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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 2, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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control is a very polarizing issue on many levels. this case, a state organization is calling on its supporters to let city leaders know what they 28 news reportrt dora miller is in kalona tonight. tonight.and has more on the debate in washington county. county. the decision to potentially ban weapons off city property has drawn a lot of attention.. and although no decision n haha been made, the debate has drawn lines in this small community. in a small community like kalona, some people think protection shouldn't come in the form of a gun. "in these small towns, the chances of somebody needed it is so hilariously small."so the sight of a firearm at this public library has some people upn arms. so much so, there's a proposal to not see weapons on city property anymore. "taking responsibibity for the future success of the library by supporting a weapons ban on city property.""even though i'm a gun owner, i'm not against having some rational regulations."but iowa gun
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owners, a group based out of des moines, says the ban is not rational so they came to kalona armed with these flyers. "gun owners in iowa and kalona are scared because gun free zones are big, fat juicy targets for any mad man with a gun."they say it's about safety and the need for protection. "all of these areas where we've seen innocent people be murdered happened in areas where government officials, local or state or federal, have declarar those areas off limits to law abiding citizens.""part of the reason that we live in these small towns in iowa is because we don't need to protect yourself in that way.""giving them the means of self defense is often titis the only thing they have between them and some mad man trying to rack up a body count."this issue was discussed at the last city council meeting, butthe council needed more informatio they say the issue is dead until the library brings it back up. covering the corridor in kalona, dora miller fox 28 news. this isn't the first time the iowa gun owners group has launched a campaign like this. this.last year, the group sted on social media the
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for congressional candidate anessa kajtazovic after she called for new gun legislation..she said that led to threatening messages and phone calls. this morning, the university of iowowformally weweomed their new president. president.bruce harreld was appointed to the job by the iowa board of regents. regents.but his selection has come with a lot of controversy. both in how he was picked and because of his background largely in business, not 28 news reporter mellaney moore kicks off... off...tonight's team coverage with the anger on campus. campus. senior matthew byrd says the lection of presididt bruce harreld and the process to get him there has put a damper on his last year at the university of iowa. iowa.15:47:28 its put a real bitter taste in my mouth. protestors say the appointment of president harreld was unfair to other candidates and did d t reflect the opinions of the university community. community. we're going to protest. we're going to make a lot of noise and we're just going to let mr. harreld and the board of regents know that there's a gnificant portion, in fact marity of the
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that is incredibly upset.they say that makes the new president and the board of regents incapable of being stewards of iowa's public education...and are asking them to resign. resign.15:40:16 iowans defending our universities was created out of this presidential fiasco and we are standing for integrity and honesty.protestors say an@ illegitite search produced an illegitimate president.the e board of regents s ys they are satisfied with the process and look forward to working with president harreld. harreld. the group has every right to assemble and have their voices heard nd have their opinion heard.participants took the protest to jessup hall...hoping the president would speak with them. them.01:41:40 "i think we've gotten a little over the edge here, i mean everyone has a right to express themselves, i have no problem with that. on e other hand, i want to make sure the citizens of iowa know that here at the university of iowa, we've a lot more professional than that, and we can do better."covering the corridor in iowa cy,
