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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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with a severe weather alert. alert.eight years after a once in a lifetime event, the cedar river is again flirting eight years after a once-in- a-lifetime event the cedar river is again flirting with historical records. right now thousands are anxiously watching the rivers rise and desperately trying to protect what they can all getting everything else out of the way. after another night of heavy rain thousands more are cleaning up after another from cedar falls to cedar rapids and everywhere in between right now on a special edition of the fox28 news at 9:00. an already bad situation continues to get worse tonight. >> right now volunteers are banding together in communities. they're trying to do what they can to hold the water back. the next major town in the past -- in the path is cedar falls.
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several major roads including highway 50 seven and 218 are expected to be impacted by the rising water. crews also loaded cars from and cedar rapids.sandbagging efforts continue in all of those communities. joining the fight, communities along the maquoketa and wapsipinicon rivers.heavy rains last night sent more water out of their banks but, so far, it's expected to stay well the levels seen in 2008. 2008.and in cedar rapids, the ongoing effort to get everything and everyone out of the way continues before next week's crest.we'll have much more on all of this in just a moment. but first, we've already seen some changes to the flood forecast since last night's rai. rain.for more we turn to weatherfirst chief meteorologist terry swails -- who kicks off tonight's flood
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right now, the national guard is deploying to the flood zones. zones.governor branstad today mobilized units to assist in the sandbagging and recovery ef. efforts.the governor also issued a state disaster
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linn, benton, black hawk, buchanan and delaware counties. he says the state must be black hawk, you can and in delaware counties. he says the state must be proactive in order to protect as much as possible.>> in major cities like waterloo in cedar rapids we have a little time to prepare. we want to do everything that we can with the state to assist the communities and do the best job that we can to avoid and mitigate damage. >> governor branstad the affected areas tomorrow and he will end in cedar rapids. >> it's are residents wait for flood waters to rise some are preparing for the worse. >> the north beside the city was devastated in 2008 and now they are bracing for another round. fox28 news reporter is an area that is anticipating what is coming in the next few days.>> reporter: as you can imagine
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right now. this is expected to crest at 25.3 feet. that is on monday. residents here on the northwest side of town are preparing for the worst but they're hoping for the best. the mayor says there are no official evacuation plans yet and he does not want people to move out of their homes too soon. there will be a sense of urgency that people must have in the next 24 to 45 hours. here your ellice boulevard they lately. the northwest neighborhood make it through once again. "god got us through the first time, i know he's going to get us through this time too and through this before and she will make it through again.>> god goddess through this the first time and god will get us what again. we've had a ton of people friends and family helping others. it is just wonderful to see the community coming in helping.
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tomorrow they will have a better idea of what the impact of the flooding will be. they will have an evacuation plan then. there will be a press conference at 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. covering the corridor in cedar rapids fox28 news. new tonight, the cedar valley humane society is helping animals displayed dishes like by the flood. by now they have hundreds of intake bags. beach bag has a form to collect in it also has a lesion footballs. the humane society will help if an animal is displaced, marion if those cities need extra help. if an animal is displaced they will not have a leash with them or food and bowls. we will be very lucky if we noted exact address for them. the intake kits have everything we need for them to get them
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make a donation to the humane society it is more than appreciated and it will help during this time. they are preparing to evacuate the county jail. it is located on me the island in the middle of the cedar river. inmates will be moved to other lockups in the corridor. a sheriff tells fox28 news that the evacuation will take place this weekend but he cannot give a specific time citing security concerns. this blocks away i got the building, the linn county sheriff operates out of up to the front door.>> kevin barry is live there right now with the effort all day to make sure that does not happen.>> reporter: scott the linn county sheriff's office use water at about 21 feet. we talked about how the crest is expected at 20 scott the linn county sheriff's office use water at about 21 feet. we talked about how the crest is expected at 25.3. that's where these areas come into place. this is four foot tall. they put another four foot tall one on top of it.
