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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 24, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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corridor.what you can expect ristmas morning. morning.the final purchases have been made.hear from last-minute shoppers trying to reach the finish line before stores shut down. down.also tonight, an exclusive interview with doctor ben carson."we're still in a reasonable spot...."how the republican hopes to re- gain lost momentum before the caucuses., christmas in the corridor, with a flair that only brucemore mansion n provide. provide.and the incredible story of how a military installation became santa's support team during his big trip. trip. good evening and thanks for joining us on this ristmas eve. i'm joy howe. scott and karen are off.we begin with the white christmas *some in iowa are getting--just in the nick of time.will that affect your travel plans tomorrow morning? morning?for the answer we turn to marissa scott in for chief
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than marissasawhile we won't have a white christmas here in the corridor, you don't have to go far to find it.a light to moderate snow fell across parts of central and northeast iowa today, just in time foror christmas.but it did produce some difficult driving conditions, especially north of des moines. some storm cleanup was quired today in parts of cedar rapids.yesterday's thundersrsrms brought strong winds that knocked trees down at a farm on the north side of town.nobody was hurt but a nearby home did have some roof
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the corridor dodged the winter tornado outbreak last nightht others were not so lucky. lucky.the national weather service confirms two tornadoes touched down near the quad cities last of the tornadoes was rated an e-f-one with winds of about 100 miles per one was hurt, but some small buildings were damaged. more that 100 homes were destroyed further south in mississippi and tennessee in a deadly outbreak of severe weather.the storms are now blamed for at least 14 deaths, most from a powerful tornado that stayed on the ground for nearly 150 could take days for experts to finalize their study of this tornado. for now, they've rated it an e-f-3 with winds up to 160 miles per hour. turning now to christmas in the corridor.many kids are just beginning to settle in for the night before a very exciting day might be calm now, but that wasn't the case earlier today.
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dora miller is live in cedada rapids tonight with more, dora? it happens every year...last minute shoppers revel in the rush of grabbing gifts before it's too late.but 'tis the season for owning up...take a look. look. it happens every year...last minute shoppers scrambling to their gifts...but wait -- "everything's stilopen, it's not that crowded here. seems like a good time to shop, seems like a good time to shop."doesn't seem to be any scrambling here... here... "thought it would be a good time to get the shopping done and sales are still good so here we are."more like strategic planning -- "go out, have a good time, have some coffee. it's really just the best time and then you get the best deals because everybody's trying to get rid of their stuff."and what's last-minute shopping without a tinge of guilt -- or not. not. "it's a pattern of reckless behavior that needs to be stopped and i keep thinking i will, but it just keeps happening."
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procrastination. i have not gotten mom anything yet, so i thought i'd get it before tomorrow obviously."tenology is a hot-ticket item this time of year... year... "we're looking for a camera on christmas eve." eve." "we're getting a new phone for my son."but so is this treat. treat. "dark chocolate, people really like our dark chocolate."for stocking stuffers, apparently chocolate goes over well. well."food is one of the items that's hot to be giving at this time of year."and if christmas cheer doesn't come in the chocolate variety...the power of persuasion won'n'be o hard. hard. "she says 'i need something evil' and so sicilian sea salt caramels are concentrated evil, so that should do the trick." doesn't seem like next yeye will be much different.we'll just have to see.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news dora thanks.s.all those gifts can be a tempting target for thieves this time of year.
