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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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the shocking video from inside an iowa school bus when a driver starts hitting a child with special needs. the latest details about a plane that caught fire right before take off in florida. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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new this morning. morning.a budget bill is now heading to president obama's desk. desk.the senate worked into
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the early-morning to pass a bill that would fund the government for a full two years. years.the bill finally passed a little after 3 this morning in washington.the agreement was made earlier in the week by congressional leaders and the white house raising the nation's debt limit to avoid default.democrats joined forces with republican defense hawks to push the measure to a final vote over the objections of presidential candidates and senators ted cruz and rand paul. there's a new man in charge of the house of representatives. wisconsin congressman paul ryan was officially handed the gavel on thursday.he became the 54-th speaker of the house. the 45-year-old has been in congress for 17-years and was also mitt romney's runningmate back in 20-12. a c-b-s 2 news follow up from a bus crash earlier this month near manchester. manchester.a man is now facing charges in the crash.police say monte klink was drunk, ran a yield sign, and crashed into a bus full of children. the bus then flipped over.34 people were taken to the
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klink bonded out of jail yesterday.a preliminary hearing is set for november 4-th. a school bus driver in central iowa is in jail right now, after he was caught on camera assaulting a 15-year-old boy who suffers from a mental disability. all happened yesterday on a packed bus.this is cell-phone video recorded by another student on the bus. 60-year-old robert scarbrough was arrested after students left the bus and told a nearby sheriff's deputy.the mother of the girl who recorded the video was shocked to see the confrontation. "i'm very proud of her, her instinct kicked in." in." "it brings tears to my eyes. i just can not believe these kids have had to witness something like this." this."scarbrough is still in jail on charges of child endangerment and assault causing bodily injury.the school district said they were disappointed, and have put him on administrative leave.the teen did not have any serious injuries. cbs 2 news has the latest details on a drug smuggling ring at the anamosa state prison.
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prison.two former prison guards are pleading guilty to state drug charges.authorities say the guards were taking bribes from inmates for marijuana and prescriptions drugs and some smuggled cell phones into the least nine employees have resigned or been fired since details of the investigation were released earlier this month. there are new developments in a 25-year-old cold case out of minnesota. right now -- authorities have labeled 52-year-old daniel heinrich -- a child porn suspect -- as a "person of interest" in the jacob wetterling disappearance.the 11-year-old disappeared in 1989 and led to the creation of the national center to prevent child exploitation. right now -- heinrich does not face any charges for wetterling's disappearance and he says he had nothing to do with the case. a woman is dead after trying to cross a major roadway in cedar falls. falls.police tell cbs 2 news 59-year-old terry harp was hit by a car as she was walking across university avenue.this happened around 5:30 thursday
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morning.harp was airlifted to university of iowa hospitals and clinics where she later died.police say the driver will not face charges. new this morning morningthe kentucky suspect accused of shooting at police has been killed in a shootout after a days long manhunt. manhunt.floyd cook was on the run after police say he shot a tennessee police officer and fired at a kentucky state trooper.cook has a long criminal history dating back to the 70's.schools near the manhunt called off classes for three days this week out of fear students might run into him. we're getting a first look at the deadly motorcycle club shootout that happened back in may at a texas restaurant. restaurant.the shootout began just off camera and ended with 9 people dead and 177 under arrest.members of the motorcycle club -- the cossacks -- are seen on the patio.the other group involved is known as the bandidos. dozens of bikers are seen diving for cover. "the whole incident probably didn't last more than 90
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seconds, it seemed like an hour. when you are laying there and people are getting shot around you and bullets are whizzing by you." you."hundreds of weapons -- mostly guns and knives were found all over the restaurant. all 177 bikers that were arrested were charged with organized criminal activity. four people are dead after a small plane crash in arkansas. arkansas.the single-engine plane crashed in a homeowner's yard shortly after f-a-a spokesperson says the flight was headed to knoxville, tennessee.flames consumed the wreckage but emergency workers were able to remove the victims' one on the ground was hurt. right now, federal investigators are looking into the crash. more than a dozen people are recovering this morning from injuries they received when a plane caught fire at an airport in south florida. officials say 110 passengers and crew members were on a plane about to take off for venezuela.that's when the pilot noticed one of the engines beginning to burn. everyone was able to evacuate the word yet on what caused the fire.only one