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security before the water gets inside. that means that we were hear a lot 38 -- earlier today when they were putting these together. off-duty sheriff officers and folks from the linn county conservation and road workers were all here just to get these barriers in place. county trucks were taking third of from blair varies road, and bringing as much of it down here as possible.>> i went down earlier, i was stuck in my office doing news releases and answering phone calls and i was overwhelmed with the support community come out to put that . together. the plan is to do another layor on top of this one -- giving the sheriff's office eight feet of'll be manned for as long as possible too -- so that deputies can pump water out stopping -- staffing this as well. they are trying to pump water out over the top.
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will not have any damage inside. some water make it through but it will be minimal. it will certainly not be like 2008 when this building was completely washed out. they say he was the last man out and he stepped off the lobbies right onto a boat. that's how high the water was when he highly left the building. covering the corridor in cedar rapids fox28 news. as the downtown districts is ready for in other major flooding yours has -- had asked about the fate of the historic we sent a reporter to paramount to see how they are getting ready for another potential disaster.>> reporter: nearly a century old the paramount theater has been more things come and go in the last eight years than in its first 80. lesson one your after the flood of 2008 the landmark is being threatened by another natural disaster.>> reporter: the theater has learned from the 2008 flood and plans to move
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the theater is prepared for i can flood in eight years after taking on 13 feet of water in 2008. this cost $60 million in damage. despite preparation there is still concern. >> my phone has been ringing off the hook. emails, we have a lot of concern patrons we actually have to swear is scheduled for this weekend. we have gone ahead and postpone no-shows. it is fairly new to us i think the last even half hour as we talk. we have finalize those postponements. >> reporter: they say they will reassess tomorrow after the 10:00 a.m. press conference. the flood of 2008 severely damaged the national check and museum and library that should not be a problem this time aground. it took four years to fully reopen the museum. that included moving the entire structure away from the river and up onto a hill.
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stay above the forecast lead levels.>> we think were well safe, but that does not mean we still do not have concerns. our property will be flooded, and we don't minimize what is going on for ourselves but especially for our neighborhood , and our colleagues and friends. >> he generator is on the way to the museum to keep it buildings in czech village. have been trying to move out inventory and belongings. volunteers have also been helping by bringing, making and placing sand bags.some of those bags will go to the loading dock area of the museum, which is one place that could be vulnerable.they will also go into czech village...and some of those volunteers have done this before. " 23:56:44 this time rather than as the water's coming up around our ankles filling sand bags, we're trying to be down here and be a little more
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effort.."volunteers say they water is coming up around her ankles filling sandbags were trying to be down here and be a little more to and help with the effort.>> volunteer say they will be out there all weekend as long as they are needed. the was more sand bagging today in northwest cedar rapids. hundreds of homes are in the path of the flood waters. it could have in more but many homeowners took buyouts after the catastrophic flood of 2008. there are number of other communities already dealing with flood waters. next, the desperate effort to salvage homes and livelihood today, when fox28 news at 90s
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we're tracking the latest information from the flooding expected over the weekend -- just hours before it's due to crest monday on fox 28. as the corridor prepares for major flooding, others upstream already have dealt with historic levels. levels.among them the -- -- as the corridor prepares for major flooding others upstream have already dealt with historic levels. among them the butler community . the shell rock river was already flooding when several inches of rain fell overnight. that sent the river more than one foot past the old record in
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left scribbling trying to keep the water out this morning. the town had to evacuate because the water threatened to cut off all roads in the area.the red cross has now set up a shelter at the grace baptist church. also in bremer county, flash flooding inundated parts of denver.lindey corell shared church. also in bremer county flash flooding inundated parts of denver. lindy share these pictures with fox28 news. most of the water park and some roads in town. all of this water will eventually make its way downstream into the cedar river. there are more rivers flooding right now after last night's heavy rain this is video of the river in manchester. flood waters a march much of the uptown district turning a number of businesses into islands. the's images were shared
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buchanan county after several inches of rain fell last night and belfast. we do want to thank all of you who shared your pictures in your videos with us. it is very useful, you are a great resource in capturing severe weather across eastern iowa. if you are safe and you can take pictures and videos please send them to us. you can connect with us on facebook, you can also connect with us on twitter. the promising news that chief meteorologist terry giving us tonight is that we do not have any brain. the radars are nice and quiet . it is been a long time since we can say that. they will not stay like that the entire weekend. we still have some more rain to
