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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  February 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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five inches of tape to the nose. they're going to add fuel to the 2 car. also keslowski told them to take a look at the damageossibly the splitter area. he thought also he might have gotten a little bit -- you see em trying to push that hood down. they're going to have to try to seal that off with big bear bond. you can see them going to work right there. also an update on the 11 of denny hamlin. mike wheeler told him as soon as the caution came out, save, save, save, save, save. they feel they've got one shot here in n ertime. >> man. >> mike wheeler. he's got to be chewing his fingernails off. >> you can save all you want but the bank's not paying a lot of interest. >> no, but i believe the number of cautions we've had, even with the overtime, i still believe they're in pretty good shape. but how about this. the first race of 2016, we'll have annovertime. >> that's right. >> we're going to check out this new procedure that we have, that nascar's implemented with the nascar overtime. i would say that, yeah, he can
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i'm not -- i don't know if he can handle a lot of overtime. >> i think we're pretty optimistic we're going to have any cars left to do overtime. >> let's check with vince. >> jeff gordon described it as bumper cars, kyle. what'd you see out there? not much lace for you to go. >> no, i seen the 19 and the 2 really fighting for a spot. for my vantage point that's all i could see. i could tell we were going to wreck. i tried to check up a little bit. then it's on from behind me. but nothing else you can do from there, i guess vr itt funny when the guys behind you get through the wreck and they're able to go on the rest of the way. i hated for our m&m camry -- still pushing to 13, working really good together. i was going to push him to see if i couldn't get farther, give ourselves a chance to win. hopefully benefit our teammates can do it. >> thanks, kyle. >> thanks, tell mates denny hamlin and and matt kenseth running first and fourth. >> wow, a lot of damage there. >> wow.
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before was in a position to challenge for the win. >> last year in thi race, halff the field ended up wrecked in the garage. and we were hoping not to have a repeat of that tonight. however, that's pretty much where we are. >> well -- >> i'm not going to say anything about the attrition rate anymore. like you said, business picked up. >> you just become so aggressive and you can't let out the throttle. you've gototto stay on the gas.s. if that means pump along guy, trying to push him forward so you can go forward, sometimes it pays off. when it doesn't, hello! >> down the straightaway, that's kind of been a staple of daytona racing for a long time. >> and tonight. >> it has been and you can do it, you've just got to be carerel, make sure you're squared up on that bumper. if they start to weave back and forth you've got to get off of that bumper of the person in
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we may have been hopeful but the reality is, i'm not surprised. i expected this to happen in this race. >> i did too. >> let's join matt with denny hamlin's crew chief. >> anner jeer for much of kenny hamlin's success at daytona, the rookie crew chief mike wheeler, my crew chief thinks you're about good to go on fuel. what do you think looking at your calculations? >> i hope larry mack's right. i think we can do this one. if we get extra time here, might come up short. which kind of stinks. he's running good, we're happy to be here. >> describe the excitement and the nerves. your first time especially in a situation like this. >> so far, so good. not too bad. luckily it's a nonpoints race and you can have fun. hopefully we'll get back to victory lane. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> here's vince. >> a little bit frustrated, would elshow you the replay with carl edwards. what'd you feel like hapapned there? >> well -- brad's still not
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that. no, i'm kidding. from the replay i saw, looked like that's pretty much my fault. i stuck it in this here, high-risk maneuver. i thought, okay. we've got a shot. i knew i had to get in front of brad. he got a little bit more of a run i thought. i could feel him. i shouldn't have come up that far, that's my fault. we came down here to win this race. had a lot of fun, learned a bunch. sorry to the guy whose car i tore up. like to end them something. man. just having fun. i don't know. that's the kind of race it is. i wouldn't feel right if i didi't try to get up there. i just went too far. >> understand that. thanks, carl. >> fun while it lasted. carl edwards. now tomorrow we will set the front row for the daytona 500 on fox. >> tomorrow on fox, daytona 500 qualifying. catch the sport's biggest starss
