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the 32-hundred block - of 59th street. this point - investigators will only tell us - that they found a body* - in a drive-way.a lot of officers - - remain at that location - - in the iowa state patrol - - sheriff's deputies - - and urbana * police.some neighbors are calling this a murder - but - investigators have not released any* information - on how that person - died. we'll continue to bring you the latest. new information tonight - on that amber alert - we told you about last night. 13-year-old - paige - john- stone - of ottumwa - is safe - after being found in georgia . .police say - her abductor - 19-year-old - kevin - too-ala - ramirez - is now charged with child stealing - and enticing a minor.police say the two were headed to florida - when authorities spotted - ramirez.they say he - has - criminal record october - is a busy month - for - mammo-grams - new guide-lines - - recommend women - begin
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screening - later - - at age - 45** instead - of 40. some doctors - across the country - are - re- thinking - - many aspects -- of breast cancer prevention - and treatment. 2 - news reporter - steffi - lee - - is here - with the alternatives. matt, i spoke with one local doctor who says there continues to be a debate on how effective mammograms are. dr. matthew dietz says they've been hailed as a way to detect breast cancer.but he says it poses certain problems and you can't place a one size fits all method on breast cancer. cancer. "there's that miscommunicati on"doctor matthew dietz with discover health chiropractic in cedar rapids says the norm for detecting breast cancer might not be the best option. option."there's a ton of miscommunication ?and misinformation out there for women because they don't know where to turn, what's the right thing to do."he says for many women - they're told right thing to do.
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do."mammograms do expose you to radiation, and high amounts of radiation - a thousand times of what a chest x-ray would be."and says while they've been effective over the years, the conversation needs to change. change. "radiation causes cancer. so we're using a test that causes cancer to detect cancer - see the problem there?"he and many doctors nationwide say mammograms sometimes lead to false positives - and trying to identify anything that's overtreatment. ."a lot of times that's actually causing more cancer than necessarily finding." finding." "instead of giving them a mammogram every year, there's a thermogram you can get - thermography."while the american cancer society says thermal imaging has high failure rates... rates..."no radiation being exposed so there's nothing harmful to the body at the time"dr. dietz says a less harmful strategy could prevent long-term, negative effects.he says his office always reminds
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patients - while no medicine is necessarily foolproof "ask for that second opinion, look for other things ?what are other people doing - where is it all coming from?" dr. dietz's office has an outline they also use to remind others about self-care. we have a more detailed explaination on our website.
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that deadly - crash - during yesterday's home-coming parade - at oklahoma state university - is hitting home - for a cedar rapids - man. man.lester - schmitz - - says his brother - leo - - is among those - - critically - injured - - when a car - plowed - into the crowd..we spoke to lester - just a short time ago - on the phone - - as he travels to comfort his brother - - in oklahoma. "his two legs were crushed from the accident so they have him in a medically-induced coma right now and things are touch and go and we're just playing each day as it goes." goes."lester tells us - they don't know if his brother - has any brain damage.he says - leo - lives near still-water - and his step-
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son - graduated from - o-s-u. others - are still in shock - as they learn details of the crash that killed four people.police say - the driver - a-dacia chambers - was drunk when she crashed into a crowd.she now faces second degree murder charges. three people died at the scene - including a retired o-s-u professor - and his wife.- a two year old - little boy - died - later at the hospital.victims say - it seems like a very bad dream. "the car hit me as it was stopping, and then i flew over some strollers.""my roommate was like 'do not look, do not look,' because they were putting bags over people, and she was like, 'you don't want to look there. least five people are still listed in critical condition - after that homecoming crash. they say everything is bigger in texas - and unfortunately that goes for the flooding too.remnants of hurricane - patricia - are breaking records - - as more than twenty** inches of rain - has now fallen in some areas.most of the storms - should end -
