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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 21, 2015 4:00am-5:00am CDT

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cancer. also tonight, candidate in waiting biden is not waiting to go after the front-rner >> we've had two great secretaries of state. but when i go they know i am speakingor t president. a black motorist breaks down on a florida highw and ends up dead, shot by a cop. and we'll go "back to the future." >> wednesday, october 21,015. >> because the future is about to arrive. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." we begin this morning with a story that could affect virtually every woman. the american cancer society has revised its guelines for screening for breast cancer. a disease that kills 40,000 american women every year. it now says that women should get their first mammogram years later than previously recommended.
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we asked our dr. jon lapook what's behind the change. >eady? >> no. >> reporter: ready or not today, 49ear-old kimberly taylor finally got her first mammogram. >> i really took the adve of the doctor first in consideration. but it was very confusing. >> reporter: in recent years medical groups disagreed about en to start screening and how often to do it.. a major task force suggest mammography every other year starting at 50. the amican cancer sociy previously recommended annual screening beginnat 40. toy's new guidelines recommend women of avevege risbe screened annually starti at 45, then every two years starting at 55. dr. kevioeffinger, of memorial sloan kettering chaired the panel. >> wthought that annual mammography gave us oubest
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premature mortality as well as balancing out what the potential harms associated with mammography. >> reporter: those harms include false alarms leading to unnecessary biopsies and surgery. timated lifetime risk of dying from breast cancer is 2.7% with no screening. and 1.8% to 1.9% with today's guidelines. cancer society left room for screening women younger than 45. >> between 40 and 44, breast cancer is less common. there is still the risk for a false positive. we thought that need to be an informed shared decisi between the woman and health care provider. >> reporter: women in higher risk groups would need more aggressive screening depending upon severity of the risk. but for routine screening today's guidelines narrow th gap between caer society and major task force advising the government. better consensus may lessen the rrent confusion. >> jon lapook. thank you, doctor. unusual number of rare cancers has centers for disease control investigating in a community outside st. louis, missouri. and vinita nair is following
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that. >> never forget the moment they tell you, we found lesions on your lung and liver. >> reporter: mary osckso has stage 4 lung cancer. met in her backyard with six of her neighbors, a of who live in the st. louis suburbs. every one of these people either s cancerr lost a parent or child to it. >> it was just loaded with kids and young famies. >> we'll all played outside. ayed flashlight tag, kick the can. >> reporter: their neighborhood park is padldlked whe army corps of engineers removes low level radioactive waste discovered beneath the topsoil. >> in this area here. >> reporter: janelle wright was one of the firsteighbors who noticed common illnesses when former classmates started reconnection on facebook. >> if we did not have social media we would never put the pieces together. >> reporter: the group put together the map showing 2,700 instances of cancer, auto immune disorders and brain and
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>> within a six house radius, i knew four people with brain ncer one a child and one a young professor. i just thought that is really odd. >> reporter: the area where they lived is called north county which includes hazelwood and florisent, and coldwater creek runs through the toinz. for two decades, two sites were used to store radio active waste from america's nuclear weapons program. the waste came from st. louis's mallinckrodt chemical company which the government hired to press uranm. tens of thousand of barrels of nuclear waste, many open to the elements. contaminated the soil in the nearby creek. >> what you see is an environmental healthisaster unfolding slowly over decades. >> reporter: county health director, dr. fasil kahn, says identifying a true cancer cluster is very difficult. but he says what's happening in north county needs long term stud >> the rates of appendix cancer,
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relatively rare, we see 800 cases across the natatn, year wide. to find seven or eight cases in one zip code or geographic area is rher unusual. >> reporter: currently engineers are testing the rest of the 15-mile creek. it will take years to be completed. years mary oscksksdoesn't have. >> my husband and i sit down at night and have discussions on do i want to be cremated or buried the i don'want to be buried in north county. thatat one thing iold him. i do not want to be e ried where the soil is. >> several residents filed a class action lawsuit against mallinckrodt and other companies that handled uranium. it is early in the proce and mamainckrodt tells us the company worked und the direction of the u.s. government and at no time did mallinckrodt own any uranium forbyproducts. the ato commiion that hired the companieso longer exists so we are seeking comment from
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the depapament of energy. scott, w w will continue to vol low this story. vinita nair. canada took a left turn last night. justin trudeau and the liberal party rode in on aandslide. the neprime minister is the son of pierre trudeau who held the job from the '60s to t '80s. justin trudeau is 43. he ran on promises to tackle clime change. boost the economy and legalize marijuan if you are ever late for a plane, don't do this. a security camera caught mark remar runnnng on to the tarmac in denver in august as his plane backed out. it looks like he tried to talk the tug driver into stopping the plane. remar might be explaining he was trying to get to his high school reunion. instead he was united th police. and yesterday, he was sentenced to two years probation.
