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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  August 27, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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damien, you've had a lot of wins. where does this stack up? >> right now, i think 16 in a row, this guy is just a former champion. he's a guy that has been knocking out everybody. this is the guy that i watch his fight against robby lawler. in the first line there, many people think he won. i also think -- so for me, he was the champion. come here and be able to put my work, all my respect for him. i knew it would be a hard fight. i'm just so happy that, you know -- i think i earned a title shot. you know, now finally i get the chance to fight for the title. >> and stephen wonder boy thompson is here. he's going to fight next. are you planning to wait or will you want a fight in between? >> no.
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wait for the winner of woodley and wonder boy. >> you're a class act a true master. incredible performance. absolutely. [speaking in portuguese]. >> i said, you know, that i -- i'm very glad that there's a lot of brazilians here. more than that, i fight for martial arts and brazilian
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brazil is more than a nation. it's a country. everybody likes mixed martial arts and i come here to represent that. and i love my kids and my wife. that's it. >> congratulations. incredible performance. demian maia. >> three of four wins coming by rear naked choke. we'll talk to carlos condit. >> i'm here with carlos condit. very disappointed. but you put on some of exciting performances in the history of the ufc. everybody wants to know what is next? this can't be it for you. do you plant to return to the octagon and begin another assualt on the welterweight division. >> first off, congratulations to demian. a matter of respect for him as a man and a mixed martial artist. as far as my future, i have no idea. we'll have to see. i'm disappointed tonight.
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>> you've been an incredible sportsman and athlete. one of the most exciting guys in the ufc. thank you so much, carlos. we look forward to your return or what is next. >> ladies and gentlemen, carlos condit. >> fans still love the natural born killer. all right. let's get it back to jon anik, daniel cormier and dominic cruz. >> thanks very much. when a night it has been here for the mma leader as we return to the great white north. let us know re-visit this welterweight main event. d.c., your thoughts. >> up believable by demian maia. he implemented his game plan. he got the take down. he kept position. moved and advanced the position. got the choke early. what he did to carlos condit no
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condit. demian maia is right where he should be in the welterweight rankings on the cusp of a title shot. he said he's going to wait and he should wait. >> nice job. the winning streak is now six. none more impressive than what you saw here on fox. dominic cruz, your biggest take away. >> i have to go with anthony pettis. the way he fought that fight was incredible a few reasons. he threw the gas tank out and went for the he got gassed, but that showed adversity. he was taking the air out of oliveira early. the fight went on to the third round until finally you can see anthony pettis transition from a single leg defense as oliveira transitioned to the double. he catches the guillotine and choked him out at the end of the round. it showed that anthony pettis is not only still here but submitted oliveira with the kind of black belt skills that he has
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showed a lot to the 145-pound division. to anthony pettis, this is something for him that he needed. you saw it. he wasn't shocked that he won but with how the fight went. he has something to prove. >> a massive win. i don't think you can overstate it for the former lightweight champion here tonight. of course, this evening we crowned a welterweight contender. in two weeks, the heavyweight land. >> on september 10, the heavyweights are coming. new ufc champion stipe moicic defends his title against alistair overeem. former heavyweight champion verdum takes on brown. and the octagon debut of former pro wrestling superstar, c.m.
