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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  October 27, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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we now know the name o of the victim of a weekend homicide in the corridor. a man is in jail this morning but the iowa division of criminal investigation says he has *not been charged with that woman's death. death.right now -- 31-year-old david miller is being held on a probobion violatioioand a theft charge -- he's accused of stealing a truck. authorities say he is being investigated for other charges too. too.the d-c-i identified the victim as 25-year-old sabrina hustad.police tell cbs 2 news she was found dead in the driveway of a home between shellsburg and urbana. that home belongs to miller.the man whose truck was stolen, was with a group of friends when they stumbled on a bloody trial, that eventually led to hustad's body. "that's where we discovered her laying down." budded to "one of the other guys actually went over there went overerhere to feel her or r she had a pulse and he sayay
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gone."authorities tell cbs 2 news there was a second truck stolen nearby, but haven't confirmed if miller was involved. autopsy will be performed on hustad's body. we'll continue to track this developing story, for the latest details, check our website, at cbs 2 iowa-dot-com. new this morning, morning,firefighters responded to a garage fire in cedar happened at 15-28 15-th avenue southwest.crews tell cbs 2 news that 2 cars inside the garage were damaged and no one was injured.nearby roads that initially had to be blocked off are now open. a shooting happened near a military recruiting office in davenport on monday, but police say, that wasn't the target. target.shots were first fired in a law firm in the same building as that cruiting office.two people were hurt but authorities say not from gunshot wounds - they're just minor woman who worked in the same building, said police response was very quick, but it still took an emotional toll on n eryone. "it was surreal that something
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that serious happened around us, and for us just to go back to work did not feel right." right."police say the incident ended with the shooter taking his own life, after he fled the scene. details on a motive were not released. an ohio man wanted for his mother's death is now in an iowa jail.state p prol arrested this man, 34-year-old burley blankenship in north iowa along interstate 35.he was driving nearly 100- miles-per hour when officers pulled him over.his mother was found dead in her homomon saturday. a cbs 2 news follow up on the deadly homecoming parade in oklahoma. oklahoma.during her first court appearance monday -- adacia chambers was charged with four counts of second- degree murder.a prosesetor says it looks like she intentionally drove into a crowd of people on saturday -- killing four people and injuring dozens more.the district attorney said chambers drove around a barricade and ran a red light before hitting the crowd.right now - she's being held in jail
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and will have a psychological evaluation. another follow numbers this morning on the death toll from massive earthquake in the middle east, , d officials believe that number will increase even more.right now, at least 311 people have been killed, most of them in pakistan, and some in afghanistan.the 7-point-5 magnitude earthquake also injured hundreds throughout the region. a u-s defense official says a navy destroyer passed within 12-nautical miles of man-made islands in the south china sea. sea.and that could be a violation of maritime law -- although the u-s government doesn't recognize the islands as chinese territory.the mission was approved by president barack obama.the south china sea is the subject of numerous territorial disputes.several countries, including china, claim ownership over several island chains and the water that surrounds them. new this morning -- congressional leaders leadersstruck a major budget deal with the house house just before midnight. midnight.the deal would raise the debt ceiling and lift defense budget speaker john boehner plans ti
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deal's the same day republicans in the house will nominate the next person to replace boehner as speaker. the deal would avoid a possible default and reduce the chances of a government shutdown in december. another new g-o-p poll pollshows donald trump *behind doctororen caon in iowa.this one is from monmouth's the third poll in the last week that shows trump in second place. a new poll from the associated press says trump is widely unpopular among spanics. 72-percentntf spanics in the survey say they have an unfavorable view of him.and that includes a group in sioux city who started a petition calling for trump to move his upcoming rally out of sioux city west high school. "he's influencing a lot of people to hate certain, like, certain groups, certain groups of people." ople."some students are saying the school districts anti-bullying policies should keep hihifrom having his rally there.the schools' superintendent says it's a chance for a learning democratic process. on the democratic side,
