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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm MST

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it will turn heavy -- wins will accompany the snow. it will get pretty nasty. winter storm warnings spread out from the mountains. look at all about blue. even a little bit of rain -- through parts of the metro area. briefly tomorrow morning. throughout the day, the rate may be one or two pockets of rain. it could be some light drizzle
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meanwhile, the snow continues through sunday night and into monday morning. in monday afternoon. it is expected to be quite the pile up in the mountains. especially west of the continental divide. perhaps up to a foot. all the areas shaded pink and purple. in the foothills -- maybe 1 inch. with a few very light snowflakes. a cooldown will be ushered in from the storm. we will certainly feel the difference. that the lovely november evening
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it will be pretty breezy by the time we wake up early tomorrow morning. isolated rain -- otherwise partly cloudy skies. could turn into a few very light flakes. the big cooldown comes in on monday. cooldown kicks in on monday.
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ak but it will be cold. was great weather for today's game. made more perfect by -- [laughter] we have a chance to actually going to a club bowl game? [ inaudible ] will get to that a little bit -- let's head back out to the field. these young men are special. you saw the fight in them. these guys have been with me for the whole time. i told him before the game, the
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of the field back. it is really exciting how we played tonight and how we just kept fighting and kept going. that's what our team does. our young men did that. we have one more to do. that is our ultimate -- that is what we set out to do. i won't answer any scenarios or anything -- right now we're just going to enjoy this tonight. and wake up in the morning and get prepared for washington. i can't say enough about the seniors. i'm speechless, to be honest. they are my heroes. a hero goes b of a beyond what you think they could do.
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they just keep going up there in rescuing people. and that's what these young men have done. they lift each other up. i think some of these should be cu legends. what this comes through in what they've done for the university of colorado -- so i'll take any questions at this time. >> can you talk about the defense? that you had tonight. you forced them into a lot of field goals. >> we did an excellent job of taking care of the run. which is what we knew we needed to do. we felt like our corners can lock up on their guys. we knew they would make some plays. that was the plan. we had everybody up in there. our line backers tackled well.
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they made some plays but that was the main key. i don't know how many times joe ran the ball but he didn't really breakout. [ inaudible ] our front seven was the key in the game. along with the corners playing. that's what corners are so precious. >> one thing that seems to be etched into his memory -- the look on the senior class the years pass. walking off the field -- was that feeling like in the locker room? >> the feeling of the locker room was awesome. by think the feeling will hit
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alone -- they will wake up in the middle of the night -- still have that moment by themselves. they accomplished something. you do something that nobody thinks he could do. and when you could do something like that -- it is a truly special life lesson. i guarantee you a leg up some works in the middle of the night and just sit there. and pray and cry and yell -- and do everything else because it's an emotional deal. and then we will get back together and get ready to go play washington. >> kate's top lawyer offense?
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we have seen a lot of emotion through him to appear by -- [ inaudible ] he call them heroes. who are we to counter that. here's what i will say -- , there are a lot of buffs fan out there is right now. you probably need to think like cu's thinking. step at a time. here's the situation -- [ inaudible ] the only team in that group that lost today was michigan.
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stranger things have happened. but at lot of dominoes would have to fall.
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one local nonprofit is doing good across the globe in a way you may not expect. >> the peacekeeping organization that is based right here in broomfield. part of the mission is to free hostages from pirates in african and southeast asia. this is what release looks like. these 26 men -- smiling faces of men who have
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this was the night we picked them up. >> the country just west of somalia. where this photo was taken. they took 26 hostages. and became a developed criminal enterprise. >> the crew has been held for four and a half years. >> pirates boarded the ship and killed the captain. the rest of the 28 crew members spent the next year and a half as hostages. that is until the ship sank. that is when the pirates took them ashore in into the bush. two of the crew members died from illness. the rest lived in fear with little hope.
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months ago. got potential -- we are very excited -- >> zero bp is a real estate investor -- 1.5 billion. [ inaudible ] i will be moving more into philanthropy. >> our job is to assist in any way we can make the world a better place. >> it is solely through their work, this nonprofit has a special purpose. >> whole idea is to help humanity get rid of piracy
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>> somalia is a poor country. the goal is to help his people. >> i went in with the un. i remember asking a couple of young somalian men in prison for piracy -- what advice would they give? both of them said to the interpreter,. [ inaudible ] a fisherman was looking to expand -- from his work on the ground, he and his staff realized the need for change. an antipiracy. >> we have become a think tank for the antipiracy mission that the un security council has put together. were able to contact -- >> we work through members of the local community.
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people who negotiators were able to convince the pirates so there is no ransom money for the hostages. [ inaudible ] persuasion saved their lives. and on october 23, an airstrike was the group's sa [ inaudible ] a passenger plane -- its destination was nairobi. >> that was by far, my happiest moment. my proudest moment ever. seeing that -- seeing these guys regain their freedom. >> this is what relief looks like. twenty-six men walking away from four and a half years of captivity. that are now headed home to
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international humanitarian work -- >> you can't really instruct the world to change. but if they're interested you can assist. piracy in the waters near somalia has been practically eliminated. >> now oceans -- stop piracy in other regions of the world. >> will show you some video earlier today.
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from field. eleven years since he used last won a title. they took care of all three of those in one fail swoop tonight. ralphie ready to roll. never more excited to be there. a packed house with the pac12 title on the line. 55 yards later -- [ inaudible ] they got it going in starts. sefo liufau ran for 42 yards. set up the ball nicely.
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what appeared to be an easy touchdown -- thrown behind the receiver. they had to settle for a field goal. kara defensively -- and best unit on the field tonight. [ inaudible ] another field goal at the half. you taught inside the colorado five. you taught inside of colorado five. utah
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the column has just started to take over at the field. >> wise is real. the wireless. the rise is real. [ inaudible ] it's been an incredible season. >> you look at the numbers alone
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10-2 for the first time since 2001. they are now 8-1. certainly an amazing turnaround. there's so much conversation going. it's great to see the fans support. tonight was the first sellout since 2008. it's so great to see the students in the fans get behind the team. its fall break -- there were the students might not sure. but that was not the case tonight. fans were certainly very excited. they have another game against washington next week.
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us can't run the lights off. this party is just getting going. ohio state beat michigan in double overtime today. [ inaudible ] tom harmon is leaving houston to take over at texas. the broncos announcing a four-year contract extension for safety darian stewart. coming off a three take away day -- will be in the starting lineup
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[ inaudible ] that chiefs are coming off their first loss in six games. they are beaten up -- while the broncos have dominated the series as of late -- the three of their last four wins against the broncos have come in denver. sounds like maybe our first cold-weather game of the season. >> and 30s for kickoff tomorrow. mounts knows will crank up tonight. we're looking at maybe 1 foot in areas west of the continental
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concerned with. [ inaudible ] thank you so much for joining us tonight. we will see right back here
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we continue to follow the tragic death of a state trooper yesterday afternoon. >> according to colorado state patrol, troupe recorded on a you was struck and killed by a box truck on the driver of the truck is 41 -year-old noe gamez-ruiz. he was arrested and charged. we talked to a friend about driver today. >> we went to the house of gamez-ruiz. his family was too upset to speak with us. however a longtime coworker and friend stood up for his character. >> our thoughts and our prayers


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