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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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just meant so much to my life and he smiles and tears. spike meant so much to my life and he affected me and made me the person i am today.>> the sunday sendoff at washington high school students and parents pay tribute to two former principal. how local refugees or repurpose thing a signal of despair from the flock -- flood into a start the weather we're enjoying now will be changing. it has been a week since we have seen rain but that will be in the forecast starting tuesday and probably continuing into wednesday but today was an absolutely beautiful day. 71 degrees the official high. normal readings in the 50s. we are at 50 now.
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precipitation anywhere in eastern iowa so that is a good sign. clouds coming in from the north but they are high, thin ones that will ring is cooler that will dump into the midwest and tomorrow i expect temperatures to be staying in the upper 50s, good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than what we saw today but it will be sunny and then the rain returns for tuesday and wednesday. do not expected to be quite as nice tomorrow temperatures holding in the 50s but we have one more day of sunshine before the rain returns to forecast. it occasion to get hundreds of students to show up at school on a sunday. today after nearly 5 decades with the cedar rapids community school district former washington high school principal at the sendoff so many wanted for his retirement. connor morgan shows us the legacy he leaves behind.>> reporter: the detail of the retirement are well documented.'s resignation come areas of a teacher-student sex scandal. his final farewell is not about
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celebrating. packed parking lots, long lines and crowded cafeterias. all for one man. >> when he to be here, it is showing sports with the greatest people that have ever lived in cedar rapids. >> knowing he did not get device sendoff i wanted to make sure he did. this is the way he should go.>> reporter: the lead warrior washington high school for three and dad always talked about him and how it great of a principal he was.>> i feel that my underclassman well-built to see him.>> reporter: today was to sign the back, so i can't wear this again. you know? it's pristine. i have to frame the back so i cannot where this again. >> reporter: is impact undeniable.>> every single
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and maybe even amazing and that was created by him. spike is helped so many people in the community. giving them lies the did not get at home. spike meant so much to my life and he affected me and made me the person i am today.>> reporter:'s legacy eternal. -- his legacy is eternal. >> he will have a special place in the washington community.>> i've no doubt about it.>> reporter: despite the maglev students give the interim principal a lot of credit. he's doing a great job of candidate is heading to cedar rapids to campaign. campaign.democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will be in the hawkeye state on friday at a rally.not many specifics have been released about the event, but what we do know right now is the rally will be held in the
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north carolina and criticized donald trump for saying the election process is rigged. "he refused to say that he would respect the results of this election and that's a threat to democracy." and that's a stance donald trump sticks by. the republican presidential nominee went to a rally in florida today and didn't change his opinion on the election system. "it's rigged, it's broken, it's corrupt, they want me to take that back. let me you, it's a rigged system." system."according to a recent cbs battleground tracker poll- clinton leads trump by three percent in florida. our mission at fox 28 news is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews--not only with our station--but our sister stations across the coun. country.we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. please share your thoughts
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senator joni ernst spent time in cedar rapids today volunteering at a local soup su. supper.she visited mission of hope- helping organizers label soup for the guests.ernst says her visit is a part of a project she's working on with south carolina senator, tim scott. they're trying to find answers to two pressing issues. "we're really trying to understand some of the housing issues that we have in some of our communities, some of the food insecurity needs we have and combatting whether it's in the rural areas or the urban areas." areas."tomorrow morning, senator ernst will be joined at the cedar rapids country club by senator chuck grassley and west virginia senator shelley moore capito. they're cedar rapids country club by leslie and -- in there expected to discuss bipartisan leadership in u.s. senate. >> the 26 flood but a lot of people together that the
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thousands of people have come from all over the world in just the last 10 years -- to resettle in iowa.we met one group of women helping cedar rapids after the 2016 flood -- each one with a stitch and a story. inside a small storefront on cedar rapids' northwest side... side...skilled fingers toil away while foreign conversation... ...fights the sounds of sewing . machines.some people when they see us here they don't kow why students? are they visitors? immaculee and the women working next to her escaped hardships most people in eastern iowa will never know. know.we are refugee's -- we fled our country because of war.the group -- african women empowered -- gives them a helping hand.the bags and necklaces they normally make sell for 20-30 dollars -- creating a source of income.
