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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 30, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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security measures. measures.faces behind the funeral.the emotional sendoff for an iowa native lost to the war in afghanistan. afghanistan.also tonight, the items everyone should have even if you never use them. "i'm even prepared for other people who a an't ready. improving the odds of survival, should you ever get stranded. stranded.and forget the factory line."e product at a time. time. fox 28 news begins tonight with terrorism concerns in a place thousands of iowans are flocking to -- southern california.right now, federal agencies are tightening security around the rose bowl festivities. festivities.that includes the tournament of roses parade and the rose bowl game pitting the iowa hawkeyes against stanford friday 28 news anchor k kin barry is in pasadena and joins us right now live with more, kevin? with headlines over the past few months often centerinin
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trying to prevent them, fans can't help but think about it leading up to one of the most well known bowl games in college football. with the shooting in san bernardino it did. it did enter our minds but we felt that we can't live with fear ananwe should go ahead and proceed with our lives. the news that the rose bowl is one of just a handful of events around the news years celebrations that federal authorizes are paying extra attention to doesn't faze or surprise janet's husband clint. no it doesn't. in the back of my mind i figured if they were going to cause a big bang they'd try something at a college bowl. the city of pasadena says it didn't surprise them either. just outside city hall - the los angeles county sheriff's department has the square blocked off and they're using it as a commandsdscentererthe rose bowl parade w wl pass by just a block away. when i say
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available - a lot of those, the public may not actually even see. they weill be deployed along the parade ute at key areas for more rapid response. boyer says the pasadena police department is in charge of all the state and federal agencies that are partnering to keep everyon safe. he says a year of preparation has resulted in more personnel and specialized equipment. i figure there is probably better security now than normal so we're going anywaygotta live your life. you can't just set and hide in a corner so they win that way too. we also spoke with iowa president bruce harreld today about those security concerns. he says he has faith in the pasadena police department and all the state and federal agencies under their command. we're working with all the local authorities to continue to provide support but it's their show and were actually
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very respectful. they're doing a great job they were doing a wonderful job setting up and i think we're going to have a wonderful game. the city says the only new regulation for fans is a new clear bag policy. they say selfie sticks, umbrellas and drones have always been banned. in pasadena, kevin barry, cbs 2 news ten at 10. kevin thanks.even beyond pasadena, there is a worldwide effort underway to thwart any possible new year's terror attacks. 28 news senior political reporter scott thuman has more now on the effort to keep tomorrow night's celebrations -- safe. safe. bomb-making equipment and an explosive device inside this backpack, just some of what was seized in a raid by turkish police who arrested two men, accused of plotting a new years eve attack.whether
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or social media---terrorism's alteration of our daily lives is only increasing: "i trust that the tsa and everyone else is taking extra meausres to make sure that we all can enjoy our holidays"leery travelers may be protected by another layer of security now that the tsa plans to augment randon screening for more airle & airport empls york city will see 6-thousand police officers converge on time's square festivities this new year's eve to protect the roughly 1-million revelers expected...a graduating class of nypd this week, reminded they'll need more than weapons though to prevent attacks."i encourage you to build bridges to the communities in this city that the islamic state is attempting to target for recruitment."and disney world, advertised as the happiest place on earth--has a slightly less welcoming look now that it and other theme parks are
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detectors on guests.u-s military commanders, stressing there is no room for *inaction*."it is important that people understand that as long as those external attack planners are operating, the united states military will hunt them and we will kill them."colonel warren who you just heard from says there have been numerous successes recently in the fight, primarly via air strikes that have taken out numerous terror leaders--he e ys, they're going after the so-called 'head of the snake' and while making strides, it still has fangs--which is why everyone needs to be vigilant.on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman in new york today, funeral services were held d r a soldier killed in afanistan who had ties to eastern iowa. iowa.sergeant joseph lemm was among six killed in a suicide attack earlier this month.lemm grew up in the dubuque area. thousandndturned out to pay their respects to the new york city police veteran that many called "superman."but there
