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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 31, 2015 9:00pm-9:59pm CST

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earth, wind & fire! right now on fox 28 news -- patrolling the streets. streets. "this weekend, this holiday has the potential of having a lot of chaosthe steps police are taking to make sure everyone rings in the new year safely. plus, i tell people there are days this is a job and there are days this is a calling. the special connection one californian has to the state of iowa as thousands of hawkeye fans swarm pasadena for the rose e wl. as you head to your new year's celebrations tonight, police will be hitting the roads too.of course their goal is to keep the public safe... fox 28 news reporter dora miller rode along with the cedar rapids police department to find out how they plan to do that. it's not every day that you sit in the back of a police unit...bututoday, we talked with officers about they're making sure everyone knows -- and complies -- with laws that keep us safe. safe. sergeant collins chooses to keept low key... key... "i'm not a partrtr, in
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for those who do. do. "it's going to be busy overall everywhere, simply because of all the alcohol consumption that's happening, the bars e going to be very, very busy.the cedar rapids police say they have to have an eye for drunk driving on holidays like this. this. "this weekend, this holiday has the potential of having a lot of chaos."to help tame some of the chaos, don't officer at the bar... bar... "they'll do what they call a bar check where they put themselves out there at the bar. it's really kind of a deterrent factor." and safety happens to be a team effort... effort... "tonight i'll l working the room a little more than i will on any other night."local bars say they're willing to step in and help keep their bars -- and the roads -- safer. safer. "i'd like my customers to come back, so the safer they get home, the more apt they are to get back here."if you do find yourself stopped on the side of the road...that traffic stop won't be cheap. "an owi can cost you anywhere from 5-6 thousand dollars for a first offense."but sgt. collins says drivers might be
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lessons. "people are kinda getting it that 'hey, if you're really gonna go out and party hard d new years, try to call a cab or try to have a designated driver." over the last ten years -- on average -- the city has had about 6.5 o-w-is...just in case you're in need a sober ride home tonight, we havava list of cab companies and their phone numbers on our website.dora miller, fox 28 news what kind of weather can you expect if you're heading out to ring in the neyear? year?chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with your fox 28 'weather first' forecast. temps are in the teens and low 20s
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flurriesskies will become partly cloudy friday but it will be cold. temperatures will rise from 9 at 6am to 26 at 3pm 3pm of course the buildup of snow and ice can threaten your home. this is work being done to a home in the kenwood park neighborhood in cedar rapids. ice dams happen when snow melts down the roof underneath the snow, and refreezes, creating a dam that blocks the gutters, keeping them from draining properly. roofers fox 28 ws spoke to today say to leave the dam m removal to themem "we use torches that will melt that and it will create a water source underneath and around the gutter on the
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ice right out. but you don't chop the shingles, you don't chop the gutter, you don't damage your house trying to remove ice. can prevent ice dams by making susu your roof has adequate insulation and ventilation. 45-iowa national guard mbers membersare being deployed t missou to help with flood recovery. floodwaters continue to swell in missouri.major highways have been shut down and hundreds of families ordered to evacuate. in saint louis, nine levees have failed and authorities are watching dozens more along the mississippi least 20 people have been killed in the flooding. a new york man has been charged with planning to attack a restataant in rochester, new york on new year's eve.25-year-old emanuel lutchman is pictured here in a mugshot from a 2006 robbery. he's now charged with attemptiti to provide material support to isis.authorities
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direction from an isis member overseas to attack revelers as an initiation into the group. he now faces up to 20-years in prison and a 250-thousand- dollar fine. u.s. authorities arrested nearly five dozen people this year in the u.s. for helping to support isisa&*the* largest number of terrorism- related arrests in the country in a single year since 9/11. national correspondent jeff barnd takes a look at the surge in isis-relatat arrests statesidea& linked to a group that *used* to be perceived by americansa&. as a "rag-tag group of extremists" a half a world awaya& awaya& thursday police announced the arrest of a rochester man accused of being an isis sympathizer and planning to kill patrons at an area bar on new year's evedecember 2. san beardino californiaa& a husband ananwife kill 14 people and injured scores of others. authorities say the wife pledged her alleigance to isis the *day* of the
