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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm CDT

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>> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by the ford transit, built ford tough. and by t-mobile one, welcome to unlimited baseball. bottom of the eighth inning, top of the lineup for chicago, that means dexter fowler against andrew miller, who threw seven pitches to get through the seventh. strike one on fowler who is 1 for 3. >> john: we miller about the transformation from starter to closer, and now super reliever, what clicked, how did he get more comfortable with throwing strikes? he said it wasn't one thing, he just became a little bit more fluid with his arm release and the fastball-slider combination, as good as it gets. the third base side of the rubber, barely get his foot, just the toe on the inside part of the rubber and created a
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and arm. >> joe: 97 for andrew, who is working for more this year e ever has out of the pen, but the adrenaline of the postseason is carrying him through. that is great stuff. so, terry francona is trying to get two innings out of miller. and again, with trevor bauer and jon lester scheduled starters tomorrow night, on sunday night, game 5. >> john: when you're left-handed, that big and throw to that many right-handers, you envision a batter to start the slider at when you're trying to
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and he just sees the break naturally going down at it ie batter including against right-handers, but it's all because they have to respect the 97 miles per hour fastball that makes that combination so deadly. >> joe: a 2-2. hard-hit, but foul. the numbers are sensational. remember, picked up two bid process given up by the cleveland indians organization, and they're thrilled that they did it. eight appearances for andrew miller, eight wins when he comes out of the pen the indians win. 2-2. high fly ball to left center. that's at the wall, it's gone!
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and miller has given up his first postseason run! it's 7-2! >> john: well, one of the few bad sliders miller has thrown and fowler didn't miss it. talk about the 368 cap's, that is where the ball will go, the big scoreboard in left and field. >> joe: nobody on or out. >> john: see, this ball is supposed to be buried in, stays out over the middle of the plate. you kind of know it when you let it go. the spin, not the sharp break we are used to seeing. >> joe: here is the 1-0.
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bryant. >> john: i understand what terry francona is trying to do. but i think multiple innings in this situation. >> joe: will see how this plays out. back to the second baseman, kipnis, on the other side of the bag, and he gets the out. one away. earlier this evening to help recognize the culmination of the cause campaign, mastercard presented a generous $4,000,000.200000 raised through the priceless causes campaigns they stand up to cancer by the cofounders. mastercard like to thank all the cardholders across united states and canada who helped raise millions of dollars simply by dining out with their mastercard and getting together for a
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with one out, nobody yon, here's rizzo. had a nice night, been on base three times. strike one. an rbi single, stolen base in the first, hit by a pitch, doubled to lead off the sixth inning and kluber pitched around it. >> john: what he was talking but with miller, he said once i went to the slide 6'9", less movement, more commanded, the higher leg kick, the more things can go wrong with his long lever in the delivery that he has. he has tremendous leverage being that tall, but at the taller you are, the more things can go wrong in your mechanics that he basically said once the slide step was introduced to me, i really haven't looked back. >> joe: not much has gone wrong. max for andrew miller in the
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postseason, no earned runs until the home run. and now rizzo strikes out, two out. with the bases empty, zobrist will be the hitter. tomorrow the nfl on fox kicks off at a special time as washington battles cincinnati live from london followed by a full slate of games including america's game of the week as the packers take on the falcons. it all begins tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern the early start, "fox news sunday" is on a special time of 8:00 a.m. eastern. we will finish the day on fox with game 5 of this world serie world series, trevor bauer and jon lester. zobrist took a ball.
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andrew miller worked in last night's game, went more than an inning, an and inning and a . as zobrist fouls it out of plates the right. 20 pitches last night, a little more of an effort here tonight after taking over the last frame trying to turn in six outs. what a weapon. with two outs, ball two. >> john: once they got miller, winning the five innings battle has been unbelievable for cleveland, they win the five
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getting the lead and then turning it over to this pen. >> joe: zobrist went around. after throwing 17 pitches last night, 27 tonight. and andrew miller gets a six outs, finally gives up a run, but turns it into a 5-run cleveland lead after eight in game 4. ainst shark attacks. but what if the seal can track the shark's every move, see where it hunts, where it lives. advantage: seal. cisco gets security, they built the network, and now, well, no big deal, they're building the most effective security architecture on the planet. which means you get a good night's sleep.