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best and we will also show you some the new river with all the heavy rain that has been occurring around our northern counties in the past two or three weeks and a huge rainfall even yesterday, were looking at a lot of areas that are under flood warnings warnings. call of these counties in green here here, all of these slivers that are in green. there are a lot of areas that are above flood stage . go to our website and you can get the information in your area. right now one of the biggest concerns is center right around the cedar river and the crest setters tarting to move downstream. right now in the area around
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rapidly. tomorrow afternoon it is expecting to crest in cedar falls around 101 feet rising rapidly. tomorrow afternoon it is expecting to crest in cedar falls around 101 feet. also in the waterloo area they should be coming sometime saturday evening around 26.4 feet. both of these crest if they occur as projected will be within wanted to be of the all- time records. eventually that water will flow downstream and it will get towards that that. it comes sunday evening around 20 sunday evening around 21.-- cedar rapids is in line for water next. were expecting a crest of 25.were expecting a crest of 25.3 feet well above the flood stage of 12 foot. i do want to emphasize that this could be going down or up a little bit but probably not substantially so we are in the ballpark with this number here. you would want to certainly want to prepare for the crest of 25.want to prepare for the crest of 25.3 feet want to prepare for the crest of 25.3 feet. that will come in the next few days.
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the wedding will be most pronounced around cedar rapids. this is where the river comes in from the north and it goes into the downtown area this is where the river comes in from the north and it goes into the downtown area. right around here is the main channel. for the blue shading is where the river is expected to expand out to. there are a lot of residential areas on either side of the river that will be says that did. perhaps as many as 2000 residences. there will be a lot of businesses in the downtown area better impact it worked even some of the bridges downtown will go underwater if we reach the crest were projecting. that only happened one other time which was in 2008. watch how this will happen. this is interesting. the river is running around 10 foot right now. it will flatline for another day or so. tomorrow evening at ate her 9:00 tomorrow evening at ate her 9:00, look at what happens it starts taking off a wall of water advances downstream and then in less than 48 hours time the river will reach about 25 feet in cedar rapids the river will reach about 25 feet in cedar rapids. it will not take long to this
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for to go up by the end of the we can't dry day it will go back down to about 12 feet. while it is here it will be high. the damage will be done by then. the damage will be done by then. there is some good news no heavy rain fell impact the situation all the situations have passed on to the new -- taunt police. we do expect to see some clouds and tomorrow morning we will have some area of fraud. we will have some low moisture around. by tomorrow afternoon i think go to partly cloudy skies. and we will go to partly cloudy skies. then we will have the next front. this'll be critical because it brings more rain. if you watch between 6:00 and midnight tonight a line of showers will start to approach our western counties and eventually as it gives off to the east it doesn't lose a lot of its intensity because it coming through during the very late hours of the night. still late hours of the night. still, there is the possibility of scattered that are storms that produce brief amounts of heavy rain. as far as our models are
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very bullish. that is good news. if there is any heavy rain it is very brief in nature. our model is indicating about 4/10 of an inch of rain in the cedar rapids area about 4/10 of an inch of rain in the cedar rapids area, certainly have read her out to the west of us. i don't think it will impact the crest levels that we have here. tonight coppell for temperatures are close to be in the low 60s to the med upper 60s and clouds thin clouds. tomorrow morning thin clouds. tomorrow morning, we will have some drury weather but eventually we will burn off the fog. temperatures will be call us in the north and warmest in the south temperatures will be call us in the north and warmest in the south, as you expect 81 in waterloo 79 interview temperatures will be call us in the north and warmest in the south, as you expect 81 in waterloo 79 interview, 82 degrees in cedar rapids. here is the extended forecast kolo storm zone scattered around sunday especially in the morning hours, by monday
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sunday especially in the morning hours, by monday they're gone and beyond that, legal hole, sunny, drive sunny, drive, weather. we could certainly use a couple weeks of that around here. it looks like that will be in the cards once we get into the rain saturday and sunday. saturday and sunday. he looks like we will me that whether to start repairing and rebuilding if we had a hold for a while. start repairing and rebuilding if we had a hold for a while. >> there's a lot of crocs in the field. a lot of that has water sitting in it right now. we need some dry weather. we need some dry weather. >> yes the damage it does. we need some dry weather. >> yes the damage it does. we want to remind you that you can keep up-to-the-minute available for you on the cbs2 weather app. it is free and it only sends you alerts if things are happening in your immediate area. it is for apple and android devices. again it is free to search for the information on the screen. the events scheduled for next week have been canceled for a
