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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 27, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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as usual, city crews across the area, are busy preparing for the weather headed our way. crews in cedar rapids will report to work at 11 tonight,
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for the biggest concern - ice. they'll hit the main roads first - so they remind drivers to watch for those side and residential streets to most likely be slicker. they say, of course, their tactics of what moves they make throughout tomorrow morning, could change, depending on what the storm does. marion police told us they'll have additional patrols standing by tomorrow morning, ready to respond to crashes - especially since we're expecting the brunt of it to hit during rush hour. meanwhile, in texas, storms of a *different nature have left parts of the dallas area least 11 people were kiled, and dozens more are injured, after tornadoes touched down late last night. omar villafranca has the story from northern texas. texas. david dennison's backyard shed is *shredded*a&wrapped around a pole on his neighbor's property.his neighborhood outside of dallas was one of hardest hit by a swarm of tornadoes.(sot: david dennison/tornado survivor)pipe 1 12:16:01 "we ran inside the bathroom and hunkered down and the next thing you heard
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mayhem, it was loud."(nat pop: sun0017 - caught on cameraa&tornado illuminated by lightning)"oh!"the occasional lightning strike illuminated the twisters that started touching down in the dallas area around 6:30 saturday night. sat0192 - quick mos"everything is gone!" at least 11 people died including several who were in their cars when a tornado crossed interstate 30.(nats of helicopter?)officials say the path of destruction stretches for 40 miles and more than 600 structures are damaged or forecasters say two tornadoes clocked speeds of up to 200 miles per houra&tossing mobile homes like toys and flattening entire streets.the governor of texas says the situation is still volatile across the northern part of the state that is simultaneously experiencing extreme ice and snow conditions and torrential rain.(sot: governor greg abbott/texas)15:24:30 "we need you to remain vigilant about action you might need to take."local officials in a town outside dallas sent out 4 alerts in the minutes before the tornadoes hit, warning people to take cover.(sot: chief neil howard/rowlett fire rescue) pipe 2 - 13:14:00 "i think that's the reason we had fewer fatalities and fewer injuries than we had."but at
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recoverya&authorities warn the number of victims may still rise. four texas counties are under a state of emergency. the national weather service says texas tornadoes this time of year are unusual. back here at home - one person had to be rescued from the cedar river last night, after their car went into it. happened near ellis road northwest around 10-30 last night.police tell fox 28 news that the driver lost control, hit a tree, and then went into the river.rescue crews pulled the driver out - he was the only person in the car, and fortunately, he was *not seriously hurt.police say the driver hasn't been cited for the accident, but could be later on. december is known for the month of giving - a time when a lot of people donate during the holiday season to their favorite charity. unfortunately , it's also a month of *taking - from people who are trying to *scam you out of money. 28 news reporter steffi lee is here with the expert's tips on how to make sure your money goes to the
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one financial advisor says, the main thing anyone looking to donate needs to do - is going an extra step to avoid financial frauds - you can make sure your money goes into the hands of the right cause. cause. new year's eve is uncle sam's deadline for tax write offs on charitable donations "there's a lot of great legitimate charities out there but there's also a lot of scams that we need to be aware of."financial experts like mike foley says to look for any red flags before you cut your check. check."if you're being approached you need to make sure and ask for documentation of their true existence."sites like the better business bureau and charity navigator provide accreddiation reports - where you can verify if a certain organization is a 501 (c) 3.experts also warn against falling victim to high pressure tactics or promises that might sound too good to be true.the federal trade commission says scammers often try to play on emotions.