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>> joe: another inning of work for hector rondon. ball one inside underway in the ninth inning with the indians on top by five, 7-2, trying to go up three games to one. one ball, one strike. >> john: you think about what the done, they don't have the biggest payroll, they have to hit on their trades and moves and pickups. and right now that trade they made for andrew miller with the yankees. >> joe: here's one into left, one out. >> it's intense. playing in october magnifies
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to do great things. >> joe: jason kipnis, home grown. he came up last inning, last time up, in a seventh, hit a three-run shot off travis wood that broke it open. now it's a 7-2 game, a when he did that, he hit the first three-run home run by an opposing player in a world series at wrigley field since babe ruth back 1-0 pitch is lined into left. and kipnis has had a big night. doubled, homered, and now singled. with one out in the ninth. and i would say that ankles
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that might have been added after the fact. 37-year-old babe ruth. here's the called a shot, yelling at the dugout, calling the shots, who knows. to go home runs in game three of the '32 world series at wrigley. here's one to write off the bat of lindor, and they keep coming for the cleveland indians. that combination of kipnis and lindor red-hot. >> strike one, that's only strike two, so he knew he had another one. >> joe: three-run home run in the first inning. and this man was there. retired supreme court justice as a 9-year-old boy, 1929 he attended his first baseball game which was game one of the
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played at wrigley field, and three years later in the '32 series that we are talking about as michael martinez pinch hits, he was in the seats for the famous cold shot by babe ruth. and the retired judge contends ruth did indeed .2 fingers to be center field seats before he crushed the pitch here at wrigley. >> john: all right, so i didn't see it, i read it. >> joe: john paul stevens 96, retired in 2010. from chicago. here's michael martinez. with two on and one out after back-to-back hits by kipnis and lindor. rondon gets him over the outside part, two out! second strikeout for rondon.
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game. at last check, dan otero, the right-hander getting loose for the indians in their bullpen. that means terry francona, while he is used andrew miller for two innings tonight, didn't have to if he can get through the rest of this with otero, bryan shaw was so good last night, and cody allen, his closer. jose ramirez, a note for andrew miller as he sits on the bench in the ninth inning, he's struck out 29 hitters this postseason, that's the most ever by a reliever in the single postseason. possibly more work to come. here's the 0-1. scooped up by contreras. one ball, one strike. >> john: by the way, most of those coming in high leverage
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heart of the order in a one-run game. terry francona not afraid to use him, and as he said, in those close games, he's not afraid to lose late, meaning if he puts in his big weapons early to keep the game at the best point. >> joe: here's one into center, over to his left is fowler and that ends the top of the ninth inning as ramirez is retired. bottom of the ninth inning, last chance for the cubs here in gam. team's mascot for good luck. we need to wash this room. wash it? yeah, wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use febreze fabric refresher wow [inhales] it really smells great in here. dog barks and try pluggable febreze, with up to 4 times the freshness in one refill. pluggable febreze and fabric refresher [inhale + exhale mnemonic], two more ways to breathe happy without the right tools,
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i'm not hiding. i am. for people with hearing loss, visit >> joe: earlier tonight from the doctor martin luther king junior dr. martin luther king jr. boys & girls club from chicago delivered the game ball with former cub mark prior.
