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tv   Iowa In Focus  CBS  October 25, 2015 10:30am-11:00am CDT

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d-c.a special house committee grilled clinton on the terrorist attacks in benghazi three years ago -- and her actions before and after them. it all led texehanges like this one... "everybody else was responsible for everything else, what were you responsible for?i was responsible for sending chris stevens to benghazi as an envoy, i was responsible for suppting a temporary mission that we were e constantly evaluating, i was responsible for quite a bit, congressman. i was not responsible for specific security requests and decisions." decisions."coming up later on in iowa in focus -- we take a step back and retrace the entire arc of the benghazi story -- brining you up to date to what happened this week. while congressional republicans were preparing for clinton's testimony -- house speaker john boehner announced that the publicans woulul nominate their pick for his successor on october 28th. 28th.the next day -- the full house is scheduled to vote on the next speaker.utah's jason chaffetz and florida's daniel
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webster were the two longest- declared candidates. wisconsin's paul ryan was reluctantly dragged into the conversation -- and finally confirmed that he would run for york's peter king was pretty blunt about it. "i don't see who else it could be, if it's not paul ryan, , think it's a disaster.""we need to move from being an opposition party to a proposition party." party."wednesday -- they part will decide who it wants for speaker -- and that night -- the presidentical candidates willllave their ththd debate. while paululryan mulled over his run for speaker -- vice president joe biden finally put the questions about his run for the white house to rest. rest.with president obama and joe biden's wife standing beside him -- he announced that he would *not jump in.. after five months of mourning the death of his son -- beau -- from brain cancer -- the vice president said the window to run had closed. , i beleive we are out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaiaign for the nomination." nomination."it didn't exactly say that he didn't *want to
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make sense to try at this point. the field of five on the democratic side slimmededdown to three this week. week.former virginia senator jim webb said he was dropping out of the race because the party's ideals were different than his.former rhode island governor lincoln cfee announced he'd be dropping out too.neither gained much support at any point in the race. before that -- bernie sanders was in oskaloosa talking with students at william penn university. university.sanders was less presidential ndidate and more moderator for a discussion about issues like student debt -- and the gap in wealth distrirition and income. he let audience members tell their story -- and then referenced that specific person several times while talking about why the government wasn't working for them. "i think we're striking a nerve and raisisg issues with people who have kind of given up on the political process and now they're coming back in ." ."see why he says he can still win even though he knows he'll probably get outspent -- when we sit down with him later in the show. chris christie made one of first appearances in iowa in
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nearly a month in newton. newton.he held a town hall event -- letting voters ask him any also let's him show off some of th jersey-personality that helped hihido pretty well in the polls s few months ago. "you know i saw recently that congress has a 12-percent approval rating. and the only thing that's shocking to me is like, i wanna know who that 12- precent are. like who are thosospeople that are going, hey, this looks good, i like this. let's have more of this." this."now -- christie is towards the back of pack -- right around some of the candidates who haven't been able to mame the primetime debates. lots to break down this week. that's why we bring in our political science expert professor cary covington for class notes. notes. donald trump, it started during&the last debate. he and jeb bushshoing back and forth about 9/11, how do you think that 9/11, how do you think that spat will play out for
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candidates?.there are two things to talk about. the first is the merit of the arguement. is there a case to be made that george bush is culpable in some ways s r 9/11. . at's for the historians to figure out. it's something for a longer term perspective to talk about in terms of how to protect the country. there were some failures there. what's more important t r 16 is the impact on bush. trump is running a unique campaign in that it's run almost entirely on free media, social media and free media coverage. everything about his campaing is about what are the media saying, what is the twitterverse saying. to be
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prominent, he has to create prominent, he has to create controversy e every two or three days. he tried to stimilate one thing by talking about clinton being a terrible sec of state. it didn't have legs he moves on. he moves on to bush on 11, it forces jeb bush to respond he cannot let that go. one, it feeds the media, it give them something to talk about. it puts trump in teh forefront. two, it forces bush to acknowledge his bush-ness. it was jeb2016 not bush 2016. 2016. does this represent a proxy fight for the factions fo the gop? gop?.sure, he's trying to
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engage. he's fighting multiple fronts against the establishment folks. he's going after rubio, he's going after bush. it's not just bush. he shifts h h focus but he's very much concerned about criticizing e rebpuclian establishment. you're seeing it play out in congress. you haha the establishment t trying to pick a speaker and you have the freedom coalition, the freedom caucus having nothing to do with it. trump is playing on that same cleavage inside the republican party. that entire conversation will also be up online at cbs 2 iowa dot com.every week -- we'll be going inside iowa politics -- talking ababt the people not trying to move into the white house. governor branstad's plan to privatize the state's medicaid system has sparked serious concns for the half a uillion iowans who depend on it.mmt hammil explains why
