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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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>> gus: the celebration continues at stanford, as the cardinals defeat notre dame in spectacular fashion 38-36. gusjohnso joe klatt, what a game. >> joel: how about that. i'm still trying toake in at we just saw. there was a team, i would be remiss if i didn't start with notre dame. their season, you think about the injuries that they have had, whal they had to deal with, and to be in this position with a red shirt freshman quarterback with stanford on the road 4 of the you think they might run out of gas. all of the credit in the world to the fighting irish. they had a wonderful season. unfortunately, it ended two points short. they're not going to be in this college football playoff. and then six lead changes? and the senior, kevin hogan, this guy has hadaduch a unique career following andrew luck.
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last year, guy plays with the weight of the world on his shoulders. d he played his best games of his career in his 34th win tonight, in his last home game here at stanford stadium. he was really terrific. i thoment he was calm in the pocket. he picked upp some first downs with his feet. then when it was on his right shoulder or nothing, to get the ball down the fld in order to give ukropina a chance at the field gogo, he made the play. made the play. kevin hogan, was tremendous tonight. >> gus: all right, so kevin hogan, age to really scratch out his nickname "gritty" a gritty performance, as stanford wins the football game. our molly mcgrath had a chance to catch up with kevin hogan after the game. >> molly: kevin, your final game at stanford stadium, and it's rivalry game, over a team that you grew up cheering for and your father's alma mater. where does this win rank in
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>> number oneall-l-me, number one of all-time. to come out here on senior day against an amazing notre dame team. and fight to the end. they went out with a score, 30 seconds lele, but that's the way the game went. we figured whoever had the ball last was going to come out on top. made a great catch and ukropina ice in his veins. >> molly::his game alwayss endnd in d dmatic fashion. you beatly good notre dame team. what does this say about what you can accomplish moving forward, head noogs the pac 12 championship game and beyond? >> just means we have to keep stacking them. we got two in a row, we have good team next week at leave eye stadium. but just -- levi stadium. we'll meep it going. fefes good to get this trophy. >> congratulations, kevin. >> thank you. >> gus: stanford wins the legends trophy as they defeat notre dame. up n@xt for the cardinal pac 12
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-- usc. 38-36 the final, an instant classic as stanford comes back to beat the fighting irish. next we will be in indy for the big 10 championship game, number 4 iowa takes on number 5 michigan state for a conference title and a possible playoff berth. cocorage beginst 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. that wraps it up from here in stanford. for joel and molly, i'm gus johnn saying so long. we are!
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right now on fox 28 new new clues - about a shootetes past. past."a shot came from inside the building, blew out a window."police in colorado - detail what they know about the man accused in a deadly attack on a planned parenthood clinic. clinic.and ...keeping up with the big boxes. boxes."keeping your money in town really helps"the holiday week-end that's so important to mom-and-pops - - and how they're getting you inin the door - for small business saturday. saturday. good evening.tonight police have identified - the man - they say is responsible - for a deadly shooting - at a planned parent-hood clinic - in colorado springs.. investigators say robert lewis dear - is a loner - who avoided people - but t so far - they aren't - talking about a motive. motive.david - bagg-no - -
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has the latest - on the investigation. investigation. mourners wiped away tears during a vigil for the victims of friday's deadly shooting rampage at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs.vicki cowart oversees the center. center.what happened yeyeerday was a terrible crime, resulted in a terrible tragedy and we will never forget it.police say robert lewis dear walked into the clinic and opened fire. patients and staff dodged bullets by hiding underneath furniture. i saw a gunman walking with a shotgun and shooting randomly ozy licano was sitting in his the shooter. shooter.i saw myself in the mirror and i was like my god, he was aiming for my the gun battle raged, university of colorado police ficer garretetswasey was shot and killed along with two other civilians civilians"i've been shot. i'm hit"when it was all ovov, 9