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we get annoyed in the home sitting on the couch like couch potato potatothe 2016 flood waters went down in cedar rapids after causing a little damage -- but leaving a lot of sandbags.derek siddel is in mount mercy's enactus club -- the idea poppped into mind when we were out there getting the sandbags for the flood. they figured if the water didn't get too high -- there would be plenty of bags left untouched.helen armstrong is the director of african ministries at st. marks african women empowered. empowered.many of our fabrics are recycled. the beads we of american ministries at saint. mark's methodist church in late african women empowered. >> many of our fabrics are recycled. the beats we import from africa, many hundreds years old.>> reporter: the selling immaculee and her coworkers do attach handles to the sandbags they can carry around something else. that includes at least one
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>> now we have this memory that we can carry forward and on if we do this again, this is what one community can do.>> reporter: after all the bags of finish still be heading down to read ball where they will be putting on the, i love cr logos just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,gearing up for the spookiest day of the year-how some kids spent their sunday getting a head start on hallowe. halloween.also, the latest on a tragic crash in california that killed 13 people. people. eople.
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right now people in the corridor are gearing up for hal. way the kids got to celebrate a little early was at the safe halloween for kids event at the usher's ferry historic, parents,
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treating, costume contests, and many other activities. ushers ferry did get minimal flood damage, but the park supervisor tells fox 28 that the flood actually gave them a chance to spruce up a few buildings on the property and they're ready to show them off. "i'm just so greatful that all the people came back out. it's nice, we couldn't have asked for a nicer day, we appreciate the public support and coming back out to support this site, that's huge for us because that's what keeps us going is that people know value usher's ferry " "the fall fun isn't over at ushers ferry.the next event is the final harvest hayrack night this wednesday night. any outdoor activities on wednesday might call for an umbrella. chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with your
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,the latest developments in the california crash that left 13 people dead and more than 30 others injured. injured.then, a billion dollar deal times 85. arguments for and against at&t's acquisition
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right now, investigators in california are trying to figure out what caused a right now investigators in california i tried to figure out what caused it to her bus
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killed 13 people and injured at least 31. chris martinez has the latest on this developing story.>> reporter: a crane was needed to separate a two are us and a tractor-trailer in palm springs california. the bus plowed into the back of the truck early sunday morning. >> in almost 35 years of not been to a crash when there have been 13 >> reporter: a survivor told police most of the passengers was sleeping at the time of the crash. first responders used letters to reach the victims because the door was inaccessible.>> the trailer itself entered about 15 feet into the bus so you can see it was a substantial impact. wear the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor-trailer it struck from behind. took the bus driver was killed, the truck driver was injured but expected to be okay.
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to los angeles from a casino near palm springs. the 1996 bus was inspected earlier this year.>> the bus has been expected by highway patrol inspectors in 2014, 2015 and is latest april 2016. no mechanical deficiencies where noted.>> reporter: federal records show the bus company involved owned one bus and one driver. >> records also show the company had rating. coming up and look inside an imaginary war zone. the final test soldiers must pass to become a green beret. eenthe mailbox for the boss at the gsa is getting full. she got letters from both house oversight and a group of lawmakers who say no agency should use or sell cars that
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all the recalls they can.take sot clip 257?0010 at 1:21:26 runs=10 rep. mark meadows "it's troubling to me that i have an investigative reporter that's able to find things our federal employees have not found."take tracklet's rewind and remind you what circa exclusively uncovered.we went auction hopping across the countrya&and found the general services administration selling cars to the publica&with potentially dangerous open recalls and a generic warning there "could be" problems.take sot clip 257?0010 at 1:12:01 rep. mark meadows"do we have an obligation? yes. should we know? yes ultimately should we take the proactive stance to do that - i think the answer is yes as well."take trackcongressman mark meadows promised action. and boom - here it is.the house oversight committee sent a letter to the g-s-aa&asking for answers about what our investigation discovered - not only with the sale of recalled carsa&but also the service tags we saw that show some of those cars were driven by federal workers - with problems that hadn't been fixed. the committee wants to know what procedures the g-s-a uses to make sure that doesn't happen.take sot clip 257?0010 at 1:15:15"it is uniquely their responsibility
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done."take trackthe clock is now ticking. in the letter - the committee gives the g-s-a two weeks to hand over a list of g-s-a cars with recallsa&maintenance recordsa&the agency's recall and repair practicesa&and more.take joce/greenscreenthe gsa says it has a robust program for dealing with recalls and when it comes to federal workers - if a stop drive order is issued - they take immediate action and pull the car from the fleet. but those orders aren't common. as for selling those recalled cars to you - the gsa says 98- fiscal 2016 didn't have recalls they could take action
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judge. judge? judge? judge? judge? grassley? here! he's always here.
