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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 25, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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local groups are making sure no one goes hungry on christmas. christmas. and going to great lengths to make one last dream come's tough but i have to fulfill his wish, i have one man ld on long enough to see the latest chapter in a beloved saga. saga. good evening and merry christmas! i'm joy howe.scott and karen have the night off. we begin on this christmas night with a local group trying to bring attention to those *without the freedom to celebrate the holiday.and they're doing it, one dress at a time. 28 news reporter dora miller is in the newsroom to explain. a dress a day for the whole month of might sound like a challenge -- but the women of set free dubuque say it's worth it to raise awaweness about the millions of people in human trafficking. trafficking. it's not a coincidence they all have on dresses.. dresse."i really don't wear dresses normally." normally." "obviously in
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lot of people typically wearing dresses."but it's not necessarily for style... style... "by wearing a dress we can hopefully raise awareness of human trafficking, not only in the rld but here locally."for 31 days, a dress a day is supposed to spark questions in an effort to educate... educate..."this is the official dressember dress."and it's been working. working."often the response isis 'i'v'vnever heard of that' and that's a great opportunity for myself to share about dressember." dressember.""people think it's iowa, it's a small town, a sml state, it's pretty safe but there's actually a lot of trafficking victims that are taken through the state of iowa."by wearing the dresses, they're not only taking a stand, they're supporting an effort already in place. "all the items you u e here a a mama by women, rescued from trafficking and they made these in the sewing center in nepal." nepal." "they make is so that the women can have a choice between being a prostitute or
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they can give them a chance to get a job, to pay them money so they earn enough money so they've got income from themselves." themselves." "i can't always go out to the field or have tons of money to give out so just anything i can do, i would love to just step out and do it." the goal is to raise one thousand dollars for the international justice mission...and to help fund rescue initiatives for women and children in human trafficking.dora miller, fox 28 news. dora thanks.not much sun this christmas.will that change this weekend? weekend?marissa scott joins us
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during the holidays, buying gifts for your family *can add 28 news reporter ssffi lee shows us how one local high school is helping those who might not have a lot to spend - still wake up to gifts under the tree. tree. "austin - you wanna help me get the rest of this buddy?"asas the e esents keep coming... coming..."this isn't it just hang on."even the ones who live for piles of gifts christmas morning - "it's too heavy - it's too heavy?"know this ndle of joy wrapped up - is more than they could've ever asked for. for. "i am 125 percent happy that they're doing it - i mean the way that they're helping
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really good christmas."kennedy high school's student government adopted 20 veterans' families for christmas to give them financial relief this holiday season.the linn county veteran's affairs provoved the veteran's names - so they could craft wish lists. lists. "kind of a sad situation around christmas because of all the advertisements and expectations."but genorosisi goes a long way to transform sad situations - - "there you go guys - all that's yours too."into meaningful and joyful moments. moments. "i was so happy - that way my kids get good christstses this year."each gift veteran justin randall's family gets to unwrap is a glimpse of hope. hope. "i probably would've skipped a house payment or whatever to get my kids what they could have and then try to make up the payments later on" on" "we allllant something that's purely a want, not a need, and a lot of the vets just have needs."the students bargained within their thirteen thousand dollar budget "it's fun to watch them in class - they'll go through the
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food, and even home appliances. appliances. "toothpaste i think was one this year that really stuck out in my mind - as a you don't really know what you have until you have it type of item."showing even the smallest things help families like justin's finally have what they need. need. "my family's happiness. - there's nototng more important."steffi lee, fox 28 news. the student government class had fewer members this year - but the donations and famimi adoptions were a aually *higher.students say this shows just how giving their community is. turning now to williamsburg... two kids in the corridor ar making sure that families in *their area have a merry christmas. christmas.two years ago, joe and matty kueter noticed some kids in their class wore the same clothes to school day after, they collected some of *their clothes, and took them to school to the, joe and matty's "giving tree" has expanded
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their family takes anonymous wish lists from family's ho en't sure if thehecan afford gifts for christmas. our whole living room was almost full of toys, because heent to go see santa , and he asked santa for his favorite dump truck, , got his wish, we brought him his favorite dump truck. addition to the gifts and clothes, the family prepares and delivers special christmas meals, complete with dessert. if you got thahanew phone or gadget from santa, some people are hard at work to make sure *it's working after you open it. representatives from the u-s cellular customer care center have been taking calls helping people set up their new tech toys.they say they get the most calls between 8 and 10 in the morning - most likely right after all the gifts under the tree have been opened.they say they don't mind working, becacae they're there to make sure all santa's deliveries work just right. "that's one of the best things about working here is th kind of excitement really is
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regards to being here to helplp our customers. what's especially exciting about today is that so many of these (calls) are really sharing the excitement of the customers." customers."reps from u-s cellular will be taking calls until 10 p-m tonight. fans all over the world have been flocking to theaters to see the 7th star wars film 'the force awakens.'but for one iowa fan, the wait for the new movie was especially difficult, because it is the last one he'll ever see. reporter eric hanson has his story. story. for patients, one night in the i-c-u is o o night too o many. this is the worst time of their lives.the guy in room 5 only knows he's somewhere in the triple's genetic disease that i possess.shawn normananisis8. he was a kid when doctors first said "noonan syndrome".it can make you tired, it can make you