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catch a space ship, caused major movie ticket web sites tcrash. here is what's launched them. last night, the new trailer for "star wars: the force awakens," was released. and fandango got eight times more traffic than ever. the movie doesn't open until december 18th. >> in a moment, a movie prophecy that may bring home to long suffering cucu' fans. almo sixty million americans are affected by mental illness. together we can help them with three sime words. my name is chris noth
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today, the u.s. and russia agaged on ways to keep their war planes separated over syria. the agreement species common radio frequencies and sets up a hotline between the forces. the u.s. and russia are supporting opposite sides in the syan civil war. thousand of refugees fleeing that war and the war in afghanistan are now being pursued winter. in eastern europe many are straed in slovenia, cold, hungry, after croatia and hungary closed their borders. the refugees' destination is western europe. desperate parents are now breaking up their families to save their children. charlie d'agata reports that 15,000 k ks have applied for refuge in sweden.
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>> reporter: the ferry from germany broke through the gloom of a thick morning f leaving behind the heavy shroud of danger and uncertainty among the w arrivals are a record number of teenagers traveling on their own. in sweden, children who qualify for asylum are granted residency, $275 a month, an education and place to live. so many have arrived this school has now become a transit center, a hangout for some of the thousand of adolescenton their own from afghanistan and syria. some are barely teenagers like omar wahibbi from damascus. 13 years old? >> yeah. >> reporter: you came yourself alone? >>es. >> reporter: omar told us his parents made the decision when the war wouldn't let up.
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they said at least in sweden, he wouldn't die. >> translator: my mother was crying, she said, she was upset i was leaving. do you remember the last thing your motr and father said when you left? they said i should go, he told us, and they hope one day to see me in sweden. for many, that's the aim. to be granted asylum and thehe bring their familili over too. matilda brinck larsen is the social worker who runs the transit center. she says many of the children are traumatized when they arve. >> if someone puts his eyes on me, i have to put my papers away and sit for a minute.. anshare his story. and even if we don't have the same language, he can speak to me. with his eyes. with his expressions. >> reporter: she and her colleagues are trying to give them hope for a better future.
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yeah. >> reporter: that is a big dream. >> yes. >> reporter: because of the increased numbers, scott, the asylum process can now take re than a year. they stay in transit centers for a number of weeks before they're sent to empty nursing homes like one weep visited or foster homes. but sweden is struggling to keep up with the demand. >> remarkable story. charlie d'agata reporting from swede tune night. charlie,hank you. today in the holyland, a palestinian aimed his car at a crowded bus stop and thehetried to stab israelis he was shot and killed. the renewed violence broke out a month ago after false rumors that israel was taking over jerusam's holiest islamic site. some of the palestiniansns attackers are children and barry peterson spoke with the father of one of them. reporter: the video enflamed palestinians and shocked many israelis, a wounded palestinian boy in the street. an israeli man screams, die, die.
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him. it started when 13-year-old ahmed manashra and his cousin, hassan, armed withnives, chased israelis on the street t seriously wounding a 13-year-old jewish boy. hassan ran at police and was shot dead. ahmed was hit by an israeli patrol vehicle fell, stunned. badly wounded. but his father, won't believe his son is a terrorist.. if the israelis say your son did this, will you believe them? >> no, he says, i will not beeve them. he is a child. >> reporter: in his first american television interview, manashra talked of a youngster who sleeps on a tom and jerry pillow. what did you feel as a father? >> my heart broke when high heard it. he said. he is just a child. even if you see a dog or a cat, injured in the street, you help them. i don't understand how the israelis think.