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>> all right. that will just about do it for it. for a complete recap of all of the action, we hope you town into the ufc fight night post fight show starting in a few minutes on fs2. coming up next on fox, it's your late local news except on the west coast. thank you all for watching fox ufc fight night. see you in a few minutes on fs2. tonight at nine - that president's show. i'm jenee ryan .i'm matt hammill. actor ashton kutcher comes back to the corridor - on a campaign swing for hillary clinton.the native son explains why even though he's not really a democrat he had to speak out. and - donald trump comes to iowa for roast and ride.we'll take you to senator joni earnst's
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nine -- vote 2016 team tonight on the fox28 news at 9 # vote 2016 team coverage begins in the corridor. why this cedar rapids native is spending time back in town and what he says about an opposite opponent. then donald trump kroousz to iowa you probably won't find him on a harley but we'll show you what senator joan knee erns
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changing things up. what adjustments cedar rapids market after dark is making and how it effects tonight's event. good evening, it all started here with the caucuses and now iowa is one of the toss up states. >> today a corridor celebrity came home to tip the scales in favor of hillary clinton. fox news 28 reporter morgan reports the latest. >> hometown hero ashton kutcher is back in town and everyone is excited. >> i hope they can get everyone in the room excited and they can get their friends excited so they will go out and vote. >> i love he just spent an hour and fired up people. >> excitement and endorsement. >> we -- people in positions of power that are serving us. i think hillary stands for all
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>> to clin's -- hillary clinton's support. >> the fact that this guy is even on the table, people look tirade teardown -"i don't care what you think about any policy anywhere - someone who's driving racial divisiveness into the culture, that's pulling people apart, is not a person that we can have being our person."with wife mila kunis in of more than one hundred people to vote - and vote democrat."when you have ashton kutcher come back to town and talk about his values and what he cares about, it gets people talking about their own."the audience takeaway -"the stakes are too high this year, we can't afford a trump administration." covering the corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan, fox 28 news at nine. after the event - some who attended - went door knocking to try to get people
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november. plenty of selfies also snapped today in des moines.that's where republican presidential nominee donald trump showed up for senator joni ernst's second annual roast and ride. fox 28 news reporter steffi lee was there and continues our vote 2016 team coverage from des moines. moines. the point of the roast and ride is to raise money for veterans.but this year -- with donald trump's appearance - it also sent home a message about what needs to happen in this year's election.take pkg: pop enginewith her engine on - and helmet strapped - ready to ride --nat pop enginesenator joni ernst led a convoy of patriots - all riding for a purpose.sot: scott root: 12:53:38 "you've got to support your veterans."they're supporting veterans - by raising money for the non- profit - soldier strong.sot: joni ernst: 02:33:06 "it literally gets these men and women back on their feet."but some veterans pulled double duty - also biking for donald trump.nat pop donald trump:40:35 never again will
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biking for donald trump. stood next to trump -- pleading for a change on immigration policies.nat pop from sarah root's family on stage.roots daughter was killed by a man reported to be in america illegally.sot: scott root, 12:54:31:07 "you can't let all these people in the borders and let all these gangs up here and not think you're not going to have problems."trump said if he beats hillary clinton - he plans on removing criminal illegal immigrants from the country.sot: donald trump: 03:20:06 "the first piece of paper th we're going to get rid of these people day one -- before the wall -- before anything." trump also says he wants to bring good schools and safety to many communities.sot: donald trump: 56:07:21 "to those suffering - i can fix it. african americans hispanics, i say vote for donald trump - i will fix it." and trump says one of the other issues he'll fix - is america's economy.he says his ecnomic policy can be summed
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donald trump 50:01 "three beautiful words -- jobs jobs jobs."senator chuck grassley also it's important to note this isn't an election for the next four years of the president -- but an election for the direction of the supreme court -- which lasts much des moines, steffi lee, reporting. our mission at fox 28 news is to connect the presidential candidates - with our viewers.we've reached out to the candidates - to do extended interviews - with our stations all across th country.we also want to hear from you. what questions do you want us to ask the candidates. you can contact us - by e-mail or facebook. tonight's a huge night in down-town cedar rapids - as thousands gather for the farmers - market.'s the second year - for market after dark- and organizers made some changes - after a few issues - last . summer.this year - the event will feature - some 19 blocks of food - crafts and