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for thursday. and determine the front row for next sunday's running of the daytona 500. it all starts tomorrow, 1:00 eastern, 10:00 a.m. pacific, only on fox. >> you'll see all of tonight's drivers and nearly 20 more hopeful of earning one of the 40 ststting positions in the 500. >> mike, overtime. >> we're going to overtime. >> overtime! >> nascar style! >> yeah, baby. >> all right, here here's newt rule. they'll wave the green flag at start/finish as usual. and if it is a clean restart and the leader makes it around to the overtimeline on the back straightaway without the caution flag waving, then the next flag, yellow or checkered, will end the race. if the leader doesn't get to the overtime line before the caution waves the line will back up and do it again. again flag in overtime. denny hamlin, joey logano, and
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>> look how organize the outside lane is. a little bit better. see if that pays off for the 22 and the 20. >> larson fell way back down. shifted gears, i d't know if he didn't -- just lost a little momentum, i guess. >> if he goes on the outside, this thing's over for him. but he didn't. ended up going back to the inside. pere they come on the outside three wide.e. >> there'e'the overtime line. >> we made it to the line. >> can we make it to three more? >> can we make it back around? >> 42 going to the top of the 20. 42 first to recover. >> the 22 and 11 being side by side it's anybody's race to the line. we could have a photo finish hhe. >> w wte flag this time. hamlin back to the front. >> one thing i bet you hamlin doesn't do is go below that yellow line when he comes down here for the win. >> wow. whoa! >> whoa. >> no -- >> all at the back.
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checkered flag. >> leaders on the back straightaway. coming hard. caution waves. it's over. >> caution, hell yeah! >> 25 cars start. eight cars finish. >> denny hamlin must still make it around to the checkered flag under r rduced speed. and he will be the sprint unlimited winner for the third time in 11 tries. >> what a great game -- >> hamlin, checkered flag, wins the sprint unlimited over logano -- >> great job, great job. >> well, well done, man. 21 caution laps made it happen. >> he's feeling good right now. new crew chief.
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>> three unlimited wins for hamlin. second most innhe history of the sprint unlimited. as coach joe gibbs leads the team prayer. it's hixth wint daytona. and his fifth in speed weeks. gibbs goes to victory lane in the unlimited. here's the hey medical on the last lap. >> looked like hamlin put a big block on the 27 car. menard. and then as they got into turn one, looked like they just ran out of room between the 20 and the 1. he was side by side with the 2. then kinin of the 78 in that as well. >> woo. one wreck right after another, it's amazing. >>it happepe when t t 11 blocked the 27's run, the 20 was behind him, stalled them out a little bit. the 1 car had momentum coming to the center. he saw an opening there. and then the closing laps of these races as i mentioned before, you don't check up. you don't lift. you can't if you're going to win
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it's closes right in front of produce.e. >> yea you can't drive your car and the other guy's. when the other buy has trouble you're going to hit him and that's going to cause more trouble. it's just -- causes a big, big mess. >> gosh. the car in the garage area for heaven's sake. >> the car that won the race is torn up. whole right side caved in. >> seeee how mumu fuel he hahahere to do his burnout. >> oh, he got -- >> joe gibbs racing has won the unlimited four of the last five years. >> he was very kind to the beautiful grass. >> he got the memo on the grass. you tear up the grass, you're going to pay for it. >> not sure about all this. >> a lot of smoke.
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>> nice delivery. >> always nice to make your mark, first race, daytona speed week 2016. >> look at coach. yeah i think i got a handle on this deal. >> denny hamlin's team celebrates his victory.
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happy boys.ght on the fox 28 news at nine - the future of education.i'm matt hammill. teachers - administrators and business leaders are - in the corridor tonight.why ed* camp - is a smart idea. and snow for your valentine.