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person was *seriously injured. the airport has since re- opened. the coast guard has suspended the search for three people in a single engine plane that crashed into the gulf of mexico near mississippi.part of the plane washed ashore earlier this week.the coast guard says they covered more than 35-hundred square miles looking for with the plane was lost just minutes after takeoff. changes could be coming for a lot of different tobacco products -- if the american academy of pediatrics gets its way. the group just released 15 recommendations they'd like to see put into place immediately. they include things like raising the legal age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21 -- and having movies be given an "r" rating if there's any tobacco use in them. several of the recommendations focus on electronic products -- like e- cigarettes. "tobacco companies have been producing product that has killed our generation for years, and now they're producing new and different products and they're
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market."the recommendations for fighting e-cigarettes include getting rid of the flavors like gummy bear and oreo -- some people say those are directly marketed to *young people. sscreaming screamingthat was cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee getting a sneak peak of one of the spookiest haunted attractions in the's the last weekend to check out scream acres at bloomsbury farm in atkins.this year, they have three different attractions - 2 haunted houses and a haunted corn field. visitors say it's their best yet. "we're building the characters up more - giving them more layers - so the character tells the story." story."scream acres is open from 7 til 11 tonight and tomorrow night.
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all week, all week, we've been asking for pictures of your kids and pets dressed up for halloween. we have a link on our facebook page - make sure to tune into live at 5's halloweek for the chance to see your picture on the show! and we'll be sharing them monday on cbs2 this morning and fox28 morning live! good morning again, thanks for
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waking up with cbs 2 this morning...'s right now on this morning! morning!
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if you feel something in the air this morning, there's no need to's just a little thing called "soccer fever!" fever!"the cedar rapids rampage will play their first-ever game tonight at the u.s. cellular center. center.joining us live right now is cbs 2 sports reporter pat maroney. maroney.he's at the cell center with a preview.good morning, pat! pat! live at the u.s. cellular center - pat maroney cbs 2
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pat.the rampage kick-off against the saint louis ambush at start at nine-dollars.for more information - check out the link on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. iowa dot, cbs 2 link on our check out the information - for more dollars. at nine-tickets start ambush at 7-05.saint louis ambush at start at nine- dollars.for more information - check out the link on our
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it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... break...see the first action of the year for hawkeye basketball -- even though the
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... ghosts and goblins are invited to trick-or-treat one day early this year.marion is hosting an event at city hall this afternoon where kids can dress up in their halloween costumes and collect candy from staff members there.that event runs from 3 to 5. if you plan on wearing your halloween costume inside kinnick stadium tomorrow, university of iowa police want to give you a few tips.don't
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bring any weapons, fake weapons, or any props with you. don't wear authentic law enforcement uniforms or authentic player or referee uniforms that might be mistaken for a real player or official.they also warn that the end of the game is during trick or treating time, so slow down on your drive home. starting today -- hawkeye fans will be able to see a new special collection herky at the iowa athletics hall of fame.the new designs will only be on display until november 8-th.if you stop in tomorrow before the football game -- kids will get free candy. the anticipation is finally over
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men's basketball team -- well kind of game time -- their contest against sioux falls doesn't count -- but still -- it's the first time to see fran's new crew in actionand the hawkeyes were hot from downtown first half -- mike gesell -- just toying with the cougar defense -- stops and pops from deep -- and the three pointer would be a theme for the hawks -- anthony clemmons hits nick baer -- he dials long distance and connects from bettendorf -- as a team iowa made 9 triples -- but none were prettier than this -- gesell -- at the buzzer -- mikey g finished with a game high 24 draino -- mikey g finished with a game high 24 -- iowa cruizes -- 99 to 72.the iowa women -- also returned to the court -- but not for a game, for media day -- and for the first time in 4 years -- no sam logic, bethany doolittle, or melissa dixon the highest scoring trio in big 10 history isn't coming back -- this year bluders' bunch is full of newbees -- but the hawkeyes the highest scoring trio in big 10 history isn't coming back -- this year bluders' bunch is full of newbees -- but the hawkeyes they're reloading -- because the culture hasn't changed in iowa city city"i can assure you it's not all doom and gloom around our program. we have great optimism in the gym, and we have a group of women that are kinda excited about proving everybody wrong."in their