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hillary clinton is also under fire, for recent commmmts she de about veteran healalcare. an m-s-n-b-c interview last friday she said the v-a scandal had not been "as widespread as it has been made out to be."many republicans, including senator john mccain, are cacaing for clinton to apologize, saying it shows a lack of appreciation to veterans who are struggling to get health care.clinton's campaign t`en said she is outraged by the delays, and will releasas details next month on her plan to fix the system. on the campaign trail, former maryland governor martin o'malley is headed back to iowa.he'll be in des moines friday evening to attend the iowa spirit awarar to lebrate iowa's's-g-b-t community.o'malley, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will all be back in des moines on november 14th for the second democratic can watch that debate live, right here on cbs 2, , coverage kicks off at eight in the evening. cedar rapids police came face to face with an armed robbery suspect over the weekend. happened saturday
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officers say when they entered d the back of the store, the suspect pointed a gun at them and tried to get away.but officers took the man into custody without firing their weapons. weapons.right now -- 21- year-old travonte hughes is in e linn county jail - facing several charges.there's a warrant for his arrest out of chicago. right now -- police in mount vernon vernonare investigating a string of car burglaries through out the city.the department tells cbs 2 news officers sponded to calls on palisades road southwest and 2nd avenue northwest on monday. monday.they found 18-year-old cordel mayfieldear one of the homes.the other suspect t 1919year haydyd mayfield -- he was arrested after running from police.both face burglary charges and are in the linn county jail. the t-v news reporter and photographer shot and killed live on air are getting one of the hihiest honors in broadcast journalism. journalism.colleagues presented the families of allison parker and adam ward with posthumous emmy awards. parker and ward were recognized with the ted yates award for their professialis
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news.their co-workers at w- d-b-j in roanoke, virginia also received a yates award fo"showing courage in the face of tragedy." it's cocong up next... next...the community that came together to grant one very special wish.
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sometimes -- life happens a little faster than we e tend it to.o. missouri teen didn't want to miss out on the last item on her bucket list. liststeve harris has the story of how a community came together to make her dream come true. true. most little girls dream of having a fairy tale wedding...emily linneman is no exception. but 3 years ago she was diagnosed with a bone cancer that took her leg. then, a couple of months ago, they found an inoperable tumor in her hip...doctcts told her to start working on her bucket list.(nats)a list that included playing basketball... (nats)riding a harley...(nats) getting a tattoo...and a miniature pig. one by one, she fininied them all...allll except that little girls dream..."she said mom this isn't fair. i'm not supposed to die yet. i'm supposed to
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get married and have kids." this is where jake schroer enters the story. they met at a bowling alley 5 months ago... "and he came into this knowing how sick she was...and fell in love with her anyway."he asked...she said yes...and people came together to make it happen...from the winery, to the ice sculpture made by 2 bikers...(nats)to big dave, the tattoo artist and ordained minister, who married them... (nats)even the cost. (nats)it was the wedding of a lifetime...(nats)"all i wanted was for her to look beautiful in front of her friends and family...and it ended up looking like a fairy tale. it honestly was."(nats)at 17, emily got er fairy tale wedding...a little sooner than she'd hoped. but life doesn't always cooperate."more than anything she wanted to walk do the isle but her legs quit working a couple days before...she couldn't walk"but what matters...what but what walk"couldn't before...she
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quit workg a legs quit isle but her walk down the wanted to anything she "more than cooperate.always life doesn't hoped. but than she'd little sooner than she'd hoped. but life doesn't always cooperate. "more than anything she wanted to walk down the isle but her legs quit working a couple days before...she couldn't walk"but what matters...what really that
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it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... break...the big change the cyclones hope will pull them out of their two-a-five season. season. welcome back - there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russe westbrook. and withoverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular,