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website for a list of those head to our website. for a list of those head to our website. up next the power of social media in times of crisis. how all my posts are connecting those in need with those wanting to help. with those wanting to help. a local dance studio is helping -- helping some unique service for parents looking to pitch in. we will show you how when we return. when we return. listen throughout the day
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social media is proving helpful as the corridor's largest city prepares for its worst flooding in nearly a deca. decade.a facebook for your weather first forecast. social media is proving to be helpful as the corridor's largest city appears for the
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the just 24 hours a group has more than 1800 members looking for an offering help. the group's creator serve in the military in 2008 your he was unable to be home to help with the lead preparation and recovery efforts. this time around he wanted to assist as many people as possible. >> i am just trying to bring the community together. i have seen a lot of pictures of the oh wait flood in the community really guys with boats were helping people move when people cannot get out from waters being so high. i'm just tried to help the computer they come together. the group has helped does have had volunteers helping in all different areas of flood relief. area high school students were let out early this morning to sand bag. the principal of the school as a large group went to nouveau and others went to st.
9:31 pm
valley montessori. these young volunteers and bodied the spirit of a new hashtag floating around. c r is our home. if you want help with sand bag efforts you can help. the dance studio will help kids of any age to comment and play for free. they are offering free childcare for parents to want to help businesses move fo we've hired a balloon artist, we're having my company families, my team dancers are coming to help, it's going to be a great day and parents can drop off their kiddos without any stress." prestige will host the childcare event from 8-30 to 11-30 tomorrow morning. residents who rely on meals on wheels for food will still be taken care of. volunteers for horizon's meals on wheels delivered ?five days
9:32 pm
frozen, so clients won't have to worry about them going bad. officials say it's important to give citizens a sense of normalcy and provide for their needs even in a state uncertainty. fox 28 news was also out--on the sandbag lines today -- several members of our team spent time at newbo city market to help sandbag and hand out water to all the volunteers.we want to thank help sand bag and help stand out water to all the volunteers. we do want to eastern iowa to help their communities try to hold back the rising waters. next on fox28 news as the cedar swells many are asking how could this happen again? are well-lit first team looks closely at the data at the question. there is still football playing tonight. playing tonight. we have your first highlights
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flooding along the cedar river like what's expected this weekend used it used to be considered unprecedented, now people along the cedar river are dealing with the second massive flood in the last decade there >> why is this happening again? and so soon. are meteorologist is joining us to answer this question. >> we talk about the reasons behind the rain and the flooding. we have had is heavy rainfall that has occurred. we did have 2008 which was a 500 year flood. that does not mean that we can only get it once in 500 years. in fact, it's pretty much just a statistic. it is one in 500 which is the chance that this could happen
9:36 pm
so the odds of this happening are .2% in any given year. it does not meet the odds go down after it happens , it could really happen every gear. at this year it is because of all the rain that has been occurring. and unfortunately just because it happened once does not mean it will not happen again in the odds of this occurring one in 500 is the same on of you being born with an extra finger or toe. it is unusual but occurring and we do have to take precautions with this. we cannot put a number on the flood that will occur this year. it will have to wait until it happens. it will likely go down in the history books and right now the crest that is projected will be the second highest in record for the cedar river in cedar rapids half right behind 2008. the only other time it has
9:37 pm
these years we have on record, dating back to 1851, has been in 2008. it really is just the odds of it occurring, and once again it could occur anytime, any gear. is a very low chance of this happening. >> thank you rebecca for the explanation. local utility crews stand ready to help those in the path of the water shut off and gas shutoff. they plan to shut off gas service beginning 8:00 tomorrow morning and homes that could flood in the coming days. the company said that should prevent any potential leaks. mid-america will notify homeowners and businesses before they shut anything off. alliant energy says it will shut off power to any homes , but residents must request to cut off. to do that you can call a lyons
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there few part of town that had been doing this booming like the nouveau district. out the neighborhood is in the crosshairs of the latest white. all day people turned out to help the sandbagging effort there. the head of the district told fox28 news tonight that the size of the flight does not matter much to them. >> we we heard the flood was coming down here, everybody started pulling their trucks up immediately and taking step out. no matt feet or 25 feet copier getting out of here until the blood comes through and then we will come back. barriers were also brought in to help protect new bar -- nouveau. it is a new protection since the last flight. starting in 9:00 this morning employees and volunteers began moving furniture from ground level to the second floor.