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topics of discussion at a town hall meeting entitled "terrorism at home"a&at our sister station wbff-tv in baltimorea& /sot/tony shaffer sbg all wbff_townhall 9:13 "to ignore the overseas locations will only precipite more domestic attacks so we have to look at this as a whole.a& 9:17 /bridge/71 isis-related arrests have occurred between spring 2014 and this december on us soil. experts say.. the fbi has already made arrests in *21* statesa&/kosta's map/ those arrests stretch from california to massachusetts. the study says new york state has the *most* fbi arrests with 14. minnesota comes in sesend with 11./vo/one solution to these increases arrests? profiling people on *previous actions*.. not race nor religion./sot/shaffer 18:48 "screening your mother's best friend who plays bridge in an enhanced way when she lives in minot north dakota is not going to get you any additional security! 19:04/vo/ several world leaders say islamic radical idealogy *is* a threat to global citizenship a& which prompted this exchance wititre-heel raza a
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of the council for "muslims facing tomorrow"a&/sot/25:52 ms. raza.. are you muslim? yes i am.. those statements are not offesive to you? no.. its not.. why not? well, if you're telling the truth why should it be offisenve? but would any other kind of radicaliztion be a threat to anyplace else? today, we are not talking about any other kind of radicicaliaztion. today w ware lking about islamic radical ideology that's all over the world 26:11/vo/ the panel says agrees as long as arrests are made *before* the facta& another catastrophie stateside *can* be washington... i'm jeff barnd reporting. earlier this week, we told you about the u-s-s iowa battleship - docked near pasadena since 2012. withthens thousands of iowa fans heading to southern california for the rose bowl - the ship will see plenty of iowans on board. 2 news reporter kevin barry explains why one life long california man feels right at home with all those hawkeye fans. when ships like the uss iowa
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tefurbished and then staffed as museums - thererare tons of people - and many volunteers who work together to make it all happen. one of those people is david canfield. getting around a military ship is incredibly confusing...nat pop but evev people who have never been on the uss iowa before...nat popcan't possibly get lost when they follow david canfield...nat popat 17 - david enlisted in the navy - and was assigned to the iowa. battleships had been his obsession since he was a little boy -- the problem was that there weren't any in commission when he was growing up david canfieldchief information officer, uss iowa my uncle who served in world war two o ve me a picture of a battleship and i hung it on my wall because it was all things navy. years later - when he found out the iowa would be new home...david i took that picture of the battleship off the wall and turned it over@ and for the first time realized it was the battleship iowa that had been hanging on my wall. after leaving the navy, he went on to work in it with a variety of companies... davidincluding a little search engine company in mountain
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that would b bgoogle - a job he got after turning down an offer from apple. but after a while - his old ship was calling him back davidi was working there when iowa was coming out of moth balls and they said would you u ke coco work on your ship? and i said sure. soon after...a few volunteer hours turned into a full time job. now - he's out of silicon valley on the deck of the uss iowa full time. davidi tell people there are days this is a job and there are days this is a calling. you guys ready? yepnat pop to be able to pass on the heritage of this ship is huge. it's tremendously rewarding. i'm part of this ship. the ship is part of me. nat pop. boom just to drive that point home - david says when crews were cleaning the ship - they found a set of keys with his dog tag and his fathers dog tag on them. david says he lost them the first week he was serving on the iowa back in 1987. in los angeles, kevin barry, fox
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the hawkeye defense will face what may be their toughest task of the season in stopping one of the best players in the country. country.let's go back live to pasadena where fox 28 sports anchor zach hanley explains how iowa plans to stop christian mc-caffrey.zach? he runs, catches, returns punts and kicks.. and even throws the ball! this season he set the ncaa record for all purpose yards in a season with 3 thousand 4 hundred 96 yards.... and the hawks know stopping the ap player of the year won't be
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...make sure you can contain him.....or else he is going to hurt us. us.mccaffrey averages 8 and a half yards per play... but if the hawks can keep him in check, they should be just fine... get ready for the big game with our road to the roses special right here on fox 28 relive this historic seaean and get expxpt analysis as the hawks get ready to take on the stanford cardinal. it airs tomorrow morning at 7-30. still to come on the fox 28 news at 9 9how somcorridor kids rang in the new year before the
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back. daysfter the paris attac, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san b%rnardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. ovov the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio w. right to rise usa
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something special tomorrow on fox28 morning live.join us at 7 for your weather first forest and top news stories of the day.then at 7:30 sisi back and enjoy our rose bowl special, the road to the roses. we'll see you in 2016! some kids are already fast asleep tonight and wililmiss the big ball drop in times square, but a few hundred already got their big 20-16 bash. fox 28 news reporter joy howe shows us the cedar rapids "noon" year's eve. ((nats, singing "let them go")) if you're ready to let 2015 go...and you don't want to stay up until midnight to do it ((nat pop of "honk" toy))then the cedarapids public library is the best place to