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state qualifying meet -- both the monticello girls and boys cross country teams finished at the top -- which really wasn't a surprise to head coach dan sauser -- because low times -- keeping it loose -- and belief -- are all part of his equation for successdan sauser -- the ed thomas coach of the weekdan sauser is like an equation -- he's one half -- math wiz -- -- "yeah... numbers come easy to me... haha"and one half cross country genius -- -- "anything we need to calculate any time we need to hit he'll calculate a pace for us."but his sum -- is more than just numbers and state titles --- sauser keeps it loose -- - "he's just always a positive part of the team. he's never down on anybody --- as a team that really helps us, brings us together." "we try to have a lot of fun with what we are doing here, because we are running and a lot of time running is kind of a grid."one
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that sauser's solved ---- though not by numbers --- ---"he always tells us these times that we can run which seem insane. at the beginning of the year he gives us these times and we are like we can't run those and he is going to make sure we can."but by subtracting doubt from his runners runners "he definately belives in us and i think that's the number one thing that inspires us."and that has an equal to -- or greater than effect on sauser sauser "it's so presious to be around them, i enjoy every day coming to practice, i enjoy every day coming to school. it's just one of the most rewarding careers that i ever could have thought about being into."regional volleyball -- kennedy hosting jefferson -- cougars up 2 sets to none -- j-hawks flying backautumn anderson sets up syndey kloe-beck -- and she hammers it home for the point --but kennedy always had an answer -- macy anderson gets tricky with the tip -- she finds the whole for the pointand kennedy wins in straight sets --
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they'll host ankeny on tuesday. prairie hosting waterloo west -- and this one was all p-hawks first set -- kate buzzwitz -- gets up to get down for the killand that would be a theme for prairie -- later in the set -- kendra gaskill sets up megan oldenburger -- and she hammers it home for the point -- pairie wins in 3 -- they'll
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thanks. in key west florida animals and thier owners had fun with the annual pet masquerade!its a crazy costume competition for pets and their owners. group performed 'the time warp' from 'rocky horror picture show.'this event is part of a 10 day costume festival called fantasy fest.the theme this year was 'all hallows intergalactic freak show' -- it goes until november first. first.the pet masquerade proceeds benefit an animal shelter. good morning again -- it's now
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still to come... come...the amendment one ten-year old is lobbying her state lawmakers to consider.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the shocking lyrics to songs produced for kids in iowa city that have a local business appologizing for backing the project. the latest information about an attack in waterloo this week months after a woman was assaulted this summer. the ten-year old girl already planning her path to the white house. i'm live here at the u-s cellular center, where tonight, the cedar rapids rampage will hold their first game tonight. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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a song made for kids -- by kids -- is getting a lot of adult attention because of its lyrics. lyrics.take a listen.
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music the c-d was released in march and features 24 tracks from iowa city musicians...but many believe one song called "hold your hands up" gives children an instructional guide to dealing with police.and that's not sitting well with members of the business even apologized for sponsoring the c-d after hearing the lyrics. "i think by and large, our police force is very good, but i'm sure there are some incidents where people have been targeted and i think this a reaction to that." that."local law enforcement say they are disappointed by the lyrics and hope the perception changes.we have a link to all of the songs on our website, c-b-s-2-iowa-dot- com. according to the library's listing for the c-d, it was compiled by kembrew mcleod.if that name sounds familiar it's because the professor has made headlines before.he's heckled politicians that have visited
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iowa city and also protested the use of the color pink in the visitor's locker room at kinnick 2 news reached out to mcleod but he's out of town. in waterloo -- authorities are investigating a second attack on a park trail. trail.the waterloo-cedar falls courier reports a woman was running on a trail near cedar bend park wednesday afternoon when she says a man pulled the hood on her sweatshirt and pulled her off the trail. investigators say the suspect tried to sexually assault her -- but she was able to fight him off.police are asking anyone who may have seen the attack to call them. july -- a man attacked a woman jogging on a trail inside george wyth state park and assaulted her in a wooded arrests have been made in either case.police aren't connected. a new hampshire prep school student will now spend a year behind bars for sexually assaulting a younger classmate. classmate.20-year-old owen labrie was sentenced thursday. he was found guilty back in