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charitable contributions to solitications that provide a sweepstakes winning proposal." as you protect your money - -"really the old fashioned way to give is to write a check." same tips apply to your identity. identity."never give out your personal information - your social security number or your bank routing number or credit card number when making charitable donations.:"because every bit of information exposed makes you all the more vulnerable. vulnerable. "often times, scammers will contact you and make it a very rush or hurried decision, and you want to avoid those kinds of contacts and solicitations." with the 2016 tax season around the corner, the i-r-s continues to warn people against phone calls pretending they're from the agency.the i-r-s says they never call demanding payments.steffi lee, fox 28 news. several presidential candidates are making makinga final push for votes in iowa this calendar year. tomorrow, new jersey governor chris christie will be in dubuque for a town hall at
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davenport.on tuesday - the republican will make stops in the corridor.christie will visit the hamburg inn down in iowa city and the field-house in cedar rapids. marco rubio is starting a three-day bus tour kicks off with a stop in burlington for a town hall. tuesday, he's hosting another town hall in waterloo. wednesday, he'll spend some time in parts of western iowa. democrat martin o'malley will also be in eastern iowa tomorrow. tomorrow.he will be stumping in waterloo and tama.the stops are a part of a four-day swing through the hawkeye state for the former marlyland governor. his first event in iowa was today in des moines.o'malley is in third among the three democrats running. whack (someone pelted in the face) face)this was the scene at the cell center earlier where *hundreds turned out for the "turf wars dodgeball tournament." teams of grade school kids, high schoolers and even adults got in on the action.there were even
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whole lot of fun - but also quite the workout! "we are always searching for new things to do, especially kids. basketball, soccer are always around, but dodgeball is something everybody can get excited about. you got parents who are excited to coach kids, you got kids who are excited to play playawards were given out to the tournament winners, *and for best team costume. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,demanding answers--the outcry for an explanation, after 3 officer-involved shootings in chicago, in just 24 hours. plus, wild weather--the part of the country that's *already
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
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announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. a nasty wintry mix, left highways and bridges dangerously slick in the western and central parts of oklahoma. oklahoma.crews are clearing, salting and sanding various roads, and several highways have been shut down.officials are warning of black ice-- urging residents to stay off the roads.and if that's not bad enough, in other parts of the state roads are closed, because of *flooding. we're expecting some of that wintery mix here - and it will most likely affect your drive into work tomorrow. meteorolgist jeff kennedy has the details in your
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still ahead on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,close call--the incredible video a
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wildfire burns in california. plus the strong words from n-f-l star peyton manning after being accused of using
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we're learning more about what happened in the moments before chicago police shot and killed two people victim, who was hit by accident, was opening the door
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"she had nothing to do with this. she was just answering the door for the police."three people shot by police in two separate incidents in less than 12 hours. two of them fatally. the timing couldn't be worse. in both cases, there are questions about whether the shootings were warranted. but neither chicago police, nor ipra---the agency tasked with investigating all police shootings--are saying anything anything"i understand that you all and all chicagoans are anxious for answers as to what happened here. and we will provide any and all information at the appropriate time."it's the first time we've heard from ipra's new administrator since she was appointed a few weeks ago. she was at the day's second police- involved shooting at 103rd place and aberdeen. 26-year-old mekel lumpkin was critically injured when officers responded to an assault in progress. residents acknowledge lumpkin had a gun, but insist he dropped it and
