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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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meetings. there is greyson lambert. started every game. after transferring from virginia where he lost thing quarterback but used that rule about graduates -- he graduated in anthropology last summer. >> gary: i don't know why sony michel is running this ball now. the game is basically over. i would put brendan douglas in there at this point, try to get sony michel healthy. wouldn't want to get him hurt. >> verne: tipped incomplete. mark richt in his 15th year as head coach, a remarkable record but has had problems in games of
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some magnitude. he knows >> gary: these big games, rivalry games, you've got to win. there are no excuses. you've got to do the press conferences afterward but what can you say? "they blocked better than us. they tackled burns. they had a good game plan. we didn't hit the guys. we had an opportunity to make some plays. we didn't do it." westbrook basically, georgia >> basically, georgia deserved to lose the football game. >> verne: you talked about the pressure that comes with expectations. does the pressure increase after this game is over? >> gary: that's a good question. these programs in the s.e.c. there are about six of them where if you don't play for the s.e.c. championship it's i long off-season so i would say that's probably yes. >> verne: third down, eight. it's intercepted.
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this one from jared davis. >> gary: trying to dump the ball to brendan douglas that time and douglas cannot handle an easy pitch and catch, might have been six inches too wide but in this game, every ball that's a little wide or a little high goes to the gators. >> verne: last time they scored less than 10, go back to 1969. they did beat missouri two weeks ago. 9-6. first time in 20 years they had a victory without scoring a touchdown. that was against kentucky in 1995.
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continue. bauta 15 of 33. 1 foor. the big number on that graphic is on the right-hand side. four interceptions. bauta -- mentioned he was born and raised in brooklyn. his parents are albanian immigrants and the family moved to west palm beach, florida when he was a junior in high school. >> gary: i feel for you, you get the opportunity in a big game and it just doesn't work. it's tough to swallow. dreams. it doesn't work out. >> verne: scarlett. let's go back and spend a moment or two with adam zucker. >> adam: here i am again, verne, iowa rolling to 8-0 today, desmond king with his seventh interception on the year, this one he takes 88 yards the other way.
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who is going to beat iowa? their remaining opponents have a combined conference record of 3-13. >> verne: adam, i didn't see that coming back in a. third down and two. scarlett. >> gary: god job to give scarlett opportunities to run the ball. i think mcelwain understands that for georgia to win the championship you're going to need two backs. taylor is pretty much a known commodity. you've got to get the young freshman ready and confident and having play callers confident that he can call any play in the playbook. >> verne: that's a first down, 10. 3:20 to go in this game. >> gary: just went over 400
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yards in offense. first time in conference play. >> verne: working the clock. clock. here is scarlett once again. austin hardin has been the placekicker. started as the starter this year. we thought he might not be able to play today, and earlier in the week this tweet went out. last week, i beg your pardon. initially we were told 215 or so showed up and then jim mcelwain talked to the hopefuls. they had to go through a try-out process. here is the guy who won it. neil macinnes.
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austin hardin was able to go but macinnes, an amazing story. allie. >> allie: macinness has been in soccer, track and field, even marching band. i talked to his father as they were driving to the game and he said it's like a visa commercial, $240 on ticket, 74 for parking, 175 on gator apparel by seeing my son play in the florida-georgia game -- that's priceless. he has a great sense of humor and they're proud to see him out there even if he doesn't play. >> verne: jim mcelwain needs to let him kick a field goal or extra point. to round out the story. >> gary: that's a good idea. >> verne: but there may not be time. >> gary: they should be able to take a knee and finish this game off. how about this gator team.