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get ready for the hash tag 500, a twitter race happening during the daytona 500 that lets you compete for real gear being used in the race. li and gloves. and car parts >> thanks, le. >> randy! start! >> i >> the checkered flag. >> danica, you really shouldn't have! >> fire suits. >> seriously? >> seriously, race fans. follow nascar on twitter and watch the race for multiple chances to win real driver gear being used in the daytona 500. from our foreheadriends at sprint thank fots are tuning in for fast racing. are you on the fastest network in the sprint lte plus network delivers faster download speeds than most national carriers.
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on most carrier rate plans. hurry, it's a limited time offer. today. totota ends last season with a championship. starts this season with a win. in victory lane. matt yoakam is with denny hamlin. >> he told mike wheel over the radio "one race, one win, bat batting 1000." i don't'tnow what was more impressive, the block on menard or the poise and composure of your rookie crew chief on the box, working the fuel. >> i don't know if he was poised. he was poise on the the radio. such a young team of crew chief, engineers, they all look like they're a bunch of high school kids. but they did a great job. i'm so happy for mke wheeler. to start 1 for with a good win at daytona. thank our partners. this win first of all couldn't be possible without my teammates. you know, matt sacrificed so
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time. carl at the end as well. total team effort. just like cale's championship. we win as one. this is a joe gibbs racing win. ththk toyota, fed . toyota for their commitment to this daytona rising. sprint, coke. the jordan brand, the short clips and the fans. it's great to open up with a win. >> the spotter that told you? or you sensed the 27 of menard? >> well, i mean -- i knew -- i when had in my mind what he was going to do. when thth cars are closing that fast, you've got to -- you almost have to anticipate where they're going to go or else you're going to get wrecked. so luckily it worked out for us. you know, this is a leader-driven race as we've seen. and luckily we were able to bring it home. >> good luck. looking for his first daytona 500 next weekend. he was second two years ago. jamie? >> joeyey logano,o,or a minute i thought it was going to be a photo finish between you and denny. you send up second.
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you would have or could have done differently on the last lap? >> i'd have to watch the replay. i saw the 27, looked like he was going to try to put it three wide, which is a good move on his part. i had to block that. run. i went to g g that push. aa then i just seen kyle get really loose behind me. then there was a lot of the smoke. at that point you lost all your help. the replay, i missed it. overall i'm so proud what was that team's done. shows we're picking up where we 14. looking forward tget to the 500. defending daytona 500 winner, says he has a shot at the pole tomorrow, guys. >> thanks jamie. back to mike and jeff. there are only four of the 25 cars, mike, not involved in a crash tonight. >> only two without significant damage, logano and larson. 25 started and two can drive and say we're good to go, wow. >> yeah, i thought it was -- this racee had it all like we thought.
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a lot of crashes, and we saw an overtime. we didn't know why they would do this? now we know why. >> folks a the home, that was no a individual grow came, that was real life, real cars and drivers sliding all over the place, a wild way to get 2016 started. >> wild is the word. wild and great start for speed weeks for denny hamlin. >> and hamlin, he had the surgery on his right knee in the offseason. the wreck early, was involved, you saw the tape on lap 13. he leads the most laps with his new crew chief. the third different crew chief in the last three years. mike wheeler was always with the team. he says this is the last crew chief i'll ever have. after this start, i think they're at a pretty good connection here. >> denny loves wheeler. wheels they call him. they've got a great relationship, they complete each other's sentences. i talked to denny, he said i don't know what to expect, haven't raced since november, how my going to do? looks like he did pretty good. that move to block the big run paul menard had was amazing. >> this is the setup or a sampling of the daytona 500,
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denny hamlin, age 35, hasn't won a daytona 500 what do you expect from him and some of the others trying to get that position for the running of the great american race? >> you look at the crew chief/driver combination. jimmie johnson, chad knauss, the magic they had.% dave rorors, le busch. those rips get you over that next -- to the next level. i think that's what can exactly happen with mike wheeler and denny hamlin. they will be a solid team all season long. >> as they continue to celebrate here at the start of the 2016 nascar fox season, tonight on fox, late local news, animimtion, domination, high definition after that. tomorrow, 1:00 eastern, from daytona, we'll be here for a couple hours. michael waltrip will hop in the car and try and set himself up to be in the dual races thursday which you'll see on fs 1. for michael waltrip, chris meyers, welcoming jeff gordon to the nascar fox broadcast team,
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winner, thanks for being a part of nascar on fox. >> sending the boys and girls off. >> boogity boogity boogity! let's go racing, boys! >> oh! >> hard ininhe wall. >> hamlin.
