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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 17, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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how this man allegedly helped the couple who carried out the attack. embarassment on capitol hill goes viral.i don't have that information hear what homeland security has to say about the staffer with no answers for lawmakers regarding protecting the nation's borders. borders.and we continue our week of christmas in the corridor with a trip to the city of christmas. christmas. but we begin night with a new year's resolution n that won't come true for governor branstad.for months now, the governor had touted his modernization plan that would shift iowa's medicaid system to therivate sector. sector.hat system impacts a half-million iowans.and tay switchs not ready for a january first rollout. 28 news report dora miller joins us now with this major update, dora? many medicaiairecipients are rejoicing...knowing that they have more time to decide what's best for their families. they say governor branstad ignored their cries...but now they have time to consider their options.
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iowa medicaid recipients feel like their voices have finally been heard. heard. "working together we're seeing that we do have power, all the sudden that one person, one vote, that sticking together is starting to make a differenen."federal administrators have put the state's transition to privately-run program on a 60-day wait. so people like rhonda have more time to digest all the new information. information. "this gives us more time to become informed on our insurance choices." choices.""this just gives them more time to do that, more time to make a decision and to talk with their physicians and find out just what the plan is."ssator liz mathis says although the delay was a smart move...recipients should know the transition will happen eventually. eventually."we can't really stop an executive order from the governor but we can clearly create legislation that allows for oversight, that's the main thing that we're gonna be working on." on." "we want it to be thought out."which is whatathis says will be lked about in the
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session. "we're just very happy that cms heard our public, cms heard iowans that were complaining about this." this.""it's ironicicthat this week is the week that governor branstad celebrated his designation as longest serving governor in the country. a lot of iowans weren't celebrating that day, but today is our day as people of iowa and we are celebrating." the change, which the governor says will improve care and save millions of dollars, is now set to take place on march first...but in a letter sent to medicaid recipients -- federal administrators say the shift could be delalad again if the state isn't ready.dora miller, fox 28 news. dora, the house took the first step toward passing a budget to fund the federal government for another ten months. months.the compromise plan includes an extension of a number of tax credits. credits.among them, tax breaks for solar and wind energy.iowa is one of the top energy producers in the wind sector. senator chuck grassley says this move by congress will ensure the growing industry will continue to expand
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without fear of going broke. wind energy will be a mature industry by that time and wind energy is very big in iowa, 7- thousand jobs. so that's very much of an interest of mine besides the fact that i sponsored the original bill back in 1919." 1919."under the new deal, the wind energy tax credits will slowly be phased out over the next five years. in cedar county tonight - -a set of *local tax breaks will be paid out to a wind energy producer in west branch. a judged ordered the city to pay nearly half-a-million dollars in rebateto acciona windpower.west branch leaders stopped paying the company tax rebates, accusing them of not living up to their job creation goals.but a judge disagreed, saying acciona *did* live up to their part of the bargain. it was a celebratory evening for city leaders in marion tonighgh tonight's city council meeting, they said their farewells to mayor snooks bouska. bouska.the mayor announced earlier this year that he would not seek another term.
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bouska was elected to office amid debate over the city's uptown district.he campaigned to preserve the traffic flow the way it was, and still is today. if you've been out and about - you surely felt the blustery nd. will tomorrow's commute be a smoother ride? ride?justin roberts in tonight for chief meteorologist terry
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turning now waterloo... waterloo...those who knew and loved a waterloo teen gathered tonight to honor his memory. sed was first reported missing more than a month ago.last week, his body was recovered from the cedar river near gilbertville.a candlelight vigil was held in his honor tonight at waterloo west high school, where sed was a 28 news reached out to state investigators who say they are still awaiting autotoy results s in order to determine a cause of death. also in waterloo, a late morning shootout is under investigation.police tell fox 28 news officers were called to the intersection of linn and quincy streets just before noon.witnesses say a group in a car shot at a van.a group in that van returned one was hurt but a nearby home was arrests have been made. nearly t tee weeks s ter a
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husband and wife launched a terror attack on a holiday party in california, a friend of the couple now faces charges himself. himself.investigators accuse enrique marquez of conspiring with the couple to launch terror attacks. attacks.the f-b-i says marquez bought the weapons used in the attack that killed 14 in san bernardino.syed farook and his wife, tashfeed malik, werer later killed in a gun battle with police.marquez is not charged in connection with that attack.prosecutors claim he plotteother attacks with farook but they never followed through on them. a hearing on capitol hill discussing national security turned into an embarassing moment for homeland security that's now gone viral. official testified, leaving lawmakers stunned at the fact that she couldn't answer any of their questions. fox 28 news national correspondent kristine frazao has more now.. the capitol. capitol. in their arsenal of questionsa&do you know what
