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tv   FOX News Special Presidential Debate 1  FOX  September 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:30pm CDT

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the corridor is holding its collective breath right now. the corridor is holding its collective breath right now. the cedar river continues to rise. the flood defenses are holding up but we still days to go. >> fox 28 has crews fanned all over the area. what is expected in the few hours ahead and the impact already felt. >> the cedar river continues to rise here in cedar rapids. you are looking at a live picture from a time check neighborhood where hundreds of homes were lost to the last
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try to save those. >> and they were not alone. there was a massive effort to save the areas. here is a look at the flood defenses constructed over the weekend and how they are holding up so far. >> we have been showing you the air view all day long. we'll show you some of the incredible images captured by the fox 28 drone from high communities, including palo, imosa. >> first, we'll get the latest on where the flood river stands right now. let's turn to chief meteorologist terry swails. >> let's get to some numbers here and show you where we are. and the cedar river at vin ton
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that means that crest has passed there. it is between cedar rapids and vinton and so that is probably close to palo. we are looking at seens like this. we did have residential areas flooded by the water. this home pretty much an island. it's definitely a problem in parts of palo as the river continues to rise there, but it should be very close to cresting in that, it moves down stream towards cedar rapids. we still think that crest should happen late tonight or early tomorrow morning, right around 23 feet and we have already gone over the 21-foot mark here in stars cedar rapids and that makes this the second highest crest since the 31.1 feet. this is only the second time in
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over 20 feet. and on the hydro graph, you can see how it's taken up and shot up over the next 24 hours we are now over the 21-foot level. we'll go up to 23 feet. right over here is the 20-foot benchmark. the river is expected to stay from now until thursday morning at 21-foot or above. we have the greatest concerns that flood protection holds later on in the week, we'll see a downward trend. by the weekend, down to flood stage. and the other river that's of concerns is the wapsi and animossa. this level should not really impact any residences in
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crest in its history. >> cedar rapids firefighters had to launch boats into the flood waters to rescue a woman. the cbs 2-fox 28 green that was over that air -- drone that was over that area as the rescue cook place saw that. this was south of edgewood road drink. authorities tell fox 28 news because of a medical condition, the woman apparently did not want to come down. about two hours later, crews managed to pull her to safety and took her to a local hospital for evaluation. to make sure that everyone stays away from the dangerous water, the national guards is now in place. units moved into position at noon today. they are helping local law enforcement keeping people out of the evacuation area. the iowa state patrol has been called to assist, just like eight years ago.
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looters could take advantage of the homes now sitting empty. but to remind you, there is a curfew in effect for evacuated areas from now until 7:00 tomorrow morning in cedar rapids. the curfew will continue every night until the flood threat is over. for people still living in the time check neighborhood, this is something that they never thought they would have to live through again. >> that's exactly what's happening right now. earlier today, over the allas road area and gives you a great check of the spread of the water. >> you may remember that many homeowners took the buyout allowing the city to destroy everything that was around the flood zone but some people are
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see behind me here, there is water fleeing and barricades to keep people from coming to this side. some people have been brave enough to drive through but that water i slowly rising. that's why they had onry here to try to move these barriers, divert that water so it does not affect the homes. people have been sand bagging and some are moving out of their home because some still remembering what happened in 2008 when it happened to them counselors today, is it normal for people to feel that ptsd of the sorts. he said, yeah, that's normal for people. now it's important to move forward. if you want to talk to someone, there are people available. >> we are a remarkably resilient species. we didn't survive all this time on the earth because we were not competent and capable and
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that. so reach out to your friends because together we'll get through it."
