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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  October 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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that search process that hired bruce harreld wasn't transparent. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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new this morning, one person was killed and two others injured in yet another shooting on a college campus, this time in nashville at tennessee state university. university.right now, police say the shooting was prompted by a dispute over a dice game. the two other victims have been hospitalized.this shooting comes just a week after three people were wounded by gunfire at an off-campus party just across the street from the same college. cbs 2 news is learning more about the criminal history of a man who's charged with murdering a 4-year-old in a fit of road rage in albuqueque, new mexico. mexico.tony torrez made an initial court appearance thursday.police say the 27-year-old killed lily garcia when he fired at the truck her father was driving.over the
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past ten years, torrez has been charged with drug possession, assault, child abuse, and kidnapping.back in 2006, he was involved in another road rage incident where he allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it at a man's each case, the charges were dropped or dismissed. also in albuquerque, right now a suspect sits in jail, accused of shooting and injuring a police officer on wednesday night.dozens of officers swarmed on davon lyman last night to arrest him. court documents say he shot toward officers six times wednesday, striking officer dan webster.he underwent surgery and is expected to go through even more procedures. new this morning -- police are now saying a school attack that killed two people in sweden, sweden,was racially motivated. a masked attacker with a sword stabbed four people -- killing a teacher and a student.many other students thought it was a halloween prank.the suspect was shot and killed by police. a majority of students at the school are from other countries and evidence at
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attackers home led police to believe race was motivation. the university of iowa is ramping up their efforts to eliminate assaults on campus. so far, at least four sex campus this semester alone. alone.starting monday, students will be asked to take a survey on sexual misconduct. the online survey will ask students about issues like harassment, dating violence, sexual violence and stalking. the survey was created by sexual assault and student affairs professionals after the white house developed a task force to protect students. tom 05:48:48 "we know that sexual misconduct is a terribly underreported crime, but what we don't know is what the true incidence is and this survey will help us establish that." that."all responses to the survey will be anonymous...the results are expected to be in by spring. right now -- police at the university of northern iowa are investiating their third sexual assault this year. police say it happened earlier this response to that -- the fraternity sigma phi
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educate future college students on how to overcome the violence and help people assaulted. back at the university of iowa, a member of the board of regents publicly stated his frustration with the board's process of selecting a new university president. president. subhash sahai says he still supports choosing bruce harreld, but scolded his fellow members for a lack of transparency.since harreld's selection - students and facility members have accused the regents of favoring him for the job before the process wrapped up.board president bruce rastetter emphatically denies that. "yes, bruce harreld also came to campus and bruce harreld wanted to do additional diligence work beyond what some of the other candidates did. which i would view as good. good.the board of regents spent the past two days meeting on the campus of the university of iowa.bruce herrald will take office in iowa city a week from monday. here's a live look at the capitol where hillary clinton
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yesterday in front of a house committee on the benghazi attack that happened in 20-12. 12.clinton has now testified three times under oath about the attack -- which left four people dead -- including a u-s ambassador.republicans accused clinton of ignoring the ambassador's request for more security before the attack happened.chief investigator trey gowdy says there wasn't much new information gathered in the horus long meetting. in terms of her testimony, i don't know that she testified that much differently today than the previous times she's testified. i'd have to go back and look at the transcript. transcript.gowdy says several questions are still unanswered -- like why the security requests were denied -- and why the adminstration changed what they said the motive for the attacks were a few days later.goy says there are about a dozen witnesses left to interview. the democratic race for the white house housecould lose a candidate chafee plans to make an announcement on the future of his campaign today at the d-n-c women's forum.he
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tweeted that last night.that last night.earlier this week, jim webb dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination, but said he might run as an independent. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is officially running for speaker of the house. house.the wisconsin republican first turned down pleas to run for the post.but then told his collegues he would run only if he had the support three key g-o-p house groups.which included the conservative freedom caucus... but iowa congressman steve king does *not support ryan. king has made it clear on his facebook and twitter accounts that he supports florida congressman daniel webster for speaker.elections in the house for the speaker will be held next week. we'll have complete coverage of all the political headlines of the week,be sure to catch 'iowa in focus'i'll be hosting that at 9:30 sunday morning on our sister station, fox 28 and again at 10-30 right here on cbs 2. we're waiting on new poll numbers from quinnipiac university about the democratic race for the white house in iowa.we'll have that new information for you right
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after they come out at 6 o'clock this morning.they'll be on our website and facebook page too. it's coming up next... next...the hunter in oklahoma looking to bring home much more than just an animal to mount on her wall. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have... have...
