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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  January 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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again.tonight, there are new signs of progress after years of debate, planning, and a lot of red tape. 28 news reporter steffi lee brings us up to speed in cedar rapids. rapids. the city says its already put in some flood protection work with the amphitheatre and the crst building.early construction's started around here and what we're about to show you includes the area of a former meatpacking plant - as well as the czech village. village. "therers nine square miles here."this chunk of vacant land land "it will go from the abandoned railroad bridge up to the african american museum."will soon be transformed to what's skekehed in purple on the city's flood control system system "it's a system."with levees, flood walls and pump stations. stations."that's 25 acres - now we'll be able to redevelop that area. we've had that site for more than a decade."flood control program manager rob davis can't hold back his excitement to see the newbo and sinclair district reach a milestone starting this year.
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the recovery we've moved to the protection flood control mode."the city says protection is crucial for newbo, sinclair - - hahaha we're thrilled because for a while it looked like the west side wasn't going to ge any protection.and the czech village area - where p p lewisis willllever forget floodwaters drowning out her store. store. i think once you've been through a bad flood, you just never get over it like in oklahoma and texas - the way they're experiencing that. they're low-lying structures. structures. "we don't really see it but in 2014 - we had some high waters, and we put these cone sections up ananwe put these ssdbags around them,."instead of relying on manual labor - the city wants this system to maximize efficiency. efficiency. "we want to continue that momentum."davis
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around 12 million dollars.he says this project will continue until november 2017.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, steffi lee, cbs 2 news fox 28 news. no flooding, but a cold, rainy day across eastern iowa today. day.and thingsgsre about to turn a whole lot colder. colder.chief meteorologist
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terry y anks. left with no other options, leaders at the cedar rapids - public)library today approved a much smaller budget. budget.library supporters were hoping a new property tax would pass, but voters rejected that request. to ke up for the nearly half million dollar budget shororall, the library approved a plan to reduce hours, staff and services.the finalized plan will now go to the cedar rapids city council next month. now to the university of iowa....
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a dozen football players sickened in 2011 has reached a selement with the school. school.william lowe sued the university, claiming a workout program caused his serious illness.the suit accused coaches and trainers of failing to properly supervise the workouts or provide medical care p ttlement were not released.. since the incident, coaches have eliminated the program in question. this month there's a way to save a life by giving less th an hour of your time. time.january is signated as national blood donor month because blood donations are lower in colder months.cancer patients are some of the most needy when it comes to blood donations - and hosptials need a steady flow of donations to keep their supplies sufficient. it's especially important to donate here in the corridor with major hospitals in both cedar rapids and iowa citit people should give blood because it saves lives. every unit saves three to four lives
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saving lives rit here in our local hospitals in cedar rapids and iowa city. cici.if yououe interested in donating blood you can visit mississippi valley regional blood center's website to find out more. after years of trying, republicans in congress this week successfully passed a bill to repeal the affordable care act. but it's no surprise that today, president obama vetoed that is also unlikely that cocoress has the votes to override the president's decision.republicans knew that going in, but leaders say they wanted to show that a republican president would have the chance to throw out the law.the bill also would have eliminated federal funding for plplned parenthood. also today, the president continued his push to reform the nation's gun laws.earlier this week, the president sued execute orders designed to stregthen existing rules on background this morning's new york times, the president indicated how serious he's taking this issue. issue.saying quote, "i will
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support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform." tonight, auhtorities in philadelphia are calling the shooting of a police officer an attempted execution. execution.officer jessie hartnett was in his car when a man walked up to his window and shot 13 times at close range.amazingly, officer hartnett susuived, and returned fire, wounding the suspect who was later taken into custody.police say the suspect, a 30-year-old u-s citizen, admitted to the shooting and claims he was acting in support of the terrrr group isis. there is other news in the war on terror tonight, including the arrest of two suspects here in the u-s. u-s.the two refugees are accused of having ties to militant groups, but *not of planning attacks here in the u-s, still, fox 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd reports th development is raising new questions about the safety of taking in thousands of refugees.
