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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  January 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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and she's prepared for it like no other. a tireless secretary of state, standing up against the abuse of women and girls. negotiating a cease-fire in gaza, leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war. the presidency is the toughest b in the world... and she's the one leader who has what it takes to get every part of the job done. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. fox 28 news -- exposing human trafficking.i just remember standing there and cryinghow you can help prevent others from falling victim. victim.calendar controversy in cedar rapids.the changes to a school district's schedule that has a lot of parents up in arms. arms.only on fox 28 news... students buried under crippling debt."they just can't get going in their lives."how it could cause american down the road. road.three democrats who want to lead the federal government are talking right now in des
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live. special release like this." what makes a new corridor concoction unique and how you can get yoyo hands on it. it. fox 28 news begins tonight with some weather concerns for parts of eastern iowa. iowa.nothing like what happened out east, but it could impact your commute tomorrow morning. we turn to chief meteorologist terry swails with your most accurate
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terry thanks. human trafficking - it's'sot something you think about much in eastern iowa. iowa.but experts say it's here and it's hiding in plain sight. and some of the victims of this crime are now coming forward, hoping you can help. 28 news reporter joe huisinga explains in tonight's connects against crime report. report. i was just scared of being in jail i was addicted to drugs thisisman said hey lets go i'll take you somewhere were they can't bring you back and i went for it and when we arqived i quickly figured out what was going to happen to me. christi was 18 years old when she fell into the world of human trafficking in dubuque. they pray on the most vulnerable members of our society youth people that are kind of down n d out and they offer them what looks like an opportunity for a better life and it turns out to be a real hell.christi quickly knew she
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reach outshe remembers an officer in tennessee who failed to see the signsi just remember standing there and crying and just praying that he would come back,after many law enforcement encounters her silent cries for help tere answered.he separated mysese from my trafficker and he asked the questions and he showed that he cared and that he wanted to help and that it was going to be ok and i wasn't ever going to have to see that man ever again. stories like christi's make clear how easily trafficking victims can hide in plain sight in many ways human trafficking is an invisible crime so if we can make the public aware of some of the signs the red flags, increase the trainnig for our local law enforcement we can do a better job of impacting the crime in our communities. helping often come down to looking for the signs and speaking outif you feel it in your gut that somethings wrong, physical ababe, trafficking call the police don't hesitate you could save someone's life. human trafficking can't be stopped by law enforcement alone.they depend on
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against trafficking and members of the community. they're counting on you to say something if you see something. joe huisinga, fox 28 news. happening in iowa city right now. now.a mother is beginning a 25- year prison sentence for the death of her son. son.mireya balderas was charged in the death of 20- month-old marcus in 2012. balderas entered what's called an alford plea - where you do not admit guilt but recognize that the prosecution has enough evidence to support it's case against you.she made that plea in october and was sentenced today.her boyfriend, jorge perez,z,s already serving a 50-year-sentence in the toddler's death. turning to the city of washington washingtonwhere right now, four people are in custody as part of a burglary investigation. investigation.the washington county sheriff's office tells fox 28 news they raided a home on north iowa avenue.james estes and bobbie jean milford are facing burglary charges. deputies arrested two other people in the home for possessisi meth.
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of the campaign before the iowa caucuses and both parties have one last ent before voting begins. begi.tonight, the three candidates running for the democratic nomination took part in a town hall in des moines. moines.and that kicks off tonight's vote 2016 coverage. 28 news anchor, and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry, is lili in des moines with the latest information. kevin? one of the biggest parts of bernie sanders campaign speeches have been his big promises for what he'll do if he's in the white house. house.he's promised free college - and a better health insurance ogram than what's currently provided under the affordable care act.but even his fellow democrats have raised questions about how he'll pay for those programs. just weeks ago - hillaryclinton criticized the vermont senator for not releasing complete plans for how he'd pay for some of the other promises he's made.