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seven - blocks.and if you're planning to have an adult beverage - there are changes there too. "aside from purchasing beverages from our beverage tents, you can purchase wine and beer from any of our participating restaurants and those can actually come out into the venue." venue."after some complaints about over -crowding last year - when some thirty - thousand people showed up - organizers say they're ready for tonight. great night for the market - - or the concert at rain out for a little - while. great night for the market or the concert at kinnick as we move the rain out for a little while. let's go to meteorologist for fox28 first weather forecast. >> it is a chance to clear the clouds it is getting nicer outside although a little warm and muggy in evening and as we head through the night tonight. we did have the clouds earlier today now we are seeing clearing out there and we are staying dry. some showers and storms have popped up near the quad cities
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but we will staying dry for tonight and right now, temperatures are still in the 70s in spots especially where we saw the sunshine near and south of highway 30. 73 in cedar rapids. 77 degrees in iowa city and 73 in washington. through the night temperatures will be falling down into the '60s. still going to be kind of muggy out there under light winds. we could have a few areas of patchy fog that gop by morning. it will burn off plenty of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid 80s area wide and a bit more humid out there especially compared to today. a surgery like feeling tomorrow i'll let you know when you can expect the shower like showers and thunderstorms to return in this is your chance. chance.there are now two open spots - on the iowa city human rights commission. commission.the group - works to educate - plan activities and programs - - and fight against discrimination.the group meets - once a must be
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year term - and you can find more information - on our website. right now - a convicted murderer is back in jail after being listed as "escaped." "escaped."39-year-old john frederick mohr failed to return to the davenport work release facility yesterday. that's when the iowa department of corrections labeled him as escaped. right now- more is in scott county jail. .mohr started a 50-year prison sentence in 1997 after a second conviction.following parole revocation in april of this year - he began work release. as we reported - earlier this week - the f-d-a - - now wants to screen - america's blood supply - for the - zika - virus. as researchers work - to learn more - don champion reports - america's blood supply for zika virus. champ champ reports the doctors in miami have 1 case that has stumped them. >> reporter: doctors in miami are unraveling the medical
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old to determine she had zika. 3 months into her mother's pregnancy in venezuela she was exposed to the virus in the womb but she does not have mike row self fael the zika linked birth defect that causes the baby to be worn with an abnormally small head and brain. she has eye damage and stiffness on one side of the body and callous if i indication in the brai >> the plan is to follow her five to 6 years. >> reporter: now with locally transmitted cases of zika in florida federal health officials are making a move to protect the nationally blood supply. friday the food and drug administration issued guidelines that blood donations nation wide need to be screened for yes kachlt the fda now wants new donations in the 11 states
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biologics evaluation and research)"the goal of the recommendation is to keep the blood supply safe for all those who might need blood transfusion."also, this week for the first time in the u-s, who might need blood trance fusion. >> reporter: also this week for the first time in the u.s. doctor's confirmed a man who did not have zika symptoms passed it through to a woman through sex. the fda reports so far there are no reports that zika has been transmitted into blood some your coworkers probably already move them but now standing defkz are making the move to the classroom. texas researchers say kids that are stranding could maintain a healthier wait. the study followed about 200 kids. they found the youngsters who stood at a desk rather than sitting they averaged a 3% decrease in their body mass index. coming up on fox28 news at 9, two nuns killed in cold blood.
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are trying to figure out why we have the latest on the investigation. plus as football wasn't fun enough, this season a game changer. new technologies added to nfl player's uniforms we'll tell you all about the advanced high tech contact sport. we have a little bit of rain last night and early this morning but that has cleared out as have the clouds. i'll let you know when you can expect the flex chance for
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i'm patty judge, and we know chuck grassley stopped the senate from working, but he also stopped working for iowa. as a farmer and a nurse, i learned iowa works best when we pull together. used to be you could work with chuck. i did, plenty of times. but he's all politics and partisanship now. and he's turned his back on iowa. i approved this message because washington changed chuck, and it's time we change our senator.
