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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 10, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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the terror threat here at home. how some in the corridor are responding. responding.also tonight, a new weapon in the battle over bedtime for families trying to get a good night's sleep. sleep.and making christmas a little brighter.and it's an awesome thing.see the joy your donations can bring during a difficult time of year for so many corridodofamilies. families. good evening, karen is off tonight.i'm scott 28 news begins tonight with a specially trained law enforcement officer in jones county.he has the ability spot the signs of drugged driving. 28 news reporter dora miller rode-along with the deputy during patrols and tonight, breaks down his duties and how they're working for the county so far. ofcials say e abuse of prescription pills and methamphetamine has gone on for years in jones county... now, they have an expert who evaluates suspects andkeeps them off the roads. roads.
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is some sort of controlled substance..."and this is only a fraction... fraction..."this was actually an owi fatality, the user o o this and the driver of the vehicle died in an accident." deputy tim smith says jones county has seen more drivers under the influee over the past several years. years. "there's a huge problem and it seems to be an increasing problem with drug-related accidents, drug-related crimes."his job now nowis to patrol looking for those drivers.he's a certified drug recognition expert. expert."in jones county, our biggest problem is prescription pills and gegerally ththe are benzos, xanax, valium and benzos, xanax, valium and methamphetamine." ne.""we see probably about one third of our impaired driver cases being something other than alcohol."sheriff greg graver says having a d-r-e is one of the most beneficial tools they possess. possess. "we are trained to do field sobriety on people who are impaired or under the influence of alcol, but there is very litt training that is providedto the average officer to dl with
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alcohol.""you take away the smell of alcohol and now you still need to be looking and investigating more thoroughly." so smith says that's what he's been doing... doing... ince mid-october i've conducted eight drug evaluations." evaluations.""the more the word gets out there, the more he'll be utilized." dedety smith also assists other counties who don't have d-r-es...the sheriff says he plans to hire more in the next few years.dora miller, fox 28 news. dodo thanks.the search for a missing waterloo high school student has come to a tragic end. end.this after a body was recovered last#weekend in black hawk county. county.18-yeaeaold moe sed was last seen alive near his home back on october, authorities say it was sed's body that was pulled from the cedar r river nene gilbertville. the state medical examiner is still working to determine an official cause of death.sed was a senior at waterloo west high school. eaeaern iowans battled strong winds today.but it's hard to complain with temperatues this
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december.chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with
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terry thanks.weeks after taking office, and months after hihiselection, the decision to hire university of iowa president bruce harreld is still under fire tonight. fox 28 news reporter marissa scott breaks down n report released today bythe american association of unviersity professors. professors. the a-a-u-p report shows harreld was one of the frontrunners through the entire process.they couldn't pinpoint if the board of regents "picked him" from the beginning, but the report shows the board allowed other qualified canidates to think they would be appointed president.investigators say they found this particular search different than previous presidential searchs at thehe university. "what we concluded is that they were looking for a specific kind of person,
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on quote transformative change to the university and whether it was bruce herald from the beginning, it wasn't clear on that."however, board of regents released a statement saying "we believe we ran a fair and transparent search process for president atthe university of iowa."they were unable to cocoent further. investigators were *not* able to meet with president harreld, but say, the ollege and university governance committee will decide if a sanction will be imposed on u-i.the outcome of that decision will *not affect harreld's employment.covering the corridor, in iowa city, mariria scott, fox 28 news. also at the university of iowa, the fighagainst isis is causing a big change to the school's compmper system.the iowa student information system, or isis, allows students to register for with the terror group using the same acronym, the university is looking for
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because of the cost and complexity of this change, it will involve uch more than rebooting the name. it's an opportunity to improve the student experience at the same time, the reason we didn't rush into this, while it sounds it's as simple as changing the name it's not. beck says it's a complicated and costly move because the name is embedded in many systems and branding.they hope to justify the upgrade by adding a number of new services to create a one-stop shop portal for students.they hope to get the new system up and running sometime next spring. the growing rhetoric over how to combat the war on terror is causing disruptions and debate across the country and here at hoho. in washington, d-c, there was a white powder scare at cair, the council on american-islamic relations.the substance e was found in an envelope containing a hate message.initial tests show the substance was not dangerous,
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determine the source of the letter. turning now to the corridor, in mount vernon today... today...muslim leaders, priests, and other members of various faiths gathered at rnell college. they spoke about combatting extremists--- as a organizer explained why fearing people who worship differently-- is bad. to hate and fear anyone is a problem. people are people and as hum beings we should care ummm which is part of the reason why i decided to cover as a christian woman i want to show support for our muslim brothers a sisters. it's all about raising awareness first and then you can take the action but so many people is like part of the discussion it was that kind of ignorance and umm just general lack of knowledge about islam and people who practice islam. an organizer said this is just the beginning of a conversation, not the end.
