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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MST

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him and gem of a passerby called police after spotting that minivan just before eight this morning was parked in a loading dock area on the now closed sports authority the bodies and her two little boys ethan and adam find inside. team coverage of this developing story fox 31 and highlands ranch gathering reaction from people who knew the family more, the bodies we're found. the families is part right by the his loading dock this area is pretty isolated since the store closed after declared bankruptcy this summer now please are trying to figure out how long the van had been here and what issues if any the family we're doing with that could've led to such as set outcome. we saw very sweet smiling faces on the tv this morning. ethan and adam clayburgh missing along with their mother jennifer the douglas county sheriff's office is asking for help in finding the trio we're last seen leaving the boy school about two yesterday afternoon. an hour before their normal
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the overnight store clerk leads police to shut down sports authority store and loan treated thanks to a passerby. please confirm as that 36 your missing mom and her two boys ages three and six they won't say how the three died we also do not believe that we had any threat to the community by dispatch recordings to say. police notified a husband and father ryan labor of that horrific discovery and highland ranch home. messier say they're working hard to find out why and how this could happen. piece this together and give this father the answers that he so desperately is going to need as he faces this real hollow time in his life. investigators say they couldn't have imagined the future of
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head and so suddenly. the family could be torn apart so violently. no indication that it would come to this horrific ending. there were no red flags there were no indications and that the amber alert process was needed. a mother and her two kids just dropped off this bouquet of flowers i'm sure won't be the last please have asked the media to respect the privacy of the husbands and father they think the community for its help searching for the family. live and loan treated tammy vehicle. people who knew their family are reeling from this devastating turn of 31 live in a neighborhood and highland ranch of that part of the coverage. neighbors are preparing for a candlelight vigil tonight being held here in this tightknit community it will be fair friends and family only many of those happen inside the home of them ten night ryan has been home all day they say he's just
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happened. in this quiet cul-de-sac and highlands ranch. a douglas county sheriff's office are keeps watch as neighbors type iii red balloons to a jury drop red roses added space and deliver trays of food to his front door. inside a jennifer's husband and the father of five-year-old ethan and three-year-old adam. neighbors say it was ryan who reported his wife and kids missing about a last night. no one including jennifer's husband was prepared for what really took place we have no indication nothing like that. now a abrupt behavior played by any means jennifer and the boys we're found dead inside their part many man outside a shuttered store and lone tree the three reportedly suffering gunshot wounds with no suspects being sought.
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neighbors say there was no signs anything was wrong. depression was very difficult. fox have done anything in the world i would have. friend described as a loving mother the boys also loving in joyful. they we're like little puppy dogs they we're so sweet the entire block says their focus on ryan m for him staying strong. we have lost someone from a morning from mom ryan's brother is on his way into town from minnesota where they are from friends say he is expected to reach a statement hombre half of the family later tonight mccurdy a greater fox 31. town on fox 31 to continue to follow the investigation. will talk to lose information on and the fox 31 news app live updates on air on fox 31 news at nine intent.
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teacher our west jefferson middle school an assistant football coach icon for high school under arrest. michael fun after debbie's responded to the call a runaway 17-year-old found his family own cabin and pine and brenna was with her police say there were several open containers of alcohol he was arrested for conjuring to the delinquency of a minor and sexual assault on child in a position. 22-year-old christopher grassley under arrest after leading the deputy say he was wanted for a robbery they drove as fast as 8e chase through fort collins for hitting another car also and grabowski's car a woman and child police say he refused to let out he was later arrested police say a drunk driver had several cars before crashing into the porch of a home overnight. officers say they counted ten points and impact the driver had
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house was hurt several law enforcement agencies conduct an operation to enforce the state move over law this is one example of what can happen when drivers don't move over one lane approaching emergency vehicles. officers and deputies are pulling people over on the i 25 quarter authority say the crash that killed state trooper last week could've been prevented if the truck driver had just moved over governor john hickam lucre lowered to half staff on friday and memory of trooper donahue is with the csu for 11 years survived by his wife daughters cheaper done he will be laid to rest on friday 11:00 a.m. at the denver first true on hampton and inglewood the public building statewide should be lower from sunrise to sunset.