9:39 pm
almost everything was cleaned out. people using the geonetric building says the shows the strength among the community. this is why we build in cedar rapids. >> people care and do things. they want to see this district be awesome and be the cultural center of the city.>> students from area high schools also turned out to help you everything out of the way of the water. hoping for good news about the flood, but it did not happen did it?>> there was just too much rain that enhance the crest a little bit. it also bump them up a foot in many locations. we're just waiting for the crest to move downstream. we do not have to worry about any heavy rainfall tonight or tomorrow. the rain has lifted to the north and this is the first time in four nights we do not have that threat at any heavy
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woman: huh. congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age. woman: blum would raise the retirement age to 70. then there's monica vernon... a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work.
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if you spent any days in iowa you know you have not seen many rainfall event of more than an inch or an inch and a half cup but it's been steady since the beginning of august. every week we have seen rains across the northern counties. everywhere in green on this map we actually have flood warnings and affect. these are areas where flooding is occurring or is expecting to
9:43 pm
it covers a lot of real estate. one of the reversed that will take a big hit is the cedar river. why it won't be quite as that is 2008 it will be the second highest crest in many locations. the crest should occur around 101 beach. that'll be 1:00 in the afternoon. from there it goes over to waterloo, and the crest should be 26.4 feet and that occurs about 7:00 p.m. in the yutu benton and this should be seeing a crest around 23.1 feet which is a couple feet below the all-time record. still major flooding anticipated there. around tuesday at 1:00 in the morning it will get to cedar rapids they're we will have a crest of 25. we will have a crest of 25.3 we will have a crest of 25.38. are rainfall forecast involved in this crest protection --
9:44 pm
less rain than expected it could go down a little bit. were hoping for that , but for some reason the rain could go up and this could go up a little bit. were pretty close on this 24 and 25 foot projection. you definitely want to plan for levels like this. this is a telling graphic. here is where these river typically runs. if you take and adding what a 25 the flood will do and you can see all the real state that gets covered with this. there will be around the cedar rapids area. this will include some of the businesses in infrastructure downtown, even the bridges could be overpass but the water as well. that's an issue that has to be watched closely in the next 24 hours. looks like it is coming. watch how it happens. i think this is amazing. the river says flat here until we get into about 8:00 tomorrow evening. all the send this wall of water enters the area then it at
9:45 pm
jump 15 feet and will get to 25.31. this is according to projections. was his passes you can see how clearly the river falls. it will be back down to 12 feet we have a bowl of fast-moving water and that will cause problems in many areas of eastern iowa particularly here in cedar rapids. there is some good news and that is that there is no heavy for for the next couple days. showers and storms have moved off to the north of us. tomorrow, we start off with some clouds , but by the afternoon we will have some sunshine. it should not be to that of the day. temperatures will be in the upper 70s to low 80s. to the west of us a cold front is starting to emerge. as it comes with tonight tomorrow night another round of showers and thunderstorms come in to our west kern county's and then we watched that
9:46 pm
6:00.m with it in the rain does not stay in one area very long. that is certainly a positive by the time we get to sunday afternoon the precipitation is out of here. we will going 20 extended period of dry weather. as you see here our latest models are showing only 3800 of an inch of rain between now and the actual crest. if that is all we get , i don't think it will cause us any additional problems. without regard we have a pretty good idea where we stand and tonight we will look for partly cloudy to cloudy skies, some areas of on, temperatures in the low to mid 60s into tomorrow we will start up with some clouds and fog early in the day and eventually get partly sunny. averages should reach the upper 70s to the mid-80s and are far southern counties. here is your extended forecast kolo there is some of that rain that will be around on sunday, it looks like and especially in the morning hours. after that, here's the drier weather that we are anticipating , not only will we be drier it
