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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 3, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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we'll also show you how local authorities plan a mass shooting happen here in the corridorhear from those at the front lines of keeping you safe. safe.also tonight, we'll show you how to make a big impact on those in need without taking a lot of time. time.and as the hawkeyes prepare for the big game saturday, we'll take you to indianapolis where fans are just beginning to arrive. arrive. thanks for joining us.i'm karen fuller.scott is off tonight.we begin where we left off last night, with the mass shooting in california. tonight, the grieving has begun for those affected as investigators try to answer the biggest question -- why. why.14 people were killed and nearly two dozen injured when a husband and wife walked into a holiday party in san bernardino and opened fire. later, the couple were killed in a violent gun battle with police.authorities identified the suspects as u-s born syed farook and his wife tashfeen
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after the attack, authorities still won't commit to a motive for the rampage. "we cannot rule anything out at this point. and we're hoping some of that digital media exploitation will help us and assist us in obtaining some of that. " " but there are signs that the couple were planning something far bigger than just shooting at a party.between their home and the vehicle they were in, authorities found explosives and thousands of rounds of ammo. although a motive hasn't formally been determined, experts say there are a lot of signs pointing to a radicalization 28 news national correspondent kristine frazao begins tonight's team coverage in washington. washington. as the incident unfolded, the details were just a little too familiar for lt col tony schaffer, who says the planning, the military precision and the attack on a soft target raise red flags. "based on the evidence i've seen, this attack fits the
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charlie hebdo, elements of that attack as well as the isis attack in paris a few weeks ago.thursday, law enforcement officials told cnn that syed rizwan farook was radicalized and had been in touch with people being investigated by the f-b-i for international terrorism." it's a radicalized person regardless of ideology on this one. you know someone's drawn in to say you know i've reached a point where i need to cross that line and commit an act - they're no longer just upset at home they want to actually commit a violent act"seamus hughes co-authored a report released this week about isis in america. in it, research points squarely to social media - a central player in the process of creates a space in which isis sympathizers can be groomed from afar. it acts as a defacto travel agent - giving numbers and locations for those who wish to travel.and finally serving as a sort of devil on the shoulder - a concept referred to by f-b-i director james comey over the
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sits on someone's shoulder all day long saying kill, kill, kill and the terrorist if you want to talk to them is right there, in your device."before the internet, experts say radicalization mostly happened during in-person meetings you'd talk to someone once a week, you'd hear a lecture , get riled up but then have to wait a few more days to hear the next one now you kinda get your propaganda on demand." the report concludes that quick and easy access can turn keyboard warriors into battlefield washington i'm kf reporting scenes like yeserdays mass shooting in california trigger memories for a lot of ople in johnson was 24-years ago that a grad student opened fire on the university of iowa campus.when it was over, five people died before the gunman took his own life. in the years since, authorities in johnson county and other agencies in the corridor have worked to improve their response to situations like this.
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continues tonight with reporter mellaney moore live in iowa city, mellaney? johnson county emergency management says they have already been reviewing what they know from yesterday's shooting.they say that impacts some of the decisions they make here. here. unfortunately they're kind of the new a fire drill or tornado drill, johnson county emergency management says its important to be prepared for an active shooter can go back as far as gang lu shooting on the university of iowa or columbine or virginia tech or the sandy hook shooting and you see continuing patterns of more and more of these types of things.emergency management says they want people to be aware of their surroundings and inform law enforcement if they see anything suspicious. locally since sandy hook we've trained over 7,000 people throughout the community, utilizing over 21 instructors from different law enforcement agencies.emergency management helps make it possible to provide active shooter training in johnson county to law enforcement and citizens.a
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called "alice" or alert, lockdown, inform, counter and's actually pretty sad that we've had another such an incident in our country, but it no longer, i guess it no longer surprises me.pulkrabek says that makes local law enforcement agencies want to be prepared and training is happening more frequently.because it's happens so often around the country and it's shown that it can happen anywhere, small communities, large communities. emergency management says incidents like the one in san bernardino influence future training decisions, exercise decisions and how grants are spent.the more you see these events unfold throughout the us, the more you see training focused on responding to those events. emergency management says they have different levels of training you or your workplace can participate in.covering the corridor in iowa city mellaney moore fox 28 news mellaney 28 news
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sheriff brian gardner tonight. tonight.he tells us his department provides training for active shooter situations not only for its staff, but several businesses as well. well.sheriff gardner also says deputies and swat teams train together for a mass shooting situation. coming up in our next half hour, fox 28 news national correspondent scott thuman joins us from europe.he has more on one of the biggest hotbeds for training terrorists.that's coming up, on the fox 28 news at nine. the sun shined bright across eastern iowa today.?will we see more of the same tomorrow? tomorrow?chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with