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for years now, the new bohemia district has transformed into for years, the new bohemia district has transformed into one of the most popular areas downtown. >> and tonight, some business owners hope it stays that way. we have the drone over top of it. you can see the amount put for the temporary flood defenses. right now, kevin is there to show us how the area is showing up. kevin? >> reporter: we are just on the northern frank of the new bo district. we are actually on the cedar valley nature trail. we were here earlier this morning. we are on the other side of this late last night and the water is completely up to the bottom of the the 8th avenue
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takes rail cars from the east side of the river over the cedar river into the ingredient plant. that water is up to the bottom. no space in between. if we start to spin to the right here, we see just how high the water is, a, but also, b, how fast it's moving. this is a really good example of why you never, of mess with flood waters like this. look at how strong that current is. it could easily sweep somebody down river. if you get into that kind of situation an see over up to the bottom of the bridge. it's starting to kind of rapid there and foam up a little bit and that's a bad situation. but as we keep walking along the cedar valley nature trail, this is the 8th avenue bridge for cars. there's only about 40 yards here worth of dry line before another dip underneath it and it goes under the water. we were here for the early
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there are signs that say caution. they are completely under water. when we were here early on, about 6:00 in the morning, we were able to go up all the way to where that road sign is. i'm going to stay out of the water but we were doing all of our shots from way up there. in just a few hours, the water has come all the way up here and the water mark has made it all the way to this point here and so it's shely shrinking this space that we have to hg out here to do our live shots. we're not going to do here for very much longer. we'll be sure to check it but we'll do our next shot looking down because the water is rising so fast. it does not have all that far to go but it's coming up pretty quickly and pretty soon, this could be under water, scott and karen. >> yeah, kevin, i wanted to see
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two hours before it crests. can you show us to where the water was and where it would be? >> this is where the water is hagging out. i may peak up to there. but this is where it is. we have two feet to go and you think probably two feet up the side of my leg would maybe up to about here. so this is how high -- oh, see, now i'm starting to get a little bit more wet. this is about how high this water is still going to go. let's take a look at some the kind of for this kind of thing. so there's plenty of footage here. it does not look like the water is going to get over here. if we start walking down this way, maybe it might flirt with the top of this, but it does not seem like at least in this part of cedar rapids. so we are by the federal courthouse. the water is going to get up and over here. but what we do know is that some of the low lying areas are farther down stream over by the new bo district by where the lion bridge is on
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southeast, i'm sorry, in the new bo district. some areas are higher than this. we are heading there next. we are kind of curious to see how high the water is. but from this spot, the water is coming up to only where my knee is when all is said and done. so not a whole lot of damage in the area but it's not the same story as we head down stream. >> thank you, kevin, for that. we'll check with moves to another location. before the river crests in cedar rapids, it is impacting palo. >> the town is no stranger to flooding. after the historic flood eight years ago, researchers add add float gate in town hoping to add additional details. as can you see from the drone earlier today, it's getting a lot of data. weather first meteorologist jeff kennedy his palo tonight joining us live with what is
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there. jeff? >> hi, scott, hi, kine. good evening, from palo. we are keeping it all in the family tonight. i'm standing on what we affectional refer to as schoettmer islands. we were with the schoettmers last night. i was there with my father-in- law, mother-in-law, their family there. i hope i don't fall backwards, but this is about as deep as it is right streets and the schoettmer's house. the river here in palo is currently at -- this is water is cold, too, boys and girls -- 17.9 is the latest stage at palo. cedar rapids is 21.1 and supposed to go to 23 early tuesday morning. we don't have a forecast for palo but look like the river might be near its crest right now, guys. that's the way things look from the schoettmer's front yard.
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here. there is what used to be a fish pond out here. that's all under water. you can see pumps running in the background. this is what the schoettmer's side yard looks like. nowhere near the flood levels of 2008. we're going to go in the house and dave will show us the basement here in a little bit. but you can see the extent of the floating here all the way from the schoettmer's house all across the street. we have the park over here with the splash diamonds. that's all under water. they are not letting many people, if any at all, into palo. we d a suggested evacuation of the town yesterday. that's the way things are shaping up here in palo, guys. we'll talk more to the schoettmers and keep you up-to- date. i'm jeff kennedy for fox 28
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right now in cedar rapids. anyone who needs a place to stay for a while can go to the cedar hills community church on third avenue southeast or st. paul's united methodist church also on third avenue southeast. sometimes, you will find silver linings in situation like this. this morning, the linn county board of supervisor were expected to increase. not just folks in the flood zone but everyone in linn county now have until october 31st to pay their property taxes the cedar river is not the only corridor that's causing
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>> here in anamossa, i talked to the city administrator. no one is really worried. they say they were prepared for what's about to happen. they have levees up and they have pumps going. ready to go. extra ones than they had before. they say they are ready to handle what's about to happen and they can handling more what's expected. it's when you get past city limits where the problems are, with you get into the county territory. i was able to speak to the coordinator for jones county and she said they also are pretty calm about this and here is why. >> i feel like we're blessed to be on top of the hill and not be further down the road. we have people that are going to be affected.
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it. >> reporter: he said over today, it rose from not being in front of his house to being halfway up his yard, but, like he says, he feels pretty blessed because it is getting father worse from his house. people in the area are pretty used to it. th got a little bit in 2010 and sounds like they even got a little bit some. areas here. and so they are ready and prepared for it to happen. no one is freaking out. they are actually sending their thoughts to cedar rapids because they know how bad it's going to get. when it cops to areas in jones county, they did evacuation people from olen junction. stone city, they sand bagged some areas as well and there
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with those. during the night, they warn, stay off the roads that you are not sure about. obviously, never go into any of the water here in jones county. covering the corridor, live in ann moss anamosa, janae ryan.