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broad strokes - that the money would come from taxing speculatioioon wall street. "i believe, that after the working families of this country bailed out wall street, maybe it's their time to help out the mdle class of this country." countrtr"comimi up at the bottom of the hour - we take a look at some of what ??? talked about after sanders left the stage here at drake. in des moines - kevin barry - fox 28 news. kevin thanks.tonight is the last time the democratic candidates are scheduled to meet before monday's caucuses. for the republicans, they'll meet one final time in des moines thursday night.that debate will begin at 8 p-m on the fox news channel. inther g-o-p news, republican front-runner ted cruz is picking up a home state endorsement.former texas governor rick perry announced his support for the texas senator.perry - who droppe out of the race in september -
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moststconservative of all the o-p candidates.perry is also popular with evangelical voters - a key demographic in the republican race. some area parents are angry with the cedar rapids school board over major changes proposed for next year's calendar. calendar.the district wants students to start classes two hours late *every monday morning to aive teachers more time for professional training. night the board let parents speak out and discovered it is a huge issue. 28 news reporter matt hammill attended the public forum and has reaction - new tonight. tonight. nats - kds bussescedar rapids school kids occasionally have early outs but the change would mean starting classes two hours late every monday morningnat saul - " our schools are for our ds not for our teachers " scores of parents told the board - their kids will lose the most productive learning hours of the day - and even though
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children at the normal time monday it'll be disruptive. saul foreman - " we are on a slippery slope if you think this s sedule is to benefit the children it's not at all other working parents worry they'll need child care - kristy schuley says she is a single working mom with few optionskristy - " do i hire someone .. do i find another job .. this just doesn't work. gred - " its modern times .. this is not leave it to beaver " but it was discussion about school buses - running on the late start monday schedule that moved some board members to put the brakes on the plan. working parents whos children ride the bus - would be in a dilemma.lisa - " i'm going to have a five year old waiting alone for a bus and that scares me .. in the end - - for t t ssond time - - the board delayed the vote. matt hammill fox 28 news.
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disputing that teachers need the training time to provide their students with h a bebeer education. but members want to study the proposal to make sure it's the best plan and that children won't be left home alone. matt thanks.there's also news tonight that could affect *older students. 28 news has learned about problems with how the federal government handles student loans.national correspondent kristine frazao lays it all out outin a story you will see onlylyon fox 28 news. news. when the housing bubble burst - so many in this country said - never again.but the govement accountability institute's peter schweizer says it *is* happening again, but instead of home buyers getting predatory loans -it's students."they're studying social work or they want to be a school teacher and those are very noble and important professions but the reality is you're not going to be able to pay a 200,000 student loan back if you're making 35, 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year." it turns out the agency in charge of doling out those
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inefficiency and mismanagement , according to a government accountability office report. department of education documents show that while the top bonus there was about 38 thouound dollars in 2011, in 2014 it was 75 thousand dollars - a 96 percent have students who are not incentivized to try to pay off their student loans and you have a sprawling bureacracy that rewards inefficiencyon capitol hill, lawmakers are calling out those inefficiencies and calling to simplify the system where currently the agency gets to o t its own goals and define its own version of success. "it's clear we've allowed this system to become far too complex to serve students well."at a hearing in november the f-s-a touted improvements, like making financial aid forms easier and $ reducing wastea&we updated our systems, increased capacity and provided training to thosuands of financial aid professionals at thousands of
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direct lendingand there's a growing concern problems now will lead to bigger problems latete"when kids graduate with huge debt they can't buy a house, they're less likely to start a family they can't start a business, they just can't get going in their lives."another bubble some in washington worry could be the next to washington i'm kristine frazao reporting. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...heart health is a challenge for everyone asashey grow older.the e groundbreaking study that finds that fight isn't the same for men and women. women.and providing spirit to a local beer.the unique combination, and how you can
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at nine returns. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady whwhhelped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of s4ate who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world... is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job... she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned d renthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice... i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your susuort, i'm going to deliver. i'm hillary clinton
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tomorrow on fox28 morning live we talk with pro football hall of famer michael haynes. he'll share his personal journey with prostate cancer and what men need to most know about it.see you tomorrow on fox28 at 7. looking for a new taste -- look no further.a new, limited edition craft beer is bottled and is ready for distribution. distribution.only 144 people can get their hands on this 28 news reporter dora miller has more information on the mastermind behind this project -- --in the amanas. amanas. not everyone gets to come downstairs and see where e all the magic happens here at millstream brewing co., but today we got a chance to as part of a collaborative special release. release. "this is where it all starts, we get about a semi load of grain every six weeks." a lot of time and manpower goes into making beer.
