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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 29, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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right now on fox 28 news -- digging out bere the next round. round."we've been pretty swamped today."how towing compmpies are keeping up with the sudden jump in demand. demand.also tonight, paying big bucks to come to the united states."it poses significant national security risk."the debate over a visa program some fear terrorists could exploit. exploit.also tonight, the mass migratioof hkeye fans.we are headed for the rose bowl team coverage of the trip to pasadena, and some of the sights thousands of iowans are game. fox 28 news begins tonight with another chance of snow just hours away. away.chief meteorologist terry swails has been tracking this second round. round.and terry it sounds like this one will be much easier
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terry before our next round of light snow comes in, those who fell victim to the last round are trying to dig out. out.for those, like myself, who wound up on the side of the road, towing crews are front and center of that cleanup 28 news porter dora m mler spent the
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crews.and joins us now live from cedar rapids with more, dora? w truck drivers haven't gotten a break today...but while they were cleaning up our roadways, we rode along with darrah's towing to find out just how bad the winter storm was. was. there's no such thing as a typical day for ryan... ryan... "i've pulled them out of rivers and houses, off train tracks, we see it all." but winter storms are a different beast. beast. "we've been pretty swamped today."monday's weather left cars stranded and beat up. up. "got a lot of accidents and just cleaning up from the storm yesterday, there's a few in the ditch that we gotta start pulling out."."so on tuesday -- darrah's towing took care of what was left from mother nature's wrath. wrath. "i'm on 32nd avenue north from highway 30." 30." "it's usually the day after the storm hits is when we get really busy, ecause if they put the tow ban in effect
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towing."and as the sun goes down, it's less about cars already involved in accidents -- and more about avoiding the next one. one. "there's been close calls, just people not slowing down and getting over for us out on the highways."it seems as if ryan's job is nfver done... done... "job security haha." " (cover with video)even the effects of storms from weeks ago are still on his radar. radar. "a car slid on the bridge and came across the center line and hit us... "kinda toasted the truck, but that's the way it goes sometimes."so fromomsomeone who's seen it all -- "we see just about anything and everything."be careful -- because you don't want to see him. if you're driving tonight, be extra vigilant because tow truck drivers will be working...and at night, it can be hard to see them on the side o@ the highway.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news. dora thanks.turning now to benton county. county.where tonight, a 56- year-old man is dead after a grain bin accident.
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fternoon in the town of keystone.officials say the man was vacuuming grain into a semi, when a wall of corn surrounding him collapsed. crews were unable free him before it was too late. authorities have not released the man's name. a deadly crash to tell you about today in linn county. county.this one happened just before noon along highway 151 near fairfax. fairfax.the linn county sheriff's office tells fox 28 news three e hicles collided on a viaduct.the iowa state patrol says 49-year-old terri skalsky of walford crossed the center line and hit an oncoming car-skalskyied in the crash-- one other person was taken to a local hospital for treatment. in north liberty this afternoon. afternoon.another major traffic tie-up, this one caused by a car on fire.crews had to shut down the southbound lanes of i-380, bringing traffic to a standstill.this all happened around 3:45 this afternoon. fortuantely no one was hurt,
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it's getaway day, takaktwo for hawkeye fans trying to get to pasadena. pasadena.yeseterday's winter storm threw a monkey wrench in a lot of those, however, was a much better story. 28 news reporter mellaney moore has more now airport. the hawks are taking flight. weare headed for the rose bowl tuesday the eastern iowa rport turned into a nest of black and gold.just abobo's good to see. it's heartwarming, honestly because it just shows how many people are out there supporting our team.13 charter planes are taking fans to cheer on the hawkeyes in the e 2016 r re bowl in n pasadena, california.we should get a bouquet before we go to the gamethe largest airplane leaving c-i-d tuesday... a 747... is for hawk fans.that lds 470 people.we had people here by 3:00 a.m. ready to check in and it has been nonstop ever since.hinman is having a long day herself. she's been at the airport since e 00 in the morning toto
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adrenaline, everybody's in a great mood, so these are the fun days, i mean this is great. by the end of the day, california will gain these 3,000 hawk fans.the rososbowl is the granddaddy of them all and we're looking forward to it.there is one more charter flight tomorrow.that leaves at 9:30 in the morning.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, memeaney moore, fox 28 n ns as for the football team, they've already been in california for a few days now. now.besides preparing for the plenty of down time as well. well.we have team coverage for you tonight on the iowa hawkeyes' run for the roses. 28 sports anchor zach hanley kicks off tonight's coverage live from los angeles, zach? ever since cj beathard was the starting qb the hawkeyes have been hitting the high notes- 12 wins, a trip to the big 10 championship) and now the rose bowl! but beatatrd isn't ly making music on the field field