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can protect yourself.for example, all those big boxes that held your new toys and gadgets, can serve asas advertising when you throw them out on the curb. 14:44:21 make sure when you bundle it that you keep the pictur on th see e ether that's abox from a refrigerator that you got...that would be a great christmas present...or whether it is a big screen tv. sergeant hamblin says to lock your doors. cedar rapids saw a spike in home burglaries in november and december , with a lot of them happening at homes that were unlocked.the police say, avoid placing your christmas tree by a window. it's nicfor decoraraon but it's also an invitation for thieves. and if you are traveling for the holidays, ask your neighbors to look after your home. turning now to tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage.all three democrats in the race for the white house are experessing their disaproval of a move by a federal agency to deport
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immigrants.the washington post reports totoght that homeland seserity is preparing a large-scale effort to quickly deport families that illegally entered the u-s since 2014.the raids will target adults and childrenalready ordered to, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley all *condemned the move.they say it unfairly targets families who were trying to escape brutal violence in central amerera. republblan candidate doctor ben carson is spending time off the campaign trail, with his family in maryland.but he took a few minutes to sit down with us to talk about his recent free fall from the top the polls in iowa - and how that could lead to some big changes in his campaign. reporter jeff abell sits down with the candidate. this fox 28 news exclusive. exclusive. "we're still in a reasonab spot...."at his ryland ben carson says he understands his sudden slide in the presidential polls...."i think after the episode in paris and in san
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became national issues, the narrative that i didn't know anything about them was harmful. its not true. i know plenty y about them...."his plummeting poll numbers have caused carson to take a top to bottom review of his own campaign.everything is on the table he says....personnel changes could be next."we are looking at our organization. we are looking at efficiencies. we are making sure all the salaries are in line with the average salaries i mean we don't ever claim to be perfect and we always have to be in the process of improving..." despite reports that his campaign has recently received....carson insists the campaign on sound financial ground."we have several milliuon dollars stored away and we have eveything we need to conti9nue this campaign..." continuingnghe campaign means the former neuro-surgeon must regain voter confidence
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foreign policy."they want you to think that only experienced politicans c c sosoe your problems but if you really want to be objective you'll see its experienced politicians who've created most of our problems."for now, carson is taking the reins of his campaign and vowing to claw hisisay back. carson once led in some polls here in iowa.but he's now slipped behind donald trump and senators ted cruz and marco rubio. still l come on the fox 28 news at nine.'s our christmas in the corridor grand finale.we'll take you inside a very familiar home here in cedar rapids with some of the most decadent decorations you'll find in the midwest.
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on this praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengtgtn veterans' hehethcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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day tomorrow on fox 28 morning live.there's a new member of in the police force in one pennsylvania community. community.the new officer making sure who's naughty and who's nice - tomorrow on fox 28 morning live. christmas eve we're wrapping up our month long look at some of the best light shows and events in eastern iowa. we've taken you from keokuk - to coralville to the amanas for some dazzling didilays. tonight fox 28 news reporter matt hammill - brings us back to cedar rapids - for a turn of the century holiday home-coming - as we celebrate christmas in the corridor. " absolutely the best time of year to visit brucemore is
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thousands seem to agree. brucemore is beautiful year round - but stunning during the christmas season.visitors are loving the lights and trees that turn every room - of cedar rapids most famous mansion - into a wonderland for children." i think the hohoday season is about family and i think that's really what brucemore represents ... .. i think it has become a tradition for contemporary families to come and begin their holidays and celebrate theieiholidays here. " ggups gather to hear about the grand stair-case - covered in garlan - with an amazing view from the top.there are thirteen christmas trees - - nearar one in eveve room - decorated in glorious themes and all overflowing in sparkling ornaments.and reflections from christmas past - bring all the fire- place mantles to life - some decked out - - others a cozy place for deer." it is totally different than the
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katie bene-dix - loves the tahitian* room - howard hall's hangout - with palm trees in lights - and imagines the incredible christmases in this home." margaret had a catillion every year at this time of year in the great hall .. all the papaies .. dancing ... ... just being able to come here and enjoy family and friends. " everyone knows the legendary lions who lived at brucemore - - but people forget - three douglas daughters grew up herertoo.the nursery glows in christmas warmth - - along with a pair of their roller skates - under the tree - - and a puzzle they put together nearyby.brucemore has never been about how the other half lived - - for visitors it's exploring a simpler time and holiday history." brucemore is an ancncr iiour community, it's a cultural hub in our community and it's very much about the stories of who we've been, how we've grown as a community over the last century. "celebrating
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i'm matt hammill hammill holiday mansion tours at brucemore continue until the end of the year. we'll put a link to all that information on our website. we'd like to say congratulatio ns to brande ulrich and chad rawson.brande is a sales account executive here at cbs 2 news.chad proposed to her today, using our billboard on collins's how he pulled it off - brande was told one of her's account's billboard messages was wrong. so when she went outside to tata a look, she saw chad's proposal.chad and their son jace, were waiting for her, ring ready-to-go.brande said
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine.'s not just families that gather on christmas, but faiths as well.we'll talk to local leaders about one of the busiest times of the year, under the e eeple.but first... first... a growing online trend having an impact on adoption. im sheila gray. hear one family's christmas dream coming up in
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more t tn 100- my mom's name is irene, and she has alzheimer's. adult daycare costs so much, i have to take my mom to work with me.