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intensive here as you can see." on mondada they had extra hands to help with all that labor. labor. "we're putting them to work and they think it's because we don't have to do it."when millstream and cedar ridge combine efforts...magic happens. happens."we've never done a special release like this." this." "with all the new craft distilleries and craft breweries that are popping up in iowa and around the country, there's an opportunity for us to create any numbmb of new products." new special release products like 144 bottles of shockalada bock -- aged for three months in a bourbon barrel.the creative nd behind thisis opererion -- brad -- a manager at hyvee. hyvee. "you're as innovative as you can be creative, in this case brad's just got all kinds of ideas." ideas.""the newest thing is aging beer in bourbon barrels, so i thought it'd be a good idea."and when it comes to bottling, three's never a crowd. crowd. "anybody who wanted to come help bottle put their name in a drawing." drawing." "it's awesome, i've never done anything like this before..."it'll be worth every sip once we get to pop that open." open.""the ockalada bock is a chocolate bock in german, so
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valentine's.": this limited edition beer will be availabe on february 12th, but you'll have to go to wilson hee to reserve it, t they're teteing us it's going pretty quickly to make sure you get yours soon and i'll tell you what, it's pretty good. covering the corridor in amana, dora miller, fox 28 news brad from hyvee says they've already gotten reservations for three quarters of the bottles.if you reserved one, you can pick it up on february
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announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor wonational praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his s ate number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plann to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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next on the fox 28 news at nine.
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see how millions are digging out after a massive weekend blizzard, and why somemeave barely managed to scratch the surface. surface.and researchers say men and women are *not* equal when it comes to matters of the heart.the findings from a first-of-its-kind d study --
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medical experts are now focusing on risk factors for women relating to heart trouble..'s a first-of- its-kind report put out today by the american heart association. association.and it tops
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report.the study found women often have different causes of heart attack than men.that includes the type of plaque buildup that causes problems. researchers even found the signs of a heart attack are often different between the two sexes. there is usually discomfort somewhere in the chest area, and or in the neck, the jaw the back the upper stomach, it can be in either arm or shoulder they found the ri from conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure was even higher among women. here's some heart news that might cheer you up. up.a new analysis of data found people who ate the most chocolate over 11 years had a *lower* risk of heart disease and stroke.the resons: flavonoids, which are also found in tea and wine.that doesn't mean it totally offsets the danger of ovoveating d becoming like so many other things, doctors say the key -- is moderation. just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine,
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today about plans to prpratize the state's medidiid system. system.and the cyclones face another tough test while the hawkeyes earn their highest ranking in nearly 30 years.a recap of a big day of basketball in iowa - -when the
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east coast blizzard comes the big cleanup.we'll take you to one neighborhood who has had just about enough. right now, eastern iowa is dealing with some snow.itit won'n'cripple travel tonight or tomorrow. tomorrow.but it could slow you down a little bit tomorrow morning. morning.for more we turn to chief meteorologist terry
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terry thanks.the east c cst is digging out from a lot of snow. much, in fact, that some are finding it nearly impossible.reporter jay korff has more now from just outside our nation's capital. capital. the state plows trucks that have done a magnificent job clearing roads aren't
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streets. so tonight hundreds of people who live in this northern virginia neighborhood remain stuck.when cars carefully drive into this springfield, virginia townhouse subdivisiona&they are greeted by a broken down snowplow: foreshadowing if you will for the thousands of people who live here."the plow broke down and that's where it's stayed sincfriday."the plow, contracted out by the home owners association, broke down during the storm."four ys in the house and we're about going stir crazy." some residents, with no other option, are slowly, digging themselves out. but a few streets, including golden horseshoe court, remain untouched which meansnspeople either can't get home or can't leave homea&like danusia denda."so that means plan a went down the drain and did they not have plan b."-danusia dendait wasnsn easy for us to get here.when our 4 wheel drive vehicle couldn't go any farther i dug out an empty parking spot and pulled in. from there we trudged up the street."our cars are buried under a mountain of snow."when the foot patatstoppeda&we were forced to trek through knee deep snow."there is no
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tom and patty peacoc stuck for 4 days, ran out of patience a long time ago. "no one's coming in. no one's going out. no one is going toto work. it's getting old real quick."-tom peacockresidents are hearing that the hoa has a plan b, some small bobcat plows are supposedly en-route. but so far, help has not arrived.some families are now hiking the mile and a half it takes to get to the grocery store now that they've run out of food. and others are worried, how will an ambulance, police cruiser or fire truck get up here if need be?i'm jay korff reporting now to tonight's vote 2016 coverage... coverage...right now, the three democratic c presidential candidates are holding a town hall. 28 news anchor and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin bar barryis live in des moines tonight with more on tonight's final showdown before the first vote, kevin? after bernie sanders took the stage here at drake - martin
