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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  October 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:29pm CDT

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the united states is now sending special forces into syria to fight the islamic state. state.this expands the u.s. military's effort against isis in syria from air to ground. less than 50 troops will
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operate in the country's northern region alongside kurdish forces.while this will mean u.s. boots on the ground, the white house is not considering it a combat deployment. this comes as talks continue in austria about how to end the syrian civil war.secretary of state john kerry and foreign aders from several other countries began the discussions yesterday. secretary kerry says he's hopeful the group can make progress in the country.a major hurdle they have to overcome is western support for the syrian president, , who has support from countries involved in the talks, like russia and iran. meanwhile - at least 55 people are dead after a missle attack at a syrian market. market.the attack happened this morning in the city of duma.along with the dead, more than 200 people have been reported opposition activist says it was the syrian government that launched the attack.they also say the government attacked a hospital yesterday,y,killing 16 people. nobody was hurt when a house fire broke out this morning in cedar rapids. rapids.crews responded to the
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29-hundred block of meadow- brook drive south-east around offffials tell cbs 2 news that everyone made it out of the house by the time firefighters got there.the flames and smoke caused moderate to heavy damage to the home's first floor where they believe the fire started. a man is now guilty in a waterloo murder trial. trial.roderick ward junior was convicted thursday of second degree murder in the shooting death of gary wilson. prosecutors say ward shot wilson several times during an argument last august.wilson died at the word yet on when ward will be sentenced. morning, stememng from a bus ash earlier this month near manchester.police say monte klink was drunk, ran a yield sign, and crashed into a bus full of children. the bus flipped over.34 people were taken to the hospital, including 32 kids.klink bonded out of jail yesterday.a preliminary hearing is set for november 4-th.- a central iowa school bus
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law.richard scarbrough was caught on camera assaulting a 15-year-old boy who suffers from a mental disability.this happened yesterday..scarbrough was arrested after students left the bus and told a nearby sheriff's deputy. deputy.right now - he's facing charges of child endangerment and assault causing bodily injury.the mother of the girl who recorded this video was shocked totosee thth confrontation. "i'm very proud of her, her instinct kicked in." in." "it brings tears to my eyes. o just can not believe these kids have had to witness something like this." this."the school district has placed scarbrough on administrative leave.the teen did not have any serious injuries. university of iowa police, police,are warning hawkeye fans abouwhat they wear to the football game tomorrow. tomorrow.they're telling fans not to bring any real or fake weapons or any props with them. they say don't wear authentic law enforcemt uniforms or authentic player or referee uniforms that might bebe mistaken for a rere player or official.they also warn that the end of the game is during
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trick or treating time, so slow down on your drive home. back in washington d.c.... d....a budget deal is now on its way to president obama's desk. desk.senate lawmakers worked into the morning to get it passed.the budget will fund the government for two years, and keeps it from defaulting on its debt for the first time ever.a bipartisis effort was what pushed the measure to a final vote, despite objections from republican presidential candidates. we also know this afternoon that all of iowa's republican representatives in washington were against the deal. deal.that includes senator joni ernst, who says she's not happy that her fellow lawmakers are raising the national debt ceiling. a statement this morning ernst said quote: "i will not susuort this shortsighted deal that hands washington a credit card without a limit and sidesteps the tough decisions that the american people elected congress to make." forbes magazine put out a list of e best statat for business. the hawkeye state came in at number 14.that's actually down two spots from last year.the biggest negative
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was iowa's projected population growth over the next five years.some positives were the state's business friendly climate and low unemployment rate. in the race for the white house... house...a new poll from the university of iowa shows who iowa voters expect to see on the presidential ballot next year. year.the hawkeye poll found that among democrats, voters preferred hillary clinton to bernie sanders by a margin of more than ten percent. on the republican side, ctor ben carson came out as favorite over donald trump. an intersting note - even though doctor carson leads in iowa, voters say they think trump will get the nomination and will face hillary in the race for presididt. meanwhile - clinton has picked up a noteable york city mayor bill de-blasio is throwing his support behind the current democratic front believes clinton is the best candidate address income inequality and get the overall job done. de-blasio originally declined to endore clinton when she launched her campaign in june. lucky person has a new car this afternoon, and they only
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had to pay a dollar. dollar.anderson automotive in marion gaveaway the car just about an hour ago, right here at broadcast park.all the winner had to do was be nominated by someone who thought they deserved the new car.w you might be wonderingng why you're not seeing video of the winner. winner.we're waiting to reveal who they are tonight on the cbs 2 news live at five. coming up on thcbs 2 news at noon, a look at cedar rapids newest sports team, the rampage rampageand the changes coming to several tobacco products.
