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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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paris tonight - more than 24 hours after those first attacks started a span of just 32 minutes, darkness fell on the city of light.the death toll stands at 129, but with more than 350 others being treated for wounds-- and some of the patients in critical condition, that number is expected to rise. kenneth craig has our continuing coverage coverage across paris, mourners lit candles and comforted each other at memorialsa&one day after their city was terrorized. terrorized. "we feel lucky a little, but really sad for our friends and people who died." the eiffel tower was dark and events across the city were
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u2 concert.members of the band paid their respects saturday night. one of the victims is an american, 23 year old cal state student nohemi gonzalez. "she was a deep, profound presence in our department and she will be extraordinarily, profoundly missed."cbs news has learned the fbi will send a handful of agents to paris but at this point, the french government has not asked for investigative assistance.three teams of extremists carried out the attacks.first near france's national stadium where french president francois hollande evacuated after a suicide bomber blew himself up when his vest was detected.minutes latera& another group opened fire at a string of crowded cafesa&killing dozens. dozens. "the gunmen first attacked customers at this restaurant- firing about 100 bullets. some of them went right through these front windows." another team took hostages at the bataclan concert hall where the american band eagles of death
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metal was playing - as many as 89 people were killed.french authorities say they have identified the seven attackers. the islamic state has claimed responsibility. president hollande addressed the nation, calling the attacks an act of war. war.outside the concert halla&a man played john lennon's "imagine" a&as a tribute to those killed. kenneth craig, cbs news, paris. here at home, the french community is coming together for a silent march to support victims of the paris massacre. that will happen tomorrow starting at 5 p-m at newbo city market. many of you just watched - the democratic debate - - live - from drake university in des moines.hillary clinton - bernie sanders - and - martin - o'malley - squared off - for an evening - that was supposed* to be - all about - the economy.. economy..but as you can imagine, tonight's debate ended up focused heavily on last night's terrorist attacks in paris. the entire first 20-30 minutes of the debate tonight had to do with the attacks in paris - still fresh in the mind of the
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people in the crowd. the candidates started with their adjectives about isis -- sanders called the attacks shocking and disgusting -- hillary clinton said isis is barbaric and ruthless and martin o'malley said that isis is the new fact of conflict and warfare in the 21st century. bernie sanders said that it's also up to muslim nations in the region to get their hands dirty in the fight against extremism - and clinton strongly disagreed there - saying that may of those nations have already been victimized by radical jihadists nearby. instead - she called on turkey and gulf states to figure out if they'll stand with the united states against group like isis. the main difference though had to do with the perceived role that the united states should play. "i think there are many other reasons why it has, i don't think us has bulk of responsibility, put it on
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asad, iraqis, region itself" itself""this is america's fight, not solely america's fight, america is best when we stand up to evil in this world" world" bernie sanders also touched on the topic of climate change. meanwhile, the other big story here in iowa - *football. the hawkeyes - hit the grid-iron - under the lights - - to try to keep it a perfect -- ten and ohh - - against the - minnesota - golden - gophers. gophers.sports - anchor - pat - more -oney - - is here with your first look - at the high-lights.pat. iowa's dream season flew under the radar for awhile... but not anymore... after improving to 9-0 last week... the college football playoff committee bumped the hawkeyes all the way up to number five in the rankings... and with that kind of respect... the pressure was on tonight
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greetinghe kinnick stadium... the defensgoes one way... c-j beathard goes the other... the q-b walks in untouched... that gives iowa a 14-7 lead... then later in the first half... they feed number 29... leshun daniels powers his way into the end zone... with the help of some of the big fellas up front... iowa goes up 24-14 at half... score... we'll have more hawkeye coverage later on in sports... in san francisco - four people are in critical condition - after a - double* - decker bus - crashed near the crowded - union* square. square.a hospital spokes-person - says passengers suffered a lot of broken bones - and internal injuries.witnesses say the bus sped out of control - running over a bike rider - and hitting at least two then - crashed into several cars - before plowing into - a - construction - site.
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investigators say the driver was* conscious - but they don't know if it was a medical issue - that caused the crash. in a cbs 2 news consumer alert, alert,kia motors is recalling thousands of cars because there could be a problem with *steering controls. controls.the company says it's recalling 260-thousand of its 2014 - 2015 soul says the adhesive used to secure a steering gear may *not be strong enough.if it fails - drivers wouldn't be able to control the car.the company says there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries. now a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. at the university of iowa, the pentacrest remains decorated with hundreds of flags in celebration of this weeks veterans day celebrations. tonight, veterans met to carry the game ball from the old capitol to kinnick stadium for tonights "veterans appreciation game."they spent the past week walking the ball all the way from the golden gopher's stadium in the twin
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cities - many saying it was an honor. "so this walk is to signify the twenty two veterans that kill themselves every day, and to raise awareness as much as we can for veteran suicide. so we all carried twenty two pounds in every pack that we had. " "tomorrow morning, the flags will be removed and archived by the university of iowa veterans association. the mott building, near the cedar rapids police station, has been through a lot in its time, including being nearly wiped out by the floods of 'oh-8.but the building is slowly getting some new life. today, hobart historic restoration, which purchased the building from the county earlier this year, held an open house to show off early renovation.soon, the building will house retail, office and residential space.a lot of people are happy the old buildling is getting new opportunities. "this building has withstood a hundred years of all kinds of weather, and floods and whatever else and it's still
