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tv   Iowa In Focus  FOX  December 6, 2015 9:30am-10:00am CST

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welcome to iowa in focus.we're taking the time each week to give you the context behind what's happening out on the 2016 campaign trail -- and in the news. news.that process starts with the barnstorm. texas senator ted cruz wasted no time after the thanskgiving weekend -- making his way to coralville monday. monday.he told the crowd the united states is in crisis -- and that candidates should be debating the best way to make sure that their children's generation isn't the first to not have a better life than their parents.with the attacks in paris still fresh in the headlines -- cruz pushed through his idea of peace through strength -- paying homage to ronald reagan -- and like many other candidates -- blaming president obama for falling short and taking the wrong approach to accepting syrian refugees. "and i hope that president obama and hillary clinton stop their extreme partisan position of being willing to risk the safety of innocent men and women in this country
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refusal to even acknowledge radical islamic terrorism, much less do anything serious to stop it. fellow republican jeb bush had a similar message when he came through dubuque and waterloo. waterloo.he says the united states and russia might be in a position to work together if the u-s had a stronger leadership role in the world. instead -- bush says president obama has been weak -- letting russia and vladimir putin do what he wants. "they're not attacking isis, they're proping up the assad regime, and that's their intention. they want to have a military presense in syria which they've strengthened now because of our lack of leadership and they want to be back in the game in the middle east. they want to be a player and they're achieving their objective while we pull back. back.coming up later in iowa in focus -- see our sit down interview with jeb bush where we dig in to how a bush white house would be different than what president obama has done so far.. another big event that candidates are addressing on the trail is the planned parenthood shooting last week. it digs up at least two different -- and pretty important issues that
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about already -- legal access to abortions and gun control. this week -- we take a look at what it's like for planned parenthood employees to keep going to work -- knowing the risk they're taking. taking. most people who work for planned parenthood are really mission driven. we feel that our work is really really important we want to help people and educate them and empower them and we are more committed than ever to continuing our mission and being there for the people who depend upon us.but over the past few months -- that mission has been harder than started most recently over the summer, when an anti-abortion group released heavily edited videos that they said were of meetings with planned parenthood employees talking about the best ways to perform abortions so that different parts of the babies bodies could be used in other ways. the republican presidential candidates were already pro-life -- and against the work planned parenthood does. the videos only reafirmed those positions. positions.this is ridiculous. i mean planned parenthoods actions are barbaric we see this video where they're
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taking babies, they're ripping apart their bodies, selling their organs across the country countrythat callous attitude and not even acknowleding sort of what she's talking about is a baby that she's harvesting parts from and selling, i think it's horiffic. jindal action/christie? ?we cancelled their contract in louisiana, we're working to make sure they don't get any taxpayer funding inlouisiana we've cut them out of medicaid about a month later -- a federal court prevented jindal from witholding that medicaid funding -- but the message was clear.because so many people disagree with the supreme court allowing legal access to abortions -- employees at planned parenthood say they've seen plenty of demostrators and receive plenty of angry phone calls and hate mail.but then there was the shooting in a planned parenthood facility in colorado springs -- killing three people and hurting a handful of others. others."well there was a range of emotions shared by our staff ranging from sadness, grief, anger, shock, numbness but we've seen an outpouring
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value our work and our mission and so that's been really neat. the reaction from the g-o-p that was so critical of planned parenthood was measured -- and focused much more on the action of the man that candidates called deranged than the subject of his rampage. rampage.this was a dispicable homicide, this was an individual who's deranged and i will say it's unfortuante to see so many folks in the press bending over backwards to try to use this horrible crime to advance a political agenda. bush agreed -- even after all that time spent by candidates talking about defunding planned parenthood and calling them barbaric. i don't blame the candidates, i think people have been within the realm of decency on this. look -- planned parenthood was caught selling body parts of aborted babies. if you;re talking about inciting activity, that's a pretty horrible thing. but dr. meadows says people who protest planned parenthood have a difficult time putting
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shoes -- and that it's knowing that she's needed that gets her to work -- even after seeing the horrors in colorado springs unfold -- because she says her job is even more important in the face of danger. danger.i do. i personally find being an abortion provider to be very meaningful because not everybody is willing to do that. to subject that. to subject themselves to potential threats or risk to their lives and personal wellbeing so it definitely makes me proud. -- proud to be an abortion provider. that was a tough interview for dr. meadows to do.planned parenthood was careful about speaking at all -- and they were adament about not making and comments about politics or politcians. what they definitely are doing -- is continuing their work. every week -- we'll be going inside iowa politics --
