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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 4, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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patients back on their feet in less than 24 hours. urs.and we'll take you live to indianapolis where hawkeye nation has its sights set on a big ten's just so coverage of the road to indy and the push to propel the hawksksnto the college football playoffs. playoffs. good evening i'm karen fuller. scott sanborn is off tonight. fox 28 news begins again with the latest developments in the mass ssoting in california. today, for the first time, authorities indicated the motive was more than workplace anger. anger.we are now investigating these horific acts as an act ofoferrorism. that determination came after sources say online postings were found showing one of the shooters proclaimed their allegiance to isis.the married couple that killll 14 at a holiday party in san bernardino wednesday also stockpiled thousands of rounds of far, investigators y there's no indication that they had any
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al-qaida or any other known terrorist groups. "there's a lot of evidence in this case that doesn't quite make sense so we're trying to be very thohohtful to understand it and make sense of it so we understand the full extent of what we have here." here."the f-b-i also says there is *no* indication the couple wasart of a larger terror cell.ocal authorities say there is no longer any threat to the public. fox 28 news, along with our sister stations, conducted a national survey on twitter.we wanted to know if you thought the government could keep you safe from acts of terrorism. terrorism.after more than 12- thousand votes were cast, 78- percent told us, "no."just 22- percent said they f ft the government *could* protect them,.thanks to everyone who took part in our online survey. despite the actions of just a few radicalized people, the vast majority of muslimsmsboth here a a around the world are
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to prevent people from using their religion to justify violent acts? acts?in a story you'll only see on fox 28 nene, reporter mary mckenzie talks to muslim leaders who take pride in their non-violent heritage. heritage. it may not look like a traditional mosque -- the minarets and domes aren't in place yet. but this unassuming building in baltimore is the new home to a growing sect of the us we're among 70 chapters, we're about 15k, worldwide e we're in 207 countries... abdul bennett is an outreach minister for ahmadiyya community. it's a messianic sect within the fold of islam. there are 73 different sects, which are like denominations in christianity. and worldwide, with tens of millions of members, the ahmadiyya mmunity has never had a single one involved in any kind of radical l attack. thth relilion means peace. it is
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at peace into disrespecting himself or committing crimeses agaiait his community. the ahmadiyya muslim community is actually the fastest growing sect of islam worldwide and this facility which is about 4x the previous mosque here in baltimore, hopefufuy will accomodate that growth. the way we try to conduct ourselves is such that we want to be an asset to society. with the bad reputation that islam has today, we try to stand out as muslims and try to show that true muslims this is how they behave. the fundamental difference between ahmadi's and other muslims is theological.... centering around the teachings of an 1800's messenger mirza ghulam ahmad.... who taught peace over war.of the 73 sects - they all agree there's going to be a reformer. we believe he has come, they believe he is an imposter. that has often led to violence -- against ahmadi's -- at the hands of other muslims. sometimes we've
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they've come in and mowed us down while we're praying. but in this case -- being a target -- has led to greater resolve within the community. we're the fastest growing sect within islam and it's not because we're fighting a bloooo jihad, we're fighting a peace offensive. and we're winning, we're growing. i'm mary mckenzie reporting be sure to stay with fox 28 news for much more on the terror threat and what's begin done to stop it.we'll take you to a neighborhood in europe that's become a hotbed of islamic radicalizationon it's a report you'll only see on 'full measure with sharyl attkisson,' this sunday morning at nine right here on fox 28. this coming monday, don't miss a special town hall meeting onon the new threats america faces. watch "the new normal, security versus freedom" monday night at 6 on our digital subchannel 28-point-2. you can also watch thth
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website, fox 28 iowa dot com. a low unemployment rate *sounds* like a good thing, but not all employers are happy about it. it.iowa workforce development says there are more than 18- thousand job openings in the corridor right now.problem is, there's less than 11-thousand people currently looking for work.iowa's unemployment rate isiselow four percent.the nation's unemployment rate sits at five percent after nearly a quarter million jobs were created last month. turning rikht now to tonight's vote 20-16 coverage. coverage.a new poll shows hillary clinton is holding off her democratic challengers, and even adding to her already sizeable lead.the c-n-n o-r-c poll found 58-percent of democrats plan to vote for clinton.vermont senator bernie sanders received 30-percent support.martin o'malley remains far behind at two percent. the same poll found g-o-p frontrtrner donald trump,
