up or trailing by one. basically when the game is on the line, the coaching staff and sefo liufau wants the ball in his hands on the running game. >> joe: there is a reason for that. mike macintyre says this guy is one of the most mature kids he's ever been around. toughest quarterback he has ever coached. from a military family. his dad, joe, is in the u.s. army. it included a couple of years where he was stationed in colorado when he became fan, and now he is watching his son in his fourth year as a starter at quarterback, and 1:23 from leaving them from a three-year stretch where they went 2-25 in conference play to an 8-1 regular-season conference record and a date with washington in the championship game. >> brady: end it all starts up front with the center, alex kelley. , sr., here on senior night, he is going to be the guy that helps try to get the surge through the colorado offensive
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>> joe: third down and inches. he turns and hands to lindsay. bouncing, first down! >> brady: he probably could have gotten more. but oh, well, coached a wise play by phillip lindsay to get the first first don bounds, and get down. >> joe: utah saving that last timeout to wind down to one minute. all but the details in the final seconds now. victory formation. it has been a long time since it has meant this much for the
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>> joe: and kyle whittingham just now uses the third and final timeout. you know, the last time somebody other than stanford or oregon won the pac-12 championship carroll's trojans did it. it will be somebody new this year. it will be either washington or colorado. >> brady: and the team most affected by colorado winning tonight is usc. they had that tiebreaker, they needed utah to give them some help. but it is colorado. they win the pac-12 south. what a turnaround for this team, and what a turnaround for mike macintyre and his crew. >> joe: 5-40 in their first
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5-40. picked to finish dead last again this year. they will go 8-1 in conference play. and tonight they will match their win total from the previous three years combined. and they will have two more opportunities at a pac-12 championship game. at least two more opportunities, may be in a bowl game, who knows, maybe in a semifinal. >> brady: and at the end of the day, their offense played well enougto their defense. that has been the biggest thing about the turnaround for this team. their defense and their defensive coordinator jim levitt, the attitude that he has brought, the ability for the senior class in particular, the guys who persevered and went through all that adversity the last couple of years to really step up and make stops and put
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>> joe: and the clock malfunctions here. all the way back up to 44. mike macintyre is trying to figure out what is going on. now they run it, they will have to snap it again. the play clock is about four seconds ahead of the game clock. that's it. mike macintyre told us they had elevated the program to "good" over the first couple of months of the season. in november, they could elevate it to "great." a perfect month of november. i pac-12 south division title, and a trip to the pac-12 championship game to take on
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[crowd cheering]
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>> joe: worth every last dollar of that $100,000 fine they will get for storming the field. >> brady: the games in november are the ones you remember. you will never forget this win tonight. >> joe: somewhere down there in that mess, jenny taft's with sefo liufau. >> jenny: well, the rise is for real in boulder tonight. hard your work team has worked to go from worst to first? how proud are you? >> it means the world to me. i'm so proud of this team. i didn't play very well tonight, my teammates picked me up, they picked up the slack, and so we are just very grateful to be in the position we are in, a great team effort tonight. a >> jenny: coach mcintyre knew that this team was special this year, what can you say about the way he turned this program around? >> he has definitely helped us, he has been with us all for years, he has pushed us to do things we didn't want to do, and
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we are going to keep playing. we have a very important game coming up, but we are think both for how hard he pushed us. >> jenny: wanted to play in front of a sold-out folsom field, how important was this? >> unreal. i just really appreciate it. the guys appreciate it, everything they have done for us, at home especially, we don't lose out folsom field, and i'm happy for these fans. >> jenny: last thing from me, washington next week, you've got the championship game, how do >> we can't be any worse than this week. i didn't play my best. we will look at the mistakes we made and we will make sure we bring our a game for washington. they are very good on defense, all around, so we have to play well. we have to come out offensively ready to go. >> jenny: we will see you there, go enjoy this, thank you. >> joe: all right, a few years ago they were playing in front of 20,000 and losing every week.