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like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of awhere. that is my line! - it's now we're taking a look
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atatyour_______ your_______ here's a look some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... kids aged six months to six years can get free health screenings today.parents are encouraged to bring their children to the ladd library in cedar rapids from 10-to 2. the free checks include sion, earing, dental, and developmental screenings, which all children need to be ready for school.there will also be resources available with information on heth insurance and nutrition programs. today will be one of the lasas chances to take advantage of the farmer's market this year in iowa's open from 3-to-6 today.the last two farmer's marke will be tomorrow from 5-to-7 and saturday from 7-30 to noon. in marion, unity point is expanding its famamy medicine and urgent care campus.they'll use the existing lebeda mattress factory next door to add about six thousand square feet.the new facility is
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expected to be open in 20-0-. when you're two-and-five... heads are gonna roll... that's just life in big time college football... iowa state announced significant changes to their offense this more from ames... with ames already buzzizi abouout cyclones new starting quarterback... "i had to make a change at offensive coordinator this morning."more changes for iowa state... state..."mark and i couldn't get on the same ge about a few important items... joel was not the case that this has come to a head... in the end, we couldn't come to a conclusion together. and he's decided to not accept the direction we want to go."a rection that, like it or not, will be led by sophomore quarterback joel lanning.. ".you know i'm just thinking ".you know i'm joel lanning.. quarterback sophomore led by sophomore quarterback joel lanning.. ".you know i'm just thinking
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little nervous, but there's no reason to be at all, it's just like another week prpearing myself like i have in the past."even with mangino gone and d new starting quarterback, coach paul rhoads be business as usual saturday at j jk trice. "they are a tight brotherhood and they will remain that way." way." "there's up and downs. inevery week and every day in football. you just gotta keep pushing ":and even if the faces s the sideline may be different... "you can't change the style of offense in the mdidle of the season. y ou'd just mess with kids heads. and all that, so it's gonna be the exact same plays like coach mangino was running it"the gameplan hasn't changed. in ames mia o'brien cbs 2 2 sports. the high school volleyball fun... is just beginning... it's tourney time for the state's best... and we start with a premiere first round matchup in three-a... solon... the defending champs... gainst this year's numbererne team... west liberty... you could call this a heavy weight fight on the volleyball court... first set and the lady spartans were ready -- rachel nelson sets up jess heick -- and she brings it home -- heick -- with some velocity... for the point. but the e comets had an answer --
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cassedi simon -- i guess they call that the quick wrister... and then west liberty sets it up for their heavy hitter --- brianna morales -- just get her the rock -- the comets take down the defenininchamps -- 3 sets to none...monticello traveling to mount vernon in their regional match-up.... but all the panthers could do is watch... this was all mount vernon... fit set... kaitlyn volesky.... too much power from the mustang.... monticello can't handle the heat... and then later in the set... more dominance from the home team... wynne vandersall .. hammer time... that makes it)11-3...mount vernon takes care of business at home.e. thth roll... three sets to zero... now we'll jump up to the four-a regionals... xavier hosting vinton shellsburg... and the vikings started off pretty well in set one... here they leave it up for kayla lee... a a she slams s home... but xavier got on track quickly... after a long rally... charlotte richards finds the ball in the air.. and sends it into the ground... that's a saints point...and then how 'bout an ace?... elele mcdermrmt finds the soft spot in the defense
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xavier advances... they win three sets to one... cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us on facebook - kgan cbs 2. thanks. how you did it? what? riding our bikes across the state? getting my masters? no! paying off your house early! oh! that was easy! awhile b bk we talked with veridian credit union and they got us into a 10 and done loan! refinancing lowered our rate and closing costs were only $200! yeah, it was really easy! and we saved enough money take this trip europe! veridian's been great, helping us with all of our finances!