9:08 pm's all heart-related, it's very complicated, it's not very well known.other than you spend a lot of time, dreaming what you'd do when you get out of the i-c-c-oh. shawn's mom couldn't single- handedly grant his first wish - electing donald trump.but a couple paramedics helped her with another. busting him out, right past the white board where his big goal still read. 'get out of here to see star wars.'that's kinda been a goal of his, every time starts feeling down, or w wtever we point at the board and say hey, we gotta get out, we got a couple more days, we're getting close.saturday morning, just after sunrise-- i'll see you there ok?shawn got a chauffeured ambulance riri to ankeny's springwood 9-- where they'd reserved one entire theater for the guy who was living, it seemed, to see this wars was his anchor, his driviv his gotta
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bed adjusted in the aisle - and 26 loved ones around him-- i'm thankfkf.the curtain rose and the coming attractions started. which does, it does.because shawn had made it clear. this movie would be his that's what we're doing, that's his wish, to go home, he's tired of being poked and prodded,he just wants to go the time his fafa flickered with the return of his favorite character--i like han.the hospice nurse by his side had already officially taken over. they were telling themselves 'this is what he wants'.it's tough but i have to fulfill his wish, i have to.for 2 hours and 16 minutes, the guy who's s alrerey decided to donate his body to science soaked in every frame.we're
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everybody gets to do that.once the lights came up, the guy on the stretcher was so exhausted, he mustered only a two-word review--not bad.and a few, final hugs.ok, shall we get you home? all right, let's get you home.where the guy who's only 28 - wants his story to's his call. in the days since his final movie, shawn has been reing comfortably atatome and was even able to enjoy christmas today. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.hear the president's christmas message to the nation, as he heads into his final year in office, and look at one campaign promise he's *still trying to complete.
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president my mom's name is irene, and she has alzheimer's. adult daycare costs so much, i have to take my mom to work with me. eventually she'll requi around-the-clock care. i worry about what the next step is.
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so i met hillary clinton. i could tell that she was moved by my story... because she teared up. being able to pay for daycare... to know that my mom is safe while i work so that i can continue to support us. hillary clinton has proposed real things that could help us.
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be sure to join us monday at 7 on fox 28 morning live.after all of the holiday goodies, people are looking to get back on the healthy track.some ideas on how technology can help.that's monday on fox 28 morning live. obama is spending the chririmas hohoday with familyly in hawaii.before leaving washington the president and first lady recorded a christmas message for the nation. nation. so on behald of malia, sasha, bo, sunny, grandma a d everyone here at the white house, merry christmas. may god bless our troops and our families, and may god bless
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the year ahead. the year ahead includes the last *full year of president obama's time in office.from day one, the president wanted to close the terror prison at guantanamo bay.nono seven years later, he's stillll working to accomplish that campaign promise. 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd has more in this 'safe and secure report." report." for 13 yearsrsthe detention facility at gitmo has housed suspected terrorists with ties to al-qaeda and the taliban. mr. obama's plan to release 17 inmates in january would reduce the inmate population there to 90. and it brings the president closer to *his* goal of closing the detention center in the final year of his presidency."i'm presenting a plan to congress about how we can close guantanamo. i'm not going to automatically assume that congress says no. if congress *does* say noa& the president *may* act unilaterally to close the
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it's fair to say there's going to be significant resistance from some quarters to that. and in wake of this month's terrorist attackn california and a heightened state of alert worldwidea& some critics think the president's announcement is ill-timed.i think he cares too much about the self consistancy of his own campaign pledges . that's not real the with ty issues that we have in the world, and in the country. i guess the record we have of the prisoners that have been released, i would be releltant to move forward d with that plan at this point."that record congressman newhouse refers to is inmates returning to the battlefielda& () the president says it's too costly to keep gitmo open for less than 100-inmates. and he's proposing to move *some* of those detainees to detention lock-ups statesidea&but critics have long blamed the obama *and* bush administration s for simply *holding* these
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indefinatelya& and *not* bringing the detainees to trial."to me that's insane. why on earth did we even capture these people if we're going to hold them for ten years and just let them go?"a lilily debate that's *certainin to greet the president early in the new year.on capitol hilla& im jeff barnd. sanders: over 2 milllln contributions have been made to the only campaign
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you can't level the playing field with wall street banks and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.. jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are w.. why do we care? let isis and jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton
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donald trump: hillary's always rrounded herself withthery good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watcthe shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, whenenou watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. ifif'm president, i'll b ba commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.e. by taking their money.