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>> i think the waiting and the wanting to get on with the recovery is the hardest. chief meteorologist terry swails is here. >> not so much 2008. i want to sipt why this is happening this particular year and what we got is a graphic here which shows the rain that's occurred in the past seven days. and where you see some purples and reds there, across either central iowa, that's where there was as much as two to seven inches of rain. that's bad enough. but what happened, we had rain after rain. we get the three to five inch
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iowa was exceptionallysaturated. in the dekora, they had 16 inches of rain already in the year. that broke the record. the bottom line is when the ground is that saturated and you throw the huge rains there, that's when it gets worse. everybody went from minor flooding to major flooding in almost 24 hours' time. 12, 13 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. >> in particular in the late september period. things came just ripe for this type of situation. meteorologyally, a lot of things happened two or three months ago leading to what's occurring tonight. another graphic we have to show
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we think it will be 12 feet or higher for at least six and a half days and that's about 154 hours when we have already been above flood stage for 31. we are into it. if you do the math, we have a long, long ways to go. we think we'll be at 24 to 36 hours above flood stage. >> that's a long time sure is. the act incredible images from the incredible views from the drone is something that's pretty new in the brought cast industry. >> we are always covering the corridor but in preparing for 2016, we are taking to it a whole other level. >> reporter: like most drones,
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is able to lay stream, time laps. it has a camera that zooms and not many of those exists in the word. that's why you saw some the amazing sunset photos on our digital accounts over the last few evenings and to see more of those pike tours, be sure to like our facebook page. this drone again has the ability to live stream. so you will be able to not own see -- not only see it but you will get a notification every our crew will be in cedar rapids just as the river crests tomorrow morning and we'll be there to cover the corridor. >> and the cbs 2/fox 28 drone will be back in the air to cover the second high els flood level. >> you can watch all the aerial
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we have some time but we have this extended coverage and it's great to have that. terry, you have been showing us the crest. what do you have for us. >> we'll show you the crest and we'll do some forecasting. we don't want any rain, do we? >> no. >> we have shown some great footage from the drone. and here is another shot. i would guess about th foot lower and it actually is now. but as it is, it looks like it will get up to the base of the bridges, maybe another foot and a half nor. hopefully not over the tof them. but we don't like to see scenes like that, that's for sure. these are pretty remarkable images. these are really unique pieces of technology. we have not had the opportunity to bring you these perspective before this. let's check out some crests.
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there. it was about 21.8 feet. so it is slowly falling. we don't have to worry about the river going any higher up that way. as it continues to move down stream, the river is now moving towards crest in the palo area. we showed you some pictures of residential areas impacted by the flood and you can see here some of this has gotten into some of these homes here in parts of palo located pretty close to the river itself. from there, it eventually moves on towards cedar rapids late we think we'll reach the crest here at about 23 feet. the river is at 21.14 feet. it has to go more a little more than two feet here to get to that crest level that we are expecting. we are in major flood now and we'll be that way for a couple more days. we have now made it into second place on the all-time list of floods here in cedar rapids.
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up to 31.1 feet. this is only the second time when the river ex-seated ex- see the -- exceeded 20 feet. we have the flood protection that's in place in the downtown area. so far, that has really helped city out and we hope that holds here as we go through the next couple of days. now, the river is getting pretty close to that 23-foot level. once it gets up to this region many six or seven hours and then gradually start to tail off. now that we are in major flood of 20 feet or higher, we believe that flood will stay there above for 60 consecutive hours. we should get it back down to flood stage which is 12-foot. now, the other issue in our
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riveraround anamosa. should not cause too much problem there is in the anamosa area. this will be the second highest crest of the river in anamosa, too. switching gear to the actual weather around us, not too much going on around us. this is the front that just sat over iowa for five days, producing night after night of rain. the rainfall forecast here which goes all the way out through sunday shows 2/100 inches of rain through cedar rapids. and that's the case. essentially a dry forecast for the next seven days. so rain is not around. it will help the cleanup here.
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nothing is going on out there but clear skies and cool temperatures. readings have already fallen back down to 54 degrees in 2001 and 52 in monticello. remember when we had dewpoints up to 80, 82? tonight, some of the dewpoints are back in the lower 30s around the midwest so much drier air is over top of us and looks like the pattern has changed from the heavy rain- producing events that were so frequent. so much drier weatr locked. a lot more typical of what you would expect to see during the fall months. lows back in the low 40s to the north, mid-and upper 30s to the south. wind will be brisk, up to 15 miles per hour. if we didn't have those winds tomorrow, we would have some mid- to low 30s. and some frost. we'll get back into the low to mid-60s over much of eastern
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from iowa city towards washington a breezy day, too, with winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. the extended forecast here is a nice one, good fall crisp conditions around eastern iowa looks like the temperatures which will be back in the low 60s on wednesday will gradually moderate and get temperatures back into the low 70s. that's what the octor order, weatr. it'seea long time coming. >> it'sgood for us many ways, especially -- >> yeah. psychologically, yes. >> yes. coming up at 8:30, weather first meteorologist rebecca koppelman will answer any
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she will share a link on our facebook page. again, that's coming up right here in just a couple of minutes or so on facebook river's rise in the newbo distr. district.kevin, what have you seen since we last talked to
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there are a number of closures because of the flood that we've been scolling on the bottom of the screen. screen.we want to remind parents that ?all? cedar
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>> we want to remind parents that all cedar rapids schools will be closed. class also not resume until at least thursday. should that change, leaders say they'll begin notifying parents no later than wednesday afternoon. as for all the other closings out there right now, we have a complete list for you on our website, we have checked with the post office to see what area they are still delivering? they are still going to all the areas they can reach, including those evacuated areas. furrey if you are -- if you are evacuated, and you want to stop delivery, let the post office know that.
