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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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wondererwomanliliian erdahl is taking nine month old jade jade it has a cape on it.and almost five year old reed trick or treating halloween night with friends.... but much of the city will be trick or treating on friday. friday. we have a very active tailgating scene here in university heights being so close to kinnick stadium, so we have a lot of cars, a lot of people having fun. we just don't really want toix that with the trick or treatersjowa city officials are eminding trick orortreaters to be extra careful.thousands of fans will leave kinnick after the 2:30 game saturday.trick or treating is also going on in iowa city from dusk until 8:00. 8:00. parents, aaays go with your kids and never let them leave your sight. don't let kids just run across the street. make sure you're using crosswalks. bring flashlights with you.erdahl says moving trick ootreating in university heights makes sense...especially since their neighborhood is walking distance to kinnick stadium. stadium. to have the neighborhood filled up with football fans at the same time that you're trying to wal
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sherman says parents should always inspect kids' candy before they eat it and if you see anything suspicious, call police. . covering the corridor in university heights, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news if you're planning on dressing up for the game tomorrow, u-i police have asked that you don't wear costumes that appear like e law enforcement or on field officials and to
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a bus driver in central iowa is now facing assasat and chihi endangerment charges after hitting a teenager with special needs. needs.robert scarbrough was caught on camera yesterday assaulting a 15-year-old boy who suffers from a mental disability. the video, scarbrough can be seen shoving the teen to the ground as
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other kids on the bus scream at him to stop. cbs 2 spoke to a child who was *on the bus as it happened. "he hit him in the head and he has a disability in his head, so he's supposed to be watching us, not hurting us." us."the school district has placed scarbrough on administrative leave.the teenager was not seriously hurt. a man who is suing the waterloo police department is now in jail. jail.jovan webb is facing multiple charges from a shooting at the new world lounge two in waterloo in april. april.police say an sergeant approached webb outside the bar but webb took off in a car - hitting the e sergeant several times.the sergeant dove away from the car - and other officers say it appeared he was being dragged by webb.two officers fired shots at webb as he drove away.webb has since sued the department saying he was trying to get
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away from a plnclothes officer because he didn't know him.all of the officers have been cleared of wrongdoing. a man has been found guilty in a waterloo murder trial. trial.roderick ward junior was convicted of second degree murder thursday in the shooting death of gary wilson last august. august.prosecutors sasaward shot wilson several times with a shotgun during an argument.wilson died at the word yet on when ward ll be sentenced. a family is left with no home aftetea fire on the sosoh-east side of town this morning. crews arrived at the scene on the 29-hundred block of meadow brook drive southeast around 8-30 this morning.the flames and smoke caused heavy damage e a bedroom on the first floor where the fire started and moderate damage through the rest of the home. authorities tell cbs 2 news the family was able to get out safely because of a working smoke alarm - a good reminder to replace your batteries when clocks fall back this weekend.. the university of iowa is
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conducting it's own presidential poll pollthe hawkeye poll found that amongngdemocrats, voters prefer hillary clinton to bernie sanders by a margin of more than ten percent. on the republican side, voters like doctor ben carson over donald trump but - even though doctor carson leads in iowa, voters think trump will actually win the nomination and face clinton in the race for president. today marks what many renewable fuel supporters call a turning point for that industry here in iowa. 2 news reporter steffi lee shows us what dupont is calling the world's largest cellulosic ethanol plant. plant. the grand opening of the largest cellulosic ethanol plant here in nevada could mean a lot fothe agricultural industry, but could mean a lot for the political outlook in 2016. 2016. " "is bale will be the very first bale that we will process in the nevada facility."this bale of
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and cobs is only the starting point to make iowa the silicoco valley of agriculture. agriculture. "ethanol production today is much more efficient and less energy consumption and less water consumption and more bioproducts."the e 5 million dollar dupont cellulosic ethanol plant kicks into full force next aims to produce 30 million gallons of ethanol annually.. annually."we have a lot more stalks and leaves and cobs to get rid of."harvest leftovers will turn into ethanol - like what's used in some cars.with more than 80 permanent jobs and even more seasonal jobs, renewable fuel supporters say that's only one way this plant will@help the economy. economy. "we are now providing better economic benefits for our farmers, great jobs here for people that are involved in the processing industry, and wonderful benefits to the consumeras the hawkeye state continues to be a battleground for presidentialalandidates... candidates... . "this is going
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to be an important part of the election."former lieutenant govenor patty judge says a commitment to ethanol could be key to winning iowa. iowa. "they don't necessarily come to iowa understanding renewable energy, renewable fuels, and the role that the renewable fuel standard plays." but dupont and iowa's leaderu hope this plant will provide that education. education.once again, the message today was that this won't only impact iowa, but also the world. steffi lee, cbs 2 news. this plant openincomes at a time where ethanol is still a heavily bated topic.there have been several efforts to repeal the renewable fuel standard through congress. today, cbs 2 news got to be part of something really special. a local siness gave away a car right here at broadcast park, to a woman who truly deserves it. cbs 2 news reporter joy howe is live outside on our patio tonight, where it all happened.
