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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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washington with the touchdown and second of the night. you take look at the drive. what's t t philosophy for oshg state -- oklahoma state? >> joel: the key is the first down call. you know baylor has to run the ball. one, they're not going to want to throw to ittop the ball. two, they don't want to throw with it chris johnson who made e mistake. you kick the ball off deep. you stack the line on first down. >> gus: are you sure, joel? looks like he's going to on-side it. and he does. takes the bounce. corey coleman, schools it up. >> joel: i never like going to the desperation play until i have to, fororxampled into it. defense was playing well, offense on the ropes, now the defense job is to hold them to a field goal opportunity. it would still be a two-possession opportunitytyt thatpoinin >> gus: i totally agree with you. maybe a tactical mistake with
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five minutes to go, the on-side especially when you consider chris johnsns hashrown an interception on their last series. and in all likelihood they were going to run the ball and punt it a way. >> joel: they had to run i4 because of johnson being a bit rattled in the clock situation. they'll still be in the run it mode. man coverage on the outside. >> gus: johnny jefferson running on first down, taken down to the 25. jay skobs with the tackle. >> joel: mike gundy dsn't to have use his time-outs yet. he will to have use them if baylor gets them. guess, you just get the sense, the nature of baylor, w wh the man coverage that, kendall briles is itching to try to take a shot with corey coleman.
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a fake and coleman in a 1-on-1 situation. >> gus: coleman at the top of the screen. and jefferson. third down and shortcoming up for the bears. >> joel: mike gundy is going to o use one of the time-outs here. >> referee: time-out, oklahoma state. >> gus: we'llake a break, 4:07 to go.
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>> gus: 4:07 to go, baylor faced with the third down and one at the 21. >> joel: i wouldn't fake the ball, would i bring in all of the heavy personnel. would i snap it to chris johnson who is 6'5", 235 pounds. this would be a quarterback run quarterback power from baylor. >> gus: also mcgowan, 410 pounds. trevor clemens, 98. here's the handoff. oh, lowered his shoulder and picked up the first down. threw himself under the chariot. >> joel: power here. he will have a three oklahoma state defender. and he meets them, powers through, and is able to get the
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alalys falling forward. 6'0", 225 pounds with 53 yards rushing on the night. >> gus: linwood injured his leg. hasn't sign much action in the second half. johnson! chriri johnson with an eight-yarar run. lampkin with the tackle. >> joel: he has me athlhlicism. mike gundy going to be forced into using his time-outs after this next snap. >> gus: you never want to second guess the coach like mike gundy. he's just one of the best in america. on-side kick with five minutes to go, you wonder if he'd like to have that back. >> joel: he would have been in this type of series, where the defense has to get a stop. >> gus: secondddown, chafinin
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>> joel: baylor, if it can methodically run the ball, i von't like the desperation plays, i don't like going for two or the on-side kick until you have to. mike gundy, he knows his team better than anybody. he's done a remarkable job. this team, an island of castoffs. they have seven different players that were walk-ons or transfers. starters, seven of the 22 starters on his team, he's done a remarkable job with his team at thisoint as an undefeatete >> gus: first and goal. chafin, gets inside the 5. the thing about mike gundy, 48 years old. a lots of job openings this
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usc. >> gus: 2:15 to play. 38-28. baylor, bears trying to bounce ckrom their only lofts season last week at home to oklahoma. for baylor. mikegundnd 2: 5 away from his -- 2:15 away from his undefeated season. second and goal at the four. johnson, touchdown.
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he now has run for a touchdown. chris johnson, came into this game in the third quarter for jarrett stit ham. stididm. he hasasad the game of his life. against the sixth ranked team in the nation. >> joel: there's no more pressure-packed situations than top ten matchups late in november. and the third stringer who played wide receiver for the entire season, lost that backup job in fall camp, plays wide receiver all year, when seth russell goes down they bring him back as a quarterback. and, gus, he has played like a champion tonight on the road. >> gus: and it's the determination and the wiflt baylor bears, 311 yards rushing, three touchdowns. snap on the main sails! [ barking ] the whipped cream sea be extra whippy! [ laughing ] together: ahhhhhhhhhhh! yarrrr, it be the twizzler. run!