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leave them on the curb. trash service will continue as normal outside the flood- affected areas. the city says they will be flexible if you have extra bags scammers are already taking advantage of flood victims. chief wayne jerman tells fox 28 news con artists are telling evacuees to leave their doors ?unlocked so officers can get into their homes.jerman says that is ?not true and that residents should ?lock their doors and windows - officers will not force themselves into homes in the evacuation zone.con artists are also calling victims offering free hotel rooms in exchange for credit card information. the acts of preditors against chief jermain says if you get one of these phone calls don't give out any information and call police. we want to take you now back live to palo -- where weatherfirst meteorologist jeff kennedy is
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no stranger to flooding like
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the cedar river isn't the only body of water causing problems in the corridor. don't worry bit the cedar river is not the only body of water causing problems in the the wapsipinicon has also been flooding. and jenee ryan has been keeping an eye. >> yes. i spoke to the city administrator and street superintendent. they say they company handle it if thgs continue to get way
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go and extra ones since they installed in 2008 when the floods happened then and the crest is not expected to be that high. >> residents they spoke with toda y,are here. they are nowored they came d oklfs to pictures withtheir kids. check the torrents back behind me. the real problems are starting to come in. they are down stream, more out of city limits and into t county areas. a lot of roads are shut down and have street closure signs out there to keep people from them because they are starting to flood. but the county officials say that their sign guys are constantly monitoring the area put up those signs and
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date. they just warn people in the night to not drive down roads they are not sure of and definitely stay underwater. i spoke with county officials. i spoke with city officials and also spoke with people who live on the river. >> i feel like we're blessed to be on top of the hill and not further down the road. we have people that are going to be affected. there are houses will be >> reporter: that is on lead mine road where i went earlier. if you check our facebook, we had a live facebook video showing the water rising there. this morning, the water was only in the river. and by tonight, about two hours ago, his there talking to brian, it had gotten up to half of his lawn almost. so it rose quite substantially. he was able to get up and go to hills driveway out to lead mine
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a half where he parked his car at a local bar because he can't get it to his home. there are plenty of other homes that i spoke with, someone across the street from him that built something new to keep the water out. they have lived in this hous for 30 years and they actually build a dike and a not tonight. they are trying something new and i will show that to you. they want to send all of their prayers to cedar rapids, because county and city officials here say that they are used to flooding here. so they can handle it. loot of people had boats in their yards actually who live on the wapsipinicon river. so they are ready to go here. so covering the corridor, live
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news. flooding and all that its just part of iowa for a long time hits tri on the river goes back -- history on the river goes back to at least. >> i did a lot of research after the 2008. and it there is. he jules pulls that out. >> right. >> the bottom line is that i started to dig around into archives and got some pictures. this is back in 1900 at riverside park here. you don't see any cars there, do you? because there weren't any cars. if you wanted to gown the river and see the flood, you had to get on your bike or horse there. but everybody very intrigued by it. you can see some guys way out in the distance. i'm not sure what they are doing but they had the long sticks there. >> like like they are on a
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but it's encompassing a big part of real estate. >> another flood here was in 1929. here, you are looking at 12th avenue and 3rd street. with this river, the crest was at 20 feet. now, if you can imagine f this was a 31-foot crest like we had in 2008, that water would be way up to the top so the store windows there. but as it is, a lot of problems. by that time, can you see they did have some cars. and that one didn't fare too well. >> yes. that's 3rd and 12th. fast forward a little bit here. we'll get you back up to 1961. this is actually up in the cedar falls and this is a big flood up that way it particular but this is still the cedar river. you can see the power of that water. you can see what it did to the road there, tore it to shred. took a long time to repair that. that was again in cedar falls.
