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feel comforted." comforted.""the effort to find the basic essentials for those in need. need."and your temperatures are expected to be at least 20 degrees warmer by the end of the week, we'll have more on the bibithaw in your most accurrate forecast." forecast."this is fox 28 news at nine th the legalition of medical and, in some cases, even recreational marijuana use, the perception around the plant is changing. changing.but that can also cause a problem. problem.the federal government says 77-percent of teens think it safe to smoke marijuana and the number has been steadily rising.stats like this underscore the importance of education on the 28 news reporter steffi lee has more n n... the capitol. students from eastern iowa's counties came to the capitol to speak with legislators about lowering drug use in their towns.they also heard powerful testimonies about addiction and recovery - and say all of this motivates them
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one hundred students gathered at the state capitol monday to learn ways to prevent youtut marijuana use.i really believe that drug use is definitely an issue even more so today because of the different kinds of drugs that are out there monticello high junior cleo sullivan says she was only fifteen when friends exposed her to drugs and alcohol.she says no - but peer pressure gets dont wanna sound like someone who's trying to not have a good time talking to lawmakers gave students like her a chance to learn ways to change that lture.they can have their voice heard and get involved and understand this processa process where a bill can become a law, and reminding legislators what comes out of the statehouse impacts standing up and staying vocal - they're going to be less likely to get involved in substance abuse and those kinds of things themselves. it's a much bigger issue than i think a lot of people my age
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speaking here to legislators at the capitol has definitely made my sense of it all much biggerclio is from jones county - where the safe and healthy youth coalition says there's been decrease in marijuana use among eleventh graders.numbers show only seven percent of that population uses marijuana - compared to sixteen percent in 2008.the coalition says this is because they've put a lot of effort into marketing campaigns - reminding kids they can achieve a lot if they stay away from drugs. des moines, stefef lee, fox 28 news new information tonight on marijuana shows that it has changed a lot in the last 20-years. 20-years.a new study shows the potency of the drug is on the se. researchers found the levels of t-h-c in one type of marijuana jumped from four-percent in 1995 to 12- percent in 2014. in colorado - a state where it is legal to smoke - some samples came in at 30-rcent t-h-c.t-h-c is the main psychoactive
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right now, the effort is continuing to expand access to medical marijuana in iowa. cannibidiol is the part of the marijuana plplt many say has positive health benefits. a bill at the statehouse would make it easier for patients with chronic conditions to access the drug in oil form.a house sub-committee meeting on the iiue is scheduled for wednesday. coming up later in this newscast, the skyrocketing cost of treating a life threatening 28 news investigates what's behind the steady spike in pharmaceutical prices and what can be done about it.that's in just a few minutes, right here on the fox 28 news at nine. a big rebound in temps today after a frigid d snowy weekend. what's in store for the drive to work tomorrow? tomorrow?chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with
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terry thanks.right now, two people are dead after two
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hours.we begin in cedar rapids rapidswhere crews were called a mobile home on 16th avenue southwest just after 7:30 this morning. when they got there, they saw smoke and flames coming out of the home. first responders pulled out two people inside, but onondid not make it.72-year-old ronald jacobs died.investigators are still working to determine what started this fire. authorities in iowa county, also iiestigating a deadldlfire. fire.this one in the town of north english.firefighters were called to a home on south highland street and found the second floor fully engulfed in flames. flames.investigators identified the victim as the 25-year-old austin watson, who owned the autopsy is now underway to determine the cause of death.the cause of the *fire* also remains under ininstigation. intelligent and sophisticated. those are two words you almost never hear about america's enemies in the war on terror. terror.some say it's time to identify groups like isis with those 28 news national corespondent kristine frazao...