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shot."if he listened to what the police asked him to do the first time there was no reason for him to get shot five times."the bigger questions surround the day's first shooting. 19-year-old quintonio legrier and 55- year-old bettie jones were shot and killed after officers responded to a 911 call from legrier's father. family members say legrier was an n-i-u student, who suffered from some form of mental illness. it was after four this morning when he became violent and threatened his father with an aluminum bat. his father called police and then called his downstairs neighbor to open the door when they arrived. it's not clear whether bettie jones had even finished opening up the door for them when officers fired at legrier who was charging down the stairs still carrying the bat. bat."an innocent lady got shot as well because the police were trigger happy. i went to the hospital. my son has seven, seven bullet holes in
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chicago mayor rahm emmanuel has been under a lot of scrutiny lately - especially after the release of dash cam video showed an officer shooting laquan mcdaniel 16 times. a spokesman for the mayor says he's spoken to the families of both of the latest vicitms and offered his condolences. one photographer got dangerously close to the wildfire burning in california, and had to rush back to his news vehicle to escape the flames. alice martinez shows us the close call. "intense! "brutal look at this" a volcanic like eruption lit up the hills above solimar beach in ventura county on the eve of christmas day. "we had severe conditions, steady 25 mile and hour winds similar to historic fires on the west coast."news crews were in the thick of the fire zone. 23:51:09 "intense! "brutal look at this" i'm going to
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the side of the freeway ashes flowing everywhere super intense. i can barely see."despite the intense winds...2 helicopters made water drops in thick smoke, under the cover of darkness.solimar beach residents packed up and left as they stared down an inferno inching closer to their homes.. "theres six of us now we are probably going to head to santa barbara. ... i don't think theres ever been a fire at this hillside here."in fact, this area hasn't burned since the 1970's ...with a nearly five year drought feeding the flames. fire crews have been able to contain about 70 percent of the fire, and the good news is, no homes have been burned. overseas, people there are dealing with *flooding.heavy rains in england have caused massive flooding in northern
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prime minister david cameron sent hundreds of troops to help evacuate residents and help emergency workers fight the rising water levels. thousands of homes and properties are thought to be at risk.there are several *hundred flood warnings through the u-k. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,a force to reckon with. the new record "the force awakens" has broken, and why it's even *more impressive,
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drivers in utah early christmas morning got a rare glimpse of the elusive jolly man with the big, red sack. "santa" was on his way to a final stop of the year;. but
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trouble, and got some help from some local elves. elves. early christmas early christmas morning.....santa clause was on his way to a party to surprise a family and their children when his car started acting up.16:29 "and all of a sudden everything went off my car went black and black smoke started to fill the engine compartment and all of a sudden i heard a pop." 16:40he got out and saw fire under the car.that's when he grabbed his coat... hat.... bag and wallet and went down the road.a young couple stopped to help him and they called police.crews arrived and put out the fireas he watched s car go up but grateful for the people who came to his aid.18:36 "they're away from their families. there are soldiers
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people who are away from their families on christmas morning who'd rather be somewhere else. but they were there for me not to save my car, but to save me." 18:50.... but santa still had a party to get to.i said well can i help i mean what an opportunity to help santa clause.santa jumped in the truck and raced to the party.after the party.... the young couple wanted to help santa get back home...19:18 "he said what are you gonna do? and i said well i'm not really sure. he reached in his pocket and he took out his own car keys and he gave them to me and says you take my car. and use it as long as you can." 19:30 santa said in all his years of bringing christmas cheer to children and families.... this was the best christmas he's ever had. 20:15 "it's not just presents, it's not just santa and reindeer and bells and trees
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spirit of christmas which is love." 20:28"ho ho ho.... bells ringing" the community is trying to help santa get a new sleigh - so far they've raised more than two-thousand dollars. denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is firing back - after a new report suggests he's linked to a doping ring. the al jazerra report alleges that in 2011, manning received human growth hormones -- shipped under his wife's name. manning missed the 2011 season while recovering from a series of neck surgeries.manning says he is "furious" and "disgusted" by the report, posted online early this morning, and says the entire thing is fabricated. sick, disgust, makes me wanna you know....can't say it on tv but you know, it makes me
