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tv   Iowa In Focus  FOX  February 21, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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ges on while two different states weigh in on their picks. and president obama gears up for what might be his last -- and biggest fight with senate republicans. welcome to iowa in focus -- where we're giving context to and on the campaign trail. trail.that starts with the rnstorm. hillary clinton might have found her stride this week after what seemed like a tie in iowa and a clear loss in new hampshire. hampshire.nevada turned that streak around -- but only by a few percentage points -- giving her a few more delegates over bernie sanders. now -- she and sanders are on to south carolina -- which might show how well they connected with minority voters. but in nevada -- her message was to younger voters. "your generation is the most tolerant and connected has ever@seen. in the days ahead, we will propose new ways for americans to get involved in
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to our communities because every one of us has a role to play in building the communities we want." in south carolina -- well-liked governor nikki haley endorsed marco rubio during the moved the needle enough -- donald trump still ran away with the election -- but rubio finished in second -- barely edging out ted cruz in third -- and just like in iowa -- rubio can walk away saying that he outperformed expectations. a new generations of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. did a really good job and they did quite well as i understand and just one second. we go back to war tomorrow morning." "tonight, despite millions of millions of dollars of false and nasty attacks. despite the entirety of the political establishment coming together
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given us anototr remarkable result. jeb bush did so poorly that he dropped out before the night was over despite his brother's work this week. w. bush was on the trail earlier this week for his brother jeb -- for the first time this campaign cycle. both george w. and george h-w won south carolina on their way to the oval office and a lot of people who came out to see the political brothers said south carolina is "bush country."the big news was how george w. took aim at jeb's biggest rival -- donald trump -- without once actually saying his name. "jeb's a man of humble, ddp and genuine faith. faith that reveals itself through good works, not loud words.i'm so honored that my brother's here. here.bush's predecessor -- bill clinton -- has been stumping for his wife -- hillary -- for months. era's of the supreme court are often named for their chief justice -- since they're thought to adopt their
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scalia's funneral saturday marks the end of one of the most influential nservative voices in the we're taking a look at the unique characteristics of what some people call "the scalia court." court." some people aren't going to like him just because e was very conservative and will demonize him as a result.but tim hagle at the university of iowa says antonin scalia had a simple approach to his rulings. rulings.he took w wt e called an originalist view of it. he didn't buy into the notion of a living constitution. he said this is a document we have to look at what the founders basically believedhagle says one of the most out-going members of the court relied soley on arguements based on the word of the law -- not handjng out decisions tailor de for the social leanings of the time. time.if you're just trying to make something to dress up a goal rather than let the law take you to that goal, that what upset him.and when he was upset -- that's when he made legal opinions fun to read. read.he would say this is nonsense, he would say it in a
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or something of that nature just in his dissent this past year in the case that allowed federal affordable care act subsidies to be used in each state despite unclear language in the original bill -- he said the court was performing "somersaults of statutory interpretation" and " intereve jiery-pokery". he said the supreme court overstepped so much th obamacare creative language was his basic point. point.i think scalia had a good point that words no loer have meaning if you're going to say they don't mean what they say.covering the corridor in cedar rapids kevin barry cbs 2 news. hagle also pointed out that while scalia's decisions could be blunt and disagreeable -- two of his closest friends on the bench wewe ruth b ber ginsburg and elena kagan -- who both generally vote with the liberal members of the bench. one of the biggest issues sticking around the campaign trail is discscsion over president obama's right to appoint a new supreme court justice to replace antonin scalia. he was dead for just hours before this became a hot
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"i intend to make 2016 a referendum on the u-s supreme court""the presidnet under our constitution s a duty to send forth a name to be considered by the senate and the senate has a duty to consider that""basically, they don't have the right to do that but i keep saying are the republicans going to crack are they going to fail, what's going to happen?""it is important for the person appointing them to have some accountability. the president is a lame duck." president obama has been pretty direct in his response. he says that he'll name his nominee in due time for the senate to consider -- and that what it supposed to happen next is very clear. "i intend to nominate somebody, to present them to the american people, to present them to the senate, i expect them to hold hearings, i expect there to be a vote." iowa's senator chuck grassley is in the middle of this fight as the chair of the senate judiciary committee.the senate's confirmation process starts with him -- and right