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of republican surveyed say they'll vote for the business mogul.texas senator ted cruz earned 16-percent support. doctor ben carson, another political rookie, comes in third with 14-percent. a number of republican candidates for president will be in cedar rapids tomorrow. congressman n rod blum i i hosting the "rising tide" summit at the u-s cellular center.senator ted cruz, senator rand paul, doctor ben carson and carly fiorina are all heduled to appear.we'll have much more on tomorrow's event tomorrow night on the fox 28 news after the hawkeye football game. if you have plans to travel this ekend, or just enjoy some outdoor festivities, it sounds like the weather is going to cooperate. cooperate.chief meterologist terry swails joins us now with
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terry thanks.nonoto our team coverage tonight on the road to indy. indy.the iowa hawkeyes football team arrived in indianapolis earlier today. they were greeted in style, with a hawkeye themed indy car. tomorrowowthey will face michigan state in the big ten title game.the winner, earns a spot in the college football playoff. playoff.we begin tonight's
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sports repoer mia o'brien with moreren what the team had to say today, mia? well karen at the podium it was only coach ferentz speaking - the team arrived early this evening - and by far and large... it was the same message he's been preaching all season long. long.the little things are what have gotten iowa to this stagag-- wowoing as a unit and focusing on the hawks and not their opponent. so, yes, michigan state has played in three conference title games to the hawkeyes' none... but that's not on ferentz's mind. i'm sure that's good for them but overrall the game's gonna get decided by the '15 teams...when we look atatthem they're e st a really strong, outstanding football team. a veteran team -- great leadership. at least it looks like it from what we can ll. and we know we're going to have to ay at our absolute best to be ready to go, whether it's here or
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some points of note: ferentz said he does expect nate meier and ben niemann to play tomorrow night. the hawks also opted not to havava walk-through tonight as ferentz wanted to stick with the routine and treat this as just the thirteenth game. we'll hear much more from ferentz,z,s well as michigan state's coach, coming up in the next half hour.mia o'brien, fox 28 sports. mia thanks.we have a full team covering the game, the fans and everything else in indianapolis this weekend. weekend.that's where fox 28 news reporter kevin barry is tonight.he's live right now outside lucas oil stadium and kevin, are you seeing a lot of fans out there? it's pretty quiet inside lucas oil stadium - but just down the road -- hawkeye fans are
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inside the cadillac ranch... zach gallagher is in the middlelef a fierce battle between blblk and gold. (note: video of him playing fooseball with black and gold players) saturday...those two colors...come together. i've been going to games since i was about 5 years old so i'm a true hawkeye fan zach's dad -- dave -- organizes all these parties on the road for hawkeye fans. it's a chance for everyone to have a good time -- but but this year is about a little more than just the hometown team doing g well. it brought tears to my eyes when we were in lincoln last week to go 12-0 and being a hawkeye fan for 50 years, there are so many people who have gone beforus who have never seen n is kind of thing. that's an idea -- that's *not lost -- on 11 year old zach. i can see it in my life time. some people can't see it. iowa football has never made it to a big ten championship, never went 12-0 and that's just a
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how special it is. it's just so special. later tonight - zach and pat have all the coverage about what the team was up to today - just a little later on in indianapolis, kevin barry, fox 28 news. kevin thanks.don't forget, you can watch h he game live, right here on fox 28.coverage begins tomorrow night at 6.and be sure to stick around for live postgame coverage immediately after the game on the fox 28 news. still to come tonight on the fox 28 news at nine.'s beginning to look a lot like christmas in the corridor.we'll take you to a number of events around the area tonight.also... also...i'm dora miller live right now in downtown cedar rapids.there will be even more holiday festivities here tomorrow night.i'll have a
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at nine continues. tune in monday morning at seven for fox 28 morning live. a nativity scene with a halloween twist is causing some controversy. controversy.why its creator is no new-cocor to the back-lash. that's monday on fox 28 morning live. corridor.across the christmas to look like it's beginning to look like christmas across the corridor. 28 8 ws begins in cedar rapids tonight where leaders gathered on mays island to light the official city christmas tree.this is the 19th year the city held this tree lightning ceremony. there are over a thousands lights on the tree.this marks the official kickoff of the
