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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  January 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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nowe'r goi toee ihean beoaded io a firight >>igsh. >>re left hk b gara. >> guerro anowlging tha theeftookot tough ick ghtandy day gaia. no hshowi t hd spd. getng io a ooven th roun >> justop,kay? ck u >> dny gcia arti to nd hihym. ghtd, rht o thehin. you e thewagg of e yog man fromhilalphi pennlvan. aineby h fatr, ang. quicleftook ain. it's bn day gcia'best men of eight. >> rig han >> gtingore laxe letng
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17 secosemaing ihe sixt. maybth best und r gaia so f. >>ook h go, qui spe. no helant oh! on theutto d atherne, llow by leftook. day gcia wted,nd he he mes! betifuworky dny gcia. dan gcia'bestoundf
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>>hrowgown, youon'tave h har st p thetogeer. 's gngway. ju keedoin i stay fahful. >> danarci y o dn'tookike was a acti as thohteould be, buthe byshotnow arti t pay divends cegainthe c welrweit wod cmpiohip theine tween the twomen, dan rcian t nk lpard trunksrobe gueero r. iss t t tit vaced be tirent othe eat oyd yweaer. nny gara fdingis rhym. thsixt rou hisest s far r. >> ian'telp tondef gureroas bnoade io
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now thi hehoul boxin a ttleit me. heoes need to b walkg intthosbig punes. gointoeep lkinhimown. iouldike to seeim sp in dteput, st pnt h, ju mak himiss,e fnted right ere. big right han aga, slows guro dn allhe w. relyissing tha te. gaia has been on h bacfoot thisntire figh matar approach he oxinbeaufull >> hes, be's wking rht to i heeedso me dny r for it aittl b mor but thin he isainsaid on this aroac >> dny gs wh he nts t
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rub gueeroelli h sonhat need t use his xi skillaveo sp brling cha, asou kno somemes areho w are. >>hat'right. and is figer. tradiona movforwd, rgh you u. he'saughtheoxern hi but r someaso he lks th doo heoesn letim out. garciaoing tohe body n foruerro, his han are arti torop. justnnch,ndhat left ho devtati foranny gcia. straht right hd puss through. anherightand. >> as sns hetart rexingstarted tscorthos right han.
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i tnkarly o hjustante to ld altheower sho, b note rndsaveoney, he gotis hds dow he' laxe usihat, pin o forim. danny gara, he thro tha puer ric le hoo whe he ts l ofhe kcklen i trinad. we tked lotboutanny rcia lefhookbut the ghtand s beffecve nigh thatsheirst another a sthpaor fore, inhe senth iliket is woing f gara. >>et's cck in th sve faood. hink dny gcias
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lastouplof rnds,nhat xth rou heememred e be wean ainst soupaw ishe rht hd, hhas don so ver goo fhtinworks we. thiss aase ere i tnk t aggrsors notinni the ght, he gaia aad by 3 ints notust rhtandsig ovhandightaymars. >>ight round. scdule f 12 r thwbc welterightorld chaionsp. danngarc in nk,,obert guguro i red
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. >>eitharid of mine id, i'moinin a rg wit anotr m, inow him bette thanis ther you ow h betr - y'veeen th rg wh rort gueero, what do yo kno >> t harr you hitim, e mo he movesorwa. he shong tha itappened when i wasnocked him wn i theinthoundhe ca bacin thet reallyryin tohowce h ills and talt andeart we kwuerro is a tgh ghte conantlmoving forwd, b heas been ping r i >> not necsarily sit lik this --ight le th. >>y thway, fol,ark iege wro ancreble boo
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thas, bud. >>:27 go theight roun mosof tmrere aut thers d ss, aleas qualifies forhis fight. athther book? >>oulde. t fhe ofhesewo fiters ieresng charters >> botof tse gse se righ nowy veels f the fathers' ambitn, f whaeach ther has oveome, grrers thepick strberrs in gioy, lifoia. rcia fher d tuch drs, tearsrshe joint. ca out, fohtance throat caer, id, won lethem take mcalor. if ian'talk,'m n takg eatmt.