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label last week's attack in california as terrorism.that drew a lot of criticism from some groups.national correspondent kristine frazao investigates investigatesin a story you will see only on fox 28 news. news. the e i's list of domestic terrorism cases goes back to the 1920's.what's in the record is as noticable as to what's missing from it."this political correctness is really outrageous."terrorism expert steven emerson says politics, not the law, prevented the fbi from applying a designation of domestic terrorism totoattacks at a military installation in chattanooga, tennessee earlier this year at the hands of muhammed abdulazeez and a mass shooting at fort hood d 2009 carried out by major nidal hassan."they don't know what the motive is? it's jihad. what does it take to convinin them these were islamic radicals carrying out a jihadist agenda?"to this day
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ick to sidestep the controversy over what defines terrorrist acts on american soil."i don't know that i'm going to get into the rearview mirror questions.""the fbi's definition of domestic terrorism includes acts dangerous to human life, it must appear intended to inmidate or coerce a civilian population and influence the policy of a government.the attack also must occur within the jurisdiction of the united's the way marland senator ben cardin, the highest ranking democrat on n the senate's foreign relations committee, sizes up an act of terrorism in america. "terrorism is a different level, where you have people who potentially plan to kill innocent people because of their beliefs.""the head of the fbi, james comey, has not defined exactly what cocotitutes domestic terrorism. saying different things at different times. after the attack in chattanooga he said terrorism was more of a apolitital act. neither the fbi nor the u.s. department of justice would
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the threshold for terrorism based on their definitions. terrorism expert emerson says the controversy always leads back to the same place "political correctness."i'm kristine frazao reporting corridor kids now have another exhibit to explore at the coral ridge mall. this afternoon, the play area re-opened with new features including a mini hospital. families gave their input about what they wanted added to the space - like a place to put shoes and new slides. the play area is open during mall hours. another new way to have family fun could be coming to the corridor. north liberty is talking with a local entrepreneur about building an entertainment center off penn street near i-380.the center would have things like bowling, laser tag, billiards and a sports bar.all of that would cost an estimated eight million dollars and could mean 250 jobs.
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a little joy this christmas. on the fox 28 news at nine, the real effect your generosity can have this titi of year.d how you can still help.
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tomorrow at seven for fox 28 morning live, as we get into the busy holiday season some of us have a harder time making fitness a priority. priority.the midwest athtic club is here tomorrow to keep us motivated with nutrition tips and exercrce ideas.see you then! every christmas, the salvation
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families put toysysnder the tree. this year, though, *they need some extra 28 news reporter joy howe shows us the importance of stepping up. ((nanapop off top))there's one day every december19.32.12 distribution is a wonderful time of the year for us dozens of volunteers look forward to 19.32.25 it is wonderful to see the families,when they get to see moms lili lindie hunter we get to know them pick out toys for her kids this christmas.the mom of four works hard all year to provide for her family, but when thehe holidada roll around... 19.32.33335 christmas is a wonderful and joyful season, that's what it's all about. ananfor so many y people, that's not what it's about. sometimes no matter how you budget, life just happens. 19.26.03 it's kind of a mixed emotion. kind of sad, but exciting it's lili things you want to provide for your kids and you can't, and so with that, it's just sad on that point, but thisay, you can provide, you cacagive that for your children, and it's an
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know that we're making a fference in their christmas ((nat bell ring))this year, the need is greater - because more famlies need help, and donations are behind. and if we don't hit our goal this year, we have to take a hard look at our programs for next year, and we don't want to havavto do that. you can help. lindie says they might not extra funds, but they donate their time at the red kettles. 19.27.04 it doesn't take a whole lot to do that, you stand out there for like a two-hour shift and you get to see all the people you're bringing joy to." today, santa's sleigh looks more like a shopping cart((nat pop barb))his helpers wear all kinds of uniforms. (shot of police officer)((nat popo)and leave it to a mom at christmas, to gently remind us, what it's all about. i've ught my kids not tcompare to other children, so they might not have a big christmas, but at least they get something, and that there's so much more to christmas than presents.
