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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  October 22, 2015 10:35pm-11:37pm CDT

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right now on cbs 2 news ten at ten."you can't try for change unless you also measure."the new effort the university of iowa is making to combat sexual assault on campus. persidential candidate's controversial tweet that have some in iowa saying sore loser.
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loser.and..."those of us who still make things have a lot of pride in that."the push to attract more people to manufacturing careers in the corridor., the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. administrators at the university of iowa take a new step to eliminate sexual misconduct on campus. as part of a national initiative to protect students from sexual assault, the school will now administer a survey asking students to be honest about their knowledge of the university's policies and procedures. 2 news reporter dora miller is live at the university of iowa with the latest. on monday, the online survey will be available...but we wanted to know where students currently stand on this issue issue the university of iowa wants to get inside its student's they know what to do if sexual misconduct happens on their campus? campus? "a basic understanding , i guess." guess.""i know they send out email alerts every time
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someone does report an assault, but it really doesn't tell you what to do if you see it happening or if it happens to you." you." "i feel like i could probably google it and find out who to go to if i was sexually assaulted or wanted to report something that happened, but off the top of my head i don't know."not leaders want to hear... hear..."you can't try for change unless you also measure."the goal of a new survey -- which will be released next week -- is to give the university a better idea of students' needs. needs."we know that sexual misconduct is a terribly underreported crime, but what we don't know is what the true incidence is and this survey will help us establish that." that.""i think it's important to report things like that, otherwise they keep happening." happening." "the emails and that kind of thing help a lot with that. it seems less stigmatized then it is, like at other schools."and u-i -- like other schools -- will use a few questions to give students a chance to speak out. out. "with that information
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we'll be able to better tune our efforts to prevent sexual misconduct and support survivors." all responses to the survey will be anonymous...and they plan to release the results in spring.covering the corridor in iowa city, dora miller cbs 2 news ten at ten police at the univererty of northern iowa are investigating the third sexual assault to happen that campus this happened early monday morning in a campus dorm room. room.sigma phil epsilon held an event in cedar falls earlier today, to help educate future college students on how to overcome the violence and help those affected by sexual assault. a member of the state board of regents now says the board d y have "dropped the ball" when it picked bruce harreld to be the university of iowa's next president. cbs 2 news has been following every angle of bruce harreld's selection for months. months.subhash sahai says the hire appeared to be biased from the beginning. board of regents president bruce
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rastetter says there was nothing unusual about hiring harreld.bruce harreld takes
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with more of the corridor's top stories.'re taking a live look at the u-s capitol where the benghazi hearings wrapped up late tonight. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was in the hot seat for 11-hours over the attacks that killed four americans. americans.lawmakers say they are trying to get truth about what happened.others accuse republicans of trying to derail clinton's presidential campaign. campaign.senior political correspondent scott thuman has the story you will only see on cbs two news. news. "i understand some people, frankly in both parties, have suggested this investigation about you. let me assure you, it is not!"focus or not, hillary clinton's testimony the most anticipated in perhaps years. specifically, over why ambassador chris stevens' requests for added security, were ignored."i did
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them, i did not approve them." clinton's emails, again under this case, a lack of emails that might provide answerer say some republicans."if you were in my office at the state department, i didn't have a computer in there. (butt to) "i didn't conduct my business primarily on email"democrats on the committee, decried this as nothing more than a way to ruin clinton's campaign for president."everyone on the panel knows these accusations are baseless"they've even put up a rolling tab for the committee's spending, somewhere just under 5 million dollars they claim.the committee to investigate benghazi has been active now for almost a year and a half, longer than watergate and won't end with clinton's testiony."nats bickering between gowdy & cummings"the members, often fighting with each other, more than clinton. though there were plenty of those moments as well--like this exchange over the administration's initial stance as to what prompted the
