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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  January 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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thsecrary sta who ood for ameca, anstared dowhoste leers oundhe world.. ishe one candateor prident who s everythi tak to eve part of t j... she' nev let anyon privatize cialecury and medica... orhut wn anned rentod... shll te on the g lob... nallget ual y fowome d he rlinsmppinall our progre so on febrry fst, and up for hilry. beuse youana present who knows how to keep america safe... d bud a ronger ecomy.. hilly's e choice... i'm listening to you, i'm fiti for y, wisupport,i'to der m hiary into and i approvthisessa. fo28 ns -- ir licecalls nd o man behi bars- twe.e ne develoents a bk roery anmb teat.
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trying to steal your moy.a day doesot by, when don't t a ca about is. now hear wh theexrts ve saybout the mostcommon scam out there tonight. tonht.a ne way toeducat"is be great havem wor throh thr frustrations studen at necorror maet scol sw off what theye been working on. on.and ile millns outeast eparfor a nstenter stm.leaders iniowa test t me new tech to me su your next roadrip a safe one. one. fox 28 newbens tight th aew twist in a pair of imes iiowa city. ci.we td you eaier this week about a bomb threaat westigh school and nk bbery nearby, just minutes apar aparw, n devepments suggt a nk bweenhe t. a staed arou 8:4 tuday rning.that wn the mb reatas called in west high,forcin leaders to evuatehe scho for the day.a search of e school lar turnedup no thre. abt 25nutes after that
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werecaed ta nk rbery wilam stre.that's about fiveiles aw frowest hh. a sht time aftethe bbery, offirs found a spec suspt.30ear-d clifton brinkmer wachard with condgree bbery.heas later releasedafter stina 20-thousd dollar cash bo. bond.right now, brkmey is again behind bars.he now acsed callg in the bomb that.liceavfiled a terrorism charge agait brinkmeyer.he'surrent inheld *wit b rninrighnoto car pids pidssometudes we delad ttinto hoolhis rninafter fenderbeer. bender.distct offials ll fo28ews more than two dozen studen to nnedhigh scol llid with a happenear willman streetnd 9 avenue in hiawha.bodyas rt anlice did n ise any tiet the turef tenology was inhe has of*elentar scho udents toda..anwe goa chance to seit a. all.joson eam acemy host its fit stm ex
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littleminds ve beenp to. om brnstoing community servicprectso buildi solar systemand king mies. moes.among th was fox 28 ws report dora joinus liverom e scho...dorawhatwas it ke? w acally pretty coolto e the kids ow o their maerpieces. turns out ey tk ay me an jus w to bldhings it' never toearlto learn fe lessons. leons. remberwhatt walikeo wanto he eryby yocoul uld?we rely wt to hp the si." sick "he thcatsnd e dogsthe send grads ha thathanc "r cls brainstoed ids thatre gog wrg in c ""we' notly ung prlemshat we he inur textbut 're ing al li prlemsfrohelpg the ck.. ck.."getcolong oks anthgs f chilen a adts ywhe to go .r shld hp th mele and ve tm od.
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inhe trd gradclas-- we ki of spac out.buthe projt waout thiworl rld.elco to the s." is" "ty waed makthe inteatiol ace atio d soe wentheadanwe diat." th.""is a ing at ientists diencon a wo in.and udy d th studars." sts.""we okedan seared dierenienc perints at we happing the s, ang withhat theispacsuit okedlikewhathe fo was ke in sce." spe." hey ve tget eighhourof sleeand ey ve twearslpingmask cause sun ses eve 90 nute"the urthgrad ass was ocki -- litally teray.theisk w to delop projt th was pored byectrity." ectrity. "ouprect the ndmi." "it'not rkinrighnow. w." "it be gre to ve them workhrgh eir ustrions ustrions "weearn it'sboutteworkout sponbili, bosng
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is is real fu" pants were vited to tend this op house..mostf th sathings lo a lot diffent an en ty we in hoolveri the corror icedarapids, dora mill fox 28 news dora thankat t capitol day. day.ste leers e agailashg ouat goveor anst ovehiproped edatiospenng. spdie rnor left out funding foerread progms in his nualbuet pl.thiseek,school leads told e gornorthatould sastous wh up- eighthound ird grader are ld bk becae ofpoor adinilthe governor reportedly plans to askfor th ndinat t stt of e next year'leslate ssio r sl andeadyrmup ntind toy.. toy..and loo ke i ll coinueightthugh the weekend. weekenchiemeteorogis terrswai ins n with
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reca. clou in e sknow roug e nit buit wl be coldne wh lo in e teen the cou be me sctereflures ts eveng. tperares re trng to warm up toy wi highs in t mid0s b it wi be en wmer is wkend eken terrthan.tifn ismonga mberf ohns couy commitiett deted etheto galonwith a coty minum we increa.