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23 year old aws mohammed younis al-jayab of sacramento faces charges of making false statements involving global terrorism.24 year olda& omar faj saeed al hardan o o houstona& is charged with attempting to provide material support to isis.both men came from iraqa& and the arrests come as concerns have been recently raised regarding the u.s. refugee screening process. as president obama plans to allow 10,000 syrian refugees on u.s. soil by october 1sta& late last year, the house passed a measure to increase oversight of the refugee screening procs. the chair of the homeland security committee stressed friday that the senate needs to act now to pass *his* house measurea& to strengthen the vetting process.""we have two iraqis, that came through the refugee program,""one actually traveled to syria, to train and come back as a foreign fighter. if this is not enough evidence as to why we need this legislation passed, than
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necessary. other lawmakers we talked to on the hill credit the law enforcement community for their diligence in these arrests.steve russell ftp politics . ", am i concerned out terrorists coming in, absolutely, do i think we need to have them in a legitimate system so that we can monitor their activities? yes. and they were monitored and they were caught."lofgren ftp potics- "if there are those who are threatening our country they should be arrested, mindful that most of the people who've done harm to our country have been americans, and american-grown." according to federal immigration officialsa& there are nearly 23-ndred syrian refugees already here on u.s. soila& and the united nations says it has referred nearly 23- thousand syrian refugees for resettlement to the u.s. later this year." in jeff barnrn reportinga& a man who has terrorized mexico for years is behind bars tonight -- again. forces in mexico today captured a drug kingpin known as el-chapo.he was reportedly taken into custody
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arines.five people died in that'll recall, el-chapo was already in custody before breaking out of a maximum security prison last year. after a week of bad news, the u-s markets got a boost this morning.but -- it didn't last. numbers out from the labor department showed stronger than expected job growth.employers added nearly 300-thousand new jobs in decembererand whwh compared to the same time last year, wages were up nearly three percent. percent.that sent the markets into positive territory for the first time this week.but by the end of the day, all those gains were gone and investors saw the major markets dip for a fifth consecutive big headlines caused the drop, just ongoing fear and uncertainty about the economic health of china. o re's the damage.the dow ended the week down more than a thousand points, that's more than 6-percent.the tech- heavy nasdaq fared even worse.
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start to a new year in the market's history. one figure that keeps going up is the record breaking powerball jackpot. jackpot.saturday's drawing will be the largest in history and are stores re trying to keke up with demand.but with the odds of winning so astronomical, iowa lottery officials want players to member that it's important to play responsibly.and win or lose, just have fun with those around you. "we want you to play with your head not above your head because it's important to have a few dollars, get together with the people at work is usually the best way, get a family together, put togogher some money and play because it's the dream and we all want to think about what would it be like." like."with such strong ticket sales nationwide, some speculate the final jackpot saturday night could reach th one billion dollar mark. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...we'll update a story we've been following about two faiths coming together for one common goal, helpi those i i neededhere in the corridor.
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of campaign stops for democrat bernie sanders today in eastern iowa.hear what he told supporters in cedar rapids -
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we're talking about science monday on fox 28 morning live. live.the science guys from the waterloo grout museum district will be here to show us the real power of air pressure.that's monday at 7 on fox 28 morning live. told you the salvation army was coming up short on donations. but they got some help from an unlikely source- and now, we're hearing this new partnership will continue for years to come.