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ther the we lght the the tertin us, b the genate at forheirons and ty ta thet r throns as well welut e he se an ful ln th pasof pholocal, dyunctnal fath-son retionips, espiallin is srt. whatev youant tsay out ese o guys and tir ther ty ha donret well ther ic ahent lov tre. >>ightandonneing f garc at e enof t rnd. d les lten the ds. >> don wt y to ow down pickg apt, h him hd. yo hit h wit tt chd, n'tet tt stightight nd ither
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>> hdoeshis, origh rit? [sakinspanh] yeah [speing anis ime to get by, all rht, bert t bu. >>ake ves, man. >> nhingike h havg yo youorne >> n tre'sothi lik at. 's aost know in orts athat point dooutopeing aathernd sta bei trainer or stopeing tiner drt being fatr? u a loongt yourwn s ther youownlot, and bing unlike y oer spo. al thether srts are mephor for whathis tual is, combathow youet you suays dame. it dilma. nth rou in t wbworl
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oyd yweaerera ttennce thefighforiselt. day gaia ipinkober guerro i r. garc haseen ckin u the enre fig. ni, sht uercuby grrer he useis hd memen to t in n. look likhe h caut h seco win >> h fatras tkingo him, vamos. don' sak snishut i kn whathat wdeans you an tel tha h wts i 's ptingimse bacinto e fit inhis nth rnd. >> bisesn t facof gcia duerro. >>arcithrong a l of big puncs in the lt coue of rods, makesou wdern th
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bit a bak. >> gueeros beg gueero, but i donee h makg good or cing closeo making gd onisrectioof beihe fit g t p danny garia do. strght ght hd o the butt forarci useis shouer t phff, now bks up gettg greateverage ohis nche le hoo the. >> nice levege on thaleft ok. anoer left ho! gaia,a d quickne, drove -- fineuickss, ove. we did n expt hi t throhileovin bacards >> a new wnklen th matutionf yog danngarc. a grreris n rlly xingo mh ase'sust
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rougut t wleight. >> as densreenould s, ey a who we oug the were beaiful ld ritanan knowdgedy gurero >>'mot surhoug he was th. th was flo mayathe righhand >> ler ihis career, flolo maywther other saky ghtand at ti by dnyarcia. [belringg] betifuworkor thill bo strg rod for day gaia. rigand,eft ok, autul, steing f th bac foot kindf feied iabhereoo. ve cal >> aight let goo
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erre'sife. >>ell, rert gureroas be witss t auch gger ght,ou ckiesaveeen pa of e, h wifasey w dinoseith ukema i2007 theancprea io he brn, s ndede bonmarr anspnt, und atch a yng womromerma. doors ll oy ge hea 500hanc thkful, the surry w a suess,nd naseys caer ee. lkinto h tod, i ss it ingsverying int persctiv evethini d hereompasohat 's - pale t t wt hs beehrgh inompason wh h wif vcatiis 1-pound title toe wh caseyurin her recory. this o f 12 roundsor t wbc rld title, 147ound weltweig, rort grrer in
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thleopard trus. >>anny gciaefinely more comfortable cnternchg thugho theholeeconhalf thiight >> o of te things grrer hasbandoned i.abs the bo thahelp hiestaish eistae. >> erythg sling wn n for nny grrer >> gaia h ten e agessivenessut, opin rit ha. >>hereshat floyd yweaer sleor garci >> kth, thievel, you
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erresrosptive pone, what do u s in th gu that youidn' see bere the sta ofhis ght? ik hia wle, y know i thght grrer won aeast o ofhe openg tee th thggreion,ut the you knowonceanny was aeo rela mn, t coterpchin, yo kno i thk it somhingew. >> did y ink he cou fig thisillovinbackrds? at's wh surisese. i m m i d't kw ifanny ew h couldo it mae heas jt forced io thposiontonit. t he emsalm, and heeemsms havmade a pper justnt. his wer punchestve sp ofhat adjtmenhaveeen loore effecve. erre, bng tgh, ven' seen knodown he c takthe g punes. >> ihinkhat'hat h
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meing,is o s >> both fhterbatted a brsed, bloy as ll. 30 sondso go in the tth rod. aples ntern dotown s anles,aliforni >> i'murpred wh danny gaia'sontementith mong bkwar tought t whol fig. inderandsing it becse yore bng p und preure, but ery oe in ahilei woul tnk tt h wld t to ke grrerstepd ba. >>'llell u wh,he way he's gotis hds pitiod, th illyight. lo atim. >>ll rig, timnow to ar om lend ourrianenny ins us. >> ynde, fld maeath himsf. wee be talngbout yll nit.
