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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  October 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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grab the umbrella!showers and storms today.satellite and radar shows showers and storms across the state and here in eastern iowa.our planner shows
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conditions. our temps warm into the 60s today. nashville police are still looking for the gunman in a fatal shooting on the tennessee state university campus. person was killed, and two o hers were wounded in the shooting, which happened late last night.police say it was sparked after a fight broke our during a dice game. classes at t-s-u were closed today, as part of its routine schedule.this is the second shooting to affect the tennessee state community in just a week.last thursday,
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three people were shot as they tried to get into a party near the campus. at least 42 people have died after a firey collision between a bus and truck in south-west france. france.a spokesman for the french government says the bus was mostly carrying elderly people, and only eight people survived the crash.right now - there's not a lot of information about what caused the crash.but the road it happened on is said to be narrow, which may have played a factor.according to french media, this is the country's 19-82. four people have been sentenced for robbing a jones county bank earlier this year. year.brothers andrew and shiloh palmer were charged with robbing the exchange state bank in martelle in april.they pleaded guilty in july, and will serve nearly 13- years in prison. prison.peter olinger and his wife elizabeth also pleaded guilty to charges in connection with the case.peter was sentenced to ten-years behind bars.elizabeth was sentenced to 17-years. 17-years.jones county deputies say on april sixth, peter olinger drove the palmers to the bank, where the brothers
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pulled out guns and got away with cash.their get-away vehicle was found burned outside of town. police in cedar rapids are asking for your help in finding those responsible for a string of vandalism on the northwest side of town. town.c-r-p-d is seeking street surveillance video from the area you see on your screen. officers are specificically looking for video of a dark colored four door car, taken between midnight and three a-m thursday.since then - an estimated 75 people have reported vandalism to their vehicles. vehicles.if you have any information, you're asked to call the number on your screen. in the race for the white house... house...hillary clinton has democratic lead in iowa. iowa.the latest quinnipiac university poll, released this morning, now has clinton back in front of vermont senator bernie sanders, by a margin of 51-percent to 40.last month - quinnipiac had sanders in front of clinton by a single point.since then - clinton has gained 11-percent more support, while sanders'
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marlyand governor martin o'malley is third with four-percent. clinton, sanders, and o'malley are now the only three democrats running for the oval office.former rhode island governor lincoln chafee dropped out of the race this a press conference this morning, he said his departure comes "after much thought."chafee is the second candidate to leave the democratic race this week.on tuesday - jim webb dropped out. he's considering a run as an independent. today house lawmakers have okayed a bill that will undo partos of the affordable care act and block federal funding to planned parenthood. passed 240 to 189, and now goes to the senate.supporters have said they wanted it to pass congress, so president obama can veto it to spark a political confrontation.but some conservatives wanted republicans to reject the bill, because it won't completely get rid of the affordable care act. in iowa city... a lawsuit against the chauncey tower project in iowa city.the trinity episcopal church filed
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the lawsuit in june, after the iowa city city council approved the 15-story building. the church was upset over the tower's location next to it at the corner of college and gilbert streets.trinity episcopal will have 30 days to appeal the judge's ruling. there are new concerns about a multi-million dollar project on the marion's north side. side.the corridor business journal says mayor snooks bouska is concerned about the tower terrace location reserved for this 19-million dollar y-m-c-a.the mayor says that location is in the 100-year flood plain for indian creek.executive director bob carlson says it's not a concern because the new building will be elevated three feet above that level. there's some good news if you're taking the car for your weekend get-away. get-away.gas prices in iowa continue to fall.gas buddy dot com says the average price per gallon in the state is two-dollars and 41-cents. that's about eight-cents cheaper than last friday. however, iowa is still 20 cents above the national average of two-21. but if you're looking for even
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you better hurry up and get to marion.until two this afternoon, the kum and go on blairs ferry road is offering e-15 fuel for just a dollar and 15-cents.e-15 is fuel that has 15-percent american ethanol blened with unleaded's deal is sponsored by iowa corn and growth energy. some corridor attractions are getting recognition from iowa tourism groups. groups.27 awards in 13 categories were handed out last night by the iowa tourism office and the travel federation of iowa.the national motorcyle museum in anamosa won for outstanding rural attraction.the wurst festival in amana was named rural iowa's outstanding new event.waterloo won for outstanding metro community. community.and here in cedar rapids - the great american popcorn company won for best metro experience.they posted this picture to their facebook page accepting the award last night. can check out the full list of winners right now
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coming up, j-k rowling has revealed the plot to her harry potter stage play! where it falls in line with the famous books. books.and we now know more about the rescue operation in iraq and the soldier who was killed.that's next.
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bells ringing ringing the salvation army needs your help!they're looking for volunteers to ring the bells of those famous red kettlesthe red kettle campaign is the salvation army's biggest fundraising effort, accounting for at least 45- percent of the army's operating budget. cbs 2 news anchor scott sanborn will em-cee the red kettle campaign kickoff banquet, november 12th at the cedar rapids marriott. can find more information, including the
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banquet's surprise guest speaker, on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. marissa checks in now with forecast. it's going to be a wet friday! we will see widespread showers and storms today.hour by rain through the afternoon hours. we will see a
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will see another round of showers and storms overnight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow becomes sunny with windy conditions and temps warming into the 60s. sunday will be sunny with a high near 60.satellite and radar shows showers and storms streching from canada down to texas. today: scattered showers and
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tonight: harry potter fans have been speculating for a while what the new stage story will be about. and now we know!harry potter and the cursed child is about harry potter's little boy! boy!it picks up where the final book left off- 19 years after the battle with voldemort!it follows how the little boy must deal with his families legacy!it opens at the palace theatre in london on july 30, and tickets will
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still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon, we now know more about the rescue operation in iraq, the name of the soldier who was killed coming up.
