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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 30, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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debate format changes after this week's clash with cnbc moderators and jeb bush insists his campaign is not over. >> another drone spotted near planes at kennedy airport. >> we just had a drone report just off the left side. >> u.s. senate passing a two-year budget bill. breaking a filibuster by senator rand paul. the blazing gun battle between two rival biker gangs in waco texas. steve balmer and mark cuban making up on kiss cam. >> gronkowski, down the field he goes. gronkowski to the end zone for the touchdown. >> it was a good team win.
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>> paul ryan is succeeding john boehner. >> the hill had twists, the hill had turns, and even a few tears. nothing wrong with that. >> i renegotiated it down to two hours so we can get the hell out of here. not bad. >> trump 2016. donald you saved us from another hour and a half of that debate and you earned my vote. as long as you can negotiate your presidency from four years down to -- you know, two hours feels about right. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. >> welcome to cbs this morning. an intense manhunt across two states is over after a deadly shoot outin shootout in kentucky.
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nearly a week after he allegedly shot and wounded a police officer. >> reporter: cook was found where you see those spotlights about a half a mile down the road shortly after midnight. police had nearly called off the search until they located a heat signature they believed to be cook's body.brandished a gun. shots were exchanged. and cook sustained wounds that ultimately led to his death. >> reporter: the 62-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene, ending a week long manhunt. cook approached a woman asking for water. she recognized him and called 911.
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>> i thought i saw a shadow in the garage. and i looked at it again and said oh my god, it's him. >> when you're searching in the dark, that's an uneasy feeling. >> shots fired, shots fired. officer down. >> reporter: police had been frantically searching for cook after he shot a police officer. police say that officer's life was saved by his bulletproof vest. cook allegedly opened fire of an another officer just an hour later while evading capture. cook has a record stretching back to the '70s. ri -- burglary, robbery, rape and assault.
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police have not said whether or not cook was the first to open fire. earlier this week two of his known associates were taken into custody. this morning passengers on a flight to venezuela say it was chaos when the plane burst into flames before takeoff. david david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the national transportation safety board will arrive on the scene today to begin the investigation into exactly what happened. as an airport official said we averted a disaster. firefighters were on the scene within two minutes. everyone was off of the plane within six. everyone is talking about the
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aircraft which saw what appeared to be fuel coming from the aircraft. cell phone videos captured plumes of smoke billowing from the plane as it sat on the runway. passengers evacuated on emergency slides. >> you see black smoke all going over the window and then i see the flames. >> reporter: these siblings, both students in florida, were flying home to venezuela. in that moment when you turn and see flames on the wing of the plane, what was that like? >> my mind just went blank. i just want to get out. >> they went from the side that it was like the -- >> reporter: you exited from the side where the engine was on fire? >> yeah. it was all smoke. when you went down the slide you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: the fire temporarily shut down the fort
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crews used foam to extinguish the flames. a national transportation safety board team is now investigating what caused the apparent fuel leak. this is the second time a boeing plane engine has caught fire in the last two months. in september a 777 became engulfed in flames on the runway in las vegas. >> there are numerous inspections. there's layers of inspections which is designed to catch things like this. but every once in a while something falls through the cracks. >> reporter: in a statement dynamic international airways said, quote, we would not like to speculate about the spoeshl causes of the incident and are fully cooperating with the ntsb and the authorities.
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caracas yesterday should make it there today. athe budget is ready for president obama to sign the the senate passed the vote overnight. the vote was delayed after repblican candidate rand paul deal. the package raises the federal debt limit through march of 2017 after the next election. it increases military and domestic spending by 80$80 billion. jeb bush's performance in wed night's wednesday night's debate. he told reporters thursday we have the most money, we have the greatest organization. we're doing fine. the diplomat push for peace in syria is underway this
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new video from inside syria shows us the violence and what appears to be a military helicopter dropping bombs on a suburb of damascus. another government attack on a marketplace yesterday killed dozens. >> reporter: good morning. well, secretary of state john kerry is trying to broker a cease fire between syrian president bashar al assad and the rebels battling him. there's already a disagreement with russia objecting to the presence of any american forces inside the war zone that has become a safe haven for extremists like isis. now, the obama administration reluctantly agreed to bring iran into the talks for the first time. the iranians and the russians are assad's biggest supporters and they recently helped him gain the upper hand on the
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both agreed to come to vienna to at least talk about transitions to eventually replace him. but there are serious disagreements over when assault would replace power and if it happened too quickly whether isis could take advantage. there are talks about getting the countries sponsoring the fighting to stop. but no peace process can succeed without the support of syrians. and none of them were even invited to the negotiating table. the pentagon says more ground forces are needed to fight isis in syria and iraq. he appeared last night on my pbs program. assess where you think the options are in syria for the united states in the battle against isis and other groups. >> now we have to be able to
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go after isis which is more than just the drone strikes and the air strikes against leadership. that is clearly a component for how you have to deal with isis. but recognizing that isis is in iraq, we are going to need to partner with iraqi soldiers. and we need to get out, we need to have boots on the ground, we need to be true partners with them as they begin to root out isis in iraq. >> meaning that they will be on the front lines fighting with them or providing other kinds of services? >> i will defer to the president and the secretary of that. this is a serious national security issue. and in order to deal with it, we are going to have to put young men and women at risk again and put boots on the ground. >> he also says the united
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the war in afghanistan. a bus driver is behind bars this morning accused of assaulting a special needs student. the video is disturbing. >> according to kids on the bus, the 15-year-old special needs student was not following the instructions of the driver. when the student said something inflammatory to the driver and allegedly threw something at him, the driver stopped the bus. grace foster grabbed her cell phone to record the violent confrontation. >> i was shaking and everyone was crying around me. >> you can see on the video as the student throws an object at scarborough, he walks towards the student and grabs him by his
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seat and struck him in the face. >> you don't say that to me. >> hey! >> stop. >> he hit him in the hit and he has a disability in his head. he's supposed to be watching us, not hurting us. >> students on the video can be heard crying and screaming at the driver to stop. >> hey! >> stop! >> the driver returned to his heat and drove to the next stop. students saw a police car parked nearby and ran off the bus to alert the officer. according to the johnston police department 61-year-old robert scarborough was arrested and taken to jail on charges of assault and child endangerment. it appears as though the driver made a series of poor choices
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regarding how to handle the student's behavior. a new hampshire prep school graduate will spend one year in conviction. he gave the sign of the cross and looked up thursday before punishment. he will spend five years on probation. after his release, he will be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. he maintains it was a consensual encounter with a child who was 15 at the time. >> a child is not sufficiently mature to handle a sexual situation with an older person such as yourself. >> is this a reasonable and fair sentence? >> prosecution and defense both say it is fair.