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boys & girls club creates unique opportunities for nearly 4 million children and teenagers worldwide. to find out how you can help, go to joined by hall of famer's ken griffey, jr., and jenkins, 2016 roberto clemente award winner and former cubs including the a for mentioned kerry and matt clement. visit to learn more. off we go to the bottom of the ninth inning. trying to nail it down. willson contreras takes a strike, now 1 for 12, contreras. tonight 0 for 3 with 3 strikeouts as corey kluber had his way with him. a lot of breaking balls down and
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the count is 0-2. >> john: and contreras has been taking the first pitch. one of the better pitches to hit, and he expands the zone after that. so, a formula the indians have been utilizing so far this series. >> joe: easy chopper, right side, kipnis. one away. 0 for 4 night tonight for willson contreras. tonight's telecast is sponsored by the ford transit. built ford tough. the simple, secure way to pay. and by state farm, here to help life go right. one out, nobody on, here is addison russell, 0 for 3. this will be a different looking cubs lineup tomorrow night for game 5. david ross figures to be in it doing the catching for jon
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it will look like for joe maddon, who has to change it up. there have been some not so great at bats tonight on the young cubs hitters. tremendous pitching by kluber, now otero. >> john: yes, there has. they exposed the weakness of some of the young hitters. there is schwarber, who was cleared to play the outfield. just hoping he gets an opportunity to go back to cleveland and utilize the dh position. >> joe: indians two outs away from a three games to one series advantage. and winning back-to-back games here at wrigley. all the history and all the
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night it was the pitching of tomlin, miller, shaw, and allen. tonight corey kluber worked his magic again. >> john: i would be very intrigued to see if joe maddon decides to talk to the team tonight or tomorrow. he rarely gives these kind of meetings, he says he likes the guys to be normal and not create a scenario where there is a sense of urgency or feeling like you have to put them on edge. opening-day talk, second half talk, and the first day of the postseason are pretty much the three different talks he gives. >> joe: still 1-2 on russell. meanwhile the manager in the other dugout bringing kluber back, terrific tonight. santana got the call at first base, hit a game-tying
10:23 pm
and the last 10 teams up three games to one have been winners of the world series. russell is gone, only one out left here in the ninth. will give heyward a chance to bat. >> john: the little breath of fresh air, he needed that. he needed that you feel good at least going into tomorrow. he hit a breaking ball, something he hasn't been able to do. you can see him just kind of oo ooh, thanks. >> joe: jason heyward, 2 for 3 tonight. little flare into left, that
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safely is russell who will stay put with two outs. almost doubled up with a mile to go to catch that pop up. >> john: it looked like the shoe or something, flexing his right hand. >> joe: look how far lindor goes, on aid run. having the presence of mind to double up russell. >> john: the right-hand catching some spikes to the bottom half of napoli's shoes. maybe just scripted up a little bit. >> joe: now with two outs, here is javier baez who made the final out in last night's game. now, terry francona is one out away from being 11-1 managing in
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all the scrutiny, the decisions, the tension, he handles it extremely well. one ball, one strike. it is really when his personality comes out, has the ability to keep his team lose, say the right thing, not panic. he can laugh at himself. >> john: the only thing he did say was yesterday was such a stressful game, he didn't enjoy any of it. >> joe: strike two. the cubs down to their final strike. schwarber on deck, baez at the plate. 1-2. back to otero, and the indians are now up three games to one! and one win away from their
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1948! a 7-2 7-2 win here in game . every phase of the game impressive tonight. you can say the same for the indians last night winning game am asked back-to-back games here and wrigley. >> john: you can't always measure, certainly you look at statistics, but inside the clubhouse they have something very unique and they believe in themselves despite their injuries, and they are a confident bunch that was not one bit intimidated as they marched through boston, toronto, and one game away from a chicago cubs. >> joe: how about corey kluber, 2-0 in this world series and he goes to 4-1 this postseason. he has pitched 12 plus innings and allowed just one run to the chicago cubs, and it came tonight in the first inning.