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have red carpet interviews interviewer nick borrowed our mic and officially took over, asking the serious questions. clip 0006go "are you having a good day? are you excited for the new yearar03.20.02.17 perfecec lady of few words i like it. to get good grades. that's a good goal, you know where that starts? at the library right here with the bos 03.18.021 start right at the library. ke that plug? that's a pretty good plug, right? his resolution this year? me personally, i just like to party, boogie have a good time 4-year-old tabrie knows how to do that. she's got extra pep in her step today, celebrating her birthday and new years. momma helped me make my headband, and i got this 052ub so much fun, for so many people. and free, like all the programs we have at the library, completely free the library stays committed to, despite their tough news of 2015, learning they would be dealing with some cutbacks after voters decided not to help support the l lrary further with tax dollars. 03.14.06 it's about the community, sure we have some
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adjustments we'll make, but our goal is still the same, it's the main reason we're here, if we don't do that, then what is there? they know their place in our community....and just how many people count on them. ((balloons released, screaming ensues)) so, happy new yeye from the cedar rapids public library. happy new year to you, too covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joy howe, fox 8 news at 9. there were plenty of other celebrations earlier on in the day. day.skating enthusists gathered at the cedar rapids ice arena today to skate in the new year.this annual event brings in families froroall er eastereriowa.arena managers tell fox 28 news, its fun to see families celebrating the new year together. new years eve celebrations also began early at the u-s cellular nter. the cedar rapids rampage hosted their big top balloon drop family
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filled the arena to take part in the f@stvities. there were multiple bouncy houses, face painters, train rides and more. after the bash, families watched the rampage go head to head against the missouri comets. many of us have been thinking about how we wantntto begin this new year... year...with resolutions in mind, it's easy to think solely about accomplishing those goals...but think about this -- your goals of fitness, clean eating or not taking your work home could be benefitting your mental health too. "part of the reason why it's a new year's resolution is because it's like a clean slate, it's a fresh start, the beginning of a brand new w ar so i think people like that idea of january 1, the first day of 2016 i can set this new goal and i can feel good about doing it." it."we all strive to continue our r resolutiononrough december 2016 - but don't beat yourself up if you fail..but starting off your new year with clear goals is the first
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring g al change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 15 gigs of data for just $70!
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temperatures are in the teens and low 20s
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satellite temps were coldest in the deep snow cover of nw iowa iowa tonight's clouds will break for some sun friday. cold dry weather will prevail into new years weekend weekend highs today were in the low to mid 20s
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20s clouds and flurries approaching from the west west radar shows a few spotty flurries
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weekend no snow through monday monday clouds tonight will clear out thursday thursday mostly cloudy and cold with ows 6-12 6-12 partly sun and cold with
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20stemperatures will stay cold with dry weather until next thursday when some light snow ip possible possible still to come on fox 28,we get a sneak peek at some of the
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we a just about 12-hours away frorothe 127th tournament of roses parade.the event features nearly 18-million roses on a variety of floats. fox 28 morninglive anchor kelly d'ambrosio spoke to home and d rden t-v's'saul james about some of the most interesting floats, floats,hawkeye fans will see march down colorado boulevard tomorrow morning. morning. ((kelly kiosk))hawkeye fans are ready for the big game.but long before preparations for the game happenend, artists were prepping for the tournament of roses parade.i'm joined by the gardner guy, paul james, from hgtv with more!paul, word on@the street is that it takes about one
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is that true?why does it take that long tell us about some of the unique floats this year.a7 functional zip linea7 a7 showcasing california's
9:26 pm
dollar annual impmpt on the state's economya7makes objects appear as if they are navigatingng rrer rapida7 a7 dedicated to making a dream come true for a young cancer patientwhat would most surprise viewers to know about this event?if you could build
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on it?thanks again, paul james. still to come on fox 28 28how a hunter who fell through ice was able to save himself before help arrived., the road bumps campaigns from both parties will have to deal with as we
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a 25-year-old man from hills is safe tonight after falling through ice on the iowa river. it happened late this morning while 25-year-old jared bushell walked over frozen wetlands in the hawkeye wildlife area in oxford. 2 news reporter mellaney moore was there when emergency crews were on scene today. today. before ice got thick enough for the north libertfire dedertment to train, they were called to a rescue. rescue. we got paged by the johnson county communications center for an ice rescue out at the hawkeye wildlife management area for a hunter than had fallen tough the icekochanny says bubuell fell through the ice into waist deep water and got stuck in mud. mud.luckily for us and for the hunter is he did have a cell phonwith him and was ab to access his cell phone, so he called 911.also lucky... the hills native wore insulated waders.bushell fired a gunshot to help crews find him about a quarter to half a mile north of this boat ramp.two sheriff deputies used d these dry suits to break through ice an inch