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going at three miles per hour. may not seem much but that's about three times what it would typically go. >> no kidding? >> three miles per hour does not sound very fast but when you look at it, it's moving. >> it's here now. an hour airway. three miles down the stream. so it does move pretty quickly but the power of that water, you can never, ever underestimate that. so now, i have some other things that we can talk about here. ready for this? typically,he here in cedar rapids, it's either in the spring or the summer. we took the top 30 crests by month here and broke this out a little bit for you and in the spring, it's typically because snow melts. that water enters the river system and then we get a heavy rain on the top of that. we had 13 pretty significant floods during the month of mar and april. the other floods occur in the summer when we have the beg thunderstorm complex this is a
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dump heavy rain. usually, june is the month for that. 17 of the top crests occurred during those months never in the history of cedar had we had a flood in the month of september. this is usually a pretty quiet time, into the dog days of summer or at least getting out of them. >> but two -- to what do the ground is saturated. is it just the rain? >> these rains started in july. every part of our viewing area has been socked by monster rain. dewpoints up around 80 degrees. massive amount of moisture in the air. that's one of the things that fueled these. the tropical moisture and that is quite unusual for a sum here in eastern iowa, especially
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>> fascinating reading. if you get a chance, send terry an e-mail. he'll get one of these. >> that's not just flooding that you cover. also tornadoes? >> this one is focused on the parkersburg tornado. three weeks before the flooding. that three weeks was the worst three weeks stretch in history in iowa, at least weather history. just escalated one after another after all these events, heavy rain, rnadoes, et cera. it's always a big mess to say the least we learned a lot by working with this guy. thank you, professor. appreciate that. i mean, there is a look at the flood map right now. that's the projected crest at 23 feet, right? >> something, too, that i want to talk about. this is what would happen if we didn't have the flood protection but because we do have that in place now which
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much of this will be spared but obviously, it's not going to be as bad as that graphic shows if things hold. i wanted to put that up but not everybody is going to be under that. let's get a really good look at what terry was just talking about. kevin barry has been covering the flood preparations and the protection going on in the new bo district. condition, what's -- kevin, what's out there w? ju behind the african erican museum in the new bo district. we found some standing water here in the grass. this is a big kind of grassy green area and you can see right now that water is already seeping into it. if there is good news to be had in this, it is that. there is no current to this water. it is completely and totally kind of solid or standing still. and so what that means is that water does not seem to be actively moving towards the
8:53 pm
shows that it is possible for the water to get back here. another foot or two to go. look like some of those flood defense mace see water outside, . as we move over to the cedar river, this gives you a really good appreciation for just how high the water is this is the cedar valley nature trail. there is usually room teen where the river is and the trail here. underneath the water is a big stone wall there that a lot of people sometimes sit on when i ride by. there is a decent dropdown. you can see the river coming up and running on to the trail it self. as we slide this way, you get a good idea against for some that
8:54 pm
talking about, just how fast that water is moving. you can see it go up against the lion's bridge on the 14th avenue down there those arches have been getting smaller and smaller. we were here earlier today and it was just a little bit lower. now it's just about to cut off some those last arches. as we shift down this way, the lights at the czech and slovak museum are out so far. we don't know if the power is out or if the lights are turned off. you can see th lights and those crews working up on the bridge over there. seemingly adding to some protection. but we can zoom in on the flood protection that is in front of czech and slovak museum. there is a whole line of hesko barriers. still plenty of room to go before the water would potentially reach the top of those. so, while the water is coming up, we would expect this to be one of the first places to get hit because it is one of the
8:55 pm
-- worst places that got hit back in 2008. if we go one or two feet, green space covering the bike trail but does not look like any of the businesses will be harmed. we'll walk around the corner and you'll see how high the flood protection barriers are, 8 feet in some places and 12 feet in other places. so weather will be that area. thank you, kevin. we appreciate that. in the meantime, we'll show you a picture of time check, the neighborhood there. this is where dora miller was. the water is rising slowly but till manageable at this point but not for the folks who live on this street. more from time check, more from new bo, mo from all of the locations along the cedar river and the wapsipinicon in the next hour or so.
