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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  August 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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you are looking at a live picture from elkader where the you are looking at a live pick from he will indicator tonight where the turkey river is approaching a level not seen since the flood of 200 #. we have team coverage of tonight's danger flooding and what to expect in the hours and days ahead. right now on fox28 news at 9. the turkey river is gob ling up homes and businesses in its path. >> tragic to have to go through this again. >> the impact right now and the effort to spread of the river downstream. >> it continues it's right arm page in northeast iowa. tragic accident outside a cedar rapids high school. >> i saw her role off the windshield. >> reporter: why police say the accident could have been
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what experts say needs to happen to halt rising drug prices. only on fox28 news putting dinner back on the dinner table. >> a time to be themselves. >> reporter: steps family can make to make sure dis straksz don't get in the way. does this mascot need to lighten up? this is fox28 news at 9. yesterday's is tonight's river flooding. it has forced ee vauksz. fayette county emergency management tells fox2 news within the hour the turkey river there is expected to crest 3 feet an above the level seen in 2008. and all of that water is headed downstream to he will kay for. weather first chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now on what to expect in the hours ahead.
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situation very closely because the river continues to steadily rise. we are anticipating as far as a crest is kwernd, right now the are current stage is 16.68 feet but tz expected to rise another 10-foot between now and tomorrow morning when the crest is expected at close to 27-foot. the all time record in he will indicator is around 27.8 feet that was again in 2008. it looks like it's going to be very close to will indicator early tomorrow morpg. as far as the rest of the weather is keshd. -- we are happy to report we have no rain on the radar. no addition natural precipitation to cause any additional rises to rivers and temperatures aren't too bad out there. a lot of the spolths in the north are falling back in the mid 60s where skies have cleared. temperatures are in the lower 70s in the southeast.
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showers and thunderstorms will be brought to the region friday night and saturday. but tomorrow, i think should stay dry in advance of all that. clouds will be increasing in the afternoon hours. temperatures pretty comfortable most of the highs back in the upper 70s. >> we'll see you in a bit. all day long emergency crews and volunteers are working to protect areas at risk the flood waters. matt hammill are there looking at efforts. >> even the high schoolers at central he will indicator remember the flood of 25008. the difference between then and today is this time citizens say they are prepared. >> in 2008 it came up quicker and we weren't able too take things out of business and get them up the bank. the fwroesh restore and businesses right next to the
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and raise them up that we probably didn't have in 2008. >> reporter: with time to prepare the town took action as soon as possible. >> we got out at today. >> when we found out we could come out and help a lot friends and me thought we should go down and help. >> reporter: we were supposed to have mother nature had her way. but a cancelled volleyball and football game in limbo haven't shut down the speer rits of the students and staff. >> this is just one example of the different things they do. they are more than glad to help out. you know that makes the beauty of the job i have as the kids we have themsels. >> reporter: now the high water mark isn't expected thit he
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morrow morning around 7:00 a.m. that didn't stop citizens, south part of main street. in elkader matt lange fox 28 news tomorrow, governor branstad will tour flood damaged areas of northeast iowa. -- he issued a disaster declaration, opening up state funds to flood victims.the governor's order covers allamakee, clayton, fayette, howard and winneshiek . counties. assistance program provides grants of up to five-thousand dollars for many households. grants cover home or car repairs, replacement of clothing and food, and the cost of temporary housing. housing.if you need to apply for a disaster grant, you'll find a link on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. some flood gauges across iowa have been shut down due to a fox28 some flood gauges across
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tells fox 28 news they managed to find money for thisauge from other sources. sources.but another gauge in moring systems along i wh wh eek has this week. during a disaster situation like this, public safety is a top priority.but communication between multiple agencies is sometimes tricky. 28 news first showed you two years ago how linn county addressed the upgraded communication s system now lets multiple agencies talk to one another when, upgrades like this are rolling out across the 28 news statehouse reporter steffi lee - -continues tonight's team cover.