9:47 pm
to lower 70s. if you saw our graph there this is just a wall of water that is moving down the cedar river. it is a remarkable thing to see. it will just go of in a hurry. that is happening right now in our northern counties of round cedar falls in waterloo. the water is rising rapidly. >> it is good to know that some folks are having fun tonight. yes high school football. coming up in sports bragging rights are on the line. can they continue their hot
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battle of waterloo. any cuts back stiff arms his way back for six. west goes up for nothing. next it was more of the same. more runs, and west goes up 14 nothing. the touchdown would be a theme for the hawks tonight. is again and again he finds the promised land. west takes it 61 27. they have dominated their opponents for or straight weeks. the hawks are averaging over 45 points per game. things will to continue with central to wait at brownfield tonight. first quarter and here comes that high-powered hawk offense. caleb lawton for the score. and the canon makes it 6- nothing. jump to the second quarter, they take the handoff and calls his own number.
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later in the quarter. he was not done, he goes straight up the gut, and the hawks win 5-oh and 28 nothing in the final. the marion game was scoreless in the first. chris take the handoff thin- skin percent from 29 yards out. marion goes up 7-nothing. same score in the second, they tried answer and has won the, but kirk climbs the ladder for the interception, that will set up this, trevor paulson off the play action binds grant and he does the rest, last check of that score marion was up 28- nothing. central was scoreless in the second with the warriors on the move.
9:52 pm
in 10. couple plays later it is ehrhardt again, not through the air but through the ground. he's a out of the back of the pocket and into the end zone. central goes up 6-nothing. and don't forget to tune in to the eastern iowa ot -- we've got 13 games -- plus north linn's jared collum stops by to talk lynx football -- we kick it off -- right here on that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your weather first forecast when the fox 28 news at nine
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we need to mention that the city of cedar rapids is asking downtown by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you are park down there they need to move your car. we have one more talk with karen before we go. tomorrow is crest a in cedar falls in waterloo. then, of course, it will be monday night late when we get it at cedar rapids. that is the latest projections. you will be able to see here that will cover a lot of cedar rapids. at least the downtown area along the river. so,.will cause major traffic
9:56 pm
you can also see this happened very quickly. we go from saturday evening at 10:00, to 25.3 by monday night. that is a tremendous rise. at least there is no rain in the forecast for tonight or tomorrow. thank you terry. before you go we want to share a photo with you from the last flight. in the middle of all that evacuations downtown in 2008, theater cedar rapids change the marquee to read we're all in since then the theater in downtown bounced back bigger and better than ever. >> for all that changed the message tonight is the same as it was eight years ago. once again qatif start letting us all know we are all in this together. we will have much more on this latest blood all week and log around-the-clock on air and on fox28. we hope you'll join us tomorrow night for the fox28
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and stay safe. so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. house majority pac i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely.
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brad: it's a week off for the uni football team after a tough loss on the road. we talk to coach mark farley on the preparation for the homecoming game, october 1st. we take a look at how offensive lineman robert rathje pays it forward. we get updates on the corss country teams and women's golf squad. and we shine the light volleyball. this is panther


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