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the average overstay is? lawmakers got the same answer...i don't have that information...time and time againi don't have that statistic with me"do you know how many americans have traveled to syria in the last year?i don't have that number on me many visa waiver overstays are there in the united states? sir i didnt bring that number with me how many syrian refugees have entered the united states in the last year?"sir i didn't bring any of the refugee numbers withthme because i was prepared to talk about visa waiver.department of homeland security official kelli ann burriesci (burr-ee-see) was sent to testify as an expert in charge of screening. democratic congressman stephen lynch h says shecame un- prepared rep. stephen lynch (d- massachusetts)she said she didn't have her numbers with her but that's exactly the type of information we would be looking for chairman jason chaffetz was more forthright on the matter"it's scarar me because these people are supposed to be protecting the united states of america and they can't even answer the
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result the committee heldha re-do - this time a full committee hearing in which kelli ann burriesci's bosses were called to answer the questions she couldn'tdhs's alan bersin defended buriesci "i make no apologies for her. she is first rate she is an american anand a patriot and i regret that you came away with a different impression." lawmakers unleashed a new round of questioning about how the government decides who is allowed in and who isn' washington i'm kf reporting. as for some of the numbers lawmakers were looking for, here are some of the key ones. ones.according to the dedertment of homeland security, 22-hundred syrian refugees have entered the u-s since the start of that country's civil war.more than half are children.two percent are men of fighting age, age,there are 118 investigations open on syrians who have overstayed their visas in the past year.of
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those, 11 were arrested, anher 18 are still under's unknown whwhy so many cases are unresolved, but one possibility is that those in question left the country without proper notification. president obama again assured the american public today that there isisno specific c credible threat of a terror attack in the u-s.he also met with former new york mayor michael bloomberg. is tively campaigning for new gun control laws.the meeting comes as the president prepares new exective orders designed to tighten existing laws.the president's efforts to pass new gun control measures through congress have beenenet with fierce resistance from groups like the n-r-a.opponents say the president is trying to undercut the public's second amendment right to bear arms. some people who are critical of the president's stance on guns want to see the opposite happen. happen.many are taking to social media and the airwaves, urging their fellow americans to arm themselves. 28 news national orrespondent j jf babad has more in tonight's
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safe and secure report. report. "i strongly encourage you to help me by arming yourselves texas police chief randy kennedy on his facebook pagea& urging law abiding citizens to take arms against what he callsa& terrorist and criminal elements statesidea& this after the san bernadino mass shootings that left 14 people dead in californiaa&. "and b bready when the wolf comes to the door because its on its waywe spoke to some holiday shoppers who admit they don't own a gun.. but they empathize with chief kennedy."i don't feel that safe.. when im at church i look around and search for the exit and i think if they come thru that door i'll go out that doora& "im afraid with all this going on, the policemen are just gonna quita& and then where do we stand without the policemen? the owner of this maryland gun shop says in recent days, he's had a tough time keeping the guns on his walls and counters. just *this* montha& frank loane ss sales are up
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since all this controversy and terrorist attacks .. people are afraida&even though some of these social media calls for help have racked up more likes than dislikesa& not everyone in the law enforcement community thinks this is a sound ideaa&"the emotions take over any intellect.. so if you put a guguin someone'e'nd.. they can also become more of a problem *to* law enforcement and to other civilians .. and now you have escalated the situation and actually made it worse rather then better but back at this g g shop, frank loane is quick to point out that at least *half* his sales.. come from first time gun buyersa&im jeff barnd reportinga& we want to know what you think about this issue. 28 news is taking part in a national twitter poll asking viewers, "will you arm yourself for protection?" to submit your response head to the fox 28 iowa twitter page, or you can find a link in this story on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...we continue our
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christmas in the corridor series with a display that's a little furthr away but well worth the trip. trip. a car gives you freedom. room to grow. and in time, room to o ow up. your dream car evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a p pn... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and prpren leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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tune in tomorrrr at seven for fox 28 morning live. christmas is just a week away and we're breaking out the ginger bread and making some houses. houses.our friends from hy-vee join us with some cookie contsruction tips.that's tomorrrr on fox 28 mornini live. all week, we're showing you