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if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, ink again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electcity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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been made at the famous madam tussauds wax figure museum.the first youtube star has been featured there. there.the wax figure is of jenna marble a comedian, who really did rise to fame through her funny youtube videos.she now appears in all kinds of tv shows and movies. she even has a show on sirius x-m radio.her wax figure isn't the only thing ground breaking here at this famous museum. she's also the first wax figure that takes a selfie for you see her figure is holding a phone can touch that phone's screen and
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good morning again -- it's now coming up next... next...the corridor kids who will benefit from one major company's grant program.'re watching c-b-s
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right now on @ cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry. right now on
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welcome to let's get a check of our cbs 2
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shocking new video this morning from south carolina where a school resource officer is caught on camera tossing a student across a classroom floor. floor.we want to warn you some viewers mm find this video disturbing. disturbing.the school says the officer was acting in response to a student who was refusing to leave class.he tips a female student's desk backward untishe falls onto the floor - he then turns s her over and puts hand cuffs on her.another
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student recorded the incident using a cell phone.the officer has been banned from the school while an investation is underway. a murder suspect in new mexico is blaming the walking dead for his actions. actions.damon perry told police he was binge watching the popular zombie television show when he says he thought his friend was turning into a zombie.perry admitted to beating him to death using g mber of weapons in the attack. "in my 13 years of doing this, that was the most brutal scene that i have ever seen." "there are some things in this case that i don't think we'll ever know, likikwhen the microwave was used, when the guitar was used, and when the knives came into play." play."police first learned something was wrong when a 9-1-1 caller paid there was a man chasing woman with a knife.twtwmaintenance men tackled perry and held him down until officers arrived. an odd story out of indiana, a woman injured by a gunshot wound, by her dog, who happens to be named trigger. trigger.officers s s the dog g stepped on the trigger of the gun, which then shot his owner
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in the foot.the d-n-r says it's a case of unfortunate human error. 25 year-old allie carter put her 12-gauge on the grou wiout turning on thehe safety.they advisiseveryone to take a hunting safety course, and make sure your dog is trained, before bringing them along. continuing coverage on the confederate flag controversy controversythroughout the country.the university of mississippi has removed the state flag from school grounds because it incorporates the confederate leaders and students both voted to remove the flag -- it will now be isplayed in the university's archives. a new study suggests processed meat can cause cancer. cancer.and red meat could also be a contributing factor in developing cancer.the study was released by the world health organization's cancerer classifies processed meat as -- quote -- "carcinogenic to humans" with the potential to cause colon cancer. "processed meat are treated with different chemicals in order to preserve the meat, some of those chemicals are nitrates and nitrates can react in the body and form carcinogens." carcinogens."the w-h-o cancer
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group's director says these findings support current public health recommendations to limititthe amount of meat in your diet.but meat industry groups blasted the report, calling it biased and misleading. a hospital in pennsylvania is sending out letters to thousands of patients warning them they might have been exposed to bacteria during heart surgery. surgery.during surgery -- a small metal box circulates water into blankets.the hospital says a small gap in the machine may have sent bacteria into the air -- exposing patients to infection. hohoital officials s s at least 8 patients have been infected so far -- four of them have died.the devices in question have been sent to the c-d-c for further investigation. the american academy of pediatrics wants to raise the age to buy cigarettes to 21--nationwide. 21--nationwide.that includes all tobacco products - and e-cigarettes.right now only hawaii and aut 90 cities enforce the 21 age limit.the recommendation wasasmong more than two-dozen released by the nation's leading pediatrics group trying to reduce the number of children addicted to
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nicotine.another recommendati on would outlaw flavors like grape and cotton candy added to tobacco products. e-cigarettes will soon be banned from being left in checked bags while flying.the department of transportation said there have been at least 26 incidents in the past 6 years where an e-cigarette has caused a mall explosion or fire.usually they are left on or have a battery short-circuit.e-cigarettes will still be allowed on carry on bags -- but passengers wont be able to recharge them while on the plane. turning now to the pay debate in swisher... leaears met again to decide whether to opt out of the johnson county minimum wage increase. increase.that first increase will take effect this sunday, unless local governments vote to opt out.and last night that's exactly what city y leaders chose to do.mayor christopher taylor told cbs 2 news he's not happy to reject the increase, but it's the rit thing to do for a town bordering a county with a lower wage. "i canan say i'm happy about it passing necessarily, but i think there were a lot of problems with the ordinance that was put forth by the
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county and their solution is not necessarily a solution that would have worked best for every city in johnson county." county."solon is the only other community in the county that, soar, has decided to opt out of the increase. governor terry branstad is creating a new division after the f-b-i admitted to serious mistakes in some of it's testimony... testimony...about hair comparison analysis. now -- the "wrongful conviction division" will paner with state organizations to find out if similar errors were mama in iowa c ces. if they were -- the new team will explore legal options -- like post-conviction relief for prisoners. students in iowa city will have more opportunities to get involved in science, technology, engineering and math. math..the district received an 85-hundred dollar grantfrom verizon..the money will go to help teach stem in three middle schools and three high schools in the iowa city district.officials say it will help fund programs in and d outside of the classroom, like the district's robotics program. "moving forward we are going to need people that are problem solvers, people that are creative thinkers, people
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that can work within a team, people that can handle adversity."." adversity."the vereron grant more than doubles the money the robotics program has to buy things like software and equipment in their second season. it's still to come... come...the o o key ature to hotel rooms that marriot is thinking about cutting out.