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whililprotestors sayayhey won't give up the fight, the new president says he won't give up his new job.earlier today, i spoke with president harreld about the challenges before him and the angfr he must overcome... the university of iowa. iowa. "i'm a common guy, a normal guy, just like everybody else." bruce harreld wants a chance.a chance to let t university of iowa community get to know him, and fororim to hear from in's only his first day on campus, but he's already been thearget of multiple protests and a loud call among faculty and students for him to step down. down."it's expected, and what i say to people is give me a chance, get to know me, let's sit down and talk."but getting together wh *some has been harder than others. others.."i think that's been one of the more frustrating things. some people i've reached out to haven't been willing to even sit down and to me, that's unprofessional." harreld is no stranger to difficult negotiations. he's
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been a vice president at i-b-m, and president of the boston market food chain.he's also taught at his alma mater, harvard university, where he receivedn m-b-a.he says criticism - that his business backckound is fararemoved from academiaia- just isn't true. "this is an institution with a tremendous heritage, and it's searching for its vision, what it's next step is, and that's a similar, familiar process.s. i'vevenot t ly experienced and been part of, help lead, but also i've taught it."the 64-year old says with confidence that with time - he n lead the univeristy to greatness.anan- his experience transitioning companies through change - his years of teaching - and his leadership skills are proof enough that he is not afraiai to m me hard decisions. decisions."it's not enough just to know where you want to go, you gotta get there, and getting there means you gotta make some pretty clear,
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build b culture to be action oriented." for more of my interview with university of iowa president bruce harreld, head to the raw news section of our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. the man accused of killing a woman in broad daylight at local grocery store will now stand trial. trial.jury selection began today in the first degree murder case against nicholas luerkens.he's accused of stabbing to death 29-year-old lynnsey donald. donald.happened back in april in the crowded marion hy-vee parking lot.prosecutors claim luerkens was stalking donald and plotting her killing.he has entered a plea of not guilty. in i ia city, city,police are looking for a pair of suspected car burglars. a witness told police they spotted two men breaking into cars around 1:30 this morning in the 900 block of west benton street they were able to get away.police are asking others who had thehe vehicles broken into, or anyone with information, to call them. a strong el nino has developed this year in the tropical
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bigger.some are calling it godzilla becausesef the potential damage it could cause around the globe.but what does it mean for eastern iowa this winter? winter?chief meteorologist terry swails examines the data in this fox 28 news exclusive. exclusive. the kind of winter we have here in iowa is determineda&in parta&thousands of miles away in the pacific ocean. winds that usually blow east toest can slow downr even reverses at this time of year, causinina giant pool of warm water to form along the equator. that warm water - covering an area about half the size of the entire u.s. - packs more energy than a million atomic bombs. as that water tracks eastward, it sets off a ripple effectctof weather conditions across the globea&causing severe storms, floods and droughts. it's called "el nino" - spanish for "the boy child" because it peaks in december around the birth of the christ child. child.this is a strong el nino yeara&and it is still strengthening. we're already seeing signs like hurricane
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recentlya&as the strongest pacific hurricane ever recorded. el nino has an 84% chance of peaking in late fall or early winter. the climate prediction center says there is a 95% chance that these conditions will last through the winter, graduauay weakening through spring 2016. here in iowa, that often means above-normal temperatures. cold weather still happens, but extreme cold is generally less severe and less frequent. snow tends to be lighter too. e last two strong el nino years in 1982 and 1997 gave iowans warm temperatures and less snow. snow. but here's where i have a little different take on el nino than the weather service. several very cold iowa winters occurred during el nia episodes including the winters of 1976-1977, 1977- 1978 and more recently 2009- 2010. in other wowos, el nia does not guarantee a warm winter, but tends to shift the probabilities in that direction.