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wins the sprint unlimited. without the authorized written consent of nascar broadcasting. nascar would like to thank all of our fans f f your support and we hope you enjoyed today's
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tonight on the fox 28 news at nine -- tragedy leads to a supreme court vacancy.the sadness and heated debate - after the death of a justice justicethen - snow on the corridor restaurants are getting ready - if a winter blast - arrives on one of their biggest days of the year. uear.and ...heart health.hh t t holiday of love - is being used to prevent cardiovascular disease - for many more valentines days co. right now - you are looking out - at a calm - cold night - - across the corridor.but in much of the region - - snow ** is expected - - to begin falling - very soon.we know a lot of you have plans for tomorrow. tomorrow.lets go straight - to meteorologist - rebecca -
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developing right now, now,washington and members of the high court are mourning the death - of supreme court justice - an-tonin scalia -. -.this is a live conservative** justice - passed away in his sleep - - following a day of quail hunting - in texas.reports indicate - scalia told a member of his hunting party that he wasn't feeling well - - but didn't show any extrordinary concern - before he went to sleep - friday night..he was found this morning - after not showing up for today's hunt. scalia - was the longest- serving justice - - appointed by ronald reagan - in - 19-86.his death has already set off a battle - over whether president obama - or the next president should name a replacement. justice scalia - was a staunch believer - in not**
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constitution - as it was written by our founders. supreme court - chief justice - john roberts - calls scalia - an extraordinary* individual - and jurist** - - admired and treasured - by his colleagues.they say he pushed everyone - to take an active role. "he influenced a generation of judges lalaers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape and will no doubt be remembered as one of the most influential judges to shape the supreme court." court."scalia is survived by his wife and nine children. it would be president obama's - third** nomination to the preme court - if he decides to name a replacement those who watch politics - say - - south carolina isn't a primary -- it's a fist**'s where presidential races - are won s. so, gentlemen, please join
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( applause ) orientation on that nomination, and there's no doubt in my mind that barack obama will not have a clear, mr. trump, you're okay with the president nominating somebody? >> i think he is going to would think about not nominating somebody. if he were to nominate somebody, let's have him pick somebody hois going to have unanimous approval and such widespread approval across the country that this could happen without a lot of recrimination. i don't think that's going to happen. and i would like the president to just for once here put the country first. we're going to have an election for president ver thth state department - just released - another 550 - of hillary clinton's - e- of 84* of those messages - had been up- graded to classified - since they were sent.none of them were top secret.most of the e-mails - were upgraded
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lowest security ranking.a federal l judge has ordered - all* of clinton's e-mails - released by the end - of the month. pope francis is in mexico. he's demanding - mexican bishops* - fight against the killing and threats - posed by the drug trade.he says the catholic church must help mexicans - escape the violence* and corruption. thousasas of people - lined the streets - of mexico* city - to see the pope - arrive at the basilica - of our lady - of guadalupe. corridor restaurants - are expecting a huge crowd of valentines - tonight and tomorrow as couples - celebrate their day for love. but as we just heard - - brunch or dinner - could coco with snow** on the menu. fox 28 - news reporter - marissa scott - talked with restaurants - - preparing for big crowds - and - bitt cold. matt, the good news is restaurants have been packed
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valentine's day since yesterday.some say they'll be open--rain, snow or shine-- because this year has brought out the crowds and they won't way. i think when it's cold, people want to come out, they want to have a beer and have a good time with their friends.lion bridge brewing company was packed saturday and the owners say it's only going to get busier on sunday. sunday. with it being valentine's day, we have a private event that has been booked for over a month. ere's people coming in for a party and we also expect our regular sunday business.lion bridge was busy in january, and they're gearing up for their second anniversary and st. patrick's day already. already. we released 9 different beers in less than four weeks..valentine's day just keeps the business going." across the river, zin's restaura is seeing a boom in business since last wintererwhen theyeyere struggling to get people inside. inside.
