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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 22, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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right now on fox 28 news -- bringing the candidate to keota. keota. i mean this is all of our hard work paying off today. hear from the students bringing politics into their school. also tonight, word, that a deadly attack in afghanistan claims the lives of six servicemen and women, including one with ties to iowa. iowa.iowa's new private medicaid system won't roll out in january.why that's creating a major headache for thousands of parents trying to make sure their kids are covered. covered.and we continue our christmas in the corridor series with a popular viewer request. request. " hi everybody " " we'll tell you about this tiny town with plenty of holiday spirit. spirit. but we begin tonight with the feud between two presidential front runners, who haven't even won a primary yet. hillary clinton came to eastern iowa today, fulfilling a promise to a group of high schoolers.more on that in a moment. moment.tonight's vote 20-16 coverage starts with where
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began.during saturday night's debate, clinton said isis was using donald trump's comments about muslims as a propaganda toolbut according to politifact, there's no evidence to back up that claim. that put the republican frontrunner on the offensive, demanding an apology.a spokesperson for clinton responded by saying quote, "hell no."trump lashed out at clinton, referring to her 2008 loss to barack obama with a word we cannot iowa today, clinton didn't directly respond to that comment, but did attack rhetoric trump muslims. "it's shameful. it is not the kind of language a be using." using." a recent poll shows trump would lose to clinton in a theoretical head to head matchup.that same poll showed texas senator ted cruz, who is currently leading the
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beat clinton in the same scenario. now to the reason why the former secretary of state was in keota was all thanks to a group of politically-active students. students.the three girls at keota high school have been campaigning on social media to get hillary clinton to come to their town.they've wanted to make their issues and voices known to the they got their wish. 28 news reporter steffi lee has more now from keokuk county. county. just for reference purposes - 700 people filled this gym and keota's population is less than one thousand.former secretary of state hillary clinton told the standing room more attention to small high. it only took hillary clinton's entranan for keota high school's gym to erupt loud enough to shake the whole town. town. i mean this is all of our hard work paying off today. for abby schulte, kylie tinnes for hillary - - we wanted it to be perfect today was perfect.
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about snall rural schools like this one because i know that was the original reason why you all got so excited and why you were stalking candidates." clinton hit just the points that sparked their twitter conversation. conversation. and try to see if she can do for them. them. actually listen to educators in the classroom clinton hit governor terry branstad's one time education funding veto hard. hard.when you have a district doing a good job, it seems counterproductive to impose financial burdens on it.she told keota high school she hopes it can overcome its tough financial times.sot principal nathan carlson:but it's not only about school pride. pride. iowa in general being such an agriculturally focused economy and society and general general hillary clinton 08:01:36 i want young people in our country to think of all the ways we can combat clean renewable's what iowa stands for making the students who filled the gym
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populationhopeful for someone running for the 45th presidency. presidency. we are so excited and this is the best christmas present and just an honor in general for her to be here. here.:since the entire campaign started on twitter - today, the trending hashtag keota hopes for hillary turned into hashtag keota got hillary. in keota, steffi lee, fox 28 news. joining clinton in keota today, u-s ag secretary and former iowa governor tom vilsack.he praised the students for their involvement in politics.vilsack had already endorsed clinton for president, citing her policies on helping people fighting mental illness and substance abuse. `clinton still faces a competitive primary challenge from vermont senator bernie sanders., the sander's campaign announced it had received more than 2-point-3 million donations. the total breaks down to less than 30-dollars each.the sanders campaign says that proves a grassroots campaign with no special interest money can succeed.sanders is trailing clinton in iowa according to the latest polls, but continues to lead the national front runner in new hampshire.
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updated count on the number of people who call iowa home. home.according to the u-s census bureau, there are now more than three-point-one million iowans.that number is 77-thousand higher than the last official count in 20-10. but iowa's population growth is far behind t national average of four percent over the past five years. safe to say a lot of iowans are enjoying the fact they're not dodging snow this week. week.let's find out if there's anything else to be concerned about as holiday travel ramps up. up.justin roberts, in tonight for chief meteorologist terry swails, joins us right now
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justin thanks.turning now to marion... marion...where police say a man attacked a woman n th a knife leaving her with serious injuries. injuries.50-year-old david merrifield is accused of the knife attack in the 13-hundred block of grand avenue just after 12:30 this morning.the victim was taken to the hospital where she is expected to recover.merrifield is in the linn county jail on charges including domestic assault.