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>> joe: what a scene. and really at this point, as colorado heads to the pac-12 championship game, it will be rose bowl at worst, because of washington wednesday go to the playoff you, you would assume. colorado would fill the pac-12 spot in the rose bowl, but if colorado wins the pac-12 championship game, what are their chances? >> i think emma shot. it looked, alabama is most likely going to win the sec, they are undefeated. you look at clemson, they have one loss, they will win the acc. but there's two spots, eight to lost big ten champion, a two loss big 12 champion, and essentially a colorado win, may be a two loss pac-12 chamfered and you've got to look at the schedule and say they be washington state who is a top 25, utah is a top 25, stanford is a top 25, and washington, who is in the top ten. so at that point in time you would have to think that their resume compares very, very bubbly versus a big 122 loss, and even penn state or
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those two. i think they've got a real strong opportunity of getting in, it just comes down to how the committee is going to weigh the conference champion versus a very, very good one-loss team in ohio state, who will not have a conference championship next to its name. >> joe: i have a feeling we will be talking about this plenty over the next week. >> brady: i think so, too. >> joe: can't wait for friday to start the championship weekend on fox, the pac-12 championship game, washington against colorado, coverage starting at 8:00 eastern. and then on saturday, penn state-wisconsin for the big ten championship. all finished from here in boulder. utah by no means laid down after the disappointing game last week. they gave colorado all he could handle, but ultimately liufau and the buffs win the south division title and head to the pac-12 championship game to face off with washington. for jenny taft, brady quinn, and the rest of our crew, a shout out to barry allen, we hope he
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till he joins us next week. joe davis saying so long.
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buffs win! colorado rolls over utah to advance to their first ever pac12 championship.
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>> final score 27-22. what a night for the team and for the fans. backs what a night and what a season. 9-3 doesn't seem like much unless you count a championship at something. an incredible year of surprises that reshaped expectations, a pac12 title seemed like the only reasonable conclusion for cu. let's go right back out to boulder. kami carmann is standing by.
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your fans are excited for you guys. [ inaudible ] we never gave up -- wheel stuck together -- you have a bunch of seniors on this class -- [ inaudible ] i'm going to miss them. [ inaudible ] we have one more game left. [ inaudible ]
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haven't had a wasn't winning season until 2005. [ inaudible ] there was a little bit of concern coming into this week -- but that certainly was not the case. 52,301 peoplin it was an atmosphere we haven't seen in quite some time. these fans certainly deserve it. for the past four years, they have finished dead last in the speed three finished dead last in the pac12
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[ inaudible ] how good is a skill? >> it feels fantastic. play a part of the stands and in front of the mountains -- and we got a great show for everybody watching. is happening. we saw h it's still a work in progress. with several long road ahead. >> the senior class has been instrumental in turning this around. >> means the world. we've been through tough battles. i can't put into words how much they mean to me.
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i have to talk to mom -- >> is exciting. you tell how proud we are. when he said he was going to go play football -- i knew his passion wasn't the ball and ever since then we just kept encouraging him. at the 16 hour drive from texas. withdrawal of all appeared to see this happen. we are so excited. [ inaudible ] cu are champions of the pac12. ralphie ready to roll pregame guys out of -- thoroughly below came from --
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way 55 yards later, utah has the first lead of the game. it took until therefore this series to get going. but when they did, colorado finally made some things have been. sefo liufau 42 yards -- sets up the buffs nicely. tie the game -- the buffs starting to swing in momentum. on a third and goal -- what appeared to be an easy touchdown is thrown behind the receiver. they had to settle for a field goal that they had the lead 10-7. colorado defensively was the best unit on the field. utah going for it on fourth and one from their own 34. the buffs snap fit out. he'll stay that way after the
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lead at the half. twice early in the second half, utah inside the colorado five and twice that, what with field goals. tied at 13. and of the third quarter. trained you looking to the long corridor. he was the play of the game. apparently we don't have the video. note there is.
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27-22 when when [ inaudible ] we are here with brace bobo watching his guys do they do -- i know was hard to sit there by -- work? >> it's always great to see. at the end the day, we are part of the pac12 championship. >> as a wide receiver -- 's fo file is capable of what do you say but this guy is a leader? sefo liufau knows how to lead.
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zone. we have no negative things to say about sefo liufau. because he's going to guests were ready to go. >> there is a very businesslike -- words that come from? >> it comes from the past year that we had. i came in -- june 2013 you see what it's like to lose and get beat. we are upperclassmen -- will easily have the talent but we just needed to use in a different way. [ inaudible ] from worst to first. will talk more with kami in the
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