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lovebirds this weekend in see."he says even reservations, they'll find a table for two if you are still looking for a place to take your loved one. one. "we have a lot of beef dishes, we have a by strip, the oysters on the haha shell are just amazing." amazing." "give a call, stop on by, nibble at the bar, enjoy some handmade cocktails and some of the signature dishes our chef has created." according to bankrate, a financial website, on average couples will spend at least 80 dollars on dinner for valentine's day.add another 50 dollars for champagne or cocktails, and throroin another 15 bucks for chocolates and flowers. marissa scott, fox 28 news. valentines day - is all about hearts** - and flowers - - and one group wants to extend that - to cardio- vascular - care. - the american heart association - and lindale* mall - teamed up - to celebrate - national heart month.volunteers from the heart association - reminded every-one - that even with those boxes of chocolate - around - - it's
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they offered tips for exercising - and cutting back - on fattie foods. "we thought it would be a great time to just have people stop by.e can share information with them on ways they can live healthier lives and for prevention of heart attacks and stroke, and just to get the word out to people that we're here, we're local..." local..."some of lindale's shops - - also showed off their red dresses - - the color of heart health - - and valentine's - day . // music // // in iowa city - - music got everyone's - heart beating - at up-town - bill's.the coffee shop - and book store is a place for people - of all** abilities - to hang out. today, they enjoyed a fund-raiser - called strings* of my heart.local artist - pennies on the rail - entertained.there's a pot-luck dinner - tonight - at up- town bill's. it's a huge day - for
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grew up to be one of the most famous artists in the world. grant wood - is celebrating - his 125th - birthday. museums across the state - are show-casing his work - and how he shaped - american art.the cedar rapids museum of art - has the world's largest* collection of - grant wood - - people could see it - for free - as part of - family fun day. "our exhibition actually celebrates both grant wood and marvin cone, both of whom are celebrating their 125th birthdays' this year. they were great friends, they went to paris together in 1920 and our exhibition looks at how both artists apapoached the midwestern landscape." landscape."grant wood - an anamosa kid - famous for american gothic - and stone city - spent a lot of his career - in cedar rapids.the special exhibit - runs through - may 15th. right now - in the corridor - teachers are looking for innovative ways - to keep kids involved in's
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- to motivate - educators and kids. fox 28 news reporter - steffi lee - has our report. report. in cedar rapids was a powerful learning experience for teachers. each session targeted a certain area in education.teachers asked how they can empower students' voices and the best ways to brbrg technology the classroom. classroom."it's really about system changing change and networking teachers stronger." the teachers sitting at these roundtable discussions became students of their craft for the day. day."teachers come in with things they really want to talk about and dive into."more than one hundred teachers from across the state attended edcamp iowa.the camp allows teachers to learn from eacac other - about keeping classes engaged - and adapting to each individual student.ninth grade english teacher clint heitz says one idea's he's taken away is using social media as a learning tool. tool."this is a way to promote
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themselvlv. positive images of themselves that can actually aid them in the future."for those who work with at risk students - "increasing my success with students. building better, larger relationships - longer lasting relationships." sometimes, it's about relationships built on meaning. meaning. "students want to talk about race, they want to talk about social justice - they want to talk about things that they traditionally have not been talking about in a school setting."school settings are now adapting - by teachers wanting classrooms to be inspiring. inspiring. "when they want to change things and make things cool happen, there's hundreds - thousands of us that want the cedadarapids camp - there were four more edcamp locations across the state. organizers say this makes edcamp iowa the largest event in the nation.steffi lee, cbs news. coming up - on your fox 28 news at nine - - valentine's rush. rush.why flower shop owners - say this year is - different** - and why t
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- is lasting longer
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off a new week monday on fox 28 morning live - eastern iowa's only local newscast at 7 technology is giving space fans an inside look at appollo 11. 11.when yououill be able to see the images in person.that monday's on fox 28 morning live.