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we now know the name of the u.s. solidier killed yesterday during a rescue operation in iraq. iraq.master sergeant joshua wheeler is the first u.s. serviceman to die in iraq since the campaign against isis was launched last year.he was part of a joint operation between u.s. special operations troops and kurdish forces that raided a compound. that mission saved 70 iraqi prisoners who were about to be executed by isis.the raid was launched after u.s. intelligence saw evidence of mass graves being dug inside the prison compound. there are more flooding concerns this afternoon in texas. texas.flash flood watches are in effect for much of the state as a violent storm system moves across its central and western parts. overnight - areas saw as much as four inches of rain in just four hours.this is just the beggining of the flood threat. parts of texas could see up to a foot of rain over the next few days. south of the border - parts of mexico are bracing for a
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hurricane to make landfall. "patricia" is expected to hit the country's south-west region.the national hurricane center says the storm's wind speeds have grown to 160 miles per experts believe it could weaken today, but will still be very powerful when it hits land this afternoon. take a look at this - a massive watermain break has a new york city neighboorhood nearly underwater.officials believe the main was ruptured by construction equipment. firefighters say some electrical issues have been reported near the well - transit officials have suspended nearby subway lines, while buses have been re- routed. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon - the touching story you'll only see on cbs 2 about a young boy fighting to just
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an eastern iowa boy's love for football and the outdoors
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recently turned tragic, and almost cost him his life. day by day, the miracle of triumph through. cbs 2 this morning's justin roberts shares the story of team chase in today's person 2 person. person. rehabilitating children who have suffered a severe brain injury. meet 11 year old chase loves music, football, and t who is recovering jrom a stroke.take me bacacto the day when this all started it was monday august 24th. it was chase's first day of 6th grade he got on the bus. went to school just like any other normal 11 year oldbut a normal first day of school and 6th grade football practice turned into anything butkenny said are you ok and he says i'm really not ok. something's not right dad. i just don't feel rightfirst responders came. ambulances came. then at that point they said get the bird
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to west union hospital we waited about 20 minutes. then chase was air lifted to la crosse. and i got to go with. it took about 20 minutes to get to la crosseso then they took the ct and they found out that he must have got hit. he had a dissection of his corrodid artery that threw a clot and went up into the brain what were some of the things you thought of when you get the phone call and when you were on the way to la crosse ya know i don't really remember much just really scared. its kind of like a bad nightmare where you remember just bits and pieces and i just knew we were in good hands and it was moving quick we were justa& had to sit back and wait to see what they had said. at that time i kept thinking maybe it is just a through thisand then when they threw it on me, i was by myself, that your son has just suffered a stroke. i was like woahsince his accident, there's been an outpouring of support for chase and his not only in northeast iowa, but around the state showing their pride for #team chase. his classmates had shirts made and everythng started going to the team chase page and all these football players.. everyone would make banners and take photos saying we're
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praying for him i see chuck long came to visit too. there was a football team here in des moines made you an honorary player. does that feel pretty cool? yeahwhat has meant the most to you guys through all of this? definitely the supporta& the support has been amazing especially through the first four days in the icu. it was really hard for kenny and i to catch even an hour of sleep. so what i would do was just pick up my phone. ya know we had a million text messages. people that i don't even know through facebook were calling out to us and praying for us and it just kind of put it at ease for us to know that we're not going through this alone itsa& pretty amazingand if chase is having bad day all we have to do is let's look at facebook. lets look at the video we just posted, and read all the nice comments people put about himsoa& we can't thank people enough for the suppor that we've bebe given. its pretty amazing (justin kots)this weekend there will be a big fundraiser to help with some of the medical bills for chase's recovery.(take ess) psp_chasefs3everything begins sunday morning at 11 with a luncheon followed by a silent
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and live auction. there's also a raffle for a $20,000 car voucher or $15,000 cash. only 400 tickets will be sold. more inin is at our website at i'll be there sunday and hope to see you as well(justin kots)if you'd like to learn more about team chase and follow his journey, we've posted a link to his facebook page at our page justin roberts
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thursday facebook debuted some new of them is an improved search tool!it makes it possible for users to see all public posts.....including groups and pages that fellow users follow.another new feature...facebook will highlight and suggest posts
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today: scattered showers and storms. highs in the 60s tonight: showers and storms. lows in the 50stomorrow: becoming sunny with highs in the 60sour seven day shows rain returns tuesday that does it for us here on the cbs 2 news at noon.our next newscast is this afternoon live at five.and you can see us right back here tomorrow morning at 5 a-m. enjoy your afternoon.
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>> maya: you couldn't have called and told us you were coming? >> julius: you're not happy to see your parents? >> nicole: we just... weren't expecting you. >> vivienne: i told him that he should check in with you first, but your father insisted on
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surprising you.
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