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u-s special operations forces are acting as spotters for targeted airstrikes. us special operation forces are acting aspires for targeted airstrikes. special ops a more frequently the tip of the stair in military operations in there in greater demand than ever before. >> to show you what it takes to be the best of the best, national correspondent scott takes you to an imaginary war zone to observe a real exercise in the making of a green beret.>> reporter: six times year the serene central piedmont of north carolina becomes a battleground. stretching across 19 counties and 10,000 mi.2 the man who survived this final exercise will join the elite ranks of the army green berets. the drill is called rob end- stage we were granted where
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the brink of becoming green beret soldiers.>> -- >> reporter: lieutenant eric wheeler is an instructor. is but a green beret for 13 years and served six deployments in iraq.>> this is a additional land.>> reporter: we are in a guerrilla base camp in trainees whose faces we cannot show are helping the local spent a resistance to the united province of atlantic a which is overrun. training and local militia to stand up to an unwanted occupier is the green berets primary mission, the printing goes from a fictional land to action in the real world with real names like syria, iraq and afghanistan. is conventional -- of conventional warfare look like the shock and awe of our iraqi
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green berets do aspect they want to delete responders in afghanistan. months before troops and tanks right the green berets were organizing entering the tribal leaders fighting like natives alongside the northern alliance. for their final test the team we observed captured their targeted in a nighttime raid. they passed robin stage in many of these new green berets will be deployed overseas within year. of the 118 soldiers who started robin stage during our visit, 101 finished entering the green beret. coming up the media mergers that proposes to create
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merger. the two sides of in macon media merger. at&t and time warner are trying to play out how their 85 point really just $85.4 billion merger will help customers per time warner not only owns the warner bros. movie studio but hbo, and cnn. at&t has a business, directv a popular internet service. is the latest big media acquisition by major cable or phone company. analyst, public interest groups and some politicians a combining the two giants would hurt consumers in the long run it could potentially raise antitrust issues. if anything does it is anything but a done deal. regulars will have to sign off on any acquisition. adjuster going on over the dakota access pipeline construction. saturday over 80 protesters were arrested during a large
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law enforcement authorities in north dakota say a helicopter they were using to monitor protests was approached by a drone in a threatening manner. the sheriff's office said those inside the helicopter feared for their life spent the drone operator eventually landed the device after law enforcement used last than lethal ammunition to damage the drone. as the presidential candidates continue to deport customers in the final days up to the election some states have put a ballot initiatives on controversial issues. national correspondent christine took here are the candidates position on legalized marijuana and gun control.>> i understand and respect the tradition of gun ownership but also believe that there can be and must be reasonable regulations.>> with the toughest laws and tremendous gun violence. i am a very strong supporter of the second amendment.>> reporter: soon voters in several states will have their sandy issues. four states have been measures prompting opposition ads from
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control will turn the veterans into criminals.>> reporter: a record 60% of americans now support marijuana legalization. eight states will vote to join the 25 who have already legalized medical or recreational pot.>> it is a game changer in california not just in terms of drug policy was in california but drug policy in the united states america.>> reporter: at other game changer, whether voters of democratic -- other clinton or trump in a tight race will turn out. back in to thousand for same- sex marriage ban initiatives in 11 states recredited with mobilizing christian conservatives which may have passions on both sides.sot jan leighley, republicans who are not happy with the choices, perhaps good fights, high spending about ballot initiatives could really be
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staying home or getting out to vote. vowhich could make all the difference in usually red states, where hillary clinton is polling close to or slightly ahead of donald trump. i'm kristine frazao reportinga& other big issues hitting the ballot this november include minimum wage hikes and health care measures. our wonderful weather this weekend won't make it through the work week. chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with your
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the vikings took their unbeaten record to philadelphia on sunday - and they left with a loss - n- f-l highlights and reaction is coming up - and it wasn't all bad for the hawkeyes on saturday - we'll talk iowa defense next on fox
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first - there were expectations - and then - there were injuries - none of that has stopped the vikings - they've been unfazed so far this season - a first there were expectations and then there were injuries. none of that has stopped the vikings. they have been unfazed so for the season a perfect 5-0 coming off a bye today in philly is it
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up against the eagles. first-quarter, the mistakes happen. easy pick returned inside the 2 yard line so minnesota is in great shape but the turnaround and give it back. big mistake here by bradford . his pass is picked off. it was that kind of day for the vikings. in the second half the eagles up i 8. the defense was again but the offense sputter pretty vikings lose 21-10 just 282 total yards. for the first time this season the vikings face adversity.>> embarrassing is the word. i'm very disappointed in the performance that we gave today, turning the ball over offensively we did not want people.