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are no shortcuts in the nfl, i've done it the long way, i've done it the hard way, and to insinuate anything otherwise is a complete and total joke, its defamation, and it completely ticks me off offmanning added that he plans to make a *healthy return from a nagging foot injury that has sidelined him since mid- november. it's been an eventful in the world of entertainment. another changing of the guard on late-night--the force awakens--and adele breaks records with a simple hello. suzanne marques takes a look at the year that was. was. (nats red carpet)olympic athlete turned reality tv star bruce jenner became caitylyn jenner.((sot caitlyn jenner/activist)) "it's about all of us accepting one another. we're all different." charlie sheen revealed he has the aids virus.((sot - charlie sheen/actor))"i'm here to admit that i am, in fact, hiv positive."sheen says he was dianosed four years ago - around the time he was fired from the hit cbs sitcom, "two and a half men" for his erratic behavior. more than
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accusations of sexual abuse against bill cosby -- dating back decades. cosby denies the allegations.ben affleck and jennifer garner broke up after ten years of marriage. rockers gwen stephani and gavin rossdale also called it quits, but she quickly rebounded with a romance with blake shelton, who split ffrom his wife, miranda lambert. jennifer aniston, cameron diaz and sofia vergara all got married. kim kardashian and kanye west welcomed their second child, and sandra bullock adopted her second. (nats red carpet)jennifer lawrence became the highest paid actress... but criticized hollywood for still paying her male costars more.(nats hunger games)she also wrapped up the final installment of the hunger game series. viola davis became the first african- american to win an emmy for best actress in a drama.(nats music)and ballerina misty copeland became the first black female principal dancer
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(nats show)the smash hit musical "hamilton" brought hip hop to broadwaya& with a multi racial cast performing the life of founding father alexander hamilton.taylor swift took on apple over not paying artists during a three month free trial of its streaming service - and won. (nats - hello from the outside....)and adele's long-awaited third album, "25" became the top selling album of the year in its first week. david letterman signed off after 33 years of late night television.(sot) (courtesy: worldwide pants, inc.)"thank you for everything. you've given me everything." (nats/applause colbert)stephen colbert took over as host of "the late show."(nats the force awakens)and a blast from the past broke box office records. members of the original cast of star wars reunited for "episode 7: the force awakens." .
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awakens because the numbers are it hit another milestone, earning a *billion dollars in global sales faster than any film in history.the film took 12 days to hit the billion dollar mark, one day earlier than previous record holder 'jurassic world.'it also scored a record for christmas day box office sales.and it did this all *without china. the film hasn't even opened there yet - and it's the second biggest film market in the world.china will see it, january 9th. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,tracking storms.when a major snow and ice event is expected to hit eastern iowa, and how it will affect your
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one person had to be rescued from the cedar river last night, after their car went into it. happened near ellis road northwest around 10-30 last night.police tell fox 28 news that the driver lost control, hit a tree, and then went into the river.rescue crews pulled the driver out - he was the only person in the car, and fortunately, he was *not seriously hurt.police say the driver hasn't been cited for the accident, but could be later on. we're tracking storms that are sure to make roads difficult to drive tomorrow.
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the hawks hope to soar past stanford's defense... coming up in sports... iowa's offense talks about what they're preparing for on the other side of the ball... and in the n-f-l... the chiefs are looking to clinch a spot in the playoffs... the
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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when people think of style of play... iowa and stanford are mirror images of one another... hard-nosed, physical at the line of scrimmage... and most of all... stingy on defense... stanford is very good on "d" again... but late in the season... they started showing cracks... giving up 22 points or more in five of their last six games... greg davis and the iowa offense will look to exploit some of those leaks in the rose bowl on friday... but they know there's plenty of talent lining up on the other side of the ball..