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ahmed was hospitalized by the israelis, he is nowen their custody. and denying he tried to stab anyone. scott, he is so far, the youngest palestinian involved in these attacks over the last several weeks. >> barry peterson in jerusalem for us tonight. barry, thanks. in politics, vice president joe biden sounded more like a presidential candidatealking up his foreign poly credentials, doing some rewriting of his own history, and ring a shot over the bow of the democratic front-runner. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: the vice president never mentioned hillary clinton by nam but it was all too clear the comparison he was making when he said this about his stature overseas. >> i will get sent to go speak to putin or go speak to who ever, because the secretary of state, we have had two great secretaries of state.
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but when i go they know that i am speaking for the president. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, biden alluded to clinton's joke at last week's debate that republicans are her enemies. >> i still have a lot of republican friend. i don'think my chief enemys the republican party. >> reporter: clinton may not be his chief enemy, but she is his biggest obstacle. a new national poll out today has clinton leading a third place biden by 38 points. today, he left her out of his story about the raid on osama bin laden's compound in 2011. clinton always claimed she was a strong proponent. but not ind by any telling of it. >> there are only two people who were definitive. and were absolutely certain. leon panettaaid go. and, and bob gat has already publicly said, don't go. >> reporter: back in 2012, biden admitted he argu against the id. >> mr. president, my suggestion is don't go.
4:17 am
have to do two more things to see if he is there. >> reporter: but today he told a different story. >> i told them my opinion. i thought he suld go. follow his own itincts. >> it is possible biden is trying to tweak his role in the pivotal decision in advance of a presidential run. scott, even president obama said publicly the vice president was skeptical about the operation that killed bin laden. cbs news will bring you the next presidential debate with or without biden, from drake university, saturday, november 14th, at 9:00 eastern time. the debate will not include former senator jim webb of virginia. he dropped out of the race today. webb is considering running as an independent. a stranded motorist is shot to death by a cop. and w the family is demanding
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>> early sunday morning a car broke down on a florida highway. the driver called for help. as he waited, an undercover police officer pulled up. the motorist wound up dead. shot by the cop. mark strassmann has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: cory jones s sn't confrontational his family says. he was practically raised in church.
4:21 am
gale banks his aunt. >> anything you ed cory would be there. if you needed a shirt. he would givee you his shirt. he would be cold just to keep you warm. jones needed a tow truck early last sunday morning. the 31-year-old city employee moonlighted as a drummer and was returning home from a gig when his car broke down on an exit ramp along i-95. he called, band mate mat huntsberger for help. >> i left him. he was like. gave me a high five. he said thank you. thanks for helping me out. comi out of your way. >>eporter: some time at 3:00 a.m., 38-year-old officer, noumananaja arrived. the palm beach guarders police department said in a facebook statement it has since deleted, said, nouman raja on duty in plain clothes capacity in an unmarked police vehicle stopped to investigate what he believed was an abandoned vehicle. as the the officer exited his vehicle, he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject. as a result of the
4:22 am
discharged his firearm resulting in the death of the subject. officer raja was not wearing a bobo camera and cruiser had no dashboard came. he joined the force six month as go. police say they did find a handgun at the scene where jones was killed and records show she had bought it three days earlier. the officer involved remai on administrative leave, scott, while a separate police agency investigates the shooting. >> mark strassmann tonight.