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i worry about what the next step is. my mom deserves the best care she can get. so i met hillary clinton. i could tell that she was moved by my story... because she teared up. being able to pay for daycare... to know that my mom is safe while i work so that i can continue to support us. hillary clinton has proposed real things that could help us.
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thousand foster kids in the u-s are eligible for adoption, but the process to adopt can be costly.and that's led some to use *technology to help pave the way to a bigger family. 28 news reporter sheila gray talked to one family in tonight's family 4-1-1 report. report. "momma what if i was a big scary ape, would you still love me then""nicole and jeff featherstone want to grow their family, and they've always wanted to adopt.for us knowing that there are currently babies who need a home and moms who made the brave decision to decide not to parent baby that we know we have a me to offer and we decided to make this next baby that we wanted to welcome the baby through adoption.hey say the rth of their 13 month
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that desire.just seeing how vulnerable she was and in need of our care for everything. . a new mom thinking through the amount of babies and kids that dont have that opportunity and dont receive that type of care. but, adoptions can be pretty costly, averaging between 20- and 40-thousand dollars.once we are approved we can apply for grants which we plan on doing. this will help offset. we are savingngourselvesnicole and jeff are also turning to technology for help. they ststted a gofundme page.i think it is a really cool way to fundraise because there is no pressure. it gives people and opprotunity to give without forcing peoplplto give. that is a big thing of
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comfortable if they want to support us they can, but they don't need to. nicoco and jeff did a lot of resesrch on adoption paths and they say couples need to know their feelings on foster, open vs closed adoptions and financial impacts and thehesay talk to a lot of people who have been through it.we have friends who recently adopted and their page was helpful and successful6the atherstones y the prospect of a new child in their home gives them even more to look forward to in the new year.makes 2016 full of promise and hhe and excitememe. ive never been excited for the new year. sheila gray reporting.the featherstones are interested in foster care to adoption & too.. but found out it's best *not* to interruru birth order.. ssthey're waiting until lilah is older. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...coming together in
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look at the spiritual side of the holiday season hehe in tthe corridor. corridor.and later, santa's not the only one traveling on christmas eve.we'll update the hawkeyes' trip to the rose bowl -- when the fox 28 news
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christians across the corridor are gathering to remember the holy message behind this holiday season. with all the lights, and presents, food and everything elel that comes witit christmas, i is sometimes easy to remember the faith that is the focus of this holiday holidayfox 28 news reporter mellaney moore has more on that -- in north liberty. liberty. for some, ccing to church is a way to start their christmas celebration.we are committed to the lord jesus.this is his
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at grace community church, staff say christmas is partrtf what it's s l about.we hear the message of the baby jesus and people can think that's all good and cute, but the reality is, when jesus came to earth it was a rescue mission. when he came it was rrlly the start of him coming back to bring us back into right relationship.more than 1500 people attend the non denominational church with locations in north liberty and downtown iowa citytyththe church expects more people on holidays and with some regulars out of town, a different congregation.we are so glad they're here. we just hope that they continue to be here thehethroughout the year as well and so that's definitely going to be part of our focus tonight.hansen hopes the message is welcoming, authentic and communicates christ can make a difference in one's life.according to the pew research h center, fewerer americans are identifying as christians.we're an autonomous culture that doesn't really feel a need. jesus said when he came that he preached good news to the poor and if you
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affluent.the researcrcshows the decline is mainly attributed to decreases in protestants and catholics. hansen says he has noticed fewer people identifying with a particular christian denomination, but still having a relationship with christ. think they're hungry for that authenticity and in a sense, it almost would seem that some of the denominational matters can be kind of superfluous to the main things that we need to be about.jesus came to earth as the if you're heading to church or anywhere else tomorrow morning, you'll want to know if the weather will cooperate. cooperate.for the answer we turn to marissa scott in for chief meteorologist terry
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'twas the night before christmas, and the kids were probably pretty tough to put to bed tonight. all night we've been tracking santa's progress around the world.