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nt along with thas ean, th are considerin ci lears are scduli othepublic discussion on e mimum wa iss for feuarycond novber, thcoun minm wagwentp from-25 d ho t8-20 it'set tirease two me timein he cing yea foreettlg at0-10 hourn, thorrir buness joual epor nex moh's meeng mht nclu a pposato optut othe wa meing gins 7 p-m on febrry cond at ifficityall. rning to corvill coralvle rn, finaial sports fling inor ans build a lti- purpe ara n thgrowg comnity. mmuny.thestimed 46illion dollaarenwould built at e io river laing,jusoff ierate 80.the sta is ffering arly0-milon olla in fundg fot 7-housd se are if plannercan curedditnal fds.o citycncil memr tells the b-j ty'veade sigficant prress in aisi the
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besidehoing eventsthe w ara wod atact anher hock teato t area li onereadayin cer rads, terl and dubuqu te of millns ollar e now mingo io to imove e stats war pply pplyx 28ews rerter meaneymoe tas tone grp whhelp ing at ndinhome home. througthis w feral funding, t ste iowa wi connue collabotive efforts bh rul and urban are to rede loodg and mpro wat uali. at'ssethi theowa fld cenr haaeadyeen styingor earsn warshe acrs thsta. eyay thescessf heir work hped e sta app th t fedal dartmt of hoing d urn veloent...and t 96 milln llarwe e very ppy at o effts andur perte ha een recoized d th we ll he an oprtunity to coinue42 miion dlarsf that moy is gng tard eir rk o a rger sle ipartrshi withther tateanciethe
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war rojes thrghout statheir work ill clud ninereas.e sa and latily nor modicatis lanuse anlandojec can drastilly imov resiiencof e la to oodi andprove ter alitanqualy of recingoodi to impring ter r me anrecrtion use.thiowa envinmenl uncisaysour war nes a sustned efrt. takes a bstaial ount moy ov a peod otime but is ia goodirststep thinthatny oers ouide ia calear froms.welso oke witthe io d-r.thesay there excid fot posive impacts iowa'peop as we as ldli.cerinthe rrid alg thedar ver,melney mre, x 28 ws. ght w, 1-ousa iow poverty. at'sacrdinto new da fromhe cld a fami poli ceer.
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alsofnd t teen rth ate inowa hasropped ore an 42ercent. perct.sce 20, eath among hildn iniowalso drped re tn 20erce. perct.he organization us 20 indatorto trackhild ll-bng iiowwve posted he entire rept to e nly revamped,ox- 28-ia-doc. the nterr diase ntroand evenon no ys roinnd escrtion drugeaths havecread 0- peent er the st 1 year feral awmakers areopin th sta realy wi coincecoresso moveth chbersre workg on simir egistion to a fundg todruedutionnd treaent.ohireplican rob rtmais aorigal c sponsor oft sene bi. "i'mopinour leslatn will get throh thunit stat senate sn. have a heing xt we. i've trd really for coue ars to get thisearing. filly the is a, re oa recognion ong republans and decrats alike th thi is a proem and we need to moveorwa and help eve
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n."th heang wille he by t sene diciy mmite onweesda w regulaons onlyin oness w movingforwd. forwd.the a-a gan reiring thatl manned aircfts gisted la montnow,earl300-ousa deces e intheatabe. there is a sma feeo gist youone.e f-a wi refund that fee if it's on for recreaonal use. dispy ofdedicati othe iowa state campus suffer a tbacthismoing. moing.a nt ud by uden to ca outde of hion llism caht fe is mni.inveigats beeve prane heer ito blamno o wasrt.thtent s one seval put as stentsend ys pingo get t besseatf mond's ge agnst ansa stl toome theox 2 ws anine ne.cuttg ed tech mmuts.e fit inthe naon safe deves ing teed righnow wa rds. ros.and not everne i
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gas prices.thflip side e dratic diat t mp, wh e fo28 ws anine s. congress doe't rulat ll see.. wall streeregutes congre.