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coverage. in the pages of its online magazine "dabiqiq-- isis strives to make clear - it wants to own the mantle of barbarism.beasts without brains, you might say -- that's they way isis is sometimes referred to in washington dc circlcl. "there is this naa there are somehow people are attacking us from the caves in tora bora."well-known author and human rights activist raheel raza,a, sunni muslim, says the west deceives itself into thinking isis attracts 'lesser people.'it's time americans woke up and realized that these are people who are far more intelligent than you and i.""it's pretty clear they have mastered this digital age."sheriff william gore previously headed up a multi-state joint terrorism task force for the fbi. "they find the weaknesses in our ability to penetrate those organizations with encryption on cell phones. so, they are
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that's not done by a dumb person.""but some countrorism experts tell us isis' tradecraft is not really sophisticated. they do exploit social media - something teens all over the world do quite well. "it is a younger generation, a lot of them, they are adept at social media aa social media is the way of communicating."and that makes them a formidable adversary -- regardless of one's outlk on the intelligence of a terrorist. i'm kristine frazao o reporting of course one way to defeat the enemy is to have the best prepared fighting force in the world. world.the neverending effort is getting a boost with some tech right hererin the corridor corridorfox 28 news reporter joe huisinga continues our team coverage with more, joe? the office of naval research says th musculoskeletal ininries are a leading problem hampering military readiness in u.s. the
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2 point 6 million dollar grant and it's unique virtual solider to predict and prevent them. them. 1;29;24there was a lot of injuries sustained by the military infield, during the basic training and so they want to reduce that they want to understand it and they want to avoid it 9the virtual solider uses information gathered from real people to see how bodies perform and how injuries can occur57;24;28you can evalalte where those individuals might be more prone and then start trying some both rehabilitation nd preventive types of training 9 preventative training that can save soldiers healal57;12;07 save money save training time and certainly enhance performance. 5 researchers also brought in the university of iowa athletics department to turn the information gathered from simulations into specific training and conditioning plans.10;18;01 we're really looking at it from all the different cogs within performance and injury
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it's not just a mechanical aspect its not just a physiological aspect it's the marriage of them all 13its a marriage f computer engineering ,biomechanics and athletics that hopes to keep marines battle ready 4;1;4 if you're able to increase the strengthening the conditioning do a particular plan for that person then you avoid the injury. the virtual solider is being created from the university's virtual human models santos and sophia.both can be made to match an individual soldiers unique characteristics. joe huisinga fox 28 news still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... a matter of years, the cost to use life saving cancer drugs has gone from the price of a car to the price of a house.we'll investigate the reasons why in a fox 28 news special report. report.and the clouds have settled over eastern iowa tonight.but the sun will return with a lot of warmth behind it.chief meteorologist
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industry's biggest stars will all gather together tonight at the grammy awards. awards.all the highlights from this year's big show tomorrow on fox 28 morning live - eastern iowa's only local newscast at 7 a-m. drug prices are skyrocketing, especially the cost of specialty drugs used to treat incurable diseases like ms, hepatitis c and cancer. a mayo clinic publication says the average price of cancer drugs for about a year of therapy, jumped from between five and ten thousand dollars before 2000 --
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thousand by 2012. tonight, i show you some of the reasons for the sharp climb in cost, a resource for help and a very resilient retiree -- in this fox 28 news special report. report. "it's just like somebody gave you a good kick in the gut because it just knocks the wind right out of you."lavo hyberger vividly remembers the day in 1985 when she first learned she hahabreast cancer. not willing to take chances, lavon immediately had a modified radical mastecomy followed by radiation and hormone treatmts. lavon beat the cancer, or so she thought. fifteen years later, it returned with a vengence not only in her other breast but her lungs and bone. she's been on various drug therapies through the yeararand right now is taking ibrance. "the cost of this one is pretty similar to the other one which was like$10,500 which would be my out of
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week supply." that breaks down to 500-dollars per pill. in addition, lavon gets monthly injections of faslodex at roughly 5-thousand dollars a pop. but, if not for this therapya& "i don't know that lavon would still be with us. it's keeping her alive."dr. wilbur is well aware of the high prices for cancer drugs, sharing with me the annual cost of some other drugs used in oncology: from 60-thousand to 120-thousand dollars. she says one reason for the astronomical prices is there simply isn't as much market competition for these drugs as there is for medications that treat common, less life- threatening illnesses. "you have ten blood pressure pills so they all have to kind of compete against each other on price because you're only going to need one or two. / even though there are perhaps several drugs that can be used, for say, metastatic colon cancer, eventually, you're going to need every single one of those drugs. so there's not that market