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was prioritized above truth. "we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with the video, why didn't you just speak plain to the american people?""i did, i'm sorry it doesn't fit well with your narrative."on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman cbs 2 news will be continue to follow the hearings and bring you the latest tomorrow starting with cbs 2 this morning. wisconsin congressman paul ryan ryanis now officially in the race to become the next speaker of the 2 news has been tracking the speaker controversy since former speaker john boehner announced his retirement. congressman ryan, at first, resisted the calls for him to run, but party leaders made it clear he was the only candidate all factions of the party were willing to get behind.he's expected to easily win the election set for next week. cbs 2 news has learned, major defense spending measure. measure.the president rejected a 612-billion-dollar proposal saying it held up his efforts
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to streamline pentagon funding. president obama says the measure "resorts to gimmicks that does not allow the pentagon to do what it needs to."this is only the fifth veto from the obama administration.g-o-p officials say they'll try to over-ride the do so, they'll need two-thirds majorities in the house and senate. republicans in iowa now have a replace obama. obama.a new quinnipiac poll has neurosurgeon doctor ben carson taking over the top spot with 28-percent.that's a eight points ahead of former frontrunner donald addition, florida senator marco rubio now has 13-percent support among iowa voters. apparently, trump was not at all pleased to find out he had slipped to number two in iowa. his campaign sent out the following tweet: "ben carson now leading in the polls in iowa. too much monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain?"the campaign later deleted the tweet and blamed it on a "young intern."trump
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has nearly five million twitter followers. cbs 2 news will have complete coverage of all the political headlines of the week,be sure to catch 'iowa in focus with kevin barry,' this sunday morning at 10:30 -- right here on cbs 2. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in solon, three teens are now charged in a string of break-ins throughout the city. all three allegedly broke into multiple cars on september 21st and stole credit cards. they also stole a gun and an ammo clip out of one car.all three were caught on security video using the stolen cards-- and admitted the thefts to police.each teen now faces seven charges of burglary and one theft charge. in cedar rapids, cbs 2 news has learned, part of an iconic building is for sale.the paramount building, which is attached to the historic theatre, is on the market for 1-point-8 million dollars.the agent handling the property tells our partners at the corridor business journal the previous owner is moving and wants to unload the 15- thousand square foot office
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and retail space. in marion, cbs 2 news is following the growing concerns about the new location of a proposed y-m-c-a. the 19-million dollar project planned for the tower terrace location, is in the 100-year flood plain of indian creek. executive director bob carlson says it's not a concern, because the new building will be elevated three feet above that level. how would you like to be able to give a deserving person a car - for just one dollar? it can happen!anderson automotive is rolling out its "wheels to prosper program" once again this year. the auto shop fixes up a car, and then gives it away for just a buck. but they need *your help, to igure out who to give it to. they want you to think about someone who needs and really *deserves a car. we just love hearing their story and how they try so hard. it gives somebody the opportunity who's been kind of kicked down a little bit, the
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you can submit nominations to anderson automotive - either through their website or handwritten - but they need to be postmarked by this tuesday, the 26th. then, we will announce the winner, which you'll only see right here on cbs2 next friday, october 30th! "1....2....3! (chomp!) mmmmmm!" mmmmmm!" that was the sound of the midwest great apple crunch. students at garfield, grant and johnson elementaries all sunk their teeth into some juicy red apples.organizers of today's event tell cbs 2 news, it's all about making fruits and vegetables fun for all ages. bells ringing ringg if you believe in the salvation army's mission, they need your help.they're looking for volunteers to get into the holiday spirit and give their time ringing's the salvation army's biggest fundraising effort.the re
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kettle campmpgn accounts for at least 45- percent of the army's operating budget. "it helps with food baskets throughout the year, rent and utility assistance, other social services. anything we can do to help ease people in need. i'll be em-ceeing the red kettle campaign kickoff banquet, november 12th at the cedar rapids marriott. can find more information--including the banquet's surprise guest speaker-- on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.but we are just getting started.coming up... up...the pitch manufacturing companies are making to get skilled workers to apply for well-paying open jobs.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning, see a new way scammers are trying to steal your identity. identity. what you need to know to protect yourself.
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next on c-b-s two news... news...why one software company is working around the clock, to help some local non-profits get a boost.