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city...the corridor's largest cable provider is threatening legal action against city leaders. leaders.mediacom delivered a letter of complaint and a copy of a lawsuit it plans to file in federal court *if iowa city doest reconsider its new agreement with imon communications.mediacom argues the deal to bring imon's services to parts of the city puts mediacom at a competitive disadvantage. disadvantage.mediacom wants a response from iowa city before the end of the year.the city's legal department is reviewing the complaint. racism accusations have been leveled at supreme court justice antonin scalia for the past couple of weeks. weeks.while hearing the fisher versus university of texas at austin case, scalia asked if african-americans may be better off at a quote "less advanced school."the case could decide the future of affirmative a couple of congressional lawmakers are asking scalia to recuse himselfa&because of his comments.
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bigotry. it's discrimination. and somebody with those kinds of attitudes does not belong deciding a case like this. (dip to white) i think he should be held accountable. we have to understand that this is a government of laws, not unbiased justice." justice."grayson has sent a letter to chief justice john roberts regarding his concerns. justice scalia says his comments were taken out of context. u-s army sergeant bowe berghdal today made his first appearance before a military judge. judge.bergdahl is being courtmartialed on charges that include desertion.he left his remote army post in afghanistan in 2009 and was captured by the taliban. president obama ordered a prisoner swap earlier this year, exchanging five enemy combatants for, sergeant bergdahl did not enter a plea and has not decided whether his fate should be decided by a jury or judge.if convicted, he could face life in prison. we're also learning more about
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in this week's suicide attack in afghanistan. .in all, six u-s armed forces members died in the taliban atta near bagram air base. base.among them, sergeant joseph lemm, a new york police veteran who leaves behind a wife and two members tell the dubuque telegraph herald that lemm spent time as a child living in bernard, near dubuque. dubuque.also killed in the attack, air force major adrianna vorderbruggen.she led protests before the pentagon lifted its "don't ask don't tell" policy that barred openly gay americans from serving.she leaves behind a wife and a young son. now to the war on terror here at home.the phrase "see something, say something" has become a national campaign to protect the homeland. homeland.can the simple reminder really work in the face of a terror threat from both foreign fighters and radicalized citizens?fox 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd examines the debate. debate.
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traveller, you've likely seen these signs practically everywhere. "see something, say something"a& a national law enforcement campaign that stresses the importance of the public reporting suspicious activity to if you see something suspicious while travelling that doesn't look quite right, say something to the proper authorits t away" and that proper authority is your area police forcea&"we have manpower up there and just waing.. we want to be proactive and try to eliminate a crime or a crash before it occurs."trooper linger says police are the first line of defense in the fight against terrorisma& if any suspicion turns out to be legita& he says police would alert the fbi and homeland securitya&. police can't be everywhere all the time, so we ask for the publics assistance."it appears the public is *all* too willing to help."i would just call the police .. not at the emergency number but their regular number and report what i see.. absolutely i would."
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.. so i certainly would report it"law enforcement authories get thousands of random calls nationwide everyday.. as tedious as that sounds, some of the information *can* to develop into a pattern.. *that's* what police are looking for."people should engage in it.. they should not be afraid of either political correctness or anything else that might restrict them.. if you see something say something."it's a proactive program tailor made for uncertain times."in this day and age i just think we can't take any jeff barnd reporting in it's current form, the "see something, say something" campaign started in new york's now licensed to the homeland security department as a nationwide campaign. forget the super bowl or the world series, the rose bowl is the hottest t cket here in the corridor. corridor.the university of iowa only had enough tickets to fulfill about half of all 28 news reporter mellaney moore takes a closer
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there's no mistaking it...i have my football hat on and my hawkeye gear. yes, obviously i am.deone pedersen is a hawks fan.she has held some sort of season tickets for more than thirty years.... but unfortunately that won't get her to the rose bowl in january.i went online and i started looking at things and just decided it was just a little bit... of a dream. pedersen says she has always wanted to see the hawks in the rosebowl, but tickets are just too much.a recent study released by forbes says the average resale ticket price is $705.that price is more than double their next runner up. they attribute it to pent up demand from iowa hawkeye fans. we have season tickets here so we just applied for tickets through that.mike mueller is a lucky one of 22 thousand who got tickets through the university of iowa. those were $150-$185.some fans are saving the money to watch the game from hawks country.i'm going
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friend's houses to watch it there and have a great time. this is the first time the hawks have played in the rose bowl in 25 years.covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. fox 28 news will have complete coverage of the big sure to tune in all next week for special reports from zach hanley and kevin barry.and don't miss our 30-minute ecial which will air new year's eve at 6:30 on our sister station, cbs 2.and new year's day at 7:30 a-m right here on fox 28. still to come tonight on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.another edition of christmas in the corridorby popular demand of our viewers, we take you to a display off the main roads of linn county, but well worth the trip.