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most new wealth to the top%. an h p by aorru political system wherwalltreebanks and billionaes buy elections my cpaigis fded oo d a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field g onomall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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otbetter than a warm mema soupn a ld day! y!nday on fox2morng live, e'lllen so new repes d ti for ousoup d crocpot at wl be re tbe aamilpleaser. seyou en! ere no roway at sees mo carsnd me treler an inrsta 80. 80now,tateaderwantto kn whayothinout thr sectn ofhe ast cot hiway. hiway.e io depamentf tranortaois aing r feedback aboui-80they want
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peormi and lookt wayso improve coitio.yo submit your input onne. onne.we'vput a link on our mpletely redesied bsite, fox iowaot com.after you takethsurvey, besu to head er tour weatr pa toet the late roa coitio acrs thstate. righnow,he iowa-o-ts stina netool thacod warndriverwhenthere's ice throad"pat-e" isa small sor powered sens thas lits th flash bluehen temperatur are unr 32- degrs anwhen there moisre in e aithd-o- is currtly stintwo the vicein amesficis say ere sll rk tbe donen thwarng to they're coaboring th t "patye'sdelope.wa i the first ste tost the new vice uslly,he winter mths me a bak fromoad's n the ca rig now ced pids crs arstilworkg on rst avenue a her roads arou themetro despite e cold condionscity cre are dointheir st tminize inrfering withocal
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them with constrtionx 28 ws caht uth plic works today to lrn more abouwhy this wier wk is so nessary. "becse it's ing mak majoimprovemen to aajor sanitary sewefor e city o cedar rapidshe saniry ser cors a majority of e rir fothe ty ocedar rads.""we're tryinto elimine asmuch impacon e traveling puics much asossiblby reducing lane and not closing road" ads.e bit of od ns, cityeade te fox8 news alles wl, a las on rst avenuehoulreop on moay. moristare al finng a t ofood sis athe mp. pu. the llinpricesave lily sed you few bucks. oth par ofhe cotry, e impa is r more life chging changi. thifox news cluse, tion coespondt je barnd costs. thfreefaing ice of oil inthe last year and lf
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0-thousandoiwoers ke clrecutsw ou wor "mt pele'sreactionen i ll thems, well, it sucks for you, likthe s pric."ergycompies e geing pummed blow prices at the pump with regular unleed g noaveragg about ondollar and 85 ces a gaon ."we've had to cu pens tremendously, wve unfounately hado laa pers of d cut othe rsonack to pt ti." stp deinesin global l nsumion ve dven ude oiiceso precente ws, ys ergyonomt lie rey.t sls ou econic grow, itslows e us owth a glob ow." and hasckedfinancia marks to a degree wal stet h ner se in th nth nuarthe stock maet idownboutni perct in st t fit fe eks of the new ar. here is tremendounetive seimenthat feeds into stk maet behavr anwe are einghat spades no with o.""imodete t heaviloil pendt stes like tex, okhomanorth
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venues fromnerg som locatis, is wn bas ch as 50 rcen"onomts y if cde l reins low dolls a barrel, a cession willhitexathisar.some say alas is already caught inhe midsof o."w rrently ve audget that balaes ove$100lls a rrelf oianat t currt pre, itouldot covethe cost oour k-12 ucion."clai cutsw we ba to college iner 's to ea a degree in geology.e's be out worfor ar and her ospes fofinding a jorein dimso my people we laid o aut this te la year that they took aot oe eny leve geology bs iothefiel." in whington,i'm ff bnd fofox 28 ne. areix mont awafr the xt instlmenof the rester annu gre bike de acrossowa. waow night, ragbrai ganizers ll ueil th
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thefoll the tradional paern, the44 annl ride will trel throh the southe rtion of t stat a t of counits along e way arable to cashn on thousas of biclis who
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meonjustot aree suby sawich just tt offers to 2929 toign for weekly texoffers. and you'll get a ee 6nch b
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mperuresill warming uphrou the weeke andhe weather will bcalmere the st coast gs baered a major wter orm.or now, clos inhe s wita few attered flries ssib thieveng. o eastain/ow m movg through thmid lantic ove the ne 48 urs.odel projecng o to ree feet ofnow theid atlanti atesclos to me, t as exciting wita syem develong latsund tha could bring some sw on nday. models rig now ojecng austi in e south withne ttwo ches further nort othwisee contuinghe wmingrend is wkendith mperures acki thereezg ma on suay, ow lely ndaynd th temperatus start to rm bk up on thsday and friday.