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so big. big.mamaiot is working on a project called moxy hotels. hotels.christina ruffini explains the ruffini explains the one key feature the rooms *dont' have. have. the ne big thing for hotels is so small... it fits inside this shipping container. rooms for marriott's new moxy hotels are just 185 square feet-and that's by design. (k(klifa003922) with this mu square footage, you really don't have room for all the things you might wanta&you can kinda tell how close we area&(ruffini) three's not a lot of space between us. (bumps into wall)(khalifa) right. so there's no space between us to really put a closet here. no closeta&and no dresser says head of design karim kahlifa. surveys show that customersardly use them. (sot khalifa, pointing to peg board othe wall 003933) so what we've done is just kinda a audroom concept, where e evererhing ts hung as you walk in. coming soon to
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amied at a new breed of traveler.. customers who want urban locations and smart, modern design.... something the 90 year old company hasn't always been known for. (sot khalifa) 003118 the next generation is all about mobility//003021they expect you to be a thoughtful and deliver. so marriott built this: the innovation lab... where those thoughts become realaly for future hotels. (sot tina 000325) everybody today travels with at least three devices. well what does that mean for us from a hotel standpoint. it means that they're looking for wifi. it means they're looking for outlets. tina edmonson gave us a tour of this prototype room for renaissance... ready for check in starting early next year. (nat pop pulling back room divider 001806) here is a nice feature. a must for the modern traveler: fast internet and bed-side usb ports. the room alslsfeatures an open layout, carpet-free floors, and even a feather mural above the bed. (edmonson 002119) it's reminiscent of there was a pillow fight here and so the feathers on the ceilinga& (c) do you encourage pillow fighting iyour hotels? (edmonson laughing) absolutely. we love it. the idea is to make rooms feel like apartments. . . and
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guests feel at home.(sot khalifa003147) do they feel comfortable, did we give them the plugs in the right places, so they can go do what they want to doa& even if that means customers spend more time out sight seeing... than relalang in those meticulously
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...coming up next... next...the latest company to explore home deliveries
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welcome back - it's now we're tbking a look at your_______
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mixed results on wall street to kick off the week.the dow fell slightly -- losing nearly 24 points.the tech heavy nasdaq managed to gain almost three.while the s- and-p 500 slipped four points. one retail store isn't opening early this black friday -- they're not opening at all! all!outdoor and equipment store r-e-i says it will be closed on the big holiday shopping day.and the same goes for thanksgiving day.r-e-i's top executive says blackck fridayay"has gotten out of hand."the company's 12-thousand full and part-time workers will not only have that day off but they will be getting paid for that day. right now there are not any locations in iowa, but one is scheduled to open in west des moines on novembebe7-th. it should be a very happy holiday season for fedex. fedex.the company says online shopping will boost shipments from black friday through christmas eve by more tha12 handle the holiday rush -- the company is hiring 55 thousand seasonal workers. shoppers should plan ahead if they don't want to get stuck in line -- fedex predicts the busiest shipping days will be
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and the first two mondays in n december. wal-mart recently filed for permission from federal regulators to use drones. drones.a spokesman for the company says it's been testing dronon inside foronths.but w the retailer ants to use them outside in specific testing sites.wal-mart says it would use drones for home deliveries.but, its initial focus would be to move product between distribution centers. the first camaros built in the u-s in more than 20 years just rolled off the assembly line monday. monday.shiny new red -- white and blue camaros were unveiled at general motors' lansing grand river assembly plant. the last american-made camaros were buiui back in 1992.many of the workers on hand for yesterday's event say this means more job security.g-m says the v-6 and v-8 models should be in showrooms by the end of the year with a sticker