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running in a distant thirdrdin the latest polls. that's where o'malley has been for a while now - so it means he's been talking a lot about how he's overcome long shot polls in the past - like when he first ran for mayor in baltimore. but it also means he's calling on iowan's to fly in the face of those polls when they caucus exactly a week from tonight. he says s iowa's'sdone it before - and he can still have a chance if iowa does it again. "the beauty of the people of iowa is they're not intimidated by polls, they're not intimidated by pundits, and they have this birthright, they feel, top upset the apple cart and with only three of us in the democratic primary, there's only one of us who can still upset the apple cart, come on iowa, right?" right?"still to come tonight - hillary clinton will be the last candidate on stage. hang around for the cbs 2 news ten at ten to see what she says or
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fox 28 morning live. in des moines - kevin barry - fox 28 news. kevin thanks.also in des moines, state senators arar hearininfrom iowa's medicaid director about plans to privatize the system in just a few weeks. was supposed to start this month, but federal regulators told the state it wasn't ready.critits say the plan will do little to save the state money, and is moving too fast--causing confusion and even lapses in coverage for some, those in charge of putting it all togethth highlighted steps being g taken to make sure everything goes smoothly-- including communication training for the managed care companies. "in addition to that communication plan there has been a serers of informational lettters out to providors and we've also been developing scripts that align in all of our call centers to make sure all the information is clear. and are soon to be launching some social media platforms for iowa health link that have not been laucnhed before but we will be launching those
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well."state senator liz mathis, a vocal critic of the plan, says patients are stiti gegeing conflicting infofoation about whether iowans can keep their current doctors. iowa's medicaid director pointed out a 30-day grace period. so even if a patient's doctor isn't included in the privatization plan, they can still see them for a month without fear of losing coverage. new details tonight on a story fox 28 has been following for months. months.iowa egg farmers are slowly returning to normal after last year's disasterous outbreak of avian flu. farmers have spent months replacing their flock, but say that will take time.the latest u-s-d-a report released friday shows iowa has about 38- million egg laying hens. that's down 37-percent from where it stood before the hope to return to their original levels by the end d the year. eggs are being credited with turning around the fortunes of the top name in fast food. might remember, mcdonalds launched an all-day
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9:30 pm, the company reports sales jumped nearly six percent last year, and credits the round-the-clock items, including egg mcmuffins and pancakes. meanwhile, a pair of mcdonald's competitiors took some fafa shots at each other. wendys used twitter to promote their 4 for 4 meal deal.burger king countered with their 5 for 4 meal, which includes a cookie.when a user asked wendy'y'how they would respond, they did -- with quote "edible food."burger king later tweeted quote: "never trust anyone who says they don't feel like b-k." big monday is back in ames... coming up in sports... the cyclones take on the jayhawks at hilton... we have highlights... and it's hardwood heaven right now in iowa city... see where the hawkeyes landed in the
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nation's number one-team came to ames... and left a loser... tonight... one of college basketball's blue bloods takes their chances in hilton coliseum.. it's iowa state and kansas on big monday... doesn't get much bigger than this... opening minutes... and matt thomas is already warmed up... spotting in the corner... lettin' it fly... that's three points for the 'clones... then later in the half... deonte burton is a ma.. he just puts his head down and gets to the rack... a bucket the hard way for the transfer... then monte morris drives... "here jameel" take this... and mckay skies for the slam... but iowa state was down mostf the half... abdel nader cuts into the lead here... a three-ll from the corner... . at cuts the kansas lead to four...but closing
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breakdown from iowa state... and frank mason's layup beats the buzzer... kansas up seven at the half... half...but right now... late in the second half... iowa state's jumped on top... 68 to 62... we'll have updated highlights at ten... in iowa city... it's becoming a special season on the hardwood for the hawkeyes... on sunday... they moved to 7-0 in the big ten for the first time since 1970... and today... they moved to number three in the a-p poll for the first time since 1987.... after a bunch of the top dogs went down last week... iowa jumped six spots... from number nine to number three... of the five big ten teams ranked... they are t highest in the polls... the hawkeyes say that's great....but it's not the ultitite goal... i think we're finally getting recognition for being a great team... and we've always believed that we're a great i think we stay away from looking at where we're ranked... because the only ranking that matters is at the end of the year... it's cool to get that recognition... it's really fun for our fans... but it mea
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and it means that every gaga isishat much b bger... every game we win we're gonna have a bigger target on our back... iowa's jarrod uthoff and iowa state's georges niang and monte morris have been named to the oscar robertson trophy watch list... uthoff and niang are both averaging 19 points per game... while morris is scoring 15 a game to go along with almost seven assists... cyclone freshman guard bridget carleton wasasnamed big g elve freshman of the week on monday... carleton had a double-double in wednesday's overtime loss to oklahoma state... and then hit three triples in saturday's game against baylor... carleton leads all freshman in the conference in scoring and rebounding... the kennedy girls lost to cedar falls on friday night... snapping a 14-game win streak... you don't win 14 straraht... if yoyore not really good... and these cougars - are as good as it gets in five-a... c-b-s two sports reporter mia o'brien has more... they can't tell you why oh gosh goshi don't know what it is!