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direction.this year's global sea surface temperatures o not resemble those of the warm el nino wininrs. the data i'm looking at points to the colder el nino's of 1963 and 2009. those years in iowa both had warm october's that carried into much of november. then the pattern abruptly turned cold and wintry come december and january. i'm leaning heavily on those analogs to shape my forecast. while there's no sure way of knowing, i think this winter in eastern iowa has a good ance of being g lder than what noaa is predicting with at least average snow and normal precipitation. i'm expecting our heaters and snow shovels willget their fair share of work. my sense is that this year's el no will be more of a foe than a friend. as the saying
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stililto come still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.we launch a new stop in our road trippin' series.we'll show you some of the sights
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fall may be fading this week in eastern iowa, but that's definitely not the case everywhere everywherefox 28 news reporter matt hammill takes us on a beautiful four hour drive ststight south of the corridor, corridor,as he begins a new series of road trippin' adventures - to columbia , missouri. it boasts one of the most iconic college &scenes in the country - at mizzou sweeping show me views of the majestic missiouri river
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the entire country and it's a place where fall - - lasts just a little longer as the maples shshmer in the november breeze. welcome to columbia missouri - where boone county - is steeped in history - and this is e show-case - with a mission. mission." very simple presereve the past for the future, it's hard to navigate the future if you don't know your past. " " aaaaaaooooooogaaa chris campbell - says navigating main - street memories - is ju one of the current displays - in this nearly two - hundred - year old town. cars rolling down broadway - columbia's main street - are time traveling past the old -store fronts - from the 1930s to the 1960s.and horse power here - wasn't just under the hood. hood." boone county actuly as a national reputation for training and showing horses. " skilled men ananwomen - who take the reins - - and take home the silver cups - made
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the equestrian world their own .- punctuated by tom bass - a trainer here - who invented a bit - known all across the globe - for keeping horses happier." something of a horse whisperer .. born into slavery and yet as a black man in the late 1800s trained horses a a showow horses for four u.s. presidents and queen victoria and so that's part of our history. " there's even a shatner - connection - - the captain kirk - cover kid - of equestrian and cowboy magazines - - awards a championship saddle to the best - of the best every year - and a boone county rider - rode away with it.
9:14 pm h?v=upslav3mh8q q just outside - the museum doors - another high note - and amazing surprise - in the maplewood house mansion. built in 1877 by boone coty pioneers - the rare survivor behind wroght iron gates is packed with antiques - for a peak at the past. a few steps away in the village at boone junction - the gordon - collins cabin - the oldest building in the county - stands strong on the banks of a pond. and at the easley general store - chris loves to watch kids - walk in the door. " sometimes a loud wow .. somethings just awed silence... " there was no target .. there was no walmart .. there was no hyvee .. this was post office - hardware and store for everything. " the shshves stacked with essentials from one hundred years agag - the pot belly stove in the middle - kept the clerk and customers warm. you could grab a bag of peanuts - and shop for everything from boots to blue jeans - - rags to rugs - - and buy the basics in baking supplies. " this is a coffee grinder .. put your coffee up here in the top .." you won't find this at starbucks - t at the time - it was high tech" after he took them out
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big scale over there and sold you a pound of coffee to go home with. " it all makes the boone county museum and grounds - a a must stop - - r travelers. " full of fascinating stuff .. i like to call it the community's treasure box .. it's good to look back and recognize where you've come from so it informs you how you got there.e. " ""- we got here - road trippin ' - - in columbia - missouri .. i'm matt hammill if you're hitting the road soon, you'll be paying a little less. less.still to come on the fox 28 news at nini, the story behind thehefalling gas prices across the corridor. corridor.and despite being the early frontrunner, some are speculating jeb bush's presidential campaign might
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on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day, to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers.
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turng now to tonight's business report... report...// closing bell (ringing) // //a strong day for the markets, especiallllthe sdaq, thanks to big earnings
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for the biotech and computer sectors. sectors.the dow jumped more than 165.the nasdaq added 73. the s-and-p 500 added nearly 25. meantime, a positive drop at the e mp.gas buddy reports the cost of a gallon here in iowa fell four cents last week.but iowa is paying more than the national average, largely due to refinery maintenance in the region.experer say as that work continues to wrap up in the days ahead, prices should inch closer to the two dollar mark. john deere has announced plans to acquire a european-based company that manufacturerrs precision planters. planters.monosem has four facilities in france and two in the u-s.deere says the new company will help it expand its expertise in planting terms s ththdeal have not been disclosed. a cedar rapids company celebrated a milestone today. today.thomas l. cardella and associates welcomes the company's founder and namesake today to mark 20 years in the rridor.the inteteated
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contact center thanked all of its employees, but especially three who have been with the company since the beginning. tis the season for health care. on the fox 28 news at nine, the call goes out for current and potential users of healthcare dot gov to start digging into the available plans. plans.and later, digging into the numbers that could aid in the fight against bullying -- when theheox 28 newewat nine continues.