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iowa iowa workforce development says the unemployment rate has dropped to three point six percent, which is the sixth lowest in the country. but many manufacturing companies in the corridor say they still have hundreds of jobs open each year, without workers trained to fill them. cbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore shows us how those companies are trying to attract workers. workers.
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betsy borchardt is a second year kirkwood community college student gearing up.......for a career in renewable energy. energy.manufacturers hope the number of students like borchardt starts climbing. climbing. we work with a lot of manufacturers in the area and one of the things that we hear from them a lot is how difficult it is to find skilled work force.kirkwood staff say when many people think of manufacturing.they think of what the industry looked like years ago. ago. the united states is a country that was founded on making things.roger klouda's company in linn county makes plastic injection molds for major brands like polaris, yamaha and honda.he says manufacturing is much cleaner and more high-tech than it used to be...and something that can be made into a career. career. those of us who still make things have a lot of pride in that.msi mold builders is one of 15 companies at kirkwood's advancing the future tour. tour. they want people to realize that in order to continue to move forward and grow within our region,
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in that.manufacturers say they have to compete nationally for workers...but promote the industry and local programs to get help here. here. i think a lot of times people don't realize what skill of math, for example is needed to run one of their machines, what kinds of skills are necessary to do a nice weld.they hope programs like these help bring concerns over the lack of workers down. in total - there are close to 6 thousand manufacturing employers in the's a lucrative career too - the average salary in iowa is just over 51 thousand dollars. to see the companies looking for workers, we have resources for you on cbs 2 iowa dot com. right now - a local software company is working around the clock for a good cause.workers from geonetric are volunteering their time to
10:53 pm the end of 24 hours, eight organizations will have their new websites. that's double the number of sites created at last years event.since 20-11, operation overnight has built and launched websites for 13 area non-profits. and coming up in sports --- ---district seeds were on the line in kingston -- would the j-hawks or lions grab home field for the first round of the plploffs --- next on cbs 2. 2."cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at connect with us on facebook at
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huge game at kingston when it comes to district seeding -- linn-mar gets the two seed and a home playoff game if they beat jefferson -- but if jefferson wins by more than 5 points -- then its the j-hawks soaring up to the second spot jeff hasn't beaten the lions in almost 10 yearsvalenteno green trying to change that single handedly -- first quarter green bounces outside and in for 6 -- nearly running over his grandma in the process -- who was taking pictures on the sidelinesand if she was smiling from that --- she'd be beaming from this -- linn-mar on to punt -- but it goes off one of their blockers -- and green pounces
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jefferson gets the 2 seed and a home playoff game --- 43 to 16 the final cedar falls tryting to head into the playoffs with a win -- tigers hosting waterloo east and this one was all cedar falls -- michael ab-bis --- takes the handoff -- simply bliss -- the t-d makes it 14 nothingnow it worked so well the first time --- why not do it again --- ab-is scored 4 tds in the first half --- and the tigers set a school record for most points in a game -- cedar falls wins it 70 yo 13. don betts has been involved with the dike-new hartford football program since it became the dike - new hartford football program in 1992 -- this season his wolverines are undefeated and ranked 2nd in 1-a -- but winning isn't what betts is all about --- it's building leaders don betts -- our ed thomas coach of the week week there's a saying at dike-new hartford -- play with effort --- "it's not taking plays off, it's 100 percent effort 100 percent of the time."play with enthusiasim -- "grinding football, no matter what you are always going
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after people."and play with pride -- for the name across your chest -- "i'm honored to be a part of that."and don betts has -- since the start of dike new hartford football -- -- and while the teams have changed -- - his mindset hasn't. hasn't. "we really want to win games and focus on winning, but the truth of the matter is to many of our kids and coaches put too much time and effort in to this just to be about winning or losing football games... there's a bigger mission here."preparing his wolverines for the game of life "kids have to complete 3 years of leadership training -- we teach them what leadership is, how to be a leader, we give them opportunities to lead so they can take those skills with them when they move on." on." "he makes us reliable, he makes us r rponsible, he holds us accountable for everything that we do."because to betts -- the best part about football -- is the kids "i love these kids... they're a great group a kids and i tell them every day the
