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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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we starts now is a live look downtown denver we expect a big cool down in an chance for snow thanks for joining us at ten. let's get right to meteorologist mapmaking who has what you can expect overnight in your morning drive. shannon lucan to just emailed this picture from steamboat. were getting some nice big snowflakes coming down. nice to see and a resort town additional snow far tonight and far as the roads that's the drawback. recently this evening as well the clouds are increasing across the state snow in the foot is against the divide even occasional light snow falling on bill passed give any mention travel whatsoever they'll be slick areas around the denver area much more hit are miss no an emphasis on miss i do believe right now it's 9 degrees and 26
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high country the storm is actually far weaker than what will happen next week speaking of next week there are times where we may be below zero as i'm looking at new data coming in tonight will talk about that weekly planner into minutes. just reminder if you're on the go to my you need to know what you communities like are what you have the kids wear for school make sure you download our weather app you can have access to live radar and weather alerts right on your smart phone it is free and apple or google play store. details on the death investigation every two children lone tree police say jennifer labor legally purchase a 9-millimeter handgun one hour before and put her kids out of school. the three-year-old adam and five wrote ethan we're found dead with a single gunshot wound the corner says appears jennifer died from a self-inflicted gunshot douglas county coroner
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spokesperson talk today about how difficult a case like this is for first responders in the community as a whole. i certainly all my staff is being very involved and mourning the loss we two like law enforcement professionals involved i think it's just us as ours it does any other citizen. still investigating a motive. including look at medical financial and phone records toxicology results will take three weeks to come back police say they gun was legally purchased on near hour before the suspect picked up her two children colorado has no waiting period on record for people who buy guns somehow it doesn't prevent crimes like this. colorado joins a majority of states without required waiting periods alleys addict's of columbia and ten other states that do require some form of wedding before someone can pick up they gun the longest of those
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some goat advocates think wedding .-period don't address the problem who says cases like this have to deal with mental health. i reminded my i reminded my staff this is a good example of the fact that we deal with people who are very district strength facing very desperate things. was sometimes of or two very desperate act. it's extremely sad. court system and through mental health. to lessen this out of know that we will ever be able to eliminate it. according to the colorado bureau of investigation and includes private gun person jurors presages and was a background check still has to be run through. fox 31. new development tonight in the cause of that massive wildfire this week on green mention investigators say was set on purpose monday night was the
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fires in the area alleys five the month are so firefighters are back in the public's help to keep an eye out for suspicious activity many neighbors are on edge. where they hikers or is it somebody. monday night's firebird 100 acres and for several evacuation but no homes we're lost investigators from several agencies include atf are now working on the case asking anyone with information to c the dakota axis pipeline protest will escalate over the weekend and thousands expect a hard to north dakota supporting the standing rock sioux tribe. previous protesters we're sprayed with water up there freeze to move the pipe i cannot be built on second and for the tribe fox 31 is here with what colorado wends are doing right now this week to support the
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there will be a demonstration in support of standing rock here and denver this weekend and also spoke with people tonight who are preparing to head to north dakota i also spoke with one woman who returned from a protest camp site she shares experience with that. harsh winter conditions of hall and the clash between protesters and police but not enough to stop colorado native. the night before things giving she rapidly campsite in campbell north dakota thousands are pouring to be staying in tent tepees and campers all in protest of the dakota axis pipeline native american tribes and their supporters through the pipeline will destroy nearby sacred land contaminated water. they are the spokespeople for us they have been for decades. about how to treat the environment and the earth she never imagined she would spend that thanksgiving night
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strangers she found warrants with fellow protesters and sharing a meal. it was amazing pictures she took show peaceful sunset over the sacred stone campsite. the mood was very somber. everyone's trying to be really calm and really peaceful she says there is a sense of intensity you cannot escape the protesters are vowing to stay you in the face of state orders to evacuate. christie drove to campbell packed with ties and winter supplies to donate she says she left with more than she ever expected. it changed me. that was very -- people don't have much. murray a look back and see where i hope is good history. we did reach out to reach out to denver's police that denver's police that happened this week in the apartment says they are
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night they are planning the possibility of protest interrupting the creative life events event happening. erika gonzalez fox 31. joe st. george will be in north dakota sunday night into monday morning this is a date evacuation order set forth by evacth dakotader set forth by will go into effect watch joe's report on fox 31 news at nine. i'm here today for one reason to say thank you to oo. we won the state but almost ten points. which they say. kicking off his thank you to her today. this is from the bank arena. trump and vice president-elect spoke to a few hours ago.