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caught our attention... this picture, taken by an associated prere photographer, tells the story beyond the flag-draped casket.this is sergeant lemm's four year old son ryan, saluting his father. a moment in time, capturing a lifetime of loss and pain for one family, thousands of miles from any battlefield. an iowa woman held hostage for more than a year - may finally be getting compensation for her ordeal. ordeal.kathryn koob (kobe) of waterloo was one of 53- americans taken hostage during the iranian revolution of 1979. terms of their release in 1981 prevented them from suing the government - but the group has been seeking other avenues of compensation ever - koob and her fellow hostages could receive 10-thousand dollars s r every day they were held - 444-days in all. while there are still some bureacratic steps in the coming months - it could still
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million dollars each including the estates of the hostages who have since died.with the news still fresh - koob says she's still taking it all in. "i'm not sure that i have absorbed it comometely yet. it's something that you hoped would happen, but you simply wait and see what's going to follow up." up."koob stresses that the money is *not t coming from m tax is attached to a spending bill signed by the president that includes a nine-billion dollar penalty against a french bank for violating sanctions against iran, sudan, and cuba.koob also credits former iowa senator tom harkin and former representative bruce braley for keeping the effort alive all this time. an early morning snow fortunateleldidn't cause many problemsmstoday. today.but now that we have our winter snow, it's time for some winter cold. cold.chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with your
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temps are in the teens and 20s 20s mostly cloudy skies prevaill prevaiai skies will become partly cloudy thursday but it will be coco. temperatures will rise from 17 at 6am to 19 at 3pm 3pm in this weather, you have to be prepared for anything... including a worst case scenario. scenario.which begs the question -- if you get
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ready?fox 28 news reporter dora miller was around town today asking and she joins us live with what you need to survive. you might think in this age of cell phones here in eastern iowa you wouldn't have to worry about being stranded... but wh we asked what's in your trunk -- we found out some people are ready for anything. anything. "i'm so ready."with a full trunk, shua's ready for whatever nature puts down. down. "i'm ready to dig myself out a lilile snow cone scoop and besides that i can milk my snow for the water."he ss he can handle his worst-case scenari.. scario... "this i canook for help, looking for help, looking for help. oh yea, look at all that help. i'm looking for flags, looking for flares, smoke signals."and other people's worst-case scenarios... scenarios... "i'm even preparar for othehepeople who aren't ready. you got your jumper cables for people. my car never fails but somebody else's car might."but is it enough?red cross officials says you might nt to invest
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"it's really important for people t tbe prepared and they sometimes think 'it's never going to happen to me' and when you have that kind of attitude, guess what? it's goa happen to you." flashlights -- three-day supply of food and water -- and a a cell phone charger... things you might want to have in case you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. road."a glow stick, some first aid, in case you injur yourself... "a thermal blanket so, i'venever even, it's really thin so i don't know if it works."blankets are a good idea... idea... "i got this rug."and anything el that might protecyou from the elements. elements. "i got some jumper cables and a poncho in case it rains."but if luck doesn't go your way -- joshua has a simple theory. theory. "use wt you have, absolutely. thk on your toes." if you want to cover all yyr bases -- we have the full list of suggested items on our website...covering the
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dora back to the iowa hawkeyes in california. less than 48 hour kirk ferentz and his team will playayn iowa's first rose bowl in a quarter century., the head hawk went before the cameras to discuss his team's success so far. 28 sports anchor zach hanley talked th coach ferentz and jos us now live from pasadena with more, zaza? even though this is a huge game, the hawks have stuck to the script that got them here..thursdays they don't't practice, since the game is on friday instead of saturday, in the hawkeyes world today to is a ursday. and it was also the final time kirk ferentz and stanford head coach david shaw took the podium and all the talk was about the hawkeyes and the iowa w of doing things. "when we go shopping we don't get to go to the gourmet story i guess. some schools do, they
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can tell you are great great football players... we ar comfortable with that." that."" all year you just watched iowa find a way to win and nobody said anything. they have a great defensive performance, and a great offensive performance and a great team performance... to me that's a sign of a well coached teamambut it's also o the sign of a an unselfish team." team."kirk ferentz was also named the bby dodd coach of the year... it's his 5th coach h of the year honors this season... live in pasadena, zach hanley, fox 28 sports. thanks zach.we'll have much more from zach coming up in our next half hour and the rest of the week.don't miss our 30-minute special which will air tomorrow night at 6:30 on our sister station, cbs 2.and new year's dadaat 7:30 a-m right here on fox 28. and still to come on the fox 28 news at nine...