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people were wounded including 5 police officers.police searched the suspect's property in north carolina for clues. his neighbors say he was a loner. david - bagg-no reportiti.the accused shooter - is being held without bond -0 at least until his court appearance - monday. tonight parts of the western united states are covered in icicand snow.we're keeping a close eye - - on what that could mean for us. us.meteorologist - jeff kennedy - - is here --
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in paris - - security at key land-marks - - like the eiffel - tower - remains - ght - - two weeks after terrorists - killed 130** people. people.authorities are on high aler- as world leaders - ad to paris - to talk about t climate change.investigators - are still trying to verify - - whether the terrorists - - bought - detonators - - for bombs - - just - out- side paris.meantime - the highest leveveof security in belgium - - has been scaled back. presidential candidate ben carson - says syrian refugees
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- should be helped by - middle eastern untries - first.cacaon - visited - a syrian - camp - in jordan. he met with doctors and government leaders - during his trip.carson - is among several - republican candidates - concerned terrorists could sneakak- into the u-s - with refugees.. // chanting // //plans for the bock - ken - oil pipeline - - one of the largeses in the cocotry - would run south* of the corridor.and today - dozens of protesters - turned out in cedar rapids - to show their determination to stop it..members of a group called - iowa 3-5050- - were among those - protesting - in new- bo.they say - pollution - from burning oil - - has increased - dramatically - in recent decades - and the pipeline - would only - make it worse. "we are concerned about our land, we are concerned about our water, and even though our governor is wanting to push this pipeline through, we do not feel that is a wise choice for the people in the state of
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."the iowa utilities board - is holding a series of public comment sesssions - on the pipe-line - before it makes a decision.the oil - line - would pass - northwest - - to south-east through iowa - and go - under* the mississippi - river - into illinois. thousands of people in new zealand - - are trying to get the attention of world* leaders - - as theyrotest - - pololtion causing climate - change.35 events - across the country - are part of more than - two thousand across the world.they come ju b - those climate change talks - in paris.protesters say - it's - not* an issue that can wait. gray thursday - - and black friday sent shoppers - scrambling through the big box stores.but - small business saturday - - is celebrbring five years - - of keeping your christmas - dollars - in the - community. 28 - news reporter - steffi - lee - shows how - moand pops in - one part of the corridor - brought in the crowds.. in a generation where shoppers
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deals, uptown marion's owners say small business saturday promotes bringing this traffic to shops that put the customer's priorities first. first. day after day - along the roads you drive... drive... "we dive them one- on-one service that you can't get shopopng onlineneare mom-and-pop shops - dependent on your dollars to keep up with big box stores. stores."keeping your money in town really helps, and we're not anymore expensive than purchasing onlili."owner kayanna nelson opened stitch together in uptown marion only seven weeks ago.lit with bursts of color and service with a smile... smile... "this you can do i ia couple of hours."her family owned business is one of many - welcoming customers in a way larger retail stores don't. owners say that's what small business saturday iabout - helping loyal customers avoid mamaive crowds and corporate red tape. tape. "good customer service with the small businesses. and
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i think just that personal touch.those behind the counter r say thisispersonal touch is the backbone to a strong community - but... but... "it can definitely be tough, you've really got to watch all your dollars and cents as you're going along." it's alslsa customer's fifincial contribution that keeps the businesses here afloat... afloat...especially in a world driven by retail. retail. "when you support a small business, you'u' most likely supporting a family, that's putting food on the table" the national retail federation estimates one in everyour americans shopped at a local business today.y.american express expects sales to exceed 14 billion dollars. steffi lee, fox 28 news. as part of the christmas celebration - - window** wonder-land - kicked off - in the czech village - andnd the new bo - main street . .it lets business owners - - show off - - by lighting up their store fronts - - to capture the magic of the holiday season.a lot of glitter - - and warm memoriri - - and even one display y at holds some of the