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thousand providers who offer care won't be rady when four private companies take over january first. first. nats - standing rooonly - as families a care-givers - told stste senator liz mathis -their concerned - the most vulnerable - patients - will be hurt. hurt." those who have some catastrophic illnesses and they need some high testing and the testingngwon't be approved, i think those who are on elderly waver may lose some services, i think children. " she worries for dads like - bill mcvicker - who brought his son.he's concerned about insurance costs - and has repeatedly asked - whether he can still provide care. care." body has any y swers for me .. nobody knew anything that was going on and that was in september .. it's got to be frustrating .. it is frustrating .. but it looks like it's gonna happen. " governrn brananad's office says - it w wl mean better care - and 50-million in sangs th " there has to be something done and governor bbanstad
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believes the final savings estimates that passed with bipartisan support mind you .... is prudent in the end. " at discovery living - - 150 clients include people with autism - and cerebral palsy. - bob hee-bull - says he's all for responsible medicaid spending - but iowa is rushing it. it." our fears are disruption of services, people falling through the cracks, providers not receiving reimbursement ..all of which can really lead to some bad outcomes" nearly 40 states now have managed care - but critics s y most made the transition n two years - not less than one. one." this iowa managed care is just getting shoved down our throats and if we could just push it back then i think erybody wouldn't have so muchanxieity over the chang.e" the panel says if you receive a medi-caid letter in the mail and have concerns -- call iowa medi-caid member services. democratic front runner hillary clininn chimed in -- saying thahat privitizing medicaid puts care for 500-
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and that handing care to private companies often results in cuts to are. at the end of the week ---- quinnipiac released their latest polls for both parties in iowa.'s still a little early to put much stock in the numbers -- but dr. ben carson passed the former front-runner dona trump.carn is pollin at 28-percent to trump's 20- pepeent. fridayay- quinnipiac released their democratic numbers.good news for hillary clinton -- she jumped 11 points from quinnipiac's september poll to sit at 51-percent. bernie sanders dropped point from that poll to 40-percent. ming up on iowa in focus... we talk with bernie sanders about how people can vote for a socialist -- and what the state of college education in
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welcome back to iowa in focus. we're joined by senator bernie sanders on the campus of william penn university. senator thanks for joining us. us.thanks for having me. me.we're talking about being on college campus and every campaing talks about how they want to appeal to youth and galvanize the young vote. how are you going after younger voters a little differently than other candidates. candidates.kevin, one of the things that i has really delighted me, we've had a lot of large rallies., disproportianately the people who are coming out are young people, working class, people
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who in the past have not largely participated in the political party and thamakes me feel eally good. i think we are striking a nerve and raising issues with people who have given up on the political party and now they're coming back in do you think part of the reason is some of the things you guys are talking about todya, college debt and paying r higher education. education.the truth is we have hundreds of thousands of, bright, qualified young people who are not going to college simply because they cannot afford it. we have millions of poeple wrestling with student debt. many other countries around the world have said in the year 2015 wewant to encourage people to get the best education they need. i think we havto do the same thing, that's why i'm fighting
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to make colleges tuition free and i'm fighting for people to refinance their loans at lower interest rates. does that close the gap at liberty,a very conservative campus. campus.the reason i went to liberty university, is that i knew and the universisi certainly knew that my views on a number of important issues are very very different than their views. i believe a woman has the right to control their own body, i believe in gay marriage. most of the people at liberty unersity would disagrgr with me. but the point there was yes, we disagree on certain issues but lets work together when we can. do you think it's appropriate to see a prolifeation of millionares and billionares at the same time that we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth. can we work together to make sure all of our people get a decent quality educucion
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regardless of their income. and i think some of the people there said yeah, maybe we can work together. together.some of the people early on were calling you a protest candidate. you think youre past thal age stagei thout from the very beginning we had a shot to win this thing. we started out at 3, 4, 5 percent in the polls. nobody knew who i was, i think it was fair to say. things have changed int eh last five and half months. if the election were today, no question, we would not win. but i think the momentum is with us ana i think we he gone from a frin candidatat to somemee who can win this. said int he debate that the key to embracing being a democratic socialist is explaining what that means. how do you explain that when so many are turned off at the door by hearing socialist. socialist.that's a great question and we're going to have to focus on that. first,
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speech in the coming weeks defining whahai mean. second of all, to tell people that in america today we already have a number of programs that are socialist. social security...'ve talked about not having a superpac. do you think you'll be able to sustain fundraising so far. far.that's a great questions. we ll be outspent. when you outspent. when you establish a superpac, i can't compete with that. but up to now, we have recieved individual contributions from 650- thousand americans. thth is more than barark obama recieved. that is more than any candidate in american history at this point in a
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end of hte day we will be outspent i can see that. but we will have enough money to run a winning campaign and for better or worse iowa, you're going to see our 30-second ads on tv. we have the resources to do that in new hampshire and we're going to do that all over the country. after the break...we go all the way back to september 11th -- 2012 -- when the bengahzi attack happened. learn all about who the players were and how we got to hillary clinton in front of the benghazi