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it'soodo beere. tonit. >>hat youhinkf the fig, gaia, grrer thehol thin >> ihinkt's ry,ery ose. righnow, giv thedge to erre. danngarc, he i a you, hung lyi,nythgan haen. youook ke y're sti abt 15poun. hury o jusighteing >>e'veot som big this fure. erybo is wonring wil yocomeack? sie y've d a wonth f, wt'sn yoeart jt wh myhildn, hpy toe at thelaceith me, a of rht n, ion'tavehe ge t fig. >>kay, wl tn. wod h thi tak ovefor yoif youon'tome ck. the is aot o great tant o the. >>heris indd. od sing u. >>hankou. > tt waot aoteo th
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that wasot a definive kw, forhe rord. 11thound schedule f 12 2 thwbc welterweighworl tie. nny rciand robtuerro guerro. soued vyy lawyer-h. noaefinite no. >>n th chaionsp rnd he, sewho nts it. i do't tnkt's uen of desi, ihink it'a queion alent a is pnt. >> mweatreeli tha guerro i ldingt soar. don y thinkhere alys aittl biad tohe guthatou fout? >> setim the is. somemes ere i yo kno b jues do he dierenjudgg sles,o you
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>>ig rht han by rcia >> go givcred, bhose le hoo thawe'v bn seeg, y're t su wha the dgesre gng t gethe mt edito sin theightoes lookike 's gng t endp gog toecorerds. houghe fst hf of e fitsrett clear for guerrerosond ha prey clr foa. i d't tnk tt gueero oks h a,ut i dthin thatheres ait oa tent diarit >> t nexfourinut cou deci theinn of tsight the tw pugistsave let eir nds go.
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he i bing autully >>ome byworfollwed a le hooup t b gara. kes th rig hanigh. and gurero pushing through. >>ice fluyy gara. >>h! uppercut b gcia. whn ane. buit t n'deterobe gurero >> i b heouldalkhrough a baballat. aughr] >>e di h f fough y. erre letng h hans gat thend the rnd.
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thisay bfor l tharbles. nnyarciturng ov tha righand. danncome undneat. >>eaeaul, tri st. we hen'teen mucof tt on e nht, word rit the. >> l's te loot s s faood' unoiciascorard. iive grrer t ten und. inrestg, a ugl rou, litt hapned, ugl for guerro i goo beennougof tse te of rods, aven beeenou, th's w havgarc winng. hy i he gaia winng. he weo, t 12tand naloundor t wbc lterightorld cmpiohip.