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so who am i to differ? what you have is a compromise on the part of the judge. he's looking at what the jury found. the jury found statutory rape, meaning the reason he is convicted of three misdemeanors of statutory rape is simply because the girl is under age. he was acquitted of the forcible rape. on the other side of that he is convicted of a felony which is the cause of the great punishment here. >> but on the sexual offender list for the rest of his life? >> what happens in new hampshire is you do not register as a sex offender. however, the felony, which is the use of a computer to lure or entice a minor into sex, that carries a mandatory sex offender for life. >> so if he had used a phone, he would not be on the sex offender list? >> absolutely. >> this means he can never coach
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his child's soccer team. he can never pick up his child at school some day. he can never buy a house near a school. >> that's absolutely correct. people do not really know perhaps unless they have listened to the litany of what it means to be a sex offender for life. what happens here is this is a young man who might have been a pastor or a teacher and he cannot do either of those things. >> what does it matter that he used a computer instead of a phone? >> simply the statute. prosecution says he is just as much a predator. this morning the military is working to remove the wreckage of a blimp that crash landed in rural pennsylvania. investigations want to know how the high-tech air ship broke its
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tether and drifted across two states. >> reporter: this army program was supposed to take defense of the east coast to new heights. instead one of the two blimps is indefinitely grounded in maryland. the other one is here in pennsylvania stuck in a deep ravine. the 243-foot balloon was to guide missile defense systems to incoming threats along the eastern sea board. now it's languishing in a remote wooded area. on thursday state police blasted it with shotguns. firing at least 100 rounds to help it fully deflate. >> they better get it deflated as soon as possible. >> >>. >> reporter: so they filled it
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the taleil was packed up and load into a truck. the recovery team is trying to figure out how to get the 10,000 pound aerial detection system out of a deep ravine. a second blimp in aberdeen maryland,has been grounded indefinitely. the blimps were tefrthered with a material five times stronger than steal. back in february we asked about that tether. >> we do not worry about that tether. there's a one in a million chance of that tether breaking. >> reporter: yesterday i asked that officer if he wanted to backtrack on those odds. >> that really is what the published chance is. when you say one in a million, there is one. >> reporter: members of congress are now asking the secretaries
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of defense and transparency forortation for a briefing. they want to know exactly what went wrong. and we go inside the biker brawl that claimed nine lives. announcer: this portion of "cbs
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ahead, the religious movement that reportedly paid in secret for up to 200 congressional trips.
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conversation about the epidemic
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last night's hockey game between the pittsburgh penguins and buffalo sabres. the visiting sabres coach toss a young fan a souvenir puck but at least he tried. look at this. an adult grabbed the puck from the little boy so the penguins came to the rescue and made sure this little guy got not only a puck but a jersey and a big hug from the mascot. even the friends of this man are going, dude, why did you do that? >> yeah. he clearly tossed it to the boy the first time around. >> i'm happiest for him because he got all of that attention. >> for the little boy or the little man? >> the little boy. >> the man today is like not nice. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour a bloody battle between rival biker gangs. a graphic video shows a deadly gun fight at a epidemic.