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enrollment is now open for health insurance under the affordrdle care act. act.if you're one of the millions nationwide who's done
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that in years past, there's some important information you need to know. know.anit tops tonight's to your health report. report.anyone who wants to see if they're eligible for coveage under healthcare t gogocan sign up.but for those who had a plan this year or any previous year, you need to sign up again.that's because the options available to you might have changed. "it's always good to go anan update your information on and make sure you get the appropriate cautionary info based on your income levels, but also to make sure you are getting the best value." value."the enrollment period closes on january 31.but those looking for insurance by the new year must sign up by december 15th. many of you have already ran for the kleenex x the mercury falls. falls.what starts as the sniffles can sometimes turn into a full blown cold this time of year.with the virus so common it's known as the "common cold," doctors say it's a good idea to have a preparedness kit.make sure you have everything you need, tissue paper, over the counter
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pain killers, decongestants and any other comfort items. and remember, despite some claims, there is no cure for the cold.all you can do is manage the symptoms as best you can. kids across the corridor pounded the pavement saturday night for a few sweet treats., some decided to give it away for cold hard cash.the cedar rapids smile center held its annual candy buyback program dollar for one pound of candy. we expect, though, that most of those who took part didn't tutu in their *e*eire* collection. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine.. nine..the troubling trend at one local school district that's trying to stop bullying in its tracks. tracks.and later, the road to the unundome continins to wind down.highlights from across eastern iowa -- when the fox
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a car gives you freedom. room to growow and in time, room to grow up. your dream car evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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school district says it goes the extra mile to tackle bullying problems. the iowa city community school district is one of the top three districts in the state when it comes to reported bullying incidents. 28 news reporter steffi lee breaks down why the numbers may not reflect the entire story. story. on paper - it explains a lot. lot."obviously bullyingand harassment is an area of need" state data shows the iowa city community school district reported one of the highest numbers of bullying incidents - with 46 between 2014 and 2015. 2015."to think that we're one of the places bullying occurs in a large context is a little unnerving."equity director kingsley botchway says he's not sure if the data shows the full picture compared to otr districts across the state. state. "i think that it probably hapapns at every school district within the state, we just might report it differently."those who've researched iowa's bullying data and anti-bullying laws agree.
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agree. "before we pass our jvdgments on these numbers, that we really do carefully consider what the definition a school might implement." botchway says his district's policy takes everything into account - from name calling, physical violence, and even social media. media."across the board, an area we need to do a better job in is getting everybody on the same page what we as a district view bullying and harassment is."he says these high numbers could mean a number of things - and reflect a proactive approach. approach."our teachers are doing more of a job as far as as soon as it happens, they try to identify it right away." away.""i'd be interested in trying to look and see what other districts do from that standpoint."covering the corridor in iowa city, steffi lee, fox 28 news. the iowa department of education says it's also working with school administrators.they say while the system is imperfect, they're hoping to get more training oututto school stricts to get a more concrete definition of bullying. the city of north liberty has a suction problem, and it's
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slowing fall leaf collection. collection.the city says one of its vacuum trucks s accidentally sucked up a piece of concrete, destroying the truck. thankfully, nobody was hurt, but now the city will have to rely on only one, less efficient truck.officials are asking residents to remember to keep leaf piles clear of any sticks, rocks or other foreign debris, and to avoid
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with his poll numbers slipping
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in the race for president, jeb bush says he's down but not out. out.but a new book has the republican on the defensive yet 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd... barnd...kicks off tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage. pundits say a serieieof mis- steps, gaffes and most recently jeb bush's debate performance last weeka& has him on the ropesa& i have enough self-awareness that this is a bumpy time of the campaign" :27a new e-book releleed today by popotical authororeter schweizer "bush bucks: how public service and corporations helped make jeb rich" just adds more headaches for the bush camp. the book raises questions about the purported millions governor bush made once he left office from corporations that allegedly benefited from his political agenda."what we found was th more than half ofthat 28.5 mil basically came from former companies that he had done favors for while he was governor of florida" 15:27bush's campaign