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guerro i r. d grrer t sthpa agessio stt th rou. garcia jt ties himp. gaiaacki u t ente ght, newrink in his ge game plang te mador >> wn iapntoy memy bankhe auall shod se of is bepri, se ofhe abilty t b wil ming ile ving ckwas wh he oughluca mattsse. mahysswas alyinimil essue. >> garaasaseate seough ghte, mthys, perso amir kha plie mignai, za jud. >>hat s aig upsett th time
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kid s. >> lef hoo by gcia, getng thugh porueero. w hmove i rcia tie h up, h may fl at hhas thi fightn t bag. hes prty cfide, at thend the d, its gureroeing grrerayin comen, bng i on,hargg . >>lbow bguerro. rciaovergp, 1:sr ni maing. >> i have to wderf it to late fuerro. >> bn aleanighto fa >> ynow pent alean ght? xingo we, goout
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lef hand byuerro. robe gueero, reltles. iyou dont li ts fht, uin'tvegoingo li boxig, bauseheseuys ve evythihey h h, neithe fighr shld lveithny grs, no tterhat ppen >> garcia wh a smacking ght nd, u agast t bod ft ho. gurerotillovin upperc getthroh. rcia petrang. onis fee 10 sonds remning erre, gara, gueero, garc, gurerogarc! eatight
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th putn a ow il.a. at aayo fish. so comg uhe dio. e wb welrweight wod chpionip, who repces oyd maeath?yinglass shvie hochicnwi a scy, oky avor re im thking re im, itindownhe ripe. d he i a witkfc'new nashlle t chken.n. raig fronashllefor limid ti onl
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preer bing ampis on x isponsed bcoro, w invis yoto fd you bea. lcom bacactotapl cenr in dntow l anges, ande ve sn trifi fig
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erre andanny garci >> tse gsereirinin big otsllind,remendous action, bk andort garc lainghoseightand, ndinsome ltooks guerero ving fwardgettg ught anotr birigh hd. this a gatight f bong,his s areafigh for t welrweit disio erro, t 12-und llfiter owedremeous art going t tooe f the finasecos ofof 1 rous, i owoxinansreappy nigh >> a rig, l's te aook theunchtat takeshrouhem. arci abo 500 pches
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gaia lded63, nded mor d thbett perntag robe gueero,08, nstaly puthe essu on. oks ke dny gciaull it o tonht. et'sonsidthe . y fsashe disio [bl riing] rin annncerladi and gentmen, aft 12ounde goo becorerds. re areourcoreorta. juestingse, 11612,ll foyour winr by unamousus desion andhe n wbc lterighthampn, dny "sft" rcia >> sd dny gcia th a unimoudecion oer rort grrer the mov t47 pnds ping fuick. garc winhis rst rld
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hiseco fu fig in the disio andur mk krgels inde thring nny,ndefted,ever bee do, th newbchampn. it wasuerrwh y yhoug wou b >> kw gueero a waior. inewe wod co toight feelikeon t fig earl jges yingheame ing. i fe gre. 21 disiochamon. i fee bleed,'m hpy. wan t tha ally fs arou the wor, te gara, fospor, mwholteam alarou forivinme t ener andhe wer toin this fit. >> dny,ouust n thtitl thateloed tfloy mon maywther i dotnow, i d't kw if you n ta himut off retiment butho d you wan now? o dou wt n, day? do youant keh, swn pter,
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iant fig the best. ce inhe underdo bore, an ie be vicriou, toght, i swed i ctand toe oe wh a brief veran anwin e fit. i dedite thi fig to my dahter we' botchons nigh >> conatulionsanny ta car >> aalia efft byanny erre but tonht belon to nny rcia whomprod to -0, moremporntly whemax e - ns the w tle the btexhaso bealke abt. wh doe he ghtext,eith thman,ouave sha porr cong u ifou a vtorus ainst shn pter,ouldou leo tannyarci >> whai leo fit?
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at's gre fht. twundeatedelteeigh. yoseehe per h possses younow e pow tt i poess. my nams "o te"or a reon. not a sho seaon. gog trevearch2th. loing r to n bei t "oneime"y ttwo-me" chpionf t wor. but lik toeehat oundy wat ler ts ye. >> youeardt fm t man. danngarc at the piz robe gueero,nanius, 11112. e yng m witis dghte illy "ift" gara. loing on,he' g herirst ltt47, basallayin dadd g getome re. ith trmans gogo ha someing to s aut tt possly. nowet'soo brn ken. >> tha you souch.