7:28 am
one young woman's unexpected dissent into aduckion. a turkey faith movement secretly funded 200 trips for american lawmakers and their staff. the turkish government accused this sect. accusing members associated bhoochlt movement. the house ethics committee is said to approve all of the trips but some of the disclosures reportedly contain false information. "wall street journal" reports on an iranian american businessman arrested in iran. cbs news confirms that masei was detained two weeks ago as he was visiting relatives in iran. he is the fourth iranian american to be detained in iran in recent years. >> the "los angeles times" reports on thousands of drug
7:29 am
it will help with prison overcrowding. about 6,000 prisoners will be released back into their communities. more than 1,700 are noncitizens who face possible deportation. the faa is investigating a drone scare near a busy airport. one flight was approaching jfk international airport on thursday. a drone was discovered hovering about 2,000 feet. the plane landed without incident. the faa says 40 drones have been reported near jfk since last november. "the washington post" is reporting today on the plans that walmart and target for the holiday shopping season. walmart starts cutting prices on sunday without high low pricing gimmicks and is offering free shipping for orders more than $50 and at target free seasonal
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shipping starts on sunday and some are offering curbside service pickup for online orderers. questions about dramatic video recordings capture a deadly biker gang shoot-out. the video was leaked to cnn. the clash happened in waco, texas, in may. don dahler is here with the video and the controversy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the video is stunning and graphic. it shows the moments before the deadly shoot-out between rival biker gangs. the bandidos and the cossaks. the video appears to be the video they collected at the scene but says their office did not release it. the video obtained by cnn shows member of the cossaks on a patio for a club meeting. the bandidos ride in. the one thinks they ran into one of their members and the crowd comes in and the bullets start
7:31 am
one draws its gun and aims it at the parking lot. moments later another biker is covered in blood. the bikers scrambled for cover and one seen firing his weapon and stashs it after the police arrive. one shows a biker sliding a gun to his biker brother. inside the restaurant waitresses run for cover and customers hide under their tables as the chaos outside continues. way dough police were onwaco police were on the scene. the blood shed left 9 people dead' 20 injured. officers arrested 177 people, all were initially charged with engaging in organized crime, but so far, no one has been charged in connection with the nine deaths. cnn also obtained graphic crime
7:32 am
scene photos which included images of hundreds of weapons, including knives, brass knuckles, and more than 150 guns that were recovered after the assault. but the question remains who leaked this evidence? >> i certainly have theorys or guesses as others may as well. but, again, those are theorys and guesses. >> reporter: waco police say it did not come from them or the district attorney's office. >> we are continuing to abide by the gag order and will continue to do what that judge has asked us to do, which is not speak any further on the twin peaks matter. i think somebody will have some pretty serious explaining to do. >> reporter: now one thorough circulate theory circulating is the evidence was leaked by one of the lawyers defending one or more of the bikers arrested after they received it through the discovery process. if that is the case it would be an ethical and legal violation. >> don, thank you so much. this morning, an inside look at a drug epidemic causing heartbreak throughout the
7:33 am
country. the cdc say the number of people who say they use heroin increases about 150% from 2007. sunday on "60 minutes," bill whitaker goes to the heartland of ohio to report on a crisis that is touching many neighborhood. here is a preview. >> reporter: i'm sitting here looking at you and you look young and fresh. you're the girl next door. and you are addicted to heroin? >> i mean, obviously it's very flattering you say i don't look like a junky, but even miss america could be a junk ie. anybody could be a junkie. >> reporter: hanna mars is in college now. she says she has been a clean for a year but in high school, she was using heroin. hanna lives outside of columbus in the upper middle class suburb of worthington. her parents are professionals. the median income here is 87,000 a year. before she got hooked on heroin,
7:34 am
hanna thought it was just another party drug. how did you get to those depths? what was the path you took? >> i started with weed. it was fun. i got to good weed. it went to, oh, my gosh, i went to pill and it was still fun. percocet, xanax and all of that kind of stuff and heroin. thought it was amazing. >> reporter: you remember even now? >> oh, yeah. let's say i had never done a drug in my life. i normally would be happiness out of 6 or a 7 out of a scale of 10 and heroin and you're automatically at 26 and you're like, i want that again. >> reporter: hanna says the heroin was so addictive that rather quickly she and several other students went from spoking it at parties and then smoking it up at high school. >> like smoking it in the bathroom at high school.
7:35 am
>> wow. you can watch sunday's "60 minutes" to see how heroin is so easy to get and what communities are doing to stop the overdoses. i hope that is a real wake-up call. >> me too. it's not a party drug. >> we keep hearing more and more people are trying it. >> who you least expect. ahead, can drivers handle the new autopilot technology that is already on the on road? >> i'm john blackstone. highway 280 through silicon valley, driving or well, actually not driving, a tesla in autopilot feature. we will have more on tuesday la auto pilots coming up on "cbs this morning." if you're heading off to work out the door, today we don't understand because it's our 1,000th show! don't you want to stick around? if you have to go, you have to go. set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you like and you really don't want to miss john oliver who is coming back studio 57. we will be right back.
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tesla drivers have been
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new autopilot system. some have posted videos of frightening experiences to youtube. tesla rolled out a model two weeks ago. john blackstone tried out a new tesla and he outside of san francisco in corte dahma deer rah. >> this car can almost drive itself and it's made by tesla. once in the driver's seat, you choose settings on the big screen and then turn on autopilot. but that brings up this big warning that tells you exactly when and how to use autopilot safely. but it's a warning many drivers have been ignoring. >> what you got to do, oh! ha. you would have taken out the cones! >> reporter: the evidence is in youtube video suggesting autopilot is a good way to get a thrill ride while pushing technology to its limits. >> whoa.