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to help - - this may be your last warning - - valentine's day - starts in six** hours. hours.flower shops - here - - and all around the country - are dealing with the rush.owners say - it's the busiest** week of the year.they actually have to hire more help - - of pull in some family members - for deliveries.but timing is every-thing - - and this year - - the celebration is a little more spread out. "being on a sunday makes it a bit different this year. that means that we will be busy fridaysaturday and sunday. the rush will strech over three days." days."the national retail feferation - says we'll all will spend - almost twenty** billion** dollars on valentine's - day. the snow and cold - might turn a few - - valentines - brunches - - into pizza deliveries. deliveries.lets go to - meteorologist - rebecca - cope - pellman - for the latest information in your
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still ahead on your fox 28 news at nine - - zee-ka and the olympics. brazil is dealing - with a dangerous virus - - just as it invites the entire world to come visit for the summer games.
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hawaii - - is now taking steps - to prevent - the zee-ka virus.the governor - signed an emergency proclamationon- to address it - and other mosquito* - borne illnesses.the move frees up - state funds - to be used in a prevention plan. the governor made it clear - that residents and tourists in hawaii - should not be alarmed.there have not been any reports of the zee-ka virus - in hawaii. the president of brazil - where the virus is* actiti - says it won't stop the olympics.brazil's - military - and hundreds of thousands of health workers - have been mobilized to fighzika. the virus is spread by mosquitoes - - and can cause severe birth defects. some athletes have voiced concerns. the summer games are in rio - - starting august - 5th. in louisiana - crewswsre investigating a massive fire - on train tracks - near
9:45 pm
while construction workers - were on the tracks. fire-fighters used boats and helicopters - to try to put out the flames.some five - hundred feet of track - burned.he stretch is used by freight trains - and am**trak. - al sha-baab - militants - - are now claiming responsibility - for bombing - a somali** air-liner.the organization says it was trying to target western intelligence officials - and turkish nato forces. surveillance video - appears to show - how a lap-top bomb - - made it onto the plane -- passing right throroh air- port securityty coming up in sports sportsthe cyclones had their big man back tonight against texas... but jameel mckay wasn't the only one dunking in ames... plus -- the panthers shocked the shockers in kansas -- how u-n-i did something that
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9:47 pm
heading into the home stretch of the big 12 season -- iowa state needs 2 things -- to get out of their funk -- and get jameel mckay back -- the
9:48 pm
mckay back with the team after missing two games due to suspensionondeonte burton still made the start in his place -- and in honor of the n-b-a dunk contest going on tonight -- burton threw his name in the ring for next year with that one -- he finished with 10 then later in the first half -- georges niang caught fire -- 3 straight three from the senior -- part of a 24 point performacejump to the 2nd clones up -- monte morris -- straight to the cup for the old fashion 3 point play -- morris finished with 24 points -- 6 rebounds -- and 3 assists here's the prettiest one -- the alley oop to mckay -- that's what the clones were missing -- 8 points - 7 rebounds and 4 blocks off the bench from the big fella -- as iowa state wins -- 85 to 75. nothern iowa hasn't won at wichita state since 2011 -- in fact the shockers haven't lost at home since 2013 -- that's a streak of 43 straight home wins -- the longest in the nation -- but we know this years panthers -- they're
9:49 pm