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him. he was cold, he was starting to lose feeling in his feet, but otherwise he was in good condition.emergency crews released the hunter from the scenen but say ititould have been worse.hypothermia can set in in needs to be four inches thick to walk on and at least five for atvs or vehicles. vehicles. we need clear, calm, cold nights and consecutive nights in order to get a good ice freeze.but kochanny says ice is never 100 percent safe. safe. have a cell phone, go with a partner, have a piece of rope or a ladder that if somemedy were to fafa through, you can slide that out on the ice and allow them to grab onto that and rescue them and then of course call 911 if somebody does fall through the ice. we can expect the e to start freezing more with thth temperatures coming our way. way.chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with your fox 28 'weather first'
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temps are in the teens and low 20s 20s clouds and flurries approaching g from the west west radar shows a few spotty flurries
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weekend no snow through monday mondayclouds tonight will clear out thursday
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6-12 partly sunny and cold with highs mid 20s 20stemperatures will stay cold with dry weather until next thursdayayhen some light snow is possible it was a rough end of the year for the ben carson campaign., two of the republican presidential candidate's top paid advisers left@the campaign just one month before the iowa caucuses. caucuses.e former neurosurgen has recently tumbled in the national polls. just last week carson said a major shake-up would be coming to h)s staff, but he later retracted that comment by saying he had fufu confidence in his team. on the democratic side, martin o'malley has hit a bump of his own. he failed to qualify for ohio p pmary ballot after falling short of the signatures needed to be considered.his campaign needed one thousand valid signatures,
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but the state's election chief only deemed 772 valid. the test c-n-n poll show's the former maryland governor with just three percent support. today, the u-s state department released about 55- hundred pages of hillary clinton's work-relatat emails from her time at the state department.our national correspondent kristine frazao has more more a few hours before the ball drops, thousands of pages of hillary clinton's emails will drop as well..political analyst david williams says the emails should have all been released at the same time..david williams/taxpayers protection alliance"... back in the spring when these questions first camemep. taxpayers serve transparency and also an accountable government that's not wasting money releasing these emails in dribs and drabs."the state department was supposed to release nearly nine thousand pages of emails but instead will release about 55 hundred, citing the holiday schedule as the reason for falling short.
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eve release, the state department is under court order to release as many of her emails as they can on the last weekday of every month. they have promised to deliver more next week and then the final release is expected january29th, just three days before the iowa caucuses.we already know how clinton's biggest opponent on the democratic side feels about her use of a private servier bernie sanders/d-presidential candidate/october 2015"the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails."but potential republican opponents feel differently.sen. marco rubio/r- presidential candidate "i personally believe that what hillary clinton did with her email server is something that disqualifies her to be president of the united states."heading intothe new year - the question is s this data dump wiwi impact clinton's poll numbers? williams thinks not.david williams/taxpayers protection alliance"by the time people start reading about this it will be next week it will be after the new year people will say that's old news and that's whatatthey're counting on."in washington i'm kf reporting and coming up in sports... sports...t-minus 24 hours from
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down stanford's high powered offense plus... plus...the second ever college football playoff kicking off tonight -- who's headed to
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the charter planes have arrived. the hotels have been checked in to. thousands of in-n-out burgers have been already consumed. and it's almost time for iowa to take on stanford in the 2020 rose bowl... and cbs 2 sports anchor zach hanley caught up with someone who's pretty familiar with both of these squads. squads. there might not be anybody who
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better than anthony herron, former hawkeye, current pac 12 analyst. what's it like to see your former team be back in the rose bowl? bowl?"it's gratifying it really is. as a member of the media and especially getting to work nationally quite a bit, in all different games. you keep the unbiased hat on but as the hawkeyes climbed up the poll dung the s sson d we were in studio o the pac-12 network out in san francisco, and i'd get to read these highlight packages were iowa's having htese dramatic wins late in the game and it was hard not to let that smile ring thorugh as i was reading the highlight packageseswere you surprised at all at the historic season that they had? had?"i'd be lying to you zach if i said no. i think there's plenty of analysts out there who follow the game of football closely who think that they can predict things. i feel like i'm right more often than i'm wrong. i felt like iowa would have a quality season just looking functionally at the schedule that they had, hoping they could do something special, but to go 12-and-oh in the regular season and be just a hair shy of the college