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this fox 28 news follow up. up. ((nats))every year, the salvation army hands out love. sometimes it's in the form of toys for kids whose papants need a little help filling up stockings. other times, it's footing a heating bill. but it's always love - and that's what imam hassan mahmd saw when he heard they were coming up ort for their goals this year. he set up a website, asking his fellow muslims, christians - anyone in his community, to help, saying love translates throughout ll religion. assan: 01.49.09 they're doing good work and that's why it's important for us and other people to help us as welllia ponterelli with the salvation army says their new friends have shown *them love in a brand new way.y.knowing that our mission connects with his mission. that we're here to serve our community with love, without idiscrimination it's wonderful that people realize that's who we are and what we're doing. hassan wanted to raise the 30- thousand the salvation army
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that goal, but they did raise enough to help 19 families this winter with heating and rent bills. aa they christians? who knows. are they muslim? these groups don't care. they say what matters, is they know they're loved. lia: 01.47.57 he said within the next two years, he'll have that 30,000 he's very hopeful for that. hopefully year after year, we will reach this goal 01.48.02 we're very grateful for a partnership and relationship with him, his wife and h h community that they bring with them and look forard to the many possibilities in the future there are for us covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joy howe, fox 22news at 9. you can still help the salvation army. their christmas giving season runs through january 31st, and of course, they acept donations year-r-rnd.find out one of the many ways to donate, on our
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just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...we'll follow those looking for a hidden danger inside eastern iowa homes.what you need to know about a silent threat -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues.
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it's going to be marco rubio thinks is unfair to criticize him for ssing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running g r president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington potitician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? righghto rise usa is respopoible for the content of this message.
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e bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handndl of billionairere if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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a long time before eaststn wans get the chance to crack open the windows and let some fresh air in. in.while that keeps the heat in, it can also trap a silent 28 news reporter melley moore takes a closer look at the risks from radon radonin tonightht to your health report. report. radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that's odorless, colorless and tasteless.the united states environmental protection agency says five out of seven homes in iowa have a radon that's above a safe level. allen lucas, certified radon tester21:49:20 iowa has approzimately 70 percent of our tests coming up at 4.0 or higher.allen lucas of edar rapids does about 250 radon
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mile radius. he says iowa has the highest testing results in the nation.a measurement above four picocuries per liter i i considered unsafe.allen lucas, certified radon tester21:51:34 i go in the house, set a radon monitor, it sits there for 48 hours, it takes a radon level once an hour and thehethat 48 hours is averaged.most of his tests are related to real estate transactions.gary doerrfeld, associate broker for coldwell banker hedges realty says most buyers ask r a test.gary doerrfeld (doorfeld) associate broker, iowa association of realtors regional vice president 21:40:08 if it's higher, then they ask the seller to mitigate it. the cost of mitigation is from $850 maybe to $1400 normally. there are conditions where it could be higherlucas says the mitigation process uses a system of fans and pvc pipes to push back on the radon trying to enter through cracks in the foundation, floor or walls. allen lucas, certified radon tester21:52:38 i is different for every single property. one house can check high the other house right
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have to test to find out. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. because this danger affects every corner of iowa, the state has set up a radon hotline at the number on your screen.1-800-383-5992. next on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.bernie's big day in the corridor.a live report on the democratic candidate's busy friday as the countdown to the caucus enters the final weeks. weeks.and one of the greatest cyclones on the gridiron finally gets the call from the hall.a look bacat the career of troy davis - when the fox
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you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford
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new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighghr. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. are beginning to givway to a little bititf snow across parts of iowa are looking at a live picture of
9:23 pm can see all those circles, each representing a truck, working to keeeethe roads s ear tonight. besides the snow, a big winter chill is about to overtake the state. how cold will it get this weekend? ekend?for the answer we turn
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kentucky senator rand paul stopped in the corridor today. today.he met with voters at the marion public library this afternoon.later, he made
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senator paul has not been able to muster much support in iowa so far.the most recent polls show he's earning about three percent support among likely republican causus-goers. and there are more visits scheduled for this weekend. weekend.former maryland governor martin o'malley will appear outside a cedar rapids gun show tomoow morning.and in iowa city, lena dunhnh, frfr e h-b-o series "girls." will campaign for hillary clinton. for years, the economy has been the top concern among american voters. voters.but in recent weeks, that's been replaced by national 28 news national correspondent kristine frazao takes a look at how that's shaping the race for president. president. "rand paul is leading the fight to stop terrorism m our borders." "as president, i will defend this nation, but i will do it responsibly.""he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil." political ads offering tough talk on terrorism and national
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have shifted rapidly just in the past month since the terrorist attacks in paris and the shooting in san bernardinonocalifornia." and *that rapid shift has pushed national security to a top concern, according to recent pollsa&federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, agreea&it should bea&"i think k national security is top issue this year and i think it's going to stay that way." "instead of spending time repealing health care and planned parenthood, what we ought to be focused on, national security, border security." "typically republicans are seen as stronger on national security and terrorism. but experts point out the top gop candidates' lack experience in that arena a& could leave the door open for the democratic front-runner.""you could make a case that hillary clinton could be just as strong on national security, she is a democrat, but as a former secretary of state."poll after poll show that americans disapprove of the president's handling of isis and terrorism.
