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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 27, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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trips. right now that is not possible. they are asking for donations to help fix their bus. they cannot drive it right now, which means they cannot take anyone in a wheelchair on trips. they say this is the worst time a year for it to happen. >> there so much more that you can learn from travel that you can't learn from a book or watching television. >> that is why hills inc. exists. the no n trips and vacations for adults with developmental disabilities in dramatic brain injuries. they go all over. the places they otherwise could never get to. but one member of their group is stuck sitting out. >> i think when lucy is down we also down. >> at ten years old. >> lucy is having a rough time right now. this year lucy has started to show her age a little bit.
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is our beloved paratransit van. >> lucy a special. because if she is the only transportation may have for wheelchair. >> this lift is what so critically important. without this type of transportation, so many of our participants were to be to be involved. >> for right now is really sick. >> as sounds kind of like our belabored lawnmower. >> they think she needs a new catalytic converter, which costs close to $2,000. >> we were all crossing our fingers that we can have a little more time to get us into the new fiscal year. >> without donations, they will have to use scholarship money to fix her. not ideal. >> she takes good care of us so we want to take good care of her. >> but losing lucy isn't an option either.
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able to open the world up to individuals. she has more stories to tell and more miles to travel. >> if you would like to donate, we have all of the information on our website just click on the story. new information out of colorado springs as we wait to learn the name of a hiker who died last night at palmer lake. tonight we aree -year-old was hiking with a friend when he fell about 40 feet. it is still unclear what caused the fall but because of where it happened, that man's companion had no choice but to leave him behind. >> for the hacker had fallen, there was no cell service so he had hiked back to camp to get that sells service and call our dispatch. >> by the time rescuers finally reach the man, he had died. his name will be released along with official cause of death after his family is notified. >> descendents of native
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finish line at the state capitol this morning. completing a four day spiritual healing run, totaling over 170 miles as they are their ancestors. the young runners and tribal elders marked the 150 second anniversary of the attack. they started adjourning on thursday after a ceremony at the sand creek massacre national historic site near eades. the run isn't a competition but rather a way to remember an important part of colorado history. >> illustrate to keep out his real life. the saying goes learn your history it will eventually repeat itself, so we try to teach about our ways in the sacrifices our people made from the beginning of time to the.we are at today. >> participants of the annual spiritual run represent the delegates of many american indian nation. >> the standing rock sioux tribe continues to protest the degree access pipeline. a new order has come down from the already army corps of engineers telling everyone they
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cannibal river. something tribal leaders will say with will happily verify. >> anyone who stays on the property after december 5 faces arrest. bring to the army corps of engineers, the decision is necessary to protect the general public from violent confrontation between protesters and one for the officials. they are also trying to prevent any death, illness or injuries as we move into the dangerously cold winter months. protesters are not happy the army corps decision and tribal chairman says that fight will continue. the standing rock sioux tribe leader says, our tribe's deeply disappointed in the decision by the united states, but our resolve to put text our water is stronger than ever. >> for months, passionate protests have yielded a lot of confrontation between police and those who say they are standing
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cannibal river has been the location for many of the demonstrations and has become a large campsite for demonstrators. but come december 5, that area and all lands north of the cannonball river will be closed. >> mean while opponents of the declared access pipeline are raising concerns tonight about the way trump will handle the project. that's because he owned the stock in the company behind it. trump's most recent federal to disclosure shows and he between 15 and $50,000 in stock and energy transfer partners. he also owns between $10,250,000 worth of stock in phillips 66. >> and other election news tonight, the green party has initiated a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin and is now eyeing several other states. now the group has a new supporter and hillary clinton. clinton's campaign team
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green party candidate jill stein is calling for recount in several states that helps donald trump went. her party has raised almost 6-mile dollars. >> donald trump responded to the recount effort calling it a scam, in a statement he said -- this is a scam by the green party for an election that has already been conceited and the result of this election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused. >> around the world tonight, many are wondering what fidel castro's death will mean for the future of relations between united states and cuba. >> the future of us cuba relations will largely be decided by republicans, particularly president-elect donald trump. >> this morning on fox news sunday, incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus said mr. trump went to renegotiate the us agreement with cuba. >> what the deal is yet is to be
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to be some movement from cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. that transition happened about a decade ago and so his death as a historical milestone. i imagine a psychological one for a lot of people but a practical standpoint, cuba today is governed exactly by the same way was 40 hours ago. >> also on the other side of the l, senator bernie sanders argued is important for the us to work with those who disagrees with. >> the united states of america has relations with china, we've had relations with brutal dictators all over the world. the goal right now is to see that we can improve our relationships with the people of cuba, to do what we can to improve their economy and to make sure that the younger generation does better than the