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.a few things you need to keep in mind when packing away all those leftovers for later. later.and later, we'll show you some local groups who made sure everyone got a hot meal -- when the fox 28 news at
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most family gatherings this t te of year come with a big meal -- *too big in fact.that means plenty of leftovers to get you to the new year. year.and that tops tonight's to your health report. report.there are some steps you need to remember to make all that food last as long as possible.first, get it back in the fridge as soon as possible. don't let it sit out for more than two hours. put yoururood in airtighgh containers. because air fuels the bacteria-- so you want to keep that air out. also, make sure your fridge is kept below 40 degrees.and when it's time to re-heat the leftovers, the same temperature rules apply as when you first cooked it. finally, no matter what you do, it's best to finish up your leftovers in about three to four days. here's a bit of hopeful news about curbing your apetite.a hormone produced by the *liver might influence your desire to eat sugar and drink alcohol. researchers studying mice and monkeys found the hormone
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more research is needed to determine how mood also affects cravings. illnesses are a sometimes tough to avoid, especially this time of year. yearthat's because all the holiday gatherings help to spread colds and the dreaded flu.the best way to prevent getting sick is to avoid close contact whenever possible.wash your hands often and cover your mouth when you sneeee or cough.most important of all, if you're already fighting a bug, stay home to keep everyone else from getting sick. still to come on the fox 28 news at ninene nine.what's a holiday without a holiday meal.we'll take you to one event to make sure everyone has a hot dish. dish.and later, it's a working holiday for the u-n-i panthers as they fight it out again in hawaii.highlights -- when the
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holiest days of the christian calendar, the man charged with leading millions relayed a message of peace, humility and charity. tens of thousands packed saint peter's square for pope francis's traditional christmas message to the world. he condemned brutal acts of terrorism, and prayed for an end to war and human suffering. specifically, he mentioned the syrian refugee crisisisbut, he also offered hope on this christmas day. the grace of god can convert hearts and offer mankind a way out of humanly insoluble situations. situations.the pope also spoke of those closest to his heart, the poor and disadvantaged. many took the pope's message to heart - in fact, the catholic charity y eds over 200,000 homeless people on christmas day. a lot of gifts are being given this holiday.some though, aren't coming from under the fox 28 news reporter
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found today, some gave the gift of a christmas day meal. meal. a lot of people are spending time in their kitchens today preparing meals for their family. well here in iowa city, groups of volunteers have prepared a meal for anyone who wants to come. this probably looks a lot like your family kitchen christmas day....busy!gravy man stirring tinkthis one is esescially busy...feeding a holiday meal to 200 guests.sweet potatoes, we've got ham, mashed potatoes, cranberries, dressing-- that's the good stufuf (takes bite) all e fixings...oh yeah!and don't forget dessert.we've got pumpkin, we've got apple.the free lunch program serves food monday through saturday at noon.but organizers start about a momoh ahead of time gathering what they need for the annual christmas eve and christmas day meals.then 60 volunteers worked in shifts to make it come togetherthey could sign up for what they wanted to do, , ich was either preparation or serving or
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the gift room.what they work to give, organizers say some may not have had this christmas goal is to make sure these people have a good meal and they have some type of holiday cheer...they get to somehow celebrate the holiday. it's very important. the gifts of a holiday meal and fellowship.merry christmas to everybodyfree lunch program organizers say they welcome any donations of food, money or your time. if you would likemore information on how to do that, just go to our r website, fox 28 iowa dot com and click on this story. covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. tis' the season of giving and the non-profit 'mission of hope' did just that. that.the charity opened its doors to give a warm meal to anybody who needed it. but today was actually the first time mission of hope cooked for folks on *christmas day. volunteers we caught up with say it's worth givininup some time on christmas with their families to give back.