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underage girl.labrie was 18 at the time, the girl was only 15. prosecutors say he assaulted the freshman as part of a game played by male students at the school.his lawyers have already appealed the decision. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was back in court thursday trying to get a new trial. trial.his attorneys say sandusky did not get a fair trial back in 20-12 and he should be tried again.the 71-year-old was convicted of sexually abusing several young boys and is currently serving decades in prison.sandusky could also be facing more legal troubles.a boston man filed a criminal complaint saying sandusky sexually assaulted him in the late 19- 80s.the judge ruled pennsylvania's statute of limitations has an exception for state employees like sandusky.the state's attorney general will now look at the allegations. crews are working to raise the whale-watching boat that capsized sunday. sunday.officials say fully raising the boast could take days... or even weeks.five british nationals died after a
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vessel.a 27-year-old australian man is still missing.most of the 27 people on board were on the upper deck and were sent plunging into the water.officials say divers recovered electronic equipment from the ship that could shed light on its location and surrounding conditions when it capsized. a 10-year-old boy is recovering this morning after being bitten by a's the seventh shark attack this year, but is the first to happen at that specific beach, in *46 years.witnesses say the shark went after him while he was body-boarding.the boy said the shark came out of nowhere. health officials say a teenage girl in oregon has contracted the bubonic plague.they say she got the disease from a flea bite during a hunting trip.she's recovering in an intensive car unit this morning.officials say no one else is believed to have been infected. don't forget -- the enrollment period for the affordable care act starts again this weekend. weekend.any patient who wants to sign up or change their plan on the federal website can do that on november first. right now on the website --
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that are available for 20-16. premiums are expected to go up an average of 7-point-5 percent nationwide. the shelter house in iowa city needs a new place to continue their temporary homeless shelter program this winter. winter.last year, the shelter housed 124 different people over ten kept the homeless from frostbite and life threatening cold even if they were under the influence. the shelter house is trying to start the program again this year.organizers say they think they'll be able to fund it, but they need a space. presidential candidate martin o'malley is back in iowa today. today.he's speaking at the iowa spirit awards in des moines tonight at 7.that's an annual event celebrating iowa's lesbian -- gay -- bisexual and transgender's hosted by iowa safe schools at the state historical museum. a ten-year-old girl in massachusetts is hoping she can one day run for president -- but a huge hurdle is in her way -- the u-s constitution. constitution.alena mulhern says she told her mother she
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she was told that could never happen.alena was adopted at 10- months-old from china -- and since she isn't a natural born u-s citizen -- the constitution prohibits her from ever holding that office. "i am an american as much as you are and everyone else. and i don't really remember china that much. all i know is america," america,"earlier this week -- alena tried to convince her state lawmakers to pass a resolution asking the u-s congress to change the law. good morning again, thanks for waking up with cbs 2 this morning...'s right now on this morning!
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if you feel something in the air this morning, there's no need to's just a little thing called "soccer fever!" fever!"the cedar rapids rampage will play their first-ever game tonight at the u.s. cellular center. center.joining us live right now is cbs 2 sports reporter pat maroney. maroney.he's at the cell center with members of rampage. good morning, pat! pat! live at the u.s. cellular center - pat maroney cbs 2
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pat. the rampage kick-off against the saint louis ambush at 7-05. tickets start at nine-dollars. for more information - check out the link on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...coming up next... next...the big retailers letting you get a jump on the black friday crowds by opening
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how you did it? what? riding our bikes across the state? getting my masters? no! paying off your house early! oh! that was easy! awhile back we talked with veridian credit union and they got us into a 10 and done loan! refinancing lowered our rate and closing costs were only $200! yeah, it was really easy! and we saved enough money to take this trip to europe! veridian's been great, helping us with all of our finances!