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now that the tree is lit that means christmas time is right around theheorner.the fire and ice festival -- hosted by economic alliance -- is one of the main events to signify the holiday season is here... 28 news reporter dora miller spoke to organizers about what we can expectctthis year. it's the time for cheer -- and beer!the festival will kick off earlier tomorrow...but you'll have some opons because there are quite a few other events going on right here in downtown cedar rapids. rapids. the familiar sound of caroling can warm up the spirit. spirit. "it's a really great opportunity through the colder months to get people to come downtown, see all the businesses, see all the great developments that's happening." santa and his little elves will parade around cedar rapids tomorrow night for the fire and ice festivava.. festival..."the downtown andnd kinda that core of the city is really where you see the unique aspects, there's no other downtown cr somewhere else."and with the
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economic alliance says they're expecting a crowd. crowd."last year we h h similar weather and we had our largest crowd, which was almost close to 7,000 people." but the parade is just part of the nighttime activities.n. activities..."the parade, which is kind of the main event, starts at 6 and will be done by 7 at the latest and the game's at 7:17." 7:17." "we have been full for every iowa game and so we're still expecting that same crowd obviously, plus more."at kickstand, ey're taking part in another set of festivities. one that includes filling up -- and laying back. back. "we'll have extra staff on and we havsome drink specials planned."the ugly holiday sweater pub crawl is in toto.. and they're spreading joy wherever they go go "especially being new on the block, it'll be great, it'll also be kind of good practice for us come springtime when you know we're gonna have lots of bike rides coming through." after the fire and ice parade, there will be a whiskey crawl for those 21 and over.and as always, the bars here at
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also be open for the game. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news. dora thanks.cedar rapids isn't the only corridor mmunity getting inin the holiday spirit.they also decked out the uptown in marion. marion.2, 1, ooooooh! ooooooh!neighbords gathered to see the city light the tree in the center of town.besides the peace tree, tonight's event featured live music, horse drawn carriage rides, hot cocoa, and popcorn. "just a great way to bring the community together at the holliday time, support commerce in the area and just a really fun event for familes and everyone alike. " "kids also got a chance to get some time with santa before his big night, which is now
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still to come on the fox 28 news at n ne. nine.imagine having your knee replaced in the morning, and walking on your own that night. the amazing technology that's revolutionizing a common procedure in the corridor --
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imagine having this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape.
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on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales evenget 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. total knee replacement surgery - and being able to walk later the same day. it's happening, and a cedar rapids doctor is getting national recognitn for the way he's making it happen. 28 news reporter
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technology in tonight's to your health. health. clip 0230v9: can you make it straight for me larry? that's wonderful! doctor sandeep ((sand-eep)) munjal ((moon-jawl)) and his patient larry johnson aren't just testing out his new knee...and you were walking pretty good after surgery? same day? same day. good! keep bending it. they're proving the future of medical technology. not only the technology, but adding vavae to the patient't'care and rehabilitation. here at physcians clinic of iowa in cedar rapids, doctor munjal is one of the first surgeons to perform a total knee replacement with a customized implant. in the past, when you needed a knee replacement, there were 8 or 9 models doctors would pick from, that would best fit the patient. now a knee is 3-d pririnted for someone like larry, using his own knee, as a blueprint. when larry heard about this, sounded great to me! (laughs!) he was eager to try, especiallyclip 0235m6 it really, really hurt before the opererion since he was in a lot of pain before
