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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 10, 2016 9:00pm-9:53pm CDT

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nine.the grand old party is heading toward a grand battle . right now on fox 28 news at 9:00. the grand old party is heading towards a grand battle within its own ranks. i cannot offer an endorsement for donald trump. how top gop leaders are distancing themselves from candidate for president while leading iowa republicans stay loyal. . let's look at what is at stake in our country. it was to hear that it is not something that's okay. the message kennedy's high has after claims of sexual assault become part of presidential politics. temperatures will be way up tomorrow and way down on wednesday, i'll have the latest on a 25 degree drop. a global leader in education reform comes to the corridor. we shouldn't ask what works we should ask what is best.
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about achi thenext . positives after a hard fought v. victory. "kind of a building block for us... this is fox 28 news at nine. republicans are clamoring for direction from party leaders, fearing an unpopular presidential candidate could hurt congressional candidates. despite dozens of g-o-p members pulling back their support for donald trump, iowa's top republicans are holding firm.we have campaign trail in just a moment -- thanks for joining us.i'm campaign trail coming up in just a moment thanks for joining us. i'm karen fuller. scott is on assignment. first we turn to our meteorologist. wa up ahead. today, a ie tomorrow should be a great day, this evening we've had clouds and a few light showers around eastern iowa, sure enough showing on the radar,
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very widely scattered and light what we have is tracking in a northeasterly direction, nothing very heavy around eastern iowa at the present time, but to the southwest of us around des moines and into south central iowa, a few isolated thunder showers are now noted these will all be tracking northeast and the way this system is moving, i think the heavier rains will stay in our western and nortrn coties evethe the rain totals won't be as impressive the majority is along by 6 a.m. the whole system moved out of eastern iowa notice how quickly the clouds clear out and the sunshine pops into our skies and tomo shod be an outstanding day temperatures should be at least 10 degrees above normal we'll be back with those fine looking numbers in just a few nutes. right now the reblican rty is an organization in crisis mode after the release late last week of a video tape showing republican nominee
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towards women. d a qck condemnation years ag from most republicans. also he led to dozens of the nominee. new poll numbers show why wall streeurpl, before the debate hillary wideni he points. it represents clinton's biggest lead over the nominee in months earlier clinton spoke out about the video trump's offensive en20ts hjudble wn on h excu tt it is just locke room banter i'll tell you what, women and men across america kn tt is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly and mistreating people. donald trump continued his
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husband. trump sited accusations made against former president bill clinton by a number of women. >> but bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and hillary clinton attacked those women viciously. one of them said more viciously than he attacked them. >> past investigations found insufficient evidence to ever charge the clintons with any campaigning for his wife.the couple of days in iow former president will make stops in waterloo and cedar rapids. additional details about the president's stops can be found on our website tens of millions of americans watched last night's debate. our fox news anchor kevin berry spoke with two women, one the republican, the other democrat to get their take on the race
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coverage. iowans have been talking since 2014, we're talking with sarah riley, a democrat activist and caucus for o'malley, and then hillary clinton. kim reed with the national federation who supported carley fiorina now jumped behind donald trump. we just heard in this panel discussi l of talk about that locker room talk. now we're trying to figure out people unplugged or just uncertain you said talked to people who are all across the spectrum. >> it is true, today we've had people who have said, we need to look at the bigger picture, state that the supreme court nominees and the impact they could have in this next generation but also heard from people who are fighting within themselves to make sure they are doing the right thing in keeping their support behind donald trump. we heard just a little bit earlier before i believe it was
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of people are getting caught up on the person verses the ideology. >> the person does matter i think we should stop calling this locker room talk not only because it wasn't in a locker room what he described was sexual assault, it was a felony. he said at the debate, well i never did this, i think it was the third time anderson cooper asked if he ever done i want, he finally said no i hadn't, he has been sued 20 times for hi and that was offensive. tick tacs came out and said this was offensive. >> on this note, this is a state that picks ted cruz so you would assume a more socially conservative electorate, supporting party, maybe down ticket races what's your take on that?