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standing here, and now people are going to be living in it. we love having this old building come back to life." life."the goal is to have the building ready for tenants in april. a great day - to get out and do some running.and that's exactly what hundreds of people did - - at the turket trot - in benefits horizons family service alliance.runners and walkers - had their choice between a four -k or an eight -k .that longer route - took them - all over the city.this is the 23rd year for the race. "it's a community event, it brings a lot of people together and it promotes not only family but good health and good being." being."after the runners finished - they were treated to a breakfast at - marion high school . the runners - - loving the weather today.usually - shivering - during the turkey - trot. trot.marissa scott is here to tell us if tomorrow can be
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it's a football saturday in iowa... coming up next in sports... the hawkeyes look to keep the dream going for one more week... the highlights are coming right up... "cbs 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at email us at 222-kgancall us at 1-800- 222-kganemail us at news at
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facebook at fa on fox28 morning live!we'll learn some exercises you can do while your sitting right at your desk at work! work!north liberty yoga will be here to get us moving, monday on fox 28 morning live. this is new territory for the iowa hawkeyes... they're in the hunt for a big ten championship... and after moving up to number five in the playoff rankings... they're right in the middle of the *national* college football conversation... tonight they went for 10-0... kirk ferentz and iowa welcoming minnesota to kinnick stadium... and the hawkeyes make the new unis... look good early.... leshun daniels does what he does... he high steps in for a touchdown... that makes it 7-0 iowa... it was
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the red zone... c-j beathard wants to keep this one for himself... nobody home for the golden gophers... 14-7 iowa on top... later in the first half... they go back to the big fella... leshun daniels... if there's not room... he'll make room... and he gets some help from his linemen there... hawkeyes go up ten... it was 24-14 at half... and then in the third... some love for the wideouts... tevaun smith gets the rock on the short pass... and he knows what to do with it... down the sidelines... dragged down at the one...that set up another rushing touchdown... and right now the hawkeyes are trying to hold on in the fourth... they're up 33-21... if they can hold on... iowa will improve to 10-0... it's the last home game of the year for iowa state... and they have plenty to play for... the cyclones have to win out to become bowl eligible... and it starts with beating a top ten team... it's senior day for paul rhodes and the clones... against 8th-ranked oklahoma state... and it was a good start for the underdogs... joel lanning rolls left and
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hits allan lazard on a short route... and lazard... is like a lizard through the defense... sneaks in for a score... 14-7 i-s-u... let's go to the second half... cyclones up three... they dial up the read option... lanning keeps it... and that was a wise choice... he scampers home for six... iowa state goes up by ten.... but the cowboys rallied back in the fourth... j-w walsh swings it to jeff carr... and he pushes his way in for the touchdown... and iowa state drops a heartbreaker... 35 to 31... a valiant effort from the cyclones... they fall to 3-7 on the season... there's no stopping u-n-i football these days... they pummeled missouri state today, 41-zip... for their fourth straight win... the panthers rushed for 439 total yards on the day... and deiondre hall had his 6th interception of the season... iowa city regina is used to playing at the uni-dome in late november... after five straight state titles... it's kind of a second home for the regals... but dike-new
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hartford put the dynasty to the test on saturday... regina and the wolverines played in the early game... it was 14-7 regals at half... but here come the boys in royal blue... jacob moore tells connor neuroth to go long... and the throw and catch is picture perfect... right in stride... dike-new hartford ties things up at 14... but later in the third... nathan stenger out of the gun... goes right up the gut... regina with a monster drive to re-take the lead 21-14... and then on fourth down in the fourth quarter... they put it on ice... jack jensen streaking down the sideline... and the mini-wes welker... makes a play...that led to a regina field goal... and the regals are going back to the championship game... they win, 31-14... to the two-a semifinals... defending champion north fayette valley and spirit lake... first quarter... tiger hawks down seven... but they give it to jessie mackey... he bursts through the hole and sees nothing but daylight... 65 yards for mackey on their first offensive play of the night... it's a 7-6 game...
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but the tiger hawks were battling back most of the night... here's kedrick bemis with a touchdown toss to andrew roys... but north fayette valley couldn't keep up with the indians... the tigerhawks go down 49 to 34... in the other two-a matchup... mount vernon trying to upset top-ranked albia... and the mustangs had no fear early on... first quarter... they hand it to jack cochrane... he gets some blocks... breaks some tackles... scoots in for six points.... mount vernon goes up 7-0... then later in the half... time to air it out... drew adams feels the rush... chucks it downfield... and connorr hermann goes up and takes what's his... what a catch by the 6-4 tight end... mustangs go up 14-zip... right now in the third quarter... it's 17-14 mount vernon... coming up next in sports... we go back to kinnick for some grappling on the gridiron... highlights of the hawks and
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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in kinnick stadium's long and storied history... there's never been a day quite like this one... tonight... iowa football goes for 10-0... but first... the hawkeye wrestling team took the mats outside... and put on a show... it's the grapple on the gridiron... fourth-ranked iowa verses top-ranked oklahoma state... at 125 pound... thomas gilman took the flames to his match against eddie kilmara... this takedown springs him to a 9-1 decision... the hawks won the first two matches... then at 149.... denver native brandson sorensen snags a take down of his own... and the number-three ranked sorensen wins his match, 6-1... but the cowboys would lead after seven matches... but sammy brooks takes it back for good... his
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fall... iowa knocks off the cowboys in front of a record- breaking crowd at kinnick.... 18-16 is the final tally... here's more from the hawks... when we stepped on to that mat... when i stepped on to that mat... those fans were electric... and that mat was electric... i keep saying electric, electric, electric... maybe i'm getting a little redundant... i need a new word... but it was electric out there... the only thing is there's more people that see you when you're really high-strung... but it's good... here's the thing... it was incredible atmosphere... you can't deny that... i'm one that likes to talk about the performance... but this was a performance in itself... thats a check of sports --
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we want to go back to cbs 2 news reporter kevin barry in des moines. moines.he's been covering tonight's democratic
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