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happening on 42nd street streetthey have the "it" factor. there's just something -- they''re connected offensively and defensively because what startededith a loss... loss...we were all so kinda scared because they were the number one team and then we came out of it only losing by six.has led to ns and now the cougars are nked number one -- t they aren't thinking about it itwe really don't talk about streaks -- we don't talk about the ranking rankingi just look forward to the next gambecause i love playing basketball. vo just the next game gets me excited -- even more than being ranked number one. one.i don't think it really affects any of us. we know that we deserve it... just can't take it for granted grantedfriday's loss to cedar falls a reminder of thatatbut e cougughave been here before beforeseeing that we've won fourteen games in a row has showed that we can come back hard from a lossand they know it takes a full season to get to des moines moinesit's never easy. it takes luck. there's gonna have to be a bounce that goes our
9:35 pm
year -- i rely think about twelve to fifteen teams that could be number one.but fofo now w it's the cougars atop the five-a food chain chaini don't really feel any pressure and i don't think anybody else does we're just ready for what comes." coming up in sports... c-j gets healthy.... the latest on the iowa quarterback
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of livi adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. was a warrior on the football field for the hawkeyes last season... as iowa rattled off
9:37 pm
injuries... and now he's trying to get healthy for 2 2 16... ports surfaced today that the quarterback had successful sports hernia surgery last week... the recovery time is expected to be about six weeks... so beathard should be good to go for spring practice at the end o omarch... he threw for 17 touchdowns and ran for six more during his junior season... super bowl is set... the broncos beat the evil patriots on sunday... to give peyeyn manning one more shot at another a ring.. and the panthers killed the cardinals to get cam newton to his first super bowl... now the goal for both teams... is to block out the noise... don't t ally pay too much attention to it... we're the underdog... we're the favorite... it is what it is... we've gotta still go out on super bowl sunday... we still gotta play that game... so all ththpicking and who you think gonna win... it doesn't really matter... it's funny... as you start talking to people abt how to do the next couple weeks... people say you should think about doing this... dodog that... i said now wait a
9:38 pm
what we've done... to the n-b-a... fred hoiberg and the bulls at home against the miami heat... and to start the second quarter... doug mcdermott gets to his sweet t spot....and drills a three from the corner... bulls up 8... then later... mcdermott comes off a screen... rises and fires over chris bosh... and it's good... but chicago trailed by two at the half... then in the second half... dougie comes up with a steal... shows off the wheels... and finishes with a layup to give the bulls a lead.... but in the end... not enough buckets for the lls... thehelose 89-84... the t-wolves went to cleveland to play the cavs... and they hung with the defending eastern conference champs.... look at zach lavine... running the floor like a freight train... he finishes with a dunk... then andrew wiggins gets in on the dunk party... he fills the lane and throws it down... but if you come at the king... you better not miss.. lebron james in transition... bucket and the foulul. minnesoso loses to lebron and the cavs... 114- 107...
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terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social s surity, we need more than lip service. our next president nes hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. ininact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments
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ititill ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect.
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watching your fox 28 news at nine. someone just got a free 6" subway sandwich. just text offers to 782929 to sign up for weekly text offers.
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(sneezes) oh, excuse me. gesundheit. (sneezes) sorry. i hope i'm not coming down with something. you think you might be? well, i've been feeling a little congested and i think it's settling in my chest.
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