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yohearheans her a exceent forty robe guerero peop thoht i w muc cler tn tha a lt of thearlyoundad to to gueero. tuestning t decion. rciaeallicketpart afteroun6, b a vy tgh fit. asor ithhurm, ife gs byorte tn weave ne lterighthampn ofhe wod, b thais aong y off. donow at wavehe wier's braet,nd weonow that day gaia iown it theelteeigh disio he ayays ueate comingp nex exct onhe we coa, its you lat loca nos om yr bonghampons turnto f liffrom nnsyania joins tomrow,he n chamonsh ge, azona rdins andhe colin pantrs. binst 6: p.meastn.
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keh trman, aris thomon, amrianenny goodightromos aeles x spts! ght onyo foxews
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i'm oy he. i'm tt hmill thd oss goi doo to-dr tonit, haing t smoke detectors. the reason for the donation - anwhy itcoul't ce a bter, still wanto rit he on fox 28of a loved ries allyou need
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are re-opened on t fox 28ews nine- ssivblzardth stm mass he eastoast - and has me wa kids- - caug rit in t mide. middle.and ready for e 44thnual- ragbithe tos where the ggesparty on eels -ll boppi - ts suer. suer. good evening.a falyf seven isomels tonht - ter ear morng fe - inedarapids. itapped roun3 a-o e 33huned block of wewoodriventhwe.fir crews fouou the fire n a beoom upsirs d re ae to ock outqukly.the ho is unlible righnow
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lackf he. no wd yeon at csed e fire e go newis bodyas rt bause wkingsmo alarms aleed t amil- and ty goout safely. the eric ed cro is helpinthem - bu vonteersalsoit t reets todada o ma s he lis a sav. savefox 28 news repter marissa scot- - shares why 's criticaf eve-o. one. you on havtwo mites escape whea is on fire so it's ve important chk aninall oke alarms every ar. year re tn a don volteer lkedn thld surda ternn toke se redentlikemarin belcher had workg smoke deteors. dector "i'm glad ey cld ce a do i"elch is a wheelcir nd can't heck her smoke alar. n factthey ven'beencheed in five yearsrs ars. "i c't o itobvuslyi cat geon that ttle dder and dit.his ishe seco timt amecan red crs hawked e tree of ced rapids o makeure
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"ife re preparefor ergeies thawe d't have to wry hen e ti ces. we eed havthose tngs pla." place." "i justant to make se peop arerepad for what ppens or mig notven happen. ppen." " wanto make su our mmunities re pparea ready toesa in eve theyhava fi."beasays the redrosshome fire mpai tart rig here in wa andow hoands of vontee are checking smoke armsarod thcount. couny. hat'the rpose othe whe fircampgn is to try toreduce the e amounof injy and dth rat o home firewitn 25pcentnthe xt fe yrs."ando he ose ke lchewho ne an exa nd. ha. "ey wereere e flood and they're ill here. i appriateem." th."if you wld le soone to checor stala oke dectorn your he, you can callthameran re osmaria scsc fox news. we are mentawayfrom
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rty onwo wheels ll b this summer the roe fothis summer's ragbrai is just bouto be announced. the press ceping rht now - li in desoine- and thannounce sathe overnit stopfor the week-long trekre mingny mome nowwel ke you poed a let you knowas soon as ose co in. maybnonokingeath juju b at leastempspswere a little bit day. hofullwe'll keethat trenoing rebecca kopelmais here with
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theye callg itne of the wot or in hiory.near - eity**llion pele - e dlingwithhe massssizza - that podinghe et cot.
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ltime are seeing reco leve of ow.nd wle t whe stf isping uthere - alg thcoa, th're eingsomethinel - *foding.crg boell has thlatest from waingt d-c. c. kg)atronwtestorm razed cies om the gf coaso engt blinding snocaus a 30 mi backp on i- in kencky. huredsf dversere stranded ifreezg teerates forours.furth noh, me tha500 rs nd arintempl unersi'sgymnastic squad and the duesnen's baskballteamere stuck in a massive gridlock on the pennsylvania turnpike.(nats) snow mobiles had no problem plowg through the 24 inche atmed ltore.a pade oowwoedrd movi morehan ches owt criped washgtonc.drivs wh venturedut founthselv in nd of help.ot snnon scott/ resent)is ilike thi vehle today i lped bridge: to gewn meescod ow reside seeci offialey'rg the tion guars huees tosponto oplen ne.