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prices down." the pharmaceutica the pharmaceutical companies say they need to charge high prices to recoup the money they invest in research and drug development. but many question w wt that level really is. "you have drug companies that are pushing their prices up to as high as $30,000 a month for a drug treatment, not because that's truly what it costs them but because they're teststg the limits of how far they can push those drug prices."another contributing factor, the powerful pharmaceutical lobby in washington influenced legislation that forbids medicare from negotiating drug prices. "the lobbyists were able to get that though on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies. and frankly, because of that, people who are setting the prices for these drugs for medicare are really the drug companies, the drug distributors."dr. wilbur also says the drug companies have become expes in extending their patents to keep drugs from going to cheaper, generic versions. "so when the drug is supposed to be coming off patent,
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they'll tweak an indication and they'll be able to prolong the time it's on tent." fortunatelel there is financial help available. - "we actually meet with the patient before the doctor ever meets them."as a patient financial advocate at mercy medical center. it's young's job to find co-pay assistance for patientstslike hyberger. and her biggest resource-- foundations, funded soley or in part by the pharmaceutical companies. "we would not be able to help as many patients as we do without the help of the pharmaceutical companies." companies." "they're coming directly through the drug manufacturers themselves or through foundations which are getting a lot of their money from the drug companies. and i understand the pitfalls of that but i also understand that we have to do what we have to do to get help for these patients right now and if that's what's available at this point, then that's what we'll do to get help r these patients." patientsts "knock on wood, i don't have to pay anything which is a blessing." hyberger says she knows the drug companies have an awful lot of control and it's frustrating.
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this 72-year old grandmother remains grateful. "if we didn't have the assistance to help with this, i probably wouldn't be here talkininto you today." both mercy and the u-i say they can usually help most patients with financial assistance, but there are those who don't qualify or fall through the cracks. experts say in a for-profit health care environment, perhaps the most effective way to encourage change is through grass roots advocacy. we have a resource with a lot more information about this issue.ththe's a link from this
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still come on the fox 28 news at nine.. nine..we'll tell you about an effort to fulfill an easily overlooked eed for those fighting a very personal battle. battle.and the lines have been
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on the supreme court.what the experts have to say about the political battle in this election year -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues.
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happening now - women in abusive relationshipk are taking their children and getting out.leaving isishe most critical time of the escape - so ms often pack a bag for the kids - but very little for themselves. themselves.many times, that includes clothing.a johnson county woman is working to help out those families. 28 news reporter dora miller shows us how significant a pair of pajamas can be.
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typically forget about them during the day.y.but for a mother and child who don't have anything else to wear, it's more than an afterthought. donations for people in need can range... range..."if you need it in your house, we need it in our house."that could mean some things we don't even consider. consider. "we don't often think 'let me donate pajamas', but clearly that's something that i, at the end of the day, like to get comfy and put pajamas on." on." "it's just a way for them to feel comforted."at domestive violence intervention program, they help a portion ofhe 400 victims that come forward every year...and d ey clothe them with pajamas. pajamas. "for someone who is fleeing a domestic violence situation and may have nothing, to get something brand new that no one else has had can be pretty impactful."" impactful." "it's just something that's there and it's theirs."judy orchestrates the annual pajama drive with her rotary club. club."we're a very small organization, but we're mighty." mighty." "nothing better than to be able to start something they donated their first pair of pajamas to victims of
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then, it's been ongoing. ongoing."i'm very touched that she took it upon herself to do this and i hope when she's tired of doing it that she can pass the baton." baton." "i'd be happy to do it as long as i can do it." they donate about 150 sets of pajamas per year, around winter time.judy says she's not planning to retire any time soon, but she can't do it alone.for ways to help, , sit our website, fox 28 iowa dot com.dora miller, fox 28 news still developing on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.the loss of a judicial giant and d e giant debate antonin scalia's death has triggered.we'll breakdown the political battle and the impact it's already having in the race for president. president.and the presidential campmpgn trial is now full of - - former presidents.the big names stumping for their loved ones -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues. ere are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. d with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular,