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decorations that used to be in the killians department store window every chritsmas.the businesses say it's a great opportunity - to wo tother - and strengthen their partnerships in the area. "its just a fun event just get people excited, and get something done in the windows, and have a contest. its always gogo o out win somebody else. " "this is the sixth year for - window wonderland.shoppers can cast their ballots - - for the best winow displays - untnt december 20th. black- friday -- and small business saturday - mean - far behind. behind.and nothing - signals the holidays - - like a visit - from santa**. families in the corridor - - came out to see jolly - old - saint nick - - for breakfast - at - brown deer - golf club - in coralville .it's all part - of the festival of trees - - and a start of the season. "we love being able to welcome the kids to breakfast and spend time to say hello to santa. it's a good way to
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."santa's elves - - showed up too - - while the rein-deer - - stayed on the roof.each family - got to take a picture with santa - - that they can use for their christmas cards. also in coralville - - the decorations are up - for the festival of trees .the fund- raiser - supports the coralville center - for the - performing arts.tonight was the kick off - for the holiday event - - with a lot of great food - - festive performances - - and holiday lights. "having events like this exposes more people who may not be familiar to what we have to offer at the coralville preforming arts center, as well see some of our up and coming talents. " "a silent auction - is part of the celebration - with those amazing trees and wreaths - up for grabs. coming up - on y yr fox 28 news - - end of the road. road.paul rhoads - coaches his final game at iowa state. how he did - - against the west virginia - mountaineers .
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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morning we head into the holiday season, we've got the perfect place to take the family for a weekend getaway. we're road trippin.n. monday
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rollin' in the playoffs -- coming up in sports the big 2nd quarter that propelled aaron bailey and the panthers into the second round of the f-c-s playoffs -- xt fox 28
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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hottest team in the f-c-s -- arguably northern iowa -- the panthers have been pouncing all over their opponents the last 5 weeks -- mark farley hoping that will translate into the playoffs -- u-n-i hosting eastern illinois down 7 to 3 in the second -- then aaron bailey woke up -- he connects with dariouce fountain -- panthers take the lead and wouldn't look baba bailey completed just 7 passes -- but 3 of them were
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charles brown -- who dives in fothe score -- after being down 7 -- u-u-i went on a 53 to 10 run -- speaking of running -- say-von huggins -- nothing but turf in front of him -- 53 to 17 is your final -- panthers wi travel to portalnd state next satruday "i just feel like we have a good enough team that over the course of 3 quarters, the course of time we can over come some things... i didn't think that earlier in the season.. but there's no question i feel strongly about that right now." now.""i don't know if we play with our backs against the wall because we know how good of a team we are.. we just needed to put everything into unisen and we've dont that these past 5, 6 games and it's great. all we want to do is work off that momentum because are." paul rhoads coaching his final game at iowa state -- taking on west virginiasecond quarter clones down 10 -- and on to punt -- but wait -- it's a fake -- holden kramer hits kane seeley -- first down i-s- u -- that would lead to a field goal to cut the lead to 7 but the second half was all
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calls his own nunuer and goes 32 yards untouched for the scorethen in the 4th -- more mountainers -- russel shell dives in for 6 more -- the paul rhoads era in ames ends virginia. iowa state, wisconsin, minnesota, and now nebraska -- add in the big 10 west title 5- theyon on senior day against purdue -- the hawks are 5 for 5 in trophy games gamesnow the games all haven't been pretty -- take yesterday as an example -- the huskers out gained the hawks by 183 yards, they ran 39 more plays than iowa -- and the hawkeyes didn't convert once on third down -- but the hawks got the "w" -- and that's all that matters. "we aren't trying to be pret, we are just trying to be productive, at's been our goal since dayay. and football is not gymnastics, there are style points in gymnastics, here is about having one more point than your opponent and these guys are 12 for 12, they can't do any bett than that." that.""each week you just keep making more and more progress and making more and more history so it's definately
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something to be proud of, but
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