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authorities in west liberty are investigating a report of an attempted child abduction. they got the call around 5:30 last night. they say an 11- year-old boy was near 4th street and columbus when a man in a white van came up to him and told him to get in. if you know anything about this report, please call the west liberty police department. sometimes getting a college degree can be hard when you're juggling a job or kids or just life in general. but three colleges in eastern iowa are getting high praise for helping students achieve success. success.the university of
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of iowa and mount mercy university are listed in the top five schools in iowa to go to for an online education, according to online colleges dot net. today, the dean of adult programs at mount mercy told fox 28 news, while their campus is a great place for traditional students looking to get a top-notch education, their online courses offer more opportunity for the non- traditional student. he says there are a lot of benefits for online students, from saving cost on tuition, to having that flexible schedule. we're really excited. the programs only been around for about a year and a half. we have over 100 students already, and it just continues to climb, and we know that there are even better things in the future. mount mercy's online courses are available year- round. the deadline to sign up for the next round of courses, is december 18th. the iowa hawkeyes are getting ready for their biggest game in decades. are just beginning to make the trek to
9:09 pm, the team posted this facebook image of what you'll see saturday night. this is the field at lucas oil stadium all decked out for the big game, including an end zone for iowa and michigan state.we'll have much more on the hawkeyes' final preparations coming up later in sports. fox 28 news will have complete coverage of not only the game, but the excitement surrounding it for all the fans heading to indy.among them, fox 28 news reporter kevin barry who made the trek to the title game today. today. "we've made it to indianapolis wher ethe hawkeyes are taking on michigan state in the big ten champpionship game here at alucas oil stadiu, the home of hte colts, while zach and pat cover the team i'll be telling the story of all the hawkeye fans making their way from eastern iowa all the way here to indianapolis. so be sure to tune into the fox 28 news at nine, tomorrow on friday to see their stories as they get ready for the big game on indianpolis, kevin
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kevin thanks,don't forget, fox 28 has all your coverage of the hawkeyes before and during the big game. game.tomorrow night, the fox 28 sports team will have a preview of the game.don't miss "the road to indy," tomorrow night at 6:30 right here on fox 28. 28.then on gameday, settle in for the big ten championship game.our coverage starts at 7 o'clock saturday night, also on fox 28. the man now leading the university of iowa met the public tonight. on the fox 28 news at nine, how president bruce harreld is trying to reach out to alum here at home
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big game on saturday, fox 28 news is getting ready to bring you coverage of the big ten championship game. game.find out what's going on in indianapiolis - tomorrow on fox 28 morning live. after a contentious beginning to his presidency, the head of the university of iowa is reaching out to the public. public.u of i president bruce harreld faced protests after he was named to the office. office.he's now kicking off outreach events to share news of the latest happenings at the of those events was held tonight at the hotel at kirkwood center. president harreld hopes to meet with alum across the country in the months ahead. his next meeting in iowa will take place in des moines in april. it will soon cost you more to go to the university of iowa. the board of regents formally approved a three percent tuition increase for in state students effective fall 2016. in september - the board of regents approved a similar increase at iowa state
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of northern iowa.that will take effect spring 2016.the board decided to freeze it there for the 2016-2017 school year. a group says iowa is one of the best run states in the country. country.iowa ranks number three nationwide according to 24-7 wall street.they say more than 92-percent of iowans graduate high school and that contributes to the ranking. iowa also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country at three point five percent.home values are also increasing at a faster rate than most value has risen nearly eight percent from 2010 through 2014. the toys were coming in by the box-full here at broadcast park today. today.once again this year, we were stuffing the truck with toys as part of the annual salvation army toys for tots campaign.several viewers and local groups dropped off toys to be handed out to families who need a little joy during the holidays season.the
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benefits go far beyond giving a child a new toy to play with. "no child should go without christmas toys and things like this and all the gifts that we're geting today that helps put smiles on kids faces on christmas morning and then puts a smile on their parents faces as well knowing they were able to provide that for their kids." kids."while toy collection is now over, you can still help the salvation army with its kettle in cedar rapids, they hope to raise 790-thousand this holiday far, they've raised
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next on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...thousands of iowa children are placed into foster care with little more than the shirt on their backs. we'll show you a place they can go for more than just supplies and clothing -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues. wake up in your first home. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home with no address. your dream home evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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the holidays are a wonderful time to reunite with relatives, host parties, or give to charities.there is *one charity that's hoping you'll spend less than an hour - to make christmas dreams come true for a special group of children. children. (quick nats)one hour is all it takes to make christmas merry for children in iowa's foster care system. . (nats/sot/14:10:50) "volunteers, someone can always come in and volunteer.