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making that link to his former secretary of state."stretching from the clinton administration to the obama administration with hillary clinton as secretary of state consistently makes the same mistakes over and over againa&"meanwhile, stock market fluctuations this week, highlight that the e onomy is not ououof the picture."you're not going to see the economy go away. butt to there's still 2 million or more people long-term unemployed in this countrya&."in washington, i'm kristine frazao. the first votes in the nomination process will be cast right here in iowa, when the iowa caucuses begin in just er three has announced that some big names are e testifying behind closed doors on the september 11, 2012 attack on the u-s embassy in libya. that attack by islamic militants killed four americans--ambassador christopher stevens and d diplomat sean smith, and former navy seals glen doherty and ty woods. this sunday on
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attkisson.. new information indicates that a rescue mission was apparerely stopped.. told to stand down. those individuals i know loaded aircraft and got on their way to benghazi to respond to that incncent. they were not allowed d cross the border. (edit) those forces were put into motion.. they simply were not allowed to go further. the new information uncovered by full measure comes as a a film is being released, that offers one version of a ground attempt to rescue those trapped at the embassy by the militants. they claimed that higher ups tried to delay them.. and they went against orders. you can see more about this story on 'full measure with sharyl attkisson,' this sunday morning at 9, right here on fox 28. and coming up in sports sportstroy davis nally got the call he was waiting for -- who dialed his number -- and where the former cyclone is headed headedplus -- high school hoop- ah pah-loo-sah -- could the
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flying golden n eagles -- next
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finally over for troy davis -- and all the magic the iowa state great did on the field -- will now be forever remembered -- because davis finally headed to college football hall of fame... davis is the only player in f-b-s history to rush for 2 thousand yards twice -- and he did it in back to back seasons in 1995 and 96 -- he was a a time conseseus all-american and a 2 time hiesman trophy finalist -- davis is still i-s-u's ceer in rushing yards -- all purpose yards -- and touchdowns.
9:31 pm
has accepted an inination to play in the east -- west shrine bowl on january 23rd -- lomax finished the season 3rd on team in tackles with 96 -- he was a 2nd team academic all american and 3rd team all big 10 team honoree -- lomax started 27 games for the hawkeyes in his career. the iowa wrestlers wereack on the mat -- but not back at carver -- this weekekd tom brands and the boys are spending some quality time in illinois -- tonight they took on the fighting illini and then on sunday they'll meet the wildcats wildcatsearlier this week -- brands said he wanted more ka-boom -- he got some tonight -- t t hawks improved to 9 and oh on the year with a 26 to 12 matches. the cyclone wrestlers were also in action -- !nd they got off to a great start at the virginia duals -- iowa state steaearolled through george mason and kent state -- winning 17 of 20 matches - with 7 wins coming with bonus points -- iowa state will face chatanooga in the semifinals tomorrow. and still to come on fox 28
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an cross town clash in iowa city -- could city high finally end west's streak on dominance on the court? --
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14 straight times ioio city weseshas beaten their cross town rival city high --- 14 straight -- that's hard to do -- that streak was on the line tonight at west along with iowa city bragging rights in rivalry week weekthe top ranked trojans hosting the little hawks who are on a 4 game winning streak... and west was flying from the start... connor mccaffery goes up top to wali parks... that's an alley oop... and a good start for the trojans.....ller in the first... little hawks hanging around... and the bank is open for nile ringen... it's not pretty but it counts... that's a three for city... but back totowest... mccaffery penetrates... and dishes to parks again... bucket and the foul for the senior... west holds on to win 45-31.... kennedy hosting 3-a's 2nd ranked team -- dubuque wahlert -- golden eagles trying to bounce back after losing on