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jim axelrod with a movie whose time has come. >> reporter: after his wedding day and the day his daughter was born. >> october 21, 2015. >> reporter: tomorrow has always been theheost important day on bob gale's calendar. exactly what you expect from writer and co-producer of back to the future movies. what is your relationship with the day on the calendar. >> forev a ever, it's known as become to the future day. how great is that? >> reporter: the trilogy traveled pas present, future in a delorean. michael j. fox's marty mcfly visited the future was well tomorrow, some things gale and his team got right. don't these look just like
4:27 am
google glasses? isn't that skyping on a flat screen tv? >> how is it hanging, mcfly? >>n yourind what's the coolest thing you got right? >> the coolest thing that is happening is the hover board thing. the hover board thing was a total flight of fancy. every kid in the world wanted one. now we hav they have a magnetic hover board now. >> reporter: on the other hand not a smartphone in sight. but fax machines they're everywhere. fax machin? >> yeah, yeah, we blew that. they were so ubiquitous when we wrote it. >> reporter: while there is no jaws 19, and no black & decker hydrator, bob gale predicted something no one oside of chicago ever would he. >> cubs win world series. >> reporter: as of tonight the dream of getting that prediction right is still alive. >> the cubs might get in the world series. they might win it. that is absolutely nuts. >> iis. >> and you love it? >> of course, how could you not love it? >> reporter: three decades ago,
4:28 am
future for all to see. >> one of the things that kind of gave us permission to let our mind go wild was to say, look, we know we are going to get this wrong. because nobody ever gets it right. >> reporter: n n with the future officially upon us, his vision made a movie that is positively timeless. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. that's the "cbs overnight news" for th wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check ba with us a little later on the "morning news" and "cbs this morning." from the broadcast center in new
4:29 am
york city, i'm scott pelley. captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, october 21st, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." congressman pl ryan says he is ready to run for house speaker, but he says he'll only go for the job if conservive lawmakers abide by his request. vice president joe biden shows signs he may be enterin the white house race by contrasting himself to hillary clinton, but this morning, questions about his s le in the raid that killed blk osama bin laden. >> one win away. the new york mets and kansas city royals can punch their ticket to the world series with victories tonight. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. thanks for joining us.
4:30 am
paul ryan's message to fellow house republicans was to the highway -- meet my conditions and i'll run for speaker, otherwise, find another candidate. this morning, the gop caucus is considering his terms. ryan is a reluctant candidate but nally agreed to run if he is backed by all factions of the party. brook silva-braga is in new york with the latest. >> reporter: the republicans have been desperate to find someone to replace john boehner. kevin mccarthy of california abruptly dropped his bid to be speaker when can became clear some republicans wouldn't support him but findin anyone with broad gopupport has been difficult, at least until last night. it's not a job he wanted, but wisconsin congressman paul ryan now says he is willing to run for speaker of the house. helping fill the leadership vacuum left by outgoing speaker john boehner. >> i came to the conclusion this
4:31 am
not just for congress and the republican party but for our our country j. >> reporter: the announcement came after he spoke in a qlofed door meeting on tuesday setting several conditions for tag the job. he wants to change house rules to make it harder to be removed as speakernd spend much less time fund-raising than boehner did. >> i cannot and will not give up family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers, but i've pledged to try to make up for it with more te communicating ouvision, our house message. >> reporter: jason chaffetz is amon those rally behind ryan and says he'll give up his own xap for the spot. >> i'm out and i'm in with paul. is the right person at the right time. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> we need someone that can represent the american people and not special interests. that is what john boehner's problem was. >> reporter: ryan sans he'll make a decision in the coming days based on o last
4:32 am
groups must all pledge support. daniel webster says he still plans to run for speaker and he is backed by the conservative house freedom ucus, which is one of the groups ryan says must promise support before he formally enters the race. >> brook silva-braga in new york, thank you. now to politics. vice president joe biden is expected any day now to flounce his run for president and sounding more like a candidate. speaking at a forum in washingt, biden too some not so subtle shots at his contender hillary clinton and said last night during the debate. >> i don't think my chief economy is the replican party. this is a matter of you know, maki things work. >> reporter: a new national poll finds clinton leading biden by
4:33 am
38 points. w biden said he argued to wait in front of other advisors in the situation room but that when he and the president were alone, he offered a different opinn. >> as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i said, i told him my opinion, that i thought he should go but follow his own instincts. >> reporter: biden also said he was one of the few people in the administtion who knew about bin lan's hideout in paecket about a year before the ra. one less democratic candidate this morning. former senator jim webb dropped out of the race yesterday. webb said he is considering how he might remain as a voice in the campaign, asked if he still considers himself a democrat, webb said, we will think about that coming up on the "morning coming up on "cbs this morning," republicans take on whether vice president will run and gayle speaks with new jersey governor and candidate chris
4:34 am
bashar assad is in moscow this morning. he met with vladimir putin to discuss the situation in syria. meanwhile, the united states and russia signed a memorial day to consider air safety over syria. said they would follow specific protocols and establish communications lin on e ground. justin trudeau said he performed president obama esday hours after his stunning canada victory. police in albuquerque, new mexico, are searching for the suspect in a deadly road rage incident involving a child. they say a year-old girl was shot and killed tuesday inside a car on a by interstate. her parents were also inside but were not injured. it's not clear what sparked the shooting. >> i seen tragic loss of children in car crashes.