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trying to move into the white house. voters in the corridor have a better idea who might be replacing former speaker of the house kraig paulson. paulson.former cedar rapids news anchor ashley hinson announced that she'd be running for his seat after resigning from her anchoring position a few weeks ago.she told voters on her new facebook page that she has "many goals -- first and foremost to treat everyone with respect and be responsible with your resources." world leaders are hard at work trying to bring together a historic agreement to slow climate 2 news reporter steffi lee explains how university of iowa learn even more. more. world leaders hope what happens in paris at c-o-p 21 will change the future of the planet. planet."food insecurity, clean water, that all have affects on your health and your ability to live actually." human rights researcher andrea cohen will be with three other university of iowa students as nations explore options for
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the united states - along with china - pledge to cut iowa - the push for ethanol comes to mind. mind."i'm torn because on one hand there's the idea that any industry like that employs people."for journalism graduate student kc mcginnis - he'll depend on social media to continue that conversation even outside of forums. forums."definitely water quality, and when it comes to soil erosion, nitrate runoff - that sort of thing."he says it's relevant as iowa faces a huge nitrate fight. fight."i guess buffer strips are one specific example of kind of an agricultural practice that i think is fairly easy for farmers to implement that can have a pretyt big getting fewer of those nitrates."but kelsey mcginnis says the arts also play a role in what's at stake. stake."we have more access to digital music than we ever have."she says an increased dependence on technology fosters a culture where many are detatched from their surroundings. "i can walk around with my iphone and my headphones in and just take my music with me wherever i go."all four hope
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- how climate change affects people one-on-one. one."i think puts climate change on the rather than coming up next...we sit down with jeb bush.see why he says he fits into the year of the outsider candidate -- even though he's related to two
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this week -- we this week -- we caught up with jeb bush while he was in dubuque.we started off by asking him about the craziness that's been the election cycle so far. far. kbhow do you think 2016 has gone for how you're built?bush no one would have predicted 2015 would have had this volitility for sure but we have a strategy - focus on slow steady progress we're focused on organization like a
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desire to fix the record when there are things said that are totally out of left field especially about 9/11 by donald trump?bush he's gone too far. he's shown a lack of seriousness about being president. past is prologue. if you take all the incoming regurgitate it without a filter, it doesn't show a seriousness in serious times. i do post up against this notion that candidates that say things they know are not accurate are not
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commander in chief of the greatest military force in the world, you better do it with a sobreity that accompanies that office.kbis there a danger is ostracising refugees who aren't christian?bush the screening process int he law requires a religious test. what i was suggesting is done each day. it is not discriminating to suggest that christians have no place to go. they'll be beheaded based
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minorities in the middle east have no place to go. that;s not to say the us doesn't have a role to play for refugees who are muslim but the best way is safe zones in syria.kb how does this balance national
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unique situation where islamic terrorists have realized there is a vulnerability. there is a vulnerability. they attack our freedom in all sorts of ways. we have to be vigilant. nothing is either or. it's always a balance. i think we can protect our freedoms and protect our immigrant heritage by making sure that legal immigration is protected but illegal immigration and terror has to be dealt with in a completely different waykbhas the gop discussion gotten xenophobic.bushfor most of bush xenophobic.bushfor most of the candidates, no. but trump is
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fear without serious proposals. frankly, he's playing the press like a violin. he knows that by saying the outrageous thing, the press will cover him more, and that's how he gets his energy. the net effect is that there's no solving of a problem. kbis this a chance to partner wtih vladimir putin and bring the old super powers together.bushit could be if the united states led but russia senses aweakness and is exploiting their ownnational interest in an effective and open way. secondly. russia
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assad regime. they would have to be part of a solution to take assad out. with russia as a partner, it could work but that's not in russia's interest. they're not attacking isis, they're proping up the assad regime, and that's their intention. they want to have a military presense in syria which they've strengthened now because of our lack of leadership and they want to be back in the game in the middle east. they want to be a player and they're achieving their objective while we pull back. coming up after the break... why thinking of 9/11 -- or n paris -- when you think of terrorism misses part of the story.the history of domestic
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united states. welcome back.this is the real story -- we're going to take the time to give context to some of the events that will go on during the 2016 race for the white house.sometimes we'll have to go back a few days -- weeks or months -- or even years that are still relevant. we find out today -- foreigners and refugees are hardly the only people to be violent against the american homeland. ask most americans to name a terrorist attack -- and chances are they're going to think of 9/11 first. attacks like that one have been carried out by foreingers. of the 9/11 hijackers -- most