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they're one win against vandy from being in atlanta. no one -- >> verne: certainly none of us in this booth. >> gary: i make fun of everybody else but i'm no good at it either. a were they fourth and 14 away from losing to tennessee. >> verne: first down and 10 with a 24-point lead here, less than a minute to go. >> gary: interesting. >> verne: no knee. >> gary: i don't get that one. >> verne: mark herndon. >> gary: maybe they just wanted to get a run for a young player. there you go. so they didn't get a field goal for the guy but they got a run for someone else. >> verne: macinnes will be able to tell his kids, after he becomes a dentist, that's his
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aspiration. >> gary: a picture of him in that gator uniform will be on the wall, when you lean back and he's drilling you're going to be able to see a picture of him in that gator uniform. >> verne: take away the pain of a root canal. >> gary: unless you're a georgia fan. >> verne: yes. >> gary: [laughing] >> verne: if he gets out of dental school and heads to atlanta. macinnes, an eagle scout, to round out the resume'. let's update the east standings. florida goes to 5-1 in the east. 7-1. georgia falls to 3-3. up next, for florida, vandy, at south carolina, florida atlantic in gainesville, and florida state in gainesville. >> gary: that would be interesting right before the
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s.e.c. championship. >> verne: it would. >> verne: treon harris. >> gary: i thought he would have to throw 20. he threw 19. >> verne: he had missed nine passes in succession. he finds freshman antonio callaway. skating down the sidelines. let's listen to mick huber of the florida radio network. >> takes the snap. rolls to his left. near the sideline. looks to fire the ball downfield for callaway. he makes the catch and breaks the tackle and he's going to take it in for a touchdown -- oh, my, beautiful throw and catch and the gators score on a
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antonio callaway. >> verne: antonio callaway has become a star in this, his first year at florida. >> gary: we've got great freshmen young receivers in this league but callaway does not have to take a back seat to anybody. >> verne: thanks to our guys in the truck led by craig silver and steve milton, our guys upstairs, chuck gardner, butch baird, dave moulton and the rest of our 70-plus-person staff. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist saying so long from jacksonville. where florida wins it big. the ram post game show is next. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division cheer up, kid. i can't believe we missed that kick. we'll never make the playoff now. hey man, you never know what's gonna happen. three of the four teams made the playoff last year had a loss.
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>> adam: i'm adam zucker. coming up on "the ram post game show" rick and b.j. join me after this message. 's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon.
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>> cbs sports presents "the ram post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the ram post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "supergirl" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw, florida owning it in jacksonville by the final of 27-3. kelvin taylor with a couple touchdowns as we look at the s.e.c. east standings, florida two games up on everybody and they can clinch the s.e.c. east next week against vandy. moments ago allie laforce spoke with the man overseeing the rapid turnaround. gators head coach jim mcelwain. >> allie: you stood out on this
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florida-georgia game, you said, "wow, this is cool." how does it feel now? >> it's great especially when the other side started to empty out, i felt good about that but it was painful at times offensively but i tell you what, our defense played one heck of a ballgame and it was a let of fun to watch. >> allie: the s.e.c. east title. a trip to the s.e.c. championship. may have got a whole lot easier. is this a championship team? >> we'll find out after next game and the game after that but i know this, i'm just happy for all the gators out there, that this game means so much to, and our kids. this game means a ton to. let's enjoy this and we'll get ready to play vanderbilt who is playing really good on defense. >> allie: when you lost will grier, what is it about this team able to overcome adversity? >> it was maximum man up, it doesn't matter who is there, treon did really good things. extended some plays, made big plays for us and at the end of
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the day he's 2-0 in this game and that's a credit to him. >> allie: congratulations on the win, coach. >> thank you very much. >> adam: joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. it's worked for florida but not georgia. how much was this was the gators and how much the dogs? >> steve: florida won the game. it was an outstanding job. treon harris, you heard coach mcelwain say he did a good job extending plays and didn't get rattled when things weren't going his way but it's very difficult when you're a georgia fan it find hope in that ufs when it's a revolving door at quarterback. i understand you play who plays best in practice but if you keep playing someone new no one gets better. >> brian: georgia faithful have no idea who they believe in. from week to week, play to play, quarter to quarter you don't know who is going to be under center and therefore the guys in the locker room have no faith in the offensive system. this is horrible. this is terrible. i don't know why mark richt's name is being considered for any