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which they've voice with people and the voice with which they've spoken. for more political and analysis, be sure to join kevin for 'iowa in focus.' every sunday morning at 9:30, right here on fox 28. the top elected official in the republican party now says he is done with donald trump. publicly, speaker of the house paul ryan maintains his endorsement of the republican n. nominee.but, in an emergency call with fellow republicans, the speaker today said he will no longer appear with or talk about trump.instead, he's focusing on saving as many republican members of congress
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democrat hillary clinton becomes president, speaker ryan wants to maintain a republican majority on capitol hill to counter her liberal policies. despite the video - and the pulling of endorsements - iowa governor terry branstad says he's sticking with his party's . nominee.governor branstad says a lot is at stake in this election.he feels donald trump is the best candidate when it comes to national security.the governor did call the 20 video reprehensible and offensive, but thate trump's apology. "my feeling is - we have this huge double standard and i guess what i would say is let's go back and look at how the clinton's have been treated and are they being given the same scrutiny for what they've done as we're seeing for donald trump" trump"branstad says he will continue to campaign with both trump and his runningmate - mike pence.pence will hold a
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afternoon. beyond the political spectrum, millions of people have viewed the video of trump's comments 11-years ago.his opponent the video of trump's comments eleven years ago, they spoke about the larger impact of his words at last night's debate. identify heard from lots of teachers and parents about some of the concerns, things being said and done in this campaign i think it is very important for us to make children that our country is great because we are good, we're going to respect one another, lift each other up. we'll be looking for ways to celebrate our diversity. calls for respect and understanding were echoed by one school leader in cedar rapids. our news reporter joinses us
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revolved around this topic -- the principal at kennedy high says it's time somebody spoke u. up. "i want to start it out today reading something that i posted this weekend."it was the announcement heard around the corridor..."what we've learned this weekend about the behavior of presidential candidates and former presidents and how some of them speak about and treat women is not okay."kennedy high school principal jason kline didn't sugar coat his by republican nominee donald trump..."we don't joke about assaulting women, we don't not real men."and he says sugar coating wasn't his intent. intention. "it was necessary for kids to hear that it's not something that's okay, that treating women disrespectfull intention. >> i felt like it was necessary for kids to hear. of left out the part where he said "presidential candidates and ex presidents" ryan brown has a stepdaughter at kennedy...he says she told him
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timing, "if he wanted to go to his family and do that, that's great, that's what all parents should be doing is informing their children about sexual assault."but brown says kline had his own agenda. agenda. "i do think he was brown says klein had his own agenda. >> i did think he was picking a side. >> not intended to be political, the current event inspired i would not take back my stance sexual assault was wrong. >> that was echoed by students on campus some s appreciated the mention. >> it was nice he addressed it it is very, everybody is talking about it and it is like a big topic right now. >> even should be treated equally, if there is a problem with that there is a problem with our society. this is an issue that doesn't have two sides . even if his announcement was misunderstood his feelings around it shouldn't be. >> to say something and be done with it, if it inspires a larger dialogue or things in
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prevents sexual assault from happening. the school district released a statement saying they agreed with the sentiment regarding women but his political opinion is his own and does not represent the district. voters in iowa second congressional district, facing off against each other one of the biggest issue has been term limits. >> it wasn't designed to be tenured institution, their main job was designed to protect individual liberties. >> i think you make a good point about folks being there for awhile so they can gain some kind of seniority on committees and that kind of thing, it was very beneficial for me to thought about those issues learn about those issues travel around my district. >> he is running for his sixth term. christopher peters is running
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for the latest on flood coverage, cedar rapids is spending $420,000 cleaning up sandbags 10,000-tons of sand were used to protect the city. many areas were untouched by the cedar river, the city tells fox 28 use they'll pick up the bags on the northwest side and take crews roughly three weeks to collect all of the sandbags. work walls - which will protect up to 2008 flood levels.the 14-million-dollar project is expected to be complete by the end of 20-17. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- going beyond the bridges of madison county.we'll show you some of the other treasures this part of iowa has to offer as we go road trippin' trippin'a few showers will soon give way to a warmer day.