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hey, you're clarence! yes, sir. you know, at the model year end clarence event, you can get a great deal on this 2016 passat. steve. yeah? clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 volkswagen reward card and a five hundred dollar labor day bonus r lease a new 2016 passat. monday on fox28 morning live, some local businesses have made an impact in our community and some around the w. world.the honor a dozen local businesess are now recieving and what it means for our town coming up monday on fox28 it's been a nice evening so far- let's see if that sta there's a lot going on
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rapids. bluegrass festival the concert at kinnick stadium and a perfect night for all of that. absolutely. let's check in with rebecca kopelman to see how long it will last. >> a little warmer out there and a little warmer and muggier from here and but it will stay dry to the end of the weekend. which is good news after the flash flooding we had in northern iowa. flood warnings are allowed to expire along however we have a warning out for bremer county until 11:15 tomorrow morning and also along the cedar river at cedar falls until tuesday morning because the river is still above flood staple. the turkey river has gone below flood stanl however still 3 feet an above it's cedar falls at the cedar river and it is forecast to fall below flood stage early
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right now, here we are pretty nice out there. we had some clouds earlier. we have seen clearing of the skies and in the north, temperatures have cooled down a bit into the '60s but we didn't warmup all that much. 66 in central city. 77 in iowa city where the concert is going on in kinnick. and a lot of ooechts in linn county but still pretty nice outside. through the night we will continueo skies. winds fairly light out of the west and temperatures falling down into the low to mid 60s area wide and could be some patchy fog that develops in the morning hours. so if you are heading out early to run errands or go to church you should run into visibility issues. it should burn off fairly quickly during the morning. plenty of shun shine. temperatures warming up rather quickly into the low to mid 80s across the area and it will be a little warmer and a little bit more humid than the last couple
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it's all because the winds are going to be shifting out of the south and that is going to lead to some warmer area moving on in and some moist area from the gulf moving into portions of the midwest and that is going to set us up for the chance of showers and storms as we head into the workweek. on sunday we will have the warm front continuing to lift north across the area so we stay mostly driel. a couple of clouds out there wut otherwise the next chance for showers and stms on monday as the cold front approached the area and pretty scattered in nature but we will have the chance and you want to prepare for that when you head to work and the kids off to school as well. after the fropt moves through, nice weather will return. high pressure and all the hot air stays out the west. the jet stream will dip a bit in the eastern part of the united states. which will lead to cooler air moving in for the end of this
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through summer like conditions first. tomorrow temperatures warming up into the 80s. plenty of sunshine there. chance for showers and storms increasing monday and tuesday and then check this out: by the time we hit the middle of the week, temperatures start to come down. we're in the 70s during the day on thursday and friday and in the nights, we'll have the 50s once again and then we start to warm back up by saturday but really a great night to be out and about. >> yeah perfect night. we actually have a picture here from our director amber she is at the market after damp that's the band playing. still goes on for about another hour or -- 2 hours, yeah. so great time out there. get out, if you can. still ahead on the fox28 news at 9, changing perceptions through photography.
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what n-f-l players are now wearing - on the field - to improve performance - and make the game more fun for
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a photographer in maryland - is setting up her camera - - a photographer in maryland is setting up her camera for free photo shoots. she gives the pictures to families who have children facing channels.
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normal maybe the biggest challenge. >> when step faen smith looks through her camera lens, she doesn't see a child with special needs. she he seize a special child. >> the strength and resglil yens from these kids has been far more intierg and touching and moving than any other normal child that i've ever been able to shoot. >> reporter: the 28-year old said 8 months ago blog post about another photographer who turned down a job because the client's daughter has down's syndrome. >> for me that was my wake up call. >> it was her desire to offer for the toe shoots to families with special challenges for free. >> this child has dwarf richl his brother does not. >> someone seeing us the way we
9:33 pm
that kal or some people to quake at just to show we are hue humanity and to show his funny side. that's the most important thing to show us as a family. >> she watched her center battled cancer twice which also intierd the project. >> i knew when that happened i wanted to find a way to give back. >> she named her charity lenses for love because she says is un conditional. that was chan chan reporting and she wants to expand her love to photographers to every state. she's completed 20 free shoots herself. when the f nfl kiksz off
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follow. as bet tee you've reports. >> the two little chips tucked within the shoulder pads on every nfl player is changing the game. they send out a wireless install. the league partnered with zebra technologies to track every move on the field. all the data is being backed and being monitored in real time at the cop company's command center. the broadcasters get the data pres., zebra location solutions "they're able to see reallyhr players. their sort of health and safety on the field. the second is coaching. how can you coach the players to hit their routes better. and the third is tactics."also new this season - the football is tagged with the same sensors. sot: jill "the fun thing about the football this year is you can know things like the distance of the throw and the speed at which it not only left the quarterback's hands but landed in the receiver's."