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needed for everybody and without hope, what is there? there?in total, one hundred and eighty-five people were fed. if you didn't get the white christmas you were hoping for, you might not have totowait long to at least see some snow. snow.marissa scott has more
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the coming year will bring with it some big decisions by ththsupreme court.not only will they impact almost every american, but they could change the shape of the campaign for 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd explains. explains. nine people took the main stage at the last republican presidential debate of 20-15. but could these nine people make an even bigger impact on the nexexgeneral election? "there's a way to put a popular imprint on the federal judiciary. it's not by impeaching judges or that sort of thing. it's by presidential electionsa&to the extent people will actually think ababt the ccrt - as opposed to terrorism, the economy, or you name ita&depends a little on what the decisions are next june." some of the decisions include cases on: affirmative action, redistricting, abortion, and another challenge to the affordrdle care act.all have major political implications for both democrats and
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at the court and think it's a political body, not a body that's actually interpreting the constitution."both sides have accused the court of politics in reaction to recent decisions.this year, republicans in particular - including presidential candidates - bashed d e court for its decisions upholding the affordable care acta&and striking down laws against same-sex marriage. "it just seems as though they were a more liberal court."but perhaps most important, is the issusuof appointments to the courta&four of the current supreme court justices are more than 75 years old. that means the next president could nominate multiple people to the bench."one of the big needs in voting next year, is to vote for a president who'll continue to make good appointments to the supreme court."so far, the judiciary ranks low in voter- issues pollsa&well behind the economy and terrorisma&the social issues the court will decide ona&rank highera&which leaves hope for some politicians, that voters will make that connection
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is going to be very important that americans understand that, that who sits on that supreme court in the future is going to determine a lot of the ways that we live."in washingtona&i'm jeff barnd reportinga& and coming up in sports... sports...a hawaiian christmas for the u-n-i panthers -- how they fared in honolulu today plus.... hoops -- could chicago o t back o otrack?
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hunger -- tell no one... 5:30 jazzercise... 2:30 ... how about some u-n-i basketball in hawaii? hawaii?panthers, taking on b-y- u...told you the grinch was involved!tough first half for the panthehe -- paul jespersoso with the three to cut the lead to ten-- 38-28 at the half.... but u-n-i hotter than chestnuts on the open fire to start the second, klint carlson up, jeremy morgan for three -- put that in your stocking--cuts the cougar lead to three....but chase fischer unconcious for b-y-u -- keep the change ya filthy animal!-- he led all scorers with 26 points... u-n-i able to put a dent into the lead late, washpun steal goes to matt bohannon ...drops another three -- he finished with twenty one but still not enough as u-n-i falls 84- 76.... and wrap up their time in hawaii with a record of 1-
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home this week h hting bradley before m-v-c play begins in the new year... final of the hawaii diamond classic -- iowa state fans, this one probably of interest to you -- number three oklahoma of e big tweleve conference went on a 17-to-2 run to begin the second half.... it came without it came without ribbons, it came withououtags, it came without packages, boxes or bags -- but it did certainly come with plenty of basketball -- and the chicago bulls featured in one of five n-b-a games on christmas day.. jimmy y tler and company y down in oklahoma city.... and on fire in the first half, butler at the buzzer.... is that even legal? more air on that one than santa's sleigh... . -26 at half.f..but t kevin durant can never be counted out... he says anything you can do... i can do just as fine... the thunder mounted a comeback...but there was no stopping the big guy in d -- and i'm not tataing
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low. bulls win 105-96... on steph, on klay, on harrison, iggy and dray!... warriors hosting the cavs.... out to the early lead, and steph doing what steph does -- splash! -- would exit the game briefly with injury...and lebron james took advantage, ties the ball game... proving there's room for everyone on nta's nice list...but golden state stormed back -- especially draymond green -- have yourself a merry little christmas! -- he had 22 -- warriors win the finals rematch 89-83 speaking of los angeles... angeles...santa not the only one who took flight last night -- the hawks in pasadena and back to business. all thth and
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bebeie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders.