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welcome back.this is the real story y we're going to take the time to give context to some of the events that will go on during the 2016 race for the white house.sometimes we'll have to go back a few days -- weeks or months -- or
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even years that are still relevant. relevant.this week -- w wbreaea downwnhat's led up to thth benghazi committee and hearings that happened this week. first -- we have to go back to september 11th -- 2012 in benghazi, libya. libya.that night -- gunmen outside the american diplomatic compound attacked and quickly separated the u-s s ambassador -- chris stevens -- from his security team.stevens and another man baracaded themsevles in an office -- before the attackers burned the building down around them. an american rescue team eventually showed up hours later -- andndaving 30 other people -- but ambassador stevens eventually died at a hospital from the smoke inhalation along with three other people. "the united stes condemns in the stngest termrm this outragagus and d ocking attack. we're working with the government of libya to secure our diplomats. i've also directed my administration to incrse our security at diplomatic posts around the world. in the following days -- weeks and months -- it was unclear what sparked the attack. first -- it was reported that the gunmen were
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protesting an anti-islam video that had been making its way around theinternet.that wa eventually decided to not be true -- and that the attack was a coordinated terrorist attack by an extremist militia leaderclinton took heat at an earlier hearing about the chance that the government was trying to cover it's tracks by denying that this was a planned terrorist attack. "what difference at this point does it make?" more information gradually came out about requests that came from the americans in libya before the attack. attack.they had been asking the state department -- where now-dememratic presidential candidate hillary clinton was then the secretary of state -- for more security.those requests were denied -- and clinton has had to answer for it. "those requests and issues related to security, were rightly handled by thth security profefeionals in the department. i did not see them, i did not approve them, i did not deny them." numerous congressional committees opened up their own investigations -- each with a diffffent fococ. focus.through information they
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that hillary clinton had her now famous private email server.she said that she would be unable to hand over *everything on it because some of the emails had been deleted because they were personal. republicans said this was a sign that clinton covering up something during the benghazi attack. over the past few weeks -- the committee itself has come under fire -- ometimes from m it's own members -- for being totopartisan. chairman trey gowdy has been accused of focusing the investigation too much on hillary clinton.he's been fighting with the ranking democrat -- elijaih cummings -- over how the committee should run. "i have told my own republican colleages and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't konw anything about. these documents to do not show anything nefarious. infact, itgs just the opposite. presentatives cummings says all that new information cooroborates what they knew from other investigations. that washe panel that hillary inton spent 11 hours
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democrats attackck their own committee while a lot of republicans attacked her actions.clinton fired back -- defending her own compassion -- and laying out what it took to hold the position she did. "you know i would imagine i've thought momo about what happened than all of you put together. these are complex issues, mr congressman, and i think it's important that we look at the totality of what was going on." on."now she'll eventually ead back out to o e campaign trail l -- riding a big lead in at least quinnipiac's iowa numbers. coming up next on iowa in focus...we take a look at your comments and what politicians were saying about one of the most talked-about -- non- candidates -- joe biden
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2016 race for the white house. welcome back -- we'll close the show each week taking a look at what happened on social media... media...this week -- we're looking at joe biden announcing he would *not run for presidnet.we posted the story on facebook -- and a lot of the comments were frankly pretty negative.
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negative.peggy jumped in with "geez, nice comments here....thought his speech was pretty darn good. guess what he said about the "hate" and division of the country is true." true."p-j ys "i think he made the right decision for himself and his family. god blessing as he continues to heal."the vice president said that his family has healed after losing his son beau -- but that by the time they were ready -- he thought it was too late to still win. w -- we look at their voice and what the candidates and their campaigns are posting on social media about joe biden not jumping into the race. race.democratic front runner hillary clinton said -- p is a od friend and a greaman. today and always, spired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better. -h -hbernie sanders thanked him for his service -- andhe issues that he outlined outlinedrepublican front runner donald trump tweeted d "i think joe biden made correct decision for him & his family. personally, i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad." you can follow along on
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twitter and facebook allllwewe lolo.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures from events you go to.also -- now you n fi all our content on our website -- go to either cbs 2 or f 28 iowa - dot - com and search for "iowa in focus." we'll have all our interviews, stories and other parts of the show uploaded there every week. every week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see what different campaigns have scheduled ---- and whereryou can see whichever candidate you want. want.friday -- a handful of republicans are going to be in orange city -- out near sioux city.senator's rubio and santorum and governor chris christie and carly fiorina are all expected there.saturdayay- the republican party has its growth and opportunity party on halloween can trick-or-treat at vendor booths -- and the adults can watch saturday football -- all mixed in with some politics. nearly t entire republican field will be ere. thanks for joining us.come back next week -- to get the clear facts...on iowa in focus
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