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it out quicker - we've got to do a better job of staying on guys - think there's a lot of answers the chiefs haven't played a home game since september 25th - that's a long time for a team that's won eight straight at arrowhead stadium - and the good times continued in k-c on sunday... the chiefs up against the high-flying saints... down 7- nothing in the first - the short passing game works to perfection - alex smith gets it to spencer ware - he gets some blocks and shakes loose - ware goes 46 yards for the touchdown to tie the game... just minutes later - drew brees back to throw - his pass is tipped and picked by daniel sorensen - he turns into a returner - and he's making a house call - the chiefs "d" strikes again - it's 14-7... second quarter now - you don't see this very often - alex smith chucks it deep - to the rookie - tyreek hill - what a snag - kansas city takes a two-
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made their push - in the fourth -mark ingram takes the handoff - but loses the football - it's recovered by the league's number-one ballhawk - marcus peters... the chiefs get their ninth straight home win... and they get to 4 and 2 on the season with a 27-21 victory - they'll hit the road again next week to play the colts... "i was telling the guys in the locker room -- the two turnovers were the difference maker, i thought... they had some long drives today time wise... it was just a killer, that fumble? to put that whole drive away from it and we were able to convert and milk the clock even more" timewise. to put the drive together but nothing does put the drive together and get nothing out of it.>> we held them to 21 points that is a pc with a have been going break that is a team that has been red-hot. air coming off two take winds, against carolina and san diego. >> former panther david johnson is back in prime time. the cardinals and a low scoring battle with the seahawks.
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catcher. here's a 10 yard gain for the former panther. no score in the second. in arizona philco, those are the only points, 3-0. >> the packers and handle business in week seven. their bye week - but they do get ten days off between the bears and the falcons game next sunday - and mike mccarthy thinks that extra time - could be key... it's a ten week stretch - i think that's taking the obvious - we'll take the weekend - i've got a couple analytics things that we're gonna look at and a little extra self scout but we'll game plan for atlanta and really - we need to get in the routine and flow of every week the iowa offense was a mess on saturday - their inability to get it going on that side of the ball - is the biggest reason for the loss to wisconsin - the defense wasn't
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anytime you give up just 17 points - you're doing something right - the rush defense was solid all day long - even though corey clement clinched it with a 34-yard gain late in the game - the hawkeye rush "d" held the badgers to just three-and- a-half yards per carry - a good sign going forward... "up until that last, when he popped out on the right side there at the end, i think we had him at three yards a carry at that point. .. yeah i thought we competed hard and did a pretty good job of keeping him under control" control""as made a decision after northwestern... "we're tired of teams, really running on us." so all throughout the week we just really focused on coming off the ball and just really getting int he backfield adn causing havoc and i guess that we applied that to the games" adding insult to injury - some bad recruiting news for the hawkeyes - high school senior eno benjamin de-committed from iowa on sunday - according to rivals-dot-com - benjamin is the number-7 running back in the nation - and he's also
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it was a tough saturday in iowa city - but in cedar falls - u-n-i was nearly perfect - the offense will get the headlines after the 61-7 beatdown of the bears - just don't forget about the panther defense... they held missouri state to seven points - this is a unit that's had to replace deiondre hall, makinton dorleant, and brett mcmakin - and now - at the most important time in the season - the "d" - is coming into their own... "i'm pleased with their growth -- there's still some rough asterisk that with that's where we've made some errors that we cant make but they're learning by doing it ... we still got an edge to that we gotta clean up, but it's improv" improving""you know the way we had been playing off and on, you'd see flashes there and you'd see flashes there and then we wouldnt play as well... it was hard to see because i know that we have some of the best talent int he nation... just a matter of just making the plays on defense" u-n-i quarterback eli dunne shined in his first career
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conference player of the week on sunday - dunne threw for over four-hundred yards and a pair of t-d's in the 61-point explosion against missouri state... the curse of the billy goat is on life support - believe it or not - the cubs are going to the world series - for the first time in 71 years... after wrapping up their series with the dodgers last night - the cubs are now four wins away from their first championship since 1908 - this has been the best team in ba been a special season - and the team - and the fans - are soaking up every minute of it... you need time to really process the entire situation - you stand out on that platform afterwards - looking at the ballpark - and the fans - and the w flags everywhere - i do think about everybody - i think about the fans - and their parents and grandparents - and everything that's been going on here for awhile awhilethis is for them - i hope they enjoy this - they've been waiting a long time for
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most dedicated fans in baseball - it's been our goal from day one - we're still not there yet - we have four more to go up next in sports - it has been our goal from day one. we have four more to go. back to football.
