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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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>> cbs sports presents "the ram post-game show." >> adam: w wcome to "the ram post-game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles."
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followed by a new editionf "48 urs." tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw, a gritty win for alabama. 19-14. taking the lead in the final moments of the game. a game of cks. five by each team. now alabama keeps pace in the west. still got that big match-up november 7 with l.s.u. could be for all the mbles and, of course, the tide rooting for a&m tonightith ole miss owning that tiebreaker. tennessee falling further in the east, i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jone this was a great game to watch. alabama survives. >> rick: gary danielson said it best. sometimes it comes down to athlete on athlete. if you wonder why coaches recruit the way they do, you don't have to wondernylonger.. you go to fulton dale, alabama
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if you go on a big running back, go to -- yulee, florida. derrick nry. >> brian: athletes on the other side were really up for the test early in the ballgameen that teteessee defense. they had five sacks in this ballgame. three in the first half. the usual culprit corey vereen. two sacks on the day and five tackles. they harassed jakee coker all afternoon long but unfortunately for the volunteers they ran out of gas. that last drive for bama, eight plays, 71 yards, culminating in a 14-yard touchdown rununy henry. >> adam: butch jones can recruit too. bama wins it for the ninth straight time in this match-up. other s.e.c. action. auburn and arkansas, rick, drama in four overtimes. >> rick: if you like long games, this is your cup of tea. drew morgan in the fourth overtime.
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a 25-yard touchdown. two-point conversion good. this time auburn is not able to answer. shaun white's throw incomplete. going hog-wild in fayetteville. >> adam: bret b blema pulls it out 54-46. also from the s.e.c., we expected it to be low scoring. it is. vandy with a 10-3 lead in the fourth quarter on missouri. meanwhile, a tragedy striking earlier today in stillwater, oklahoma. flags at half staff as head coach mike gundy and his team huddling an hour or so after three people were killed and over 30 injured after an out of control car drove into a homecoming parade in stillwater. a 25-year-old woman was arrested for driving under the influence. mason rudolph and j.w. walsh sharing the load at quarterback. the news went across the country
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and across the state. in norman, oklahoma, they honored the victims as well, flying the oklahoma state flag before facing texas tech. >> brian: rick has been asking for more, samaje perine, 186-6-rds rushing, three touchdowns, o.u. had 351 yards on the ground through three quarters. >> adam: coming up we will check in on miami.
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for al goldep ananthe canes. >> adam: welcome back to "the ram post-game show." go big or go home. next saturday the home depot s.e.c. on cbs, georgia and florida.
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coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern with "autotrader college football today." on c sports network,a i big night of college fooooall still going. uconn and cincinnati right now followed by "inside college football." back to the scoreboard and baylor, 45-27, narrowest win of the yeye, corey coleman 18 touchdowns, more than anyone in the nation this year or last year but seth russell, their quarterback, x rays and a catscan after the game showing a fracre in a bone in his neck. he's going to see a specialist shortly. meanwhile in miami, al golden. >> brian: they had three turnovers on the day. pick six here. tankersley picks off back-up quarterback roggier who replaced injured brad kaaya. bad times in the sunshine state. >> adam: the wst loss in miami history. we'll check the wires on al golden. . rick, sparty, another tight one. >> rick: flirting with disaster
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but connor cook comes through again, finding josiah price for a touchdown. sparty looks like they'll hold on. . >> adam: kicking woes helping. trailing by 12 late in that one. philip eali, career high five touchdowns. toledo stays undefeated going for that group of five spot. so is houston. they win 59-10 over winless u.c.f., we've got overtimeme betweenuke and virginia tech. michael brewer. he got hurt in the opener. touched to bucky hodges in double o.t., duke is going to get the ball next for a chance to answer as the hokies coming back from down a couple scores in that one. tied atop the coastal. so is pitt, rick. >> rick: less than five minutes to go in the game fourth down, pitt keeps their drive alive, a
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ryan winslow to matt galombos, for the touchdown, chris blewitt did anything but, to win the ballgame. >> adam: the coastal with the mostal atop the conference division there. >> brian: don't encourage him. >> brian: shock lynwood. a very balanced offense in waco. >> adam: lining the bottom one. the miami fans. that will just about do it for this week. thank you for watching "the ram post-game show." here is a look at what's coming up tone on s. a reminder. it's thursday night football on cbs and nfl network this week. >> adam: for all of us, have a
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by cbs sports division good person is in the hospital -tonight - with a bullet wound - - cedar rapids police - investigate yet another - shooting. this time, it happened just before two this afternoon on first avenue near 31st street northeast. northeast.officers say an argument broke out between people inside two cars, and someone fired a gun, hitting one person in the shoulder. ththr injuries are said to be non-life threatening. right now, no one is in custody. police say they're searching for a vehicle but were unable to provide a scription. authorities in south-east iowa - sasa ththsearch for a missing girl - is over.. 13-year-old - paige - john- stone - - was the subject of an amber alert - out of ottumwa. ottumwa.police say - 19- year-old - kevin too -ala - ramirez - took her.the two wewe believed d be headed - to florida - - and we've just received word - they were found in georgia - and the girl is safe.the two were in a yellow - 2001 - nissan frontier - - located