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christmas toys right now." (outside shot?) at the families helping families charity, amy jellison and her staff are getting ready for their annual holiday party later this month.(shot of tree with names)giving trees like this are on display at 20-businesses around town where you can pick a name, go buy a toy or gift card, and place it by the the party - kids and teens will get to choose one of the presents - among other festive activities.(nats/14:18:52) "i take you down to the clothing closet."(shot of walking downstairs) *this floor of families helping families houses the clothing closet. (nats/14:19:10) "so this is our teen room."each year - some 900 iowa foster children visit here.right now in iowa - roughly 68-hundred kids are living in temporary homes - often leaving their *own home with very few belongings."we had a child who walked in barefoot and was able to go down to the clothing closet and get a used pair of shoes, and he was overwhelmed with joy. we then gave him a shoe voucher and he was able to go get a new pair of shoes." jellison says families helping families is there to provide everything a child or teen
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toys or school supplies - even their very own quilt. the quilts are handmade locally. children get to pick out any one they want and it's often the only thing they can call their own. (nats/14:26:77) "it's important to me to keep this stack full."one of the businesses with a giving tree is iowa realty.(nats/14:04:08) "our agents take the ornaments, buy the gift, bring them."j.d. schlotterback says the trees are especially meaningful to him.(sot/14:04:28) "in each of our offices in cr we have families with kids whohave come from the foster care program."this is the third year that families helping families has partnered with iowa realty.(sot/14:04:50) "toys and things like that at christmas time are great, but this isn't just a christmas event. we're hoping that we can get the word out to people so that fhf can get more things throughout the year, schoo supplies, donations when they need to help people with education help, anything." relationships like theirs keep the charity running. but there is always a need in our community for if you see a small tree with a stocking attached, think about taking an hour out of your time to get that perfect toy
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the smile it will bring to a child going through a difficult time. the prosecution rests the case against a man accused of murdering his mother.hear what the defense had to say during their first day of testimony. testimony.also, an exclusive look at one of the centers of terrorist activity in the world.and it's not where you might think.that story -- when
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with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. a cedar rapids murder trial entered its fourth day today, with a focus on mental awareness. today, the prosecution wrapped up its case against edward cusic.he's the man accused of killing his mother nearly three years ago. ago.late this morning, the defense called its first
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jurors the defendant was taking medication after suffering repeated concussions while playing football and for work injuries.later, a psychologist took the stand to discuss cusic's mental state and the time of the murder. testimony will resume tomorrow morning.once the defense wraps up it's case, the prosecution is expected to call a rebuttal witness before closing arguments begin. turning now to the war on terror, defense secretary ash carter says women can now be appointed to combat jobs in the military. he's issuing a january first deadline for the armed services to submit plans for the defense official says all armed services will have to begin puttingtheir plans in place by april first. an update right now to a story we first brought you yesterday on the fox 28 news at nine. british troops led their first air strikes against the islamic state in syria today. they hit oil fields used to
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officials say they have several more targets they hope to hit in the next few days. this is just the latest addition to the u-s led operation to defeat isis in iraq and syria. turning to tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage.the republican party of iowa has settled on voting locations for the party's upcoming iowa caucus.the g-o-p is planning on more than 16- hundred locations across the state on february first.three regional locations will organize the results from the first votes in the presidential primary race. democrats in iowa say they expect set their list of caucus locations very soon. a calm and pleasant day across eastern iowa when will our streak of mild days end? end?chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with your
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terry thanks.recapping tonight's top story, still no theory as to what may have led a husband and wife to commit mass murder in california. california.the couple opened fire on a holiday party in san bernardino yesterday, killing 14 and wounded many more.both suspects were killed when confronted by police just hours after the shooting. later, investigators found a cache of weapons, ammo and explosives, indicating they planned to carry out more attacks before they were discovered. it remains unclear whether the attack in california was carried out because of islamic terrorism.much of the world focuses on iraq and syria as the main sources of radicalization.others say the *real* hotbed is in the heart of this fox 28 news exclusive, scott thuman travels to belgium to investigate. investigate. "i'm here in molenbeek, this is the district in brussels where several of the paris attackers lived and while critics say it's a big part of