10:27 pm
when santana homered in the top of the second, and the indians were off and running. that's the scene here in wrigley. there is the scene progressive field back in cleveland. they are one win away as we go down to ken rosenthal. >> thanks, joe. the last visiting player to hit a three-run home run in the world series at wrigley field was babe ruth. being a local guy, what does that mean to >> everything. that's awesome. haven't been going the way i wanted, but just plugging away, staying at it because you never know when the bat might be big and tonight found something again and came up huge. offense finally bailed out our staff. >> you grew up coming to games here, what would it be like to win the world series at wrigley field? >> i don't know.
10:28 pm
>> i'm starting to. i'm starting to. i have a lot of friends and family here. and to be able to do it in chicago, that would mean a lot. >> last question, the reception you got in the dugout, what was that about? >> that was my home run cheer. a lot of guys have a bunch of different ones. kind of like the wedding chair, where you get wasted up and carried through and get high fives, everybody has different ones, that's my fun one. >> joe, back to you. >> joe: that's great. is that a new one for you? >> john: that's a new one for me. >> joe: a 3-hit night. corey kluber gets the win. 2-0 in this world series and the indians are one win away from their first world championship since 1948. let's send it over to kevin burkhardt and the guys on the set. >> all right, joe, thank you
10:29 pm
but almost an indians party, for real. 3-1 and now leads the world series. another dominating pitching performance from the indians tonight. frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez, i'm kevin burkhardt. a lot to do on this postgame show on fox. alex rodriguez will tell you 3-1 it is not over for the cubs and how they can come back in this world series, but it is all cleveland so far. the indians have shut it down. these fans still going, though, in chicago. hoping for their cubbies. the postgame show on fox, will
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tonight on the fox 28 news at n- nine-why a local healthcare center is celebrating today - and how the number of people who go there has more than trip., we'll get you caught up on the world series tonight as both the cubs and
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>> welcome to the postgame show presented by "lethal weapon" on fox. the cleveland indians, 7-2 winners over the cubs and are one win away from world series championship. they are doing it with pitching and even some hitting tonight. they're getting it done for these cleveland indians now have a commanding 3-1 lead.
10:33 pm
wrigley, they have been out here all day. hoping to see something good from their team, it hasn't happened just yet, but they are faithful just outside the center field gate here at wrigley. welcome to our set, corey kluber coming up soon and more from the field. let's talk about kluber, a lot of angles, alice, but for me fascinating in game one you talked about the two-seamer, that is all we saw. tonight it is a totally different philosophy. >> he was predominantly fastballs, it was an out pitch. today 37% fastball, a season low. very smart, very clever pitching. >> tom even before the games at his best pitch was a breaking ball and he realize reat have that on the fastball when he started so he went to his breaking ball and it was very, very good. >> cutter, slider, and a great fastball.
10:34 pm
that's why he's an ace, he can really pitch. >> five stars in the postseason for corey kluber. he's allowed three runs total, just unbelievable for kluber, and he's standing by now with ken rosenthal. >> your first start in game one you relied heavily on the two-seamer. today you went heavy breaking ball. what was your thought process changing up your plan? >> they were a lot more aggressive today than they were the first time just trying to adjust to their adjustments. like we talked about yesterday, they're going to make adjustments to the way we pitched the first game, so our job as pitchers to execute. >> fowler leadoff double and then rizzo the rbi double with one out, did you make an adjustment after that were set just part of what you were doing out there? >> they scored a run there, but neither ball was hit hard, still making pretty good pitches, so
10:35 pm
there, not trying to really get down on ourselves for giving up a run. look back on it, we didn't do hard balls, we stuck with what we were doing. >> that's twice in the postseason you've pitched really well on three days rest. what's your secret? >> i think is just trying to recover in between and you have one less day in between, obviously, but i think the recovering part is the biggest thing to have your legs feel normal when you get out there. >> i know you don't show a lot of three games to one in the world series, how excited are you? >> i think we like the position we're in, but the task isn't done yet, we still have one more game to win. we will show up tomorrow and play the same urgency as we played to this point. we don't want to necessarily let them build up any moment, or let them feel like they are back in the series. >> congratulations, thank you. kevin, back to you.