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the sun has fallen, but the cedar river continues to the sun has fallen, but the cedar river continues to rise here we have crews across the flood zone monitoring efforts to defend the city and protect as much as possible. thank you for joining us on this special edition of the fox 28 news at 9. >> thousands are preparing for the worst as the cedar river
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we plan to bring you more throughout this newscast. we'll also take tow animosa and palo where flood waters are threatening homes and
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cedar rapids firefighters lanched boats into the flood waters to rescue a woman today. was over that area as the rescue took place around 1:30 this afternoon.a search team located the woman in a tree above the flood waters south of edgewood road bridge. in a tree above the flood waters south of edgewood road bridge. apparently because of a medical condition, the woman did not want to come down out of the tree about 2 hours later, crews
9:04 pm
hospital for evaluation. to make sure everybody stays away from the dangerous water, the national guard is now in place. units moved into position around noon and will be helping local law enforcement out of the -- local law enforcement in the evacuation area. the iowa national guard has also been call to assist thrps a lot of concern th loots could take advanta geof the homes that are now sitting empty. but a quick reminder, a curfew evacuated ars from now until 7:00 in the moing president consider few will continue every night until the threat of the flood is over. finally, the city of cedar rapids announced the left inside lane on i-380 is now reserved for emergency personnel only. that is the lane close thoughts median. it's needed to allow those emergency crews to get from one
9:05 pm
to the median. it's nded to low those ose emergency crews to get fromneide of the city to the other. now let's go to scott. we've been monitoring the situation on i-380. we are not seeing people heed the warnings to stay out of the left lane. how important is tt? >> it's extremely importt. was oni- lane. i think it's a notice that it took a while for people to hear about. i think it shows how critical 380 is, and think people were surprised maybe this morning when we closed thets over the weekend and the bridges. they're just surprised t the amount of traffic. there was a lot of congestion getting on and off the interstate, which just shows how important that system is. we do hope that people move over, t up little early
9:06 pm
keep at left ne pe >> i ant to -- that left lane open. >> i want to talk about a controversial situation. we understand you need solid ground to put those bare yes queers on, but it looks ke we have a demarcation line -- barriers on, but it looks like we have a demarcation line. can the city do anything at all to help we're talking about kickstand and tornadoes and some of the other businesses there. >> the system works best on a hard surface. when it's on a mushy ground, the barriers themselves can be complo mysed. we needed to find the best liement as relates to the success of the barriers. when pemplet flood protection is built, those businesses will
9:07 pm
defenseless against the river and we suffered because we were defenseless. so as we learned about this crest on wednesday, we needed to make the decision whether we were going to try to construct a temporary system or not. in doing that, we ended up bringing in the engineers and making the best engineering decision that we possibly can. it's not easy, but if you are sitting in the may qor's chair or any other citizen would you choose to do nothing and be vulnerable like we were in 2008 or does to do at least something? it was a difficult decision, but a decision we had to make. that piece of the flood protection system is the sinclair levee.
9:08 pm
water over thiss those barriers, is there any way to debtor those in another direction that you know of? >> as you know, the river turns a sharp left there. what we're doing now is pumping the water that's seeping from the ground or from the storm sewers back over. the levee, aisle not concerned about the wat overtoing the levee. i think we constructed the levee to handle up to the amount of level has changed. first it was 25 then it went down, then when it went back up, we didn't know how much rain. the last thing we want to do is stay sai, well, let's just protect to 23 and then there's a big rainfall on sunday and everything becomes so worthless. so we did protect to a higher level.
9:09 pm
system and you worry about the seepage there. >> there's another important issue to talk about, and that is the city has taken a lot of criticism from some folks who say you didn't do enough fast enough. we know the process of getting federal and state funding to help fund flood protection. i think a lot of people forget there were 2 proposals for sales tax increase that voters turned down that would have paid for flood proteio don't think, to lay blame, but it's an issue that's important when we're trying to figure out how we do this. is there an opportunity to come back at this issue where voters might think, okay maybe we want to put some money up front as opposed to having to rebuild on the back end? >> i don't know why there's any criticism of the city, actually. we've done everythinthat we could try to do humanly
9:10 pm
protection, having the local support, was something that i felt was really supportive to do that first leg of the storm and then we could sct state and federal government. the citizens say no to that. >> twice. >> ander with one sandbag way from removing our water system. the fire in 2008. here we're trying to do rescues and evacuate the flood system. the waste water treatment facility, we're not shotgun any orders that people can't flush their toilets like we did in 2008 because we protected that. we made so much progress, we don't have the flood protection system done. but i think this shows today the temporary system, the value
9:11 pm
because if we are able to avert a zasser, it won't be as close to 2008 which was the largest natural disaster in iowa's history. this would be the second- largest natural disaster. if we're able tie vert that, i think it shows the value of why we have to keep pursuing long- term flood solutions. >> i know there's a time period before you go back is that something you would consider if it would bolster or get us more money quicker? >> the last time we tried, 20 years, which was half for flood protection and half for streets, we revised the proposal and went 100% for flood protection and 10 years, and the voters said notch rewe revised the proposal a third time and pu100% for streets
9:12 pm
yes. i think they think about their streets, their flood holes, and more. i thinit gives me an rtunity to fight for mayor and fight for the resources. we can't rely on both of those levels to do it all for us. we're going too much something on -- we're going to have to do something on a local level. >> mayor ron corbett. ing. >> >> thank you for that. governor terry branstad speaking about federal help, saying he is likely to request federal assistance. he's assessing damage in 17
9:13 pm
amount of damage is morethan $4.3 million, governor branstad can request a formal presidential declaration. that will provide additional fema money with local state and federal recovery efforts. >> reporter: we've been pretty successful in getting those disaster requests approved, so we're going to go about that in a very same -- in a very sane, cautious, careful, diligent way. but from what we've seen, it's very likely. >> it would open up much for public infrastructure. we also need to make a request for federal individual assistance for homeowners. that would depend upon whether the amount of hoirn, personal homeowner damage is high enough to warrant a federal individual assistance declaration. >> branstad has also education
9:14 pm
dadline for all of lin county. that means property taxes typically do at the -- typically due at the end of the month will be due at the end of october. that's for lin county residents. iowa senator chuck grassley talked to members of congress, urging them to find a way to get permanent leaf for the issue, and it's hard to get this done, let alone start numerous construction projects. i also am aware they need to friers resources. however, a one size fits all approach doesn't work when dealing with flood protection. >> even before the flood began,
9:15 pm
letter to federal agencies, urging them to expedite flood defenses in cedar rapids. >> i think we're going back to dora miller, who is standing by in the time check area. that area devastated during the 2008 flood. the city has bought out a lot of properties there and created a lot of green space. i wonder how that will benefit the neighborhood right now let's go to dora miller. dora? to tell how deep the water is, but we decided to step in. this is a sidewalk i'm standing on. it's hard to tell because the water is up so high. you can see there's a barriers that on the street. it's hard to tell right now how deep the water is, because we're not going to venture out that far, but we have noticed something troublesome, people are dry triking to drive through this area.