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luck and cj beathard is one of those guys.not only does iowa's qb tear it up on the field, he shreds it on the guitar.we'll go down to the basement and jam sometimes,s, just play guguar together and jam and it's fun to about a total heartthrob.when i found that out he still ha thatlong flowing hair so he kinds had that whole guitar feel to him so i definitely could haveveseen that.obviously its in hisisenes, and in his blood, with his dad writing so many good country songs, but year that's just another hidden talent of cj beathard. but does playing the guitar help him with the ladies?umum don't know, i don't know, maybe, maybe it, definitely i tell him all the time. if his name wasn't cj beathard he wouldn't be able to get any girls.yeah maybin wowos says and maybin doesn't know.sounds like hte jury's still out.and if this football thing doesn't work.if all else fails i think i play guitar
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think that uff runs in my blood. man to be cj beathard! he hasn't performed infrfrt of the team yet... and he said the only way that will happen if iowa wins the rose bowl. zach to say thousands of hawkeye fans escaping to the warmth of southern california are enjoying the break from the snow. snow.besides the sun and surf, many are getting a close look at a piece of iowa's history that's been floating near pasadena for more than three years.s. 28 n ns anchor kevin barry continues tonight's team coverage with a visit to the battleship iowa. iowa. most of the fans who have made their way to pasadena are focucud on one of the biggest gamemein program history. but just a few miles away -- is a battleship named for the back to its midwestern visitors. with tens of thousands of iowa fans coming to pasadena -- the uss
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home - even if it's just in the name. it seems all real now. before we had heard about it read about it ansaw pictures but it's great to be here and b bon the ship. this model form -- is the very real reason beth lloyd enlisted in the navy. i was in 4th grade and we were in the capitol and there's a display of the uss iowa in ththcapitol and i remember going i want to be on that. she says when she joined in 1986 women weren't allowed on battleships.before she retired in 2010 as a chief petty officer - she finally made it to an aircraft carrier. her father's wonderful. it's outstanding ...says he's supported the fundraising effort to save the ship and make it a museum. it's exceptionallllwowoerful to be able to be on the iowa when iowa is coming to the area for the game. it makes everything ten times more fun. & that fun comes through the work of iowan's and people lili dave way - the curator who lived on the ship while they refurbished it. he says a
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sourvineers aren't the only thingshawkeye fans should take from southern california. i think they should have an appreciations for the design effort and the craftsmanship in the shipyards as well as the many veterans th served and pride in america. iowa students can get on board free to the end of january. iowa residents are always free. coming up later this week, we'll bring you the story of one special californian who has been linked to the usus iowa nearly his entire life - and how he's giving back now. in pasadena, kevin barry, fox 28. we'll have much more from kevin and zach coming up in our next half hour and all is week.and don't miss our 30-minute special which will air new year's eve at 6:30 on our sister station, cbs 2.and new year's day at 7:30 a-m right here on fox 28.. also coming up on the fox 28 news at nine...
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the latest republican to bow out of the race f esident - when the fox 28 news at nine returns. jeb bushshdonald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said that isis was not our fight. donald trumpmplet syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hilly's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows.
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you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief,, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer:ight to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 15 gigs of data for just $70! but i wanteded pony. [ gasps ] yoyore getting data. pony-sized data? u.s. cellular sized data. 15 gigs of good, strong data you can actually use because it works in the middle of anywhere. i'd like $100! you're gettiti $400 in promomoards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70.
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us tomorrow at 7 on fox 28 morning live.we're getting g in the new year's spirit with our friends from hy-vee.they have cock-tail ideas perfect for your parties and get togethers.that's tomorrow on fox 28 morning iowans who knew a soldier killed in afghanistan are heading to new york tonight to pay their last respects. respects.sargeant joseph lemm was killed in a icide attack just before christmas. chchstmas.he was among six soldiers killed when an attacker rammed an explosive-
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patrol.lemm spent part of his childhood in the dubuque area and many family members still l live there.his funeral will take place at saint patrick's cathedra in new york tomorrow morning. turning now to tonight's vote 2016 coverage... coverage...the race for the republican nominatiti is now down to a dozen candidates. candidates.that's because former new york governor george pataki announced just an hour ago that he's ending his run for'll recaca, papaki was one of a number of candidates that complained to n-b-c, demanding equal time after donald trump appeared on satuay night live.well tonigh pataki got his time and used it to announce he was dropping out of the race. for months, donald trump has held onto the lead in most polls.all while not spending a dime on advertising on television.but it appears that's about to change. change."we're gonna spend a lot of money over the next four weeks. we don't want to take any chances. were too close."