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ne on e fox 28 news at nin. nineit'a ca manin the ea a gti but none ouldlten .thecam ciulatg around the corridor. corridor.and see li all e esidtialcaidat ha spe evy wang minu in ia.b thas noexactly tr.we'lbreado the nuers wh the f 28 newst ni continues.
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coany erti its custers aboua pontiay dangous fect defectitnvols a case d itcoulimpa ns of ousas offaliessingit. ittoppg toght'conser erts... aler...itaxs recalling 71thound c seats caus fauy hales.the dels inlvedre the brax " sa 35"nd "safe5 elite," ich ve hales at can ack or break. customerwi the mode should stop cryine se by handle uil icabe fixed th aree repa kit.
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atrneygenel isising waing all us a sc he calng a"epimic. fox 28 ns rerter j we exai why 'shappenin right *now for a rson. thiss thmberne am i e untrtoday,he i scam 100.31.and rbara een th t betr buness reau does not goy, wn i don't t a call out this16.035.18 it's hitting our ea. steriowa views ha call us saying, theye gotten t one call - somee ciminthey're om the i-r-s, ying you owe ney,and u'regoing to ja, lessou p them. and theyay, 'the sheff's his y to ur house to arre youthin t hour .01..02 my neibor an eldey mad heven went to a frnd and sa ' i think you're going thaveo war mylants, becae i guesi'm going to jail. hew so aredthe poor thi. t thers onprobm. the s willner ca yout ofhe ue a contact you demand
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thi-r- doesn't call people, safil viso ke ley.e sa, the r-s ses evythi through the mail. and if you get a *letter saying someing'wrg, *u make a call. contt yo tax-prarerand have tm ke a look, get em ithe lo tlookt actlwhat thissue is. you led on yo ownhe sayscall thenumb thas alwa at e bottom of one of ose letters and ma sur 's legit. ifhere's a proble don be armed. they're noouto p anody in jail,th're t to correct mistes tt you might ha inadverteny made .01..09 on yr tasyou kn, 163.053 irke mistes, x prarerma mistes, t it's gooto ild teamound you t ke se at what's beg estied is youbest interest.13..29 coring e rrid in cedarapi, joy howe, fox 28 news at 9. thattoey genel cas this i-r phe sc, "the ngest nninand mo peasivscam his offi has evercotered"and wans ve been indl outof
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ill com theox 2 ws at nine. ne.millionprepare for one of theworswint stms o rerd.the impacts avy ow d wi wilha alllong theast cst - en the fox 28 newat ne contues. the rld presidenthato gppleith, metimes you can't ev imagine. that's the job. and e'prepar fort likeo otr. a tireless secretary ostat standing up agnst the use of women a gir. negoatina cee-fire in gaza, leaddiythat keeps us out war. e priden is e tohestjoin t wor... and shs the one adero has whatt takes
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m hiary clinton, ani appre is mesge. citizens a stngly couraged toemain indos and totay f thstres streets"wwant o sides tost in place. place."don outntil 's rlly fe go t" out"the ssagis clr up and down the east coast, as a powerful blizzard palyze verastes rht now.. our tion pitois in th weathefo of lockwn a prareso get a foot or re osnow snow topf th, c and otr areaare fang sever hours of windtoppg 0 to
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ho.all at p geth is a terrle coinatn if yonecis to venture out. totaof 7miion ople are inhe ph thi powerful ntertormfour statesand the dirictf combiaalrey decled a statof emergency. airles aoss the country e helpg paenge athe e storby alwinghem to reook if ey'rtrelin he srm'spa. alrey, thsandof flhts e nceld anlayed. here at me, the stern iowa airport s nobeenimpact by those dela.ifou're conntingo another stination,you' want to makeure all yourligh are stl on time. lasteeke, eastn io ruggd togeabovro. ze.thiseeke, itill a mu dierenstor ory.f teorogis terrswai s the latest update to the weather first focast mperures will be warng uphroughhe weend a he weher ll be calm here as the st cst gs baer a mor wter storm. for no clos in the s wita few atted flurries ssib this evening. out eastain/ow m movg
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e ne 48 urs.odels ojecng o to ree et ofnow theid aantic atesclos to me, t as citi wita syem delopi latsund tha uld ing me sw on ndaymode rig now projecng austi in e soutwithne ttwo ches rthenort othwisee contuinghe wmingrend this weekendith mperatures acking thereezg ma on sunday, ow lely ndaynd th temratus stt to
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russns, chese and iranians mahavaccessed hlary clinn's pvatemailand server. rverhat'the cim cing om forr efen ecrery bertates tes.and itops night's vote2016 covage. coragegatetold nsertivedio st that ds a que "ptty gh" th u-s enies cessed the foer secrary ate'