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grassley said that he wouldn't even consider the president's pick.then -- a few days later -- he said he would wait to see who was selected -- before he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wrote a piece in the washington post -- and said said" it is today the american people, rather than a lame- duck president whose priorities and policies they just rejected in the most- cent national election, who should be afforded the opportunity to replace justice scalia."in cedar rapids -- grassley's fellow iowa senator joni ernst weighed in too. "the president will come forward with a nomination and we don't know when that's going to be. once that comes forward, it'll have to go through the judiciary committee so a step at a timeis the best way to approach this and we do hope that the presidnet will nominate someone who will follow the constitution but that remains to be seen. every week -- we'll be going inside iowa politics -- talking about the people not trying to move into the white
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iowa congressman steve king may pay a price for backing ted cruz -- who is pretty critical of the renewable fuel standard.sioux city iowa state sentator rick bertrand confirmed to the sioux city journal late in the week that he is considering a run for king's seat in a primary challenge.congressman king has been in the house since 2002 -- and has won seven straight elections. advocates for decreasing drug use held a "day on the hill" event at the statehouse this week.steffi lee shows us what their ultimate message was and what the youth involved have to say. say. steffi: students from eastern iowa came to the capitol to speak with leaders about lowering drug use in their towns - after hearing powerful testimonies of addiction and recovery - they say this all motivates them to make a difference.take vo:the iowa alliance of coalitions for change organizethis event because they say iowa remains low nationwide for youth drug abuse and they want to maintain that.more than one hundred students from across
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law enforcement about the negative impact drug use can have on youth.several students from jones county have attended this event in previous years.they say it reminds them to continue saying no - even if peer pressure gets tough.take sot: cleo sullivan: "it's hard because you don't want to sound like someone who's trying to not have a good time - everyone's trying to have a good time in high school and you don't want to be bumming out everybody and not having fun and doing the fun thing everyone wants to do."steffi: cleo is from jones county where the safe and healthy youth coalition says they've seen a decrease in marijuana use among 11th graders. numbers show only seven percent of that population uses the drug compared to sixteen percent in 2008. in des moines, steffi lee, for iowa in focus. youth substance abuse prevention was started back in 2005 and organizers say they've seen more students attending every year. iowans are now one step closer to getting expanded access to medical cannabis oil. oil.lawmakers are still
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allow the production and distribution of cannabis oil in the state.doctors would be able to prescribe the oil to patients with epilepsy -- multiple sclerosis and terminal cancer.the house commerce subcommittee unanimously passed the bill -- and it got through the full committee to head to the house floor.advocates say it's vital for some iowans. cannabis is one of the safest herbal medicines on the planet it has been used for over 5000 years and even found in egyptian tombs tombsthe bill also calls for two facilities to make and sell the oil. after the break...steffi sits down with the iowa alliance of coalitions for change to see how trends are shifting in iowa -- and why perceptions
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welcome back.this is the real story -- we're
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husmann of the iowa alliance of coalitions for changeso what exactly are the kids doing today on the day on the hill - it's really teaching the kids about the legislative process how a bill becomes a law and of we're working on - we're talking about youth substance abuse prevention, so we're anything that's going on statewide that's affecting kids, as far as if it's marijuana, underage drinking. s: and you are based out of jones county - what are some trends that you see over in eastern iowa and out of jones county that you really want these kids to know and take away and learn fromj: we're thankful that some of the trends we're seeing - thankfully in jones county too we've seen a decrease in marijuana since 2008 when we started working on that, it's decreased. the 11th grade iowa youth survey data's went down from sixteen percent down to seven percent. statewide it stayed the last two years between 2012 and 2014 - the iowa youth survey at 11 percent so we're lower in jones county anyway than the