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calls the book totally falsea& "this is a non-credible 25- page pamphlet of repackaged lse attacks." ("if the sweitzer book is true , i think it causes a great deal of problems for bush who is seen as the consumate insider trying to be an outsider" 2:02 this book is the latest hitctc on top of the recently leaked bush power point plan which includes attacks on senator marco rubio a& then there's the issue of mr. bush's lackluster debate performance and energy level.2:21 rehr maybe its his demenor, but if youre running for president you've got to indicate to people that you're hungry and that you want it." 2:27 "there's big things that presesents have to dodoso, this is the process.. i totally understand it. but im more prepared to fight on."im jeff barnd reporting former pennsylvania senator rick santorum was in davenport this morning talking to the scott county republican party. he explained and defended his tax plan, and talked about the
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campaigns to make sure their debates stay on topic.he says the traw poll being cancelled this year might be a reason that there are still so many candidates in the race. one of things i've seen in presidential campaigns is that presidential campaigns are more like demolition derbies. if you can hide your car in the corner and let everybody else get smashed up and come out in the end that's probably a pretty good strategy to use." use."he also says that poll numbers don't have much to do with a candidates ability to win, pointing g his come from behind caucus win in 2012. to hear more from santorum and get the rest of your political headlines, be sure to watch 'iowa in focus' with kevin barry, thihisusunday morning at 9:30, only on fox 28. and coming up on in sports -- it's round two of the postseason could the cougars continue to pounce their way to the dome? dome?plus -- wash and jeff -- meet again -- would the result be the same as week 1? that's
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. t now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all ts and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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of the playoffs -- we move from 16 teams in a class to 8 -- cedar rapids kennedy -- wanting to be one of those lucky 8 -- but this season hasn't been lucky for the cougars -- from start to finish they've been the monster from the metro 201313as the last time they reached the quarterfinals -- a win over north scott -- get's them thereand from the start it was a heavy dose of tyler dralle -- first drive of the game,for the cougars -- finishes with a dralle touchdownthen aftft a lancers fumble -- dralle plays hide and seek with his lineman -- and finds the endzone --
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more of the same -- handoff to dralle -- touchdown kennedy too easy for the cougs -- so they decied to switch it up -- nick deer --- drops one right into shaun buyer's hands -- all kennedy in this one 49 to 7 the final. both washington and jefferson know a thing or two about the playoffs -- the two schools have qualified for the postseason -- 31 comibined times -- but in all that time, they've only face eachother twice in the playoffs -- the last one was 1979 1979tonight it the 3rd postseason meeting -- and the offenses came out firing.... first drive of the game... and the j-hawks get six... jared evans to brock hunt on a quick hitter... and just like that... it's 7-0 jefferson... but wash answered in a big way... t-j vogel... looking deep... drops it in the bucket to isaiah nimmers... what a throw and catch... we're tied at 7... and then on the next warrior drive... they chuck it downfield again... this time vogel throws a strike to a wide open keion wills... and
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they're at half at kgston... it's 21-14 wash... for the third straight year r - lon and st delaware are facing off in the second round of the playoffs -- two years ago the spartans came away with the win -- last year -- it was the hawks -- so you could call tonight's meeting -- the rubber match matchwest delaware hasn't lost at brown field since --- 2012 no score in the first -- hawks driving -- max ride-en-our -- lofts one up to josh nagel -- west delaware goes up 7 nothing and they weren't done -- second quarter it's ride-en-our --again -- this time with his feet -- to make it 14 nothingand the kid plays on defense too -- ride-en-our -- breaks up the pass in the endzone -- as west delaware goes on to win to 14 the fifil. staying in 3-a --- xavier hosting decorah... rough start for the saints.. right after a fumble... decorah with a run fake that fools everybody... and big marshall johnson keeps the legsgsmoving... he falls in for a t-d... 7-0 would be 10-0 decorah before xavier answered... brice
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schulte rolling to h right... he tosses it to blake whitten... touchdown?... touchdown... xavier cuts ititto 10-7... then later in the first half... schulte's gonna keep it himself... he motors in for a score... but in the end it was the vikings who pull off the upset... they win, 30-21... last week it was a raider rumble in a-town -- and anaomsa kept their season alive -- this week -- same situation -- it's the blue raiders of anamoshoyting the red raiders of williamsburg williamsburgonly one raider willllin ----first drive of the game for anamosa -- collin shulte running the option -- pitches it to boone whooseman -- and he'sff to the races -- 30 yards on the score -- blue raiders go up 7 nothing back come the red raiders -- vic malloy -- rolls out and finds noah heits-hue-sen in the endzone -- game tied at still tied in the 2nd -- shshte -- calls his own number and breaks the tie -- anamosa
9:37 pm
answers again -- malloy -- pulls a shulte and keeps it -- the dive g ges him 6 -- but the blue raiders get the win 42 to 14. and still to come on fox 28 --- could regina continue their impressive streak of 26 straight postseason wins --
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the regals did hey, is that it? i think that's it. oh! go amanda! we love you!