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any pain. in fact, he was able to walk the same day he had the surgery, just four weeks munjal says this means faster rehab, less pain during therapy- a whole wealth of benefits.and also the cost, is exactly - there's no difference, though it's 3-d printed for larry, it means he gets part of his life back.15.04.14 just the normal things that you do around the house if anything, climb a couple steps on a stepstool, up and down the basement, you know, things will be just so much easier. steps for larry - and even bigger ones for the medical field.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joy howe, fo28 news at 9. larry says the procedure went so well, he's plalaing on having his other knee replaced sometime soon. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.a celebrated musician is found dead just days before a planned performance in waterloo.what investigatats are saying tonight about the passing of scott weiland. weiland.and we'll take you live to indianapolis where the hawkeye invasion continues
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ten title game.that and a full preview of tomorrow's big
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when the fox 28 news at nine mentally unstable?those are the choices before jurors in a cedar rapids trial. for the second day, a psychologist took the stand to testify about edward cusic's mental state nearly three years ago when his mother died. died.cusic is accused of beating his mother to death with a crowbarprosecutors say it happened because cusic wanted to steal his mother's prescription drugs.his attorneys argue he didn't know what he was doing.the defense called an employee with the public defender's office to talk about how cusic attempted suicide while in custody. i can see that he has an
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can't be for certain but i'm assuming that's the blade at this point. he begins to cut his neck as he looks into the mirror and that's when he makes the first cut and that is on the right side of his neck. neck.the judge called an end to today's proceedings early. testimony will resume monday morning. now to a distrubing story tonight out of cedar falls. within the hour, police in cedar falls announced an arrest after they say an eight year old child was sexually assaulted. assaulted.tonight, 72-year-old ronald nielsen stands accused of sex abuse and lascivious acts with a child. investigators say nielsen allegedly took the child into a closet at the amvets on october 2nd.police say the victim's father walks in on the incident.tonight, nielsen is in the black hawk county jail. an accomplished rocker, with a performance scheduled in waterloo this weekend, was
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minnesota.scott weiland, former frontman of stone temple pilots and velvet revolver, had a long history of drug abuse.he was found unresponsive on his bus just before anotehr show. investigators say cocaine was found near his body.spicoli's, where weiland was supposed to play on saturday, is now planning a tribute concert to weiland. now a follow up to a story fox 28 news has been following out of lisbon. lisbon.a bar owner will pay a fine after admitting to assaulting a customer. last summer, charles russell said daron rubner attacked him and kicked him out of whitey's bar and grill.russell says the altercation happened because he had a service dog with him. rubner disputes that claim. court records show rubner pleaded guilty to assault and was ordered to pay the 500- dollar fine. one university of iowa student got the chance of a lifetime when she signed up for a study abroad trip...
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only student from iowa to take a trip to cuba to learn about its history, but she says she took away so much more.she says this trip was also significant because this year marks the anniversary of the u-s re-establishing diplomatic relations with cuba... "i didn't experience bias in a way that a lot of people thought i would being in cuba, we didn't sit around talking about fidel all day. they had a lot of really interesting things to teach us and i think that academically it was extremely fulfilling." fulfilling."nadia graduauas from u-i in just two weeks... she says if the opportunity presents itself, she's open to going back to cuba to work. another sunny and warm december day today.?will it continue through the weekend? weekend?chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with
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terry thanks.back now to our coverage tonight of the iowa hawkeyes. less than 24 hours, the team will take the field for a shot at the big ten title and a trip to the college football playoff.this, after the team's first perfect regular season of 12 and 0, in more than 90 years. years.for more, fox 28 news reporter kevin barry joins us again, live right now from indianapolis with more on the hawkeye fans streaming into indy tonight, kevin? the university says there are
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the indianapolis area. one of them is jj thompson. "these hawkeyes and how overrated we are -- we'll see won't we?"jj thompson knows something about a good defense. (football simile) - his company - rook security keeps data safe for their clients. we essentially secure many of the global 500 organizations and protect and respond to incidents on their behalf. the 2004 iowa grad majored in management sciences before starting his company in 2008. rooks vice president of strategies...also a hawkeye alum. it's no accident that our colors are very close to the hawkeye colors.soon after starting up...he moved the company back home to indianapolis - weathered the financial downturn -- and today...employs 62 people just blocks away from where his hawkeyes will play for a big ten championship. pretty awesome. it's been a fun ride.