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may be where the solution is found"in the city streets of in the city streets of brussels, soldiers try to calm christmas shoppers and deter any would-be attackersa&but just across the canal: a section with a jihadi history that's *maybe* more, worrisome. because young men with ties to molenbeek, are connected to the paris attacks, the madrid train bombings, jewish museum shootings and more. "we were not prepared for the global world and all the consequences of the globalization and meaning also that some terrorists may enter belgium we were not prepared for that" johan lehman runs this community youth center-he's seen how quickly molenbeek teens can become radicalized and for years, has sounded the alarm:do you think that they've been ignored, those warnings? him: of course, this has become very cleara&i think our approach of the phenomenon is too bureaucratic."so we talked
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molenbeek's deputy mayor. he is moroccon, like much of the population here. in fact, of 100 thousand people there are 110 nationalitiesa&and unemployment is 50 percent among young men."it can happen to anyone, if the person is in a fragile psychological , socio-economic condition they can absorb the sectarian discourse and play the game of the murderers."like geraldine's sona&who went from what she called a normal boyhood, to the battlefields of syria, where he was killed. "i'm very angry, i'm very angrya&.(butt to) a&because i informed them, and i said please help me to stop my son in fact, per capita more belgian teens have left to join isis than from anywhere in europe. work programs are in place, (show molenbeek 'peace' sign) messages of change sprouting in store frontsa&but will it be make a
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the country, taking this community's crisis, seriously enough?many here in molenbeek tell me the most important question now is will there be an real efforts to fix the problem or will their concerns be forgottena&until the next attack. in brussels belgium i'm scott thuman, now back to you." to see more of scott's exclusive report from belgium, don't miss "full measure with sharyl attkisson" this sunday morining at 9, only on fox 28. fox 28 news wants to know what you think of the fight against terrorism. do you think governments can keep us safe from terrorist acts?let us know on our twitter poll - at fox 28 iowa and coming up in sports... sports...the hawks going to the 'ship -- but just how far they've come plus... plus...the iowa wrestling team takes on south dakota state tomorrow night -- why they won't be taking the jack rabbits lightly next in
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and throw it away.
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unless you've been living under a rock, you know the hawkeye football team is undefeated and will be playing for a big ten title on saturday. but what many have quickly forgotten is how far the hawks have come. come.and i'm not just talking about the 7-and-6 record a year ago -- many of this year's seniors first year in iowa city was the 4-and-8, 2012 season -- when there was no bowl game, let alone a conference title, to play for. they're a far cry from that season now... but ask the hawks and they've still got a long way to go.
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and we didn't want that feeling again... we know that the standard had to be set a lot higher so we've been doing that this whole season and working our butts off." off.""for us we wanna leave our jerseys in a better place, so going 12-and-oh has been great, it's awesome, and it's an amazing achievement, but, again, we're not satisfied." one of those iowa seniors named an academic all american today. defensive back jordan lomax is one of six big ten players named to the list -- and that's the most honorees for any fbs conference. one of the hawks' game captains throughout the year, lomax ranks third in tackles for iowa this season. and don't forget: the road to indy official preview show is tomorrow at 6:30 pm right here on fox 28. zach hanley and pat moroney will be in indiannapolis breaking down the hawkeyes' big ten title match-up with michigan state. the hawks aren't the only team playing for their postaseason lives on saturday. second
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for u-n-i as the panthers head into unfamiliar territory. team of mark farley's nor any team in u-n-i history has ever faced portland state. the vikings hail from the big sky conference -- and the panthers are 2-and-oh this year against big sky teams -- but farley says this big sky team is different than any the panthers have faced this year or in recent past... "i don't know much about this football team from past experiences, so when you start looking at 'em, you're looking for the same kinda offense that we've seen in the big sky anyway. and this isn't the same -- this is more of a strong, physical football team and that's how they play the game. their head coach is an offensive line coach by trade and i think that really emulates what his football team is doing right now." the awards keep on rolling into cedar falls -- three panthers have earned all- american honors -- that ties u-n-i for the most players