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tracking santa has been the role of the u-s military for 60 years.and it all started by's a special report from norad. norad. 60 years agogohistory was made in december 1955 when a phone call came into the continental air defense command in colorado springs, , colorado. answering the call, col. harry shelp was surprised to hear the voice of a young child, asking to speak with santa claus. soon after, more calls began n lling the phone lines, all with eager children hoping with a chance to talk with santa.little did col. shalp and his team know, a department store had placed an ad in a local paper, hoping to aw children their holiday toy sale.the misprinted phone number led to an important red phone in the conad operation center, and a holiday tradition was born.col. shalp's command fifided calls all night, checking radars and
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progress.the tradition followed with the founding of norain 1958 and has gone on to become a global phenomenon.. today, norad's cutting edge tech provides real time updates on santa's yuletide journey around the world.our constellation of defense satellites use infrared radar to keep pinpoint accuracy on the heat signature from rudolph's nose.ground based radar tracking sites relay updates to our elite fighter pilots, who often escort santa's sleigh through north american airspace.our maritime parnters in the navy and coast guard make sure the seas are safe and secure beneath the flight path of the man ininred. and finally, our special santa cameras in strategic locations around the world capture images of santa during his flight.modern technology also allows people the world over to keep u uwith santa's flight path using mobile apps, social media, and the norad track santa the heart of
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email into the live norad track santa opererion center in colorado springs on december 24th.volunteers are standing by to answer that all important question, when will santa arrive at my house.all of this is made possible by our lunteers and the amazing generosity of our corporate and government partners. together, our affiliates bring this time honored program to the world.this holiday season, norad celebrates the 60th anniversary of tracking santa. what began as a single phone call, has inspired the imaginations of countless children across the planet for over half a matter what is happening in the e world, norad has continued to keep the watch, maintaining the security of the skies across north america and beyond, and bringing a little holiday magic to us all. and here's an update on santa's progress, it looks like he's wrapped up in our nation's capital and is now heading to the new england
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and coming up in sports.... sports....the u-n-i men's basketball team taking ttir lents to ho-ho-hawaii! how they fared last night plus... plus...the hawkeye football team en route to pasadena -- what they're expecting from stanford in the 2015 rose bowl
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before christmas and -- well,
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december 23rd in hawaii -- the u-n-i men's basketball team in acacon late last night and into today against washington state... state...panthers, cougars... wes washpun doing washpun things -- oh my! i'm sorry -- one more t te ... merry christmas... and happy new year! wes would exit the game shortly there after with an injury ....but back in time to dish this one round the arc 'til it goes to jeremy morgan -- fourteen points for the iowa city west grad as the panthers retake the lead -- this one back-and-forth, we jumpppp to the second, paul jesperson with the jump----er. paced u-n-i with eighteen.. washpun back to doing washpun things, collects the rebound, finds jesperson.. ice. cold. frosty. the snowman. panthers loving it -- they win 63-59... and will play tomorrow afrternoon for fifth place against b-y-u.... one point of note -- it's the first time in 21 games that linn mar gradad
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three for u-n-i... christmas came a bit early for wisconsin interim head coh greg gard... the badgers defeated green bay last night for gard's first win at the helm... this coming on the heels of bo ryan's sudden resignation a week ago... gard received positive support from fans and players -- and if "seeing is believing," just response... "for all the support, i recognize and heard the applause when i came out, i'm very appriative of that." that.""it went from zero to 100 real quick. but i think we did a good job. started from the bottom -- now we're here... he knows the in's and out's of the offense, what wisconsin basketball is about... think he's gonna do a tremendous j j." santa not the only one taking flight today, as the hawkeye football team departing just hours ago for pasadena.. pasadena..the team arrived in california this afternoon... . when asked earlier this week how the team would celebrate christmas, coach ferentz