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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your alarm for 7 tomorrw so you can joiin us on fox 28 morning live.along with santa, christmas also comes with a lot of food. how you can make healthy choices at the dinner table - tomorrow on fox 28 morning live. all december we've been taking you to see some impressive light displays . .but, several of our fox 28 viewers called to say there's one more neighborhood we
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fox 28 news reporter matt hammill found out you were *so right - as we celebrate christmas in the corridor. corridor. santa cause is coming to town" it's the kind of traffic jam you would expect holiday shopping -- bumper to bumper - creeping along in the dark. dark.but here - no road rage - - just santa smiles. smiles. " hi everybody " on blue creek court - santa and mrs claus - and all their neighbors have created a dazzling display. amazing sequence of high tech colors - and holiday themes - - mimid with christmas classics including a nativity scene. snow flakes fall gently - from an electronic tannenbaum tower and there's even a leg lamp in one of the windows - - it's fragile** fragile**thousands of people drive to - the neighborhood that belives *** sometimes waiting two hours.a little chaos - - a lot of joy. joy." you know we never intended it to become really
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wouldn't trade a thing .. it's been a blast" blast"" music " santa - who moon-lights as a project engineer at rockwell - even provides music on your radio to match the nearly one - hundred thousand lights .add that to nearly five miles of extension cords and cables - and it's a lot of work - but worth ever second. second.what do you think of santa's lights a& are they pretty fun .. yea ** they're pretty fun .. alllll right. " " oh we love it .. we love it .. we wouldn't have it any other way .. every year you get to come out and hand off these candy canes to all these people who are just smiling "" hi guys a& hi kiddo a& say merry christmas" christmas"it's phenomenal .. it's unexplainable ,, - it's those smiles and especially the reactions from especially the kids" kids""oh hello - - look candy canes .. hi santa .. hi mrs claus a& can we get a high five .. pat - pat - - alreight - hahahahaha .. yea"aaron and deb - say it's beautiful - but it's also about working with neighbors -- and seeing children happy for the holidays. " i just really love the
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get out of it .. it's awesome. "" thank you a& glad you enjoyed it .. thank you .. merry christmas "celebrating christmas in the corridor - i'm matt hammill hammill santa wants you to know he's left walker for this season - for his big trip christmas eve, but he'll definitely be back next year. babies born at st - lukes maternity center receive one of their first gifts before they're even a day old. old.volunteers knit tiny baby hats tgive to each infant. when a baby is born - a hat is placed on their head to keep them warm.this couple has a special hat - one with a christmas tree on it. volunteers knit pink, blue, and holiday themed hats throughout the year.then they deliver the hats to the hospital - and parents say it's a welcome surprise. "oh absolutely, yeah. oh, it's really thick too and nice and warm. he's diggin' it! put him right out (chuckling) (chuckling)roughly 220-babies
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lukes.matt and priscilla hepker are the proud parents of little izaiah scott.we wish
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...tens of thousands of kids in iowa could be caught in health insurance governor branstad's privatization plan for medicaid has some parents scrambling to get a new coverage plan.but first... first...i'm dora miller live in cedar rapids where we're learning more about a change in the rules on blood donations.i'll explain when the fox 28 news at nine continues.