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______
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wall street ended the day in negative territory after news the federal reserve will leave interest rates at record low levels for now. the dow lost 23 points.the nasdaq dropped 21.the s and p lost less than a point. seven people have been indicted in connection with the largest disaster fraud identity theft case ever. ever.federal prosecutors say the defendants are accused of faking more than 40-thousand damage claims after the b-p oil spill in 20-10 and tried to get more than 2 billion dollars.together -- they face 95 counts of conspiracy -- mail fraud -- wire fraud -- identity theft and aggravated identity theft. amazon is under fire again for mistreating some of their workers. workers.four ex-amazon delivery drivers are suing the retail giant for withholding wages, overtime, and benefits, and not allowing time for has not responded to the lawsuit.back in august, a new york times article portrayed the company as a brutal place to work,
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out employees and encourage backstabbing.c-e-o jeff bezos condemned the piece, saying the company is an excellent place to work. the nation's highest-paid female executive works at apple. apple.angela ahrendts is the tech giant's senior vice president for retail and online stores.executive compensation experts say ahrendts makes more than three million dollars a year -- and has another 70-million in stock options.that puts her total pay at just over 73 million dollars annually -- topping the list of top-paid female executives. macy's will open its doors on thanksgiving day again this year. year.starting at 6-pm on turkey day, customers can enjoy black friday sales at 700 stores nationwide *and online.the department store and other retailers including target and walmart want to get an early jump on the holiday shopping season. a mega-merger could soon happen in the pharmaceutical industry. industry.right now -- pfizer is in talks to buy allegran for more than 100-billion would be 20-15's largest take-over and would
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says the talks are in the preliminary and "friendly" stages. a dad of the year makes his 8 year old son an awesome halloween costume to work with his wheelchair! wheelchair!check this out!its a star wars snowspeeder! it has working brake flaps and blasters that fire nerf darts! it's after the break... break...the special royals fan who needed a stranger's help to fulfill a life-long dream.
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... in linn county - work is finishing up in robins near interstate 380.a new building right off the exit will feature the otter creek country store - which is part of a new development off county home road.shortly after that is done - a new restaurant called lebowski's is slated to open downtown. in north liberty -- our partner's at the corridor business journal are on the move.the city council approved a proposal to move the company to a new 12 thousand sqaure foot facility at liberty executive park near the u-i-c- c-u building.the company of 12 started in the basement of owners -- john and aspen lohman in 2004.groundbreaking is tentatively scheduled for november fourth. a 90-year-old kansas city royals just wanted to see his team play. play.katie banks explains what happened when two fellow royals fans heard his story. story.
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(nats - "nice to meet you. i got some tickets for you.")and just like that - this charlie got his golden ticket to game one of the world series.(nats -"what do you think about that charlie?"/"i will give you a hug!"/"don`t give me a hug! give him a hug!"thanks to the generosity of a stranger named jeremy scheuch.(jeremy schuech/gave tickets to blystone) quick"i wanted to spread the love a little bit. touched by the story of 90-year-old charlie blystone (charlie blystone/90-year-old royals fan) quick"don`t know how much i appreciate it."a veteran who has been a royals fan for decades.but who couldn`t afford tickets. instead, sitting outside the stadium before each game, hoping for player autographs, before heading home to watch the action on t-v.(charlie blystone/90-year-old royals fan)"i get kind of thrilled. kind of thrilled about it, getting their signature." dedication that inspired yet another royals fan - to donate tickets to charlie for game two.(jerry poore/majestic athletics)"well we`ve got two more for you tonight, i think you might like those.(charlie blystone/90-year-old royals fan) quick"well i sure appreciate it."jerry poore with majestic athletics, which
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on behalf of the company`s president, jim pisani.(jerry poore/majestic athletics)"it`s always great, i think to get an actual true fan that just loves the sport, loves this team as much as charlie does and to follow a team for this many years and to finally get to go to a world series game that`s really cool stuff." generosity charlie appreciates. (voice of charlie blystone/90- year-old royals fan) quick"it sure means a lot to me.and memories he`ll never forget. (charlie blystone/90-year-old royals fan)"it was perfect! that was an exciting game! i really loved it! he was able to watch his royals win *both games. games.but now we want to give you an update on a 100-year- old mets fan we ran a story on earlier this month. month.addie russo has been a mets fan since the dodgers move out of brooklyn to los angeles.she watches nearly every game, but hasn't been to one since the team moved into citi-field.but once major league baseball heard her story, they're now giving her and her son tickets to see them play in the world series. addie will be there tomorrow
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night for game four. four. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now after the break... 2 news checks out one of the best places in the corridor to get into the halloween spirit.'re watching c-b-s 2
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