4:35 am
to me, this is one of those crimes which is unexplainable. >> police closed the interstate four hours while they searched for evidence. they have not released a description of the suspect's car. potentially dangerous wet weather is sweeping across the southwest. a storm system is bringing heavy rain from new mexico into texas. flooding triggered a dramatic scene tuesday in phoenix. firefighters rescued a woman whose minivan became trapped in fast moving flood water. in southern california, crews cleaning up storm damage tuesday made a grim discovery. they found a man's body in a minuty van buriednder six feet of mud. more than 100 cars and trucks got stuck during the morning. a reward is bng offered this morning about a string of church fires near st. louis.
4:36 am
proposly black creaonsongregations. the american kansas city society says women should start mammograms later in life and get fewer. the group says women with average risk of breast cancer should start annual screenings at 45, not 40 and recommends screenings every two years starting at 55. >> from 45 on, we felt that annual mammography gave us our best chance of both reducing premature mortality as well as balloted out the harms of ma'am graem. >> those harms include false positives leading to unnecessary surgery. >>comingng up on the "morning news." art scam. a squatatter in a multimillion dollar mansion is busted foror
4:37 am
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new "star wars" movie made its bay due las night during "monday night football." big story. yeah, "star wars" fans called it a glimpse into the franchise and football fans called it the stupidest beer commercial they have ever seen. disney dayebutin the trailing for the new "star wars" movie. on the cbs moneywash a car service app is celebrating a sci-fi favorite with a cool ride. and a settlement in the sony breach. hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> reporter: sony pictures will
4:40 am
in an effort to derail the north korea an comic "the interview" hackers released thousands. they blame north korea. former and current employees will get up to $11,000 apiece. yahoo! wants to tap into google's expertise and internet search and advertising to try and boost revenue. the justice department threatened to block a previous tempt to team up in 2008. this still must be approved by anti-trust regular blatteorsregulators. shares of electric carmaker tesla crashed after consumer reports stopped recommending the tesla model. the issue is reliability. the recommendation change came
4:41 am
series of problem with the tesla car including squeaking and trouble with the car's door. tesla shares finished over 6.5%. fan? you know today, october 2t, 2015 is the day marty comes to the future in "back to the future ii." a chance for a 15-minute ride in a delorean like the one used in the movie. passengers will used with the car's based. >> the cars will not be going 88 miles an hour because they could get a tict and some other stuff might happen. hena daniels at the new york ock exchange, thanks a lot, he. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will see which predictions "back to the future
4:42 am
ii" actually got right. police in san francisco arrested an alled squatter they say stole art that has been for sale f years. they say jeremiah kaylor was living in a guest home without water or electricity. they say the art from the home worth $3,000 were stolen. >> we have one for sure recovered and we are following bunch of investigative leads for the other remains paintsings. >> police arrested kaylor and say they found a shipping crate he used to pack the paintings. coming up, a missing student is found. we will shoal you how an app helped track down the man. re a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that?
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if you can't puta feeling into words, why try? philips sonica leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, makingt the most loved electric toothbrush brand by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. his paner in the housing bureau were involved in a shoot-o with a suspect. the suspect was wounded in the leg and captured several blos away. the shooting shutown traffic
4:45 am
on new york's upper east side for hours. take a look at this leap of faith. a man holding his cat jumps from the prowl of a sailboat on to a nearby vessel. this happens off the coast of alaska on tuesday. the sair and cat are doing okay. an iphone app saves missing student's life and a supreme court justice weighs in on the death penay. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. theinneapolis star tribune reports on supreme court justice an toneus scalia words about punishnt. he wouldn't be surprised to see the high court strike down the death punishment. the san jose mercury news reports on more than 80 people suffering from food poisoning. twelve victims required intensive care treatment at the hospital.