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if anyone is being truly honest if they predicted that. i'm gonna have you put your analyst hat on: what's it gonna take for iowa to beat tanford? stanford?"i'd say a matchup that sticks out to m.. there's a lot of positions upfront, on the outside, at the quarterback position where i feel like it's virtually a stalemate between these two teamam the kekematch-up i'm gonna watch is christian mccaffery -- but not christian mccaffery the runner-- christian mccaffery the receiver out of the backfield, because iowadoes allow their linebackers quite often to be isolated one on one with slot receivivs and with running backs. mccaffery plays both those positions and that's where stanford utilizes him quite a bit. iowa's had a couple of weeks to prepare for that . i think it's gonna be huuuge for this game." game." on gameday you gonna have any blala and ld attire? attire?" i made that the suit that i'm gonna have on for our pregame and postgame that shows on the pac-12 network will be neutral colors for either team but underneathh there will liekly be some tigerhawks and black and gold going." going."iowa fans will love that. he's anthony herron, former hawkeye, current pac-12 analyst. we'll send it back to
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thanks zach! that tiger hawk and blacand gold made its way onto the newly installed turf at the rose bowl this afternoon... the hawks held a walk-through this afternoon... set the alarm ... kickoff is 4 pm central time... and for those who'll be up p with the sun to prep for tomorrow's game -- the road to the roses preview show will be featured right here on fox 28 at 7:30.. the college @football playoff got underway today with clemson and oklahoma...sooners up earlylyut tricks a plenty down in miami... andy teasdell with the fake punt and thirty one yard heave to get the tirs into the red zone... deshaun wson took over from there, the f fe yard scampepe to give clemson the 10-7 lead... but here come the sooners. baker mayfield finds mark andrews for the score -- 17-16 oklahoma at the break.... that would be the last they'd heard from tonight... third quarter, watson to hunter renfrow -- and -- you guessed it!! -- he gone! bummmmer sooner -- pizza party for all!
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game, 37-17 the final... in the other playoff game out in texas... a bit different scene still to come... come...the iowa women's basketball team ending the year with their first big ten game of the seasno -- could they begin 2016 1-and-oh in conferenceceplay? find out next in sports! cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't ford it.
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real c cnge.
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ten-and-two through non conference play, undefeated in their last 24 at home -- yeah, so much for this being a "young" iowa team... hawkeyes in lincoln this afternoon for the start of big ten play... secondndquarter, iowa up eight and about to add to it... alexa kastahneck buries the 3 ... and hawks not even close to being done... closing seconds of the quarter, ally disterhoft ... .. you like that??? hawks cruising into the second half.. cornhuskers had some rally in them... 20 seconds to go in the game -- natalie romeo cuts the lead to 3 with a 3...hawks would hit the free throws down
9:43 pm
74-68..lisa bluder and her squad knew it would be tight and proud of their execution... "we knew they were gonna comeback. i mean this is a good team that's done that all year-- they've made second half comebacks all year. .. i think this is a great way for iowa to start the big ten play with a road victory." victory.""we work on end of game situations constantly in practice and those are some of the things we really work onon is g gting high percentage shots... and just really making sure we got defensive stops..i think we did a really good job about that." head coach jeff kraft and the rampage hosting missouri this afternoon...comets led 2-1 but early second .. jacob johnson uses his noggin.. and the cedar rapids native ties it up at two a piece --but from there missouri went on a run - - leo gibson with the outside of the foot knock to make it 4-4--2....rampage would get one before the half -- off a set piece courtesy of semir mesano-veck ... wou not be enough... comets win 11- -4... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns.
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on average, , takes three hundred americans working for a solid yearar to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write eir own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. shshgets the job done for us.
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in cedar rapids, a major
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way. more than 27-hundred dollars was donated during the month-long forget the fine supply drive.e.park cedar rapids accepted donations in return for forgiveness of parking tickets. the donations went toward area homeless shelters and family services. skies will become partly cloudy friday but it will be cold. temperatures will rise from 9 at 6am to 26 at 3pm
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thanks for watching your fox 28 news at nine.have a great night.
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i had a great dream last night. really? yeah.
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