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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 30, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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how the world works. wilmer flores digs in. >> harold: jo torre used to talk about game three was the most important game in the series. it rings so true. the mets lose tonight, they're down 3-0. >> tom: pretty much over, right? you have the red sox miracle, we'll hear about it forever. but you're pretty much done. >> joe: 1-0 pitch to flores, >> tom: don't forget, herrera has faced 12 batters. he's not the lockdown guy right now that he typically is. >> harold: no, not at all. and they are hammering his fastball. he has to be shaking his head. he sits there and dominates with
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his heater all summer long. >> joe: flores, left side. moustakas has to wait. they get one. two outs. a couple things that happened in this game tonight. welcome inside our broadcast booth. i'm joe, that's harold, that's tom. you talk about persevering through the second inning. a nice night, a four reb night. >> harold: yeah. he made a great adjustment. the first game pounding in. he looked like he had not seen a fastball in six months, which he probably had not. >> tom: i think it means a lot when your star players play like stars. >> joe: pinch-hitting for adson
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seventh. playing all season long. uribe came in. lagares is still playing good ball. just that coming off the bench and being put in situations that you're not used to is tough. you look at mondesi. that's who they had to bring from the bench. >> joe: the 1-1. ball two. >> harold: we'll see a lot of that in the next couple games in the national league park. >> joe: uribe was part of that. the rbi base hit to right. probably the most important at-bat.
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active in nlcs. a lot of people might have wondered, why not morales? he was a key guy. not to lead off an inning. >> joe: 3-1 pitch. full count. >> tom: i didn't have a problem with the decision to use mondesi right there. honestly, i would like to make my big league appearance as a hitter instead of being on the field. >> joe: a strikeout ends the inning. as madson gets through the seventh. we go to the eighth inning of game 3. 9-3. new york on top.lect your phones so you can't post pictures. [screams] okay, how does it feel to not be connected? my chest hurts. well let me give you your phones back. [laughing]
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>> joe: a beautiful flight on the 30th of october. post your videos. you might be featured on game 4, tomorrow on the world series. that's tomorrow on fox. we're begging you. lolonzo cain, tyler clippard takes over. >> harold: that sets the bull pen up perfectly to get them through the game. >> tom: seven, eight, nine, all coming in clean. no traffic on the bases to clean up. any way you want to script it. >> joe: one time yankee farm hand bounces it in there. the count, one ball, one strike. he really made his name with the washington nationals. if you're terry collins, with two more games to go, at least if the mets win here tonight.
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left hander in the bullpen, ball two, 2-1. >> harold: that's big. the other question i have, the last time we saw him, he gave up the home run to tie the game. do you get in a little work tonight we've the six-run lead to get him comfortable? >> joe: cain was swinging from his heels but he popped d up. we know game 4 is tomorrow night. game 5 if necessary. and it would become necessary if the mets win this game or don't win tonight and win tomorrow. that's 8:00 eastern sunday night after a triple header. and it would be a travel day if there is a game 6. and 6 and 7 would be again if
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in kc. >> joe: here's hosmer. in the air to center. didn't get it all. lagares. two outs. what's up, ken? >> ken: before the game we asked terry collins about possibly his line-up. he said, no. i'm not going to panic. when the manager panics, everyone panicscs and i thought it was a really interesting observation by a guy who has managed really well in this city where little things can become things about very quickly. he's done a great job of quelling all that. >> joe: no doubt about it. especially when the team was undermanned. the pay roll was not there. the talent wasn't there. everybody was picking apart everything he did. he was strapped. >> joe: moustakas takes a strike from clippard.
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>> ken: let me tell you where he was six years ago. he was managing the huskies, an just spenlss. doing a favor for a buddy. out of major league baseball. the mets brought him back the coordinator. opened. the manager's job, terry come inls, on his third managing job finds himself in the third world series. >> joe: they picked a development guy for a young team and it paid off. two out. nobody y on. moustakas takes strike two. >> harold: you talk about a different terry collins. he was a fiery in your face guy in the early days. has mellowed out and has put all that into perspective. >> tom: experience matters.
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as well. >> joe: terry collins first got a shot to manage in the big leagues. 94-96 in houston. and went to 97-99. his good friend, jim leeland is here. he was part of the staff. that's why if he ever took jacket off, you would see he is wearing number 10 in jim leeland's honor. >> harold: when you wait as long as terry has, and you have all the experience that's terry has, you don't forget where you came from. your players sense that as well. you talk about don't panic about the lineup. you don't panic about who you are either.
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>> joe: terry is the oldest manager in major league baseball. tom coughlin is the oldest head coach in the nfl. the two have a mutual admiration society going. they've been texting. >> harold: those old guys can text? >> joe: they're 69 and 66. and they've been calling each other, rooting each other on. the giants are in first in the nfc east. the mets are in the world series. a good at-bat by moustakas. >> harold: they start doing a little instagram and twitter, we'll be in trouble. jump on bored, joe. >> joe: he's like tom, you know? he may be the oldest doing it in major league baseball. but he is full of energy. just a joy to be around. these players love him. broken bat.