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captured after being one twice by democratic president barack obama a two hour hostage standoff ends in florida as things in part two hostages themselves. when nicholas humphrey walked into credit union this morning. or he didn't know two people we're hiding under desk and that was until they made a run for the distracted humphrey allow this watching to move in you getting wildfire. this is drone video showing the shelves of burnout homes and scorched trees had towards thousands of acres the death toll rose to ten today as crews found more bodies and of fires. at least 80 others we're injured more than 700 buildings had burned including 310 the burden
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to allow thousands of evacuees back in. started today single search warrant to give federal and since bank of america's computers and cell phones the justice department says changes necessary to help them find and fight cyber criminals bipartisan group required a a rather denied request for vote government have the answer bad snap promising four different states over the past 24 hours officers have been injured or killed in tennessee north carolina washington and arizona. we begin in arizona where to to some police officers we're shot today during a gunshot with the suspect trying to serve a felony warrant. the suspect was killed by police one officer required surgery for serious injuries the other
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the officers rushed to the hospital for surgery but later died. between offices in the suspect has been going on for hours now. please officer coming after being shot and raleigh north carolina please respond to report at home invasion shots rang out officer in the shooting suspect we're both rushed to the hospital the officer was being treated for serious injuries but is expected to survive finally a manhunt underway for person who shot and wounded a tennessee police officer the officer was shot three times chicken a home for squatters. the officer was able to drive himself to the hospital but is recovering. the honor flight back in colorado tonight and honor of chipper cody.if you video from the flags facebook page caring the fight. the debt is also resent the result doing a major enforcement of the states move over law
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they still don't know. happening today at least 186 colorado drivers we're ticketed in just a matter of hours offer breaking them very lots police and shares apartments a team up on 25 today they will do similar pushes in the months to come official say first responders are injured and killed every year because drivers failed to move over one lane as the law requires. colorado buffaloes hope you are celebrating a pack 12 chipper chip this time tomorrow night. currently his second coach of the year honor today voted on by my fellow coaches. good evening from san francisco a beautiful day at the golden gate bridge and a beautiful night tomorrow night with the colorado buffaloes head coach mike mcintyre has been the centerpiece of this turnaround
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for coach mack. eleven months ago she say goodbye to his mentor and his father. a a practice today a moment was looking around we're still practicing. here we go. this a be really cool of dead could see this i do think that. george mcintyre coast of panama in the low 70s and early 80s and selling in his son a coaching philosophy that has everything to do with character. there 18 to 22 years o t them. a pack 12 chipper chip is this big school. the two testaments to success comes much later. i think i'm judgment all around 30 r 35 i really do. that's my ultimate judgment. did they understand what they're trying to teach them. the businessman and integrity. to live their lives with
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mcintyre at all times. as everyone knows that something had to keep with me is not a luck charm. mode you do in this situation calm down. thinking about him that's not just a trick for the media during a press conference coach carries the court in his pocket at all times that is a coin his father receiver he won the 1984 award for leading his team an exemplary fashionn field and san francisco fox 31. remind you that fox 31 is your pack 12 championship headquarters you can watch the bus here tomorrow night kickoff set for 7:00 o'clock will have complete coverage starting at five and post game coverage throughout the night. promising new research upper off pursing hope for patients with hiv. to drug doctors testing at the university of colorado later the
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and identity of enjoying chocolate with would less sugar but all the flavor nestl? says it has found our way the chocolate makers says hollowing out sugar particles can reduce chocolate sugar content by as much as 40 percent nestl? is now applying for a patent for that places ruling out products containing the sugar and 2018. on this world aids day promising new research by university of colorado hospital soon begin testing a new drug perez people exposed to hiv from becoming infected fox 31 dave young shows us it offers new hope to patients with hiv. because of the statement is still comes with hiv this man did not want to be identified the stigma comes from the public being underinformed. he's by the clinical trial of drugs like this used to combat
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the virus cannot be detected. the medication basically works people of hiv is as simple as one pill once a day doctor thomas campbell's needing a new study of the drug. the university of colorado hospital to prevent at-risk patients exposed to hiv from getting the infection is not a faxing it's a medication that is used to prevent infection that still a pill that has to be taken every day while someone i fact nearly 30 years ago university of colorado hospital did the first clinical trial hiv aids drug in the state and continues to lead in that research. we still have high rate of infection occurring every year that's why the research is evolving and a new medication offered treatment without severe side effects once common with