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deravestatioof clton'prive email server founseral ems ntaining top cretinfmati.clinton says anyiormaon was not clasfied at e ti andwa later givethat clsifitionfollowing a reew.till criti of clinn have called fo crimal harg to leled ainsthe forr secreta of state. fellow emocrat martin o'malleyill makmoresto in ia his weekenthe formeraryland governor ll ho eves in coralville, wateoo, maqketaand davenpordpite little suppt rent polls, o'maey h appeared at re evts iio thathe other democrat candate is the st. o'maey h tallie160 events in io.veont senator bernie nder122and hilly into-- just . 78.on the reblic si, the aders in t polls n't en me tht three.rick saor, ikhuckab d bby jindal he de t most ops iowndal
9:32 pm f the front runnersenatoted cr has made t fouh ost stops amg epubcan andidates. senator marco rio comes i 7tand donald trump, ranks ninth. th t iowaucu jusa ttle ovea wk aw, some argetngtetheto learn mo abo what eanso ccus. caus.b theroup earng abouthe pce tightill have to it a couplmore cleseforthey can cast theivotef reafox8 ne eporr missacott takeus tthe hawkus:mock caucus... ucus.athe unirsitof owa. iowa. i'gonngo or wder wan cae she'sweso meli ng-flon is onef 19 studen leaing at it ans caucus with he hp of se popular uperhero . i ink m oingo vote for r because she eally is like a men d promotes equal rits theightstted with e ki drang tir own campgn posters wro that wl he promo wen's rights a wrote my name
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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snac the caucusi beganfor supean hself--he obviously he bt serhe so i think is ing tbe a succesul night f him he is pushinfor truthjusce a ing kind tther-or beer kwn as e ameran wa perman thesymbo andsfor w we want to be as aricans andi what we std foas the wld pting aside powers,lyina bei invisible the serhees arteacng alson kids get overelmewitcommeials ancampgns and of y get l this aention we ntedo being a lig to that a xplain the hy, why e we rst at aree doing whats the who rocethe oup leaing at ts like to a part of republic nd docrac cauc so ty ca the vot a ro and oper. voter turnt sn'teallas hig ourountry so i really beeve in instilng a dersndin r liticsand a paion forolits arly
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tradition d itsmportant thate ep t fir in he naons tatus its stt for americas nt netionf voterscausthey noknow the importce ovoting a campgninsohey n keep ack and arn o theyant to te f i hopehey would he antalkto eir pants rissscott reptingif yourid wld le to tak part ian ventike is, we'lput the iormaon n our webte, x 28iowdot cotheost 20-olla. comi up spos... it's a high sl hos idayight. hhligs frloancedar falls are next... and the iowa hawkeyes rolled out the mats for purdue... highlights only onox 2..
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sinclosi the rst ga of their seon... e kenned girlve ld clm five-a's numb o ranking... by rali off urteen raight wins... t cedar fallcan make acase too.. at12-1... the tige loojustrong... tws a confenceash nighin cedar falls... and the fans like what they saw... because the tigerseron the prowl - second half - ma gded e exndr th a buck inside...bu the cougars did what they ow be -- and that is shoot -- sydney hayden wi theomb om tee -anshe denate.. keedy starting to feel it - this time it's ashley milt -- e ts i y fr theco it' gohacu ie le..t ll aneryt- ci lcy wolf -- that's easmone--
9:36 pm
ov thcougs,46-3.. theoys de..wateoo east looking for an upset mber xaer..and looking sharp from the flr th rste as k re from rnthat's a good start for the trojan.. but xavier's mitchell burger had quick answer - doesn't maer whs ariman ntesd 3 ll... but then the trojans n... mosiah sanders crossover - midrange jumper - waterloo east up 7 and likg it... but every second counts -- jackson jones at the buzzer -- cuts the lead to 4, and the co wvisiting saints take it 73-66... to the matnow...o far in g tecompition... the iowa hawkes have be the bullieon t g ten ock... in threeual ets. they've tscod eir opnent11to5... toght. it waue turn for beat. it was the second-ranked hawkeyes and the 20th-ranked boilermars at 125 pounds... thomas gilman came to dominate... he ts d e leg here.... and
9:37 pm
for gilman... he wins by technical fall, to .. to 13poun... co cla... so ose to a pi.. c't quite nisht off.ns it's a four-pot nearfall... ark gs oninip. anthwathe return of ody grhus 1. t senior picks up theoint with the dothe...nd he picksp a ze win. d io ashethe boilmake 39o 4. friy football news. iowahas a w linebacks' ach setwaace. the haeyes cidetoprote from thinere. llace seed athe recrting codinator fo20-1and 20-15...hile alsoelping ouon t defensivstaff... ki ferentz said they'll name a w recrtingorditor aftesida next in orts. wa sys perfect in the bi n...ut iwa't ey...