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forget the pumpkin spice latte -- starbucks has a spookier holiday themed concoction for you... you...tomorrow, the coffeeee giananwill begin selling the frappula's made with white chocolate sauce, milk and ice... and noa& that isn't blooda& it'a drizzle of raspberry syrup a& starbucks will sell the drink tomorrow until halloween this saturday. last night super girl last night super girl premiered on cbs2! yesterday -- the star of f the show -- messa benoist responded to jeb bush's comment about her being hot. take a look. look.i was looking online this morning and i've seen all
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many people are praising this show and saying it's just what we need saying it's just what we need right guy even tweeted: dear god: please let supergirl ratings be good, so little girir have a better role model than the kardashians. the model than - the kardashians. love, the worldbut take a look at this picture from super girl's twitter melissa has said she wants to be a role model for little girls and it certainly looks like she is headed in the right direction!
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it's coming up next... next...the renewed discussion about the safety of one of the unitedstates' most popular sports. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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a high school football player in tennessee is in critical condition this morning after suffering a head injury during a game friday n nht. night.the injury comes as another high school -- in chicago -- mourns the death of
5:41 am
a student athlete.dean reynolds explains how all this raises new concernsabout the safety of the sport played by more than a million erican kids. friends and family gathered this weekend to remember 17- year old andre smith who suffered a fatal injury playing football for his high school.the bogan high school senini collapsed during a g ge thursday against chicago vocational after taking a hit right at the end of the contest. though he was rushed to a local hospital.. he died there the following mornin (s: friend) (youth footll//180045)"he was always t tre for everybodya&w hoever need him (gets emotional)"(gfx in ) over the weekend, the cook county medical examiner ruled the death "accidental" -- caused by "blunt force head injuries due to football." (gfx out) (sot:) (satu0095)"you understand the risks but it's a game you know, it's a game." smith is the seventh high school football player to die in the u-s this year. just days ago, cam'ron matthews of texas passed away after collapsing on the sidelines. and last month, evan murray of new jersey died from a lacerated spleen he suffered during a game.(sot: greg
5:42 am
landry, m.d.//aap council on sports medicine and fitness) "high school football deaths are disturbing."ononunday, the american academy of pediatrics issued new guidelines aimed at improving the safety of youth football. (gfx in) the recommendations included having athletic trainers on sidelines of games, offering non-tackle football games as an alternative... and zero tolerance for illegal head- first hits.(sot: greg landry) "there's too many head to head hits and leadg with the head- spearing that's been against the rules since 76 and for some reason referees and coaches have gotten away from enforcing that rule."to andre smith's teammates - his brother had this to say.(sot: erick smith/brother (175758) "just be aware, protect yourself and be c ctious cause something as simple as a football injury can end a whole life." between 2005 and 2014 -- 92 high school football players have dieh either directly or indirectly linked to play. play. if you're just linked to play. pl.indirectly directly,or died either directly or indirectly linked to play.
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play. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now coming up next... next...the damage left behind after a fire early this morning in cedar rapids, and the bit of good news.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest about the man in jail this morning who owns the home where a body was found this weekend.
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the new budget deal reached
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