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qualitycreated in the corridor. kevin tomkin is a solon businessman whose success has afforded him enough spare time to develop his art. it's a passion that this perfectionist expresses in leather."it's a constant evolution of finding a different way, a quicker way or a better way to do everything.""he's grown over the last year, i mean now we're pretty much making 5 star, ultra-premium leather goods."and they're hand-crafting these high-end accessories for gentlemen care, the brainchild of 22-year old conor paulsen who, along g with millele met tomkin in a coffee shop."and it was almost instant, you know we knew. in the first couple sentences hehad talked to us about just being a family man and being genuine and the qualities of a gentleman. " " seeking g nostalgic appeal, the trio launched gentlemen care in february with a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised the company's initial operating
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temperatures are in the teens and 20s 20sskies are mostly cloudy cloudy most of the nation is cold with p pnty of 20s and 30s over the midwest midwest tonight's clouds will break
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weather will prevail into new years years highs today were in the 20s withthp 1/2" of snow snowtemps are in the teens and 20s 20s winds w/nw 5-10 10 west coast storm will deliver
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air nw flow with cold air into the weekend weekend no rain through monday monday no snow through mondaypredictor
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thursday mostly cloudy and cold with lows 12-18 12-18 partly sunny and cold with highs mid teens to low 20s 20stemperatures will stay cold with dry weather the next 7 days
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next on the fox 28 news at nine.'s not e ery day anan emergency response ends with everyone walking away happy. how that happened today in cedar rapids. rapids.and later, the department of transportation is looking for a couple hundred good men and women to keep iowa's roadways you can apply -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues.
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days after the parisisttacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again ininan bernardino... and where wawamarco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings
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politics first:: that's the r rio way. right to rise usa
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paramedics were called to a child learning center today, but it wasn't because anything was wronon wrononinstead, they were invited in so the kids could deliver a special message. 28 news reporter joy howe shows us what happened in cedar rapids. rapids. sirens/lightsthe ambulance outside this kindercare in cedar rapidsis here for the kids. but the emergency, although not fe-threatening, is still important."want to say thank"the kids invited area paramedics here to let them know they are their real-life hehees...and the paramedics responded by showing up, and showing them
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heart?"we figured they get to see"alayna "showed's a simple gesture, that means so muchcookies for youthat's so sweetjust a little way'thank you>>to say a big thanks, for knowing you're in good hands kid reaching for paramedic, hopping out of ambulanceof some real life heroes. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joy howe, fox 28 news at 9. it was actually a win-win for everybody. the paramedics say, they like showing the kids their instruments and lighgh anansirens, thatatway if they're ever called to the kids' house for anything, they'll know a little more about them and what they can expect to see. eastern iowa can expect to see
9:29 pm on the fox 28 news at nine, if you enjoy moving a *lot of snow, state leaders have the job for you. you.and later, we take you back to pasadena to talk offense with the iowa hawkeyes-- when the fox 28
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thousands of iowans pick up seasonal jobs to help thier household budgets during the holidays. now, with the holidays just about over, there's another sector looking to fill hundreds of positions. instead of serving customers, these jobs help the state service iowa's roads when they need it most. 28 news reporter mellaney moore gets behind the wheel for a closer look at thisisnique job opportunity. opportunity. dot staff tell us they're still looking for about 200 workers across the state, so if you've ever wondered what
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these big rigs, there are the corridor.the i department of transportation used their full time staff to combat monday's storm-- and that's who they go to first. but when the storms get big enough, they use some extra help.we're a aays looking for those part-time people to help fill in where we're short in trucks to be able to get more trucks on the road during shift time.they're still looking for some of those extra workers for the next round.mostly they'll be operatinineither a tandem or single axel dump truck with a snow plow and wing, helping us clean the snow off the roads.shanahan says he would like more seasonal workers in cedar rapids.i know mososthe her shops around the district still have positions available. it's hard to find people that are available to work when the snow hits.iowa has a low unemployment rate and local supervisors say it can be hard to get seasonal help when people have other full time jobs.we like to have a long list of those employees, so say employees