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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for more than 30 years, gay and bisexual men were not allowed to donate blood...but yesterday, that all changed. changed.the f-d-a lifted its lifetime ban -- allowing men who have sex with men to give blood...though there are still rule. in tonight's to your health report, fox 28 news reporter dora miller shows us how the new plan will work, dora? the 12-month rule still applies -- meaning, if you've engaged in risky behavior in the past year, you'll have to this change is still new, it'll take some time to fully it. all blood cells matter... that's the new ruling after the food and drug administration lifted a lifetime ban on gay men donating blood... blood..."they have missed so
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who would have liked to have engages in "risky" behavior... if a man has sex with a man, he'll have to wait 12 months to donate. donate. "it's a little hard to understand why the fda took so long when the blood banks that are out there, actually doing the work and collecting the blood and knowing people and knowing what's out there were opposed to it."the mississippi valley regional blood center is one of many blood banks that pressed for the change. change. "our center, and others around the country, have provided feedback and testimony and access to research and so forth, in support of this change."but it won't happen overnight. overnight. "even though fda made an announcement, we're going to follow our own timeline."that means more training and updates to old information... "even though it might not sound like a whole lot, it's a very involved process because we do it very deliberately to make sure we do it right." right." "so many people in the
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in donating blood and lord only knows how many gallons and gallons of blood they had not gotten that they presumably will now." the change could take up to six months...but one thing won't change -- everyone's safety.blood centers will still test the blood they get from donors.covering the miller fox 28 news dora on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.a new problem surfaces with the state's switchover to a private health insurance thousands of children are affected, leaving parents with a lot of questions. questions.and later, answering questions was on head hawk kirk ferentz's agenda today. hear what he said now ten days out from the team's first rose bowl in 25 years -- when the
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another headache is surfacing for thousands of families trying to wade through some big health insurance changes here in iowa. we've been following governor branstad's plan to privatize the state's multi-billion dollar medicaid program. program.that switchover is on hold now until march first, after the federal government stepped in and said the system would not be ready on january first. first.that move has created *another wrinkle.37-thousand iowa children are enrolled in a special health coverage program known as hawk-i.but two contracts for that program were cancelled because the state *thought the new system would be up and running january one of the old providers is refusing to extend the old contract, leaving three-fourths of children enrolled uninsured. families affected can switch to coverage from the provider that's extending their deal, but it's unclear whether all those families will have the new insurance accepted by their current doctor.
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tonight on the number of iowans signing up for health coverage through healthcare dot gov. gov.more than 48-thousand iowans are now enrolled through the system created by the affordable care act. act.they're among the 8-point-2 million americans who will have coverage starting january first. 2015, less than 9-percent of americans still had no health coverage.that's nearly half the number of uninsured before the affordable care act took effect in 20-11. yet again tonight, chipotle is weathering another outbreak of e-coli. coli.dozens of customers have been sickened in nine states since's not clear if the latest outbreak in oklahoma and kansas is connected to the earlier incidents.chipotle said it has revamped its food safety practices and it's now implementing new programs. investors are certainly taking notice of chipotle's problems. you can see the dropoff in the last six months in the company's stock alone, chipotle stock lost five percent of its value,
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rain could soon be falling across parts of eastern iowa. show us how that could impact your holiday travel traveljustin roberts steps in for chief meteorologist terry swails with your weatherfirst
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justin thanks.a new hotel will soon be taking shape in iowa city., kinseth hospitality broke ground on a new hilton garden's going to be located in downtown iowa city near the university of iowa's new music building.those behind the project say it's an exciting features. "with not only the traveling public but also the local diners that will enjoy the rooftop sweeping views of the campus and the city, it's going to be a great hospitality location for all to enjoy." enjoy."the facility is expected to be completed in the summer of 20-17. just in time for the holidays, an iowa city family was welcomed into their new home. was all thanks to the
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iowa valley habitat for humanity.a family of eight will now call this house a home.donations and grants are helping habitat put three this month. and coming up in sports sportsthe hawkeye football team is done with their finals -- but still studying -- why just making it to pasadena isn't enough plus -- the cyclones faced another deficit late in their game -- could iowa state ralley and bounce back after their first loss of the seaon
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bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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first time in 25 years is a great accomplishment and the hawkeyes are definately proud of that feat but getting to pasadena isn't what this team wants to be remembered by -- the hawks returned to practice this week and started preparing for stanford -- on christmas eve, they'll fly to cali and contniue those preparations all the up until game day -- because this is a business trip with one goal -- win the rose bowl. "we just gotta maintain our focus because we got a big opportunity ahead of us here to win a rose bowl game. and we're not satisifed with just being in the rose bowl and playing in the game--we wanna win the game." game.""we're playiing in the rose bowl -- this is gonna be an amazing experience, something that you'll always remember, you'll never forget, and you'll tell your children but when twenty five years comes down the road and you come back here to kinnick and be recognized for that game -- do you want to be recognized for just going or do you want to win it? jordan carzeri definately wants to win it -- the senior running back who suffered an ankle sprain in the big 10 title game -- returned to practice this week and says he's playing in the rose bowl -