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swails says don't expect it to last for long.his weatherfirst forecast -- when the fox 28
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tomorrow on fox 28 morning live - zombi over one eastern iowa town, in search of more body parts. you can help them save lives, rather than take them - tomorrow morning at seven - on fox 28. as the leaves begin to change - october is one o . as the leaves begin to change october is one of the
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trips and weekend getaways matt hamel takes us to the land of the bridges of madison county. at the old limestone barn time moves a little slower as history on the hill comes back to life here at the historical complex, 14 buildings preserve every era of madison county, this complete with chickens. you're at that lost treasure on the hill. >> a time of granger gone by on his way home from the california gold rush in the 1850's, doc bevington stopped at the first sign of civilization and built this beautiful mansion it recalls dinner parties with crystal and
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the menu and home entertainment most people think back to grandma and grandpa's time. " nat pulls crank on music bos (( 12:17:33)) " tinkle crank " you can close your eyes - and imagine a cozy evening of music in the grandma and grandpa time. you can close your eyes and imagine a cozy evening of music in the parlor. in fact all the comforts of home you could mistake it register of historic places. " nat school bell with video outside church (( 12:30:19 soonlyund "cla clang " down the hill - (( pan shot dunce 12:29:19 ?? )) at the one room school house - - it looks like the students just left for recess . ((12:29:39)) their readers still open on the desks - (( 12:29:04 i love u slate )) - with the brown -nosers working the teacher (( 12:29:47 )) before geography. nat (( sound 12:44:30 )) horseshoe clank with video of outside blacksmith shop - (( video 12:44:03 )) " clank clank clank clank clanky " (( 12:45:07)) at the blacksmith shop - you could get your transportation ready for the trail with new shoes - or have a plow fixed. (( old pic 12:46:33 )) - the work was long and hard -
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to more than two thousand degrees.nat forge handle spinning (( 12:46:55 )) " whirrrr whirrrrr whirrrrrr " ((12:39:24 tree and church )) and on sundays - 1881 - you would have been at zion federated churchnatsot bell and steeple (( 12:39:43 )) " bongggg bongggg " (( brenda opens door walks in (( 12:37:40 )) as we hear her voice )) (( nat brenda 12:34:37)) " it's like >> it is like walking back in time. >> brenda holoens worth says her father-in-law sat in these pews as a boy. faith, famly, a sense of place really mean something here. madison county treasure hunt, if you love to hunt for something still intact this is the place to come. at the madison county historical museum, this is a highlight of incredible display from military uniforms from every branch of service and
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whose beats communicated battlefield commands more than 2,000 madison county residents served while others back home made this a stop on the under ground railroad. we started having slaves come here four or five years. charlie moore remembered the people so fondly he came back to live out his life. his grave marker ting the spirational motivati follow the north star. moving p missouri through here to des moines to get on the train in iowa city to get to chicago, to get to canada. just another chapter in the story of a community that's incredibly passionate about preserving its past, far into the future. we are road tripping in madison county iowa.
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with big, bold sounds tonight the metro marching band classic across the metro, gathered and joined by the university of northern iowa marching band. justin robert emceed tonight's event this marked the 20th year for the event. they raised a lot of money and tonight they skirted by with only a little shower. clouds looked pretty ominous, most of managed to hold off we're not done with it just yet still tracking some on the radar when that's expected to move on through, i promise you this much once it gets out of here tomorrow, it should be an
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. our day started out on a bright note, clouds over took the area this afternoon and this evening there have been a few light showers scattered around parts of eastern iowa the rain certainly hasn't amounted to too much yet. 63 the temperature in cedar rapids the wind out of the disturbance we're watching is still not very big a decent circulation northeast, drag a few showers through here as we go through the night but by the time we get up tomorrow morning the whole thing is lifting on out, after that the skies clear and we have ourselves a pretty good day, before the clouds got established temperatures took off around eastern iowa and most places made it well into
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afternoon, 72 from decor ra towards cedar rapids. if you were the to the west, the impacts there only low to mid-60s in eastern iowa. tonight the temperatures have settled back into the mid-60s, not go down too much more thanks to the winds and the clouds that will be in the area, tama, 59 degrees as we transition to the radar here, you can see a few of these light showers tracking off to the northeast we'll go in a little bit closer on here around waterloo you can see it is moving out of black hawk county heading towards oline in fayette county, a shower extends towards independence as we back this out more substantial ins are occurring from des moines back into south central iowa, especially down here near the missouri border where we have thunderstorms if this can hold together as it tracks northeast clip our northern and western