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an oklahoma teenager is in the records books. books.on a hunting trip -- the 14-year-old girl nabbed the largest whitetail deer ever taken by a women in the state. state.tess maune explains why she wasn't out for a trophy. trophy. monday through friday... nats - got my to kill a mockingbird'll find micalah millard at skiatook high school -- she's a freshman there. but this week class hasn't exactly been top of mind.micalah millard; 14 years old - this is probably the best picture coming up...right here.instead... she's coming down from what many hunters know as buck fever.micalah millard; 14 years old - he had
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nine points on the right side and seven on the left. micalah may be wearing diamond stud earrings... but says she's a little bit of a tomboy. she throws for the track team, wake boards and is one of the only girls to play in a men's lacrosse league. and of course she hunts. she started when she was just six.micalah millard; 14 years old - i just really like spending time with my dad and just being out in the woods. that's where micalah and her dad malachi were saturday -- hunting private land in mcintosh county for youth-gun weekend. it was a slow start.micalah millard; 14 years old - we didn't see anything at all that morning.tess maune, reporter: after their morning hunt -- she and her dad pulled cards from their trail cameras to see if there might be a better place to sit -- turns out there was.this is the buck that had showed up at 5 o'clock that morning... one they'd never seen on the land before.malachi millard; micalah's dad - i've hunted for years and years and never seen anything like that. so her dad hung a tree stand that afternoon -- and they were posted up by 4pm.micalah millard; 14 years old - i was just planning to go out and shoot a doe. i wasn't really aiming for him. i didn't think i was gonna see him. but two and a half hours in... the once-in-a-lifetime buck appeared. micalah was calm...
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but her dad could hardly contain himself.micalah millard; 14 years old - he was as close to yelling as you can get in a whisper...he was that excited. she kept her cool... and when the perfect moment came fired her rifle.malachi millard; micalah's dad - it was impressive. she was calm and didn't get rattled, kept steady...made a perfect shot. probably did better than most adult men would have done. she says the buck's unofficial score is 187 5/8-- that would be the fourth largest typical whitetail ever taken in oklahoma. but for micalah and her dad it's about making memories... not making history. malachi millard; micalah's dad - to be able to sit there with her and watch the whole thing and talk her through it. that was the best part about the whole deal...doesn't get any better than that. micalah is getting the buck mounted but says she donated all the meat to low-income families in the area.
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it's now on this morning. morning.coming up next... next...the message one eastern iowa coach has for his undefeated team that's much more important than winning.