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district attorney has ruled the police officer who shot and killed the month scott will not face charges scott we're shot an apartment complex on september 20 police we're looking for a person with outstanding warrant officer say scott got out of the vehicle with a gun and didn't listen to their commands forcing them to shoot the da great with police calling that shooting justified. the reality is mr. scott could've raised his gun and killed officer before any of them could have reacted to the threat. following the shooting scott family insisted he did not have a gun and he was reading a book at a time waiting for why his kids to come home from school. president trump making good also making future plans for his multibillion-dollar empire. president-elect don trump making two key top-level cabinet officials announcing that all wall find a campaign promise keep american jobs here something that helped him get elected of blue-collar workers carrier corporations out of indianapolis during to lay off 2000 workers. today the air-conditioning giant announced they we're pleased to reach a a deal with president-elect tromp and vp elect parents to keep thousands of jobs in indianapolis workers
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i'm glad for them. whether i stay argo. i would say thank you what you do. fort announcing last week to possession an suv lot and lobo. with the production to mexico as well. as for his latest c chums former campaign chairman steve minogue chain has been picked as a attract reassessment. longtime banker before joining goldman sachs and starting his own hedge fund. commerce secretary has been chosen will losses 1,000,000,000 a businessman knows that king of bankruptcy because the history of going after struggling companies. trump also tweeting out today he piously this companies trump organization permanently and
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trump says he's handing it over to his children and the tree this morning trump says he holds a press conference in two weeks with more details he's handing the reins over to his kids buy he fully focuses on making america great again. that should silent some of his critics. of course owner company and be president of the united states. your political news house minority leader nancy pelosi wilkie will keep her on the next by secret ballot today to like her wife are pretty wide margin. tom more than 130 votes of 53 of those votes went to us rep from ohio ted right who led calls for leadership shakeup plusses run the house democratic caucus for 14 years. the denver broncos lost the chiefs got a little bit more painful qu?bec trevor simeon did not practice today with a foot injury five games left hard to believe the broncos have some
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quarterback position. here with all the details. the broncos started the season with the big question at quarterback did gift that keeps on giving the second time this year not sure thing four days until gametime. the big? right now talk as move indoor simeon was that out there working by the abu since yesterday a left foot spring and is day today. this is the broncos injury happen against the chiefs an overtime. su simeon played brilliantly. and now he has to play the waiting game. not to the extent that i know. just a little sore now. like i said taking it day by day hoping tomorrow is better than two day today was better than yesterday. we was see if the day today process. tom paxton lynch is getting extra work this week.
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about stepping up yet again this season. turning week five and two falcons and hurt a shoulder qu?bec isn't the only person hurting and other player is done for the season all have those details coming up later and sports. he says proven officer was justified in a we simply shootings in that video on matter of seconds first a wildfire and tennessee taken a devastating toll on that state with more death and destruction. meteorologist dave fraser nice to see the sunshine back a chill in the air not much in the way of warm weather by do have is cold weather and snow with your
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from a deadly tornado that hit alabama killing three people online and severe storms moved across the south possible tornadoes reported in northern alabama also southern tennessee tornadoes and hail also reported well three people killed and alabama or in a trailer home in jackson county smoke filling the sky over eastern tennessee want butters a killed four people some family searching for missing loved ones out of our sister station with the latest on this developing story. on the bad news keeps on trickling in like you mentioned you have seven people confirmed dead more than doubling the
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sure to homes and businesses just burned to a crisp you here we have some video for you for what we saw and pigeon forks this is right around the corner from dollywood and eastern tennessee. heavy winds today the house the firefighting efforts as you can see that instruction is widespread at looks like a bomb went off and some of these houses fire so hot that it's melting car straight to the meadow skelter court its religious humbling to see what these homes have been reduced to and talking to the more than 700 people here the rocky top sports world who have taken refuge here there just on certain because some of them aren't allowed to get back into their own neighborhoods because you have multiple blockades going on first responders need to be able to freely move through the area they're not necessarily sure if their home is still spending are
