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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  October 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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harreld.the member said yesterday that they may have "dropped the ball" when they decided to hire bruce harreld as the next university of iowa president. he said it may have appeared as though there was a bias from the beginning for harreld - but today, regents president bruce rastetter said there was nothing unusual about his hiring.he said other candidates were recruited and came to campus before the selection process began. "yes, bruce harreld also came to campus and bruce harreld wanted to do additional diligence work beyond what some of the other candidates did. which i would view as good. when he watned to talk to governor branstad to find out if there would continue to be increases in funding for the university of iowa, that's a good sign. rastetter said the negativity surrounding the appointment of harreld is troubling because it's not even close to the reality of what happened. the board stands behind harreld, saying they hope he makes the school proud and they are continuing their call, urging the community to give him a chance.
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chance.a lot of people are talking about this one on our facebook page - we'd love to hear what you think.just head to kgan cbs 2. also right now - the university is focusing on an issue that's been happening more on college campuses. starting monday, students will be asked to take a survey on sexual misconduct. the online survey will ask students about issues like harassment, dating violence, sexual violence and stalking. the survey was created by sexual assault and student affairs professionals after the white house developed a task force to protect students. sadly this year alone there will be an average of 406-suicides - the department of public health is coming out with a plan to try and reduce that number.the goal is to get that average down by ten percent by 20-18.the ultimate goal is to keep *anyone from taking their lives. lives.we know you might want to read the plan.just go to our website - cbs 2 iowa dot
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com. a scary reminder to keep your cars locked at night, three marion teens are under arrest - caught after trying to use stolen credit cards. police say the teens broke into cars in solon a while ago and took the cards.the trio was picked up yesterday after security video showed them trying to pass the stolen cards. all three now face burglary and theft charges. a shift has come in the republican field for president. as of this morning, doctor ben carson leads donald trump among iowa voters. right now, carson has 28- percent support while trump has slipped to 20-percent. that means, in just a month, carson gained seven percent more iowans than he had - and trump lost six-percent. trump is still topping one list - he leads the pack with 30-percent of iowans who say they would definitely *not support him for the g-o-p nomination. democratic front-runner hillary clinton is on capitol
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hill right now - still answering questions this evening about the deadly attacks on the u-s consulate in benghazi. "i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together." together."lawmakers are asking clinton to exexain lapses that took place in benghazi while she was secretary of state. this comes as democrats *and republicans argue whether the investigation into benghazi is using the deaths of americans to undermine clinton's presidential campaign. be sure to tune in every week for cbs2's iowa in takes you through the political news of the week, with in-depth analysis and stories about the campaign season you won't see anywhere else.tune in to iowa in focus, sunday mornings at 10:30 on cbs 2. now let's check in with justin roberts to see what's coming down the line in our weather first
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this week will be one of the last times you see the asian elephant under the big top - here in cedar rapids.the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus plans to end elephant acts by 2 news reporter steffi lee takes
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a look lookat where the animals will go when they retire. retire. averaging six thousand pounds... pounds... "elephants are such big, gentle, beautiful creatures." the iconic asian elephant acts performing in the greatest show on earth... earth...will soon stop taking the stage under the big top. top. "it's kind of hard to travel these elephants from city to city."by 2018 - it will be the end of an era for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. circus. "because even if you atthink of those iconic posters for the circus, an elephant and the tiger are the two animals that you first think of."some call it cruel. cruel. "i'm not entertained by watching an animal go by in a cage or walk down the street where it's not natural."but ringmaster andre mcclain says those concerns will be put to rest. rest. "taking the elephants off the road - there might actually be a cure for cancer." after working for more than a century with the asian elephants - andre says it's about connecting the animals to health rather than purely enetertainment. t. "it should be natural, it
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should be in the wild."instead of bringing the graceful, giant creatures on tour - ringling will care for the elephants at the center for elephant conservation. conservation."with ringling being the largest population of asian elephants, what better place to figure this out than with the ringling bros and barnum and bailey circus." circus."it's about evolving. evolving. "with the costumes, with the performers" performers" "i think it's wonderful especially because you don't want an animal to be put in danger to to become extinct for entertainment value."covering the corridor cr, steffi lee, cbs 2 news live at five. coming up on live at 5...a car for just one-buck? it's happening! and you can help choose the winner. winner.meanwhile, this is a live look over i-380 near north liberty as drivers head home tonight, look at those beautiful fall colors. more live at five in just two
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together
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a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it.