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by this evening -- but now - louisiana and mississippi - are bracing for the same. presidential* politicians - are on the road - too. too.with fewer than - one hundred days - until the iowa caucuses - democrats celebrated - a huge night - in des moines.more than six thousand people - packed the hy-vee hall - - for the - jefferson - jackson dinner - last night.the crowd - enjoyed entertainment - from - pop star - katy perry - - and martin o'malley - even brought his guitar. former president bill clinton - accompanied his wife -- but she - - made it clear - she's the one running. "i'm not running for my husband's third term and i'm not running for barack obama's third term i'm running for my first term and i'm running as a proud democrat." democrat."some supporters - paid up to one thousand ** dollars - - for a seat at the last** j - j - dinner.. as we mentioned - - four
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crash at oklahoma state university - - and police say the driver - was drunk. friends and relatives - are often the last people to see - an intoxicated person - before they get in their car. so - - would you have the courage - - to stand up - and tell that person - they can't's our topic - in tonight's - say what. what. " i'm driving home drunk .. see if i get a dui " this is what drunk driving - looks like.this 23 year old - videoed - herself.mothers against drunk driving - says on any given day - three - hundred - thousand people do it - - and fewer than four thousand - are caught. caught. " i would just take the keys .. end of discussion. " many of you tell us - to prevent something like this - you are fierce - and would - or have - got in a friend's face. " i just telly them they're not leaving, they're not driving they can lay down and go to sleep and i take their keys and they canget up in the morning and leave. " " it's not worth losing your
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license .. killing someone under the influence .. cause when you're drunk you don't know what you're actions are until the next day and the next day may be too late. " supposedly friends don't let friends drive drunk - but more often - friends say - no - i'm fine - honest. honest. " what i would do is grab his keys and hide them and play the game of oh my god you lost your keys and if they attempte to get in the car i would pushy them aside. " " you think you're ok, but that's just the alcohol talking. " " i'd definitely wrestle them down take the keys away find a way for them to get home. " but despite - your best efforts - - many of you tell us - you think drunk driving - is worse than ever. ever. " maybe they should pass a law that when you go into a bar you gotta turn over your keys .. you know you can't leave with your keys if you're intoxicated .. that should be a law maybe. " " drunk driving is a big deal, who knows you could be on the road the same time as
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we always want to hear your thoughts - - on drunk driving - or any other topic. you can leave your opinion - on our face-book page. now a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. it's still a few months - until the dance marathon at west high school - in iowa city - - but the students - are anxious - to go.this weekend - they held a celebration - to get ready for the january 17th - event. they charged a dollar donation - for admission.all that money goes to the university of iowa - children's* hospital.several more events - leading up to the big dance. the university of iowa - holds the dance marathon - february fifth - and sixth. // players on the ice // //the cedar rapids rough riders - are in the pink.or at least - the ice - - at the stable - is.the hockey squad - is teaming up with the nassif** community cancer center - to raise awareness - about breast cancer - - with the - pink in the rink - event.two dollars of every ticket - from last nights
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game - goes to the cancer center - spirit fund - to help - women living - with cancer. halloween is a few days away -- but people in the wellington heights - neighborhood - are already saying - - "trunk** or treat." treat."that's because - car trunks - are packed with candy - - for trick - or treat fun.this afternoon - the boys and girls club - - and - frist congregational united church of christ - - teamed up - to treat families - at johnson school.hundreds of people turned out.i the line of kids and their families - - stretched down the block. "we enjoy doing it, and have a good time putting it all together, it just fun event for them, and by the crowd they like it too. " "this is the third year - for trunk* or treat.more than 30 cars - - all packed full of candy - showed up for the event. coming up on the cbs 2 news ten at ten - - a halloween - tale*.why these - precious pups - - are all dressed up - - and actually do* have some place to go.
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go. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male...