killersu-n-i undefeated against ranked teams this seasonand they pounced in the first half -- klint carlson -- averages 6 points per game -- he had 10 in the first half -- the 3 puts u-n-i up 9 --the shockers would battle back in the send half -- but the panthers always had an answer -- matt bohannon -- bo knows threes -- 9 points from the linn-mar grad -- u-n-i up 7 then later in the half -- wes washpun -- hard to the rackck for r plus 1 -- panthers up 53 - 47whichta state would cut it to with 3 seconds left -- connor fran-kamp -- to tie the game -- clank -- u-n-i snaps the shockers streak -- 53 to 50 the final on the women's side -- claire tills' till time as a hawk -- is over --- the senior forward is scheduled to have career - ending knee surgery next week -- till has appeared in 14 games this season -- but has sat out the last month because of chronic knee pain. -- iowa
9:50 pm
bill fen-lee's squad dropped their 3rd straight game -- 79 -- 69 against t-c-u -- it's iowa state's -- 8th -- loss in their last 9 games -- meredith burkhall led the clones with 18 points... on the high school sports scene -- the month of february means one thing -- state tournament time -- and the swimmers made the first splash to start the winter tourney season boys swimming championships at marshalltown in the 200 yard freestyle -- washington's cameron kelly -- swau out to a lead -- and stayed their -- kelly y nished first in a time 1 -- 39 50thenhe defending champs got things going -- in the 200 -- i-m -- west's mark mclaughlin sets a new state record -- with a time of 1 -- 46 -- 96 -- for his 9th career goldand his teammate will scott -- picked up right where he left off in the 50 free --- scott broke the state record by 3 tenths of a second -- as a team -- west finshed second behind waukee the brackets for the state dual tournament are already
9:51 pm
doesn't mean the wrestling is done until next week -- spots were up for grabs in the indivdiual tournaent -- top two advance out of their districts a packed house at jefferson gh schoolat 120 -- jeff's brenden baker gets the takedown -- enroute to his 18 to 14 decision -- to win a district championshipmovg on up -- dubuque hempstead's alex ward -- wins with the pin -- to take the 145 pound titleand there was huge match at 152 between kennedy's logan rodriguez and jefferson's kyle briggs -- the two wrestled twice in the last 2 weeks -- briggs won both and that pattern continued this afternoon -- briggs wins with a 7 to 3 decision -- staying on the mat -- 2-a districts in independencenew hampton's keaton gertz -- already going to the state dual tournament -- made sure he'll be there for a while -- gertz wins with the pin -- to tage the 132 pound titlethen at 138 -- it was a classic -- between denver - tripola's drew davis and independence's caleb wilson -- davis gets the takedown in overtime to win a
9:52 pm
huge hug f fm coachand at 160 -- indee's jake jewell -- was all business -- jewell wins with a pin -- he's 1 of 5 mustangs heading to state -- individual state starts in girls hoops -- 3-a regional quarterfinal -- center point urbana hosting north fayette valley... first half... tigerhawaw down... but macy halverson's trying to pick 'em up.... she buries the long two... but the stormin' pointers were everywhere on defense... allison woolridge with the steal... and yton hasleiet with the layup at the other end...then just before the half... olivia brecht lets it fly... and she beats the buzzer... c-p-u up big at half... and they win big, 64-34 the final... that's a check of sports,
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if you're used to playing candy**land on the kitchen table -- take a look at this. the life**sizeversion m - of the board game - kept families entertained - at the cedar rapids public library.gramma nutt - and plumpy princess lolly - - greeted the kids - as they traveled the peppermint forest.and it's so much more - than just a cool treat - on a cold day. "it looks like fun and games, but it's actually a great way to develop language skills, especially in early ages, and then growing up... something that the library has always done, and we're just making a big announcement of it today" today"this is just one of many special days - - through-out e year - - at
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