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welcome back -- it's now we're your_______ here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... drivers listen up -- today from 10-to 2 you'll get the chance to fill up with e-15 fuel for only 1-15.this will only be available at the kum and go on blairs ferry road in marion.e-15 is fuel that has 15-percent american ethanol blened with unleaded gasoline. this was sponsored by iowa corn and growth energy. this week reading is contagious, the 19-th annual reading celebration continues
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open a book each fall.i was lucky enough to read for kids at echo hill elementary school yesterday.this event is a partnership with all metro area school districts and includes over 22-hundred students. huge game at kingston when it comes to district seeding -- linn-mar gets the two seed and a home playoff game if they beat jefferson -- but if jefferson wins by more than 5 points -- then its the j-hawks soaring up to the second spot jeff hasn't beaten the lions in almost 10 yearsvalenteno green trying to change that single handedly -- first quarter green bounces outside and in for 6 -- nearly running over his grandma in the process -- who was taking pictures on the sidelinesand if she was smiling from that --- she'd be beaming from this -- linn-mar on to punt -- but it goes off one of their blockers -- and green pounces on it in the endzone -- jefferson gets the 2 seed and a home playoff game --- 43 to 16 the final cedar falls tryting to head into the
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hosting waterloo eastand this one was all cedar falls -- michael ab-bis --- takes the handoff -- simply bliss -- the t-d makes it 14 nothingnow it worked so well the first time --- why not do it again --- ab-is scored 4 tds in the first half --- and the tigers set a school record for most points in a game -- cedar falls wins it 70 yo 13. don betts has been involved with the dike-new hartford football program since it became the dike - new hartford football program in 1992 -- this season his wolverines are undefeated and ranked 2nd in 1-a -- but winning isn't what betts is all about --- it's building leaders don betts -- our ed thomas coach of the week. there's a saying at dike-new hartford -- play with effort --- "it's not taking plays off, it's 100 percent effort 100 percent of the time."play with enthusiasim -- "grinding football, no matter what you are always going after people."and play with pride -- for the name across your chest -- "i'm honored to be a part of that."and don betts has -- since the start of dike new hartford football -- -- and
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while the teams have changed -- - his mindset hasn't. hasn't. "we really want to win games and focus on winning, but the truth of the matter is to many of our kids and coaches put too much time and effort in to this just to be about winning or losing football games... there's a bigger mission here."preparing his wolverines for the game of life "kids have to complete 3 years of leadership training -- we teach them what leadership is, how to be a leader, we give them opportunities to lead so they can take those skills with them when they move on." on." "he makes reliable, he makes us responsible, he holds us accountable for everything that we do."because to betts -- the best part about football -- is the kids "i love these kids... they're a great group a kids and i tell them every day the highlight of my day is en i show up to practice."where the
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run --- boys and girls state quailfying meets held at seminole valley -- for the first time ever --the girls started in 4a --- and this was all about washington's reagan gorman and kennedy's hannah fusselman -- the two finished 1 and 2 with the freshman gorman taking the crown -- in 18 - 50 --- muscatine took the team title, west finished 2nd -- dubuque hempstead finished 3rdon the boys side --- it was a sea of orange and white -- with the prairie runners dominating --- tysen van draska crossed the line in 15 minutes and 39 seconds -- the p-hawks took the team title -- hempstead and west are also headed to fort dodge. same course different class -- 1-a girls on the move -- and this race belonged to durant's alyssa williams -- she took first in 18 - 26 -- 46 seconds faters than bellevue's cameron reeg -- central elkader was the team champion, starmont and regina are also heading to stateon the boys side -- bellevue's andrew meyer simply ran away with it -- he finished in 16 - oh 9 -- regina would take the team
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christmas is coming early to st. george, ontario, and it's all for 7 year old evan wellwood. wellwood.this story is picking up online today -- the reason why they are having christmas early for evan is because he's been battling brain cancer for the past five years and doctors told his family he might not make it to the winter holidays. holidays.evan's mom decided to ask her family to ccebrate early on october 24th.but the
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family decided to blow it up even bigger.a crowdfunding campaign started and they got the whole town to celebrate. celebrate.thr facebook page had 3,100 attendees and the go nd me had raised almost 14 thousand dollars.tomorrow evan will have a special dinner -- parade and a tour of all the homes that have been decked out in the best christmas decorations. good morning again -- it's now after the break... break...ththannual tradition from one eastern iowa auto body shop looking to help a family in need.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the questions being asked after an american soldier is killed during a rescue mission trying to free isis hostages. the latest information about three teens accused of breaking into cars in solon -- and stealing a gun. the historic cedar rapids building that's looking for a new owner. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm
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kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. grab the umbrella!showers and storms move in later today. satellite and radar shows showers and storms to our west. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies today. our planner shows showers and storms with windy conditions. our temps warm into the 60s today. today. a u-s service member has been
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the first time since the a u-s service member has been killed in combat in iraq for the first time since the