10:36 pm
corey kluber in the postseason. lowest era through five career postseason starts, he's the second two christie matheson. he has 0.89 era and five career starts, two of them on three days rest, hasn't even mattered. >> that is a something surprising happened, going to get a world series mvp trophy for his case, that's how good he's been in this world series. i take my hat off to him, don't worry about the first i one was a don't or down the left field line and rizzo through his bat out at it. they just got a couple hits off him. i think he pitched to it. >> he talked about making adjustments, but frank, why haven't the cubs hitters been able to make any? >> coming to the world series, we knew they were a bad breaking ball hitting team. this american league team used to throwing breaking balls
10:37 pm
they're prepared for big-time hitters because this is what they see 162 games per year basically in the american league. >> to win a championship you need more than talent, you need to be disciplined, you need to be calm. corey showed both for the indians. what corey kluber is doing, he's showing what the world i've been trying to tell you guys he's one of the best three pitchers in the game, very, very impressive. >> he has been great, especially indians one game away from their first victory since 1948. you have good pitching, the offense looks terrible, right? but this offense looks terrible in every single way. he splits of the lineup, wanted zobrist at second, didn't do it. we haven't seen enough at all. rizzo a couple good hits, fowler had a couple hits, heyward with a couple hits, but they can't
10:38 pm
together. >> just a bad time to struggle, in the world series. i want to go back to something i wrote earlier today, they handed the world series champion royals 14 out of 19 game losses this year. so they've seen the power hitting lineups, they've seen guys who can flat-out hit, they just are prepared. this is a special team, underrated coming into this world series what they did to boston and toronto earlier in the playoffs. >> he wrote down three cheeseburgers with a large fry. >> no worries, that's later. >> right on. those bats have to wake up. i just don't understand all of it. it's the mets all over again. the mets all over again. >> what has happened? great pitching, the pitching was phenomenal last year in the
10:39 pm
line, right, pete? one thing you are going to slow down runs are going to be hard to come by, but they are invisible like last year. >> this is not a situation we can point the finger at one or two players because when you are 5 for 37 with runners in scoring position, that is a team effort as far as i'm concerned. the bottom line is the time of year, and i've been terrible in october and '09 we were all pretty good. this time of year you have to swing strikes. trust your teammates, pass the baton and trust everybody else will do their job. what i see right now is everybody trying to hit a three-run home run with nobody on base. as frank said earlier, start with one pitch at a time in the strike zone. >> another bad habit cubs hitters are getting into, five times or so there has been a man on second with no outs and they didn't even get him to third. you have to start cashing in on some of those one run in this
10:40 pm
they add up, but you have to play the small ball. >> i'm just curious, what can the cubs do, though? you talk about something radical, lineup, if you are talking about putting different guys in their, they don't have a lot of lineup flexibility, frank. >> tomorrow is a must-win situation for them. you look at what happened earlier tonight, the best possible start for the cubs. started to charge with a base hit, didn't move him over, they had to capitalize on those runs early. especially against a great pitcher like corey kluber. >> joe maddon has been with 23 players and is in a tough corner. to me it's about game planning and situational hitting. i've seen contreras have a dozen times or so fake punt and strike one writes down broadway, and chased chase slider, chase slider.