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you look at stanford... is the number of linebackers and the number of athletes that they have... and so your team has to really be in tune to what kind of structure you're seeing... seeing...they play hard throughout all phases of the game... whether it be the run game or the pass game... they have big linebackers.. that's one thing that really sticks out to us... they're a physical group of guys... and we know that on the offensive side we're gonna have to execute in the run game and the pass game to be able to be successful... a tough year for jake duzey has gotten a little bit tougher... iowa announced today that the senior tight end will not play in the rose bowl after re-injuring his knee in practice last week... duzey was supposed to be a big part of the offense... but because of that knee... he played sparingly and never caught a pass in 20-15... duzey caught 36 balls last season... next in sports... it was a bad day in the desert for green bay... packers- cardinals highlights are
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don't look now... but the packers are peaking in december... entering today's game in arizona... green bay's won three straight... and a win against the cards would clinch another division title... and keep the pack in the running for a first-round bye... to the desert we go... all eyes on this one... between two of the best in the n-f- c... second quarter... pack down 10-0... but mike daniels... right place... right time... the former hawkeye comes up with the i-n-t... but the packers still trailed 17-0 at half... and then in the third... david
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away with it... northern iowa's finest scampers in for six... another big day for johnson... cardinals up big... and it only got worse... aaron rodgers was in trouble all day... here's one of arizona's nine sacks on the afternoon... scooped up by cory redding... and the fat fella takes it all the way back to the house... the rout was on... eventually the packers got on the board... a screen pass from aaron rodgers to eddie lacy... and number 27.... runs for a 28-yard touchdown... but it didn't matter on this day... the packers get smoked by the arizona cardinals, 38-8 the final score from the desert... and the mood after the game... wasn't good... we have a standard we've set around here for a long time... and we just haven't lived up to it... we've had some very poor halves... and we've had some good halves... we felt like this could've been an opportunity today to have another good half and get back into the game... but a couple fumbles later you're down 31
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ugly loss... to a very good football team... the most important thing is how we respond to this... it's definitely a hard one to swallow... the vikings trying to make the packers sweat a little bit... and wrap up a playoff spot themselves... they lead the giants right now in the third quarter, 22 to 3... harrison smith has a 35 yard interception return for the vikes... the bears and bucs are out of the playoff hunt... but they still played a game on sunday... second quarter, bears down a score... they've got two backs in the backfield... and tampa chases the wrong guy... kadeem carey right up the gut... we're tied at 7... third quarter... this was a game changer... jameis winston under attack.... and he just throws it up... harold jones-quartey comes down with it and returns it to the 30... big turnover there..then it was time to dial up a play fake... jay cutler to ka'deem carey... easy money... nice play call by adam gase... bears take a 19-13 lead... and they don't give it up...
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chicago improves to 6-9 on the year... they'll wrap up their season next week.. i like the way they responded.. the game didn't start real smooth... they blocked a punt... went in for an early touchdown... our guys just kept clipping away and i liked our toughness... toughness...that first quarter... we put ourselves in a few holes... we had a few holdings that kind of hurt us a little bit... but for the most part it was a pretty clean game... against a defense like this... that's how you have to play... it all looked so bleak... for the kansas city chiefs... they were 1-5... and the season looked to be lost... but since then... it's been smooth sailing... today... they went for their ninth straight win and a playoff berth... andy reid's team hosting the cleveland browns... hey, remember when alex smith couldn't throw touchdown passes to his wideouts?... not this year... jeremy maclin.. from 11 yards out... his sixth t-d of the season... chiefs up 7-zip... and then just before the half... smith is looking for more... this time he
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lead into the break... \but the browns made it a four-point game... and they had a chance on the final drive... after the completion here... johnny manziel trying to get everybody to line up so they can spike it... but tick tick tick... the clocks runs out on cleveland... but the fun is just beginning for the chiefs... they clinch a playoff spot with their ninth straight win... 17-13 the final... the chiefs are now just a half-game back of denver in the a-f-c west... it put us in a day by day week to week deal, and that was our mind frame.... and it was good... we weren't thinking about anything else... we're just kinda living day by day week to week... because of the hole we were in... and just slowly kind of dug our way out... our thing is... just trying to lay one brick at a time... the best we can... instead of looking at the whole wall... just try to lay one brick at a time.. the best way possible and just go from there... that's a check of sports,
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this just into the newsroom police in cedar rapids are investigating a report of shots fired that took place just hours ago.they tell us they got the call just after 5-30 and responded to the scene on the 12-hundred block of 5th avenue southeast.police
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recieved a call from a local hospital with someone from a gunshot wound.his injuries aren't life threatening, and the case is still being
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oh, god. (sighs) oh, god, why did i think i could write a book? ooh! this is bad. ooh, this is really bad. oh. ooh, that ... that ... oh... it still ... still ...! you know what?
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