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egypt -- lebanon -- and the united arab emerates. fast forward 15 years -- and the united states is facing a similar threat from the same region of the world -- but the terrorists are no longer connected to -- it's isis. "isis seems willing to go to basically any soft target where people are and so defending against al queda meant protect symbolic targets, protect transportatio n hubs, but that gave security services something to focus on and with isis, they seem willing to basically hit anywhere and that becomes very difficult top stop because that would require such a police state that people wouldn't actually want to live under and that would be worse but when americans see the footage of the colorado planned parenthood shooting -- the carnage is the same -- but the difference is the perpetrator. perpetrator.the suspect is an american -- robert dear.we don't know much about him -- but at the very least -- he's the latest in a long line of terrorists already born within
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"unfortunately it wasn't very surprising to me given the enviroroent we live in and the violent society we currently live in. between 1978 and 1995 -- ted kaczynski terrorised americans by mailing and setting bombs periodically -- earning the nick name "the unabomber." unabomber."over that span -- he killed three people and injured 23 more. but his power came from the fact that he used the postal service to deliver many of his bombs -- and no one knew if they'd be the next unsuspecting victim. that kind of influence eventually partially convinced the new york times and washington post to publish his manafesto -- which ironically -- eventually led to his brother recognizing his writing and contacting authorities. right before the unabomber was arrested -- timothy mcveigh carried out the oklahoma city bombing in 1995. killed 168 people -- and was the deadliest act of
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history -- and also killing 19 children.mcveigh was a desert storm vet -- and was drdren to violence in the united states after seeing the federal government kill its own people in stand offs in idaho and texas.jim denny's children were both hurt in the spoke with him the night it happened -- and again 20 years later. "you've e en the building. building.i've seen the building.'s a miracle you have your children today todayit's an absolute miracle miracleit's with us every hour of every day and we see it and live it." one of the most recent attacks -- besides the shooting at planned parenthood -- was a shooting at a church in charleston, south carolina. carolina.dylann roof is accused of shooting and killing nine people in a historically black church during a prayer meeting. authorities have said that the shooting was racially motivated.roof has pleaded not guilty and is due to have his trial next summer. "we must find it in our heart, at some e point in time, to help those that not only are victims, but to help his family as well."
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15 people were killed and a few more were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a holiday party in san bernardino lifornia. california.police say tashfeen malik and syed farook opened fire on a holiday banquet at a social services center for disabled people wednesday. family members say the two attackers were enforcement officials say farook rked as an environmental specialist with the county's public health department. as we learn more about what happened in san bernardino -- we'll find out if this falls into the same category as the charleston shooting.the one thing that's clear is at the threat froroterrorism doesn't exclusively come from overseas. coming up next...hear all about the small -- rural high school who's had multiple presidential candidates stop
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welcome back -- we'll close the show each week taking a look at what happened on social media...
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saw another deadly mass shooting -- this one in san bernardino, california. californiaiaharold writes it is time to live like [they] do in australia otherwise this will never cease ceasestephanie replied to harold's comment saying -- i have a friend who lives in australia....their murder rate has gone up since taking away their gugu.....people like to use machetties bats knifes home made bombs informed before u speak....guns don not kill people people kill people now -- we look at their voice -- what the candidates and their cacaaigns are postininon social media. media.we're also looking at what the candidates are saying about the shooting in san bernadino. the story was unfolding -- donald trump tweeted -- "californing shooting looks very bad. good lukc to law enforcement and god bless. this is when ouou polili are so appreciated!" appreciated!"democratic front runner hillary clinton quoted a new york times tweek about the breaking news -- and said -- "i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to
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-h"ted cruz - "our prayers are with the victims, theiei families, and the first sponders in san bernadino who willingly go into harm's way to save others. others.bernie sanders - "mass shootings are becoming an almost-everyday occurrance in is country. this sickening and senseless gun violence must stop." you can follow alolo on twitter and fafabook all week long.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures.we upload the full shows and a lot of the features to our website too -- in the iowa in focus section. every week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see w wt different campaigns havevescheduled -- and where you can see whichever candidate you want. want.later on today -- rick santorum will be in mason city and ends the night in spirit lake.monday -- carly fiorina will be at the presidential tech town hall -- talking about the future of technology in the united states.on tuesday -- martin o'malley is going totoeota high school. it's a small -- rural school that has been reaching out to a bunch of presidential candidates to come visit them.
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focus. on december 7th, 1941, pearl harbor wasas attacked. thousands lost their lives. but americans, as always, would not waiver, nor would we give into fear. we wen across oceans, storming
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