10:41 pm
bases loaded, fastball right down the middle. that tells you more about their game plan and maybe their mentality. >> khoury said they seemed to be a little more aggressive tonight. >> the first three or four innings they were taking a lot of 1st-pitches strikes. he went to his curveball and it was very effective. >> they have to change it up tomorrow if they want any shot at this world series. after the cubs got the early momentum, defense really failed them. kris bryant with two errors gave the indians momentum. he is joe maddon talking about bryant's night. >> joe, kris bryant's throwing errors, were either of those him trying to force it and do too much? and then on montgomery throwing to second for the double play instead of getting the fourth at third, was that a little aggressive? >> the first one he did appear wet, just the
10:42 pm
more time with. the second ball should not have thrown. you process the pitcher running you give it a go. the first place i think he had a shot, heady thrown wow slowed it down a little bit and found the first baseman. he's made so many good place, that's just happened tonight, but that's what i saw. montgomery, again, you rarely ever teach somebody to throw to third base, you just don't do that. there probably was, everything being perfectly done, possible chance. but i can't fault him on that, you are just trained to do that. you rarely think about throwing to third base to get one out. that's probably the industry's fall for all that. we made mistakes, absolutely we made mistakes tonight, that was part of it, but again we just have to do more offensively to give ourselves a chance. you're going to make the stays on occasion, you have to play
10:43 pm
something offensively. we haven't been able to do that. >> bryant is going to make some errors, but that was a weird inning because i think joe hit it perfectly, the one looped around and was not even close, the other he should have pocketed on the kluber infield single. is there a transition, though? is that affecting his offense? the first two rounds he has had good plate appearances, but he has been quiet here. >> guard offense is contagious and so is reading body language, he doesn't look very comfortable or confident right now. an indication of this, you'll see right here a couple of plays. the first one was do-or-die, tough angle, turned around, would have been bang bang anyway. the second one tells me a little bit about where he is mentally. when this is hit, the ball never should have been thrown. with two outs, make sure the
10:44 pm
errors. and looking at what he's done at the plate, he's lost his way a little bit. >> they're treating him like an mvp like they should in the world series. breaking ball heavy, cutter, slider, not getting fastballs out over the plate which he crushes all the time. i've been in that situation, a rod has been in that situation, they want him to expand and he's expanding his a strike z >> you don't think i've been in that situation? >> no, your leadoff hitter. >> you want to talk about emotion, plenty of that at progressive field. they had a packed house tonight and there wasn't even a game there. look at this. great job by the cleveland fans at progressive field watching on the big screen as their indians now one win away from bringing a championship to cleveland.
10:45 pm
lindor, we will go one-on-one with him and have our special from the ball, i hear this is a good one tonight. more from wrigleyville. another indians win. stay with us on the postgame show on fox. ere chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. ials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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>> [speaking foreign language] >> our new game, guess where this is from.
10:48 pm
>> the philippines. >> survey says, no. japan. >> that was easy, frank. >> that was easy. >> hey guys, francisco lindor, another multi-hit game. this shortstop has just been awesome and he's with tom for >> you have been on base nine times f years old, what's enabled you to succeed on this stage? >> having teammates, they've been helping me, telling me what to look for and that's what i am trying to do. >> corey kluber was pitching on short rest, the cubs were seeing him for a second time in four days. first time around he threw a lot of two seamers, night a lot of breaking balls, how confident are you with corey getting the
10:49 pm
>> we believe in him. i am proud of kluber on short rest. he did it against toronto and coming out great for us again. he's the guy. >> you are one win away from winning the world series. you haven't been in cleveland long but i'm sure you heard a lot about 1948. how much would this mean for you, for cleveland, for the indians? >> it would mean a lot, it would be a dream come true. that's why we're doing it, doing it for the city, doing it for my family, doing it for puerto rico. but we still have a lot of games to be played. we have to play the game the right way, respect them because they can come back at any time and hopefully tomorrow we can do it. >> thank you so much, sleep well tonight and good luck in game 5. >> thank you, take care. >> back to you.
10:50 pm
>> getting pops out of that dugout. whoever is telling lindor is working. >> do you want to hear and unbelievable stats? the indians now have as many world series wins at wrigley in history as the cubs do. >> wow, how about that. >> isn't that amazing? looking at lindor, kevin, he reminds me of a hall of famer, roberto alomar, when he let the blue jays in 1992 and '93 to a world championship. how unique and cool is it a 22-year-old shortstop is not only your leader, but your best player. >> talk about a puerto rican hall of famer named roberto clemente.