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emgency nagent)wve actually embedd ouhumvs with thnatial gud wi r ergency seices ismetaor pltic?ts psticdc residents rushed to supply stores to buyhove fothe bidig outhat jusahd. (s more asiothis orm ll surpassill suass incs acmulaon in n yorci. the nste storbroughtheig ale t griing lt. official derel carsff theoadsds ce for ergen vehs. ththstorm cod goown as one theop 5now ormsn the ty'sisto.major coastal fldingeft reet derwer ipartof n jers whe somhomeners e ill trng to recor fromupertormandyhe ow and ice me geing around aigmare i nneccut. trait b slidown hillperisly inringne pseng. aiinesround nenely 4 ndrefligs buhopeo reste seice momo.cra boswl, c new wasngto a oup stentsrom wa - are caught rht inhe midd've be rand on th pennslyvia tur- pi. students f life a ub from downling cathic hi hool des moin - s in wasngton d-c for the mah foliferally.
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got strded in tir busese - for so ** urs.the stents but anltert of snow -to hd massd at about five ocloc - th aernoon - t buss finally started moving ain. we a neay ther- just lite ver weeknow til @ owa aucus. this wk-en - som ththmost covetedendorsemes wi finly be announced - including ne - just a fehour - a. ago.thees mnes egter - relsed its icks- for th bes cdida - in ea par.or e emocra - theaper is endorng hilry lint**.the regist ays lint - is thbestchoe ecau she ha wor* knoege d perice.theaperays in mang decionsbo isi - immrati a heah re - lint is betr chce th beie sands. it isn't clear - how much weig thregier carries with caucus gos - fouryes ag - it dors mittomner present.
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register is hindarco bio.dung h twomeetings withe edoriabod, ruo imessesethe panene w caed h "whismar and saidhey beeve hase poteial tohart new dictior hipart th citehipropals erha high educion d lp wkersreated b tomaon -acque skls reward by ew gist sayshey dors m,becae heprests hi rty'st he. anti, bio'pone, naldrumpis oe again - mang headnes r controveial coentse made - th me, ey we sai whe heas stumng weern iowa. y pele a so smt,t, u knowhat se ty sa abt mypeop? thlls, havethmostoyal peop, diyou er s tha whe i uld and in themile o h aven andoot sobody d i uldn lose any vors, okit ininible the late c-nn wa pl does in factshow tmp oes have so suppo. thi time, he'seadi ted uz by 11poin.
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ddle* scolers - shed off thr tants is moring the corrir. they gathered t pirie inte scho - for th turecitycompition.- that's here uden agin- degn a buil - - ti of t fute.this year's theme is goingree - and nagi soliwast althe designs are ouof recled- marial impressiverk done by ki - whmay be future engines. "we kind ostarted at t benninof thscho year d it harderor us because wehadiffent pass they hait tother so th word someing,en t nexy i'llave to work on meing else so it took a ttlehile sie weidn'ally know ere toart out fit. fit."thfirsace will win an l-expense-paid ip to waington d- - to coete thefure cy finals**in feuary. toda resints the ty ofve ssons got lea out e maconsided to be
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pidsdge orgegree help growhe cy from840 to80.he bughtthe railroadto tow nated the landnd 25-thousand dolls for the first hospit, and wainstmental inounding coe collegthe ci's histian ys thateopl ed to unrstandhow portant george gree is dar pids "o miion is to let pele knowore about o dge greene was thedot kn abt whhe was. thiis a grt opportuny totorn out is tough our progming like today, r exbit d oving re information fromhe story center throh theatecommunity. mmity."on tuesdaythere will be walkg to alon e inor salk th wil ow its impact in dierent eas downto cedarapi. u the x 28ne at nine curefor cabin fever. fever.wherpeop are acallyembracg thcold - - nd celebrating the io winter winterplus, the tail ofn
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the slghteouselive and now w gathering suort, and
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is t timof winter - wh alot of ople
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