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corridor in cedar rapids, joy howe, fox 28 news at 9. the salvation army right now is off pace by about 30-thousand dolllls, and that's on top of the 30- thousand more they need this year. there are many ways to help on our website. hawkeye fans scramble for rose bowl tickets, one person decided to forgo the big game and instead, use that money to take care of others.the north liberty community pantry received a donation of nearly two-thousand pounds of food and toiletries.the donor, who doesn't want any credit, brought items like meats, hygiene products and fresh fruit.the pantry wants to say thank you for the generosity because of the impact those items will have on the community. it's a really incredible donation for an individual to make this large of a donation and really to make this choice that this is where they felt that they coululcontribute and
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impact.the pantry sayshat donation provided items they wouldn't usually have available.e. another local group known for doing a lot of good took a break tonight to celebrate. celebrate.the cedar valley habitat for humanity held its annual holiday partrtat the national czech and slovak museum and library.sponsors, volunteers, and those who got new homes from habitat all turned out to celebrate the year's work.leaders say it's incredible to see all the effort that goes into their projects year in and ye out. "it's all the volunteers, the sponsors, the board members truly does take a village, that sounds cliche but when you see all these people come together to celebrate the work we do it's a great reminder of that." that."a playhouse built by the edgewood road hy-vee was raffled off.proceeds from that raffle will go to fund
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we're still weeks away from learning who will win the iowa caucuses. caucuses.still l come on the fox 28 news at nine, how some candidates are earning some big numbers while others are getting new, crucial support before iowans make their picks. but first... first...two families come up with a way to help families, especially kids rest easy. i'm sheila gray, and coming up in
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for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours.
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parents would probably agree - one of the hardest parts of parenthood is the lack of sleep. experts believe tiredness can have a negative effect on the health of parents and their children. so two sisters came up with a way to help families rest 28 news reporter sheila gray shows us how it works worksin tonight's family 4-1-1 report. report. lay with me daddy, don't leave me in bed..there are two green hippos and a third one that's red. sometimes ideas just come..and sometimes they're born out of necessity. he has special powers and this cool changing light to help yo stay here in bed all through the night. when annie richardson's young son jack wouldn't sleep in his own bed.. she had to come up with something to conquer his fears. he came up with the craziest. he had hippos under his bed any excuse he could come down and get us, for us to lay with him. then one day it came to her.. the idea of a children's book - sleeper ro. it's about a caped-crusader who
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monsters and gives them strength. annie enlisted her sister, meggieunley, to illustrate the book and the rest is history. in the beginning it was just fun. sisters working on a school project. then all the sudden when people buy it and they post suff about- this is working for our family. you don't understand, our child is sleeping. you feel really weird. i like is that ours? did we do that?the book comes with a stuffed super hero with a light that changes from red to green. red means stay in bed, green means rise and shine. annie and meggie also have sleep tips on their sleeper hero website, along with a chart you can download to track progress.. and a certificate of couwage. we cant believe we are where we are right now. but hopefully we're looking back at this and we're thinking-it's only going to get better.successful nights for kids .. turning into a successful business for these moms! sheila gray reporting.if you're having trouble getting your little one to sleep, there's a lot more information
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online.just go to fox 28 iowa dot com and click on the news'll find a link to the sleeper hero website in this story. just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.political posturing in iowa.the endorsement that could change the shape of the republcan caucus. caucus.but first, a deadly crash along an iowa interstate, but this one did not involve a car.what happened -- when the fox 28
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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a major highway in iowa was blocked this afternoon for an unusual reason. this all happened along interstate 29 near council bluffs. bluffs.the pottawattamie county sheriff's office says a small plane took off from an omaha airport and crashed a short time later along i-29. the pilot--the only one on
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y the pilot reported engine problems after taking off shortly before noon.the plane came down and struck a power line before crashing near the highway. another suspicious fire at a familiar lotion for firefighters in cedar rapids. now the owner is taking action. action.crews were called to 15-28 l-street southwest early this morning.this is the thir time since october fire crews have been called to this vacant the property owner has signed documents that will speed up theprocess to tear down this dilapidated structure. despite the wind, hard to beat these temperatures in the heart of december.but a change is comin coming.chief meteorologist terry swails has more in your