9:35 pm
real time stats on players don't just help out the teams, it enhances the experiences for the fans. sometimes, broadcasters announced them during games in the stadium, or if you have n xbox you can access the data from home." nats game even if it's not game day, some teams, including the 49ers are using the technology during practice. sot: eric petrosinelli / general manager, zebra sports "the 49ers are very progressive in what they do so they usually get that data and analyze it in ways that they think will improve their players performance over time." begins thursday september 8th - with the panthers and broncos. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,a mother gives her life -- to save her son. we've got gives her life to save her son.
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it's one of the ultimate sacrifices- a mother gives up her life to her friends are calling it the ultimate sacrifice as a mother gives her life to save her child. tonight the story of the reaction of those close to her. >> the news of her passing crushed us all. >> they're still learning attorney and friend a 35-year old from lake wood died after saving her son. >> she was a better mom than any other mom i've ever known including myself. and she would have done anything for her kids. >> tuesday the 2nd year old fell from a moving house boat without a life jacket while on vacation in lake powell. >> chel see jumped in after her and used her chest to keep the
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she was the sort of person who was entirely un self fish. >> the mother of two was unconscious when pulled from the lake. her colleagues say she died of heart failure a short time later. she leaves behind also a 5-year old daughter sglooits the hardest message we've ever had to give. the murders of two roman catholic nuns in mississippi. police say they were stabbed to murderers of two roman catholic nuns in mississippi. they were stabbed inside their home earlier this week. kreg kreg has more from new york. >> reporter: authorities in small town durant mississippi say just about everyone be loved sisters seen in in video doing what they loved. they worked as nurses at a clinic for low income residents in the poorest county in the
9:40 pm
dignity, they treated everybody with that care (:11) and compassion (narr)their murders have left this community stunned. police say it does not appear that robbery was the motivea& but they did say they quickly zero- ed in on 46 year old rodney sanders.they're now investigating why he allegedly went to the women's home- and stabbed them.late friday, sanders was arrested and charged with two counts of capital murder. he's been descirbed as a "drifter' and has served prison time in iowa bodies thursday- and later one of their stolen cars - when they didn't show up for work.(sot) (james lee, assistant chief durant, ms) "i'm sure our community is completely devastated and grieving" (narr)and now struggling to understand how something so horrific could happen to two women who dedicated their lives to helping others.(kenneth tag) police also told me this is the kind of area where many people leave their doors unlocked. in this case there
9:41 pm
coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,if you've ever been scared by someone - - barreling down the highway at eighty miles an hour - - changes may be on the way.the proposals - that could help . (-oc sharyl-)sunday on full measure...(vo)a federal research study on extremely premature babies raises questions about using humans for experiments, especially the defenseless. even their own parents say they had no there is a lot of debate about building walls along the u-s- mexican border. we go someplace where walls are not an issue, underground in the tunnels beneath the border. it's an extensive underground highway smugglers use to traffic drugs and humans. (vo) scott thuman examines how one of the most beautiful countries on earth, morocco, is being associated with some of the most recent terrorist attacks and what we can learn from the muslim nation.(on cam) that's this week on full