7:41 am
>> oh, hello. austin meyer here. >> reporter: when he posted a video of himself driving while reading a paper, he ended with an admission he was on a private road with someone else looking out ahead. but he realizes other may not be as careful. >> it feels like the wild west to some degree because tesla is releasing an autopilot before it's bullet proof but to me this is absolutely wonderful because it lets us see where the technology is going. >> reporter: colby brookland is tesla's director of communications. should you have taken more measures to tell people what they should not do when they switch this on? >> we have been very clear with our customers what the intengs intentions of these features are. we trust our customers and expect them to be responsible. >> i can do this? >> you should keep your hands on the wheel but i think you're being responsible and your eyes are on the road and your hands are by the steering wheel. that is most important. >> reporter: the brakes go on
7:42 am
that showed up in a testing. but what happens if a tesla in autopilot fails to stop an accident? >> by marketing a system that does some, but not all of the driving, tesla could be setting itself up for liability, first, it if the vehicle malfunctions, but second, if the driver of the vehicle misuses or abuses the system. >> reporter: somebody is going to get in an accident. will tesla be liable for that? >> if there is unfortunately an accident, the driver is in control of the car. >> reporter: other automakers are offering features like crash avoidance but right now the tesla is the closest thing to a self-driving car a consumer can buy, even though rules govern development. why do it now until waiting when regulations are in place? >> tesla, we are pushing that technology forward and showing
7:43 am
the world what is possible. >> reporter: after going down a freeway at 65 with no hand, i can certainly understand that temptation to push this technology a little too far. adding autopilot to a tesla costs 2,000500500. it may be hands-free but it's certainly not a free ride. >> did you hear about this? taylor swift fights back saying she didn't lie about being assaulted. ahead, the radio host who insists he was not the one who groped the pop star. plus a big scare for a sky diver who dangled on the outside of this plane. that is next. first, it's time to check
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and for details, visit a small cut on his hand. boy, he's lucky. >> that's an accident you don't see coming. >> comedian john oliver comes back to studio 57, plus, how his funny view of the news makes a serious impact. >> the registered voter turnout is higher than the rest of america.
7:49 am
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it is friday, october 30th, 2015. the day before halloween. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, brewing between taylor swift and a radio host. they're suing each other over a groping accusation. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> police had nearly called off the search until they located a heat signature they believed to be cook's body. >> as an airport official said, we averted a disaster. firefighters were on the scene within two minutes. john kerry is trying to broker a cease-fire between bashar al assad and the rebels battling him. >> a two-year budget deal is ready for president obama to sign, but rand paul spoke for an hour. >> this terrible, rotten, no-good deal. >> kids on the bus when the student said something
7:54 am
inflammatory at the driver and threw something at him, the driver stopped the bus. >> this program was supposed to take defense to new heights. one of the two blimps is indefinitely grounded. the other one is stuck in a deep ravine. >> the car that can almost drive itself. adding auto pilot to a tesla costs $2500. it may be hands-free, but it's certainly not a free ride. >> halloween is this weekend and a lot of politicians are already wearing their costumes. here is bernie sanders azs doc brown. paul ryan is going as eddie munster and jeb bush is going as former presidential candidate, jeb bush. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. for the second time in two months, the ntsb is investigating an engine fire on a boeing jetliner.
7:55 am
about to take off thursday from ft. lauderdale. instead more than 100 people onboard had to escape down the emergency chutes. >> the passengers told us that people were screaming and falling all over each other. at least 21 were taken to hospitals but only one was seriously hurt. the fire forced hundreds of other flights to be delayed or cancelled. this morning the new speaker of the house is promising to solve problems, not add to them. paul d. ryan was sworn in thursday to replace john boehner. the former vice presidential candidate said it is time for the two parties to work together. >> if you ever pray, let's pray for each other. republicans for democrats and democrats for republicans. >> the 2012 presidential candidate mitt romney watched as house members elected his former running mate. nearly all republicans voted for
7:56 am
son. it really was an incredible speech. democrats. this morning his name is officially on the wall outside of the speaker's house and you can see they asked him to add the d. there, paul d. ryan. he will talk with john dickerson this sunday on "face the nation." other guests are marco rubio and steny hoyer. that's sunday morning here. >> what's the d for, david? i'm just guessing, i don't know. >> i should know that. >> or perhaps a family name. >> we'll find out before this broadcast is over, guarantee you. this morning taylor swift is firing back at a former radio host who sued her last month. the dj claimed swift falsely accused him of groping her before a concert in denver, leading to his firing. now taylor swift is countersuing, insisting that he sexually assaulted her. she is now willing to face a trial to prove that.
7:57 am
vladimir duthiers looked at the legal filings in the case. vlad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. radio personality david mueller was known simply as jackson hosting a morning show called rino and jackson. he admits taylor swift probably was groped that day, only he wasn't the one responsible. the bad blood between taylor swift and david mueller just got worse. in her countersuit filed this week, swift says while posing for a photo during a meet-and-greet in june, 2013, mueller lifted her skirt and groped her bottom. the encounter left her surprised, upset, offended and alarmed. swift is known for using her music to settle scores. and her security later kicked mueller out of the concert. because darling i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream >> reporter: her management
7:58 am
complained to the radio station and provided the photo. two days later, mueller was out of a job. >> the public is going to be watching this very attentively. >> reporter: an entertainment lawyer doubts swift will settle the case. she has already stood up to apple, spotify and kanye west. >> people will file these suits assuming that celebrities would much rather dish out the dough rather than enduring the bad publicity. mr. mueller must have been living under a rock for several years if he actually thought that he could bully taylor swift. >> reporter: mueller sued swift in september, saying the music mega star's false accusations hindered his ability to be hired for other jobs. he said his boss at the station, program director eddie haskell was the real groper. mueller claimed he showed how he put his hands on her bottom. swift found that preposterous. according to her filing, miss swift knows exactly who kmiftd the assault.