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practice!" did add a jolly "ho, ho, ho" afterwards...c aptain kirk no grinch... the 2015 rose bowl game is next friday, as the hawks take on heisman trophy finalist christian mccaffery and stanford -- and thus the hawks anticipating a battle of the trenches much like some big ten games earlier this year... "they have a little michigan state with their run game, wisconsin: two teams that are just like stanford -- they like to run the ball and t t to beat you up in the trenches so it's gonna be a great game." game.""the thing about them short yardage situations -- they're really good at it. they come off the ball really low and it's not like they're making a hole : it's really just that they're building a wall and pushing you with their leverage... they know what they wanna do and they're just a really efficient, well-rounded offense." do they know it's christmas time at all? -- popeyes bahamas s bowl....first drive of the game, pitch goes to middle tennessee's richie james ... son of a nutcracker!... 46 yards, blue raiders strike
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big plays. end of the first quarter, zach terrell to corey davis, under the defender, through the coverage to the house he goes -- 80 yards to the endzone... first time all season in divisisn one football both teams scored seventeen before the second quarter...stayed tight until the fourth, on second and fifteen terrell to daniel braverman .... run run rudolph, braverman's gonna make it to the end zone -- western michigan holds on to win 45-31... but ally, where are you christmas? today's other bowl game currently underway, also in hawaii -- the aztecs lead cincinnati 42 to nothing in the fourth. still to coco.... come....almost playoff time in the n-f-l... who's in, who's out, and who will it take a christmas miracle to qualify?
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praised as one of americics best mayors who governed a aa pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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the suspension of giants' receiver odell beckham junior was upheld, sunday night's meeting between new york and the minnesota vikings was perhapsthe biggest game on the slate this weekend. win and the vikings clinch a playoff spot -- and make their next game in green bay a de facto division title game. it's a bit trickier for the giants, but for both teams s e message e om the top is the same: whether it's beckham or one of the vikings' injured
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"i think it's good for this football team when they see guys that haven't played a lot step in and perform.... i think they have confidence in really what 're trying to do defensively so i think all those thgs -- i think it's good for the team.:" team.:""we'll be fine. you know we got guys. great opportunity for other guys to step up ... guys know what they're doing, guys know about the routes. and we'll just go about it and make plays." the packers looking tokeep pace with the vikings against the second best team in the n-n-c, the arizona cardinals. and while mike mccarthy admits david johnson and company may just be their toughest task yet, his players are up for the challenge. "definitely, i mean arizona's an excellent football team. their productivity speaks for itself. i think their talent speaks for itself. so you start with their offense i mean their perimeter group will be asasig or the biggest challenge we've faced all year." year.""nah we are the measuring stick. we don't measure ourselves against anybody else. we just gonna try to be the best we can be. we don't have to compare ourselves to anybody -- we are the best."
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make it into the playoffs ... taking on that cotton-headed ninny muggins, johnny manziel and the browns... all jokes and puns aside... the chiefs' 9-and-5 record certainly quite a gift to fans... and the story of eric berry beating cancer and being named to the pro bowl one that has warmed hearts this holiday season. "you think about it when he first started out he had no hair. it's just.... the more his hair grew back, the stronger his body became as he went... and here he is today as a pro bowl player. player."i kinda like brbrnwashed self from the get-go... started mentally picturing myself where i wanted to be and just focused on that every day." that's a check of sports -- we're e ck withthore afafr this.. this.. finally tonight, a special christmas present for actor robert downey,
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brown granted his finally tonight, a special christmas present for actor robert downey, california goveveor jerry brown granted his request for a pardon.the star of the ironman film franchise spent time in prison nearly 20 years ago for drug and weapons
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quote "lived an honest and upright life and exhibited
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