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federal officials are considering a right now federal officials are considering a plan to install a device on new trucks and other large vehicles that would limit how fast they can go. now the new proposal would mean the top speed of trucks and large vehicles 68 miles an hour. >> speed an a -- speed is a key factor in highway deaths. >> speed was a factor in a crash in new york last weekend that claimed life of a 150-year old. according to new report traffic deaths surgeried over 18% in the
9:45 pm
comes to highway fa talts is killing us. >> this is the former chair of the national safety board and now runsly the national safety council. >> one-third of the deaths are due to alcohol impaired drivers. speed again, spliments have gone up over across the nation and that is adding to the death toll. >> this surgery comes as more among for pedstrians and young drivers.(end gfx).(van cleave on camera) deaths are on pace to end the year up nearly 10%. james, while new cars increasingly have crash increase on pedestrians. >> cars are increasingly coming with collision avoidance technology and there maybe a bit of learning curve because 40% of consumers say they have been startled or surprised by something their car did. national safety council is encouraging drivers to get more
9:46 pm
while driving and always wear a seat belt. a feature on facebook let's you see what your political views are. we are told just how accurate it is and what it means. >> they have me as extremely liberal which is probably pretty accurate. >> you can now see what political view face bake thinks you have. >> to see what you facebook look for a category called u.s. politics. you may have to scroll for a bit and click the see more button at the bottom. you will see what you are or what facebook thinks you are. how does is come to the conclusion when you say you're political views, facebook will go off the pages you like.if mostly liberal people tend to follow the pages you follow,
9:47 pm
gwu school of media and public affairs"facebook doesn't have a sort of magical ability to peer into people's souls, right?which is to say, their information is information ability to peer into people's soelz which is to say their information is information you already publicly presented. if you happen to follow donald trump and hillary clinton because you -- you like them you want to see what they're doing, but your preferences or for one candidate or the other they will regard you as more moderate than you actually are. >> is guessing your views. we went and asked if facebook got their political views correct. >> they're right. >> yeah, they got it right. >> to the t? >> yes, it says very liberal which is more or less correct. >> reporter: the same ads preference dashboard lists your ethnicity and what your primary browser is. you can remove the preference
9:48 pm
the wall street journal developed the tool that let's you see what the conservative and liberal feed looks like. you can see how different conservative and liberal out looks look like. happy scrolling. for more stories there is a link on circa to website fox28 it's been a great night so far weather wise a little interrupted with weather earlier but not >> exact the right. rebecca kopelman with the latest the weather first forecast. >> we had showers in the overnight hours and they came to an end earlier today which is good news because we can use a break from the rain. especially areas in the north that has excessive rainfall and flash flooding earlier this week. flood warnings have been allowed this expire in elkader and in garber where the turkey river did rise but it's now below flood stage.
9:49 pm
county and cedar river at cedar falls until tuesday morning because it is still above flood stage there. about 3 feet above the flood stage of 88 feet and it is forecast to fall below flood stage by monday morning. moderate flooding is occurring there right now. and across the area now, we are seeing some calm weather. the clouds cleared out from earlier today and temperatures are beginning to call -- fall. much cooler in the north. not much sunshine by the end of 66 in decorah and charles city. 73 in cedar rapids 7 in iowa city. a bit down there where we have events going on the concert at kinnick and also the farmer's market after damp in cedar rapids. a little must go gear than the last couple of nights. nonetheless a pretty nice night to be outdoors. there could be patchy fog in the morning hours otherwise temperatures will be falling down into the low to mid 60s area wide.