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fleek -- look at those outfits --- so was wahlerts passing -- david we-dah-wer gets it inside to cordell pemsl -- the future hawkeye banks it home for two of his 20kennedy would answer -- derek girling steps in front of the pass -- and he completes the dine and dash at the other endthis game was tight through out -- but the golden eagles flew a little higher -- off the steal -- we- dah-wer lays it up and in -- wahlert wins in double overtime 53 to 47. number 2 in 2-a cascade trying avoid their ssond straight loss -- the cougars taking on the tigers in tiptonand the tigerts started hot -- mark becker drians the three -- tipon led by 4 after the first --but cascade would come all l the wawackearly on -- tace hoffman -- turns defense into offenseand then kurt trumm -- smooth on the baseline jay -- casacde survives 44-39.... it doesn't getetany bigger than this -- in the tri-rivers -- undefeated and top ranked springville hosting 1 loss
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undefeated in conference play -- winner takes sole possession of the west division divisionthe lynx have won the last 8 meetings between the two rylee menster not alright with that -- and early on it was all her -- she's money on the three -- menster had 14 of the oriolele16 first quarter points so needless to say springville jumped out to a big lead -- but the lynx would chip it away -- morgan boar -- hits the jumperbut when a team shoots 70 percent in the first half -- they're not going to loose --- mikayla nachazel -- banks it home -- and springville wins -- 48 to 29. back to iowa city we go -- for the girls redition of iowa city bragging rights - -west hosting city... final minute... little hawks down two... but courtney joens saves the day... she steals it... passes to ashley joens... and we're tied... let's go to o-t now... west down two as the seconds s tick down.. but logan cook... has ice in her veins... she drills the big shot to force double overtime... and then city closed it out... ashley joens... just a sophomore...
9:36 pm
getstshe whistle too for a three-point play... it was a classic in iowa city... and the little hawks come out on top, 70-67... elsewhere in the m-v-c -- linnnnar hohoing cedar falls in a battle of ranked teams4th quarter tigers up 7 and looking to pounce -- off the inbounds -- kiana barney -- dials long distance and connects -- giving cedar falls a 10 point leadlinn-mar would battle back -- lexi freeze takes it hard to the rack for twobut the tigers were deadly from deep ally conrad -- drops ininanother triple -- as cedar falls gets the win - 50 to 35. and iowa city regina -- looking to stay perfect -- regals hosting bellevue in a river valley clashbellevue came out firing in this one... camryn reeg... comfortable in the corn. she finds the back with defense... kennedy brown sends this one right back where it camemerom... and it's easy points for greyson dumont at the other end...
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deep... nobody near cameron verducci in the corner... all day to shoot... and she cashes in for three...gals take care of busisiss... they w w, 41-30... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news
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cbs 2 news ten at 10, we'll recap tonight's whirlwind trip by bernie sanders.the vermont senator just wrapped up a speech in downtown cedar rapids where he explained his plan for national paid family leave.sanders told supporters he would use a payroll tax to allow workers to take 12 weeks off of work to care for their growing family.that's a message that's attracting a lot of young voters to the veteran lawmaker.hear from some of his supporters, coming
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the cbs 2 news ten at 10. finally tonight, many said it wasn't a matter of *if the new star wars would become the highest grossing movie of all time, but *when.and now we just 20 days, "the rce awakens" has raked in an incredible 765-million in north america.and in less than three weeks, episode seven is already mber four on the all-time global box office list.and it might not take long to hit number one, because the movie debuts in
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thanks foror today in panther sports talk, we talk missouri valley conference play as the uni men were on the road twice this week. we talk to a former coach that was inducted into uni's hall of fame. look at an upperclassman that can do it all, and a senior that's dead-on from downtown. and we tell you why donations to the panther scholarship club are so vital
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