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too much in the way of rain if you were the southeast in cedar rapids, this area here could see decent showers at least for a short period of time as this lifts to the northeast later on tonight the satellite, montana and parts of canada, that blue is snow, haven't seen th color for awhile, that's a strong cold front as it moves to the south, a kicker pushing this system out, we'll get into sunshine here and this front comes on night and wednesday, that one will mean business, that will drop our temperatures about 25 degrees as you can see tomorrow we're in the warm air here temps low to mid-70s around eastern iowa a good 10, 12 degrees what's typical watch what happens towards wednesday the cold air surges southeast by wednesday morning 40s and 50s will be found over the upper midwest and those cool temperatures will be accompanied by brisk northwest winds and by the time we get towards early thursday
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possibility of frost around eastern iowa. so on the predicter, you can see how the rain tracks to the north tonight by 6 a.m. it has left eastern iowa the skies are starting to clear out by all accounts tomorrow should be a beautiful october day with plenty of sunshine, a nice mild temperatures. here is our forecast tonight a few scattered showers around, especially north western half of the area temps 53-57 going into tomorrow, we'll clear out the skies bring you a nice afternoon temperatures well into the gusty at times in the afternoon here is your extended out look by the time you get to wednesday more showers along that front and a cool day only 57 with plenty of wind we start thursday down in the low to mid-30s frost certainly appears possible then by the weekend the cold air is gone start another warming trend and temperatures back in the 70s saturday and sunday. this is the time of year you
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temperature difference in there. hold onto your hat buckle up for tha thanks we'll see you later. next on the news at 9:00, an educational rock star, the message he has for hundreds of area teachers. iowa's second in command is back in the hawkeye state what m reynolds brought back from her over seas trip. his day starts at four. four-ten, he's running three miles rain or shine. six o'clock, chuck's at the office. when in iowa, he's still up early.
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dawn to dusk. chuck works.
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starting today - people across the country are marking national fire prevention week. week.sadly - 26-hundred people died in . working smoke alarms can
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dying in a fire by nearly 50- percent.typically a smoke deteor lifespan in departme sensors can detect both smoldering fires and flaming cedar rapids this year - only 29-percent of homes that had fires had a working smoke alarm. today, hundreds of area educators became students.they gathered to hear from one of the leading voices of academic reform in the entire
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society spends too mu tim focusing on class size and rriculum - assessments and achievement.his research sws thesissues are virtually aningls.reeduca like jo prusha - agree."it's not about the grade. it's about what did you learn? and then what are you going to do with that learning?"hattie has studied more than 250-million students over more than four decades."he takes everybody else's studies and really analyzes them and breaks them down io kind of as the bible of works and what doesn't work on udenlearning."in der to beer edu -cate ha say we must better communicate. "unfortunately some of our best teachers just say, 'i want to be left alone.' we cannot afford to do that. every other professions work out how to communicate, how to work together. we demand now in the 21st ctury that our kids learn how to be sociall able, comnica, inter. y can't we do the same for teachers?"covering the corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan, fox 28 news at
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hattie's research continues to assist corridor educators - who say they plan to implement more communication between teachers to ensure students are receiving the best education possible. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --finding business for iowa abroad.we sit down with lieutenant governor kim reynolds to talk about her recent trade mission. mission.and later -- iowa's latest experiment on the offensive line appears to pay off.what head hawk kirk ferentz has to say about the team's performance that helped bring floyd back home -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues. how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the heht of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no.
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i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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iowa lieutenant governor kim reynolds is back in iowa after spending almost a week in south america on a . lieutenant governor is back in iowa after spending almost a
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argentina. argentina. fox 28 news statehouse reporter followed up with reynolds and showed us what the iowa delegation learned. kim ronalds says leaders were most interested in iowa's leadership and renewable energy and education. with help from the iowa economic development authority, business own earns on the trade mission with iowa lieutenant governor kim ronalds sght new global opportunities starting >> it is a real culture change ey a trying to implement. reynolds learned about that change firsthand after touring iowa-based businesses operating internationally. over the last six years that previous administration had not allowed any containers into the country so they were not able to bring in any new products to continue to build already today have 33
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and grow the market in that area of the world." may sm like two diffent worlds - but reynolds says close similarities between like two different worlds. reynolds says close similarities between argentina, euroguay and iowa could open up trade. she says in her presentations argentina leaders wanted to state's renewable initiatives and how education played a roll in building that industry. >> i talked a lot about wind and how the community college put a curriculum together to support that industry with training and they have a goal of having 20% of that come from renewable, by 2025, and they want 8of it to be from renewable by 2018 i think. in des moines, fo28 news.