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campagin against the islamic state started last year. about a dozen special operations troops and iraqi forces raided a compound thursday -- saving 70 iraqi prisoners who were about to be executed by the islamic state. but the raid raised questions about the president's vow *not to put u-s soldiers into combat in iraq.pentagon spokesesrson peter cook said the u-s special ops forces were only assisting kurdish fighters. "in that support role, they are allowed to defend themselves and also defend partner forces and to protect against the loss of innocent life." life."the raid was launched after u-s intelligence saw evidence of mass graves being dug inside the prison compound. the name of the u-s commando has not been released. a u-s marine from california was killed near an airfield in england -- when his fighter jet went happened on wednesday but right now investigators are still looking into what caused the
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taj sareen's seat was ejected from the single seat aircraft. no other injuries were reported new this morning -- at least 42 peoeople have been killed this morning in france when a bus and truck crashed and caught happened in the southwest part of the country. a french legislor said that most of the people who were killed were elderly and heading on a day-long trip. we'll continue to track this story -- and give and updates when more information is released. 12 tons of marijuana were seized by u-s authorities and 22 people were arrested in connection with a tunnel that crosses the border into mexico. mexico.that tunnel is said to run the length of *8 football fields.the passage connected warehouses in tijuana, mexico, and san diego which were all lit, which were all lit, ventilated and equipped with a rail system.u-s officials say smugglers move their very first load of drugs very first move their very first load of drugs wednesday and that nothing got through undetected. right now , residents along
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mexico's south-western coast are bracing for what forecasters are calling a potentially catastrophic catagory 5 hurricane. hurricane.the u-s national hurricane center says hurricane patricia's maximum wind speeds have grown to 160 miles per's a look at the latest forecast track for the experts believe it could weaken today, but will still be very powerful when it hits land this afternoon. three teens from marion are accused of a string of break-ins in solon. solon.police have arrested 18- year-olds kain cortez and zachary ross and 19-year-old jordan lehman.police complaints say the three broke into multiple cars on september 21st and stole credit cards.they also stole a gun and an ammo clip out of one car.all three were caught on security video using the stolen cards -- and admitted the crime to police.each teen now faces seven charges of burglary and one theft charge. four people have been sentenced for robbing a jones county bank earlier this year. year.brothers andrew and shiloh palmer were charged with robbing the exchange
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state bank in martelle in april.they pleaded guilty in july, and will serve nearly 13- years in prison. prison.peter olinger and his wife elizabeth olinger also pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the case.peter was sentenced to ten-years behind bars.elizabeth was sentenced to 17-years. 17-years.jones county deputies say on april sixth, peter olinger drove the palmers to the bank, there the brothers pulled out guns and got away with cash.their get-away vehicle was found burned outside of town. new this morning, a judge has thrown out a lawsuit against the chauncey tower project in iowa city. city.the trinity episcopal church filed the lawsuit in june, after the iowa city city council approved the 15-story building.the church was upset over the tower's location next to it at the corner of college and gilbert streets.trinity episcopal will have 30 days to appeal the judge's ruling. in marion -- there are new concerns about a multi-million dollar project on the city's north side. side.the corridor business journal says mayor snooks bouska is concerned about the tower terrace location
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dollar y-m-c-a.the mayor says that location is in the 100-year flood plain for indian creek.executive director bob carlson ys it's not a concern because the new building will be elevated three feet above that level. in cedar rapids, cbs 2 news has learned, part of an iconic building is for sale.the paramount building, which is attached to the historic theatre, is on the market for 1-point-8 million dollars.the agent handling the property tells our partners at the corridor business journal the previous owner is moving and wants to unload the 15- thousand square foot office and retail space. right now -- iowa's unemployment rate is at 3- point-six percent -- that's significantly lower than the national average.but companies in the corridor say we can do better. better.many local manufacturing companies tell cbs 2 news they still have hundreds of jobs open each year -- with no workers trained to fill them.those companies set up at kirkwood community college last night. kirkwood staff says the industry is a lot different than many people imagine -- it's much cleaner and high tech than it used to be. they hope events like these
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encourages people to consider manufacturing as a career. 04:22:11 they want people to realize that in order to continue to move forward and grow within our region, manufacturers play a key part in that. if you would like to learn about the list of companies here interested in meeting potential workers, we have resources for you on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. how'd you like to be able to give a deserving person a car - for just one dollar? it can happen!anderson automotive is rolling out its "wheels to prosper program" once again this year. the auto shop fixes up a car, and then gives it away for just a buck. but they need *your help, to figure out who to give it to. they want you to think about someone who needs and really *deserves a car. submit your nominations to anderson automotive - either through their website or handwritten - but they need to be postmarked by this tuesday, the 26th. then, we will announce the winner, which you'll only see right here on cbs2 next friday, october 30th! it's after the break... break...the new rules about
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it easier for someone to steal your identity. your cbs 2 neighbor: feeding my water softener. again. dad: you should get culligan water, man. dad: my culligan system is the world's most efficient water softener. it's 24 per-- culligan man: --46% more efficientthan your old softener.