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happy holidays! free shipping g l season long at t and free returns too! >> gus: 4578-28, baylor. 2:10 to go. here's the dr pepper one of a kind game. >> joel: you just never know when the backup comes in the game how's he fog to reajt. how about throwing the ball perfectly for a touchdown? his first touchdown of the night. one of a kind play of the game. chris johnson, an amazing feeling. get your first action, 5 of 10, two touchdowns. one interception which was a mistake, wasas a great rushing uchdown.
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baylor bears alive and well in football season. >> gus: baylor 707 yards in total offense. >> joel: carr and lacy back deep. oklahoma ste starts inside the 10 chlt. gets up to the 35. next week, for us, here at fox we will travel to palo alto. joel and i will call the notre dame-stanfordame alo with molly mcgrath. huge playoff implications especially for the irish. >> joel: that's going to be an amazing game. notre dame winning tonightn fenway park by three.
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>> gus: rudolph near side. >> joel: 1:58, art briles and this fan base from baylor is going to become the biggest oklahoma state fans in the big 12. with bedlam looming next week. > gus: walking downts field. and briles, at the 10, out of bounds. juwan beat his man. with 1:49 to go, he gave 49 yards. and a football will be placed at the 5 yard line. >> joel: we've seen crazier endings in college football. excellent pass from rudolph down the side line. >> gus: here's rudolph. lobbing it.
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and incomplete, washington, the intended receiver. waz covering him. >> joel: mike gundy said thaha they're justt trying to scratch and claw, smoke and mirrors their way to 150 yards rushing. one of the first games they haven't been able to do that. walsh has not been effective in the game. he is going o o come in the game in this goal line situation, however. >> gus: second down and five. walsh running to the right side. goes down at the two. jamal palmer with the stop. >oel: we've seen baylor three different times, this is the best the defense has played, and particularly the front seven. they played a lot of snaps tonight.
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against the run. >> gus: walsh again, straight ahead this time. gets in for the score. >> joel: here you go. p.a.t. to m me eight ten-point game,, and back to that on-side kick situation. >> gus: extra point is good.
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time-out left. fighting until the very end. as t t cowboys and the bears prepare for an on-side kick. tried to cross him up, last time. came to the wide side of the field. kicked it right at coalman. he, again, will be down here
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just below the 50 on the bottom of the screen. >> gus: this timeeick it to the other side, off the bounce. >> referee: free kick out of boundsds kickiki team, five-yard penaltlt first down. >> gus: art briles, he's smiling now. his team comm in to stillwater. take a look at the remaining games for baylor. tcu in forth worth next week. >> joel: boy, we thougug that s going to be just a barnburner of a game. answer.
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but this was a gutsy win. just an awfully gutsy win. down to your third string quarterback. chris johnson, bo blacksheer, defensive tackle was out, chance waz played with a neck jury, o'brieie stewartas out, terrell burton the safety was out. and what i like the most about chris johnson's performance as a third string quarterback, he came in to the game when they need him. and he was prepared. >> joel: he was prepared. so difficult to do when you don't have the reps to back the confidence up. what a performance. >> gus: for the first time since 1939 baylor comes in to stillwater and wins, 45-35, the final. they do it with a backup quarterback. chris johnson. saves the day for art briles.
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first loss othe season. lets's go down where our molly mcgrath is standing by with art briles. thanks, gus. coach, congratulations going around. your teamas dealt with adversity all season. another quararrback, j jrett stididm, goes down with injury. how happy are you with how chris johnson responded? >> i'm just happy for your football team. we have faced a lot of adversity and we talked about being a tough team. that's something we want to be and come in here and play tough. just grind every play. everyone had a chance to help. i thought jarrett was unbelievable in the first half, chris was unbelievable in the second half, the defense placed great. good special teamsms great team win. nour third string quarterback goes in and the success of the offense lie on the shoulders of the offensive line bhachlt did they do well to help you get win? >> all of them are old, they played a bunch of games,on a bunch of football games, won two championships. we leaned on them, they played well, they responded well. and i'm just proud of our team. they did a great job.