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comes as other republicans have risen in the polls, challenging trump's frontrunner status.this week, new hampshire's largest newspaper endorsed new jersey governor chris christie ovov trump. governor christie is polling well in new hampshire, but barely registering in iowa. still, he's trying to turn that around before the caucuses now just over a month away., he spoke at the hamburg inn in iowa city. christie told supporters the u-s should look at a number of emerging energy options, including ethanol. "there are all kinds of problems with all different technology what we need to do is to have a balance. and pursue all these things and not invest all that we have invested in ethanol so far and then walk away i think it hbs a place in our energy portfolio and we h he to do other things as well." well."christie also said he wouldn't rule out sending u-s forces back to the middleeast if he felt the threat from isis or anyone else put american lives at risk.the war
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the most talked about topics on the campaign trail. after recent attacks, many havergued that a u-s program that allows wealthy foreigners to literally buy their visas could be taken advantage of. of.despite the controversy, congress approved the program, known as e-b-5, for another 28 news national correspondndt kristine frazao has a closer look at that program. program. what do the washington coliseum, this seattle office building, and new york city's dson yardsdsave in common? they were all funded by foreign-born citizens, who in exchange for at least half a million in cash, got an american visa.the program is called eb-5 and supporters, like the group invest in the u- s-a, say it's " an important tool for economic development and job creation at no cost to taxpayers."three billionaires frfr very different backgrounds, also touted its
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op-ed. sheldon adelson, warren buffett and bill gates@joined forces asserted:"people willing to invest in america and create jobs deserve the opportunity totoo so."but the program, which has grown immensely since it first started back in 1990 has not been without its fair share of controversy, from a ponzi scheme in chicico where dozens of investoto were cheated out of millions of dollarsa&. to whistleblowers claims that those who apply don't' get thorough background checks "this program has been plagued with fraud and abuse but more importantly it poses significant national security risk."senator chuck grassley says eb5 is supposed to help low income areas but instead benefitstswealthy developers. he called for reform and listed allegations against it. terrorist travel, economic espionage, money laundering the government accountability institute's peter schweizer says despite the high price tag, plenty take advantage of
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like china or india where it's politically unststle, the economoms are kind of shakey, the united states is a great sort of second place to have." calls for reform turned down - the program extended once washington i'm kf reporting. the e-b-5 program was just extended with the passage of the omnibus spending bill. it will remain in tact until at
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid d ar, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'm moving to a place where i can get internet from centurylink. if i get the three year price lock, am i stuck with the three year contract? no. that j jt means the price won't change. for three years. that wayhe price is locked, you're not. you can just hang out and be free.
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without a contract when you bundle with unlimited nationwide calling.
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...we take you back live to pasadena for a look at the rich history the rose bowl has collecteafter more than a century of football. football..but first,t,he special training officers are taking to make sure they can respond to citizens with it works -- when the fox 28 news at nine
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acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. ththmiddle class will c ctinue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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police officers are trained in how they carry themselves - and how they handle a crisis. crisis.but it takes a different skill set for officers to work w wh someone who has an autism-related 28 news reporter steffi lee shows us how cedar rapids officers can properly respond to people with special needs. tonight's voices of diversrsy report. report. sometimes - -flashing lights could trigger the opposite response from people with autism. autism. "because a lot of individuals with autism, that sensory overload is so tremendous."sergeant cristy hamblin with the cedar rapids police department says their voluntary registration program creates a database for all first responders in the city. city. "we have had children and adults that have special needs that may not knowhere they belong." belong.""the program's registration form is very