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each year, jim anderson from anderson automotive picks somebody in his community, who could use a hand - and gives them a car for just one dollar. this year, it wasn't a surprise, , because the woman was nominated by so many people, nobody could keep it a secret. but that didn't stop her from having what she calls "the best day of her life." ((nats)) "jim i'm so happy, thank you so much!" when rita showed up to r station, she already knew why she was here. she'd seen the story we ran last friday about anderson automotive giving away a car once again for its wheels to prosper program. in fact, she even started inking about who she could nononate. ((nats)) so this year, i got four letters on your behalf" but this group that's here - only a small group of her friends, by the way, they sent multiple nominations in for * her community, through the church, through h e naacp 15.19.58 she volunteers more places in our community, than we could list. despite a tough year, her car dying, medical problems, she kept going.and that's the type of person that we wanted. she's just a good, good person. the reason we ask for nominations, is because of
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nener nomimite yourself, and that's how we find the deserving person 15.08.35 so there's a surprpse around the corner, you want to go see it? 15.08.49 and with that, we all followed along, as the lady who has spent a lifetime paying it forward, watched it all come full circle. that's yours! oh my god, oh my god, oh my god (clapping!) 15.20.31 my heart just feels like it's going to explode. there's just wordsa&to see - her getting acknowledged for some of the things that she's donea& year i think we foundndprobably the best candidada i think we've ever had this has been a wonderful experience i'm on the wellington heights board, and everybody is just so up and arms about black and white and 'there's no good people in the world. everything's going to pot. nothing's good.' but there's good stuff happening every day. you just have to believe 15.24.14 rita says, today was the best friday she's ever had. we do believe her. and we believe, this will only drive
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one more susurise, jim told rita as longngs she owened that car, she'll never pay for an oil change at his shop again. they're free for life. jim started wheels to prosper in 2009. his prwgram, has spread to 52 shops across the u-s and canada, that give away cars to deserving people. joy howe, cbs 2 news. still to come on the cbs 2 news at 6. where you can get your picture taken withthne of e
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to deverything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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trippin' out of state, to a scenic college town just a few hours away.that's monday on terrapins take on the hawkeyes tomorrow, but some already have iowa's game against nebraska on their mind. . a replica of the hy-vee heroes game trophy was on display at the waterfront hy-vee in iowa'll be on display at the first avenue location saturday and north h dge location sunday. the heroes game honors one iowan and one nebraskan for doing an extraordinary act of heroism at the game november 27th. of course, a big game at kinnick tomorrow w but will it be dry? dry?chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with your
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and coming up in sports -- tippin' the terps -- who the hawkeyes must stop on saturday to be successful -- next on
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cbs 2.
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the hawkeys return to kinnick saturday -- and face another tough test in the big 10 -- now maryland's record is s and 5 -- and the terps are winless in conference play -- but they're
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better than what people think thinkthe terps have a dual threat q-b -- in perry hills -- that has been giving defenses fits -- so far this season -- hillllracked up over 1 thousandndrds and scored 9 total touchdowns -- but the hawkeye defense -- has the solution to the -- perry hills -- problem. "he's very good with his feet. he's a guy that t as a defensive line in the passing and running game it brings challenges to us that we don't always see every week. we are going to have to be on our "a" game. game. "where dual threats get you in troubub is when people try to start doing to much. maybe try and start helping on a play over here when really that's not what you are suppose to be doing and the next thing you know the qb can pull it and he's out the gate. so it's really just knowing what you are doing, knowing your assignment, and making sure you are doingnghat." the last time iowa state beat texas -- was 2010 in austin -- the only time iowa state beat texas -- saturday the clones plan to mess with texas at jack trice with a nene offefeive coordiditor and a new starting quarterback the last two games the two have played against eachother
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-- have been decied by a total of 4 points -- but this longhorn team -- may not be lili those teams -- texas is on a 2 game win streak -- which has got paul rhoads' full attention. "the first thing that comes to mind again is energy and i saw that on television from my hotel room when i watched that ut oklahoma game. they are changed in how they are playing right now, they are talented, there's never bare cupboards in austin and they are playing to that right now." up in cedar falls -- u-n-i is getting ready for another test against the state of south dakota -- this time the pantntrs get the coyotes -- who have been on a roll -- south dakota has one two straight inculding a win at north dakota state -- which has mark farley signing high praise about his next opponent. "as far as i'm concerned they are the best team in the league as we prepare for them. you know i'm watching them play right now, they are
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playinvery good defense and they've done a great job offensively with matching with they do with their players right now so they've done a great job and look like team." a series doesn't start until a road team wins -- if that's the case, then the world series hasn't started yet -- the royals won game 1 and 2 at suppose to do you win at home -- and in the first two games the royal bats and arms have been on -- especially in game 2 -- - en johnny cueto pitched a 2 hitter -- now the series heads to the big apple -- but don't think royals are any less confident. : "our confidence has been high all year long and we expected to be here, we expected to compete for a world championship against a tough team and our confidence hasn't changed from the first day of spring training to this point right now." now.""we can sit here and it's easy to make excuses, that it's the work load, that it's the days off, it's the youth and you know, the big stage.. i'm not going to say that ... look .. we have to make better pitches and we have to play
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better." we will be right back to take one last look at your forecast
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thanks for watching your cbs 2 news at six. "entertainment
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breaking his silen about his
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