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deeper than just on what happens on the football field. there's actually a number of people i would still love to get involved in our organization at some point that i worked with in student organization inside of the college of business. rock security was recently named one of the fasted growing companies in the us -- and its one of the best in the state of indiana. we have over a billion security events that come through our security operations center here from around the globe every month. all because of what jj experienced in iowa city more than a decade ago. working with the professors in those programs and getting to know students in a way that was really meaningful trough there. i would not be where i am today without that. jj says there are tiger hawk logos everywhere -- and he has friends coming to town to go with him to the game. in indianapolis, kevin barry, fox
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coming up in ssports... sports...the hawkeyes made landfall in indiannapolis. hear from the iowa camp before game day tomorrow plus... plus...the u-n-i panthers continuing their playoff march out west. what you need to know about their opponent next
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our players all season long and really going back to last january,if everybody can pull together and do things
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what's gonna happen. and i think that's really kinda been the story of our season. little things make a big difference in football we are officially less than 24 hours away from iowa's first big ten championship appearance in school history. has it sunk in yet? well, if it hasn't... here's further evidence... evidence...zach hanley now joins us live right now from indianpolis where a whole cast of characters for tomorrow's game have already arrived -- so zach, i have to ask: is the bird the word in indy right now? this is new territory for iowa. they've never been to is point. in fact the last time kf was 12-0 way back when he was playing legion baseball baseballbut the team is treating this game like just another road game. the hawks arrived in indy around 3:30
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in a walk through because that's not part of the routine. ""that's just not what we do, we haven't don that in a long time.its been several years since we've been to opposing stadiums or new stadiums. it's really not a big deal in our minds, so we wanted to stay with our routine, do what we do and do what we've been successful with this year.""." year.""."even if the hawks are treating saturday like a road game... there is a lot on the line. because the big 10 championship is a play in game for the college football playoff... win and you're in. but neither team is looking ahead.. : "things get decided on the field and if you dont take care of business week after week you're not gonna be in a game like this." you get one you get hte other so we're just worried about
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this game is so big, college gameday is here, they were setting up their set earlier today and pat moroney caught up with some of the analysts to get their take on iowa's chances. the iowa hawkeyes are this year's quiet contenders... but when you go 12-0... the pundits take notice "winning field position, winning turnover margin, not self-destructing, cjs making good decisions with the ball...they're running the football, controlling the line of scrimmage" "they do a great job of not beating themselves, they don't turn the football over, they're efficient on both sides of the ball...they've done everything that they've needed to do" but some doubts : "i think the national perception has changed but it's also difficult to judge iowa with who they've played...very beneficial to dodge michigan, michigan state, ohio state... that's a great schedule. there's a lot of teams in the country that would be undefeated playing
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they won't admit it - iowa hears the naysayers - but they also know the best way to stop the hawkeye hatred - is to do what they've done 12 times already - win "if i'm a hawkeye fan or more importantly a player... i know what's in front of me...we're 60 minutes away from getting into the final four... it doesn't matter what you or me or anybody really thinks about them...this is a great opportunity for them." them.""this is a great stage for them and a great opportunity it there is still people that doubt and hate...and you can't shut everybody up and then you can go to the final four and shut some more people up..." the eyes of the college football world will be on the big ten title game on saturday... we'll see if the hawkeyes are ready in indianapolis pat moroney cbs 2 sports good news for the hawks kirk ferentz said in his press confernce both ben neamann and nate meier practiced and will play against the spartans tomorrow... live in lucas oil stadium zh fox 28 sports sportsstay warm out there zach
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we'll hear from you later on tonight... and don't forget: you can catch the big ten championship right here on fox 28.. pregame begins at 6 pm from lucas oil for 7 pm. meanwhile in iowa city... the iowa wrestling team stayed undefeated with a win over south dakota state.. the hawks never trailed in this one -- big nights for nationally ranked alex meyer and sammy brooks -- brooks winning by pin forty-three seconds into the contest... still to come... come...high school basketball action around the corridor tonight -- would it be city high or cedar rapids kennedy in this battle of ranked
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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playoffs began last week, but for mark farley and the u-n-i panthers, the last seven weeks felt like the playoffs. farley's team had to win out to receive an at-large bid and now face portland state in the second round tomorrow at 9 p.m. central time. it's the first time the panthers ever faced the vikings.. and at first glance it's their resume and offensive line that stand out most to coach farley... "being the big sky champion, they beat montana, montana state, eastern washington -- they've got some great wins. beat washington state and north texas so they got two 1-a wins. but when you win those games consistently over the course of the year something has to be very good and i think the offensive line is what stood out to me." meanwhile second round of the
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just wrapped up as the badgers end the cyclones' season with a shutout win... a big conference match-up down in iowa city... kennedy visiting city high....first quarter, first offensive play of the game, sydney hayden... that's how you make a statement early! give the cougars three...but the number five little hawks came roaring back... kenya earl collects her own rebound for the putback to get city on the board... this one was neck and neck though from the get-go -- mikayla sellers takes it to the hoop and says i'll match that rebound -- and one!! headed to the line ... it stayed tight until the bitter end but it's the cougars who pull the big time upset 65- 61... back up i-380, prairie hosting cedar falls... and the hawks hanging with the number thirteen team in 5-a... makenzie stoffer literally hanging in midair for the layup to extend the prairie
9:39 pm
but the tigers showed their stripes and stayed tough... emma gerdes... ice in her veins give her three...later in the third, cross court heave goes to kiana barney... tearing up the paints... tigers hold on in a close one 51-49... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash
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thanks for watching your fox 28 news at it wa a dominating win in the first round of the fcs playoffs for uni football. today we recap the 53 point performance and look ahead to the round two
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