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a new poll finds a third of publican voters say they would support donald trump for president.the new numbers come as scrutiny grows over trump's proposal to temporarily ban mumuims from entering the u-s.s. it's a stance that has democrats pouncing and republican leaders fearing the worst. worst.we begin tonight's vote 2016 coverage with more from fox 28 political reporter scott thuman. thuman. "everybody wants to be so politically correct: oh le everybody in! we have a problem and the problem"does the tough talk of donald trump, and the backlash by critics, help or hurt the grand old party? it's a question republicans everywhe are having to ask themselves, and choose a path: "are you worried about the brand of your party? him: oh
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candidates up and down the ticket will have to decide: does donald trump represent the republican party that i am a part of."even though taken just before his controversial comments, ump's up *13 points* in the newest cbs news/new york times poll of republicans"never been involved in politics, never had an interest in any f it. now suddenly he is resonating. he is resonating with the people and he's speaking our minds.while inspiring for some on the right, democrats believe, it plays right into their favor--as well as hillary clinton's."trump is damaging the country and damaging the republican party." democratic cocoressman chris van hollen, a senate candidate in maryland, says while trump's words *could* be easi criticized by gop leadership, they often don't, they're ststk, trying to walk a very fine line."it seems pretty clear that they seem to be worried about alienating some of the people that are
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trump is saying."there are plenty of benefits says one republican, such as air time. the debates are among the most watched in history giving other candidates opportunities to introduce themselv to voters who might otherwiwi, not be paying attention.on capitol hill, scott thuman. another influencial conservative in iowa is throwing his support hind a candidate, and it's not donald trump. trump.bob vander plaats, the president and c-e-o of the family leader, announced today that he's endorsing senator ted cruz for president.vander platts' endorsement is seen as key before the iowa caucuses because he supported the last two winners, mike huckabee and rick ntorum.iowa congressman steve king also endorsed the texas senator, who has been rising steadily in the polls both in iowa and the rest of the nation. another rising republican in the race came to iowa city today. presidential
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talk to voters of all ages. t a good part of his message was geared toward students in the crowd. "our policies in washington are completely outdated. the best way to describe it is we have a retirement system in this country designed in the 1930's, we have a higher education system designedin the 1950's, we have an anti- poverts progr that really don't cure poverty, designed in the 1960's." 1960's."rubio also talked about how he went through college shouldering a lot of the same burdens from student loans that students today facece he says if it wasn't for writing his book, he'd likely still be paying off that debt. turning to the democratic race, front runner hillary clinton *will mme a long- promised stop in keota. keota.a group of high school students there have been trying to be part of the process this election cycle. they've gone to rallies and launched a social media campaign to get the former secretary of state to speak at their, they announced clinton will appear at the school on december 22nd. students already have had visits from fellow democrat
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rick santorum. for more political headlines, be sure to watch 'iowa in focus' with host kevin barry, thth sunday morning at 9:30, only on fox 28. rivalry renewed in hilton -- coming up in sports could the hawkeyes slow down the cyclones and take back state bragging rights on the court courtplus -- mark hazlett -- won't stop believing in his wildcats -- the ed thomas
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the cy-hawk game needs no introduction -- all i have to say is that fans were camping
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the game is on thursday -- but hey... it's iowa versus iowa state -- it's been a cyclone state 5 of the last 6 years i-u-s has won two straight -- this is steve prome's first cy-hawk game -- and jarod uthoff came to play -- early in the first -- uthoff drops in the triple -- giving iowa an 8 point leadthen later in the half -- uthoff -- takes it hard to the rack -- and slams it home -- the hawkeye lead is up to 19and he wasn't t done -- anthony clemmons leaves -- and uthoff finishes it -- he had 30 points in the first 20 mjnutes of the ga iowa led by as many as 20 -- but they call it hilton magic for a reason -- off the miss -- georges niang -- bang bang bang -- cyclones down 1they're still down 1 with under 15 seconds to go -- monte morris -- sinks the floater -- iowa state takes their first lead since it was 4 to 2 still time
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to uthoff -- ohh -- off the mark -- and iowa state staterallies from 20 down to win their third straight in the rivalry -- 83 -- 82 the
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high school hoops -- washington hosting linn-mar the warriors led by 5 after 1 -- more of the same in the second -- donovan beard -- silky smooth on the turn around jay --but the lions have a guy named jordan bohanon -- a bo knows threes -- jay-bo -- dials long distance and connects and then later in the quarter-- bohanon leaves it for jordan brant -- he connects from d dp and linn-mar gets the win 69 to 49 the final the central city girls basketball team snapped a 60 game tri-rivers conference losing streak with a win tuesday night -- it was mark hazlett's third win in three years as the wildcats' head coach -- that's tough -- but not for him, because hazlett won't gigi up on his team mark hazlett our ed thomas coach of the week week three years ago mark three years ago mark hazlett took over the central city girls