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what they're expected to do inin the postseasoso--- win -- last wednesday was no different -- regina's post season win
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streak is up to 26 straight -- extending it to might not be as easy as it sounds regina hosting hudson -- and the pirates struck firsrs-- black hottle -- runs the keeper --- and hottle gets to the corner -- hudson goes up 6 nothingbut after that it was all regina and nathahastenger -- he fakes the handoff -- and fakes out our camera -- stenger is in for 6 -- regals take a 7 to 6 leadand it worked so well the first time -- why not do it agian -- this one much easier -- regina gets the win 35 to 6. to the little rose bowl -- west branch hosting pella chrisitanless than two minutes to play second quarter, the eagles flying down the field until a mishandled snap .... and the recovery by the captain, drew finnegan.. big time shift in momentum before the half, kept it 13-to-6 west branch... finnegan pumped up... but the eagles came flying out ofofhe gate to start the second half... levi jungling takes the handoff and scoots in for the score... extra
9:41 pm
point good and the eagles suddenly with a 14-13 lead... but not r long... west branch drives back down field and caps it off with a devin kindon touchdown run... bears win 42-27.... no one has slowed down the don bosco offense -- 54 points was e fewers amount they've scored in a game this season -- but what's been even more impressive -- the dons defense -- they've given up 43 total points and that defense would be key tonight against turkey valley - - the trojans like to score too and it didn't take longngor turkey valley -- cody hackman lets one rip --- and william ein-walter -- sumersalts into the endzone -- 6 nothing trojansbut the dons come right back -- nick mangrich -- simply will not be stopped -- 48 yards on the score -- don bosco takes an 8 to 6 leadand they'd add to it later in the quarter -- joel sweeney takes the handoff -- and runs right at hannah -- dons go up 10 -- and they'd go on to win 74 to
9:42 pm
34 and don't forget to tune in to our final eastern iowa ot of the football season -- for highlights from 14 games accross eastern iowa -- coverage kicksoff at 10:35 -- right here on fox 28. that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news
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@ it's the news trek fans have waited a decade to hear.the sci-fi franchise is returning to where e all started, network television,. television,.c-b-s announced today it is launching a new star trek series set to premiere in january will not be tied to the recenen movivi re-visiting thehe original crew of the u-s-s enterprise.but, there's a catch.after the premiere episode, the rest of the series will be available only on cbs all-access, which costs
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thanks for thanks for watching your fox 28 news at
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night. ok, after i get the tickets, you line up fofothe popcorn while i nail down some good seats. oh, i-i want butter in the middle. don't just let 'em squirt it on the top. ooh, ooh, a-and a large cherry slurpee... and then you hold the seats while i goo the men's room, and then i il do the same for you, and that way we can enjoy ououdrinks during the movie without fear. gotcha. you're not going to do any of that, are you? nope. so-so you want to go in theree with no coordination, no-no strategy, just, uh, winging it?
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