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saying - whether the onon from hurricane patricia, as texas now braces for the remnantsx- and the heavy rain expected. expected.miraculously, patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded at sea, did not cause any deaths or major made landfall late last night, in a more spaely-populated region of mexico, avoiding a direct hit on resort areas.the storm is moving on to texas now, where lots of water is causing some serious problems. "as you can see i have kind of a little car, and i didn't think i could make it.t.and so i stopped d d like freaked out and called 911. and they were like, just stay there.." there.."high water caused a train to overturn in texas.two crew members swam to safety. one person is missing in san antonio after being swept into a drainage ditch. in oklahoma - three people are dead - - after a car - plowed - into a crowd of pele - waiting watcd the home-coming parade - at oklahoma ate university.the
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25-year-old - adacia chambers - - is now in jail - charged with - drunk** driving..more than 30 - others - suffeered injuries.the university president - says it's a terrible - loss. "the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country. and to have it fouled like this, these victims, its a terrible tragedy. we reach out and embrace the victims and their families." families."one person who witnessed - the crash - says they say - people - flying into the air.police say - it's now a homicide** investigation. the washington high school - warriors - baseball team - - says its g gwing program - needs a better** field. field.right now, their main baseball field isn't cutting it for the team. team.but as cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee shows us they have a solution to fix that problem. head coach scott bruni says the last time they made
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renovations to the warriors baseball field was in he struggles to teach his junior warriors and high school warriors the proper mechanics because the layout of his field justsn't right t today, warriors baseball launched their fix the field campaign. campaign. washington high school baseball coach scott brune says the team's diamond.. diamond.. "upgrade the playing surface"needs a facelift and extra playing space. space. "you can see dhe depression and the divets and the unsafe playing surface." that makes these warriors struggle. struggle. "as a catcher i've taken lots of balls that have not bounced the have not balls that taken lots of catcher i've "as a catcher i've taken ts of balls that have not y that i thought thehewere going to bounce." bounce." "we had a kid tear his acl going from the dropoff to the infield to the outfield." outfield." "the grass between infield and outfield sort of dips down."players also don't fit all at once. once. "we have a lot of kids out here and our program and we don't really have the facility space to have everyone"over the years,
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parents maintained the deteriorating dugouts, and tried to smooth the playing surface. surface."now it needs a little bit more than the touch of parent involvement"warriors baseballllays it now needs outside help with their fix the field campaign, which they launched on saturday. saturday.with a goal to raise three hundred thousand dollars - they'll fix the field, dugouts, and get a new practice field.while the older ones are steering the efforts... efforts... "we need a fresh start"junior warriors want this fresh start t. too. "the firsttep of everyone for high school baseball."so when the time comes... "make it to sste."hey can hit a much needed home run - as a high school warrior. warrior. "in the next couple probably for a state so far, they've raised 76 thousand dollars.any extra funding beyond the three hundred thousand dollars will be directed to renovations for a better fan experience.steffi lee, cbs 2 news. after a few days of rain, the sun broke through again
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- meteorologist jeff kennedy - - is here - with the latest on how long it will last - in your forecast. jeff. for a team trying to make a bowl for the first time since 20-12... it's not easy playing top five teams in back-to-back weeks... b b for iowa state... that's the hand they've been dealt... last week the cyclones lost to number three t-c-u... today they played the second-ranked baylor bears in waco.. and
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already 14- do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs
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but there are so manan examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job getk paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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for a team trying to make a bowl for the first time since 20-12... it's not easy playing top five teams in back-to-back weeks... but for iowa state... that's the hand they've been dealt... last week the cyclones lost to number three t-c-u... today they played the second-ranked baylor bears in waco.. and they were down big early... already 14-zip... baylor hands it to shock linwood... h hs got a big hole... the cyclones can't get a hand on him... he scoots into the end zone... iowa state found themselves in a 35-nothing hole in the first half... so they made a change
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in the game... he sses it up for quinton bundrage here... that's a nice little throw and catch... touchdown clones... they cut it to 35-14...they never really made this a ballgame... but they made it respectable.. in garbage time lanning hits bundrage over the middle... and number nine fights for every yard... that's his second t-d catch of the game... a very nice day for bundrage... but iowa state falls to baylor, 45-27... lalaing threw for three touchdowns after entering the game for sam richardson... who had just three completions... the cyclones will host the texas longhorns next week... mark farley and the u-n-i panthers needed this... they go on the road and beat sixth-ranked south dakota state, 10-7... aaron bailey took all the snaps at q-b but did most of his damage on the ground.. and the defense halted the last jackrabbit drive on a fourth-and-one with under two
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thats a check of sports those who love writing those who love writing and reading came together this morning to celebrate their passions.the
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annual "celebrate writitg conference" today.sixteen midwest authors showcased their books and spoke to aspiring writers about their experiences.assistant director jo pearson says it gives local authors a chance to engage with their audience. thanks for watching your cbs 2 news a asix. six. have a great night,
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