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building a future to believe in.
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... for bowl games, and unless you've been living under a rock... you know the hawkeyes received quite the early ristmas gift -- an invitation to the 2015 rose bowl. coach ferentz and the hawks touched down in southern california yesterday -- and pected to get right to work preparing for its game against stanford one week from today. captain kirk told the media earlier this week that it's actually bad luck to nottt practice over the holiday ... so as far as today's itinerary es..... "christmas? it's actually like a wednesday of practice for us -- ho, ho, ho!.... we will celebrate christmas as a team that evening... the nice thing is we're all going to be together... that's our fafaly is time around."" aroundnd"you do football with
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interesting but... i'd rather be with my football family than back home on christmas." big weekend ahead in the n- f-l, as the vikings and green bay packers neck-in-neck for the n-f-c north title.... aaron rgers and the packers with no small task in the already-ppyoff bound arizona cardinals... but all smiles in green bay -- it's the most wonderful time of the year, after all... : "think it's a big dose of positive reality my goodness. just the energy ininhe meetings... christmas music is playing throughout. it's the way it's supposed to be... those types of things really make you dial in and focus... i think it's clearly a big jolt of positive energy that i think everybody is blessed to have." meanwhile in the a-f-c, the chiefs looking to punch their ticket to the playoffs for the first time since 2013..... 2013.....they'll be at
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-- including this weekend against the 3-and-11 browns -- but don't ttnk andy reid d d k-c are overlooking this one "you're not done here. i'd say we just broke .500 but we've still gotta take care of busisiss here sosoeally nothing has been accomplished at this point until we get ourselves ready for cleveland.' cleveland.'"you know arrowhead, to have the home field advatnage, to have our fans behind us is awesome... we got ththbest fans in the country so to come home and be here for these last two will be fun." the bears eliminated from playoff contention but head down to tampa this weekend to faceceormer ad coach lovie smith and the bucs.... it's been two years since he left chicago, but lovie proving to still be pretty popular with the bears players ... "whahayou see is what you get with lovie and he's a player's coach like you've heard from everybody as well...he's obviously the coach that was
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i'll always have respect for coach lovie." lovie.""he's been playing that same defense forever. he sees everything before it happens. we know we've got a tough road ahead of this week but we feel like we have the personnel." that's a check of sports -- we're back with more after this.. this.. hello. i'm mark hyman.a chainsaw is a valuable toto in cutting down trere. but using it the wrong way could case serious injury. or death. misusing any tool can have negative consequences. profiling is a valuable tool in i ielligence and law enforcement. unfortunately, it has been abused. some police officers have stopped motorists for d-w-b . . . driving while black. this
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unconstitutional.but don't end profiling because some have abused it.emerging evidence suggests anti-terrorism officials overlooked or perhaps ignored warning signs regarding ththsan bernardino husband and wife terror team. the man brought home from saudi arabia a woman who was essentially an internet bride. u-s officials approved her visa in spite of giving a fake address and posting social media comments favorable toward violent islamic jihad. she also had ties to a radical cleric . . . and a notorious mosque. saudi arabia and her birth country, . . .pakikian, . . have e th produced countless islamic jihadists. all of these are clear warning signs.yet there are suggestions federal authorities avoid any behavior that might be considered profiling g muslims. so they ignore obvious warning signs of those most likely to engage in violent islamic jihad. or they go to the other extreme and treat everyone as if they e about to blow-up an
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entire terror-screening process bloated, . . .unmanageable . . . and ineffective.ofiling might have prevented the san bernardino terror comment, go to behind the
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tonight, by now you've heard about steve harvey's disasterous night hosting the miss universe pageant earlier this week.he called out the wrong finalili as the winner, king for a very awkward moment when the crown was taken away from the runner up. after days of social media jokes and memes, harvey responded with his own message. message.he posted this picture with a caption making an intentional mistake this time,
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thanks for happy holidays panther fans! today we take a look back at 2015 in our annual panther sports talk year in review show. we spotlight the award winning student athletes on the football team who
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the team to the fcs
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