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job, his alma mater at the university of miami -- this is a terrible showing. you give florida credit but georgia should be worried. this was putrid. it was disappointing. they are a terrible football team. >> adam: bauta with four interceptions. never saw greyson lambert. brice ramsey for a minute. >> brian: nine quarters without scoring a touchdown. that's bad. >> steve: how do you really feel? >> brian: i've got a lot more. >> adam: starting with ole miss. redemption for laquon treadwell, rick. >> steve: what a day for laquon treadwell, this was the game he was injured a year ago, seven catches, a 21-yard touchdown, threw a pass for 21 yards. >> adam: the win against the team that he got hurt against last year when it was a top-five meeting. we'll see treadwell and the rebels against arkansas on cbs, first part of our double header next week. b.j., a&m got offense from kyler murray. >> brian: first career start for the texas a&m aggies and they're
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they benefit from one. donovan wilson. 60 yards for the touchdown. south carolina goes down. >> adam: murray 156 on the ground, 223 passing a man who has never lost a start since high school. arkansas -- 63-28 right now over u.t. martin. alex collins with five touchdowns on the ground. they'll be seeing them next week. clemson and n.c. state. it was close for a little while. >> steve: quarterback deshaun watson throws one of five touchdown passes on the day, clemson takes body blow after body blow but ends up securing victory. >> adam: the big one next week against florida state. iowa cruising along, b.j. >> brian: yes, they are, trying to become 8-0 and they do exactly that.
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he likes throwing picks. he had five turnovers last week. three picks in that ballgame versus penn state. season. >> steve: jim thorpe award winner. >> brian: crown him. >> adam: rolling to 8-0. one rush touchdown allowed all year. their remaining conference opponents a combined record of 3-13. we'll see what the committee has to say on tuesday. rick, oklahoma state was down early but so what. >> steve: we called it a trap game but they realized that texas tech struggles against the run. they decided to run and run and run. james washington takes it here 75 yards for a touchdown. the poor pokes cannot tackle somebody when they've got it under their arm. >> adam: cowboys trying to get their seventh straight against texas tech. the players we're a sticker of a kneeling cowboy on their helmets to honor the victims of last week's homecoming crash. coming up we'll show you how
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made history today in annapolis. when you move, degree motionsense reacts with unique microcapsules activated by movement that release bursts of freshness all day. protection to keep you moving.
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degree. it won't let you down. >> adam: welcome back to the ram post game show.
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next saturday. >> adam: keenan reynolds. >> brian: most career rushing touchdowns in f.b.s. history. >> adam: both of them in the fourth quarter. that one on fourth and goal. he will look to break the record next week against memphis. b.j., doubling down -- the sooners in the air. this time against kansas. >> brian: baker mayfield finds shepard. 174 yards in the first half alone for mr. shepard. >> adam: no encore for samaje perine. rick, florida state down a couple stars. didn't matter. >> steve: no dalwin cook, no everett golson, no problem. 19-yard touchdown pass to travis rudolph. rudolph 191 yards receiving. >> adam: just five receptions. three of them for touchdowns. as the noles get set for the
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meeting with clemson next week. ucla. >> brian: they still got it done. ucla would hang onto the lead from there. final. it was a good day for some, a bad day for others. our halloween emoticon accolades. >> adam: nebraska, five total turnovers and they have six losses before november for the first time ever. that gets the scary cape. what's coming up tonight, rick, as you unwrap candy and sit back for more. >> steve: the american team. temple. they get a chance to take on apollo creed of college football. >> brian: a much closer game. temple will come to play and notre dame will win.
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-- the pirates at the paloose. >> steve: they can throw the ball with anybody but the problem is stanford can play keepaway better than anybody. probably 40 minutes of possession time tonight. >> brian: 72% completion percentage will go down tonight. >> adam: sometimes 400 yards, sometimes 500 yards, stanford is in for a test. that will about do it for this week. a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. a reminder.
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