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"i'm bound and determined to help get these girls better." and he brought with him some old school basketball knowledge... "he says some old fasion stuff that doesn't really make sense to us..." "always saying little sayings like bo jangle wangle ... i don't know what it is." is." "i think they laugh more at me than a lot of times than they do withthme .. and i don't care."what he does care about --- -- his wildcats -- no matter the outcome of the game - - "we haven't had a winning team, so there is no sense in beating up on the girls figuratively if they aren't doing well because they are trying as hard as they can." and to his team - -that's wowoh more than a two ints -- "he's there to support us all the way no matter what... i've never felt that he gave up o us at all.... he's always been ere and it means s lot to all of us." us." "he's never given up on us.. like every since practice he comes in and is like tomorrow is a winnable game
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because we don't give up... he doesn't give us the opportunity to give up."just a belief that they will succeed... succeed... d don't forget to nominate your coach to be our ed thomas coach of the week -- just head to our sports page and fill out a nomination -- remember it can be any coach at any level. and still to come on fox 28 28tom brands was doing tom brands things on the mat -- would his hawkeyes stay dominale on the mat -- and take down rutgers -- that's
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it's called a rigged econono, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a mimiion small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the trututis you can't changeea corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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all season long, desmond king
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-- you name it, he's won it -- big 10 defensive playeof the week -- big 1010defensive back of the year yearhe's been named a sports illustrated all american -- a walter camp first team all- american -- and now he can add the jim thorpe award to the list -- which is given to nation's top defensive player -- he'sthe first hawkeye to win the award -- king has 8 interceptions and 67 tackles this season. speaking of all-americans -- iowa state running back mike warren was named to u-s-a today's freshman all-american team -- warren led all f-b-s running back with over 13 hundred rushing yards -- he also broke a school record for 5 point 9 yards per carry. the closest opponent on the mat for the iowa wrestling team this season has been -- oklahoma state -- that was their first dual, since then it's been all hawkeyes all the time iowa hosting 11th ranked rutgers on ugly sweater night -- i have a feeling tom brands actually likes that oneas expected this was all iowa -- at 125 pounds -- thomas gilman was in total control -- he
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would win with a 21 to 6 tech fall -- giving iowa an early 5 nothing leadhis teammate cory clark took the lead and ran with it -- clark gets 2 for the takedown on anthony girlado -- he'd win with an 11 to 2 majorand then at 149 -- brandon sorenson was a takedown machine e x takedowns in his 21 to 6 tech fall -- iowa won 8 of 10 matches to dominate rutgers -- 29 to 6. that's a check sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns. returns. hello. i'm mark hyman.the securities and exchange commission regulates publicly-held companies. these are the businesses that have public sharehololrs.the s-e-c has complex rules that companies must follow. break
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vil or criminal pehalties. in some cases, executives cocod find themselves in prison. for example, a public company must issue an annual report . . . an overview of the company's financial health. it must include audited financial statements accounting for every single penny.of course, washington doesn't follow the same rules. there are entire gencies that spend billions of dollars annually without little or no accountability. the department of housing and urban development spent more than 40 billion dollars in 2015. the hud inspector general has concluded the agency's records are so sloppy and incomplete tt it's literally impossible to auditit the i-i-found four major discrepancies.hud didn't use generally accepted accounting principles. the same accounting standards the federal government requires pupuic companies to use.the records of ginnie mae were so bad the i-g couldn't account for nearly 20 billion dollars. the department couldn't account for about a billion
9:41 pm
housing funds.and, the agency didn't use the standards required of all federal agencies to account for its financial liabilities.bybyhe way, this is the second year in a row hud couldn't get through a clean comment, go to behind the headlines dot net.i'm mark
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breaking news now out of cedar rapids tonight. tonight.reports coming in t ts hour of shots fired on the southwest side of town.callers tell fox 28 news they heard the shots near 6th street and 16th avenue far there are no reports of damage or injuries, but police did find a number of shell casings. stay with fox 28 and d r ster station, cbs 2 for updates on this breaking news story,
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28 news at nine. pretty fancy prices here. yeah, well, just so we're clear,
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