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rapid responses back and forth -are something dallas county sheriff chad leonard wasn't used to before."even though west des moines - westcom was in our county, we couldn't talk to each other."but a problem like that won't be an issue under the new iowa statewide interoperable communications system."much of iowa is moving from a 1930s to a 2000 - 21st century technology." weeks, the dallas county sheriff's office will br fully connected by radio - to all public safety agencies in the state. it's an added layer of public safety - and this radio's a powerful tool."it can be used by a fireman a police man and ems and it's ready for any of those threats they run into on a daily basis.""it's a trunked radio system technology and it uses the push to talk feature and it works like this - steffi go ahead""the value of the beep
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we're able to share far more channels."sheriff leonard says with access to this new equipment and more channels - "definitely talk to state patrol a little easier right >> you can talk to the state patrol a little he hadder right now. we can hear each other talking on the radios where before it was sketchy. >> reporter: thomas lampe said they even saw successful communication firsthand at the national governor's association meetings in des moi during a stabbing incident at the iowa state fair. >> our dispatcher heard the call directly on the radio and we were able to take our cameras and zoom onto the incident where the stabbing occurred instantly. >> reporter: steffi lee tv 8 news. a cedar rapids teenage was seriously injured when a car hit her near campus. the 15-year old was crossing 42 street around '30 this morning when she was hit.
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crosswalk. police tell fox28 news the deliver will not face any charges. >> really under scores the importance of both the drivers being very lij lent slow down in school zones as well as the students have to use the crosswalks. those are designed for the safety of the pedestrian streen as well as the motorist. >> reporter: rie now the teen is at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics. authorities are not releasing her condition. pharmaceutical industry is under glorify for boosting prices of medications that otherwise haven't changed in years. fox28 has been following the rising cost of he pee pens for more than a month. jenee' ryan is looking into another price increase on insulin. how is this affecting diabetics? >>reporter: well, container, there are 26 million diabetics in america and most of them need
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now several years ago, a prescription picked up here at saint clark's pharmacy in cedar rapids would have been about a hundred dollars for a month. now it's about 500 to doll a month and it's not just affecting the diabetics. >> it doesn't look like much but there's probably $10,000 worth of inn sul linn in that section right there. >> the pharmacist says his customers complained about the rising cost of inn sul linn on a regular basis. >> most drugs go about every 6 months. varying percentages. >> reporter: also adding to the hike clark says the government put a cap on how much medicare money but we're not going to lose $200 per that difference also falls on the diabetic. diabetic. with the price of insulin almost tripling in the past decade a lot of patients >> reporter: with the price of inn sul linn almost tripling a lot of patient are cloozing to
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stop taking it all together even at the risk of kidney failure or disabilities. >> reporter: the rest of us will eventually be the ones pay the price. >> we will be paying for the people getting over 60 or 65. >> reporter: 30 years ago she started a clinic to help local diabetics who can't pay for the prescriptions. >> they can only afford a month of inn expensive. it will continue until something is done about the cost of the medications. >> reporter: clark says manufacturers coupons are available to line for inn sul linn to help with the price a little bit. you can look those up before you go to the pharmacy to particular the prescription. also on saturday the clinic, they are going to be hosting a fundraiser, a 5k and a fun day
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we have the information on the website fox28 covering the corridor live jenee' ryan fox28 news. right now cedar rapids has a new after school hang out. the doors are officially open and the ribbon officially cut and the northwest recreation center on 11th street. the knew rec center is the first municipal pal building built specifically for reblg rags natural program pg in cedar rapids. it includes a full size gymnasium as you saw, activity room, game room, and multi purpose room with dividers. next on the fox28 news at 9. real estate without the realtor. the cost saving measure that turned into a big business here
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earleywine: when legislators fail to invest in education here, it affects all of us in here. without adequate funding, districts are forced to make cuts that could leave our students with obsolete technology, eliminate advanced science classes, or cut funding for the fundamentals, like microscopes and lab equipment, leading to overcrowded classrooms, making it harder to learn. our students deserve better.