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like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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as the nation mourns the passing of one of the best known judges of his time, the political storm is only beginnininover when and how to replace him. supreme court justice anthony scalia was found dead while on vacation in texas on saturday. saturday.within hours, talk of filling his seat on the susueme court turned into the biggest political topic this election year. year.scalia was considered by court watchers to be the most conservative of the justices on the nation's highest court. he beleived that anything not exexicitly mentioned in the constitution should be left up to the states.he was among five of the nine supreme court justices considered to be conservative. and that's why politics is playing into where things go from here.if president obama names scalia's successor, republicans believe that would swing the court to a liberal majority for the first t me in 40-0-ars. 40-years.that's something they appear ready to stop, even if
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vacant for more than a year. fox 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd has more on the battle that's only beginning. beginning. "republicans in the senate have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates.""delay delay delay!"politics takes *no rest* in washington. but with the death of a conservative champion on the high courta& a general election year.. and a lame duck presidencya& the stakes have just been raised in this blood sport. "i suppose president obama could resurrect justice scalia .. appoint him to the courta& and mitch mcconnell would say no."political expert alan litchman says even though the white house and senate will likely use their constitution authority to secure their legacya& the gop stands to lose this epic battle of words ... because they will be seen as "the party of no.""if it comes thru this rejection of any obama nominee .. sight
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that narrative."there a a some major issues to be tackled in the supreme court in this term - likea& abortion, affirmative action.. and gun controla& with a high court of only 8 judgesa& and if the vote is splita& 4-4a& the lower court ruling will standa& and no national precedent will be set. which is why lichtman says present barack obama has the upper hand in his last year as president."it is completely within precident for a president to nominate a supreme court justi to fill a vacancy during an election year."some pundits worry that the battle over a new supreme court nominee will also *paralyze* other senate businessa& wh an already light congressional calendera&a&n a highly *charged* election washingtona&im jeff barnd, fox 28 news. lichtman says the g-o-p strategy to delay could backfire in november. right now, republicans hold a four- seat majority in the senate.
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races this november that democrats *cou* regain control. now the latest in tonight's vote 2016 covevege. verage.the future of the supreme court is now the top issue on the campaign trial... trial...within hours of justice scalia's death -- both major political parties started pushing for the right to appoint the next justice. republicans say a lame duck democratic president shouldn't & have a say on his way out of the oval office.democrats argue with 11-months left -- president obama has a duty to submit a nominee for senate of iowa political science professor tim hagle says with candidates in 2016 representing so many different ideas -- he understands the push to wait. we have to see how those two contests shake out and they could d call for r ry different visions for the country. and so it's understandable to say, look, let the people decide who they want to be president and they would then get that opportunity.
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the law -- the president has every right to pick a nominee -- just like the senate has every right to reject them. it's not often that you see a former president campaigning in a primama race.but today, there were two. two.former president george w. bush was in south carolina today stumping for his brother, former florida governor jeb bush.the 43rd president is still very popular in south carolina, the state that cemented his path to the nomination in 2000.his brother, however, is struggling to o find support in a crowded g-o-p field. d in florida, former president bill clinton was campaigning for his wife, former secretary of state hillary challenge from vermont senator bernie sanders. for more political headlines after this weekend's contests, don't miss 'iowa focus' with host kevin barry.this sunday morning at 9:30, righgh here on fox 28. voter turnout in the u-s, comapred to other democracies,
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think it should be just as easy to vote as it is to order something on amazon. the group 'five-thirty-eight' examined that idea by creating a mock facebookprimary. they looked at how many likes a candidate has from users.ben carson came out on top with 26-percent of the likes on social media. democrat bernie sanders came in second with 23-percent.t. if you'd like to learn more about millennials and their impact on politics - tune in to our live streamed town hall. we'll be talking about the biggest and most important challenges facing today's young americans. you can catch it on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com at six tomorrow night. a cold and snowy weekend is finally behind us. us.and things are looking much different for the week and weekend ahead. ahead.chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with