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the photo of the person you're registering - second they ask for any verbal or nonverbal forms of communication and lastly - they ask f any places they're kno toto wandnd to." to."on the streets - people with autism or developmental disabilities could stray away from what they're doing - potentially causingtragedy. sometimes - the typical trainini isn't the right response. response. "it's the red lights and sirens that draw them and they don't know the boundary of i tta stay on the sidewalk." sidewalk." "that could actually be scary for someone who has autism - and you're not sure how they're going to respond."but the program tracks a person's way of communicating, usual behaviors, and knowing where he or she can find safety - - "the biggest thing is if we can prevent or if we can reunite a family before a tragedy occurs, that is our main goal."coverinthe corridor in cr, steffi lee, fox 28 news. the cedar rapids police department will expand this program early next year when
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sign people up online. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.the rose bowl is c cled the 'granddaddy of them all' for a reason.we'll show you some of the unique history behind this century old game. game.and later, the number one team in college basketball comes to carver.. as the underdog!highlights from tonight's big ten opener for the hawkeyes -- when the fox
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announcer: one candidate tou enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. if yesterday's sleet, freezing rain and snow wasn't enough for you, you don't have to wa long for another r round of winter weather to roll through eastern iowa. in less than a week, the corridor has gone from a tornado threat to a major winter storm. storm.with winter conditions firmly in place, it's time to look ahead at the next threat of flakes, flakes,chief meteorologist
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tell us why this round of snow
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terrthanks. turn again to the iowa hawkeyes and the invasion of papadena. pasadena.we'll have more on the team's preps to take on stanford in friday's rose bowl showdown in just few minutes. minutes.but first, there's a lot of history to a bowl game so old it's known as the grandaddy of them alal all.we go back to los angeles now where fox 28 news anchor kevin barry has more on that, kevin? this weather is a nice change for any hawkeye fans c cing from snow-covered eastern iowa - but aside from the heat - iowa fans are also stepping southern california. california.the rose bowl actually came after the rose bowl parade - it was a way to try to get the rest of the nation to pay attention to pasadena in the early 1900's. befo then - the parade was just a way for the local population to try and show off to the rest of the nation. based on the weather the last
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will serve the same purpose. we like to refer to ourselves as the mediterranean of the west and we like to show off that with the oranges and citrusthat's in bloom. we also have lots of flowers includininroses s d it was to show everybody that while they were burried in winter, and snow they could come and visit and they'd have a winter paradise here. in pasadena, kevin barry, fox 28 news. kevin thanks.the latest information now in the e war on terror...authorities in europe say they've stopped a plot to launch attacks on new year's eve. eve.two men are in custody and authorities are trying to figure out if more were
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political reporter scsct thuman spent time in europe investigating the terror threat. threat.and has more tonight in this fox 28 news exclusive. exclusive. "nats soldiers walking around brussels"the very soldiers we saw trying to o protect brussels from an attack, may have been the target in this newly uncovered, alleged plot. belgian authorities say law enforcement office & the famous grand place...the main gathering spot for holiday events---were among the targets. this is video we took earlier this month of soldiers guarding that very site.they say 2 men were arrested with military-type uniforms and islamic state propogandada"nats of speaking in french"this member of parliament told us, they're still struggling to discover warning signs in the fast growing phenomena of radicalization."we need to have the modesty totosay that we don't understand and that we don't know everything that's happening--that's why i hope we'll be able to arrest jihadists alive so that we can learn more."across europe,
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security, surveillance & id checks leading up to new year's in the united states, precautions "this is the first time we've had such a full time dedicated force in such a number in this city and it is going to make a big differencein new york, tuesday, the mayor triededo caca any fears announcing the ployment of a new, 500- strong, counter terrorism team. in washington dc, promoters moved a new year's eve party from the hilton downtown, all the way to philadelphia due to secucuty concerns...and in las vegas, national guardsmen will join more than 15-hundred law enforcement officers and firefightters r the vegas strip's biggest attraction of the year...where some 300- ththsand people are expected to ring in the new year."we are mandating as a police department that everybody is all hands on deck. everybody will be working on new year's eve"back to brussels, even though no weapons or explosives were found in the searches, policecere cacaing ese 'serious threats' and while there is supposedly no connection in this raid to the paris attacks---remember, several of the paris suspects were *from* brussels.on capitol ll, scott thuman. on friday... it'll be all about football...