7:59 am
confused in the slightest about whether her long-term business acquaintance was the culprit. swift's attorneys are demanding the case go before a jury. >> that legal team very astutely asked for a jury trial. people are just going to be far more inclined to believe her than an obscure radio dj. >> reporter: eddie haskell said he could not comment because it was a personnel and human resources issue. swift filed a counter suit to help victims of sexual assault and any damages will be donated to charities for protecting women. >> i would not want to take on taylor swift. >> absolutely. >> to be continued, for sure. >> the allegations are outrageous, what he did. >> we know the middle name. >> oh, you do? >> it's paul david ryan. that was his father's name. >> thank you, vlad. you could say one man owns the internet with a record-breaking 10 billion views, that's billion with a b
8:00 am
we'll introduce you to pewdiepie. >> are you looking for global domination?
8:01 am
>> he should say hello to. wow, we're with john oliver. nice of you to be here. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> did you hear us, our 1,000th show. thank you so much. >> i expect to see charlie lying motionless across the table. exactly. there you go. there you go, charlie.
8:02 am
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8:05 am
to hear these migrants and refugees being called lazy, considering how hard many of them have worked to reach europe
8:06 am
if you want to talk about lazy migrant, i'm the lazy migrant. i left a country by airplane and the only things i was escaping were fog, public indifference and an almost certain future as the turtle of prince harry's entourage. i didn't want to be royal turtle. i didn't want to be royal turtle. >> oh, ow! >> all right. let me get him introduced here, all right? >> okay. go ahead. >> last week tonight with john oliver is never far behind when it comes to satirizing the news. the show is in its second season. welcome back. >> it's a pleasure to be back in studio 57. >> are you aware of what's going on between the two of them? >> i'm aware of what's happened between the three of you all the time. there was an elegant tension every morning. i love it. >> so here's what fortune's 40 under list of which you're on and vanity fair new establishment says oliver has established himself as perhaps
8:07 am
the most disruptive journalist on television. they're interesting. okay, stay with me. >> okay, i'm with you. i'm back. >> first of all -- >> journalist, first of all. secondly, disruptive. >> right. >> how do you plead? >> to disruptive, i prefer that word and i hate that word. no, i'm not a journalist at all, obviously. obviously i'm a comedian. and am i disruptive comedian? i think comedians are by their nature disruptive, so yeah. >> but you're not taking obvious subjects, you're not satirizing news makers as much as you're taking subjects other people aren't addressing. >> we kind of forced ourselves into that corner, why not take the items on the buffet no one else is interested in. >> it's very much not last week tonight. >> it's something that's perennially happening always. >> are you aware of this thing called the john oliver effect?
8:08 am
a month after your story on bail, new york city mayor bill de blasio announced he will ease policies for low-level offenders. after your rant on u.s. territory rights. the judge cited the episode in her court decision on a class action case brought by guam citizens. and your famous net neutrality segment got the public to react so strongly, john had crashed the fcc web. >> website. >> the website. >> no, i krarkd thecrashed the whole web. >> you know what i mean. is it intimidating to you or are you i can't wait to get in there. >> i ignore all of that. the ripple effect off the show has nothing to do with us. i would argue that we had very little to do with any of these things. i think some of those things, the bail i think was in the process of changing and we were just shining a light on the problems towards the end of that process. >> but you're shining a light on the absurd public policies. >> there are a lot of absurd
8:09 am
on, so yes. that is generally what we look towards is things that have not been covered too much but are inherently ridiculous. >> why have you decided to shine a light on our sex talk? we haven't been giving you enough material. >> your sex talk shines a light outward and catches the eye. >> you're welcome. >> so charlie covering his face like a bashful french girl. >> you know, he's so bashful about sex, he's so bashful about sex. >> that's right. he's such a retiring violet, charlie. he needs a fan. i am undone. >> i've never heard charlie rose described as a french girl. just the image of that is really funny. really funny. so how do you take on politics? i love watching your take on politics. >> let's stick with sex. >> yeah. >> here we go. >> let's just say that. sex we approve, we're in favor. >> you're in favor.
8:10 am
that's good, good. that's right. it's a nice way to get up in the morning. there's much more sexual tension here than there is with whatever matt lauer is doing. i don't know what he's dressed up today. i'm guessing it's a giant carrot. >> no, he's charlie rose, she's norah o'donnell, these are our costumes. this is it. >> you were saying. >> your politics. i love your take on politics in this country. do you and your writers get in a room and say i can't believe he said what? >> well, we kind of stay away from -- we kind of get to that. we get to i can't believe he said what once we get to the story. we tend to start with the story and then look at people's reactions to it. so our entry is rarely someone saying something stupid. it's something being interesting and then the people saying things stupidly come soon afterwards. >> if it's not changing in season two, is it evolving? >> it's definitely evolving. i feel like we're getting a
8:11 am
little more stable in ou we do things. we're changing our process a bit, we're trying to do things a little more long form occasionally. we set up a church this year. that involves -- >> to collect donations. to make money. >> for about seven months -- >> shining a light on the u.s. tax system. >> exactly. i think long term we'd like to play with some things researching and putting something together for months as well as just a week. >> well, your sign says it's season two and you're changing it all up but you've been renewed for season three and four already, john. >> yeah, we'll screw it up. we're about to start our slow descent into failure. >> what do you think of this process we have, i mean in terms of the debates we've had. we just had another republican debate the other night. >> it's undeniably long. nobody could say the democratic process is not long or way too long. >> everywhere. >> and there's a lot of balloons involved. american democracy looks like a 4-year-old's birthday party.