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it's going to be a wet friday! we will see widespread showers and storms today.hour by hour r shows mostly cloudy skies this morning and then showers move in around 11 this morning and we will continue to see rain through the afternoon hours. we will see a break in some rain and then will see another round of showers and storms overnight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow becomes sunny with windy conditions and temps warming into the 60s. sunday will be sunny with a high near 60.satellite and radar shows showers and storms streching from canada down to scattered showers and storms. highs in the 60s tonight: showers and storms. lows in the 50stomorrow: becoming sunny with highs in the 60sour seven day shows
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a federal agency is now warning people to be wary of scammers tryingto capitalize on new rules in the credit card industry. industry.but there are some ways you can protect yourself.'s karencaifa in this mornings consumer watch. watch. the credit card industry is currently in the midst of a massive change -- swapping the classic stripe d swipe, for new, chip-enabled cards aimed at offering better card security.last month, before a key date, industry analyst matt schulz of credit-cards- dot-com said it was likely to be confusing, and slow.(matt schulz, senior industry analyst) "it's the biggest change in the way we use credit cards in decades, and people aren't ready yet. there's a lot of confusion out there."the recent incentive for banks to get new cards to consumers -- on october first, the major credit card networks shifted fraud liability to whichever side of the transaction hasn't yet made an upgrade to new technology - the bank or the retailer.but not everyone has a chip-enabled card yet -- and now the federal trade commission warns that scammers
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are capitalzing on confusion the f-t-c says scammers are sending fake emails that seem to be from a credit card issuer, asking for valuable personal information in order to send a new some cases -- the scam asks consumers to click on a link - - which could install malware. the f-t-c says consumers should only enter personal data online when they've typed in the web address themselves, and can see the site is secure. not sure if f email is legit? the f-t-c says to call your credit card company, to confirm.for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...after the break... break...the huge amounts of cash mets fans are already handing over for a chance to see their team in the world
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? e back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ stocks surged on wall street thursday .the dow closed up 320 points the nasdaq added 79.
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attention holiday shoppers, best buy is offering free shipping starting this weekend. weekend.the electronics chain will start that offer this sunday -- and it'll last through january second.the company normally requires customers to spend at least 35-dollars before it will ship items for buy is trying to compete with companies like amazon -- walmart and target. domino's announced it would launch 100 custom pizza-delivery vehicles in 25 markets across the u-s. s.the cars are being called the domino's d-x-p.they're modified chevy sparks outfitted with a warming oven and extra storage areas in the front and back that can hold up to 80 pizzas!the company said the only seat in the car is the driver's.some of the markets receiving a d-x-p include boston, new orleans, san diego and detroit. mcdonald's says its u-s sales really heated up in the third quarter of this year. year.that's the first time mcdonald's saw domestic sales rise in two years.the news comes amid the company's effort to improve its brand after losing customers to rivals.mcdonald's recently
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all-day breakfast items. mcdonald's c-e-o says the sales numbers show the starting to work. google's new parent company --- alphabet --- is off to an impressive start. start.'alphabet' posted good profits and better-than- expected sales in the third quarter.the stock is up 10-percent to an all-time high. the company also announced it was buying back 5-billion dollars worth of its own stock. the new york mets are in their first world series in 15-years ... and mets fans will be shelling out some serious cash to see them in person. person.ticket tracker seat-geek says many tickets for the three mets world series home games are already selling for more than a thousand dollars each.and a re-sale tracker says the average asking price for mets home games is almost 17- hundred dollars.that would make mets tickets the most expensive in world series history.the mets advanced to the world series wednesday in chicago cubs. kellogs pop tarts are coming out with five new flavors. they'll be available this december through spring of 2016.