10:51 pm
>> can we talk about the manager? can we talk about terry francona? >> it is your show, we can talk about whatever you want. >> it is not my show. talking about the decision with francona, he went with his gut, he benched napoli and used santana. it worked. >> and they played cribbage before the game. and santana got a home run. what is he, 12-1 now in the world series? >> 11. >> 11-1? he knows what he is doing. this is not the first time, this is not a fluke, he has been doing it forever. >> he's having a great series. let me ask you something, if he wins, it is one more win, and the championship back to cleveland, are we talking about hall of fame for francona?
10:52 pm
>> since he was hired, last four years, most wins in the league. >> he has a long ways to go, but what he's doing right now is very impressive. the way the kids respond to him is incredible. the heart of the order did their thing. to go home runs, eight hits, five rbis. that's lindor, kipnis. >> when the mound you are going to win. they have a 3-1 world series lead looking to wrap it up tomorrow at wrigley. but we're not done. alex rodriguez says the cubs aren't done either. he'll tell you why they've got a shot. >> i'm pumped. oh, man. ...and his pants ignited into flames,
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
>> cool shot above wrigley field. a lot of sad cubs fans leaving snide, they had nothing to cheer about. the first inning they did, and nothing after that. gorgeous night in chicago, but this indians team on the verge of a world series championship. tomorrow night they will send it to trevor bauer to have a chance to do it for them and of course the cubs wouldn't want it in anybody else's hands other than jon lester, and he will be the guy to come back from a 3-1 world series it's happened before, royals in '85, pirates, tigers, yankees, pirates again. so it has happened. of course these teams coming back with the cubs obviously have a lot of work to do. again, you start with this, alex. the ace on the mound tomorrow. what do you guys think, cubs dead? >> i think the cubs are in a good place. if you take away the two runs in
10:56 pm
away. 103 games, two-time world champion at ace on the mound tomorrow, jon lester against trevor bauer. the bandage cubs. you win that game you have jake arrieta and josh tomlin. game seven, pete, you're on your own. facing kluber. >> i think you asked how may times have the cubs won wone games this year. more importantly have they lost three games in a row this year. i agree with you, jon lester will pitch a good game tomorrow night. mentally they have to deal with jon lester and jake arrieta. as far as game 7, they have to get there. the way i look at it, they are in a desperate situation tomorrow, all hands on deck. they have to win a baseball game, they can't be perfectly plan. if jon lester doesn't pitch well in three or four, they have to go straight to jake arrieta and down the line.
10:57 pm
and you get there. but tomorrow is do-or-die. >> that is the beauty of having legitimate number 1 and somebody who has brought the gold in the past. >> the cubs, they have lost three in a row atome only twice this year, last in july. hasn't happened a lot. that's for sure. remember, the indians got to lester in game >> the cubs have turned the fans around a little bit. i don't think the fans, when at home run was hit, the three-run home run was hit in the ninth, the air went out of the stadium. you could feel it. >> i think the cubs will feel good about trevor bauer. >> struggling on offense, though. all hands on deck with the pitching staff. they have to hold this game to one or two runs.
10:58 pm
call them in, you have to win tomorrow. >> you think of it goes 7, fox will give you a raise next year? is that what you are hoping for? >> you bet! >> oh, my goodness. in that case, let's go to game 7. >> we would like that, but it is serious tomorrow. >> the cubs are on the doorstep of being eliminated, and the indians are one win away from bringing the world series championship back to when we come back, our favorite moments from the bolt. you don't want to miss this, i am told.
10:59 pm
>> that's into center. here comes fowler.
11:00 pm
high drive into right, back at the wall, this game is tied! bryant, save! here comes a run to the plate! 2-1, cleveland! high, drive into right, at the wall, it is gone! kipnis, a three-run shot. the indians are now up three games to on >> that's what it looked like and sounded like on social media tonight. welcome back to our set outside of the center field gate at wrigley field. well, one of our favorite segments with come across is called from the vault. i'm told it is the best one yet.


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