8:12 am
>> a lot of debates. >> a lot of debates, a lot of talking without a great deal being said. so, no, it's very frustrating to me the amount of coverage of the election years, often literally years before it happens. >> but you've endorsed donald trump? >> i have endorsed donald trump? i have very much not done that on any level. i don't really care about him in any capacity. >> so you wouldn't want to have him on the show? >> on my -- no. i haven't got anything to say to him. he said everything he wants to say. he has no internal monologue, that man. so it's not like you're going to find the secret nub that he's been holding back. he's an open book and that book doesn't have many interesting words in it. >> it's great to have you here. >> it's a pleasure. we love it here. >> we love you. we love you. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. >> coming on our 1,000th show.
8:13 am
a 10-year-old launches a long-shot bid for the white house. she's trying to change the constitution first. there you go. there's somebody for you, john. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." we'll introduce you.constituti. we will ed you coming up next.e right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right it's a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them.
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8:16 am
switch to u.s. cellular today for a price that's guaranteed to beat your verizon or at&t plan. 10-year-old alean that mulhern wants to change the constitution so she can someday be president. the problem is not her age.
8:17 am
to the u.s. when she was 10month-old when she was adopted. he she says it's not fair only americans born in this country are eligible. >> i know that i am an american. first and foremost. first of all, i love my country and want to serve my country and this is my country. >> great for her. she wants the u.s. congress to amend the constitution so foreign-born children can be president. ahead, a cartoon defense. >> i'm richard schlesinger of "48 hours." what linda duffy shot her husband to death near los angeles, she claims it was an accident and offered a defense that was so bizarre, one veteran homicide detective thought it might just be true. she quoted bugs good morning, i'm _______it's eight-25 on this friday morning. your top stories are coming up in just a moment... but right now -- let's take a look at what's happening outside --
8:18 am
first weather- your planner shows what's ahead a&- checking doppler radar at this houra&.- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama& -temperatures around the areaa&- the current winds around our viewing area are calma&- statewide satellite/radar shows a nice day aheada&- our planner features plenty of showers
8:19 am
a budget bill is now heading to president obama's desk. desk.the senate worked into the early-morning to pass a bill that would fund the government for a full two years.the bill finally passed a little after 3 a-m in washington.the agreement was made earlier in the week by congressional leaders and the white house the deal will raise the nation's debt limit to avoid default.democrats joined forces with republican
8:20 am
defense hawks to push the measure to a final vote over the objections of presidential candidates and senators ted cruz and rand paul. in waterloo -- authorities are investigating a second attack on a park trail.the waterloo- cedar falls courier reports a woman was running on a trail near cedar bend park wednesday afternoon when she says a man pulled the hood on her sweatshirt and pulled her off the trail.investigators say the suspect tried to sexually able to fight him off.police are asking anyone who may have seen the attack to call them. july -- a man attacked a woman jogging on a trail inside george wyth state park and assaulted her in a wooded arrests have been made in either case.police aren't saying if the two attacks are connected. a woman is dead after trying to cross a major roadway in cedar falls. falls.police tell cbs 2 news 59-year-old terry harp was hit by a car as she was walking across university avenue.this happened around 5:30 thursday morning.harp was airlifted to university of iowa hospitals
8:21 am
and clinics where she later died.police say the driver will not face charges. cbs 2 news has the latest details on a drug smuggling ring at the anamosa state prison.two former prison guards are pleading guilty to state drug charges.authorities say the guards were taking bribes from inmates for marijuana and prescriptions drugs and some smuggled cell phones into the least nine employees have resigned or been fired since details of the investigation were released earlier this month. don't forget -- cbs 2 connects with you - call cbs 2 if you see news happen.800 222 kgan. you can also email tips, pictures, and even video --to news -- at cbs 2 iowa dot com.
8:22 am
friday morning news.g welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, a wife called it a game inspired by a cartoon, but it ended with the death of her husband. "48 hours" looks at the shooting that left investigators wondering if they really should believe the bugs bunny defense. plus pewdiepie, the youtube giant, earns millions of dollars from videos like these. see how he is channeling success and critics. that is ahead. right now it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "glamour" magazine announced its women of the year. trailblazers and news makers are recognized. this year's nominees include reese witherspoon, misty copeland, caitlyn jenner and the u.s. women's national soccer team. >> britain's "daily mirror" reports that listening to eminem's music can make you run 10% faster.
8:23 am
look, if you had one shot >> researchers say songs like "lose yourself" features temp oerks rhythm and emotional resonance that has a highly emotional and motivational edge. this can boost athletic performance over long distances. >> something to add to your iphone. >> it's on my ipad on one of my old running lists. i haven't updated it but i'll add it back on. >> 10% faster. >> and "the wall street journal" reports on the james bond film rights kicking into gear. the latest movie opens overseas this week and in the u.s. next week. several studios are planning to pursue the rights for the next series of bond adventures. the filmmakers declined comment. life may imitate art, but does death ever do the same? a southern california woman faces murder charges. she offers an answer that may be a first.
8:24 am
bunny defense? yep. linda duffy shot and killed her husband, patrick, in their home. "48 hours" examines the case that has divided investigators. here's a preview of richard schlesinger's report. >> i've handled hundreds of firearms. >> reporter: as an experienced firearms examiner, tracy peck had never seen a case like the shooting of patrick duffey when homicide detectives shannon laren and shawn mccarthy brought her the file and the gun. >> they had a woman who accidentally shot her husband with a revolver. >> reporter: linda admitted accidentally shooting her husband in their living room on april 26th, 2007. but what she told police about how she did it was odd. to say the least. >> you have to understand pat and i joke around a lot with each other. >> she said we have this thing that we always do. we morph into cartoon characters.