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is just really humbling to see the resolve of this community as well there is not a second doubt in anyone's mind that they're going to come together and repaired this community but in the meantime it just doesn't seem like there is a a end in sight and eastern tennessee. interesting thing because the fires came in and had a lot of rain not enough to really douse all these claims. it had helped a little bit kind to concentrate their efforts where they need to. that's a sad state of events. it was nice to see the sunshine back for us today. i tip my hat you guys yesterday there was cold air out there can't wait to make our forecast. all share with you get to work with pinpoint weather start with a little bit of a wider view and between two storm systems, smack dab in your screen right there. that's the storm they gave us
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quiet with a a good deal of sunshine. now were keeping an eye on this next approaching storm to the pacific northwest it's great news we've added so much snow to the round. breckenridge tweeting out earlier they've opened up more terrain and though be able to add to that. as far as the time lapse we've enjoyed nothing but sunshine. you see a few clouds bubbling up a couple of snow showers out there for very spotty as expected. temperatures in the cold 20s even with all the sunshine we get into the upper '30s and fort collins. the milder to 40 for denver after starting at our cold 10 degrees this morning we still should be milder we should be a 46 outside right now that's a pretty sunset 34 and 32 ne. wind at seven the air is comfortable humidity is on the low side one
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warmed up and got in the upper '30s and 40s but with the setting sun it doesn't take long to get down to our below freezing as you can see in a few places. artie in the 20s 31 up and fort collins 30s on the eastern plains close to freezing out there a little bit of wind of problem and certainly is whipping along over the higher terrain off to the west the wind will not be a huge faster. mostly clear here but then clouds mountains a few snow showers denver and the front range will go with increasing cause through the day tomorrow but keep the forecast dry in the mountains we bump along the snow showers especially over the higher peaks. here's the water view be see the storm system coming into play it so week one not all that organize but it will deliver some lights are charged in the mountains. continue them on and off at the setting sun they lay down the
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or felt a good deal sunshine to the south east and south and west as far as eq leading snow our future cast is not that aggressive an inch and most locations a little stronger 2 inches up towards the springs. though take whatever snow they can get. teams and single digits. we will have teens and 20s for lows they are not as cold in denver and 16 as you work up to ten this morning. tomorrow with the increase and clouds you can see colorado springs out to lyman upper 30s bring the temperatures down a few degrees will make 40s and fort collins. still the mild to readings in the mid to upper 40s. a few more places in the mountains not as cold with temperatures in the '30s but still below freezing that is better the very cold 20s that you had today. upper 30s just about everywhere from morrison to
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my forecast 16 mostly clear and a gentle when tonight tomorrow 38 with increasing clouds of present day they won't have as much sunshine. a couple light snow showers 32 sunday looks good 43 almost 50 on sunday enjoy that we can monday we're down to 45 tuesday we're down to 28 and wednesday we're down to 24. a shot of snow in here. the question is how much this is our first run model. you can see the scale look at the snow coming up and over the mountains. looking at the big first snow this season. we've a long way to go to forecast out the snow totals i'm warning you be ready for that cold snow next tuesday and wednesday. to birchers go on an extraordinary journey and document it for the world to see
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publicly five publicly sharing their pain and struggles.
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across the country including a month why and a support more special series fox 31 problem problem solvers serving those who serve. almost sunrise on light of what many veterans go through when they return home from war. after surviving a we're we see them drink themselves overdose commit suicide.
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anthony anderson tormented by depression for years after they return home from iraq pushed to the edge of suicide decided to embark on 2700-mile walk from wisconsin to california. came to colorado here met them initially and followed them through the rest of their journey. jim morning a volunteer with project welcome home troops got to know the two end time of meditation and breathing techqu is a great experience with me to work with tom and anthony in the workshop. to see the transformation. just in general people coming into this workshops you can see the heaviness and their faces and communicate their body language. people walk out of the workshops with a smile on the face one of many colorado connections to this film alpine bank sponsoring free screenings around the straight to share the message of
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even the moral injury concept was one that i had never i had never approached him to hear that think about it they really made me think about what these guys are going through and how it affects them in our communities and hopefully trying get them some help. they hope this film a change live and hopefully save lives. deborah takahara fox 31. u the 25 ? ten for asking for $10 from mission which takes world war ii vets tobdc. such a fascinating thing. previous wars guy do one are two tours of duty. twelve tuesday see the worst of the worst of the worst it has this. we think when the war is over they come home everything is fine. the worst look at what exactly
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offer opened fire on a carjacking suspect. ahead and a local news at five just released body camera video the da shows proves the officer had no choice but to shoot a new report reveals how much the homeless population has exploded
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