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stayed the same and most other drugs statewide have been going down - but the perception of harm, usually we want that to increase but lately it's been decreasing with marijuana use in particular so that's one usually when something decreases the perception of harm the use can increases: perception of harm - you say that is what increases the use j: marijuana to developing brains as tobacco is to lungs. but it's - it happens even faster and our brains are super super important yes our lungs are super super important as well. but your brain is controlling your success and it happens faster. and it happens faster. usually it's a decade before someone gets lung cancer. and marijuana is an intoxicating thing that if you're impaired
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so different than smoking cigarettes you know. you can go to a job and go take a break and smoke cigarettes. you don't want to be smoking pot - you'd be intoxicated at work on the job. it infects your brain not just on the short term with impairment but also with the addiction - addiction is for both but like the things for taking away motivation taking away possibly iq pointss: any other substances that you work with in jones county that youv'e seen a derease on?j: yes - prescription drugs thankfully. even though it's a hot issue nationwide, thankfully for our youth, we used to always say if you're underage drinking, your inhibitions go down, you're more likely to take illegal drugs, we even saw a decrease in prescription drugs between 2012 and 2014 it went down from nine percent in jones county down to four percent. so we're seeing a decrease but
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nationwide they're seeing an increase - in opiates so we are still educating about those and just trying to do everything we can to reduce access because it's not just we found out it's not just talking to kids. we found out we might have to do more environmental strategies that are affecting adults who are making the culture and policies for kids and whether adults are saying it's no it's no big deal type thing or so it's about us as adults decreasig the access to these drugs.s: out in jones county do you hold any activities for parents to sort of learn how to better build their environments for their children?j: we try to talk about how many kids are not using drugs and ninety percent of our kids - ninety three now are not using marijuana regularly so that's awesome - be a part of that majority.
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what the path to the supreme court bench looks like for
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welcome back.this is the real story -- we're going to take the time to give context to what's in the headlines right now. -- we take a closer look at the historical precedence on nominating a supreme court justice. but first -- we start with the starts in the senate judiciary committee where iowa's own chuck grassley is the chair. chair.that group takes whoever the president nominates and looks into their background -- reads previous publications and eventually holds a hearing the interview them in person. after that -- the committee votes on sending the nominee to the full senate.if they do -- the senate votes on whether to confirm the nomination by a simple majority. "no one branch is supposed to have too much power and particularly when you're talking about the president appointing all federal judges,
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the legislative branch. so it's a combination of the legislative and executive branch that determine the judicial branch unlike the legislative and executive branch which are determined by the people. the issues that have been raging over the past week have ranged from *if president obama has the power to pick the next nominee to *whether he *should.republicans quickly started talking about how an appointment with less than a year left in president obama's term wouldn't be proper. democrats pushed back but republicans are essentially calling on what's call the thurmond's the unofficial rule -- that's *not universally accpeted -- but it describes the practice of the senate not confirming any life-time appointments made in very end of a president's term. that's why chuck grassley finds himself at the middle of this fiasco now as the chair of the committee that starts that process. "any by not i mean he just says well we just aren't going to have hearings. so president obama can nominate someone, i expect that he will that's his perogative. but the senate
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necessarily hold hearings. hanging in the balance is the political leaning and predictability of the highest court in the land.scalia generally sided with the conservative members of the court -- creating a group of 4 consistently conservative members and 4 consistently liberal members -- with justice kennedy normally being the famous swing vote. vote.a consistently liberal- leaning judge would throw off that balance.but justice scalia is known for reaching his rulings based on a strict reading of the word of the law -- and not taking into account modern day implications.that was clear when he opposed the court's ruling on the affordable care act just this past summer -- based soley on the words used to write the law -- prompting democrats to argue that he was ignoring the law's intention.that'll make a difference too. "with scalia off the court -- he's often seen as the intellectual anchor of the conservative side, it's going to be more difficult for the court to make any decisions. no matter how president