8:25 am
>> they what? >> they morph into cartoon characters. >> what's up, doc? >> there was a bugs bunny cartoon with elmer fudd and he does this silly little elmer fudd voice. >> reporter: she claimed she thought the gun was empty, just like in one of their favorite cartoons. >> and she said she began to talk in her elmer fudd voice. >> no more bullets. >> and she want it to impress him. she walked over and picked the gun up. >> no more bullets. >> no more bullets? >> he told me there was no more bullets in the gun. >> reporter: she said she decided to simulate shooting it in a style called fan firing. any fan of old westerns knows it. and she said patrick had suddenly leaned into the line of fire. >> it was right there. >> it's not a believable story. >> i wanted to believe her story. >> reporter: detective mccarthy lot linda was too eccentric to be lying. >> i was leaning that this was an accident. >> reporter: his partner disagreed.
8:26 am
>> it looked like he had been sleeping on the couch and somebody walked up and shot him in his sleep. >> reporter: it would take five years. linda remarried and was living in mississippi when investigators came to arrest her. a first trial focused on the bugs bunny defense, dead locked. but now prosecutor bob villa is trying again to prove she is a murder de murderess. >> this was an execution. >> her lawyer argues -- >> no motive, no intent, no crime. >> reporter: truth really is stranger than fiction. >> they loved to watch cartoons together. they're kind of goofy. >> it all comes down to whether it's one word or two from the jury. >> reporter: guilty or not guilty. >> richard schlesinger is with us. so bugs bunny is a defense? >> as i said, truth is stranger than fiction. i don't want to be doing this for i don't want to say how many years. i had never seen a case like this. i asked the prosecutor if he'd
8:27 am
ever seen a case like this. he hasn't because i don't think it's ever been done before. >> in the piece when you said they morph into cartoon characters, you say they do what? >> every now and again people say things to me that are genuinely surprising. if you have a police officer saying people morph into bugs bunny, you'd be surprised too. >> how was the second trial different than the first? >> it's very different. both lawyers had to adjust their strategies. what really -- what this story is really about is, is a really interesting view into how juries operate. two juries, two different ways of handling it. it's interesting. >> let me just tell you the promo for this episode is so good, richard. >> well, thank you. >> i already set my dvr. i already set it. thank you. and you can watch richard's full report, it's called "the bugs bunny defense" tomorrow night on "48 hours." that's at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on cbs. coming up, a 26-year-old college dropout is the hottest name in online videos. he just broke a youtube record.
8:28 am
million youtube subscribers are
8:29 am
>> like apple pie, cherry pie. this morning one youtube personality is tops. he set a record last month
8:30 am
reaching 10 billion views. michelle miller met the man known at pewdiepie. good morning. >> good morning. as of now pewdiepie has 40 million youtube followers and counting. more than justin bieber and taylor swift combined. his reach transcends nationality, language and culture, in a career made possible by the digital age. >> my name is pewdiepie. >> how's it going? >> this is the internet sensation sensation. a loud, crass -- >> son of a -- >> video game-playing machine. and this is the man behind it. >> i'm pewdiepie. >> i 26-year-old laid back low-key guy. >> how much is one and the other. >> i think they're the same guy. pewdiepie is kind of like the guy you meet if i'm with my closest friends. it's kind of strange that i'm opening up that guy for 40 million people for some reason.
8:31 am
>> are you looking for global domination? >> wait, am i not there already? >> this might or might not be a bonus episode. >> he's certainly close. a mere five years ago, felix started posting videos of himself playing on youtube. in just a few months, he had 100,000 followers. my 2013 he was gaining a subscriber every second. >> what is it everybody loves about what you do? >> you ask my fans, they say i'm just a funny, silly guy that they can really relate to and enjoy watching. >> last year this college dropout was the top earner on youtube, making $12 million from ads and sponsorships. >> when did you realize, hey, i can make some money? this could be a career. >> when i got my first paycheck. >> what was that paycheck for?
8:32 am
>> more than i was making at the current job, so i was like, well, screw this. i'm out. >> now he does this full time, like thousands of others making six figures online. but that doesn't mean everybody loves him. >> kill yourself. ouch. >> how do you deal with the haters out there? >> if some people don't like it, what am i going to do about it? >> i'm going to be on live television with stephen frickin colbert. >> what he's doing now is embracing media from the olden days. >> welcome to television. >> oh, thank you. >> this is a steam powered medium. >> cool. >> that runs on coal that your grandparents invented. >> using television to promote a book, a paper book called "this book loves you." >> i love in the virtual reality, but i still think it's really cool to offer something to my fans that they can hold in their hands.