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great news for iowa's unemployment's dropped to three point six percent - that's a lot lower than the national average. and many trending tonight, the country is cheering for julia. julia isthe newest sesame street character.she has bright orange hair and big green eyes. julia also has autism. she's the latest creation from the sesame street workshop and offers those living with autism or know someone who is, a character they can relate to - and perhaps break down
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great news for iowa's unemployment's dropped to three point six percent - that's a lot lower than the national average. and many manufacturing companies in the corridor say they *still have hundreds of open jobs open each year- but can't find trained workers to fill them. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is live right now at an event that aims to inspire people to choose manufacturing. mellaney? tonight at kirkwood community college there are 15 booths related to manufacturing. that's 15 opportunities to learn about what's made here in the corridor and how to be a part of it. it.kirkwood staff say they work with a lot of local manuracturers who talk about how difficult it is to find skilled work.they say when people think about manufacturing...they think of
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what the industry looked like years ago.manufacturing is cleaner and more high tech than it used to be and something that can be made into a career.they say they have to compete nationally for workers.kirkwood's advancing the future tour is one way to promote the industry and local programs to get help here. they want people to realize that in order to continue to move forward and grow within our region, manufacturers play a key part in that. thth.if you would like to learn about the list of companies here interested in meeting potential workers, we have resources for you on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news live at five. do you know somebody who needs a new car? how'd you like to be able to give a deserving person a car - for just one dollar? it can happen! happen!cbs 2 news reporter joy howe is here to tell us how. anderson automotive in marion is once again rolling out its program called "wheels to prosper." so think about who you know,
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who deserves and really needs a new car - and we'll show you how you can help them get it. ((nats in garage))at anderson automotive in marion((nats)) they like to fix things. we really enjoy helping people out.make them run smoothly again. i mean, that's just like repairing people's cars here, trying to be as honest as we can this, is a car, that's part of a program. wheels to prosper has been a really good thing jim started to kind of help people out and kind of give back each year, jim anderson, his wife terri and their whole crew get together for "wheels to prosper." they take a car, fix it up, and give it away for just one dollar. in the past, it's been surprises. the person who's receiving it, they don't even know why they're here from pkg "it's yours for a dollar))and then, viola, it happens. year, it was a mom, whose car had a tree fall on it - and her friends and family told the andersons.we just love hearing their story and how they try so hard. it gives somebody the opportunity who's
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been kind of kicked down a little bit, the chance to get back on their feet. there's one catch - you can't nominate yourself. they'll think 'no, i don't deserve that, somebody else does.' those are the people who really, truly deserve it. ((nats of beeping)) just give us a little bit about what the person's about, who they are and how we can help them out and we'll make our decision from there the guys who fix things for a living... really you can tell that we picked the right person tend to make the right decision.if there's someone who's always willing to help others, even when they're down in the dumps they deserve something to help them get somewhere else in life, you know? submit your nominations to anderson automotive - either through their website or handwritten, but they need to be postmarked by this tuesday, the 26th. *we will announce the winner -you'll *only* see it right here on cbs2 next friday,
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october 30th! still ahead live at five... christmas is just a couple months away, and you can make the difference in helping someone in need celebrate a happy holiday. the new way the salvation army is celebrating the red kettle campaign. this is a live look over williams boulevard in cedar rapids - looks like a relatively easy commute. there's more news ahead when live at 5 continues on cbs 2.
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it's only october - but if you
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have christmas on your mind - you're not alone. it's not too early to be thinking about helping others have a happy holiday. cbs 2 news anchor scott sanborn joins us live right now to tell us about a *fall christmas party that helps those in need. scott? karen, as you know, parties happen all the time, especially around the holidays--but the one we're talking about today provides an opportunity for you to really make a difference in peoples' lives. joining me is major paul logan from the cedar rapids salvation army. paul, everyone is familiar with the army's red kettle campaign--but this year you're launching it in a very
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way...thursday november, 12th november, 12th doors open at 6:30program begins at 7cedar rapids mariott 1200 collins road northeast northeastroad 1200 collins
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thanks scott, "now, here's a live look at the pentacrest justin will have your final
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and now a final look at your forecast. forecast.
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this . coverage >> pelley: the battle over benghazi, the chairman versus the secretary. >> i don't know what this line of questioning does to help us get to the bottom of the death of four americans. >> i'll be happy to help you understand that, madam
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