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>> joe: the mets will bat, they lead by 6. there's nothing like going to a game in a major league ballpark. we'll show you an example of that. come out and make memories that last a lifetime. go to mlb/tickets to reserve your seats for 2016. or just hang out in a blimp. our aerial coverage brought to you by directv, now part of the at&t family. call 1-800 directv. billy joel did a terrific job. no shock with the star spangled banner with tonight's game. . absolutely beloved, the new yorker. and he must have had one of the coolest moments of his rock and roll hall of fame life. just a moment ago. first pitch is up and away to curtis granderson. they played piano man here at citi field. if you're the guy that thought
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of those lyrics and recorded that song, it is in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. to hear the entire stadium cheering on the mets, seemingly know every word and sing along. it was cool. >> harold: it really was. >> joe: 1-1 pitch to granderson. >> harold: this is a beautiful ballpark too. talk about passionate fans. you come acroo met fans. they're like die hard. they've been waiting so long for things to happen. >> joe: that is knocked down somehow. and the out at first. as medlen takes care of granderson. able to defend himself. >> harold: a cold night. any night you don't want a ball coming back ought. but on a night like tonight when
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that ball hurts. real-time for you. quick reactions though. enough of the glove to slow it down a little bit. >> joe: the scoreless inning. put up by madsen. the guy left out there for kansas city is wade davis. they've seen them all. this is again, game one with the mets. three straight games. >> harold: i think ned yost did a good job carving up these innings with the bull pen. nobody really got extended with high pitch counts. >> joe: two outs. here's that moment for billy
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piano man piano man >> joe: 1-2 the count on daniel murphy. >> harold: well, good luck getting a ticket to a billy joel concertfully way. you're better off coming to the met game. that guy sells out a stadium like nobody's business. >> joe: he is an american treasure, billy joel. and a new yorker through and through. >> tom: and the line that resonates, the manager gives me a smile. think about terry collins, the young starting pitcher syndergaard. not yet. the smile after the game. >> harold: once they got that
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lead, they poured it on. a beautiful game. >> joe: and here's the lyric that would resonate, the microphone smells like a beer. this industry has changed. there's the 3-2 pitch! two out, nobody on. wow, straight back. [ laughter ] >> tom: isn't that the truth? >> harold: was that a three ball or a two ball? >> tom: he will never give up an at-bat or a single pitch. >> joe: and he is still hitless tonight. game 3, a lot of action. on the field, in the seats. on the p.a. system. 9-3. there are things we expect from a phone screen we expect it to be ridged. we expect it to be flat.
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show me a moving company nearby. google voice: moving company within 6 miles. how do i get to 3221 carter ave.? 226 hyde street. google voice: here are your directions. when does my package arrive? google voice: your most recent order has shipped. thank you. setting new home address. text mom: i really like it here. in game one of the world series, lornezo cain stole a base for kansas city, and breakfast for all of america. so run into taco bell on thursday november 5th from 7-11 a.m. to score your free a.m. crunchwrap. way to go lorenzo! >> joe: january 2016, we kick off the farewell season of
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the show that made so many stars. one last time. don't miss the farewell season this january on fox. typically when he comes into the game, it is farewell opposition. he is in there to get an inning under his belt to get the taste out of his mouth. >> harold: i agree. if you're going to win the series, this guy has to close it out. i think a very important move to give him some good thoughts as he leaves this ballpark tonight. >> joe: salvador perez. first up. then gordon in the pitcher's spot. a 9-3 game. and just in case anything starts to brew and they don't have to wear out familia, there is more
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pen. as the right-hander robles gets loose. they don't want to wear him out. 1-1. >> harold: honestly, i wonderful have a problem if he threw the hit and said that's it. >> joe: there's tomorrow night's start he. chris young. 36-year-old chris young, 24-year-old steven matz. 1-2. up the middle. what a play! one out. how about that? >> harold: we're watching a guy come of age right in front of our eyes. made some nice plays this series. and i remember you saying, that he wasn't known for the range. he has shown some plays already. >> tom: it was the scouting report coming in that kansas city had the bigger edge.
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much bigger edge. range, middle infield. especially to his left. he has been showing tremendous range. >> joe: here's alex gordon. one out and nobody. 97 comes home from familia. >> tom: they're still trying to win the game. they want to and. extend familia for the game tomorrow. >> joe: pitch number six. >> harold: the more you move the line, the more guys see him. the on deck circle, the one guy i wouldn't want him to face
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tonight. don't you know, it will come down to a confrontation, they're going to morales. so save it. >> tom: i'm not too worried. he has his good stuff. no matter how many times you've staenl hard sinker and the people in-mile-an-hour split. >> joe: 2-2. as we said, mejia was supposed to be in. suspended for drug use. gordon swinging two down. >> harold: that gets on in a hurry. the radar gun reading could be one thing. but a guy's delivery and his motion, tells the hitter a lot.
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and it pops on you. and how about the movement? you saw gordon look back. i wouldn't be surprised if he asked the umpire, was that around? that ball moved a lot. scoreless, strong frame. put up by kris medlen. >> harold: i'll be watching this for a while as we go through the series. i wonderful have let him see it. i'm big on what i see, i'm going
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