8:33 am
person. >> i get to meet fans face to face. that's when you're really like, whoa, this really means a lot to people. >> do you see this as being fleeting? do you feel like you've reached your 15 minutes of fame? >> well, we're going to the world domination, so i'm not done yet. >> it's a long road to world domination, because in real life, you can be beaten at your own game. >> no! >> and i don't play every day! >> you beat him? >> pewdiepie, felix, just inked another deal with youtube. he'll star in his own original show. it's a scary reality adventure show, so i'm sure -- >> so are you going to start figuring it out? >> if i didn't love my job so much, i just might. >> thank you, michelle. unforgettable moments of the
8:34 am
week and 1,000th edition of "cbs this morning." it's a big day for us. we'll be right back.ill be right people make mistakes. like paying too much for wireless. so switch to u.s. cellular and we guarantee we'll beat the price on your current verizon or at&t plan. that's right, guaranteed to beat. plus, right now we'll give you a $150 promo card when you switch. don't let your next mistake be missing out. switch to u.s. cellular today for a price that's guaranteed
8:35 am
what can you say after 1,000 broadcasts? but to thank you for joining us for what has been and continues to be a great adventure and a great journey and i must be the luckiest man in the world to sit between the two of you. >> thank you, charlie. >> i feel the same about all
8:36 am
three of us. one said you are like a three-legged school. you did, too, charlie. a special thank you to the viewers because we wouldn't be here without the viewers and the crew who make us all look good. >> i think bring 100% of everything you do. a big shout to the producers and crews and editors who have done it every day and 1,000 episodes. you get to see us on television but the show is powered by everybody behind the scenes. a big thanks to you. >> and throughout the cbs news organization. >> that's right. >> i said to somebody, 1,000 shows, can you believe it? tony on the crusade, gayle, i've done 12,000 shows, so big deal. this is a big deal for us and we are really psyched about it and i can't wait to come back on monday. this is the weekend you turn your clocks back, by the way. >> an extra hour of sleep. >> favorite moments for me are many.
8:37 am
here and exchanging a sense of where we are in understanding what is going on and what the human condition is. >> we get to talk to the most interesting people in the world right here and we get to do it at 7:00 in the morning and react to the news and that is a lot of fun. >> from pewdiepie to the president of russia. that is quite a range! >> that is quite a range, indeed. >> we get to do that every single day. >> that does it for us this day. be sure to tun into the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight and for news every hour of the day, watch our digital network cbsn. let's look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. >> his poll numbers tanked. that is why he's on the end. and he got nasty. >> the questions that are being asked shouldn't be trying to get people to tear into each other. >> we are talking about fantasy football?
8:38 am
>> reins priebus said they should be shamed. >> you called hillary clinton a lie, senator. >> you think if you ran, you could have run? >> i believe i could have won the nomination. >> he asked the student to leave and the school resource officer was called in to have her removed. >> we need a bunch of help. a crowd up here. >> bam. >> chambers reached this intersection full of people. >> canadian authorities confirm a boat sent out a mayday call. >> coast guard asked if we could find survivors in the water. >> wind gusts of 40 miles an hour in spanish ford, alabama. >> you can't drive by people stuck in the middle of the road. >> your seatback may not protect you or the people behind you. >> this is cbs news. can we have a moment? >> norma insists that the house
8:39 am
is not spooked. >> we found a character who did not care for you. >> i can say it now. it was mutual. >> this game is won by the royals! >> we have lost -- we have lost our picture. >> can you imagine those that fox control room when the power went out? they freak out here if you lose a graphic! >> or mispronounce a word! >> cue the chris lick cam. the camera doesn't work today? okay, i see you, chris lick! >> have a beautiful -- i love your voice. >> you want to start over, right, charlie? >> no, i don't! i don't! >> here is the question. >> stop interrupting me! that's what i want! >> he is an only child, y'all! >> i didn't have a sharing gene when i came here! >> you know, i never expected to be on "cbs this morning" when i first started my twitter account.
8:40 am
>> you like girls to twerk. norah was going to do it but she didn't have the right outfit today. >> she showed me in the green room. she is really good. girls rule the world >> i've always wanted to be able to do that. >> keep your glasses on. >> charlie covering his face like a bashful french girl! there is much more central attention here than there is whatever matt lauer is doing. i don't know what he is dressed up like. i guess a giant carrot. i just want to celebrate
8:41 am
we making history good morning, i'm _______it's eight-55 on this friday morning. your top stories are coming up in just a moment... but right now -- let's take a look at what's happening outside -- --justin has your cbs 2
8:42 am
first weather- your planner shows what's ahead a&- checking doppler radar at this houra&.- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama& -temperatures around the areaa&- the current winds around our viewing area are calma&- statewide satellite/radar shows a nice day aheada&- our planner features plenty of showers
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a man is facing charges this morning, stemming from a bus crash earlier this month near manchester.police say monte klink was drunk, ran a yield sign, and crashed into a bus full of children. the bus then flipped over.34 people were taken to the hospital, including 32 kids. klink bonded out of jail yesterday.a preliminary hearing is set for november 4-th. a school bus driver in central iowa is in jail right now, after he was caught on camera assaulting a 15-year-old boy who suffers from a mental disability. disability.cell phone video captured the incident yesterday on a packed bus. 60-year-old robert scarbrough was arrested after students left the bus and told a nearby sheriff's deputy. deputy.scarbrough is facing charges of child endangerment
8:44 am
and assault causing bodily injury.the school district has placed him on administrative leave.the teen did not have any serious injuries. if you plan on wearing your halloween costume inside kinnick stadium tomorrow, university of iowa police want to give you a few tips.don't bring any weapons, fake weapons, or any props with you. don't wear authentic law enforcement uniforms or authentic player or referee uniforms that might be mistaken for a real player or official.they also warn that the end of the game is during trick or treating time, so slow down on your drive home. don't forget -- cbs 2 connects with you - call cbs 2 if you see news happen.800 222 kgan. you can also email tips, pictures, and even video --to news -- at cbs 2 iowa dot com.
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friday wayne: i'm on tv! jonathan: it's a trip to napa! (screaming)
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wayne: you've got the car!
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