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>> in the big 12, november is all about wins over quality opopnents. you definitete did that tonight. how will this give you momentum going into next week in forth worth? >> we have six days, we have to travel home tonight, go to work tonight, a a travel to fort worth friday. we have good team. >> congratulations, coach. back to you. >> gus: molly, 45-35, baylor, defeats oklahoma state and the bears are still aliviv for their third straight big 12 title. we'll be back to stillwater, right after this. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay youngorever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel
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>> gus: 45-35, baylor handing the cowboys their first loss of the season. moments ago molly mcgrath caught upith the star of the second half, quarterback chris johnson. chris you have been waiting for this opportunity to really show what you can do. what was your mindset as you took the field heading into the second half?
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take one shot at a time, i didn't want to make irt bigger than what it was w those guys around me, it's novery hard. i wanted to go out therend justste poised and focused and do what i hat to do. >> you mentioned your teammates, offensive line protected you well. stidham, russell showing support during the game. how much did your teammates' confidence in you help you, especiallylyn the fourth quauaer with that big run into the end zone. how did that give you confidence? >> i mean, that helped, you know, a whole bought lot. those guys on the side line, talkin to me, encouraging me, we went in at halftime, they were telling me, just stay ready, stay warm, stay hot, you never know when you might get the shot. it came tonight. i have to give credit to those guys, offensive line played great, dif played a great game. -- defense played g gat. >> great performance, congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> gus: the final score here at boone picken stayed stadium
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next week is rivalry week in college football. we will bring you plenty of matchups, including washington against washington state for the apple cup. and the civil war between oregon state and oregon, a a begins on fox. that wraps it up here. for joel molly, i'm gus
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how much eastern iowa picked up, the impact it's having and how low the temperatures will go tonight. tonight.and - tracking terrorists.europe is on high alt - - and a man-hunt is after paris attacks. attacks. good evening.we'll bring you a conditions - - from the fox 28 - road warrior - in n just a momont.we begin tonight with the hawkeyes** - - playing in the snow -- and going - - for eleven - and - ooooh. crews worked *hard through e stm last night so the field would be clear today at kinnick k stadium. theieihard work paid off - the hawkeyes had a smashing performance today against the purdue, the hawks are looking ahead, at what could be their toughest competitor yet: the nebraska huskers. 28 sports anchor papamoroney is here with more. when iowa opened the season against illinois state back in september... it was one of the hottest days of the year.6. ten wins and two-and-half-
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months later... the stadadm was colder... and a berth in the big ten championship game was on the line... "for us to have a good football team, i've said that many times, we neededur seniors to play their best, and they're doing that, and then also they've got to lead, and they've done a great, great job. to me they're the players of the game, if you will. just really, really proud of them, and very, very happy for them." them."we'll have much more we'll have much more we'll have them." them."happy for and very, very proud of them, really, really will. just game, if you players of the me they're the great job. to done a great, and they've got to lead, also they've that, and then they're doing best, and play their our seniors to times, we need that many team, i've said good otball us to have a "for "for us to have a good football team, i've said that many times, we need our seniors to play their best, and they're doing that, and then also they've got to lead, and they've done a great, great job. to me they're the players of the game, if you will. just really, really proud of them, and very, very happy for them." them."we'll have much more iowa hawkeye football coverage later on in sports... - t(e first snow fall of
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the winter season - came down fast - and piled up in a hurry. check out the time lapse - right outside the studio - - here at broad- cast park .between early evening - last night -- and this morning - some areas received - more than a foot of snow**.now after a sunny d d - - we'e' in for an arctic** blast - - and - some icy* - streets. streets.the clear skies mean the temperatures are dropping tonight.we'll check in with marissa scott in just a moment for your complete forecast. but first, a lot of the snow gone, but those temps are now freezing what's *left on the roads.our fox 28 road tonight. fox 28 - news reporter - steffi - lee - joins us live - with the latest information.steffi. we're driving throughout cedar rapids on interstate 380- thanks to hard working city crews - you can see these roads have clearededp drastically drastically- now take a look
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