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some of the sights and sounds of christmas in the corridor corridorfor tonight's edition, we traveled a little farther to show yoyosomething ery 28 news reporter matt hammill hit the road for some amazing displays in keokuk. keokuk. " we are in candy cane lane .. which is the main ntrance to city of christmas " it's the sweetest place on earth and jean meyer is not bragging. your ride through the city of chrismas display - in keokuk - is voted number ononin wa.a steady stream of cars - starts at dusk every night - to see this wonderland of more than a million lights. including the crimson - becon that reflects - on parts of three states." this is our 40 foot tall red christmas tree that can be seen from the illinois shore. " after 27 years - twenty thousand cars - come for musical - trains - the heavenly lane of angels - - and incredible new
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the lights go on on thanksgiving evenini it boggles my mind even though i pretty much know what it's gonna be." you'll see babies - making their first christmas memoriesand youngsters - waving out the windowsas they pass busy elves in santa's work - shop." pound pound " " it's just different .. it's just a kick. " richard malloy - the elf who buildt some attractions says when the sun goes down and the lights come on - it's amazing. but the colorful beauty - means nothing - unless everyone can share it." there's no fee, you can drive ththugh it one hundred times or ten thousand times, it doesn't cost you a dime ... ... i haven't found anybody who doesn't like it. " donations - and sponsors keep the lights burning bright from airlines in lights to snow flakes that race you along ththroad d and always win." on the right we have our reindeer barn. " they're all - here - dancer - prancer - rudolph - playing their reindeer games.and if
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spirit of the season - - you'll find it - in the city of christmas." everything from our nativity scene ... to toyland to candyland all of it is what christmas is for everybody " celebrating christmas in the corridor - in keokuk - i'm matt hammill the ty of christmas is open until the 27th of december and stays lighted all night on
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still to come on ththfox 28 news at nine. nine.pututng down the camera
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lens.some advice from experts when it comes to getting the entire family together for that specialholiday shot. shot.and later, years of hype finally comes to an end as star wars returns to the big screen.the excitement, the reviews and what this will all mean in cold hard cash -- when the fox 28 news at nine
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family memories are important to parents..moms snap a lot of pictures to remember the holiday season... season...many of them don't include themselves in the shots -- because they don't like how they 28 news reporter sheila gray talked with a family looking to adjust that attitude.. for this family 411 reportrt
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report. cheryl ballinger loves having photographic memories of her remember when we went on this trip?cheryl's daughter tara and her other daughter and sononre grown now, but they were used to having the camera around a lot when they were little.i probably took a lot more than the average mom back that everyone has smartphones, recording family memories s a lot more frequent. t one thing *hasn't* changed that much.we actually don't have a lot of pictures of us together. (cut) it's usuay just the kids.moms are often out of the picture - and it's not just because they like being behind the camera.a harris poll study for the photo app real times ask moms why.40 percent say they stay out of familphotos because they never like how they look. i can kind of see it.cheryl's a professional photographer, so she sees why it had to pick out the outfits, buy outfits, iron the outfits, get everyone ready. she took the least amount of time for
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get older you realize how important they are.tara's one of those women who hates having her picture taken, but loves that her mom is passing along the family history.i'm into ancestry. i've got pictures all the way back to my great, great, great grandparents. i think that's hugely important for people to see where their heritage is. cheryl s ss if you pose your people - let them choose their natural a 1,2,3 quick hug, and that's when you get the smiles, the laughter.even thought moms say family memories are important, a lot of them admit they don't do anything with the pictures. cheryl and tara say print themut!social media kind of gege lost. you put it u u there, and people like, and comment for a hot minute, and then it's gone, and you kind of forget about it.that's their wedding photoit's just a great way to have an open line of communications between the generations. they can look
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you look like when you were 10. and sometimes the things that just happen when a camera's around, are tt best part of e story.ccrlie was opening all of the christmas gifts! it'll probably be my fave pic from this whole christmas. sheila gray reporting.don't forget.. the holidays are all about spending time with family and know when to put the camera down.. and enjoy your loved ones. many families are heading to the theater this weekend. on the fox 28 news at nine, the force awakens as star wars fans get their first look at the 7th installment of the most successful movie franchise in history. history.but first, new email controversy is swirling in washington tonight, this time around the secretary of defense.what ash carter has to say about it-- when the fox 28
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wake up in yououfirst home. wake up in a home yoyove made a bit biggerer wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with ring video doorbell at praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders