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cedar rapids' newest p p- sports team plpls their first game tonight!the rampage will play the saint louis ambush at
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the u.s. cellular center.the team was only announced just few months ago, and plays in the major arena soccer league. head coach jeff kraft says playing indoors is major part of the season the rampage expects to be a hit in the corridor. : if you're a hockey fan... if you're a basketball fan... you're gonna be a soccer fan... especially indoor... you u n't go wrong coming to a game... you're not gonna sit there watching a boring game... because it's so fast paced.... i think everybody will enjoy it... kick off tonight is at 7-05. tickets start at nine-dollars. you can find information on where to but them at cedar-rapids-rampage-dot-com or our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. now if you haven't seen it yet - the rampage has a bibiboard outside the cell center, facing interstate three-80.the display features a handful of
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love to know what you think of the billboard. billboard. you can leave a comment on our facebook page - k-g-a-n cb2. justin checks in now with your cbs 2 'weather first' forecast. main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga&-temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar
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let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions -
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clear skies & cooler temperatures - tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear &
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more dry and cool weather - our 7 day forecast does bring more cool weather to the area
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and here's a look at me, kevin and justin on the morning show today as goose, charlie and
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maverick. don't forget to send us your halloween pictures through facebook and email and we'll share them on cbs 2 this morning and fox 28 morning live on monday morning. have a wonderful halloween! still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon, the changes coming to several tobacco products.
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surveillance video showing a deadly biker brawl earlier this year has been don champion explains, authorities in texas don't know who's responsible. responsible. even without sound, the video alone is terrifying. aired on cnn thursday, it shows members of the cossacks biker club sitting and having drinks on a patio one moment.the next-- dodgdgg bullets and running for their screen, a fight started with members of the rival gang, the bandido the end, the shootout
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at the now infamous twin peaks restaurant in waco, texas killed nine people.(sot waco police sgt. w. patrick swanton) those did not come from the waco police department.// those were not released to the media by the district attorney's office either.the video leaked as a grand jury continues weighing murder charges in the case.177 bikers were arrested after the shooting and charged with engaging in organized crime. law enforcemenenofficials have been ordered not to discuss the case.(sot) we are continuing to abide by the gag order and will continue to ask us what the judge has asked us to do which is not speak on the twin peaks matter.the associated press says it got the video along with other pieces of evidence last month. while it chose not to release the material-- the ap says it reviewed thousands of pages of evidence related to thehe inindent and concluded police gunfire hit bikers that day. it's not clear if any of those shots were fatal.don champion, cbs news.
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police have recovered hundreds of weapons including guns, knives and brass knuckles at the restaurant where the violence took place. there's been another stabbing attack in jerusalem. jerusalem.police say a palestinian man wounded two israeli civilians at a tram stop.officers shot the attacker right away.both victims and the assailant are being treated for their wounds. this is just the latest in n surge of stabbing attacks in israel in the past two months. the kentucky man accused of shooting at police, police,has been killed in a shootout after being on the run since saturday. saturday.floyd d ok was ran after floyd cook was ran after police say he shot a tennessee police officer and fired at a kentucky state trooper.cook has a long criminal history dating back to the 70's.schools near the manhunt called off classes this week out of fear students might run into him. a famous film director will nonobe extradicted back to the u.s. u.s.that's what a polish court
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polanski.he fled the u.s. in 19-77 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl.prosecutors may try to appeal the for films like lso wh muin tobacco products productsthe american academy of pediatrics has released 15 recommendations they'd like to see put into place right away. they include things like raising the legal age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21 and giving movies an "r" rating if there's any tobacco e in them. several of the proposals focus on electronic products like e-cigarettes. "tobacco companies have been producing product that has killed our generation for years, and now they're producing new and different producuc and they're aggressively taking over the e- cigarette market." market."the recommendations for fighting e-cigarettes
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some claim are directly marketed to kids and teens. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon, where the nations highest female executive works
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chevron is cutting nearly ten percent of its entire workforce. workforce.the energy giant plans to hand outink slips to seven-ousand employees because of low crude oil prpres and fueling setbacks. chevron is also selling billions in assets and cutting other budgets to get through the oil industry's slowdown. a mega-merger could soon happen in the pharmaceutical industry. industry.right now - pfizer is in talks to buy allegran for more than 100-billion dollars. it would be 20-15's largest take-over and would make pfizer the biggest drug-maker in the world.allegran says the tatas are in the preliminary and "friendly" stages. the nation's highest-paid
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apple.angela ahrendts is the company's senior vice president for retail and online stores.experts say ahrendts makes more than three million dollars a year, along with another 70-million in stock options.that puts her total pay at just over 73 million dollars annually and topping the list of top-paid female executives. justin has your weather to go next...but first here's a look at today's markets.
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have you checked out google dot com today? they've made a game called candy cup where you can use an avatar to catch candy and compete against other r ople
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that does it for us here on the cbs 2 news at noon.our next newscast is this
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