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our college football analyst is back. lui montgomery nice enough to join us. lui, what happened yesterday?
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>> what i think, i think iowa played a relatively good football game, take away some key factors come obviously some questionable calls that occurred, i was ability to get into the end zone and then some lackluster play here and there particularly with the tackling ability on the backend with the defense of back. you see a lot of times the guys made contact with the receiver but ultimately did not bring them down ultimately resulting in >> the offense is the scores. the world to move the ball but cannot get into the end zone. what are the problems with the offense right now and how can you fix them?>> i think one of the things is, the offense the need to solve one problem but other albums, that is but the story of them all year long. for example available fixed their offense of wine but now
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whatever they fix, there are multiple problems that seem to pop up elsewhere. this is a questionable team right now in iowa will have to dig deep in order to finish the season strong. >> it has to be the shape of the pie we comes at a perfect time for iowa. how can they go back to the drawing board and how can the bye week benefit them? >> fim iowa right now i would definitely want to -- with the wide receivers. giving some opportunities to spend time and gain the issues that is going on with this offense, cj does not have the confidence that he had possibly with vandenberg are some of the guys that left last year. is to develop that confidence and work with these guys during his by week.>> iowa state coming off a bye week. what to expect to see from them
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>> i would love to see i was they come out and finish a football game. this was an opportunity for iowa state to get some rest. work on fundamental things that they did not do well. we talked about the fact that they made a lot of penalties and wanted to correct mistakes. they have had a week off and a chance to work on things. i expect them to come out hot on saturday. dew up in cedar falls, mark may change at the quarterback position. 61 point this is a for missouri state. to think this is the beginning of a new time for the you and i offense -- u of i offense? >> it could not have happened at a better time because they are going up against north dakota state on saturday. looking at the artist, 418 yards of passing over 500 yards total offense, getting 10 different players involved in the catching a receiving. what an outstanding job u of i did they dominated this football game from start to finish.>> north dakota state is coming in next to practices as big as it gets. how excited are you? >> i've excited for this
9:52 pm
calendar and if u of i can come out and show the kind of dominance did it against missouri state it should be an exciting football game. u of i understands this will be a challenge for them but they are playing in their home and they have the momentum.
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the world of harry potter came to the midwest this weekend. the magical harry potter festival was in edgerton wisconsin.edgerton is a harry potter came to the midwest this week and picked the magical harry potter festival was in edgerton wisconsin, a city of about 5500 people and went to your transforms into a world of all things harry potter. this year organizers plan for nearly 50,000 witches and wizards over cours but the festival gives a boost to many small businesses in the area. something they really enjoy doing. i know everybody is really happy and proud of the chicago cubs even if you are not a cubs fan and i'm a cardinals fan. i am rooting for the cuffs. you'll be able to watch the world series right here on this station starting tuesday. it will be an exciting game.>> it is cheaper to watch it on tv
9:56 pm
tickets have been going for over $10,000. the first game is in cleveland. then they will be in chicago next weekend. hopefully we will have the weather straightened out and they will be able to play in reasonable conditions. this time of year things can get chilly. not seeing a lot of that right now but tomorrow we will be back to sunshine. not quite temperatures in the upper 50s as opposed to the low 70s like we saw today and then tuesday and wednesday, rain is expected to return to eastern iowa. tomorrow morning about 38, 39. with sunshine in the afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 50s but that is where we should be this time of year. normal high is 59. thank you. we appreciate you washing
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it's heartbreaking, but true. as a millionaire c.e.o., rod blum laid off over 70 employees, but he took millions in stock and bonuses. it gets worse. in washington, blum supported special tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas and millionaires like himself. i'll tell you what i think is missing in washington -- common sense.
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here we go. dinner is served. vince: thank god. i am starving. nothing like that first meal after a good colonoscopy. seriously, i don't know why people are so squeamish. my procedure today was downright pleasant. in and out. i've had oil changes that took longer. now i'm just picturing you up on some lift with a couple greasy mechanics under you. come on, let the man crow. he's footloose and polyp-free. doctor said i had the prostate of a 12 year old. joyce, you still got the picture in your purse? you're the one who wanted to have a family meal. i know, but i always forget that the family in my head i neveone that shows up. (chuckles) here it is. this is definitely going on the fridge. look at that colon. (groaning) huh?


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