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talk... coming up in sports... we have all your coverage from media day at the rose bowl... and on the hardwoodod. iowa welcomes the country's number-one team to carver... stick around for
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as iowa football cruised to their best season in program history... their demeanor never anged... whether it was on the field... or in front of cameras and microphones... they're always boring... but today... at rose bowl media day... the hawkeyes let their hair down and h h some fun... c-b-bs two sports reporter zach hanley was there
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it was rose bowl media day, which happened to be the last time we were able to talk to the hawkeye players. so everybody on the roster was in one room for one final hoorah... hoorah... media day at the rose bowl was just a little bit different than media day at iowa in augustblythe: "this is way different you know. we didn't have these scuffles with my picture on or anything like that so it's a lot different." ferentz: "id say the size of the room and the amount of people here right? but it's all good we are thrilled to be here."because iowa is back in the granddaddy of the all and medididay means it's almost game daydaniels: "it's an exciting period for everybody on the team just leading up to the game with all the people around. we got ththteam together and just asking us questions about the game just gets us more amped up, more excited to go out there and play. something the hawks
9:35 pm
the talking and talking and taking is tiri.blythe: "i think we are ready just to play. at this point we've done all we can."daniels: "talk is cheep. so you know you want to go out there and you want to go perform. you want to stop all the talklkg and et your play do all the taking for you." the players are ready. the fans are ready... andnow we wait... friday at 4 can't come soon enough..... in pasadena... c-b-s two... zach hanley... about five-and-a-half weeks ago... the number one eam in college basketball visited iowa... and left a ller... when u-n-i shocked the north carolina tar heels... tonight... iowa had a chance to do the same... and send michigan tate back to east lansing with their first loss of the s sson... evev with plplty of fans in pasadena... it was packed at carver... and they had plenty to cheer about in the first half... here's peter jok rling around a screen... he
9:36 pm
six early... they were feeling it... nicholas baer fights for the loose ball... no hesitation... and the freshman drills it from n-b-a range... that started a 12-0 run... that was aided by some lucky boununs... dom uhl... uses the window... it was that kinda first half for the hawks... and then to end the half... jok still in the zone... rattles home the jumper... iowa was up 14 at half... and they are putting ititn e spsptans now... 63-51 in the second half... over the number one team in the country... to hoops now... so far this seas... the iowa women have done what they're supposed to do... picked up some marquee non-conference wins on their way to a 10 and 2 record... but now it's time for bluder's bunch to blast off in the big ten... for the next couple weeks... the hawkeyes better be road warriors... four of iowa's first six conference gamam are away from carver... starting on thursday at nebraska... but these hawks don't mind the grind... we're excited to go into the big ten season... make some waves... i don't think people expect as much as thth did in paststears... kinda being that
9:37 pm
we're ranked... little bit of a weird feeling but we're ready for it... : it's a grind... gog 18 games... and then having a tournament at the end of it... it's just a long process... it's a amarathon not a sprint... it'd be great to start out on a positive note with a nebraska win... now to the wrestling mat... all three iowa schoooo e well-represented at the midlands championships... in total... nine wrestlers have advanced to tomorrow's semifinals... seven of them are iowa hawkeyes... not listed there are sammmmbrooks at 184 and sam stoll at 285... and one cyclone and one panther are still in contention... josh alber at 133... and tanner weatherman at 165... coming u uin sports... more hoops talk... find out what steve prohm and the cyclones as they get ready to
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iowa state america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, ising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at homee and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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iowa state will return to hilton on wednesday night... for the first time in 17 days... but this won't just be your typical cupcake non- conference game... the cyclones are back in ames with a renewed sense of urgency... the 'clones will be a little older and a little wiser tomorrow night against coppin state... they say they've learned some,lessons after losing to u-n-i and escaping against cincinnati... and they're glad they did before the start of big twelve competition... winning the right way... going out there and getting stops... creating turnovers... and really just playing the right way and the iowa state way... really just not beating teams
9:40 pm
than them but really outplaying them... i think that's a key for us going forward... forward...just getting better... getting better with what we can do... getting better and preparing for an upcoming game and preparing for the big twelve... northern iowa was the only team to beat ththe cyclones..... but they were brought back down to earth quickly... with a loss to b-y-u in hawaii... but tomorrow night... these panthers will try to do at they've done four times already this season... and that's bounce back from a loss... with a win... u-n-i plays bradley at the mcloud center... tip-off is set for 7 p-m... in big ten hoops... wisconsin hosted 14th-ranked purdue tonight...and the badgers gave the boilermakers all they could handle... and they were led by the vet... nigel hayes.... stroking from three... he had 17 tonight... but purdue recovered... a-j hammon.. large and in charge down low... he led all scorers 61-55... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your
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returns. hello. i'm mark hyman. is there another recession around the corner? there are worrisome economic indicators of what may be lurking ahead.94 million people are still not in the labor force. that's a record high. less than 63 percent of the labor force is actually working.there are other serious problems. existing home saleleand new home sales have both fallen. housing starts on rental properties -- the affordable option for lower-income americans -- have tuled.u-s factory orders have been down for months. 15% in ththe past year. the last two times they fell like this was leading into the 2001 and 2008 recessions.corporate profits are trending downward.
9:42 pm
that have often fuelededjobs growth . . . are on a steady decline. it's a decline that began 15 years ago.this mirrors the dramatic increase in deficit spending in washington.the national debt was fifi and a half trillion dollars in 200o. today, it's nearly 19 comment,
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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thanks for watctcng your fofo
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