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passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sandede. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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hillary clinton's use of personal email while serving asascretary of statatis one of the top critiques she faces on the campaign, a current member of president obama's cabinet is facing similar heat. this time it's the man leading the pentagon, secretary of defense ash carter. carter.recently he admitted to using a personal email accound to conduct some of his congress wants to know 28 news senior political reporter scott thuman plains. explains. ah, he shouldn't do that, he should know better! (big grin)" a series of scolding remarks from lawmakers thursday and on the recieving end of this verbal artilery, the secretary of defense for using his personal email, for official business."i think it's worth checking out. if indeed that happened it's against federal regulations""i'd rather have him make some personal communications on his official, than official
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communications on his personal."secrtary ash carter claims the emails were administrativevenot classified. "and even that, i shouldn't have been doing. and when i realized that, i stopped."just *beginning* though, a formal inquiry. the senate armrm services committee wants to be *sure* nothing's been compromised, requesting copies of the emails which were sent over *unsecured* servers. the white house knew about the violation since may...and was asked ursday if, in lighghof email issues with everyone from former secretary of state hillary clinton to former irs official lois lerner, to now carter: how many *other* administration heads, could be doing the same?"i"ithere are, this sure is another reminder about/of why that would be a poor choice" some wonder if email rules across the board should be reconsidered."we put an awful lot of restrictions. we reqeqre instant communicatatn among agencies and certainly among directors and heads, and yet, oftimes, the things that we use don't allow for instant communication.."secretary
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carter didn't explain *why* he was using his iphone and personal accounts for business but he insists the communications were just to his top staff, never classified and will cooperate fully with any reviews from here on capitol hill.on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. in north liberty... leaders celebrated the completion of renovations at penn elementary elementarya ribbon cutting ceremony marked the end of work.every inch of the building saw upgrades - including the addition of a new gymnasium and new library. the work at the school wasn't exclusive to the inside - there's also a brand new courtyard outdoors. nearby, another oject is wrapping up in north liberty. today, city leaders posted this time lapse footage of a recently completed project. you're looking at crews using a large crane to bring in sections of a new concession stand and restroom complex at penn meadows park. there was a bite in the air for anyone working outside today. today.the winds have died down, but qt looks like the cold will stick around a bit longer.
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longer.justin roberts, in for chief meteorologist terry swails, joins us now with your
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for a generation of movie-goers, the debut of star wars in 19-77 was the pinnacle of movie magic. magic.tonight, a new generation is trying to get a taste of that magic for themselves, in the 7th installment of the film franchise. franchise.and they're not, the american film institute named 'star wars: the force awakens' one of the ten best movies of the year, with critics raving a aut the film, the franchise could see something it hasn't seen since it started 38 years ago - an oscar nomination for best picture.the original cast returned for this latest installment, which could rake in an all-time record of two billion dollars in ticket sales. fans of star wars snatched up tickets weeks in advance and
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lined up early for tonight's premiere premierefor some it arted before the sun came up. wherenburg theatres in cedar rapids showed all six movies in a row leading up to the debut of episode seven.that racks up to more than 15-hours of movies to watch in one day! fans fox 28 news caught up with fans who say the films carry more meaning than just entertainment value. "it is just something that has been in our family. star wars is something that i shared with my parents when i was younger and it is something that i have gotten to are th my kid as he has gotten older." older."'the force awakens' is set to play on a record number of screens nationwide over the holiday season. if you're headed to the rose bowl, you can also check out a piece of history - for free! iowans and u-i students will be allowed into the battleship iowa without paying admission until january 31st. be sure to
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our rose bowl coverage. fox 28 news anchor kevin barry will have a report on the history behind iowa's namesake navy ship ahead of the game. and coming up in sports... early season metro area showdown -- would prairie or jferson be victorious on the mat tonight? plus... plus...dike new hartford looking to stay unbeaten against charles city -- could they make it six in a row -- next in sports! announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leaderr
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jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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when kane thompson took over the prairie wrestling program he brought with him a quite winning swagger with him -- his team has followed lead --
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last weekend the p-hawks took the 5 seasons ddls title -- but you could call that a warm up for tonight's dual with jefferson always a great dual with these two schools -- and tonight was no different --prairie started off with a bang thanks to tyler pasker -- the 220 pounder puts the p-hawks up 6 nothing with the fall -- praire won 3 of the first 5 matchesbut the j-hawks wouldn't bow down that easy -- a 120 -- coltin maskin wins with the pin to cut the lead to 6but too much prairie -- sam uthoff is number 1 in the state at 132 pounds for a reason -- he gets the fall -- and the p-hawks get the win 42 to 30 senior day for alburnett -- pirates hosting mack valleyand the seniors stepped up big -- at 160 connor shulista -- flips em over like a pancake - - and wins with the pinthen at 170 -- bryce paul -- followed the pin theme -- he gets the fall in the first period -- alburnett jumped out to 17 point lead in the dualmak valley would battle baba -- at