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highlight of my day is when i show up to practice."where the wolverines tackle life -- let's run --- boys and girls state quailfying meets held at seminole valley -- for the first time ever --the girls started in 4a --- and this was all about washington's reagan gorman and kennedy's hannah fusselman -- the two finished 1 and 2 with the freshman gorman taking the crown -- in 18 - 50 --- muscatine took the team title, west finished 2nd -- dubuque hempstead finished 3rdon the boys side --- it was a sea of orange and white -- with the prairie runners dominating --- tysen van draska crossed the line in 15 minutes and 39 seconds -- the p-hawks took the team title -- hempstead and west are also headed to fort dodge. same course different class -- 1-a girls on the move -- and this race belonged to durant's alyssa williams -- she took first in 18 - 26 -- 46 seconds faters than bellevue's cameron reeg -- central elkader was the team champion, starmont and regina are also heading to stateon the boys side --
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bellevue's andrew meyer simply ran away with it -- he finished in 16 - oh 9 -- regina would take the team title, bellevue finished 2nd stay with c-b-s two -justin has one last look at your
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thanks for ink again. from the rising price of food to higher insunce rates for homes and businesses, the economic damagee will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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( band playing intro music ) >> stephen: whooo! ( cheers and applause ) whooo! whooo! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you, everybody. welcome to "the late show. ( cheers and applause ) hey, hey! thank you so much! please, thank you so much. thank you, everybody. so kind! welcome, welcome to "the late show." if the legends are true, i'm stephen colbert. and right off the bat, i'd like to apologize because the show's been on for almost 30 seconds and i have yet to say the words "donald trump."
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( laughter ) that's on me. and what's gotten me worried is that soon i might not have a reason to because he's slumping in the polls. that was a roller coaster ride of emotion by the way. oooh-aaay! listen, i want to be clear about this. yes, he has been divisive. yes, he has been offensive. yes, he would be a terrible president. ( cheers and applause ) bubui do want to say this-- don't leave me, donald. don't you understand, if you go away, i'm going to have to talk about those other boring people. i'm going to have to learn their names. i think one of them is marco rubio. am i saying that right? is it marco rubio.
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( cheers and applause ) and for the record, i was just crossing two cultures. we have a great show for you tonight, faith and begorrah. first up, i'll be talking to john oliver. he's the host of hbo-- ( cheers and applause ) he's the host of "last week tonight" on hbo, so we'll be doing the interview with full frontal nudity. i want you to keep in mind, he is the lead character of that show and very popular so they're probably going to kill him off this season. i'll also be talking to evan spiegel, the world's youngest billionaire and the cofounder of snapchat. now, if some of you don't know
11:04 pm
what that is, ask your kids. it will be the app they're using when they ignore your question. ( cheers and applause ) ed is going to perform wither's classic "ain't no sunshine." and as someone who grew up in england, ed should have no trouble relating. oh, wait. oh. that sound, ladies and gentlemen, is jon batiste and stay human. say hello! ( applause ) jon and the band are about to kick off the show but before they do one last thing. some hard-liners in iran want their foreign minister to resign after he allegedly shook hands with president obama. what a coincidence, that's how
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tonight: stephen welcomes john oliver. snapchat co-founder evan spiegel. singer ed sheeran and soul legend bill withers. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for "the late show wh stephen colbert!" ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen!
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stephen! stephen. >> stephen: wow. that's very nice. thank you, everybody. thank you so much. folks, you know, like my fellow millennials-- ( laughter ) and i believe i am a millennial because i am less than a thousand years old-- i'm a technology geek. i drive a tesla, own an apple watch, i shave with five blades- - first blade lifts, second blade cuts, the other three blades tweet my shaving stats. got a new high score today. and of course, the lubricating strip makes it all good. and the technology of all kind is driving this year's election. in fact, one of my guests tonight is the c.e.o. of snapchat, evan spiegel. he's been called the steve jobs of self-erasing genital photography-- ( laughter ) ( applause ) yes, thank you for your service, sir.