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2016.these sound a lot more like dessert than breakfast -- there's chocolaty caramal -- maple bacon -- frosted watermelon -- frosted spring strawberry -- pink lemonade. it's after the break... break...the touching story you'll only see on cbs 2 about a young boy fighting to just be a kid again.
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... if you're hoping to head out this weekend to see some fall leaves, here's a look at gas
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prices right now in iowa.the average for a gallon of gas in iowa is about 2-dollars and 42- cents. that's dropped about 8 cents from last weekbut still well above the national average of 2-21. the salvation army is looking for volunteers to get into the holiday spirit and give their time ringing's the salvation army's biggest fundraising effort.the red kettle campaign accounts for at least 45- percent of the army's operating budget. budget.if you'd like to help out this year, you can find more information on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. governor terry branstad is in the corridor later tonight.he will present former iowa governor robert ray with the uncommon iowan award, on behalf of the hoover presidential foundation. governor ray will become the first recipient of the award. that will take place from 6 to 8:30 at the hotel at kirkwood center in cedar rapids. fall in eastern iowa means cooling temperatures, the harvest in full swing, and eastern iowa boy's love for football and the outdoors turned tragic, almost costing his life. day by day, the miracle of triumph
5:42 am
over tragedy comes shining through. this is the story of team chase. person 2 person. welcome to on with life. a welcome to on with life. a rehabilitation center located in ankey which specializes in rehabilitating children who have suffered a severe brain injury. a facility like ours is actually a very unique facility. we're our own facility. we're not associated with a hospital. we're not directly associated with any of them. we're just kind of our own facility which is very unique in the country. not a handful of these exsist we're really proud that the family aspect still stays here. if you look around our organization, the values that we started on are still very aparent here meet 11 year old chase aeschliman. a 6th grader who loves music, football, and
5:43 am
grader who is recovering from a stroke.take me back to the day when this all started it was monday august 24th. it was chase's first day of 6th grade he got on the bus. went to school just like any other normal 11 year oldbut a normal first day of school and 6th grade football practice turned into anything butkenny said are you ok and he says i'm really not ok. something's not right dad. i just don't feel rightfirst responders came. ambulances came. then at that point they said get the bird in the air. then they got us to west union hospital we waited about 20 minutes. then chase was air lifted to la crosse. and i got to go with. it took about 20 minutes to get to la a osseso then they that he must have got hit. he had a dissection of his corrodid artery that threw a clot and went up into the brain what were some of the things you thought of when you get the phone call and when you were on the way to la crosse ya know i don't really remember much just really scared. its kind of like a bad nightmare where you remember just bits and pieces and i just knew we were in good hands and it was moving quick we were justa& had to sit back and wait to see what they had said. at that time i kept thinking maybe it is just a concussiona& we can get through thisand then when they threw it on me, i was by myself, that your son has just suffered a stroke. i was like woahsince his accident, there's been an outpouring of support for chase and his family. football teams from not only in northeast iowa, but around the state showing their pride for #team chase. his classmates had shirts made and everythng started going to the team chase page and all
5:44 am
these football players.. everyone would make banners and take photos saying we're thinking of chase and we'r praying for him i see chuck long came to visit too. there was a football team here in des moines made you an honorary player. does that feel pretty cool? yeahwhat has meant the most to you guys through all of this? definitely the supporta& the support has been amazing especially through the first four days in the icu. it was really hard for kenny and i to catch even an hour of sleep. so what i would do was just pick up my phone. ya know we had a million text messages. people that i don't even know through facebook were calling out to us and praying for us and it just kind of put it at ease for us to know that we're not going through this alone itsa& pretty amazingand if chase is having bad day all we have to do is let's look at facebook. lets look at the video we just posted, and read all the nice comments people
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