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can n en go from six to ten. applicants need a commercial drivers license for a certain size of truck and are subject to random drug testing.looking forward to mths when snow storms can happen, the dot says they're ready to train to help keep the roads safe for travellers.shanahan says you're earning some extra money and potential for a full time position gives you something you can say hey i helped out and accomplished that andndept the roads open. the dot says they would really like to fill these positions and they'll accept applications anytime.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. fortunately,y,his morning's snowfall didn't require any plowing. plowing.what will the first days of 2016 have in store for eastern iowa? iowa?here's chief meteorologist
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west coaoa storm will deliver colder air
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weekend no rain through monday mondayno snow through monday predictorclouds tonight will clear out thursday thursdaymostly cloudy and cold with lows 12-18 12-18partly sunny and cold with highs mid teeee totoow 20s 20s temperatures will stay cold
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terry of iowa president bruce harreld has been on the job for less than two months.he's grabbed a lot of headlines in that short time, most, he didn't want see. see.his selection angered many faculty and student groups. things only got worse after a comment president harreld made about how unprepared professors shouou be shot.that led to calls for him to step down.harreld told fox 28 news today he doesn't want to walk away, but instead, liuten to those around him. don't believe in terms of, in a command and control infrastructure, where somebody at hte top makes a lot of hasty decisions and promogates them down, i believe4in teams and so we've done a little restructuring already at the
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we've built three key teams. teams.many opposed to president harreld's selection te his background as a corporate executive, rather than an educatoror bill cosby has spent decades in front of the camera entertaining millions. millions.but it's what he's accused of doing to one woman that put him in front of a very different camera today. totoy.this is billllcosby's mugshot after he was arraigned on a charge of aggravated indecent assault, a serious felony, in pennsylvania.cosby was released from custody after posting a one million dollar bond. bond.dozens of women have accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them over a career stretching more than 50 years.most of those cases passed the time alotted to file a criminal this case, the alleged victim says cosby drugged her before sexually assaulting her more than a decade ago. "the charges today are filed as a result of new information
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2015.that new information included testimony by cosby in which he admitteteto giving pills to women before he had sex, but denied any wrongdoing. cosby did not enter a plea on today's charge.if convicted, he could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. in washington tonight, there are allegations the u-s government spied on one of its strongest allies -- israel. spying, according to the wall street journal, fofosed on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu.more now, at the capitol, with fox 28 news national correspondent kristine frazao. frazao. the relationship between the president obama and israeli prime ministst benjamin netanyahu has never been a cozy one.but new allegations the n-s-a was spying on netanyahu during the iran nuclear negotiations are raising red flags for some, ininuding the foundadaon for defending democracies clifford may."intelligence services are meant to be used for national security purposes. the question is was there a
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or was this purely political and i think the answer is it was purely political."may says president obama should have never made this promise from early last year."unless there is a compelling national security purpose we will not monitor the communications of heads of state and govt of our clcle friends and allies."but former intelligence officer lt col anthony shaffer says there may have been a national securiri purpose. clearly have an interest in knowing what our friends and enemies are both thinking.especially he says if those thouts involve military action.the israelis interests are our interests most of ththtime, not always.there's one more layer here though - some of those spied on interactions of netanyahu and other israeli officials may have involved conversations they had with members of congress." i think there's a reason for the separations of power and i think that's something the executive branch, even if they have some level authority to do it, should exercise with great reluctance if at all.