4:46 am
bacteria and traced to san marcos seafood restaurant. the teenager arrested in school for a homemade clock is moving. he and his family will moor to qatar. they introduced tuesday they have accepted a foundation to pay for thechild's high school and college in that country. he says that he was a mugging victim. his fraternity brothers started looking for him and used the app to pinpoint him. >> we found him. we were all so happy and put our coats over him. it was an incredible sight to see and just overwhelming. >> reporter: hubert was severely beaten but will survive.
4:47 am
people say the thanks go to the students who did not give up on their friend. the "los angeles times" reports on bob barker's recovery today after falling on a los angeles sidewalk. he tripped and fell and hitting his head on the pavement. the 91-year-old was treated for a cut on his head and a scrape on his leg. barker required stitches for his head injury but he was able to walk out of the hospital on his own. the denver post repor on sentencing for the man who tried to stop a flight on an airport runway. mark ramar rann to the tar mark in augt in denver so he could get to his high school's 40th reunion in ohio. he was given probation and 100 hours of community service. straight ahead, spreading their wings. dozens of sky drivers break a
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> here's a look at tay's forecast in some cities around the country. the mets have not won a world series since 1986. the cubs haven't won since 1908. two perennial losers. it's like -- it's like rocky fighting sea biscuit. game three between the mets and cubs last night at wrigley field chicago. daniel murphy making history on thursday. he homered in his fifth straight playoff game tying a major league record. new york goes ahead for good in the sixth on a passed ball out. the mets could claim their first peant since 2000 tonight. kansas city takes game four
4:50 am
the roya can wrap it up tonight. the seattle seahawks play their next game right here on cbs tomorrow night. d they are hoping running back fred jackson will be in the lineup. jackson was not hurt when his corvette crashed just outside the team's practice facility on tuesday. police shot down reports that he was street racing, but authorits say jackson was traveling at a high rate of speed when he lostontrol of left out of three separate planes before forming the mileigh diamond. pretty impressive. coming up after ur local news on "cbs this morning," best selling author john grisham. i'm an-marie green. and this is the "cbs morning news."r shoes when you're sick. oy car electric motor] [toy car horn beeping]
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hey, doc, we better back up. we don't have enough road to get to up 88. >> roads? where we are going, we don't need roads. >> oh, it was a dream when "back to the future" was first released in 1985, but, sadly, we are still driving and we are not flying our cars around. the iconic time travel tlogy envisioned a sorts of new tj and products. today the future is upon us. jim axelrod looks at what the movie got right and what it got wrong. >> reporter: after his wedding day and the day his daughter was born. >> wednesday, october 21, 2015. >> reporter: always always been the most important day on bob gayle's calendar. what you expect from the write and coproducer of "the back to the future" movies. what is your relationship with the day on this calendar. >> reporter: for ever and ever it will be known as the back to
4:53 am
how great is that? >> reporter: sometimes gayle and his team got right. don't these look just like google glasses and isn't that skyping on a flat-screen tv? in your mind, what is the coolest thing you got right? >> the coolest thing that is happing is the hover board thing. the hover board thing was a total flight advance. every kid in the world wanted one and now we have that. >> reporter:n the other hand, there is not a smartphone in sight but fax machines, they are everywhere! fax machines? >> yeah. yeah. we blew that. they were so u big wasubiquitous when we wrote that. >> reporter: cubs win world series.
4:54 am
getting that prediction right is still alive. >> the cubs might get in the world series and they might win it. >> reporter: that's absolutely nuts! >> it is. >> reporter: and you love it. >> of course! how could you not lov it? >> reporter: three decades ago, bob gayle took a stab at the future for all to see. >> one of the things they gave us perssion to let our minds go wild was to say, look. we know we are going to get this wrong, because nobody ever gets it right. >> reporter: now with the future officially upon us, h vision made a movie that positively is time capsule. jim axelro cbs news, new york. >> all of geekdom will be fact checking today. the duchess sat next to chins xi jinping at buckingham policy and the most prominent position for a member of the royal family after the queen.
4:55 am
kate wore a tierra known as lotus flowe which was once owned by the queen mother and she wore it well! that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday.
4:56 am
have a great day. cbs 2 this morning...the shocking moments leading up to an officer involved shooting
4:57 am
that left one man dead -- and
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