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starting your own business has its own special set of starting your own business has its own set of struggles. the state o in fact in the number of women owned businesses. but one corridor woman says she's hoping to change that statistic. fox news 28 reporter dora miller has the story of a woman chasing her passion. >> it's called for sale by owner. it's becoming more and more popular started by two former rock we will collins workers. a single mom says for her it's
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sell their homes -- it's actually her calling. >> for years she's worked with people looking for an easier way to buy and sell their hopeless. >> i have been in mortgage in the banking industry spefblgly in real estate fsbo homes had an automatic place in the industry. there's always people that needed that option. >> for sale started by two men. >> we saw homeowners looking for consumer to consumer communication to avoid the fees. >> one of many services to help. >> reporter: helping others being a mother and making her own hours appealed to laura even
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into turning 30 is starting a ministry and helping more and more people find god."she says she knows it won't always be easy..but it's worth it for her son to know that you don't have to compromise yourself for your dreams . . "finding that balance in my life while taking care of my business and making sure i'm taking care of my customers as well is always the balancing act in life." she hasn't done this alone -- she's had support from different organizations and people...her new storefront in running by the end of the year. dora miller, fox 28 news. we are used to seeing herky cheering on the hawkeyes at university of iowa sporting eve. events.but one member of the university faculty says herky isn't happy enough.the clinical professor of pediatrics says there are warm and welcoming messages on campus embracing diversity and a supportive atmosphere.but she also says students may feel the opposite when they encounter herky - she says the
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herky, i think, may need to be liberated to be able to feel other feelings and display those other feelings as well. well. oral sent a message to members of the community, including the faculty senate.the group's president tells fox 28 news they want the campus to be safe and inclusive, but this issue is one they don't plan
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck,
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well, no heavy rain fell in iowa today and nonis expected in the next 24 hours. so that is a good thing helping out with some of the rivers that continue to be a problem sxeern north eastern parts of the state. our temperature in cedar rapids with partly cloudy skies is 67 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. dew point at 66. there's a little moisture still lingering around here and that will eventually get us more shores and storms for friday night and saturday. the only place into the 80s was burlington. much the state in the range of
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a little bit below what you would typically expect at this time of year. now as we go to the radar tonight, the heavy showers and storms that caused problems here in recent times are now down to the south of us. the front that produced our rain has gotten into missouri and hung up here in oklahoma. not going to move very much in the next 24 hours but eventually it will start coming back north at us as a warm front and that will bring the sthourz and storms back into the forecast for weekend. on the satellite skies have cleared out in the novrt and western counties and will stay that way for much of the night. tomorrow the clouds will start pushing back in especially during the afternoon hours and that leads to precipitation. as far as temperatures up in north western counties it's down to 63 degrees in charles city,
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city back towards washington. as we go to the satellite tonight. something i wanted to point out is a large area of high pressure that's beginning to build over the eastern united states. this will dictate our weather pattern long term as that high gets established, you can see how the circulation in the atmosphere starts to rotate around it. so with it being to our east, our winds will start coming in from the southwest and the upper levels of the atmosphere and that is tapping into the moisture from the gulf of week next week and a disturbance coming out of that will cross the area tomorrow night and into the saturday. that's when our next chance for showers and thunderstorms will be. our latest models indication of how much rain will fall. we'll not see any thft torrential down purz we experienced earlier this week but there is some threat that some areas will receive a half to two-inches of rain.
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rain tomorrow and with partly sunny to cloudy skies. temperatures back in the upper 70s. dew point not terribly bad tomorrow should be holding in the '60s. there's the muggy stuff just to the south and on sunday and monday that comes back into the forecast along with warmer temperatures. summer conditions back into the midwest next week. lows getting back to the mid 50s in the northwest to around 60 in the southeast. for tomorrow a little increase in the afternoon. temperatures should range from the mid-seventies in the north to the upper 70s in the south. about 76 in waterloo and 77 here in cedar rapids. tomorrow's winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. then tomorrow night we get into our next chance for showers and thunderstorms. those will linger into much of the day on saturday. after that things dry out to for sunday. # 3-degree then.