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house just yet "i want to help my team win, i want to be able to help my brothers in the battle, in the fight and for this being my last game ever wearing a hawkeye uniform that's exactly what my motivation was to play in this game so i'm ready to go and very greatful and happy for that." that.""based on what i've seen i'm encourged and i think time is on our side. hopefully he'll have the pop and explosion you need to be successfull at that position, but yeah, i'm encouraged." for the first time all season iowa state is looking to bounce back after a loss -- and they'll have to do it in their first true road game of the year yeari-s-u taking on cincinnati and you couldn't have scripted a better start for monte morris and the clones -- morris drops in the triple -- for three of his 16 points -- he also dished out 7 assists -- iowa state started the game on a 14 to 2 run but ciny would come all the way back -- clones down 3 in the second -- georges niang -- bang -- bang -- bang -- that ties it at 78
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down 1 -- abdul nader -- later gator -- the three puts i-s-u up 2 with 11 ticks leftnaz long gathering the troops -- for what would be wild finish -- cincinnati had not 1 -- not 2 -- but 3 attempts for the win -- and missed them all -- cyclones survive -- 81 to 79 the iowa men have one final tune up before they tip-off conference play -- and judging by their perfomance against tennesee tech -- you could say fran and boys are ready to make some noise in the big 10 10jarrod uthoff bobble head night at carver and the former jefferson j-hawk -- was ready to go from the start -- mike gesell running the break -- and uthoff finishes it off glass -- he finished with 13 but nobody could stop peter jok -- the three balls -- were like the young jok song -- going down -- first he drops one in from the wing -- then jok goes to the other side of the court -- same result -- he
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finished with a game high 21 points then check this out the hawks in transition -- 2 passes -- one dribble -- and a dunk by nicholas baer -- he finished with 19 -- iowa wins 85 to 63 joining the club -- still to come on fox 28 28tom lilly one win away from number 500 -- could his saints stop assumption and put their
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heart disease. asthma. diabetes. 7 out of 10 americans take prescription drugs. but in the last 7 years drugs prices have doubled. hillary's going to take on the drug companies. require medicare to negotiate
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let people buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been over charging long enough. it's time to fight back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. it's the third and final inner state rivalry game for bluder's bunch -- the hawkeyes
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state -- and now it's time for drake -- lisa bluder's former team -- and a team iowa has beaten 13 straight times timesblack out night at carver -- hawks donning their all black uni's first quarter -- their freshman phenom was playing some d -- tah-nye-ah davis -- with the steal -- she completes the dine and dash for two of her 10 -- and everybody was scoring tonight for the hawks -- alexa kastanek -- getting fancy with the reverse lay-up --- she finished with 15but the game belonged to the home town hero -- miss ally disterhoft -- the iowa city west product scored a team high 20 -- 6 hawks finished in double figures -- iowa wins 89 to 76 "most coaches dream about having five people in double people cing whitney and megan... happy about the 21 assists . that's back to iowa basketball they were down last game, we were dissappointed in that." that.""tonight i think we really just focused on having
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that's hard to guard... just all around great offensive game for our whole team." the iowa state women wrapped up their non-conference slate with a 79 -- 63 win over northern arizona. 3 cyclones finished with double doubles -- led by bryanna fern-strom -- who was a block shy of a triple double -- the clones blocks in the win. the panther women fell in their final tune up of the season -- u-n-i lost to creighton -- 69 to 61 -- madison weekly dropped in 15 in the loss. high school girls basketball assumption -- tom lilly looking for career win number 500and his saints would get him to the milestone -- megan jones drops in the bucket -- xavier gets the win -- and coach lilly gets number 500 -- 57 to 47 the final "just love the game, have a passion for it... i don't know about 500 though ... that means you've been in a gym a long time, you've got a lot of practices underneith your belt , you've gone through a lot of kids, but 500 is quite a
9:39 pm
people reach it and this is the sweetest win at this moment in time." it's been nearly two weeks since the hawkeye wrestlers took the mat to compete -- but since that time, tom brands has been getting his guys ready for midlands -- a 2 day, 4 session tourmant against the best of the best -- that it in no way shape or form like march madness "if you get knocked out in the national tournament in basketball.. the top 64 or whatever you don't have to come back and get third.. i mean it's almost like a relief. but the great satisfiying thing wrestling is there is a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh, and an eighth... so when you get knocked off before that championship you have to come back... and you know what... that's how you find out who is tough and who is not." that's a check of sports -- justin has a last check of
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news at nine ret announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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before we go we have this developing story for you tonight... tonight...this is video just into our newsroom of a fireball spotted within the hour over las vegas.right now there's no explanation for what might have caused this display of something burning up in the atmosphere.experts tell us this is likely a piece of space junk or a meteor. there are no reports of any impacts here on the
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to our facebook page, kfxa fox 28. thanks for watching your fox
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