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deeper into the allegations - a likely new debate for the new washington i'm kf reporting. i think there's s a game in pasadena this weekend.... coming up in sports... the latest on the iowa offense... and how they're approaching friday's game against stanford... and on the hardwood.... u-n-i opens up conference playayn
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and d e ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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believe it or not... we're just two days away from the "granddaddy of them all"... on friday... iowa will play in a
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fox 28 spopos reporter zach hanley's been with the hawkeyes all week long... zach... we know about christian mccaffery and the stanford offense... but what about the iowa offense?... old school, tough, and physical... words that describe the iowa offense, not stylish and flashy... because the hawkeyes all ababt putting on the hard d hat and getting the job done. done. all season long the iowa offense had went to work, ignoring he noise. and a athe roseseowl it's n ndifferent because the only offense being talked about is stanford's. stanford's.: "that's basically how we've done it all year. not many peoplhave talked about is or given us respect, but i think that through the entire year we've just gone about our business and obviously our record shows." and with a threheaded monster at running back and a quarterback thatatust wins, e hawks plan to fly over a
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an average of 23 points per game and nearly 6 yards per play play "obviously statistics don't lie, but at the end of the day we have to make sure that we are just executing all of our assignments." assignments.": "we are just really confident t th what we can do as and offense and it doesn't really matter what defense is out there, what the stats are, we are really confident in what we can do and we are just going to go out at do it."confidence that stems from a senior class look for their first bowl win win"it's really rare to see a good college football team that doesn't have a good senior class and that what wev've enjoyed. these guys are determined, i know they want to close their careers on a high note." the hawkeyes didn't practice today, they have a walk through tomorrow and see the stadium for the first time. live in pasadena, zh kirk ferentz is still bringing home the hardware... today... iowa's head man won his fourth
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season... this time it's the bobby dodd trophy... named after the legendary y georgia tech coach... after 17 seasons... ferentz will coach in his first rose bowl on friday... in iowa state football news... it's not official just yet... but the cyclones have a new quarterbacks coach... multiple reports are saying jimimhofher will join matt campbell's staff in ames... hofher comes to iowa state from the university of nevada... where he coached q-b's and served as the assistant head coach.... in all... he has over 35 years of college coaching experiencnc.. after upsetting iowa state at the big four classic... northern iowa men's hoops was riding a tidal wave of momentum... but they fell off that wave in hawaii... when they lost to b-y-y-.. totoght cedar falls... they hope to get back up on the board... it's the m-v-c opener at the mcloud center... against the bradley braves... the story early on for u-n-i... was the big men... here's bennett cook... nice little spin into a baby hook... and it's good.... and cook kept cookin' on defense... this is defending the rim... skies for the swat... coach jake's gotta love that... then back to
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cutting.... and it's easy points for clint carlson and the panthers... it was too easy for the home team tonight... here's jeremy morgan getting to his spot... and cashing in on the three ball... ball...morgan poured in 18 points on the night... to lead all scorers... and the panthers beat up on the braves at home, 80-44 the final in this one... now to hilton coliseum... iowa state at home against coppin state... first half... cyclones rollllg... up 21... monte morris in transition... lobs it up to jameel mckay... that never gets old... later in the half... after a steal... deonte burton drops it off to dul nader... bucket and the foul for the 'clones... burton... fitting right into the mix in ames... then second half... this game well in hand... monte morris just showin' off... pulling up for the seline jumper... silky smooth... iowa state puts 104 up against cocoin state... but i iwon't be that easy on sunday... when they travel to oklahoma... bill fennelly and the cyclone women had a big game tonight... winning on the road at kansas state, 84-79... they host oklahoma state in their
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more hoops coming up in sports... fran mccaffery and the iowa wkeyes topple the spartans... find out the secret sauce to p pling a
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it's one of the premier college wrestling gatherings in the country... and all three iowa schools are represented in the f fals... it's the midlands championships in evanston... let's start with a hawkeye... thomas gilman at 125... living up to his number-one seed... he gets two points there... and a 5-win... he's a
9:48 pm
freshman josh alber came *this* close at 133... but couldn't pull it off... he gets taken down in overtime... so he'll have to settle for runner-up... iowa's brandon sorenson fared a little better in o-t... facing a national champ in northwestern's jason tsirtsis... that's a win for the hawks at 149 pounds... iowa state's tanner weatherman nished second at 165 pounds... most iowa fans understandably have their eyes on the rose bowl in pasadena... but those that made their way to carver- hawkeye arena last night... saw somethininspecial... the hawkeyes jumped all over the country's top-ranked team... and michigan state... could barely breathe.. iowa never trailed in the game... they forced 16 turnovers... and shot 46 percent from three... even n tom izzo admitted... it was a beatdown... i thought iowa played awfully well.. and one of the rare times in my career i thought we got punked... we got out- physicaled... we got out- hustled... they got every
9:49 pm
ball... we really sustained effort... and paid attention to detail with regard to the game plan... we didn't giveve them transition buckets... hopefully we learned lessons of how to compete and how to execute and how to not take a possession off... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news
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skies will become partly cloudy thursday but it will be cold. temperatures will rise from 17 at 6am to 19 at 3pm 3pm thanks for watching your fox 28 news at nine.have a great night.
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