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>> fidel castro's funeral is scheduled for december 4 and we are still waiting to see who, if anyone, from the us will be sent as an official representative. >> meanwhile, castro's death is expected to spark more interest among americans wanting to travel to cuba. >> even though the two nations reestablish their diplomatic relations last year, travel so complicated. if you want to go to cuba you started to fall into one of 12 categories approved by the us government. before your trip, you'll need to sign an affidavit that you fall into one of those categories. you also need a visa and travel insurance. at least for us airlines are defied to cuba, with five more joining them in the coming weeks. >> speaking of travel, millions of americans were doing that today. it's one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. according to a survey by trip advisor, things giving travel
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a lot of folks having some trouble getting home tonight here in colorado. here is a live look up by eisenhower tower. >> we do have two chances of snowfall to show up on out weekly planner right here in the city. we will talk about that in your
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one of the nation's most beloved television mothers, florence henderson died on thursday. that role she played on the
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bunch, arguably one of her most memorable. but the actress had a long history in the business. her big break came in 1951 when she landed a starring role in rogers and hammerstein's oklahoma. in 1959, she was on set of nbc's today girl and she became the first woman to guest host the tonight show 1962. in 1969, henderson became carol brady. >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i'd had and i think everyone longs for. i get so much spam mail from all over the world. everybody wants a hug for me and i hug everybody. i get so much affection. >> henderson continued to act dancing on tv for decades after the brady bunch. she was even on dancing with the stars in 2010. her unexpected death has many who knew henderson morning this weekend. but also wanting to remember to look on the bright side as she always did. >> if you're not having fun that
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>> that night, florence. good night everyone. >> her death caught a lot of people by surprise. she hadn't been ill. she was even on dancing with the stars finale three days before she died. >> i didn't realize she was in the first carol brady. first six episodes of the show they had cast someone else. she was obviously the right choice. >> i thought i remembered matt makens on the show -- [laughter] i was the one who coined marcia, marcia, marcia. [laughter] on a serious note, we will have to watch a big weather pattern change for the next week. even without a lot of snowfall temperatures will be much more fall like. he will finally have to bring up
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know big impact to the metro area roads. and more snow is upstream
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the mountains -- we stay dry from it. it could be a nice rain shower -- around denver, fort collins -- meanwhile the snowfall remains in the mountains. particularly the southwestern mountains. they pretty much anyone along with the bible have a slick and slow drive for the day. have a lot to watch out for tomorrow. it is a blessing for the ski areas. will be making up a good amount of ground over the next several
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the mountain ranges will have anywhere from 8-16 inches of additional snow in the next 24 hours. that is a great blessing for the ski areas and of course our water that we will need later on. i wish that mount moisture would reach the planes because they are in desperate need of it too.
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tomorrow looks good. if it's going to be called you might as well have snow. i hate when it is bear on the
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more people under the age of 45 are suffering from old age health issues, like varicose veins, knee joint and back pains. experts say that posture combined with the lack of movement are causing the problem to manifest earlier in life. research is to blame it all o spent sitting at desks and watching tv. >> you are probably stuck with tons of thanksgiving leftovers. how long is too long before he she them. >> according to the usda, leftovers generally are okay to e3-4 days in the fridge. that includes turkey, veggies and casserole. >> if you freeze leftovers, they can say for about 3-4 months. gravy and soups only last about
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out. remember what you really really your leftovers make sure they get to 165 degrees. >> have some black furry money left over? you may want to check out cyber monday. amazon's early unveiling some of its deals. the deals will continue throughout the week on a variety of products. electronics tend to be big sellers on cyber monday by amazon says so far, this holiday season the most-watched deal has been the mermaid tail blanket >> toys, books and electronics are not the only things you'll find on sale tomorrow. experts say slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel costs cut the cyber monday. tom days may even last through the first week of december. >> macy's is admitting to some on the issues they had during
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visitors were given account on clock wetting them know when they could turn to the main macy's site. mobile users to try to use log and were sent to a page claiming the macy's site was down for routine maintenance. the retailer says is that it is looking into the glitch. you can still get an autographed copy of the brand-new behind the badge please calendar if you order by tomorrow. tony lopez junior will sign the front cover. he is featured in that was put together by a group of denver police wife to show police officers -- $20 on all proceeds will be donated to the denver police foundation. >> , caf? -- the owner says he doesn't want you to feel obligated to pay for your food, just what you think you should pay. >> the cap asserted three years ago at a downtown growers market and since then it has grown from a food stand to a food truck and
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there are absolutely no prices on the menu. the cost is left in the hands of the customers. the owner says running, caf? has really confirmed his belief that people want to do good. >> even if people are homeless or struggling, they still want to contribute or pay what they can. next he says sunday's arlene. but it sees as the reason he continues to do it is to give people a safe place where they can eat a warm meal and not feel intimidated by the little costs tomorrow looks cool and the wind will continue. as you get the kiddos ready for school will be mostly in the 30s. the wind will kick in a little bit more to keep us a little
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tuesday is a chance for snowfall. 30 degrees will be the high. we need snow wherever we can get it. >> the broncos in a very heated game right now in overtime. we will have all of your post game coverage, coming up.
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>> thank you for joining us tonight. you wouldn't know here in the metro but there is winter weather out there in the high country. the broncos didn't miss a beat. they responding with this -- >> all jokes aside, how is the weather up there? >> there have been signs of improvement.


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