9:50 pm
sunshine than today. and temper tushz will be rising into the mid -- low to mid 80s rather throughout the afternoon. it's going to be warmer today and it's going to be a bit more humid as well. that's because the winds will be shifting out of the south and that's actually going to move in some moisture from the gulf which has been moving into parts of the midwest including the state of missouri where last night there was some flash flooding that occurred there and very heavy rainfall and now we are going to get set up for more humid coit like weather and the potential for showers and storms. we do stay dry tomorrow though. a warm frant is continuing to lift north across the area so that's what's turning the winds out vt south. predict for trying to pop up a couple of showers tomorrow. i really think we'll just see some clouds mover in and we could see a spring yell or two but otherwise we're going to stay dry, cold front approaches on monday and that will lead to the chance for showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday. behind that front, some drier
9:51 pm
the midwest. the jet stream will dip a bit and porlsz of the eastern 80s and that will set up a northeast flow which promotes cooler air getting down to the surface. it will feel like fall like at the end of next week. that will make it feel a lot nicer outside in terms of the due points and humidity. the humidity will be rising throughout the day tomorrow. we will be in the uncomfortable range with the due points getting bovr the 70-degree mark. as we hit the m ask due points will fall considerably much into the comfortable range actually bloer 60 degrees and could be in the 50s for several days. temperatures are going to feel nicer too but first we have to get through summer like weather. tomorrow humidity up, temperatures in the 80s and that continues into the start of the workweek with a chance for showers and storms highest to monday and starts to taper off through the out the day on
9:52 pm
end of the week. high temperatures in the mid 70s thursday and friday and nights also get intoo down into the 50s and we start to warmup back up again by next weekend. so overall, not too bad. but we had a break from the heat and humidity and it's coming on back. >> yeah, but not as roller coaster as we had recently with the week. >> start to transition into the fall season. >> i'm okay with that. get out of the humidity. the kick off to kinnick is on but in the meantime there is a lot of stuff going on. >> plenty of high school sports. fall - we get into that - next on fox 28 sports... talking about the hawkeyes who
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings?
9:54 pm
es, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck,
9:55 pm
high school now fox28 news with pat moroney. >> high school football teams strap it on under the lights on friday flights but distance runners do their work early on their way to t t four women of troy placed in the top twelve....onto the boys -- prairie felt right at home - look at all that orange and white -- the p-hawks win the team title by more than forty points... and individually - cedar falls' sam schillinger repeated as champion -- he was sixteen seconds slower than last year - but still fast enough to get out of town with a win... "i knew what it was. and i was like "it be good to try and go for that" but as soon as i saw
9:56 pm
knew it was gonna be wet this morning. i kinda just put that out of my mind and said "okay just run in high school volleyball - c- p-u and dyersville beckman meeting up in a weekend tourney final... and beckman's kylie bildstein sets the tone - too hard and just out of reach -- blazers on top early....but here come the pointers -- still in the first set -- abigail weideman -- look out! -- c-p-u is within a point... but beckman won the first set -- and the whole thing - caroline kluesner with the dig -- and shannon hoffman finds spot... blazers win the finals, two sets to one... if there's one thing iowa has on it's side entering the 20-16 season - it's experience - on defense - at quarterback - in the backfield - some of c-j beathard's key pass catchers also return - while some new guys - will be called on to produce - matt vandeberg and riley mccarron are back at wideout - they'll be c-j's main targets - elsewhere - we've seen flashes from jerminic smith and jay scheel - and there may be some
9:57 pm
hawkeyes have one week to round out that receiving core... out of that group - we'll try to settle on about five or six guys - including guys that can play multiple positions - the job that coach kennedy has is multiple positions and you know the job that coach kennedy is has is -- you know getting your three best out there just like brooin wada get the five best line man. we have time to decide exactly what we in ames mat camp balance announced iowa state's teams cap tanz on friday night. seniors are all taking on the leadership role. the players were selected by their teammates. up next in sports the bears fall flat in third preseason game on saturday against the chiefs. chiefs. thoshey, you'res are coming clarence! yes, sir. you know, at the model year end clarence event,
9:58 pm
clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 volkswagen reward card and a five hundred dollar labor day bonus
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it's week three of the n-f-l preseason - at this point - the players can't wait to finish camp - but the coaches - they preseason. at this point the players cannot wait to finish. the coaches want to get an extended look at their starters and another look at guys fighting for roster spot. the chiefs were welcome to soldier field bad day for chicago. color was six for 15 in the game. no points for that first team offense. the chief first team did just fine.


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