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for much of next week. we're getting back into summary weather pattern here once we get through the first half of the weekend. no issues tonight or tomorrow as far as the weather goes but starting tomorrow night a few more rain drops back in the forecast. >> i thought we were finished with that. >> there's plenty of summer to go. >> no complaints at 80s. thank you. family dining at the dinner table how families can over come difficult schedules and other dis straksz to make it happen
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america. family dinners are one of the most important times of day parents can spend with family dinners are one of the most important times of day parents can spend with their
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heartedest. connor morgan digz into the issue in tonight's family 411. >> reporter: it's the tie that binds. what this family of 7 strooifz for at least once a week. >> as we've grown it's a little more hectic. it's hard to keep us eating difrn every single day. >> reporter: they fire up the kitchen stove top or grill out front to bond with their five children over food. >> i want to know about their day. i want to know what happened at practice, if football practice, basketball practice, how grades are going. >> nation wide children's hospital say family dinners are a measure of how close a family s. a bond that can help children make better choices. >> the stronger they are the better the kids will do and the better they will risk behaviors not just substance abuse but early sexual activity, danger driving. >> the doctor says their peers are the other option for
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know you're kind of on your own and you get a lot more influenced by peer group. >> we haven't had any issues with them being in any big trouble. >>reporter. at their house, the kitchen table becomes a spring board for conversation. >> we told the boys they were pregnant both times around the dinner table. >> it's also dad and the kids to unwind. >> a time for them to be themselves and for them to feel cared for. >> the doctor says making the experience hands on can enhance the tradition. >> they can learn to cook sooner and do part of the celebration to continuously reenforce their your favorite people in the world. that's what i hope is passed
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dr. matson says family dinners are also a good time to talk with children about your family values and expectations. next on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.accusations of bigotry on the campaign trail.the back and forth attacks amid the fight for minority support -- when the fox 28 news at nine co. continues. tens of thousands of high school athletes ... are already on the field ... for pre-season practice.and the summer heat .. can be brutal. in your winning ways ... as we partner with youth sports of the americas ... wendell edwards examines how to beat the heat ... with more than just drinking water.on the football field ... in the dead of summerit doesn't take long ... to break into a sweat . campaign trail. back and forth attacks amid the fight for minority support when fox28 at 9 continues. the heat demands you pay attention to your body. we encourage them to drink water, every time they got a
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summer heat ... can stick with you, too ---whether you're a football player ..or a baton twirler ..but hydration alone is not enough.dr. michael bergeron is with youth sports of the can be well-hydrated and still get in trouble in the heat .... if you go too hard, too long. you need to be safe by slowly introducing the intensity, the duration and recovery . be safe by slowly introducing recovery times are in tri gal. make sure as it gets hotter and humid that you give proper rest. >> reporter: for more
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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nearly 14--years ago, a
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known rag tag group of gee had dis began a blood thirsty campaign against the west. it's evolved into the most feared terrorist organization on the planet. it's sur passedal guide. a newly released study shows how isis became a household world. a national correspond dented sits down with the study's author in t report. >> reporter: the iraqui city was an isis stronghold until the iraqui forces reclaimed it. retaking the city became at a horrific price. >> they took half of our men. they killed my father. >> reporter: 6,000 miles away researchers completed an ex-husband active study on the lee that the of isis.
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5,000 were carried out by isis resulting in 33 thousand deaths that accounts for 2 of terrorist fa talts world wild. >> they've been a major driver of trends that we see in terrorist attacks worldwide. >> reporter: the isis linn age can be trasd back to the u.s. invasion of iraq. the group underwent a complex evolution until roughly 4 years ago when it's popularity sword. from 2003 less than 500 isis death a year. look what happened in 2014, roughly 3,000 terror related deaths in a matter of months. 2 years in 2015 isis related attacks occurred in 33 nation including the u.s.
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eclipsedal guide and is in respectsal could i da on steroids. i'm jeff barnd reporting.' on the campaign trail right now -- --republican nominee donald trump is looking to bounce back in the polls with a new attack on hillary clinton. clinton."hillary clinton is a bigot she's going to do nothing for african-americans. she's going to do nothing for the hispanics." hispanics." triggered a sudden and harsh response from the clinton campaign.the democratic nominee pointed to a number of white supremacists that the democratic nominee pointed to a number of white sprem isis who support trump and his past push to find evidence that president obama was not a native born american. >> he promoted the racist lie that president obama is not really an american citizen.