9:16 pm
there's a house here. it's sandbag up at bottom, but as you can sweep it will probably get devastate bid this flood. the last thing police officers want you to do is through this area and get your car damaged or stalled out. they're asking people to go back home. we've seen people that are onlookers. they're asking people to stay in their homes. they don't want you to drive. they're soon duoing to be starting to fill up with water. not this deep. but now they're tarting get a lot deep and people are starting to take this more seriously as far as the people who are coming back to just look. for now, please state stay in your homes. >> whave the privilege of looking at a glad map. we can see that that is one of the areas that really is where
9:17 pm
but you're not far from the river right now, are you? >> reporter: we're not too far from the river. in you look over, can you kind of see where it is, but we're not at a distance where can actually physically be near the river. >> dora, thank you for that update. we appreciate it. we have some update from the cedar valley humane society. if you have a cat or a dog that of, sorry, the cedar hall valley humane society is at capacity for dogs. they might be able to assist with a cat or two. they were inundated with cat and dogs from lin and bremer county over the last couple days. they're encouraging people to find tell prayer foster homes for their dogs instead of bringing them to the humane society. if you want to help the humane
9:18 pm
and blankets. they also need donations to help with expenses. if you can come one that to help the humane society, they would appreciate it. for tbhowbt new bo home ya district -- for years now, the new bo home ya districts -- new bohemia district has transformed into one of the most popular in town. >> kevin barry is showing us how the defenses there are holding up. kevin, tell us where you are. >> reporter: we're at the southern tip of the new bohemia district. we're at the southern tip of the bridge where the czech and
9:19 pm
slovak museum is. it's slow, it's kind of seeped here, there's no current at all, the river is hardly all the way over here. this is just water that's slowly made its way up to the barrier bows because of the topography and now it's just it -- to the barrier because of the topography and now just seeped here. if we pull back real quick, i'm not very call toll, but i'm not short either. i'm about 5 foot 8, 5 foot 9, these are barriers stacked on top of each other. it's about 5 feet here. with the river due to rise about a foot or maybe 2 feet, that is all the flooding you
9:20 pm
lion bridge to this side us, and also as we turn the corner, and this has been a fairly controversial topic as well, some of the businesses that have been left up protected now, at lee least from these massive barriers that have been put in place by the city to brect the bigger -- to protect the bigger part of the new bohemia district, they're here to protect the topography to the south. we do remember from last night, there was a pump that would pump water over the wall. involvement business owners were upset that the pump would be sending water in their direction. we'll make sure that it is still dry. at last check, it was dry, so we're expecting it to be just fine as well. as we look at change slovak museum, they seem to have plenty of clearance as well
9:21 pm
coming up to these massive 8 foot tall barriers. scott and karen? >> that's good news, because there's more water on the way. before the river crests in cedar rapids, it's impacting palo. >> the tiny town was hit hard in 1993 and 2008. after the historic flood 8 years ago, researchers added a flood gauge in town, hoping to collect additional data. as you can see from the cbs 2/fox 28 drone, it lot of information. jeff den kennedy is in palo. he's having a family night there, sharing chili and some -- jeff kenzie diis in palo. he's having a family night there, sharing chili and some generators there. -- and some sump pumps.