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medication and stuff like that i'm perfectly healthy miracle drugs offer one promise. dave young fox 31. and in the 35 year since first identified hiv and aids kills more than 35 million people they patients using a miracle drug can lead a normal and healthy life. now pinpoint weather with meteorologist matt mankins. next the wave of snow is moving through the state snowing the beginning of the newscast also little bit of snowfall at breckenridge pockets of snow continue in the high country you could see pockets around the pacific northwest in the western us. over all know big strong storm system just yet. wait intel next monday tuesday and wednesday and then we show you are strong storm system a bit of a breeze out there the windchill is down to 18 degrees
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day over all 15 to 20 degrees on your neighborhood is how you can a start off your day tomorrow some of us have more cloud cover than others. with a a better chance of snow there afternoon temperatures cold for everyone. by 10 degrees will stop around freezing for denver future cash shows you the clouds increasing as you see tonight and snow developing for some areas into the afternoon west of i 25 i 25 the palmer divide between denver colorado springs and snowfall likely west of colorado springs pueblo down towards these areas pick up several inches of snow between denver and colorado springs on the westside of close to fort collins in wilmington basically a dusting to 2 inches is about the best we can do out of the storm. some of us won't even see a snowflake tomorrow really they case of the have and the have-nots. all them have some cold down to
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spot teens and 20s on the planes 30s to 40s tomorrow around freezing in denver and fort collins the high country is mostly 20. by tuesday wednesday and thursday some of us are below zero in th morning maybe i should say many of us are below zero and the morning. obviously this cool start to december continues highs tomorrow fort collins a loveland down to boulder middle 30s better can boulder that out at dia that had started to denver at 33. south end of douglas county okay a pretty decent chance of snowfall over the monument health a 64 percent chance. a little bit of snowfall and your temperatures down around 208th of cool day to say the least we warm up a bit for the weekend. enjoy sunday and void enjoy the sunshine.
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that storm a blows through on tuesday with heavy snowfall for some and drops the temperature start of the wednesday and thursday mornings at least. at the warmer 023 degrees but i think many spots may stay below zero just depends on your elevation. the metro area it may be very cold next wednesday and thursday it will clear on out talk about snow totals as we go later and the weekend models are all over the place don't look t i went against columbus tonight will let you know. bring on the huskies will break
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the pack 12 chance to do so you have to be the bus to get there tomorrow night at the fourth-ranked huskies tina lack. conference much mention third and all of college football 45 points per game no question is been a world when wide getting here for see you now mike mcintyre and company are ready to go further. the last two weeks very tough for them and tough for us could have gone either way. i think that you keep lane each game in each week. we finish saturday night and new backup and here we go. at that there's quite a few teens on that side that we're good of course washington as a team that's put out there all
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against the best. we told you a little earlier might mcintyre was walter camp national coach of the year pretty big deal when he scum the second coach and cu program history build a car and he did back in 1989 a big sis a store this year can use in san francisco head of the big game tonight she has more. the buffaloes off this place better than they did against utah last week one kiddos ready for that challenge and tailback is philip lindsay a kid always a kid it always runs a chip on her shoulder 15 touchdowns this season the 19th raise it and see you history. and his junior season as one is blocking first set with a chip weather chip on his shoulder really shines. you have to do with me and they have the day. they always says he got are back. i really believe him his actions sometimes speak louder than his love mouth. he's got a little bit of that
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he's done that all his life. that's why call him the tasmanian devil. he goes all the time. half the time he's talking. it is quite the character coming up on fox 31 just before kickoff will take a look inside the family dynamics there are legendary football family they all went to denver south will have that story at five. and san francisco fox 31. the apps hosting the blue jackets tonight pick it up first. columbus doing some damage. spread the ice knock it through. his ninth of the season columbus gets it done over the final score three ? two.
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another last time in washington president first lady and younger daughter sasha flip the switch on the national christmas tree and presidents park. a concert we a concert we kelly clarkson mark anthony and garth brooks. is been a a washout tradition for close to century now the first ceremony was 1923 under president calvin coolidge.
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excuse me. be with you in a minute. no, you should've come last night. it was fun. um, i just have a question. i know. the margaritas in that place are so strong. hello. i'd like to buy these huaraches. so... what else is going on? hey! listen, i'll call you back. yes? what can i do for you? nothing. you just lost a customer.


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