9:35 pm
fcs this season. seniors jacob rathmacher and isaac ales and junior karter schulte are the honorees. they're the first academic all americans for u-n-i football since 2011. and a quick score update from tonight's nfc north match-up -- the packers continuing to struggle down 17-nothing third quarter against detroit -- trying to avoid their fifth loss in their last six --that 2. still to come... cedar rapids washington hosting dubuque senior tonight -- could the warriors stay
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sandwiched between duals with iowa state and rutgers, the iowa wrestling team hosts a 1- and-4 south dakota state side tomorrow night. on paper, all things favor the undefeated hawkeyes. but coach tom brands doesn't look at it that way. way.the jackrabbits are coached by a former iowa state national champion in chris bono, who brands says is not only a tough opponent, but who is a coach on the rise -- so it's safe to say the hawkeyes won't be overlooking this one... "it's a good challenge coming into carver-hawkeye arena and we gotta be on our game like we are every week. nothing changes. and that has to be the dialogue--that has to be the mindset." mindset.""we did great in third periods at iowa state. maybe come out even stronger in the first period -- getting a lot of good take downs in
9:39 pm
uni wrestling coach doug schwab turned heads when he announced he'd start his first true freshman -- but now it's paying off. bryce steiert of waverly shell rock named the mac wrestler of the week. steiert is the first panther to earn the honor this season; u-n-i is at the cliff keen las vegas invite this weekend. high school wrestling kicking off this weekend ... xavier hosting iowa city west... at the start, it was all saints.. patrick chambers with the third straight pin for xavier this one of miguel paredes ... eighteen nothing saints...but aaron stumpf proved to be a sparkplug for the trojans at 132.... able to hold down garrett reis for west's first points of the night... they'd drop another one at 138 but from there... they went on a 145, nelson brands .... spin move for the near fall of josh gerke.... west comes all the way back to take
9:40 pm
cross town, cedar rapids washington looking to stay unbeaten against dubuque senior.... first quarter, warriors already shutting out the rams... joniqua clark's got one thing on her mind -- the basket. give her two to extend the wash lead....but the rams fought back to cut the lead to one... cross cort heave goes to sydney tigges.. can't get it but kai biehl can get that -- and one! dubuque hanging around...but the warriors responded -- fast -- anne visser ... bazinga... three. wash. wins it 77-42.... the iowa state women's volleyball team in wisconsin for the first round of the ncaa playoffs and came flying out of the gate with a sweep of miami ... freshman jess schaben making quite the name for herself in her ncaa tournament debut with 16 kills for the cyclones...they play the winner of wisconsin and oregon tomorrow night.... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news
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hello. i'm mark hyman.toufic and eva jisser's american dream . . . is now a nightmare. they emigrated to the u.s. over 40 years ago. in 1986, they borrowed money and spent their life savings to buy a mobile home park in palo alto, california. they're now retired. he's 71. she's in her late 60s. their son, joe, manages the business.the property is nearly 90 years old. it needs expensive sewage and electrical improvements. the city hiked property taxes but has blocked the jissers from increasing rent to offset these hefty 20-12, . . . after a decade of financial challenges, . . . the jissers filed paperwork to close their business. city bureaucrats fired back. the jissers could do so . . . but only if they
9:42 pm
staggering eight million dollars to spend as they please. oh, . . . by the way, . . . this figure could go higher, city officials warned the jissers.the city of palo alto's very restrictive development regulations have caused extreme housing shortages and mind-boggling costs. the median home value is nearly two and a-half million dollars. about 14 times the national median. the jissers operate the area's cheapest rental property. city officials have ordered them to pay the eight million dollars . . . or continue running the business. the city's actions are not only unconstitutional. they're immoral. but hey, . . . this is progressive california. and government bureaucrats. where insanity knows no bounds. the jissers are suing the city. to comment, go to behind the
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before we go, a heads up that you might hear the roar of some two-wheeled engines in iowa city tomorrow.that's because the johnson county fairgrounds is hosting the cyclecross race "jingle cross." the race is expected to draw thousands of spectators. organizers are hoping this isnt the end of races like this in the corridor.iowa city is one of several cities around the world trying to host a world cup race next year.the last one was held in las vegas. finally tonight, one tech giant is trying to make peace with another this holiday season.take a look at this ad from features workers at the microsoft store in new york walking down the road to the rival apple store to sing a song of peace.the commercial ends with hugs between microsoft and apple employees and the tag line
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thanks for watching your fox 28 news at nine.have a great night.
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