9:38 pm
it wn't rfect...ut io d wh th wersupped to don thursday nit...hey handlea rgerseam at hasn't n a me in -16. and no.. ty caing the ilerkers... alweeklong. iowa iiste that hey ren'overlooking thscart ktsat times.... they looked like they were sleep-wking. bu ter k anantny lemmon pavethe y tvictory ith caer hh-scing nigs... d he hks lefnew erse with the perct confence rerd in tact. that's whats league i.. evy night you havto ce out. be rdy tpy...nd expe erybo's bes..
9:39 pm
wee expecng erybo's bestame. hey me o and gaves a ight. tgeris agooteam. a we h to be epar for them... it's always tough goininto bigen arena a gettg a win but is a gd win r s and we're looking forward to purdue on sunday... on the flip side... u-n-i is fading fast... ters droppetheithi strght owsdhe non conference... and they badly need a road w onsaturday at is state... there are p s 's. h the floor... but coach ben jacobson is looking in the mirror... hing en throughhis. having donts long eug d eugh time.. mjob is to deverything i cano maket easy for them o fensand dri them on defense to defend well witht maki mistes a to reund. and i' g to do those tngs a rlly gh level. and should... that's my b...
9:40 pm
the ate tex didt go too well... that s tedays ag.. hen thyclones lost in ortimto t longrns. and it *fe* ke rk tt... t since en... all is well agaiin ames... on monday... iowa state took dotora on this comonday... it's the kansas jayhawks coming to hilton... but in between those ig monday" clashes... is a roadate t-c-u on saturday... and the 'c n't need aetdo... y don't wa to trip a fall. escily to team th youfeel likyou' bett than... can't lo ahead.we're really focused on atury anwhat t-c-u esd a saturd... 'll gureouhow be kans... the only fus rht w is u...anthat it... it go no further th that... can ts leag.. st nht..tes bes st virginia onhe road... state kes baor tdole overtime youhaveo be tolly loed i. on the women's side - iowa state will roll out the
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oayst ..thonpulled the up tir home floor... and coach bill fennelly knows it'll ke anotr rfrfe from shawna johnson and the crewo se thebehome with a loss... "bayr's ylorey're waysvery good still od. they're fourth in t couny r a asoni thk they might be better!... and they have some great depth at the post to go along withat they already had and...they're a team that's final four worthy and our fans are get to see another great team come in here saturda afternoon." at's check of sports rry has a st check our
9:42 pm
atre day ameca,thtop 10 o1% os almo as ch wlthas the bottom %this gat country d r gornment belg allf us wall seet,orpote arica, wealthy campaignonorhaveso mh influenc at the only way they are defead is wh millions of people ben totand u and saloud and clear, "enough isnoh." i'm rnieande, and i approve is mesge. announcer: 3 republica governs.buwhicgoveor n naonalrais for ugh leaderip hdlin ne hricas? whicgoveor made his state mberne ijob eation? whicgovernor led t fight to sp obacarexpaion in histate? and ich veor la out tough planto destroy isimonths befor e pas attacks? jeb sh. righto rise usisesnsle
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clouds ithe sky nothrough the night but itill a co oneith lows ithe teens. tre cld be some scatted flurrieshis eving. temratures were trying to wa up day with his in the m 20s but i ll bevenarmer thiseeke. weekd. you ow t bas bargaiof arica if u wo har and u doour rt,
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but so many famies d't fl ke tir hard work payoff. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i nt tgo tbat for em ery sgle day. get comerisi...ual pay r me.. th oth car d chd ca so pple n actuly g ahe. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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