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and he's having an impact in 2016. some in the media are already calling this campaign the snapchat election. and it's true-- candidates appear and, before you know it, they're gone. ( cheers and applause ) what! where did you go? and it's not just snapchat. folks, this election is about to get shaken by another technology. see, the democrats have their first debate on october 13. i can't wait to meet the candidates and also whoever three guys are down here. ( applause ) i don't know who that is. i think that's made up. anyway, and cnn is promising to bring this election in your face by putting it on your face. >> cnn is turning up the technology as we get deeper into the presidential race. next month it will break new ground by live streaming the next primary debate in virtual reality with the help of a
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virtual reality headset users can actually watch the debates from the perspective of an audience member. >> stephen: whoo-hoo! the perspective of an audience member. your view can go from this to this. ( laughter ) and it's really easy. anyone with a samsung gear v.r. headset can pick their own point of view and, even better, focus on candidates while they are not speaking. folks, the future we were promised by "johnny mnemonic," "virtuosity" and your childhood viewmaster has finally arrived because i believe-- because we've all dreamt of a fully immersive environment where we could watch lincoln chafee take notes while someone else talks. and this tech puts you in the
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it'll feel like you're seeing hillary clinton right in front of you, but she's not actually there-- just like the real hillary clinton! ( laughter ) ( applause ) and i can't wait-- yeah, yeah. i can't wait to experience a debate like this. and luckily i don't have to because samsung gave me my own pair of v.r. goggles. it is absolutely free. good to be me. anyway, and i do not have to wait for october 13, because cnn captured the last republican debate with this technology and has made it available for download now. yes, with these bad boys strapped on i can summit everest, fly on a dragon or stand 20 feet away from mike huckabee. that-- that adventure is usually
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okay, all right. i'm ready to get expansional. it's go time. i'll put this bad boy on. okay, all right. i got this thing. are we fired up here? let me start up the republican debate. wow! wow! look at that ( bleep ). it really feels like i'm sitting and watching something i can see on tv. there's the back of arnold schwarzenegger's head. it kind of looks like the front of his head. wow, it's kind of weird being here in person. on tv, you know who's important because the camera's pointed at them, and whoever's on screen seems important and all kinds of sexy. but now i can see all the cameras and the lights and the sound guys. this isn't sexy.
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somebody shoot a porno. i'm going to have to start watching these debates with my pants off. but i gotta say, it really works. it really feels like i'm here, like can reach out and actually touch rand paul's hair. oh, it's like stroking a libertarian labradoodle. oh, the debate is starting. the debate's starting. okay. hey, buddy, how long does this thing go? three hours. to hell with that, i'm playing "candy crush." hold on one second here. what do you mean i can't use my phone here? no, you go to hell jake tapper. you're not even real. i'm out of here. i'm out of here. forget this thing. bartender, i'd like a bourbon and soda, please. thank you very much.
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i see you've got the debate on the tv over there. ( applause ) ( cheers ) mind if i change that to something more interesting, like the surgery channel? thank you very much. well, hello there, little lady. mind if i have a few of your cheese fries? mmm. mmm. those are delicious. did you see that guy on tv who was petting rand paul's head? that was me. oh, hello, officer. was this your seat. i'm sorry. oh, is this your cheese fries? and is this your wife. get your hands off me, sir! i will get you more cheese fries. i have to get out of here. luckily my dragon is nearby. regthor the black, come to me, come! regthor, we must head to a dark and treacherous land, iowa.