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dee ledge miez he is not an american president. >> he fired back it is not american to build a wall with tougher screening. the latest attacks by trump are an effort to improve his relationship with minority groups. nation weighed 19% of nonwhite we found out the numbers are even worse for trump among african americans. >> the african american population is absolutely been treated terribly. >> reporter: promising to come to the aid of african americans who donald trump says have long been overlooked. he held a round table at trump towers last week. he sought to boost his stapding
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blacks. and the truth is far from him. >> reporter: will the push pay off the trump talks about improving schools, employment and safety. >> what about peelg off 2, 3, 4% is that possible? >> it is possible he got 12% of the black vote in north carolina he would probably win. if he got to 12% in fworj gorge he would probably win that state. >> associate prof for at however every hourtd university says there is exist four or 8 years ago. >> african american voters don't have the same feeling for hillary clinton as they did for president obama. >> she has brought nothing but sxan heart ache and broken promises to inner cities. >> trump's only a mast 8% of black voters, 22% with his pan nikz. a skep at this kal font troy
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go up dramatic as another number dwindzs in days before the elections. >> you have to speak to voters earlier. >> meanwhile the hillary clinton camp released a tough new enter nat ad show casing a series of endorsement by white sprem sxisz kkk members. in washington, back to you. our mission to fox28 news is to candidates to viewers. with our station but our sister stations across the coun. country.we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. please share your thoughts with us by email or facebook. terry, the weekend is almost here and with it comes more facebook. terry, the weekend is nearly here and with that a chance of more rain. >> looks that way but probably not until friday night and that
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we may get that out of here by sunday. and second half of the weekend looks a lot warmer and a little
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we saw a lot of clouds in our skies today. tonight those are starting to move out. they've already cleared out of northern and western communities and trying to break up in the southeast. temperatures out there tonight are kind of reflecting that where the skies have cleared, it is definitely quite a bit cooler. 66 in decorah. 67 in wurlt la and cedar rapids.
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around iowa city, the temperature there is at 73 degrees. here's the high temperatures from around the state of iowa and readings were below normal across the entire state. the warmest area way down in the southeast, burlington managed to get up to 81 degrees but only 75 around decorah and even on the western border of the state. counsel i didn't like blufz held at 75 this afternoon. we've got a front down to the south of us tonight, and that's a good place to develop and tonight you can see they're out there from illinois and missouri all the way back down to oklahoma. this will be an active area for weather as the front holds to the south of us. until it starts moving north the weather will remain dry here in eastern iowa. we've also got drier air that's clearing out the skies. so i'm thinking we'll see stars tonight and probably sunshine early in the day tomorrow but eventually these clouds will start coming north ward towards
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bring showers and thunderstorms back into the forecast just in time for saturday. as far as the temperatures go tonight, you can see again, they are cooler off in the north and west where skies have cleared. still low 70s down around iowa city and washington. on our satellite here, something i also wanted to point out is we will squeeze out that round of showers and thunderstorms. i see them hanging around in any one spot very long. we're not expecting the huge rains we experienced a couple of
9:45 pm
two-thirds iof rain in eastern iowa with the next round of precipitation. tomorrow that will stay to the south and west of us. temperatures are expected to be back in the upper 70s for highs across must of eastern iowa. moderate levels around 64 to 65. you can see to the south 70th degree due points are lurking into missouri. sunday they will push more into the area and next week is potential with scattered showers and storms. tonight's forecast is a quiet one and temperatures getting back into the mid 50s in the northwest to around 60 in the far south. winds out of the north from here on out, pretty light. clouds increasing tomorrow during the afternoon. we'll call for a mixture early on. temperatures around 74 in decorah. 75 in charles city.