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renewable energy and agriculture she'll collect leaders wh des inesarea community college, iowa lakes community college and iowa state university. with a close race for president in wisconsin a voter id law could play a role in who wins the electoral votes. our digital news partner details the impacts. they said i needed my birth certificate from illinois. process was going take up to 6 to 8 weeks."but moore -- who lives in wisconsin now -- doesn't have that kind of time. his story -- and others like it -- will be considered wednesday in a hearing by a federal judge, who could suspend wisconsin's voter id law with just 4 weeks to go before the election"legal voters in places all across wisconsin are being inaccurate and incorrect information and being denied the id they need in order to vote." - scot
9:39 pm
whose group is challenging the law, says the dmv didn't tell moore that he could have applied for a voting credential that wouldn't have required him to get his birth certificate and he says incorrect information like this is being given to potential voters at dmvs across the state"there will be people who as a result of this law being in place will deny their right to vote."wisconsin governor scott walker, who championed the voter id law, acknowledged friday after the motion was filed that some dmvs information. but he also said the problems since had been corrected.if the voter id law is overturned, it could have a big impact on the presidential election.research shows voter id laws tend to depress turnout for democratic voters more than republicans. and right now, the presidential candidates are neck in neck in wisconsin.for circa, i'm emily atkin for more on this story or to read more from circa, head to our website, fox 28 iowa dot com.
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. a disturbance moving quickly northeast cutting right across the state of iowa as you could seep it is producing a few showers even isolated thunderstorms down in south central owa, this disturbance
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our northern and western counties as it tracks to minnesota even there i d't expect it to be overly heavy, the important thing is to note by tomorrow the skies will be clearing out and we've got a weather plan for you tomorrow afternoon here is today's high temperatures and nothing to complain about here, highs well up into the 70s, 64 degrees we were 8 to 10 degrees, go back and check this afternoon and tomorrow still mild around here most locations are i cooled down 62 around dubuque. now as we go to the radar you could see most of the showers that are currently found in our viewing area are quite light all though they are gaining a little steam out to the west we'll go into the radar just a little bit closer here and some rain is passed through waterloo, the oline out there, the west of grundy center, showers extend towards tama and that's the next round of rain
9:44 pm
northern and western counties as we go through the night you could see that extends all the way back down into missouri but moving quickly and losing some of its intensity now that the sun is set i don't think it will be overly heavy, probably by 1:00, 2:00 most of this will be out of other than iowa that will be the sunshine we'll be enjoying the day tomorrow up here is some cool air in montana, snow is falng those areas tonight and that front will sweep to the southeast bring warm air tomorrow and much colder conditions by the time we get to wednesday. here is tomorrow's highs ahead of that front well into the 70s with sunshine enjoying outstanding weather then the bottom falls out look as the temperatures towards wednesday afternoon highs in the upper 40s parts of north central iowa we'll probably start out in the low to mid-50s by evening should be approaching the upper
9:45 pm
thursday morning if we get the light wind and high pressure that we're expecting, low temperatures in the low to mid-30s and frost will be a possibility here in eastern iowa you can see how the rain is expected to make a pivot to the northeast and by midnight most of it is located to the northwest of cedar rapids and dubuque, finally by the time we get to the rest of the night, pushing into wisconsin clearing in our southern and western counties that's the sunshine that will be around in allowing temperatures to warm back into the 70s enjoy it, though, won't be around long tonight's forecast has mostly cloudy skies maybe a brief shower or sprinkle, particularly in our northern and western counti low temperatures about 53 to 57 and for tomorrow back up into the 70s should have plenty of sunshine around as the clouds move out very early in the day and the extended out look has the front coming in on
9:46 pm
should be about 57 degrees but falling temperatures are anticipated in the afternoon also a few showers around wednesday morning but after that the forecast looks dry and we start another warming trend that will get the temperatures back up into the 70s for saturday and sunday so really lots to like about in the forecast once we get through that little bump coming up in there on wednesday. a little bit of moisture, light rain. good to have you back, we missed you. i'm sure za you. yeah, i did. i got 50 texts when you coming back? you know what, one of a kind. coming up in sports the iowa defense looks to be back as well why their performance against minnesota has the hawks