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i hear bernie sanders is having a meet and greet. we'll be right back with john oliver and ed sheeran! away! away! ( applause ) innovative sonicare technology
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( applause ) >> stephen: folks, i'm an entertainer by trade, and i'm sure to a lot of you out there, i'm just a pretty face, a slab of camera meat. but i like to think that there's more to me than that. that's what i thinky such with my brain bone. you see, i'm a deep person who enjoys toying with problems of the universe. but i'm not in college anymore, so i can't have late night bull sessions with my buds. instead, i like to contemplate the mysteries of existence with my fellow famous in a segment i call "big questions with even bigger stars!" ( applause ) ah! i love lying here on this grassy
11:17 pm
hillside. so peaceful, isn't it, tom? >> sure is, stephen. ( cheers and applause ) >> look! >> stephen: i saw the shooting star! >> yeah, gosh, yeah. it is such a nice night. >> stephen: yeah, the fireflies are out. >> the frogs are screaming for sex. >> stephen: hey tom? >> yeah, steve? >> stephen: why do you think bad things happen to good people? >> i don't know. but maybe it's because god's really old and his eyes are going. ( laughter ) >> stephen: no, i can't see who he's smiting. >> true.
11:18 pm
>> stephen: what would do you with a time machine? >> what would anyone do with a time machine? go back in time and hold myself as a baby. ( applause ) >> stephen: and kill hitler, right? >> oh, kill hitler, yeah, absolutely. >> stephen: or let the baby kill hitler. >> well, that way they can't trace it back to you. >> stephen: yeah. >> and it gives the baby a good sense of accomplishment. ( laughter ) >> stephen: that would look good on a resume. "job experience: time-traveler. responsibilities: hitler- killing." >> who wouldn't hire that kid. >> stephen: i would. >> i'd hire that kid in a second. internship, maybe. hey, hitler-killing baby, go get me a coffee and wash my car. hey, stephen?
11:19 pm
>> stephen: yes, tom? >> what really scares you? >> stephen: oh, knowing that every time i move there's a spooky skeleton inside my body just following my movements everywhere i go. >> oh, geez, hey, that just gave me the heebie-jeebies. hey, tom? >> stephen: can i ask you a persal question?& >> sure, go ahead, buddy. >> stephen: what do you miss the most now that yoyore a big star? >> i miss licking stamps. >> stephen: really? you can't lick stamps anymore? >> no, no. for insurance purposes, i can't do my own stunts. hey, steve-a-roo? >> stephen: yeah, tommy-o? >> what do you think santa does during the summer? >> stephen: i think he's santa on the other planets.
11:20 pm
( applause ) >> whoa! ( laughter ) wait. you mean like in australia? ( laughter ) >> stephen: yeah, that's what i mean. hey, tom? >> yeah, esteban? >> stephen: what's the best idea for a movie that's never been made? >> oh, god, the best idea for a movie that hasn't been made yet is an action thriller about an dogs that protect the president's dog. ( laughter ) it's called "in the line of fur." ( laughter ) >> stephen: i'd watch that. >> oh, i'd see it in 3d, buddy boy, day one. >> stephen: hey, tom, speaking of which, do you ever worry the
11:21 pm
big farm upstate where the dogs go when they get old isn't real? >> oh, no, no. it's definitely real. come on. you know, i'm just worried that it's getting crowded because the dogs live forever and they never leave because there's so much fun there. ( laughter ) here, boys! here, boys! here, boys! >> stephen: so many rabbits. so many rabbits. >> yeah, yeah, i bet your dog knows my dog and i bet they're friends. >> stephen: i do, too. >> just like us, huh, bad boy? >> stephen: yeah. you ever think maybe our solar system is just an atom in some giant's finger? >> will you knock it off, man. ( laughter )) >> stephen: hey, hey, tom? >> yeah. >> stephen: if you could have lunch with anyone living or dead, who would you choose? >> oh, dead, of course.
11:22 pm
( applause ) >> stephen: what do you think your 20-year-old self would say to you now? >> "can i borrow some money? i'll pay you back when i'm you." ( applause ). >> stephen: hey, tom? >> yeah? >> stephen: why do you think we're here? >> well, i think it's so you and i can ponder the infinite universe, look at the deep time space continuum, and count in vain the infinite number of stars. or it's to kill four minutes until john oliver comes out. >> stephen: yeah, you're probably right. we'll be right back with john oliver. >> look, look, look! oh! >> stephen: oh!
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powerful. by design. heart pounding. by design.
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