9:46 pm
into the upper 70s close to 80 degrees. here's the extended forecast and after a nice dry day friday, precipitation returns friday night that should be scattered about the area on saturday with a temperature of 78. the rain is gone though for sunday. warmer and more humid conditions expected then with a high of 83. and next week, temperatures should be back in the mid 80s, it's a little steamy too and there will be the threat of showers and storms around from time to time, nothing that looks real this perspective tonight. bottom line next week will be a summer reweek here in the midwest adds august goes out with a bang. >> this is not severe weather seen. >> typically not. >> we don't have to worry about that at that point. >> the tornado season is well bind husband. it will be cool for high school football tomorrow. >> you will be all over me if that's the case.
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tomorrow first. tomorrow obviously, the big show but coming up in sports, cedar rapids kennedy began its qwest back to the state title game tonight plus some big news
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from three- time will tell what the kennedy cougars do this fall -- and it all starts tonight.... hosting muscatine at kingston stadium....the first quarter
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and he's in for the second touchdown of the game -- 15- zip muscatine ..then the second quarter came along and the cougars woke up -- big time! -- nick dueher to payton mcarty for seventy-yards and kennedy's rolling...closing seconds of the quarter, tied at 15, feer... the deer -- nick duehr to payton mccarty again -- cougs with their first lead.... score x the x..... and don't forget -- week one of the ot kicks off tomorrow at 10:30 -- sights and sounds from across eastern iowa right here on cbs 2. kirk ferentz's squad is headlined by a strong, returning senior class -- but that's not stopping some kirk ferentz is head lined
9:51 pm
there will be a leap frog over a -- if kf had it's his way they would all wait a year except their time is now. >> 6 to 10 maybe. could be as few as 6. could be five. certainly more than 4 a year ago. could as many as 10. i would rather red shirt freshman. >> the depth chart is very fluid and we still got some time before we have to decide exactly what we want to do. the panthers have something new this fall a new motto in spierd by something coach farley spug on the sidelines for years. a phrase most panthers laughed off over the years. this year's senior class has taken it and run with it. >> yeah that's -- us senior i
9:52 pm
came up with again win, integrity tee, resglil wasn't and tenacity. >> coach farley would say what's great and we really bought into it. when you run the ball, great. you do it for a reason. when you pass the ball, great. when you lifting weights, great and we're here for a reason. today in ames mat camp ball played on scholarship the red shirt seor field. the cyclones open against uni this afternoon. fran mccaffery's squad kicks things men's basketball conference slate this afternoon. things are kicked off at purdue as they are off to another hot start in big 10 play. highlights will play on new year's day for the 10th time in
9:53 pm
10 play last season before a road loss to the same tufrz. the full golf season teeg off today on five city's player, going, going -- big battle between two of the states best rising sophomores. kyle expense on 6. he was neck-and-neck with this coach, he's got great teeth. cedar falls wins it by 8 strokes. the kernels looking for the sweep of quad cities and do so in crushing fashion 12 to 2 the final. that is a check of sports, we'll
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
9:55 pm
that's my plan. i'm patty judge, and we know chuck grassley stopped the senate from working, but he also stopped working for iowa. as a farmer and a nurse, i learned iowa works best when we pull together. used to be you could work with chuck. i did, plenty of times. but he's all politics and partisanship now. and he's turned his back on iowa.
9:56 pm
time we change our senator. problem is, his feet drag. we'll ask terry one more time to see what's happening. >> a few clouds around in the mortgage. sun spring yelled around too but more clouds in the afternoon. highs in the upper 70s. tomorrow night and saturday when
9:57 pm
forecast. >> good-looking temperatures. good for sports. >> looking forward to tomorrow
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? men. ? i've been looking forward to this all year. giving you people the bird. oh, it looks great, berta. what's your secret? i bought it pre-cooked from the back of a truck. i don't know that i'd trust the stuffing. (spoon chimis) against glas i'd like to make a little thanksgiving toast. i know you don't hear me say it very often, but i really am thankful for every one of you. i've never heard you say that. you ever hear hisay that?m i'm sorry, i wasn't listening. anyway, there comes a time in a man's life when he realizes there's nothing more important than family. is he dying? probably just drunk. and you know why family is so important? designated driver? liver match. bail money?


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