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the iowa offensive line changes worked so well on saturday -- that kirk ferentz made them . the iowa changes kurt released as permanent. boom meyers left tackle, left guard. that's not the only thing that started to click for the hawks, 7 points, three turn overs the iowa rush defense appears to be back they held the gophers 102
9:50 pm
building block, not sure we have 100%. we didn't have too many mental mistakes we had guys rallying around the ball, i feel like that showed up here today. iowa is back on the road when they travel to perdue but and hawkeyes will be televised either on a-b-c, e-s-p-n, or e- s-p-n 2 -- for the second straight we couldn't finish in their football game -- after blowing a 14 point lead against baylor, the cyclones added more heartbreak to their season -- by blowing a 17 point lead at oklahoma state. state.both were in the 4th quarter -- and both shouldn't have happened -- the last two weeks i-s-u has been outscored 34 to nothing in the final 15 minutes -- and that's left matt campbell and his clones feeling in a word ticked. "well i'm ticked... i think i
9:51 pm
be if i was a player." player.""it's happened several times. its a habbit that we just have to break and we are making improvements but we just have to finish the game and thats it. and not what we do on the field, its just what's in our heads." up in cedar falls -- the panthers have been in every game they've played the just haven't been able to finish 3 of them -- the most recent -- saturday's trip to south dakota -- u-n-i's final two drives of the game resulted in a missed goal and a turnover on downs ng went right late in f those three games -- they'd be 5 - oh -- but mark farley, late in the games they would be 5 and 0, mark farly isn't interested in that way of thinking. >> i'll let everybody judge that i know we got beat by three-points, five points we had possession of the football in the fourth quarter in those instances after making all th
9:52 pm
about our play and thoughts and our actions that's what we're controlling right now. there is only one kinda hard to believe considering they lost teddy bridgewater before the season and adrian peterson in week 2 but the purple people eaters have stayed strong -- the offense is improving with sam bradford -- and the defense has been lights out -- but the thing mike zimmer likes the most -- his teams preparation. : "the thing i like about this football team is that they prepare... they study, they get re take this stuff serious so during the week when we get going... these guys are all in trying to get better." on the diamond -- the iowa baseball team released their schedule for their this season -- the hawks will open the year -- by traveling south for 5 straight weekends starting with a trip to south florida -- their first home game -- march 7th against northern illinois -- out of the big 10 -- iowa will host purdue,
9:53 pm
and the cubs -- trying to sweep a playoff series for the first time since 1907 -- 3-1 cubs in the bottom of the 3rd and the nationals took a 2 to 1 lead in their divisional series against the dodgers with a 8 to 3 win. that's a check of sports -- rebecca has a last check of your weather first forecast back with one last look at your so, can i see you again... ...i'm free on black forest ham day. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. ...we got married in june... ...on tuna day. every day a different $3.50 six-inch sub every day of the week. every sub contains no artificial flavors. at just $3.50, it's a great sub at a great price. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. the $3.50 sub of the day
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his day starts at four. four-ten, he's running three miles rain or shine. six o'clock, chuck's at the office. when in iowa, he's still up early. working the farm, meeting iowans in all ninety-nine counties every year. no surprise then, my husband has been named the hardest working senator. dawn to dusk. chuck works.
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finally tonight, we finally tonight, we want to thank the more than 15-thousand people that took part in the especially . a thank you for the more than 15,000 people that took part in the race, this year $481,000 was raised. that money goes to corridor women providing ultrasounds and any other breast care services fox 28 is a proud sponsor of this year's race thanks for everyone who came andthanks to you, terry who phoned in the weather from upper michigan or wherever you are. we'll give that to rebecca turned out great, really nice running conditions good to see the turn out and good to see what we got coming tomorrow, 75 degrees tomorrow afternoon blue skies around, some really nice
9:57 pm
long gone on wednesday. we understand thank you, terry, thank you for watching
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you got a date tonight? no. aren't you gonna ask me if i do? okay. you got a date tonight? sure, rub my nose in it. besides, i'd rather hang out with you and jake than engage in mindless conversation with some strange woman in the desperate hope that she might sleep with me. me, too. hey, if we can't lie to each other, who can we lie to? ( phone rings ) who is it? it's mom. odds. both: once, twice, three, shoot. hey, mom. no, i don't have a date tonight.


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