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where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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on cbs 2 this morning, as we're getting ready to
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week. find out one more spooky place you'll want to stop. we're road trippin, monday on cbs halloween - - haunts the corridor - at the end of this week - - and as every- body - knows - - finding that perfect - costume - can be a real challenge. as cbs 2 - news photographer - - mark less - - found out - - at least when your a dog - you have no-where to go - but - cute.. cute.. nat: time to get started started : dogoween is an annual partnership, we work with local thiesens here, basically it is a really dog socailization event they come out put on some costumes and its a doggie costume contest. nat natwe came last year by accident and we were watching it and thought it was really interesting, and the dogs were having a good time and so were we. nat: sideways the miniture pincher is coming up next. next. : it was fun to enter a costume contest. this is a super fun event, people look forward to it every year. its a great chance for the dogs to interact with each other. different experiences, alot of things for them to be
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exposed to. i think my favorite costume so far is trash dog. nat: so cute. whats the insperation for the costume today?nat: sideways is quote garbage. : we decided to go with it, because he was actually a rescue, he was literally thrown away by his previous owner owner: mixure of everything everythingits a good time thanks to - photographer - mark less.every dollar donated - to the - cedar* valley humane society - - is matched with five dollars - from tye-sons - - and 15* dollars - from their sponsors. good day for a walk - with - your - ewolk* -- but - we are looking ahead to thosetrick or treat - nights. nights.meteorologist - jeff kennedy - - is here with the dress code - - for the
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great bye week for the hawks -- coming up in sports -- how low did they go in the polls -- next on cbs 2 2"cbs 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at kgan.comnews at email us at 222-kgancall us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at kgan.comconnect with us on
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@ how's this for a bye week -- not only did the hawks get some rest and recover with a saturday off -- but they were soaring up -- in the polls without even playing a game iowa jumped up two spots in both the ap and coaches poll -- the hawks cracked the top 10 for the first time since 2010 when they were ranked 9th -- 10th in the ap -- 11th in the coaches -- not a bad bye week for the black and gold. all the talk this season in the n-f-c north -- has been about the green bay packers -- and rightfully so, they're undefeated -- but they're of this week -- the vikings are not -- they're in detroit for a divisonal battle with the lions minnesota has just 1 win in their last 16 n-f-c north road gamesnot the best start for the purple people eaters -- already down 7 to 3 in the first --- matt stafford -- rolls out -- connects with
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to 3it's 17 to 6 in the second -- but back come the vikings -- teddy bridgewater fires one to kyle rudolph -- that cuts the lead down to 5they're down 2 in the 3rd --- bridgewater -- showing off his arm -- and stefon diggs -- just plain showing off with that catch -- the 36 yard pitch and catch puts the vikings up for good.. good..28 to 19 the final -- for n-f-c north road win number 1 for mike zimmer -- but it's not where, it's how -- "it has nothing to do with where you play, it's how you play. like i've been saying all along, they said that you can't have a better record in a tempary stadium, they said you can't win on the road, they say you cant do this you can't do that... it's all about how you play, not really where you play." chiefs trying to stop their 5 game skid -- hosting the steelers -- k-c up 9 to 3 in the 3rd -- and eric berry executes the tip drill to
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antonio brown -- and into the diving arms of berry -- that's his first interception since beating cancerand that would lead to this -- char-can-drick west -- goes up and over the goalline -- kansas city goes up 13steelers cut it to 3 in the 4th -- but the chiefs put it away -- alex smith -- finds chris conley on the arrow -- and he finds the endzone -- chiefs get win number 2 223 to 13 the final -- and more importantly andy ried got a couple more friends after this one. "i'm proud of our team for the job that they did today. being 1-5 isn't an easy thing in the national football league. you find out who your friends our and you don't have very many of them." some sad news in the n-b-a -- just days after the team announced he'd miss the enire upcoming season -- minnesota timberwolves head coach --
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with ccer today 650 games in 17 n-b-a seasons with the t-wolves, pistons, and wizards -- fred hoiberg played for saunders from 2003 to 2005 and knows the basketball world lost a lot more than just a good coach. "you know a little bit of shock right now i guess. you know, flip played a huge part in my life from everything you know bringing me in, giving me a chance, he was a great mentor, great leader, he's a fatherly figure, such a caring individual.. you know... it's just awful." to the track -- the race for the chase shinks from 12 to 8 after they turn left at talladega might be safe to say joey logano and matt kenseth still haven't patched things up from last week --- logano cuts off kenseth entering pit rowand what a crazy finish this was -- off a second straight restart -- that happens -- cars sliding
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everywhere on the green and white checkard flag -- so a caution comes out and because logano was leading when the flag flew -- he's declared the winner -- sweeping the 2nd round of the chase. thats a check of sports --
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