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it's a basketball monday... in high school hoops... tipton gets their prayers answered... highlights from districts are coming up... ananin college... the iowa women get their hearts broken
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the road to state has started in boys basketball... and in two-a... sixth-ranked anamosa plans on driving all the way to des moines... anamosa hosted the district quarterfinals tonight... against north cedar... and this one was a blue raider blitzing from the very start... here's kyle sayre out on the break... lays it in for two...then... check out the cross court pass... kolin schulte plays quarterback for tyler zumbach... north c car cacat keep up... then more defense to offense... kyle schepanski raids the passing lane... and it's another layup for anamosa... they scored the first 15 points of this game... in the early game it was west branch and tipton... let's jump to the fourth quarter. the tigers pass it around the perimeter... and adam hermsen puts theheiscuit in the basket... tipton up six...but west branch answers... under three minutes to go... cooper koenig with a hand in his face... buries it anyway... the bears led until the final play...and as the seconds
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it fly... ballgame... send that one to sportscenter... pelzer's buzzer beater beats the bears... tipton wins a miracle, 71-69... to college hoops... the iowa women at minnesota... badly needing a win... and it looked like they were gonna get one... second half... chase coley... beautiful back cut... the layup is good... and the foul... ha the fourth... iowa's down do or die time... ally dierhoft... straight to th lead... but on the last play... rachel banham shakes free... throws up an off-balance three... and cans it... banham and minnesota beat the buzzer... iowa can't believe it... the hawkeyes lose a heartbreaker, 78-76... the men's college basketball world was watching when iowa lost in bloomington on thursday night... and many hawkeye fans figured they'd take a hit in the rankings... but that's not the case... in today's new a-p poll... iowa held steady at
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fourth-straight week in the top five... and d thehere *still* the highest ranked team in the big ten... but it wasn't easy last night against a lowly minnesota team... jarrod uthoff can attest to that... iowa's senior star missed his first seven hot attempts. but that didn't stop him from stuffing the stat box in ther ways... with rebounds and blocks... and once the shots did start falling... it was a recipe for another monster game fororthoff... you start getting rebounds, you start blocking shots, trying to get yourself going on defense, trying to get yourself in the flow of the game... and that's what really leads to a lot of shot-making... i thought he was great for this reason... he started slow... and he continued to be aggressive... and i think that's been the evolution of him as a player... and we needed him to do that todayay. 24, 15, and 6.6. pretty good night... ben jacobson and the boys at u-n-i are riding high after shocking the shockers on saturday... the win over wichita state was their sixth in a row... and d e panthers will go for lucky number seven
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team that beat them a month ago... but after toppling the m-v-c's best... northern iowa knows... things are different now... this one had to be earned in every way, shape or form... so you can see it in your guys... you can see it in thier eyes you casee it in their response you can feel it t the locker room after the game.... i would just tell you the confidence in the entire group is more on the same page now... cedar valley christian has never been a basketball school... but this year... the husky girls are making a name for themselves... fox 28's zach hanley has the story... the cedar valley christian girls basektball team is used too having doubters doubters "we've always been the under dog."but this year they are proving them wrong -- -- with first year head coach ron slagle "he's just been really supportive and encoraging from day 1.. he new that we could believe in ourselves." ourselves." "in the beginning of the season he said we don't need to peak right now.. we ned to build teamwork and work together and then we'll peak
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now -- the huskies can't miss -- -- not only have they won 5 straight -- but they're making history -- -- c-v-c set a school record for most wins in a season and won theieifirst postseason game last thursday "at the end of the season.. that's what it is, it's about chemistry.. it's about clicking and playing together and wanting the best for each other.and they have no plans to slow down down "when people aren't expecting you to go our there and compete then you can just go out there and wow them." them." "we are making people say hey.. this isn't a team that we can just pound anymoror. this is a team that we need to take seriously." because these huskies are on the rise -- -- in cedar rapids zh cbs 2 sports. cedar rapids washington junior o'rien vance will be playing college football in ames... vance committed to matt campbell and the cyclones on monday... he plays all over the field for the warriors... but in college... he'll be a linebacker or defensive end... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your
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thanks for watching your fox 28 news atatnine.have a grere night. night.have a great night. night.night. night.have a great nine.have a
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