9:22 pm
come to dave and julie shopner's house. my brother-in-law and sister-in- law were kind enough to invite us in. earlier today, dave, was it up to the street by 10:00 or 11:00? >> i came across the street at 10:45. in about 2 hours, it filled all of this area. it was outside of our pat e owe in the afternoon and we hoped it would quit, but since then, it's been creeping patio. >> reporter: we've watched it come about about 2 or 3 feet this way i suppose. >> yeah, when you got here, it's gone around 18 hours or so in the couple hours you've been here. it's not coming fast, but it just won't stop coming. >> reporter: about 2 feet that way is the street. julie jus drove around here, and it's about a foot deeper on the street. this whole side yard is underwater. we have a fish pond over here
9:23 pm
anyway. it's obscured by water. the water goes out across into the park. we have the obviously diamond there, the splash pad, that's pretty much underwater. as we came into town, we were told that no one was allowed into town. it was a suggested evacuation here in palo yesterday. it looks like the river gauge thaw mentioned, scott and karen, it's doing its job tonight. 17.9 is the river level here in palo. it looks like we might be close to the d around the crest right now it should reach crest in cedar rapids as we were telling you early on tomorrow morning. that's the latest from palo. we're covering the corridor, i'm jeff kennedy for fox 28 news. >> there are 2 shelters open in cedar rapids. if you need a place to stay or know someone who does for a while, you can go rest at the cedar hills community church on 3rd avenue southeast or st. paul's united methodist church
9:24 pm
>> they say every cloud has a silver lining. we'll get a grace period for our property taxes. because of the flooding, the lin county board of soup visors requested a property tax extension. they're due at end of the month, but with everybody suffering in the flood zones, they've got enough to worry about. so the governor has approved it for not just people in the county now has until october 31 to pay their property taxes. jenee ryan is now talk about thank youing about the impacts in washington county. >> reporter: city officials say
9:25 pm
they've got levees up, they have flood pumps ready to go if needed. they department do any sand bagging because they don't think they'll need it, but if they do, they say they will. the main issue is what's happening downstream in the county area. i talked to people that live along the river about a mile and a half further down stream from the elm street animo sarks. there was one family there, vernon family. they put up a new cement wall. usually, they have a levee up and they say in 2008 they had one up. but because an a levee in animosa broke, their levee broke. now they have a concrete wall one which their grandson broke. here's what they have to say
9:26 pm
>> i'm trusting the wall, but still, tough be prepared. >> reporter: and you already started packing just in case. >> yes, yes. we're going to pack some more stuff and have it ready. >> reporter: so that wall actually would have cost them about $80,000, but because it was their grandson, he just had it sitting around from a project he had worked on. each one of stoas those stones weighs ab 2,000 pounds and it's covered with a special kind of plastic. this is the first time they've done it. they're hoping that it works because they don't want flood water to get in their house again. they feel like they're preparing just in case. it usually floods around 14 neat in that neighborhood. it's about to crest on
9:27 pm
crest -- when this river crests. they'll be a lot over that 14 fitchet they're already over the 14 feet right now they're just waiting it out. but they are all prepared. the city says they have it handled. there's a loft road closures, but they're staying on top of it. they have someone patrolling to close down any roads that need to terry and rebecca have been training me to use this map. it is very useful. it will show you where the water will go and how deep the
9:28 pm
interesting too. we can compare and contrast the projected crest this year with 2008. you are looking at maze island in downtown cedar rapids. you can see 380 there. in 2008, look at it. virtually everything is blue. that was completely covered. the city just did not have time to prepare for it, so there was no protection, and that was actually all flooded area there. what you're seeing i is reality. this year, if we didn't have the flood protection that was put in place by cedar rapids, that's all the region that would be flooded by a 23 foot crest on the left. because of this flood protection which has been holding, and you heard the mayor talk about this, so far, so good here in cedar rapids. the impact looks to be minimal if it holds. >> the big concern is not that the water would overtake the
9:29 pm
water coming up through the sewer systems. >> that can sometimes erode the land there. if you get a breach, the water gushes and the power of that just expands it out. we're not saying we're through this by any means, because that is still a concern. but really, so far, this has been a pretty minimal impact event. and they took it serious this year because of what happened in 2008, and nobody messed around. >> in 2008, no one was killed, which is fantastic. >> that's amazing too. >> yes, but that map right there is probably the most realistic one we've seen yet that compares the two situations and shows just how drastic and dramatic and horrific 2008 was. we live and learn, of course,
9:30 pm
far less damage than in 2008 where it was more reactionary and here it's it's more preventive and it seems to be working. >> but you also have 8 feet less to deal with. the power of that water is beyond belief. you add another 8 feet there, and that's what happened in 2008. only minor flooding is in 2008. the highest it was ever projected to get was just 27 feet and it end up at 31. that was pretty fascinating to see the least. >> and hats off to everybody who came together. it's inspiring to see the rain.


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