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182 pounds -- alec mcdowell gets the 3 point near fall -- on his way to a 14 to 6 major decionbut the pirates wouldn't be denied -- jake langhoff -- gets the another pin for alburnett -- pirates roll 58 to 22. between 6 trips to the state tournament -- and 7 gold medals while coaching u-s-a basketball's u-16 -- u17 national team -- you could say don showalter has been pretty successfull at winning -- but to him, the word win -- doesn't stand for gold medals or state titles -- it's an acronym for life at city high. high.don showalter -- our ed thomas coach of the week week when don showlater speaks --- -- his team -- is all ears "he knows what he's doing so we all listen to him."for good reason -- - showalter is a winner -- -- in 42 years he's racked up 590 wins -- but that's not what sets him apart -- "we were looking through his
9:37 pm
numbers of coach k and calapari and we were like can we call them!?!?"and neither do the 7 gold medals he's won with u-s-a basketball -- -- it's what the word -- win -- means to him "it's not all basketball... he's trying to creat young men." men." "the win not necessarily means winning on the score board, but winning with the other things in life." life." : "everyone just knows that's what is expected of us and that's what our morals are and hold our stanards to."to be a man like don showalter -- "he means a lot -- i don't know if there's a word to explain it -- he's a good mentor for us, we're trying to be like him becacae he's a very good man."one who wins -- on and off the court and don't forget to nominate your coach to be our ed thomas coach of the week -- just head to our sports page and fill out a nomination form -- remember it can be any coach at any level.
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high school hoops -- 5th ranked dike - new hartford hosting charles cityand it didn't take long for the wolverienes to get into a ythm -- connor neuroth drives and dishes to nick gron-ow-ski for two the easy way then d-n-h would turn defense into offense -- neuroth picks off the pass and completes the dine and dash for another easy bucket -- dike new hartford stays perfect -- 59 to 35. still to come... the iowa women's basketball team prepares for its first game in over a week on saturday -- hear from coach bluder and the team when the
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the last time bluder's nch took the court -- they left with a sour taste in their mouth -- thanks to their inner state rival iowa state -- and that taste has been there a while. while.the hawks haven't played a game since december 11th -- they don't play again until saturday when they host bradley -- that's 8 days off -- but one thing is for sure -- the hawkeyes didn't take a break -- even on their off days. "i was actually gonna give them the weweend off and i changed my mind after the iowa state game.and we came in and we had an... unscheduled practice on saturday... i needed to get back on the court and i think they needed to get back on the court." court.""obviously that loss wawa you know, we don't think that should've happened.. i think that these past couple days of practice we have just been working our butts off to prepare as best we can for our next opponents because we're playing a really good bradley team and a really good drake team and we need to be prepared for that." the hawkeyes will take the court saturday without carly mohns -- the sophomore forward tore her meniscus in practice monday -- she had surgery today -- mohnsplayed in 9 games this season averaging 3
9:40 pm
points and 3 rebounds -- there is no timetable for her return just yet. kirk ferentz picked up another coach of the year award for his collection -- athlon sports named the head hawk -- their national coach of the year -- it's the 4th coach of the year honor captian kirk has recived this season -- iowa takes on stanford in the grand daddy of them all -- january 1st. and after not playing a game last season -- cedar rapids native -- ryan sweeney has found a home -- the minnesota twins signed the former xavier saint to a minor league deal -- with an invitation to spring training -- sweeney has hit 23 career major league homeruns that's a check of sports -- justin has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns. returns. hello. i'm mark hyman.there's been controversy over the no fly list. let's examine this
9:41 pm had about a dozen or so names before the 9-11 attacks. then it grew dramatically. to hundreds, . . . to thousands, . . . to tens of thousands.e f-b-i says it's a subset of the larger terrorist watch list. how does a name get on the list? there's no published criteria. but for a while t-s- a used credit card records . . . and newspaper clippings. really?if you're on the list you can't fly into, . . . out of . . . or around the country. there's no administrative hearing. or court proceeding. you don'n' need to have been found guilty . . . or even accused of anything. some bureaucrat places your name on the list. and you're banned. you're punished without any due process. and there's no formal procedure for you to protest. it's kind of . . . un-american. and perhaps . . . unconstitutional.according to the f-b-i, the no fly list
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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finally tonight, if you're in need of some baby names, here are some of the most popular in the corridor.saint luke's hospital in cedar rapids says these are the top five boys and girls names...unfortunately , i don't see scott, karen, justin or zach anywhere on this list.but you might want to keep those in mind as well.
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thanks for watching your fox 28 news at
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night. you're up early. well, it's a beautiful day, shame to waste it sleeping.
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