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to replace justice scalia goes -- it's hardly the first to be surrounded by controversy. controversy.lyndon johnson appointed abraham fortas in 1965.when earl warren stepped down as chief justice -- the conservative senate made fortas the first chief justice nominee to face questioning before being approved. ironically -- fortas had to resign later that year after a scandal. scandal.before ronald reagan nominated anthony kennedy -- and he was confirmed *during an election year -- reagan tried to put richard bork on the bench.but a smear campaign led by ted kennedy derailed that appointment. appointment.clarence thomas' nomination in 1991 by george h-w bush was rocky when anita hill -- a former co-worker -- accused him of sexual harassment.thomas eventually got through but by the closest vote in history -- 52-48. president obama has done this
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in office.the president successfully appointed sonya sotomayor -- the first hispanic justice and elana kagan was confirmed when justice john paul stevens retired.already -- there are a few names that are being floated for who could be the president's supreme court nominee.three that keep popping up on many lists you look at are sri srinivasan -- loretta lynch -- and jane kelly -- who has connections to cedar rapids. rapids.srinivasan is a court of appeals judge in d-c -- where chief justice john roberts -- antonin scalia -- clarence thomas -- and ruth bader ginsburg all were nominated fromhe would be the first indian-american on the court. court.loretta lynch is the attorney general right now -- after a long delay for her to be confirmed to that position in april because of partisan politics in the senate.experts say the administration likes her and she's already recently gone through the senate's vetting process. process.jane kelly is also on the short list.she was a federal public defender and supervising attorney right
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"i'm going to present somebody who indesputabily is qualified for the seat and any fair- minded person, even someone who disagree with my politics, would agree would serve with honor and integrity on the court. the bottom line seems to be -- of course republicans want to find a way for president obama to not appoint a supreme court justice.just like the democrats want him to get one through before he's out of office.but in terms of what the *law says -- he's allowed to appoint one -- and the senate is required to evaluate them in good faith -- and allowed to confirm or reject them. coming up next...we look at the latest tricks on the trail leading up to the primaries in south carolina. mom: seriously? culligan man: problem water. i'm on it.
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and simple. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple. welcome back -- we'll close the show each week taking a look at what happened on social media... media...justice scalia had a unique view of how the supreme court should do it's job.we posted a story about that... that...virginia said -- scalia said he was an origionalist so
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scalia and quickly approve the presidents nomination in accordance to article 2 section 2; you know, if they really think scalia was truly a great justice. justice.ron says -- after the way the dems treated past conservative nominees to the supreme court the republicans have every right to oppose an obama nominee. they most likely will be every bit as radical as obama. now -- we look at their voice -- what the candidates and their campaigns are posting online. online.the nightmare just doesn't end for jeb bush in his skirmishes with donald trump.his campaign didn't hold on to the domain for jeb-bush- dot-com -- so guess who bought it. it.if you type that into a web browser -- it redirects to donald trump's official site. jeb bush's campaigns actual website is jeb-20-16-dot-com. it didn't get much better for bush as the week went on.he posted a picture of a gun that a south carolina gun maker made for him during his campaign trip through with his
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with the caption "america.but he got a lot of backlash over it. it.shawn said: we as a country are sooo much more than the 2nd amendment. i support the right to bear arms but this doesn't make me want to vote for you. i am not sure what the message is with this picture picturejustin said: i don't think people should be boasting about their guns, especially if you are running for president. yes you have a second amendment right, but owning a gun doesn't make you any more patriotic than people who don't. you can follow along on twitter and facebook all week long.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures from events you go to. every week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see what the campaigns are up to. to.after saturday night's action in nevada and south carolina -- the two parties switch voters in nevada caucus on tuesday -- and democrats in south carolina head to the polls on between -- republicans debate in houston, texas on thursday. thanks for watchingbe sure to tune in next week to get the
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